2016 Oct 31 Google ditches promises that DoubleClick tracking data and personal infomation would never be mixed - Google ad tracking gets far more personal as company drops bans on how it uses data82 Comments--Kai--+828
2016 Nov 02 Facebook blocks insurer discount plan - Facebook has blocked plans by an insurer to view young drivers' profiles to help set car insurance premiums. - In a planned trial, insurer Admiral wanted new motorists' permission to look at their posts and likes to judge their safety as a driver.2 Comments--Kai--+16
2011 Sep 09 privately-owned and operated spy drones cause concern.2 Comments--frymaster--+14
2013 Jun 08 An internship job listing for a 'Digital Network Exploitation Analyst' appeared Thursday on the NSA's Twitter4 Comments-Gavin-+37
2013 Jun 17 Apple releases new details on National Security Requests0 Comments-Gavin-+0
2013 Jun 18 TRUSTe privacy survey - Before the NSA scandal1 Comments-Gavin-+3
2013 Jun 30 New PRISM slides leaked, NSA can eavesdrop traffic in Real Time2 Comments-Gavin-+26
2013 Aug 21 NSA Collected Thousands of Communications With No Terror Connections1 Comments-Gavin-+93
2013 Sep 11 How the feds asked Microsoft to backdoor BitLocker, their full-disk encryption tool1 Comments-Gavin-+24
2013 Oct 02 Microsoft Gives the Australian Government Details on More than 1,000 Users0 Comments-Gavin-+10
2013 Oct 23 Furniture renter Aaron's settles spyware case with FTC0 Comments-Gavin-+7
2013 Oct 24 How NSA-Proof Are VPN Providers?1 Comments-Gavin-+0
2013 Oct 31 Silent Circle and Lavabit launch “DarkMail Alliance” to thwart e-mail spying16 Comments-Gavin-+209
2013 Nov 11 Seattle police department has network that can track all Wi-Fi enabled devices11 Comments-Gavin-+63
2013 Nov 21 LG smart TV snooping extends to home networks, second blogger says6 Comments-Gavin-+33
2013 Dec 02 Dataium Settles Browser History Sniffing Charges, Used JavaScript To Illegally Identify Websites Visited By 181,000 Consumers0 Comments-Gavin-+9
2013 Dec 11 AT&T offers gigabit internet discount in exchange for your web history, using deep packet inspection0 Comments-Gavin-+13
2013 Dec 20 Spain fines Google €900,000 for breaching privacy laws2 Comments-Gavin-+28
2013 Dec 29 NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware69 Comments-Gavin-+399
2013 Dec 30 How The NSA Hacks Your iPhone (Presenting DROPOUT JEEP)0 Comments-Gavin-+5
2014 Jan 09 Improving the privacy with generic browser user-agent strings1 Comments-Gavin-+12
2014 Jan 13 Test Results: How HTTP Switchboard compares to AdBlock, Ghostery or Disconnect concerning privacy?7 Comments-Gavin-+10
2014 Jan 20 VPN vulnerability in Android devices allows intercept communications2 Comments-Gavin-+20
2014 Feb 23 Microsoft Lync gathers data just like NSA vacuums up info in its domestic surveillance program0 Comments-Gavin-+11
2014 Jun 12 Warrantless cellphone location tracking is illegal, US circuit court rules2 Comments-Gavin-+70
2014 Jun 13 Supreme Court delivers huge victory for Internet privacy & blows away gov't plans for reform1 Comments-Gavin-+9
2014 Jul 12 The leadership of the major UK political parties are set to ram through a sweeping surveillance bill without debate or study. It's a perfect storm of cowardice and arrogance, and it comes at a price0 Comments-Gavin-+24
2014 Sep 02 Blocking consumer choice: Google's dangerous ban of privacy and security app4 Comments-Gavin-+25
2016 Jun 23 Court Rules the FBI Does Not Need a Warrant to Hack a Computer2 Comments-Gavin-+14
2016 Mar 04 Box, Google, Facebook, Microsoft come out in support of Apple in amicus brief0 Comments-Humbu-+5
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2016 May 11 The Second Amendment Case for the Right to Bear Crypto5 Comments-Pelvis-+30
2016 May 19 The Trees Network leaks 10 million messages.0 Comments-Pelvis-+13
2013 Dec 29Video Glenn Greenwald Keynote on 30c32 Comments-SnooSnoo-+18
2013 Dec 30 What type of log files does a Modem/Router keep?1 Comments-SnooSnoo-+1
2013 Dec 31 Using the "Way Back Machine" it's interesting to see exactly how long it took after 9/11 for the new Surveillance State to be enacted.4 Comments-SnooSnoo-+143
2014 Jan 03 Why isn't data-mining an illegal activity in America? Why is the sale of our information information allowed to continue?53 Comments-SnooSnoo-+165
2014 Feb 04 [XPost from /r/Tor]PSA: Make sure you manually disable iFrames in NoScript since it's not on by default.0 Comments-SnooSnoo-+3
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2013 Jul 25 Amash Amendment results. Who voted what.0 Comments-Sparkwoodand21-+42
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2013 Oct 26 Tell me some of your off-line privacy techniques.18 Comments-Sparkwoodand21-+19
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2012 Nov 27 made an order on moosejaw.com..getting junk mail ever since..today i learned why..moosejaw fail..4 Comments-cahil-+25
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2016 Mar 29Software LibreSignal: Signal messenger without Google Play Services8 Comments-code-+10
2016 Apr 02 Google Captcha forces sites to use HTTP0 Comments-code-+18
2016 Apr 06 Stop Stingray Surveillance | OpenMedia0 Comments-code-+6
2016 Apr 07 Our Digital Future - A Crowdsourced Agenda For Free Expression1 Comments-code-+1
2016 Apr 07 Apple and Google among firms calling for changes to snooper's charter | theguardian0 Comments-code-+2
2016 Apr 07 Court’s Decision on Recording Police Erodes First Amendment Rights and Transparency While Inviting Violence | EFF1 Comments-code-+30
2016 Apr 07 Doctors' Mobile Devices Putting Patient At Risk1 Comments-code-+7
2016 Apr 12 Will New York City’s Free Wi-Fi Help Police Watch You?0 Comments-code-+9
2016 Apr 13 What Pisses Me Off About The Panama Papers0 Comments-code-+1
2016 Apr 14 Anti-Encryption Bill Draft Released0 Comments-code-+18
2016 Apr 20 App Store Censorship and FBI Hacking Proposed at Congressional Crypto Hearing0 Comments-code-+3
2016 Jun 20 Security oversight committee is an encouraging step, but we have a long way to go to safeguard Canadians' privacy0 Comments-code-+2
2016 Aug 08 The Australian census: what you need to know about the national headcount0 Comments-code-+3
2016 Aug 09 Stingray surveillance in Canada: more of the story (x-post from /r/openmedia)1 Comments-code-+3
2016 Aug 11 Facebook Is About to Render Your Ad-Blocking Software Useless22 Comments-code-+51
2016 Aug 16 The Baltimore PD’s Race Bias Extends to High-Tech Spying, Too (x-post /r/openmedia)1 Comments-code-+3
2016 Aug 18 Canadian cops want to know your passwords20 Comments-code-+147
2016 Aug 18 'Enormous' Threats to Human Rights Over UK Bulk Surveillance (x-post /r/openmedia)3 Comments-code-+18
2016 Aug 18 Blocking Ad-Blockers: The War for Our Attention Span (x-post /r/openmedia)1 Comments-code-+1
2016 Aug 21 IXMaps: see where your data packets go1 Comments-code-+4
2016 Aug 26 WhatsApp’s Privacy Cred Just Took a Big Hit19 Comments-code-+116
2016 Feb 27 Amazon Kindle's FireOS 5 drops support for device encryption1 Comments-david-alexander-+42
2014 Dec 20 My favourite eye-opening post by a netsec/privacy blogger. [Everything is Broken] by Quinn Norton19 Comments-halcyon+141
2016 Dec 07 Uber Now Tracks Your Data After It Drops You Off0 Comments-kodoku-+9
2015 Jun 20 encryption or restriction of access0 Comments-neNull+5
2013 Sep 25 what are some third-world country email hosting sites that I could host an email outside of prism tentacles?4 Comments-x----+4
2017 Jan 15 What books, videos, or articles would you suggest for learning privacy techniques?5 Comments000000000000I+3
2012 Dec 14 Browser Search Engine Replacements More Suitable for Searches in Multiple Languages + Facebook Isolation?0 Comments0000001000011011+1
2014 Dec 21 Google Authenticator vs. Authy vs. FreeOTP. What do you guys think?32 Comments000040000+14
2015 Jan 29 What is the most private/secure way to share files between computers on a network?8 Comments000040000+1
2015 Nov 24 Is there an easylist type of thing for NoScript? Some sort of pre-built whitelist?2 Comments000040000+1
2015 Mar 10 Europe reverses course on net neutrality legislation! Sorry EU friends.1 Comments010101a+2
2015 Jun 10 Best approach to use 23andme service anonymously?2 Comments01888459+9
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2015 Nov 08 Signal app (Android) - F-Droid?5 Comments0998998+4
2013 Aug 06 Wikipedia Boosts Security after XKeyscore Revelations. Co-founder says: "I challenge the rest of the industry to join us. Encryption is a human rights issue."42 Comments0_ol+345
2013 Aug 30 Facebook Transparency Report: First Release of Details On Government Requests For User Data3 Comments0_ol+5
2016 Nov 04 King County using customer grocery store data to target pet owners, send licensing notices1 Comments0cd35a70+3
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2016 Mar 02 open software on closed hardware0 Comments0kas0dfk+2
2016 Apr 19 NSA Used Submarine Probes To Listen In On Undersea Cable Communications1 Comments0moi+0
2016 Apr 20 [Opinions on this?] Delete Known Government-Linked Certificate Authorities in OSX?1 Comments0moi+3
2016 Apr 20 Is it illegal to cover up the VIN number on the dash in the car?6 Comments0moi+1
2016 Apr 20 [News] Your vehicle’s VIN could reveal more than you want0 Comments0moi+7
2016 Apr 21 Stoners Everywhere Are Unknowingly Broadcasting Their Smoking Habits to Police3 Comments0moi+5
2016 Apr 21 Why you should disable autofill0 Comments0moi+2
2016 Apr 21 NSA surveillance: how to stay secure | Bruce Schneier [2013]6 Comments0moi+27
2016 Apr 21 Credit Bureaus Were the NSA of the 19th Century0 Comments0moi+4
2016 Apr 22 [1999] Australia first to admit "we're part of global surveillance system"1 Comments0moi+19
2016 Apr 22 [Overview] Phone Monitoring0 Comments0moi+2
2016 Apr 22 [Documentary] NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM5 Comments0moi+15
2016 Apr 23 [Infographic] How the NSA is infiltrating private networks3 Comments0moi+11
2016 Apr 24 Which text editor do the coders here use?7 Comments0moi+3
2016 Apr 24 Opinions on Mynigma email encryption?1 Comments0moi+4
2016 Apr 25 [American Bar Association] Hazards of an Online Life: How to Use Social Media Safely1 Comments0moi+5
2016 Apr 27 Are SSD drives basically a no-go for anyone that ever wants to permanently delete unencrypted information?21 Comments0moi+10
2016 May 01 Article on Peerio messaging by former employee.0 Comments0moi+2
2016 May 01 What is your VoIP messaging platform/client/protocol of choice?14 Comments0moi+9
2016 May 02PDF Always On: Privacy Implications of Microphone-Enabled Devices [pdf]0 Comments0moi+22
2016 May 04 Best non-Apple laptop for privacy? Lenovo, Dell, HP all seem to have a history of rogue root certs. (examples inside)31 Comments0moi+12
2016 May 04 Study: Mass Surveillance Breeds Meekness, Fear and Self-Censorship3 Comments0moi+42
2016 May 08 Javascript Cryptography Considered Harmful9 Comments0moi+8
2016 May 08 What browser, adblock, and other privacy extensions are you using?17 Comments0moi+14
2016 May 09old news PSA: Microsoft is integrating its Android apps into Cyanogen OS4 Comments0moi+11
2016 May 10 Which ISPs in the U.S. are most respectful of their customers' privacy?10 Comments0moi+9
2016 May 10 What are some privacy issues with WebRTC everyone should be aware of?2 Comments0moi+5
2016 May 11 Odd question: How would someone find out if there is a GPS/radio tracking device concealed in a vehicle?8 Comments0moi+3
2016 May 12 How do you maintain your financial privacy?3 Comments0moi+2
2016 May 17 How hard would it be to deliver spyware/malware disguised as an Apple Update?7 Comments0moi+2
2016 May 18 What Surveillance Valley knows about you5 Comments0moi+9
2016 May 18 Do CC transaction records contain the individual items purchased?5 Comments0moi+4
2016 May 19 Putting names to your phone numbers2 Comments0moi+1
2016 May 20 Federal Background Checks Will Soon Involve Your Life on Facebook11 Comments0moi+38
2016 May 20 Be careful when using Waze.41 Comments0moi+52
2016 May 20 [Humour] Google House View (beta)1 Comments0moi+0
2016 May 20 Philly Police Admit They Disguised a Spy Truck as a Google Streetview Car16 Comments0moi+323
2016 May 21 Bigger Brother: The Exponential Law of Privacy Loss - The New Yorker (2011)5 Comments0moi+117
2016 May 21 More info on Waze: Breakdown/analysis of its Privacy Policy.2 Comments0moi+17
2016 May 22 CarrierIQ: rootkit software included on many US handsets sold on Sprint, Verizon and more. Devices supported include android phones, Blackberries, Nokias, Tablet devices and more.7 Comments0moi+51
2016 May 22PDF [PDF] Backdoors: A Technical Definition9 Comments0moi+3
2016 May 22 [Off-Topic] What other subs do you subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date on the world around you?8 Comments0moi+3
2016 May 23 Did My Rapist Find Me on Spokeo? (2012)1 Comments0moi+0
2016 May 24 Geek Squad employee allegedly searched PCs for the FBI5 Comments0moi+45
2016 May 24 Signal Armor- Silencing Siri: How To Stop The NSA From Spying On Your Cell Phone0 Comments0moi+1
2016 May 25 A Visual Guide to Practical Data De-Identification (PDF link in webpage)0 Comments0moi+6
2016 May 26 SPYCOPS: Alisa #talkingwith Eveline Lubbers -- political groups were infiltrated by police officers0 Comments0moi+6
2016 May 28 How Gene Testing Forced Me to Reveal My Private Health Information0 Comments0moi+2
2016 May 30 The celebrity privacy case that exposes hypocrisy of Silicon Valley power brokers | Media0 Comments0moi+0
2016 May 30 Uber Knows Too Much About You0 Comments0moi+4
2016 May 30 NSA spying scares people away from reading about terrorism2 Comments0moi+43
2016 May 30 Reddit CEO Steve Huffman: ‘We know your dark secrets. We know everything.’14 Comments0moi+72
2016 Jun 04 Should the /r/privacy community think of semi-migrating away from reddit?13 Comments0moi+18
2016 Jun 10 Oklahoma Police Can Seize Your Entire Bank Account on a Traffic Stop Without Any Charges8 Comments0moi+129
2016 Jun 13 Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant0 Comments0moi+7
2016 Jun 14 Tor Utilization Poll?5 Comments0moi+3
2016 Jun 14PDF LEA Cell Phone Investigations manual [pdf]0 Comments0moi+27
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2016 Jun 15 Regarding EncroChat (stay away)1 Comments0moi+1
2016 Jun 16 Your mobile phone account could be hijacked by an identity thief0 Comments0moi+3
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2016 Jun 20 Landline vs. cellphone vs. VoIP for maximum privacy?9 Comments0moi+6
2016 Jun 22 Does everyone here use password managers?11 Comments0moi+3
2016 Jun 23 [Android] What is the best phone + OS combination for an individual concerned with privacy?5 Comments0moi+3
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2016 Jun 25 23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks2 Comments0moi+2
2016 Jun 26 searx - a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine2 Comments0moi+10
2016 Jun 27 [Poll] What browser are you using? What extensions/plugins?15 Comments0moi+3
2016 Jun 27Old News Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI to hack Tor users3 Comments0moi+25
2014 Jul 08 got textsecure but wanna try others4 Comments0p3nm1nd+2
2015 Mar 31 Anyone tried Hemlis and unseen3 Comments0p3nm1nd+2
2015 Jun 19 yubikey or authy6 Comments0p3nm1nd+5
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2016 Mar 25 Medical doctor says during TED Talks that Microsoft stores all search logs in IE for 18 months17 Comments0x636F646572+138
2014 Dec 30 I just browsed onto GnuPG .org, to my shock they have to date received less than a third of the donations needed to support the main dev (singular). As this is a critical piece of software, we should maybe all chip in and help the guy out56 Comments0x652+484
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2016 May 03 Should I use Tor for all of my devices, all the time?4 Comments1029chris+3
2016 Jul 26PDF [PDF] When developing an identity management system, designers must consider the system’s purpose and particular privacy needs0 Comments10duke+3
2015 Jan 30 Scientists showed they can identify you with more than 90 percent accuracy by looking at just four purchases, three if the price is included - and this is after companies "anonymized" the transaction records, saying they wiped away names and other personal details.8 Comments1160+88
2015 Mar 31 Study Shows People Act To Protect Privacy When Told How Often Phone Apps Share Personal Information-Carnegie Mellon News.0 Comments1160+9
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2015 Jan 22 Using NYC Taxi Data to identify muslim taxi drivers0 Comments13579246801087979+6
2015 Feb 25 Simcard maker Gemalto acknowledges it was probably victim of NSA and GCHQ hacking2 Comments13579246801087979+12
2015 May 14 Google must be more open on 'right to be forgotten', academics warn in letter | Technology0 Comments13579246801087979+5
2012 Jul 12 What's your personal email policy? 3 Comments13_0_0_0_0+7
2015 Sep 23 VideoPulse is new app that runs in your phones background 24/7 and listens to every video you watch. This is definitely worth getting paid $11 a month to give up all your privacy.0 Comments13kljn13jii+2
2016 Jul 29 Windows 10 privacy5 Comments140379+1
2012 Apr 22 Surveillance State evils - 35 years ago, a leading liberal Senator issued a grave warning about allowing the NSA to spy domestically4 Comments1632+61
2012 Jun 09 Users to 'flag' terrorist web pages under EU proposal - The EU is implementing a project to control all European websites. No parliament will be involved. Sponsored by Cecilia Malmström this is the worst attempt to censor the web ever.6 Comments1632+70
2012 Jun 25 Pornhub & YouPorn Owner Funds Fight Against Cyberlockers 1 Comments1632+8
2013 Jan 20 Data Protection: All You Need to Know about the EU Privacy Debate- SPIEGEL ONLINE0 Comments1632+8
2013 Jan 26 EU study analysing the factors underpinning the development and use of surveillance technologies by public and private actors, and their implications in fighting crime&terrorism, social&economic costs, protection or infringement of civil liberties, fundamental rights and ethical aspects.0 Comments1632+7
2013 Jun 18 The Hungarian parliament passed a new national security law that enables the government to spy on people who hold public offices. Under this law, government officials must “consent” to being observed in the most intrusive way for up to two full months each year.0 Comments1632+12
2013 Jun 22Software The Electronic Frontier Foundation is offering HTTPS Everywhere a free Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.16 Comments1632+83
2014 Jan 01 The Chaos Communication Congress 2013 (30C3) has ended. Here you can find most of the lectures. (English&German)3 Comments1632+25
2014 Jan 27 Edward Snowden Interview German TV in English0 Comments1632+4
2014 Feb 12 The Day the Internet Didn’t Fight Back68 Comments1632+285
2014 Apr 16 This reader mocked Heartbleed, posted his passwords online. Guess what happened next.0 Comments1632+0
2014 Apr 19 The Government is Silencing Twitter and Yahoo, and It Won't Tell Us Why1 Comments1632+100
2014 Apr 20 US Has A 'Secret Exception' To Reasonable Suspicion For Putting People On The No Fly List1 Comments1632+43
2014 Apr 25Possibly Misleading Ubuntu 14.04 bug report:When the screen is locked with password, if I hold ENTER after some seconds the screen freezes and the lock screen crashes. After that I have the computer fully unlocked.24 Comments1632+132
2014 Apr 29 Ubuntu 14.04 bug report: A new way to bypass the lock screen of Ubuntu 14.04. Just right click multiple times on the indicator bar (for example on the battery indicator), then shortcuts are available.11 Comments1632+51
2014 Dec 30 Inside Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg (2014)- Of all the NSA's Cold War listening posts, their intelligence facility on top of Berlin's Teufelsberg was their most secretive. [55 min.]0 Comments1632+1
2014 Dec 30 31C3 - The 2014 Chaos Communications Congress has started. You can watch most of the privacy, freedom and hacking related talks online.0 Comments1632+5
2015 Jan 24 USA: Investigative journalists as suspects [German public tv 12 min. - English version]0 Comments1632+7
2016 Sep 25 Can Chromebooks hijack your microphone to target advertising?4 Comments16semesters+3
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2016 Feb 23 Good alternative to NoScript? that addon has gone down the toilet12 Comments180K+0
2016 Mar 11 What's up with ipleak.net ?5 Comments180K+8
2016 Mar 16 Stop using ipleak.net2 Comments180K+0
2016 Apr 01 Can anyone recommend good podcasts on privacy?6 Comments180K+15
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2013 Nov 18 E-mail outsourcing to U.S. companies like Google and Microsoft stokes spying worry for Canadian professors, students0 Comments1948Sim+1
2015 Oct 13 I run a tor exit node, help it become faster by donating some btc if you can1 Comments1ATpwwu+0
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2014 Jun 05 instantcheckmate.com is a scum sucking company. They sell your email address instantly to spammers.1 Comments1ogon+15
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2016 Sep 28 I think I might have to get a Facebook for school, and I feel sick8 Comments1osingsleep+2
2017 Jan 21 I got the Truecaller app and I think my contacts have been uploaded to their website, what do I do?0 Comments1osingsleep+7
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2016 Feb 22 Got the captcha blues? It could be because of this.... CloudFlare2 Comments2005C+6
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2015 Feb 09 US passports and fingerprints10 Comments2013trollerific+9
2015 Jan 14 First public report of a third-party using Verizon's ID embedded in web traffic to identify users. Company also claims that deleting cookie does not signify user does not want to be tracked2 Comments20142015ce+15
2016 Feb 23 Whats the most anonymous/secure way to report someone who is conducting criminal activities.9 Comments20160223+3
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2016 Apr 20 The FBI Wants Backdoors Because Hacking Is Hard1 Comments2die2sleep+32
2016 Apr 21 UK intel agencies spy indiscriminately on millions of innocent folks1 Comments2die2sleep+11
2016 Apr 21 People suing Ashley Madison for last year’s hack can’t be anonymous, judge rules4 Comments2die2sleep+136
2016 Apr 21 FBI paid at least $1.3M for zero-day to get into San Bernardino iPhone1 Comments2die2sleep+2
2016 May 09 David Patraeus, Who Leaked Classified Info To His Mistress, Says Snowden Should Be Prosecuted18 Comments2die2sleep+418
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2016 Aug 09 I asked my healthcare people (the hospital) whether they could only send me PGP email, IT person responded "We do send emails to patients from a secure server with the word "secure" in our emails and or replies."10 Comments35-5B-36-1B-61-2F+16
2013 Nov 05 How do you handle privacy-violating questions when social pressures require you to tell the truth?2 Comments3534676+2
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2016 Oct 05 The Chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board resigned in July, and hasn't been replaced1 Comments3rd_Party_2016+21
2016 Oct 05 If you build it they will come. Yahoo forced to repurpose child porn scanning system for NSA.1 Comments3rd_Party_2016+6
2016 Oct 27 FCC Vote Means Internet Providers Need Permission To Share Your Data3 Comments3rd_Party_2016+2
2016 Nov 29 Edward Snowden on Twitter: The @FBI is now openly issuing the general warrants that, in 1760, led John Adams to first dream of independence.387 Comments3rd_Party_2016+4878
2016 Dec 01 Ron Wyden on Twitter: At midnight tonight, a sweeping expansion of the FBI's hacking authority will take effect without Congress ever having any debate #Rule4116 Comments3rd_Party_2016+65
2016 Dec 02 Internet Archive Successfully Fends Off Secret FBI Order19 Comments3rd_Party_2016+1007
2016 Dec 18 What's a good swype-style keyboard for Android that respects privacy? (one that doesn't share everything you type)4 Comments3rd_Party_2016+6
2016 Dec 19 The way we catch folks is by knowing certain things about them that they may not want us to know and if we're gonna monitor the stuff effectively going forward, we don't want them to know that we know...3 Comments3rd_Party_2016+12
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2016 Jan 24 FBI Randomly Used Malware on TORMail Users While Busting Pedophiles6 Comments4nis+14
2016 Jan 27 As politicians debate encryption, super-secure operating system Tails is more popular than ever0 Comments4nis+18
2016 May 07 Apparently Samsung's SSD app Magician 4.9.6 wont update firmware if you don't allow them collect your data68 Comments4nis+507
2016 Jul 14 If this is intentional, its genius, and if not, they were smart to keep it that way0 Comments4nis+11
2017 Jan 12 BREAKING: Obama admin permits NSA to give raw (unminimized to protect privacy)12333 surveillance to FBI/CIA/DEA/etc254 Comments4nis+1675
2011 Dec 31 No wonder people are flocking to SaaS and "cloud" based services - This is how much effort it takes to set up your own mail host with a "standard" feature set. Can average "joes" ever really transition away from a dependency on cloud services?2 Comments4phree+4
2011 Dec 31 torproject.org + ghostery.org + adblockplus.org = do it17 Comments4phree+15
2012 Jan 07 Tails, the Live CD / USB distribution from the Tor Project, is looking at migration paths away from TrueCrypt2 Comments4phree+11
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2015 Jan 30 Study shows credit card metadata is not as anonymous as thought1 Comments500500+65
2015 Feb 01 Fightback against internet giants’ stranglehold on personal data starts here. With the Databox concept, scientists at British universities have begun an attempt to win back control of information about us0 Comments500500+4
2015 Apr 10 Facebook admits it tracks non-users, but denies claims it breaches EU privacy law7 Comments500500+175
2015 Apr 10 Amnesty International takes UK to European Court over mass surveillance0 Comments500500+3
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2014 Jul 16 An artist sent the NSA the world's most secure mixtape: "The NSA can read my stupid Facebook updates but without my consent it will never be able to listen to my kick-ass mixtape."0 Comments5tHorseman+3
2015 Jan 12 British PM David Cameron wants to stop the use of communications methods—like Snapchat and WhatsApp—that cannot be read by the security services even with a warrant.19 Comments5tHorseman+142
2015 Sep 03 The Feds Need A Warrant to Spy With Stingrays From Now On0 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+34
2015 Sep 14 Near-Perfect Computer Security May Be Surprisingly Close6 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+21
2015 Oct 26 Top German official infected by highly advanced spy trojan with NSA ties1 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+79
2015 Nov 11 Tor Says Feds Paid Carnegie Mellon $1M to Help Unmask Users24 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+292
2015 Nov 19 Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid for Tor-Breaking Research2 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+11
2015 Nov 25 If you are a Tor user come and show your support by donating to their fundraising drive.4 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+16
2015 Dec 07 Now That It's Easy to Encrypt Our Chats, Encrypting Metadata Comes Next1 Comments63-6F-6F-6B-69-65-3F+19
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2013 May 28 Now PETA Wants to Sue People Who Leave Anonymous Comments0 Comments7oby+2
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2016 Jun 19 Supposing I delete all the emails from my gmail account and have any new email forwarded to a new address and then deleted... what am threats am I more protected against and what threats am I *not* more protected against?2 Comments82364+0
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2016 Dec 09 Can phone fingerprint sensors be disabled? The HTC 10 combines it with a capacitive home button, which I imagine complicates things.6 Comments82364+2
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2012 Nov 25 Germany and Ireland data protection czars force Facebook to stop automatic photo tagging in Europe.0 Comments881239+69
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2013 Jun 15 Laura Poitras: “The number of journalists who know how to use [encryption] is very small. You wouldn’t have been able to communicate with Snowden without encryption.”0 Comments940871+14
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2013 Jul 26 RedPhone and TextSecure are coming to iPhone8 Comments940871+10
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2016 Apr 01 200 imprisoned based on illegal cellphone tracking, review finds0 Comments94847393038738394905+9
2016 Apr 01 Reproducible Signal builds for Android3 Comments94847393038738394905+17
2016 Apr 01 The Artist Using Museums to Amplify Tor’s Anonymity Network0 Comments94847393038738394905+13
2016 Apr 03 Mozilla co-founder's ad-blocking Brave browser will pay you bitcoin to see safe ads0 Comments94847393038738394905+4
2016 Apr 05 WhatsApp's Signal Protocol integration is now complete38 Comments94847393038738394905+64
2016 Jul 04 By reading this post you are agreeing to my terms and policies2 Comments955559+14
2016 Sep 06 A good blog post about Traffic Correlation attacks on the Tor network and it's success rates at scale.0 Comments96584752+6
2016 Apr 28 FBI Is One Step Closer To Getting Legal Authority To Hack Computers Everywhere6 Comments97779+78
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2015 Dec 15 Study: More than half of all merchants unnecessarily share purchase details with PayPal; Data leakage to PayPal includes details of medication or sex toys; Consumers cannot opt-out or self-protect against it.0 CommentsAGhostFromThePast+5
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2014 Sep 30 Hong Kong protesters are using FireChat to communicate amid fears of network shutdowns. Also Iraqis and Taiwanese students during their anti-Beijing Sunflower Movement. It's not reliant on the internet (which some governments restrict), and it's more clandestine and less traceable.1 CommentsAgentDoggett+12
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2016 Jul 23 Malicious computers caught snooping on Tor-anonymized Dark Web sites1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+26
2016 Jul 26 NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+3
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2016 Aug 02 Judge: FBI violated the Constitution when it bugged county courthouse9 CommentsAnonymousAurele+463
2016 Aug 02 Frequent password changes are the enemy of security, FTC technologist says2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 03 New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+44
2016 Aug 03 Microsoft won't fix Windows flaw that lets hackers steal your username and password15 CommentsAnonymousAurele+97
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2016 Aug 08 Major Qualcomm chip security flaws expose 900M Android users7 CommentsAnonymousAurele+69
2016 Aug 08 People look guiltier when their actions are viewed in slow motion1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 09 Researchers crack open unusually advanced malware that hid for 5 years8 CommentsAnonymousAurele+204
2016 Aug 09 Apple's security measures in iOS detailed at Black Hat conference1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 10 Android Vulnerabilities0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+2
2016 Aug 10 Microsoft Secure Boot Key0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+0
2016 Aug 10 In Bizarre Reversal, FBI Suddenly Claims It Is Not Negotiating With States Over Face Recognition Access0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+8
2016 Aug 12 New air-gap jumper covertly transmits data in hard-drive sounds5 CommentsAnonymousAurele+20
2016 Aug 14 Cryptography Experts Recommend Apple Replace its iMessage Encryption2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+13
2016 Aug 15 ​Australian Authorities Hacked Computers in the US2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+24
2016 Aug 15 Hackers claim to be selling NSA cyberweapons in online auction1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+10
2016 Aug 15 Linux bug leaves 1.4 billion Android users vulnerable to hijacking attacks4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+10
2016 Aug 15 New method for detecting hardware Trojans1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Aug 15 Respect: Windows 10 security impresses hackers4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 15 Spy Tech: FBI Seeks Covert Audio Recorder for Smartphones2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Aug 16 China's new satellite would create the world's largest quantum network1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 16 Email Provider Linked to Alleged NSA Dumps: We Can't Help4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+14
2016 Aug 16 Snowden speculates leak of NSA spying tools is tied to Russian DNC hack16 CommentsAnonymousAurele+58
2016 Aug 16 Wave of Spoofed Encryption Keys Shows Weakness in PGP Implementation2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Aug 17 Pentagon Issues First Update To Domestic Surveillance Guidelines In 35 Years, Not All Of It Good2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
2016 Aug 17 Pentagon Releases New Procedures for Intelligence Collection2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+20
2016 Aug 17 Cisco confirms NSA-linked zeroday targeted its firewalls for years1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Aug 18 Shadow Brokers: The insider theory8 CommentsAnonymousAurele+10
2016 Aug 19 Court Says Man Can Sue Maker Of Web-Monitoring Software For Wiretap Act Violations1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+36
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2016 Aug 19 How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+72
2016 Aug 30 Keystroke Recognition from Wi-Fi Distortion3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+14
2016 Aug 30 Hacker Shows Us How to Unlock a Laptop Using an NSA Tool1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
2016 Aug 31 New cloud attack takes full control of virtual machines with little effort2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+4
2016 Sep 02 The Shadow Brokers Publish NSA Spy Tools, Demonstrating Possible Flaws in the NSA’s Approach to Security Vulnerabilities2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+53
2016 Sep 06 Activists to FBI: Show Us Your Warrant for Mass Hack of TorMail Users16 CommentsAnonymousAurele+363
2016 Sep 06 Inside Menwith Hill The NSA's British Base at the Heart of U.S. Targeted Killing1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+18
2016 Sep 11 Federal Judge: Hacking Someone's Computer Is Definitely a 'Search'15 CommentsAnonymousAurele+381
2016 Sep 12 AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If It's Pixelated1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Sep 15 Recovering an iPhone 5c Passcode0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Sep 15 Signal bug lets attackers tamper with encrypted messages—patch now2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+34
2016 Sep 21 iPhone passcode bypassed with NAND mirroring attack4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+13
2016 Sep 21 Unprecedented and Unlawful: The NSA’s “Upstream” Surveillance2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+30
2016 Sep 21 Bug that hit Firefox and Tor browsers was hard to spot—now we know why2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+27
2016 Sep 22 Oversight orders Reddit to preserve deleted posts in Clinton investigation58 CommentsAnonymousAurele+477
2016 Sep 23 iOS 10: Security Weakness Discovered, Backup Passwords Much Easier to Break3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+30
2016 Sep 27 Facial Recognition, Differential Privacy, and Trade-Offs in Apple's Latest OS Releases1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+17
2016 Oct 08 USA FREEDOM Act Requires Government to Declassify Any Order to Yahoo0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+56
2016 Oct 18 Report: One In Two American Adults Is In A Face Recognition Database0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Oct 27 Obama’s Silence on Crypto Could Set the Stage For Bad Policies to Come5 CommentsAnonymousAurele+30
2016 Oct 27 The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+16
2016 Oct 28 Google teaches “AIs” to invent their own crypto and avoid eavesdropping3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+7
2016 Oct 28 EFF to Supreme Court: Cell Phone Location Data Is Off-Limits to Police Without a Warrant3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+105
2016 Oct 29 MacBook Pro + Secure Enclave + TouchID5 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Oct 29 The MacBook Pro's Most Important New Fearure? TouchID29 CommentsAnonymousAurele+32
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2016 Nov 15 US judge orders FBI, CIA to disclose Occupy surveillance0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+40
2016 Nov 15Misleading title Major Linux security hole gapes open9 CommentsAnonymousAurele+11
2016 Nov 17 America' Top Spy Talks Snowden Leaks and Our Ominous Future4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+12
2016 Nov 17 Oregon Senator Ron Wyden threatens to filibuster if Trump goes after encryption20 CommentsAnonymousAurele+99
2016 Nov 18 New iOS Flaw Lets Anyone Bypass iPhone Passcode and See Photos, Messages2 CommentsAnonymousAurele+3
2016 Nov 22 Great. Now Even Your Handphones Can Spy On You12 CommentsAnonymousAurele+53
2016 Nov 22 Tor phone is antidote to Google “hostility” over Android, says developer13 CommentsAnonymousAurele+76
2016 Nov 28 Lawyer who argued for landmark SCOTUS privacy decision says Trump “is a moron”0 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
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2016 Jun 27 Judge Dismisses Movie Piracy Case, IP-Address Doesn't Prove Anything1 CommentsBarmagluk+7
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2015 Sep 09 Repbin v0.0.2 released. Changes include: Better terminal usability, SQLite/MySQL backend, binaries! Repbin is an encrypted pastebin for the command line that runs over Tor! Repbin servers form a distributed network where nodes sync posts with each other. Repbin focuses on privacy and anonymity.1 CommentsBarraRoffe+2
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2015 Nov 20 Rand Paul Blasts Calls for More Surveillance to Stop Terrorists: ‘Bulls**t!’ - “You’re seeing a clamor now, people saying, ‘If we just had more surveillance, if we just gave up a little more liberty, we wouldn’t have terrorists attack us.’ You’re seeing this everywhere.”4 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+87
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2015 Nov 30 NSA phone data collection program ends, forcing debate over terror concerns - "The National Security Agency’s sweeping authority to collect phone-record data expired Sunday..."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2015 Dec 03 IRS Admits to Cellphone 'StingRay' Surveillance, Wants to Continue Snooping0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2015 Dec 04 Andrew P. Napolitano: The spies who ruin us - Agents performing warrantless searches are the hallmark of totalitarianism2 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+101
2015 Dec 07 Rand Paul: NSA phone-snooping program didn't prevent any attacks - “There will always be people like Christie that are very willing to give up your liberty for a false sense of security,”0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+90
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2015 Dec 08 Tech Privacy Supporters in Congress Push for New Surveillance Restrictions - Meanwhile a cybersecurity bill could put private customer data in the hands of DHS.0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2015 Dec 13 Privacy hawks turn to White House in encryption fight - “I’m frustrated by this cynical, opportunistic playbook where the intelligence committee sits poised to take advantage of whatever tragedy comes along,”6 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+129
2015 Dec 26 Amash, Massie Warn of Secret Surveillance Provision in Spending Package - "[I]t will allow the federal domestic spying apparatus to achieve previously prohibited levels of unwarranted searches, seizures, and sharing of personal data of Americans caught in the surveillance dragnet."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+33
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2016 Feb 22 Rand Paul says Apple should not be compelled to hack San Bernardino terrorist's cell-phone - “I think we give up on who we are, and the terrorists win if we give up on our privacy and we violate the Bill of Rights just for simple expediency and for a false promise of security..”94 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+586
2016 Mar 01 Privacy groups wary of compromise encryption bill - “The commissioners would necessarily have to consider and ultimately may even recommend legal mandates to force technology companies to redesign or weaken their products’ security features,”0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2016 Mar 18 Rep. Thomas Massie: I Stand with Apple in Protecting Encryption - "we know the current battle over unbreakable encryption (and the privacy it affords) is not about a single terrorist's iPhone."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+34
2016 Mar 24 American Big Brother: A Century of Political Surveillance and Repression1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+3
2016 Mar 28 A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe - "I am sure a frightened population will find government promises of perfect security attractive and may be willing to allow more surveillance of their personal lives. They should pause a little beforehand...2 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+46
2016 Apr 06 Social Security Wants to Know What its Customers Want -- Before They Do - "To some, the thought of a government agency anticipating the needs of its customers – and inherently its citizens – is Orwellian at best."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2016 Apr 08 Reddit Quietly Warns Users of Surveillance Request0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2016 May 06 Federal Lawsuit Filed Against District 211 & DOE Over Student Privacy0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+4
2016 May 11 FBI Seeks to Exempt Its Massive Biometric Database From Federal Privacy Law1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+125
2016 May 16 Putting the privacy genie back in the bottle… sort of0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2016 May 27 Government still holding on to 5 years of NSA phone-snooping metadata - "... worrying civil liberties advocates who say it’s time to start expunging the legally questionable information."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+5
2016 May 31 FBI Gets Warrantless E-mail Snooping Added to Two Senate Bills0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+13
2016 Jun 01 Federal Appellate Court Strikes Potential Death Blow to Privacy in New Cell Site Location Information Case1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+9
2016 Jun 03 Gov’t Watchdog Worried About Consumer Privacy Offers no Solution to the Federal Surveillance State - "But will GAO ever look into that? I doubt it."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2016 Jun 10 Another assault on the right to privacy - Granting access to internet browser histories would null the Fourth Amendment0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+25
2016 Jun 16 Privacy Advocates Aim to Use Defense Spending Bill to Protect Encryption1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2016 Jun 16 Thomas Massie Leads Bipartisan Effort to Shut Down Warrantless Surveillance0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+12
2016 Jun 16 "The House will vote on the Massie-Lofgren Amendment on backdoor searches in a few hours, so Campaign for Liberty members should call their Representatives to support the amendment."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2016 Jun 20 House reverses course, upholds NSA phone snooping as terrorist attacks shift debate - “Congress should not abandon the Constitution in the face of terrorism,” said Rep. Thomas Massie, the Kentucky Republican who has forced the fight each of the past three years.19 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+409
2016 Jun 24 Privacy Mindset Lags as Change, Millennials Shape Future - "He credited the generation with the “explosive rise of ephemeral social media and communications,”... and private search engines like DuckDuckGo that don’t store or share search queries."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2016 Jul 05 "The number of federal and state wiretaps reported in 2015 increased 17 percent from 2014. A total of 4,148 wiretaps were reported as authorized in 2015, with 1,403 authorized by federal judges and 2,745 authorized by state judges...No wiretap applications were reported as denied in 2015."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+15
2016 Jul 13 Supreme Court Deals Another Body Blow to the Fourth Amendment - "In its decision in the case of Utah v. Strieff, the high court has at once... decreased the protection once enjoyed by the people against unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers, and property."10 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+260
2016 Aug 08 Hacking America - How an unchecked amendment could threaten Americans’ privacy and security.0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+149
2016 Aug 11 FCC Hasn't Closed Door on Regulating 'Pay for Privacy' Internet Pricing Model - Privacy advocates say that pay-for-privacy doesn’t create additional choices for consumers. It denies some people a basic right.0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+32
2016 Aug 22 Privacy Policy To Watch For The Rest Of 2016 - "The rule change is a big deal because traditionally, law enforcement agents had to go to the district court in which the computer is located to get a warrant to search that computer,"0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2016 Aug 24 A bombshell in the broadband privacy debate - "That puts the FCC in a very difficult position – it is one thing to adopt bad policy, but another to knowingly enact unconstitutional rules."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2016 Aug 26 Privacy Watchdogs Vow to Fight ‘Dystopian’ Rule 410 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2016 Sep 22 The state of privacy in post-Snowden America1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+6
2016 Sep 23 Financial Privacy in a Free Society - "BSA/AML rules ensure that firms cannot legally transfer any money without knowing who the customer is and having some idea of where the money came from."2 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2016 Sep 26 The Playpen Story: Rule 41 and Global Hacking Warrants - "With the courts struggling to place appropriate limitations (and the FBI suffering from serious deficits in candor), right now is not the time to massively expand the government's authority to hack into private computers."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+25
2016 Sep 27 Senate Bill Would Mandate TSA Involvement in Surface Transportation Security - “...the bill proposes to extend the practices employed by the TSA to “mass transit, passenger rail networks, and public areas of other transportation systems.”7 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+32
2016 Sep 30 "A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting legislation to block a new Obama administration rule that would allow the government to hack into the devices of any American on the permission of a single judge – without the need for any evidence of wrongdoing."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+22
2016 Oct 10 Local Police Using CIA-funded Software to Track All Citizens' Social Media Posts16 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+152
2016 Oct 13 Facebook education software spurs privacy fears - "I'm not comfortable with having my kids' personally identifiable information going to I don't even know where, to be used for I'm not sure what,"30 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+415
2016 Oct 14 U.S. lawmakers want answers on Yahoo email surveillance1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+10
2016 Oct 21 The U.S. Government Wants to Read Travelers’ Tweets Before Letting Them In9 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+19
2016 Oct 31 PATRIOT Act At 15: Do You Feel Safer?3 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+6
2016 Nov 07 Surveillance "Reforms" Allow NSA Greater Access Than Ever to Phone Data - "...it is likely that some type of “compromise” will be offered to “solve the problem” of encryption. Don’t fall for it."11 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+294
2016 Nov 21 Congress seeks to delay changes to warrant rules - “A single prosecutor should not have the power to hack into the phone or computer of virtually anyone in the United States,”0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+12
2016 Dec 02 Police using CIA-financed tool to monitor social media posts0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+9
2016 Dec 05 Justin Amash and Other Privacy Advocates Slam New Expansion of FBI Hacking Powers - "The government's new authority gives it access to the devices of millions of law-abiding individuals with a single warrant. That's hacking."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+8
2016 Dec 07 "With so much of our personal, financial and professional information online, we should use the best technology to protect it. We don’t deliberately manufacture flawed house locks or give a master key for the front door to the local police. Does it mean it’s harder to open? Yes, and it should be."5 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+33
2016 Dec 08 William Gibson: The Future of Privacy - "While it’s true that states and corporations often desire privacy, they just as often desire that I myself have less privacy."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+18
2016 Dec 14 “The government wants to dictate and monitor the feelings of schoolchildren, regardless of the violations of conscience and privacy involved.”0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+3
2016 Dec 14 “It is absolutely staggering that the Republican majorities in the House and Senate could be so blind to government overreach that they would allow a federal tracking program...for people with ‘developmental disabilities’ a term that is subject to wide misinterpretation.”3 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+6
2016 Dec 21 Amazon Echo Privacy: Is Alexa listening to everything you say? - "Under the Fourth Amendment, if you have installed a device that's listening and is transmitting to a third party, then you've waived your privacy rights under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act."33 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+190
2016 Dec 27 Be vigilant: These Trump Cabinet picks don’t bode well for privacy3 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+37
2017 Jan 09 Servant or spy? Law enforcement, privacy advocates grapple with brave new world of AI assistants0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+1
2017 Jan 10 Email Privacy Act reintroduced in Congress - If passed, this bill would require the government to get a warrant before digging up your old email.58 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2423
2017 Jan 13 Trump’s pick to head the CIA wants to collect your personal metadata—all of it2 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+8
2017 Jan 13 How Globalists Predict Your Behavior - "Mass surveillance potential by the establishment is not just a threat to people who might be “up to no good”; it is a threat to everyone. For the ability to predict a population’s behavior makes that population highly controllable."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2017 Jan 20 Spying on Americans: Outgoing Obama’s “Privacy Guidelines” on CIA Use of Information on Americans0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+16
2016 Jan 23 A privacy reminder from YouTube, a Google company, as seen on the top of your screen whenever you access YouTube.0 CommentsDHumphrey+5
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2015 Nov 02 "... Windows 10 is constantly tracking how it operates & how you are using it and sending that information back to Microsoft by default ... he also confirmed that, despite offering some options to turn elements of tracking off, *core data collection simply cannot be stopped*"237 CommentsDara17+645
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2016 Dec 06 "The Cayla doll prompts children to provide their names, their parents' names, the name of their school, and the name of the place where they live, the complaint says. The information is shared with Nuance, which also offers law enforcement and intelligence products"28 CommentsDataPhreak+470
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2016 Mar 16 U.K. Parliament Debates “Snoopers’ Charter” - "If passed into law in its current form, it would mandate a data retention regime unprecedented in any Western democracy, forcing internet companies to store records showing every website visited by every person in the U.K. for a period of 12 months."0 CommentsDonManuel+18
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2012 Dec 28 Senate votes down three amendments to make FISA not so bad, prepares to vote down Wyden's bill and pass FISA unmolested tomorrow3 CommentsEquanimousMind+60
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