2012 Jan 23software Anonymouth: text anonymizer, prevents linking your texts to you0 CommentsNatanael_L+11
2012 Apr 24Privacy Guides A quick guide to our current online privacy threats (SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/DEA/CCDA/CISPA)2 CommentsYamahiko+87
2012 Apr 25Do Some Evil Google Drive’s terms of service allows you to still own your own files, but grants the company a license to do ‘as it wants’ with your uploaded content.10 Commentsrandomrealitycheck+68
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2012 Apr 26CISPA Advocacy group flip-flops twice over CISPA surveillance bill0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Apr 26CISPA Congress Decides To Ignore Privacy Concerns, Refuses To Even Consider Key CISPA Amendments2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+60
2012 Apr 26Jacob Appelbaum Targeted Hacker Jacob Appelbaum on CISPA, Surveillance and the "Militarization of Cyberspace"1 Commentssalvia_d+17
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2012 Apr 26CISPA Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed26 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+137
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2012 Apr 27Big Brother Brookings: Recording Everything - Soon it will become technologically and financially feasible for authoritarian governments to record nearly everything that is said or done within their borders0 Commentsrbaix+6
2012 Apr 27Do Some Evil "Don't be Evil" - An interesting conversation about the role of technology companies in supporting and suppressing human rights activists0 Commentsjosbos+3
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2012 Apr 27Digital Handcuffs Does /r/privacy see what is wrong with this?1 CommentstorrentR3zn0r+5
2012 Apr 27Do Some Evil Google Tries To Slam Brakes On Privacy Outcry Over ‘Google Drive’ 2 Commentsreaderseven+15
2012 Apr 27Privacy Law Need For a Warrant For GPS Tracking Still Not Settled: ACLU filed an amicus brief in US v. Pineda-Moreno, a Ninth Circuit case that could play a significant role in determining how broadly the Supreme Court’s recent GPS tracking decision is applied to protect Americans’ privacy0 Commentsmaxwellhill+13
2012 Apr 28Advice Questions on VPNs9 Commentsi_eat_kitties+7
2012 Apr 28CISPA Microsoft backs away from CISPA support, citing privacy3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+104
2012 Apr 28CISPA The result of haste: Six CISPA cosponsors didn’t vote for the bill0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Apr 28Jacob Appelbaum Jacob Appelbaum on digital privacy (1 hr 17 min vid), April 26, 2012 - post got censored by /r/netsec7 Commentsshadowyfigure02+33
2012 Apr 30software SpiderOak launches "Enterprise" version1 Commentscryptolect+8
2012 May 03Advice I have a few questions regarding digital privacy, and I think that this is the right community to ask!2 CommentsMetal_Lyrics+6
2012 May 03Calyx Friends, we must push the Calyx Insitute and Nick Merrill into notoriety. He plans a VPN, personal file server, and encrypted email and chat. Get this ISP off the ground.9 Commentscake-please+92
2012 May 04FISA The Justice Department made 1,745 requests to a secret court for authority to wiretap or search for evidence in terrorism and espionage investigations last year. Not a single request was denied.0 Commentsnomdeweb+38
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2012 May 17CISPA US government prepares new attacks on Internet privacy1 Commentsmark_bz+53
2012 May 17advice I'm looking for an equivalent of the EFF in the UK (preferably) or in the EU, are there any ones actively campaigning/doing any work?3 Commentssavocado+12
2012 May 19advice Need Opinions on VPNS6 CommentsHackTheRipper666+9
2012 May 21Advice On open wifi, how do you stop outbound connections until your vpn is connected?1 CommentsBadAdminGuy+5
2012 May 21video Talk by Eben Moglen: Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media and Why Free Media Require Free Technology1 CommentsJRepin+20
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2012 Jun 04video Jacob Appelbaum on privacy, government surveillance and the current state of democracy3 Commentsnameswillbetaken+20
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2012 Jun 06video Mobile Apps: Designing for Privacy & Trust 0 Commentsclakesnapster+3
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2012 Jun 20video Heh. I missed this gem from 2010. Stephen Colbert Speaks With EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn.0 Commentscake-please+11
2012 Jun 26software Gliph is a privacy protection app that lets you send SMS messages to anyone without revealing any identification information. 2 Commentsswordmish+36
2012 Jun 27software "PrivaZer, Deep System Cleaner that removes traces" - Anyone use this?0 Commentsslanket+1
2012 Jun 27video Webcam - A Short Film1 CommentsMostlyGeeky+2
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2012 Sep 04CodeRed (x-post r/technology) The FBI has 12 million iPhone users info, including their home address, phone number, etc. 3 Commentstrans1st+35
2012 Sep 05BigBrother A German artist has created a pixellated balaclava, perfect for confusing street cameras in a nation where mistrust of public surveillance is widespread even as the appetite for Facebook is unabated.13 CommentsPeter_File+89
2012 Sep 05CodeRed Apple has patented a technology which allows government and police to block transmission of data, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”.31 Commentsrogerology+173
2012 Sep 05Advice Has anyone tried out Glassboard and could perhaps recommend it or warn me off?1 CommentsBhima+2
2012 Sep 06CodeRed Guiness World Records has owned up to leaking 1,070 email addresses of Redditgifts users who won the record for the Largest Online Secret Santa.3 Commentsharry_nash+69
2012 Sep 12CodeRed Email Privacy Faces a Key Test Next Week1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+24
2012 Sep 12Software Freenet doesn't get enough exposure.37 Commentsbob_howard+32
2012 Sep 13CodeRed Warrantless wiretap bill passes in US House, authorizes 5 more years of domestic spying20 Commentssalvia_d+209
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2012 Oct 26Advice Compared to visiting a site using a browser, is RSS any 'safer' than using a browser? How private/anonymous *are* feeds?3 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+7
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2012 Nov 06Advice How can I tell if a key logger has been installed on my computer?59 CommentsAnonissue+52
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2012 Nov 09Advice Tech tip: Intro to packet sniffing. This is why encrypting your data transfers on any network is important!2 Commentscqwww+17
2012 Nov 09BigBrother Supreme Court to review collection of DNA samples0 Commentsreaderseven+11
2012 Nov 13Advice Is there a service to delete my Reddit posts and not just my username? I forget what it was!2 Commentskingofsuduko+10
2012 Nov 13Activism Security Experts and Human Rights Advocates Worldwide Ask Yahoo for full HTTPS support0 Commentswhereismyhttps+8
2012 Nov 14Advice Perceived lack of negative consequences.3 Commentsstrayce+7
2012 Nov 17Advice "How else can they catch terrorists?"3 Commentspirate_plant+3
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2012 Nov 26Advice How effective is Ghostery? Is there something better?10 Commentspoopflake+6
2012 Nov 27Video Why Privacy Matters - Survey at Defcon0 Commentsbincat+14
2012 Nov 27Video NSA whistleblower Bill Binney on the surveillance state9 CommentsEquanimousMind+67
2012 Nov 29HowTo Don't be a Petraeus: A Tutorial on Anonymous Email Accounts | Electronic Frontier Foundation5 Commentstheoldboy+74
2012 Nov 30Advice Should hidden service providers be encouraged to host a mixmaster server as well?0 Commentsbittorrent_over_i2p+3
2012 Dec 10Advice What are the most secure non-onion email services?5 Commentsoic123+6
2012 Dec 13Software A Firefox plugin to impede fingerprinting-based tracking while maintaining browsing experience.2 Commentsmrz+36
2012 Dec 13Advice Forgive me if this is covered extensively, but say i wanted to start a completely separate, private, online identity. How would you do it?3 Commentsthrawy8765412+5
2012 Dec 14Advice ADVICE - Cell Phone Battery Cut Off Switch11 Commentsconsorts+9
2012 Dec 21Advice Need some help with understanding, Tor, torrents and privacy please. 5 Commentstiredsd+0
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2013 Jan 02Advice Security and Anonymity on Ubuntu/Linux4 Commentsdebac+8
2013 Jan 04Advice Secure single file erasure program, is it good? GPL Licensed. (windows only)3 CommentsHandOfCode+11
2013 Jan 25Software "Jitsi" is an open-source Skype alternative that encrypts your calls34 Commentsishantbeashamed+153
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2013 Mar 08Software Jitsi 2.0 (the secure alternative to Skype) is out with support for VP8, Opus and video conferencing1 Commentswhitefangs+9
2013 Mar 09Activism " “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that. "11 Commentsdevilwu+148
2013 Mar 09Political Rand Paul's Bold Stand for Civil Liberties1 Commentsbrickhouse0+3
2013 Mar 23Activism Got any internet-connected devices? (Yes you do.) Help everyone's privacy by sharing your MAC address prefixes.50 CommentsWindyPower+34
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2013 Mar 28CodeRed ACLU: DOJ Emails Show Feds Were Less Than "Explicit" With Judges On Cell Phone Tracking Tool0 Commentswhitefangs+29
2013 Apr 03Software Amazon MP3 Tracking Metadata Stripper0 Commentsamp3strip+17
2013 Apr 05Advice Need Help Cleaning4 CommentsSeranikan+0
2013 Apr 11Spyware Mobile phone apps view private data more than necessary, says French study1 Commentsantdude+6
2013 Apr 11Political CISPA Amendment Proves Everyone's Fears Were Justified While Failing To Assuage Them0 Commentswhitefangs+125
2013 Apr 12Advice I need to securely and safely delete all relevant data with regards to online activity5 CommentsAnon1234567891011+13
2013 Apr 14Software ChatSecure: Encrypted, Secure Multiprotocol Chat and Instant Messaging (Google Talk, XMPP, OSCAR): a free, open-source iOS app with OTR support16 Commentsopuipouipuipu+27
2013 Apr 15Discussion Internet control and surveillance. What can we do?11 Commentsskeksis268+3
2013 Apr 17Activism Brazil’s groundbreaking Internet Civil Rights Bill needs support!0 CommentsJillSmith+33
2013 Apr 17Political CISPA Goes to The Floor for a Vote, Privacy Amendments Blocked -- "In all, 42 amendments were submitted to CISPA - the majority of which dealt with privacy and civil liberties problems with the bill. Only 12 were allowed to go to the floor for a full vote."7 Commentsmepper+180
2013 Apr 18Advice What do people use for personal finance tracking?4 Commentsdonkeynostril+2
2013 Apr 18Activism Tor calls for help as its supply of bridges falters5 CommentsAscii_Cat+64
2013 Apr 19Advice Mobile browsing help?2 CommentsQaz81+4
2013 Apr 19Advice PGP for linux, how do I download and learn to use this?4 CommentsMybuddyWill+6
2013 May 18Software [Addon] Self-destructing cookies for Firefox8 Commentskoorka+22
2013 Jun 03Advice How to stay safe on an idivice?2 Commentsfablechaser130+3
2013 Jun 07Activism Yesterday we learned about NSA's PRISM. Here's a guide to using free software to take back some of your privacy today.72 CommentsJustReward+237
2013 Jun 08CodeRed This is what the DHS thinks we should know about their interpretation of the 4th Amendment28 Commentsbiffbagwell+328
2013 Jun 08Advice Privacy of .com domains5 Commentsquiditvinditpotdevin+1
2013 Jun 08Video Jacob Appelbaum lecture on Surveillance and Privacy from May 20132 CommentsJawnSchirring+20
2013 Jun 09Video Jacob Appelbaum lecture on privacy: "Past, Present, and Our Shared Future"0 Commentssalvia_d+17
2013 Jun 09Advice Which country can be most trusted to protect privacy and are there services running there that can replace gmail and others?5 Commentsyalogin+5
2013 Jun 09Advice Best distributed alternative to Facebook?5 CommentsKuduIO+4
2013 Jun 09Advice Strange question, but is there a list of common places where there are information leaks?0 Commentsidontuseredditmuch+5
2013 Jun 09Activism Anti-'domestic surveillance' talking points7 Commentsdalovindj+16
2013 Jun 09Advice PRISM has me really worried...is the best cheap/quick action to get an AIRVPN-like VPN?2 Commentsfiberpills+7
2013 Jun 10Advice How do I protect my privacy on my iOS, Android and OSX device ?5 Commentsinguy10+5
2013 Jun 10Activism The NSA surveillance break has become a sensational story about a man named Edward Snowden. Have we forgotten that we actually need to DO something?68 Commentssemicomatose74+734
2013 Jun 10Video Talk privately: Pidgin with OTR, Torchat, and Bitmessage demo video0 Comments940871+6
2013 Jun 12CodeRed Guardian Reporter Glenn Greenwald: We Have List of NSA Targets4 CommentsJawnSchirring+30
2013 Jun 14Advice For those who encrypt email, how do you let others know that you do so?6 Commentsprivacycurious+17
2013 Jun 14Advice Secure, affordable VPS that respects privacy?13 Commentsherpyderpy_anon+13
2013 Jun 15Advice Cross-platform password management tools?3 Comments891134+5
2013 Jun 17Software A Popular Ad Blocker Also Helps the Ad Industry: Millions of people use the tool Ghostery to block online tracking technology—few realize that it feeds data to the ad industry.53 CommentsPiscator629+153
2013 Jun 17Advice How do I secure myself from PRISM/etc with an iPhone?4 CommentsXSSpants+13
2013 Jun 17Slow Clap Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American11 Commentsmvbma+422
2013 Jun 18Possibly Misleading Facebook Blocks Log-ins from Tor Browser Putting Thousands of Political Activist at Risk (Xpost from r/technology)3 CommentstrivialPotato+17
2013 Jun 21Discussion Can we encrypt the internet using public key crypto? Is it plausible?9 CommentsMissAimi+13
2013 Jun 22Advocacy Can we run a campaign to raise awareness of privacy?2 Commentspigfish+23
2013 Jun 22Software The Electronic Frontier Foundation is offering HTTPS Everywhere a free Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.16 Comments1632+83
2013 Jun 25Political Senators tell NSA: Your fact sheet isn't factual. Can't you tell us the truth for once?6 Commentsmeyamashi+173
2013 Jun 25Funny/light Somebody's Watching Me0 CommentsMilitaryHummingbird+4
2013 Jun 27Software Tails 0.19 is out1 CommentsZodiacSF1969+11
2013 Jun 27HowTo Guide to I2P services - Version 10 CommentsKeepSeeding+5
2013 Jun 29Possibly Misleading Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America10 Commentsrandomhumanuser+74
2013 Jun 30CodeRed New NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies1 Commentsfutrawo+20
2013 Jul 02CodeRed Android/Motorola tracking your social life through your phone?3 CommentsBorgbox+21
2013 Jul 23Activism Defund the NSA: It has been just over a month since the NSA’s dragnet surveillance program was leaked to the public. Tomorrow, there is a crucial vote that could defund part of the NSA’s surveillance infrastructure.26 Commentswhitefangs+683
2013 Jul 23Douchebaggery NSA's Keith Alexander Calls Emergency Private Briefing To Lobby Against Justin Amash Amendment Curtailing Its Power5 CommentsLoganCale+32
2013 Jul 29Possibly Misleading Virgin Media admits staff can see user passwords in plaintext22 Commentsmeyamashi+87
2013 Jul 29A privacy win Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy. Pew finds that, for the first time since 9/11, Americans are now more worried about civil liberties abuses than terrorism9 CommentsLibertatea+149
2013 Jul 29A privacy win Never seen this as an unsubscribe reason before...2 Commentstylersalt+9
2013 Jul 29Advice Tor + VPN + 4G: Network Diagram11 CommentsZeroCoolMurphy+7
2013 Jul 29Activism Restore the Fourth NYC Occupies Rep. Meeks Office Over NSA Vote2 Commentsdouglasmacarthur+13
2013 Jul 30Possibly Misleading NSA F**k Off: Coming Soon Open Source Encryption for People Like Me49 Commentssome_individual+247
2013 Jul 31CodeRed Revealed: NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'89 Commentsillorum+916
2013 Aug 04unconfirmed BREAKING: HALF OF TOR SITES COMPROMISED, INCLUDING TORMAIL60 Commentscap2002+222
2013 Aug 04Advice Want to install truecrypt but dont have a disc drive/burner on my laptop. Is there a work around available?2 Commentsabsconde+3
2013 Aug 04speculation Analysis: Is there a backdoor in Truecrypt? Is Truecrypt a CIA honeypot?21 CommentsZeroCoolMurphy+17
2013 Aug 07Douchebaggery Tor Privacy Network Breached: I Told You So3 Commentsantdude+0
2013 Aug 08unverified Why is /r/technology erasing privacy-related technology articles?3 Commentsfruitygerbils+5
2013 Aug 15Funny/light Obama's Watching Me! NMA's NSA surveillance anthem!7 Commentsantdude+44
2013 Aug 27Douchebaggery Wikileaks Reveals Reddit Co-Founder Tried to Work for Shady Intel Firm4 CommentsZeroCoolMurphy+45
2013 Aug 31Unverified I think Reddit is transmitting a unique router identifier without using https.5 Commentsidnatid+0
2013 Sep 04Hoax Proof that the popular encryption software TrueCrypt and others contain a backdoor [page 14/15]32 CommentsTam1+8
2013 Sep 05BigBrother N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption16 Commentsshadypants+126
2013 Sep 09Funny/light X-No-Wiretap HTTP Header -- protects from PRISM in the same spirit as the popular (IE, Firefox, Chrome) supported DNT/Do-Not-Track HTTP Header protects you.0 Commentsrmxz+1
2013 Sep 12Unconfirmed Spy agencies ban Lenovo PCs on security concerns (alleged hardware trojan circuits)11 CommentsUmphJunk+50
2013 Sep 25Funny/light xkcd on internet privacy11 CommentsMeta-tron+28
2013 Oct 06Possibly Misleading PureVPN just shut down and gave all user info the authorities.39 CommentsDrMaloo+77
2013 Oct 16Possibly Misleading FBI/NSA have set up a honeypot for getting Lavabit passwords -- instead of using offline decryption, the page asks you to enter your username and password.112 Commentsseagu+416
2013 Oct 29Possibly Misleading Fury at Facebook as login requests “Government ID” from users86 CommentsAdelleChattre+251
2013 Nov 06Funny/light The Onion Asks: Do You Approve Of The NSA Spying On Citizens?1 CommentsMLNYC+3
2013 Nov 07Douchebaggery C.I.A. Pays AT&T More Than $10 Million A Year For Call Data Under Voluntary Contract9 CommentsSurveillanceVan+280
2013 Nov 07Possibly Misleading FAA says that drone operators at test sites around the country need to comply with privacy laws (but doesn't say what those laws are)0 Commentssupersadtrueprivacy+14
2013 Nov 07A privacy win Computers should be treated as "separate places" for search warrant purposes, Supreme Court of Canada says2 Commentsxorbits+34
2013 Nov 17Possibly Misleading NSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU/Linux1 Commentshazysummersky+14
2013 Dec 15Possibly Misleading How Web ads and trackers are the same as NSA surveillance4 Commentsin1984+18
2013 Dec 16A privacy win U.S. District Court judge rules phone surveillance program likely unconstitutional, issues injunction3 Commentsr_d_olivaw+62
2013 Dec 29Video Glenn Greenwald Keynote on 30c32 Comments-SnooSnoo-+18
2014 Jan 01Funny/light The NSA Is Watching You Masturbate Right Now16 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+24
2014 Jan 05Speculative Evidence my ISP is tracking their customers and selling the data.28 CommentsNimbs+287
2014 Jan 19Possibly Misleading Documents Reveal NSA Can Crack Online Encryption, 'Last Bastion of Privacy'10 Commentssalvia_d+25
2014 Jan 21Possibly Misleading Microsoft remotely deleted Tor Browser Bundle from more than 2 Million Systems16 CommentsMACR0HARD+67
2014 Feb 02Possibly Misleading US Media Blacks Out Snowden Interview (ongoing for six days)44 Commentsabudabu+415
2014 Feb 06Misleading title Vulnerabilities in Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) mailing lists enable identification of subscribers6 Commentssfsdfd+33
2014 Feb 22Possibly Misleading Intel CEO dodges NSA questions in Reddit AMA41 Commentsquantumcipher+312
2014 Mar 25A privacy win Obama to Call for End to NSA’s Bulk Data Collection18 Commentsunnecessarily+51
2014 Apr 04Possibly Misleading Federal Agents Pierce Tor Web-Anonymity Tool5 CommentsBlankVerse+20
2014 Apr 07CodeRed 'If you need strong anonymity or privacy on the Internet, you might want to stay away from the Internet entirely for the next few days while things settle.'2 Commentsourari+77
2014 Apr 08A privacy win EU top court rules EU data retention law invalid.8 Commentsfoamed+134
2014 Apr 11Funny/light Heartbleed as explained by XKCD.27 CommentsAceyJuan+283
2014 Apr 11Douchebaggery NSA Said to Have Used Heartbleed Bug83 CommentsXSSpants+280
2014 Apr 25Possibly Misleading Ubuntu 14.04 bug report:When the screen is locked with password, if I hold ENTER after some seconds the screen freezes and the lock screen crashes. After that I have the computer fully unlocked.24 Comments1632+132
2014 May 05Possibly Misleading SEXINT is a database program run by the National Security Agency of the United States of America. The purpose of the database is to index the pornographic preferences of internet users in an effort to later use them to blackmail "radicalizers".52 Commentssalvia_d+472
2014 May 06Misleading title Tools for complete privacy................3 Commentssimplesammm+2
2014 May 06Possibly Misleading Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA - NSA head and Internet giant's executives have coordinated through high-level policy discussions49 Commentsfabnup+231
2014 May 29Possibly Misleading EFF will argue for public access to NSA spying records in federal court in Oakland on June 33 Commentsaknetsec+283
2014 May 30Unreliable Source Truecrypt Developers heard from: think fork is harmful, simply discontinuing development106 Commentsbroaderscientific+179
2014 May 31Speculative Cryptography prof makes off-the-record comments about backdoors18 Commentsthrowkanga+18
2014 Jun 05Possibly Misleading Your bank will track your AT&T phone location, to prevent credit card fraud0 Commentsjfruhlinger+7
2014 Jun 12Misleading title Facebook Now Shares Your Web Browsing History With Advertisers [from /r/technology]8 CommentsJDGumby+46
2014 Jun 18Funny/light Starbucks accused of handing over customers first names to the NSA2 CommentsDyslexicAtehist+0
2014 Jun 30Legal Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Defendant Must Decrypt Data -- "it’s a tough blow for privacy advocates and others who have asserted the right to refuse to decrypt digital devices"9 Commentsmepper+57
2014 Jul 08Speculative Anyone know the link for exposing AirVPN as a honeypot?5 Commentschewygumbarsnack+8
2014 Jul 15Possibly Misleading f.lux selling browsing data? was mentioned elsewhere, anyone knows what it means?50 CommentsMadd0g+83
2014 Aug 04Repost Facebook messenger app TOS beware1 Comments4DaftPanda+28
2014 Aug 04Repost Silk Road case broke privacy laws, says defendant - In a pre-trial motion, Ulbricht’s lawyers laid out a series of arguments to dismiss all charges in the case based on Ulbricht’s fourth amendment protections4 Commentsanutensil+178
2014 Aug 04Repost The Insidiousness of Facebook Messenger's Mobile App Terms of Service6 Commentsjudgedole+32
2014 Aug 07Speculative Former M15 officer and whistleblower warns computers and USB cables post 2008 have a back door. Raging active market for second hand computers among geek circles in Europe.1 CommentsBadBiosvictim+0
2014 Aug 20Offtopic Study: TSA Full-Body X-Ray Scanners Miss Guns, Explosives, Knives - CBS DC7 Commentscensoredandagain+146
2014 Aug 21Offtopic Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA’s X-Ray Body Scanners | Threat Level | WIRED11 Commentsantdude+97
2014 Aug 21Misleading title Hacking Gmail with 92 percent success4 Commentswewewawa+32
2014 Aug 22Repost GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back9 Commentsotakugrey+169
2014 Sep 02Misleading title Created by a CERN-scientist, ProtonMail, is out of the most secure email services ever, it can't be accessed by the NSA38 Commentsmagadget+48
2014 Sep 11Misleading title Check your Google account! Gmail hacked, over 5 millions accounts leaked. #google12 Commentsald4r1s+0
2014 Sep 15Speculative Comcast Is Threatening To Cut Off Customers Who Use Tor, The Web Browser For Criminals (from r/news)18 CommentsI_chase_fat_ninjas+100
2014 Sep 27Misleading title Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A.9 Commentsacer5886+12
2014 Nov 14Misleading title Mozilla's new Firefox browser will track your browsing, clicks, impressions and ad interactions and sell that data to advertisers. (Interestingly, no mention by Mozilla themselves.)243 Commentsloopymindset+448
2014 Nov 29caveat emptor CenoCipher 2.0: Free and open source encrypted communication tool5 CommentsCenoCipherTeam+9
2014 Dec 21Misleading title Possible Tor Network Compromise2 Commentsmuchrandom+10
2015 Jan 18Old News NSA reportedly tracking any internet users who research privacy software online58 CommentsKerberos53+459
2015 Jan 23Speculative The American Society of Civil Engineers truncates its members’ passwords after 10 characters, and then stores them in plaintext.13 Commentsycktet+64
2015 Jan 29Misleading title deleted from r/TIL: "3 years after Mark Zuckerberg declared privacy was no longer a "social norm" he bought a home...and four other homes around that home in order to protect his privacy"48 Commentsmuyuu+442
2015 Feb 13Misleading title Personal weather stations can expose your Wi-Fi network0 CommentsrazaSG+1
2015 Feb 23Speculative Telegram app hacked, "Secret Chat" encryption broken, Telegram has yet to respond to the security researcher6 Commentsjohnmountain+33
2015 Apr 14lacks proof Cashier at The Home Depot knew my name, without seeing any id8 Commentscausejodysaysso+0
2015 May 05Misleading title Virgin Media stores user passwords on disk in plaintext.3 Commentsatoponce+21
2015 May 25Misleading title The NSA is preparing to turn off mass surveillance programs65 Commentscaramelgod+130
2015 May 27Misleading title The IRS has been hacked, compromising the information of over 100,000 people (x-post from /r/news)0 Commentsjoshuasm32+27
2015 May 29Misleading title Google has gone too far: In Android M, Google Now will be able to read messages automatically from ANY app - including Viber, Whatsapp, other email services and so on. So even if you use a 3rd party end-to-end encrypted app, Google will likely still be able to read and collect those messages.129 Commentsjohnmountain+786
2015 Jun 08verified AMA AMA with the German Team of Lavaboom126 Commentsflixi90+38
2015 Jun 30Misleading title Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Services used by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK to protect their identity on the web are vulnerable to leaks, according to researchers at QMUL and others.1 CommentsLibertatea+2
2015 Jul 07Old Article Citizen Lab @ Monk School of Global Affairs: Mapping Hacking Team’s “Untraceable” Spyware2 Commentstrai_dep+21
2015 Jul 13Misleading title Three UK politicians hacked while using open WiFi networks0 Commentslyudmilarkov+2
2015 Jul 22HowTo I wrote a detailed HowTo on "Privacy & Security Conscious Browsing" and am looking for feedback12 Commentstranst+14
2015 Jul 23Misleading title 600TB MongoDB Database 'accidentally' exposed on the Internet2 CommentsAlose1982+9
2015 Jul 27unverified "Do not use SureSpot. It has been backdoored/broken to facilitate monitoring."4 Commentsjohnmountain+46
2015 Aug 08use with caution Open Source app on github to disable tracking in Windows 1020 Commentsjuan08880+89
2015 Aug 14Misleading title Windows 10 will sniff out and block pirated games and unauthorized hardware74 Commentskilian_an+293
2015 Aug 22pdf NSA Whistleblowers sue NSA for retaliation, harassment and intimidation, illegal detention, etc12 Commentssmoke420potweed+316
2015 Aug 26Misleading title Windows 10 Reserves The Right To Block Pirated Games And 'Unauthorized' Hardware | Techdirt69 Commentsscreaming_librarian+275
2015 Sep 15off topic how much Google is in Cyanogenmod?0 Commentslaijef+3
2015 Sep 15PDF Keys Under Doormats [PDF]0 Commentscarmichael561+4
2015 Sep 21PDF No Place to Hide that Bytes won't Reveal: Sniffing Location-Based Encrypted Traffic to Track a User's Position [pdf]0 Commentsciderpunx+8
2015 Sep 24PDF Local school system requiring students to give up passwords to Apple account to use required iPads. Should parents complain?29 Commentspercyandjasper+116
2015 Oct 134 year old article Denmark Police Propose Ban On Anonymous Internet Use9 CommentsmWo12+48
2015 Oct 22Software Introducing DoNotTrack for iOS, an app which removes all forms of tracking, including web bugs, tracking scripts and information collectors, thereby protecting your personal data on Safari.46 Commentsivarjain+140
2015 Oct 25PDF New research paper links throwaway accounts to single author via stylometric analysis of darknet forum posts0 Commentsdelta100000020+17
2015 Oct 27PDF Taking the Fight to Malicious Cyber Actors: Moiety Money, Letters of Marque and Reprisal, & the De-Anonymization of the Internet [Warning may cause brain damage]0 Commentssly117+0
2015 Oct 30Misleading title Soon, Windows 10 Will Be Automatically Pushed Through Windows Update95 CommentsDiyoGi+139
2015 Nov 22PDF How safe is ChatSecure really? And are there any other applications that are better, or ways to use it properly?22 CommentsUghsane+14
2015 Nov 26PDF Sharing Information: the rise of consumer influence0 Commentsstormforce7916+3
2015 Dec 06PDF Pixel Perfect: Fingerprinting Canvas in HTML51 Commentsbased2+8
2015 Dec 09PDF Privacy-Enhanced Identity Brokers0 Commentsfcorella+6
2015 Dec 14vaporware These Anti-Surveillance Tools Will Protect Activists and Their Privacy2 Commentsswtt+31
2015 Dec 27out of date news Am I hacked? Oh, it's just Vodafone19 Commentspolymute+198
2016 Jan 04Unverified Instagram new policy: if you ask a question, they will only look at it if you send a mugshot selfie1 CommentsKxixus+0
2016 Jan 07Old news ChatSecure, Conversations and Zom (Big announcement)8 CommentsAlbertoAru+13
2016 Jan 07PDF Encryption is legal on the ham bands2 Commentsruskeeblue+1
2016 Jan 11PDF List of third parties with which Paypal shares the personal information of its EU users (70 pages!)8 Commentsyrro+33
2016 Jan 13clickbait from 2011 Google spying on you for nsa? Judge: 'none of your business'24 CommentsmWo12+236
2016 Jan 16PDF Joanna Rutkowska: State considered harmful - A proposal for a stateless laptop (December 2015) [PDF]3 Commentsnikoma+30
2016 Jan 29PDF Poland: New surveillance law a major blow to human rights6 Commentsliotier+261
2016 Feb 01PDF A new Harvard report says the idea of FBI "going dark" because of crypto is false0 Commentsjohnalden1221+13
2016 Feb 12Misleading title MS to allow users to completely disable telemetry in Windows 10.7 CommentsC-Ron+7
2016 Feb 16PDF CPV: Delay-based Location Verification for the Internet0 Commentsbased2+0
2016 Feb 28source in comments Tor Project says Google, CloudFlare and others are involved in dark web surveillance and disruption23 Commentsbleahbloh+382
2016 Mar 01PDF Website-Targeted False Content Injection by Network Operators0 CommentsDataPhreak+1
2016 Mar 02Administrativa How would you (yes – YOU!) like to see /r/Privacy handle the FBIvsApple topic?23 Commentstrai_dep+40
2016 Mar 08Misleading title 12 Apple security threats 2016 - why Macs are not invulnerable | Techworld0 Commentsantdude+4
2016 Mar 08PDF Here is the FTC's order to PCI auditors demanding info on their practices0 Commentsjohnalden1221+4
2016 Mar 11Misleading title Facebook admits to continuously eavesdropping on smartphone microphones39 CommentsRationalMind888+299
2016 Mar 21PDF Law enforcement agencies : world is “going #dark ” because encryption is reducing ability to investigate criminals4 CommentsMiccah231Angelina4+12
2016 Mar 22Misleading title FBI Drops Case Against Apple1 Commentssamsonx+3
2016 Mar 26Off Topic Bombings in Brussels: here's why the police had to communicate via WhatsApp for relief operations2 CommentsNINNY_looloo+2
2016 Mar 26Off Topic Two convicted over moped drive-by London terror plot (used Telegram, Pidgin, and 'Mujahideen Secrets' for communications)2 CommentsNINNY_looloo+5
2016 Mar 29Software LibreSignal: Signal messenger without Google Play Services8 Comments-code-+10
2016 Mar 29Software Firefox Addon Decentraleyes replaces 3rd party js libraries with local versions to prevent tracking and to speed up page load.41 Commentselypter+321
2016 Mar 29Software CryptoCat available again, but you need to download program. [Crypto.cat](https://crypto.cat/)2 CommentsP-e-t-a-r+6
2016 Mar 29Software Caddy - The HTTP/2 Web Server with Fully Managed SSL (automated use of Let's Encrypt)0 Commentsbuovjaga+5
2016 Mar 29discussion Invizbox Go vs Anonabox Pro, which is more suitable?10 Commentssmithytombs+0
2016 Mar 30Old news Google To Begin Alerting Users if Gmail Account is Targeted by Government14 CommentsiaTeALL+310
2016 Mar 31Political The warrant canary is missing from the 2015 reddit transparency report.339 Commentstoucher+1472
2016 Apr 01Software Promising open source VPN manager for Linux4 Commentsbezerc+6
2016 Apr 02discussion Bulgaria to introduce chip in its ID card. With biometrics5 Commentsanoneid+10
2016 Apr 07PDF Scientists analyzed TextSecure (Signal) and conclude it achieves most of the claimed security goals12 CommentstheKovah+57
2016 Apr 07Software Signal Desktop beta now publicly available85 Commentspxck+176
2016 Apr 07PDF Senator Writes to facebook-owned Oculus over privacy concerns surrounding their virtual reality technology (Oculus Rift)0 Commentsvrfirst+40
2016 Apr 08Old News How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username15 Commentssp4cerat+23
2016 Apr 12Old News Gps tracking device found on hacktivist car !4 Commentsswtt+50
2016 Apr 12Software OnionScan helps you scan your Tor onion service website for details which might de-anonymize you.0 CommentsStraightFlush777+68
2016 Apr 12Software A technological response to the BuzzFeed article, Spies in the Skies0 Commentsgngrbrdmnn+4
2016 Apr 16Misleading title First decentralised, encrypted, anonymous, offline messaging platform1 Commentsdavidapple+22
2016 Apr 25Software Cryptodog, a community fork of the original Cryptocat1 CommentsCryptoBackdoor+3
2016 Apr 27PDF Think twice about trusting encrypted messenger apps7 Commentstechmogul+0
2016 May 02PDF Always On: Privacy Implications of Microphone-Enabled Devices [pdf]0 Comments0moi+22
2016 May 09Off Topic /r/technology mods are "considering banning all domains that require users to disable ad blockers" for security reasons57 Commentsourari+717
2016 May 09old news PSA: Microsoft is integrating its Android apps into Cyanogen OS4 Comments0moi+11
2016 May 11PDF Here is the FTC's testimony on its privacy policies and work in front of the Senate Privacy Committee0 Commentsjohnalden1221+2
2016 May 20old news Court Backs Snowden, Strikes Secret Laws5 CommentsSecuritySquirrel+23
2016 May 22PDF [PDF] Backdoors: A Technical Definition9 Comments0moi+3
2016 May 23Software Roundcube Webmail 1.2.0 released with PGP encryption. It comes in two flavors: client-side using the Mailvelope browser extension and server-side with the Enigma plugin using GnuPG on the server.0 Commentsspeckz+28
2016 May 27Software i2pd: C++ client for accessing decentralized darknet Invisible Internet (I2P)0 Commentsl-n-s+11
2016 May 28Misleading - Not all links Reddit will be silently changing links to redirection links via third-party advertising services in the near future102 CommentsBooty_Bumping+712
2016 May 29Video VICE asks Edward Snowden about How to 'Go Black'8 Commentsbleahbloh+18
2016 May 30Software On Ricochet's Future · Issue #425 · ricochet-im/ricochet0 Commentsgnujedi+4
2016 May 31Software AutoCanary0 CommentsMister___F+6
2016 Jun 01Software Tor Browser 6.0 is released (Tor Blog w/ links)3 Commentstrai_dep+32
2016 Jun 02Video I just saw this Youtube video about how its easy to exploit SS7 to intercept messages. How does one ensure their privacy against such attacks?4 Commentspakahuaalu+1
2016 Jun 02Video Big Brother is WWWatching You - feat. George Orwell1 Commentshazysummersky+8
2016 Jun 03shit post Cancelled my wired print subscription due to anti adblocker policy - as they do not respect my privacy12 Commentszenjester+73
2016 Jun 04Video Government and industry leaders assess the state of federal cybersecurity one-year after the discovery of the OPM breach, discussing the importance of cyber hygiene, new federal cybersecurity initiatives and long-term resiliency opportunities0 Commentscybermouse_+19
2016 Jun 05Software Strongbox: an OSX app for encrypted data storage. Looking for early testers and ideas for a new name. Thanks.2 Commentsdr_j_+4
2016 Jun 08Activism /r/NYC IMA 6/8/16: We are ACLU/NYCLU lawyers & reporter Kim Zetter of Wired. We’re here to talk about law enforcement’s warrantless searches of your personal electronic data.2 Commentstrai_dep+43
2016 Jun 08Video 'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (Full Episode)1 CommentsLauritzT+57
2016 Jun 09Video Avoiding legal privacy and security snafus with big data and the IoT0 CommentsApplemacbookpro+2
2016 Jun 09Software Built atop uBlock-Origin, AdNauseam quietly clicks on every blocked ad making user profiling, targeting and surveillance futile.138 Commentsself+442
2016 Jun 10Software openMittsu:A cross-platform open source implementation and desktop client for the Threema Messenger App.0 CommentsNusr+10
2016 Jun 12PDF How US Transnational Fiber Cables Are Tapped10 CommentsAnonymousAurele+147
2016 Jun 14PDF LEA Cell Phone Investigations manual [pdf]0 Comments0moi+27
2016 Jun 14Software Comparison of FOSS Messaging/VOIP Apps (X-Post from /r/opensource)3 Commentstiger_respecter+14
2016 Jun 16Tabloid News Spy nation? US [United States] Navy 'discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move'10 Commentstrot-trot+28
2016 Jun 16PDF Cutting edge blockchain privacy research4 CommentsEncryptionPrincess+8
2016 Jun 18Software please consider using this open source app and contributing to mapping the environment and make IMSI catching throught gov and police harder2 Commentsjxk2+7
2016 Jun 25Software BooXtream/Verso ePub DRM Remover0 Commentsmiyakami+2
2016 Jun 26Misleading title "Tor is compromised" -22:31 < ioerror>3 Commentskringpo+0
2016 Jun 27Old News Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI to hack Tor users3 Comments0moi+25
2016 Jul 01Software (Hyper)Golix: end-to-end encryption for the internet of things4 CommentsfatterSurfer+11
2016 Jul 02Software Introduction to Matrix2 CommentsPerceptes+13
2016 Jul 04Software Privacy has never been this pretty1 CommentsFafablacksheep+2
2016 Jul 05Software Randomizing Hostname and MAC Addresses Automatically2 CommentsCannon-C+3
2016 Jul 05Software The most well designed privacy app since Signal13 Commentskoko255+10
2016 Jul 06PDF Why MAC Address Randomization is not Enough: An Analysis of Wi-Fi Network Discovery Mechanisms0 Commentscupboard1+37
2016 Jul 07Software Just found ghostwords/chameleon: Browser fingerprinting protection for everybody2 Commentsadmiral93+13
2016 Jul 07Old News NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails Linux users as "extremists"13 Commentsvvelox+165
2016 Jul 12USA only Note to Tor relay operators: Response template for Tor relay operator to ISP0 Commentsspeckz+7
2016 Jul 16Software Tor on Android: OrWall just got updated4 Commentsmiiekf+5
2016 Jul 22Old News F-Droid, Copperhead, Guardian Project partner to create a security-focused, Android-based ecosystem9 Commentsflaggwiz+80
2016 Jul 26Software WireApp, is it safe to use? open-source, end2end, but uses gplay services11 Commentsclassic_katapult+9
2016 Jul 26PDF [PDF] When developing an identity management system, designers must consider the system’s purpose and particular privacy needs0 Comments10duke+3
2016 Jul 27Software How to easily show people things on your computer right in their web browser. It's encrypted and open source. (For developers)0 Commentsbeame_io+2
2016 Jul 29Software Squeakspace: A Secure Social Media App2 Commentseek6+0
2016 Jul 31Old news DuckDuckGo: Illusion of Privacy58 Commentscupboard1+80
2016 Aug 04clickbait 'It’s Time': Whistleblower Edward Snowden Tweets Mysterious Warning1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
2016 Aug 05Video 'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (FULL EPISODE)8 Commentsmajorchamp+24
2016 Aug 06Software I just made this tonight. Reddit is tracking every outbound link you click even if you are not logged in, every news article, image, or website you visit from Reddit is being recorded.85 Commentsbuyitonce+763
2016 Aug 15Software Never trust another server again - bring your own credentials on your own device to local or global network. Generate keys on your own device only.0 Commentsbeame_io+1
2016 Aug 24Software Download and Keep your own fitness data0 Commentstroubletmill+6
2016 Aug 25Old News Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde: "I have given up. To win the war, we first of need to understand that we are dealing with extreme capitalism that’s ruling, extreme lobbying that’s ruling, and the centralization of power." -- Pretty good stuff here.36 Commentsclupus+87
2016 Aug 25update iOS now... NSO iPhone Spyware found in Middle East1 Commentscopperfalcon+17
2016 Aug 31old news When Moxie of Signal, SecUPwn of the IMEI Catcher Detector project, And Hans-Christoph from the Guardian Project get into an arguement about the finer points of FOSS in regard to secure crytpocoms16 CommentsDataPhreak+10
2016 Sep 01Software Brave 0.11.6 released -- bitcoin wallet and publisher payments in beta (X-Post from r/bravebrowser)5 CommentsCloakedCrusader+7
2016 Sep 07PDF Here's the 241-page investigation report on the OPM data breach3 Commentsjohnalden1221+7
2016 Sep 10No details Audit of VeraCrypt Completed – Phase II Begins4 Commentsfocus_rising+72
2016 Sep 11Off Topic Found chips/virus in generic USB cable?! • /r/tech3 Commentsw0rdd+8
2016 Sep 13PDF Fixing Congress to Protect Privacy and Nat'l Security -- 33 orgs (EFF, Demand Progress, R Street, Freedom Works) tell the House of Reps. how to fix its rules to optimize for strong executive branch oversight.0 Commentsdschuma+8
2016 Sep 22Software xBrowserSync: Open source Chrome Extension for syncing browser data between browsers/devices, built for privacy and anonymity4 Commentsnero120+4
2016 Sep 24clickbait Windows 10 Might Soon Track Absolutely Everything You Do "for Your Own Good"324 Commentsplslovedoge+1153
2016 Sep 24Software ungoogled-chromium: A Chromium variant for removing Google integration5 Commentsrebolyte01+19
2016 Sep 27PDF Letter from Senators to Marissa Mayer demanding answers on the Yahoo data breach1 Commentsjohnalden1221+21
2016 Oct 05Software Destroy Windows 10 Spying Version 1.6 Build 711 released2 Commentsrepsup100+8
2016 Oct 08PDF Failures in NIST's ECC standards [pdf]0 CommentsZugNachPankow+2
2016 Oct 14Software Presentation of a project : Muonium, an encrypted cloud18 CommentsMuoniumCloud+3
2016 Oct 15Off Topic Router recommendation for OpenWRT9 Commentsrediii123+10
2016 Oct 15Off Topic What are better alternative than team viewer12 Commentsanthony00001+8
2016 Oct 17Old News Private lives are exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets4 CommentsIsThisTheRealLife+0
2016 Oct 18Software i2pd 2.10 released, software for building and using anonymous I2P networks [x-post /r/linux]1 Commentsl-n-s+7
2016 Oct 23Software We built a tool to map the surveillance state25 Commentsdaylighting-society+28
2016 Oct 23Software AIMSICD, an Android app to detect IMSI-Catchers2 Commentsnatema1+9
2016 Oct 27Software Number of players: 6 Could have been much higher. I am very sad to see this happen.0 CommentsEncryptionPrincess+0
2016 Oct 30Misleading title Reddit is selling our data to Stratfor. A company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and many others.189 CommentsStorm-Sage+3859
2016 Nov 15Misleading title Major Linux security hole gapes open9 CommentsAnonymousAurele+11
2016 Nov 16Software Tor Browser 6.0.6 is released0 Commentseleitl+33
2016 Nov 28Software Mail-in-a-Box – one-click, easy-to-deploy email server7 Commentseleitl+3
2016 Dec 02PDF Alpenhorn: Bootstrapping Secure Communication Without Leaking Metadata0 Commentstorrio888+1
2016 Dec 03Misleading title Why Privacy Matters - Of 8 Tech Companies, Only One Refuse to Help Build Muslim Registry11 CommentsCynicalCanine0+57
2016 Dec 13PDF Canadian Parliament releases study on reforming the Privacy Act (1983)2 CommentsRhodesArk+4
2016 Dec 14Software OTR version 4 draft2 Commentsdisturbio+5
2016 Dec 15PDF Chairman Wheeler announces his plans to step down.0 Commentsflimflam2020+2
2016 Dec 17Software ZOM -- next-gen communication app based on ChatSecure focused on hyper usability and total awesomeness!19 CommentsP-e-t-a-r+7
2016 Dec 24Software I found a neat self-explanatory open-source script for removing telemetry updates in windows 7 and 8.1. Does anyone know any updates it might be missing?3 Commentsappropriate-username+39
2016 Dec 26caveat emptor with your feedback, I've produced v2.0 of secretchat.site29 Commentsdustball+8
2016 Dec 29Old News Secrets, lies and Snowden's email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit2 Comments_D_I_S_T_R_E_S_S_+25
2016 Dec 30PDF Multi-Party Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage using Bloom Filters0 Commentsadulau+5
2017 Jan 08Software Wrote a script today for exporting my gpg secret keys to paper/qrcodes for safe, long-term storage! I would love to know if anyone else has considered saving their gpg keys or other keys this way.3 Commentscjhockey35+7
2017 Jan 08Software Exitmap – Tor Exit Relay Scanner1 Comments86rd9t7ofy8pguh+3
2017 Jan 09Misleading title The official Tor browser for iOS is free to use13 CommentsAnonymousAurele+21
2017 Jan 09Software GitHub - corna/me_cleaner: Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME firmware images2 Commentslakeyosemit2+5
2017 Jan 11Misleading title Hack Exposes Reams of Private Jabber Chats1 Commentsm8r-jfqbw21+3
2017 Jan 11Software GitHub - keepassxreboot/keepassxc: KeePassXC is a cross platform community driven port of the windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.3 Commentsm8r-jfqbw21+9
2017 Jan 14Software Creating a Completely Tor-ified Home Network2 Commentsspeckz+9
2017 Jan 15Old News Unshreddable - How to reassemble a shredded document.7 Commentsmsew59+4
2017 Jan 15Video With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users39 Commentsxcalibre+412
2017 Jan 18Old News Why I will never trust Lavabit15 Commentshypofish+4
2017 Jan 20Meta [Meta] We did it, /r/Privacy!26 Commentstrai_dep+92
2017 Jan 21Video Short documentary on Ladar Levison's Lavabit, past and future0 Commentssethgoldin+31
2017 Jan 21Old News Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC17 Commentsplato_thyself+119
2008 Mar 21 High-Traffic Colluding Tor Routers in Washington, D.C., and the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity0 CommentsEscafane+2
2008 Mar 21 You're probably going to want to stop using TOR right about...two years ago.0 CommentsEscafane+2
2008 Mar 21 NSA, AT&T and the NarusInsight Intercept Suite0 CommentsEscafane+2
2008 Mar 31 Cryptome - The Google of Secrets0 CommentsEscafane+2
2008 Apr 07 The Phorm "Webwise" System0 CommentsEscafane+2
2008 Jun 11 Congress urged to investigate ISP use of "deep packet inspection" to serve ads0 Commentsfairtrialforw+2
2009 Feb 04 "Off switch" could curb privacy concerns for new Ontario driver's licence0 Commentspumpupthevolume+1
2009 Feb 16 Facebook's New Terms Of Service: "We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever."0 Commentssilpol+5
2009 Feb 23 Ask To Allow Users to Control Data Retention0 Commentssilpol+1
2009 Feb 24 Labour Ministry official confirms threat of Nokia leaving Finland over law on electronic communications0 Commentssilpol+1
2009 May 04 Scammers are searching on twitter for harvested email addresses0 Commentsgeocar+0
2009 May 20 Google's New Algorithm Can Read Employees' Minds1 Commentssilpol+2
2009 May 23 Deny This, Last.fm0 Commentssilpol+2
2009 Jul 14 Top 10 web proxy sites0 CommentsAnelly85+3
2009 Jul 28 Exposed: the PC repair shops that rifle through your photos and passwords1 Commentswonderbread1908+5
2009 Aug 07 Prevent Javascript and CSS tricks to snoop your history with this handy Firefox Add-on3 CommentsACiDGRiM+2
2009 Aug 11 You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again!1 CommentsRipRapRob+3
2009 Aug 18 Canadian privacy commission takes Facebook to task0 Commentsscottb84+2
2009 Aug 22 UK to share fingerprints with Canada, Australia0 Commentslondontruthaction+1
2009 Aug 27 ACLU Sues for Records on Border Laptop Searches « TechPolitik0 CommentsTrapperKeeper+4
2009 Sep 06 Amazon Offers to Replace Copies of Orwell Books - Consumer advocates and civil libertarians say the system could allow courts or governments to force Amazon to recall, and in essence censor, books that they deem politically dangerous or embarrassing.0 Commentssilpol+3
2009 Sep 14 A web site that asks "anonymous" users for seemingly trivial information about themselves may be able to use that information to make a unique profile for an individual, or even look up that individual in other databases0 CommentsTheGrammarAnarchist+5
2009 Sep 15 Coalition of Authors, Publishers urge rejection of Google Electronic Book deal as invasion of privacy0 CommentsAnym0use+2
2009 Sep 18 State's top court OK's use of secret GPS tracking devices - The Boston Globe0 CommentsTheGrammarAnarchist+3
2009 Sep 23 ISP Demon Internet UK Exposes Private Details of 3600 Customers0 Commentsispreview+1
2009 Oct 29 Is it surprising that the DHS Privacy Office pretty much sucks?0 Commentsstrangestuff+3
2009 Nov 08 Google Dashboard Answers: What Does Google Store In My Account?1 Commentsaustang+2
2009 Nov 08 Halloween in San Francisco and the gathering clouds of a location-based privacy storm0 Commentsgreenrd+2
2009 Nov 18 What personal data is generally collected by Android apps?2 CommentsBodProbe+2
2009 Nov 30 Consumer group preps legal challenge to Facebook terms0 Commentsjogrim+0
2009 Dec 07 Israel might have a mandatory biometric (fingerprint + face) database for every single citizen.0 Commentsubershmekel+5
2009 Dec 11 Department of Justice sued for social network surveillance0 Commentslaniar+0
2009 Dec 11 Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsarnet+2
2009 Dec 14 Swedish signals intelligence now able to listen in on Finnish calls and read emails0 Commentssilpol+3
2009 Dec 15 10 New Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know0 Commentsstrangestuff+1
2009 Dec 19 The World Reacts to The New Facebook0 Commentsgoatmilk+1
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2010 Jan 05 Privacy Coalition's Petition to Stop Whole Body Imaging Scanners1 Commentsshallah+3
2010 Jan 05 EPIC - Whole Body Imaging Technology ("Backscatter" X-Ray and Millimeter Wave Screening)0 Commentsshallah+2
2010 Jan 06 Rogue Marketers Can Mine Your Info on Facebook0 Commentssilpol+3
2010 Jan 11 Airport full-body scanners can store and transmit images0 CommentsConcise_Pirate+3
2010 Jan 12 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has caused a stir among bloggers and privacy advocates after saying last week that Internet users have become less concerned about protecting their privacy online.0 Commentsclarafaie+4
2010 Jan 13 Google - A new approach to China0 Commentssilpol+2
2010 Jan 27 EU To Assess Virgin Media Surveillance Software0 Commentsigeldard+2
2010 Jan 29 Obama Speaks Transparency, Practices Subterfuge0 Commentsmadcowga+3
2010 Jan 31 The Case Against Augmented Reality0 Commentssilpol+2
2010 Feb 04 Privacy no more: Google is teaming up with the NSA1 CommentsBanX+5
2010 Feb 04 Police want backdoor to Web users' private data0 CommentsMJantti+8
2010 Feb 05 Does the government have your baby's DNA?0 Commentspixiemotion+2
2010 Feb 09 You are less anonymous than you think0 Commentskserko+2
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2010 Feb 16 Did we lose the privacy war?3 Commentswoof404+4
2010 Feb 22 U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google0 Commentssilpol+1
2010 Feb 23 How To: Escape From Google's Clutches, Once and For All OR "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place" Google's CEO1 CommentsMJantti+4
2010 Feb 23 Gizmodo have an article about escaping from Google altogether0 Commentswoof404+4
2010 Feb 24 Should we ban anonymity on the Internet?0 Commentswoof404+5
2010 Mar 04 Hackers expose security flaws with 'Elvis Presley' passport0 Commentsigeldard+5
2010 Mar 07 EPIC Files Supreme Court Brief for Petitioner Privacy0 Commentsigeldard+2
2010 Mar 11 The Beginning of the End of Data Retention | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsmokki+2
2010 Mar 12 Why no one cares about privacy anymore0 Commentsigeldard+1
2010 Mar 16 Francis Marion Forest (in SC) has hidden cameras installed to "monitor illicit activities". Don't worry - images of those not investigated are "not kept". Might want to think twice about taking a crap in the woods.2 Commentsdieselcreek2+5
2010 Mar 17 Reddit! My local paper created a new "local ads" section and decided we should all opt-in. 0 CommentsICLW+1
2010 Apr 05 "Love those gigantic tits" remark lands airport scanner operator in hot water0 Commentssilpol+1
2010 Apr 09 Geek Reading with Evan Ratliff: Shedding Your Identity in the Digital Age0 Commentsigeldard+1
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2010 Apr 29 Want to Know What Facebook Is Saying About You? Try This Tool.0 Commentshlipschitz+4
2010 May 03 Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline0 Commentsgarrison+6
2010 May 12 Automatic upload of photos and video from your phone. Putting your media online creates the potential for problems that are outside of your control.1 Commentsadmica+5
2010 May 15 Google Admits Mistake with Street View Wi-Fi Network Snooping Cars0 Commentsispreview+1
2010 May 16 Well, These New Zuckerberg IMs Won't Help Facebook's Privacy Problems1 Commentssilpol+7
2010 May 16 Facebook's Open Disdain For Privacy0 Commentssilpol+3
2010 May 17 How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization0 Commentssilpol+5
2010 May 24 Force SSL for Wikipedia (or whatever other sites you desire)2 Commentsphyzome+3
2010 May 29 Children as young as 4 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books'1 Commentssilpol+9
2010 May 29 Mark Zuckerberg’s Silver-Spoon Vanguardism0 Commentsgreenrd+0
2010 Jun 06 Australia launches privacy investigation of Google0 Commentssilpol+5
2010 Jun 19 Hopeful Signs in Supreme Court's New Text Messaging Privacy Decision, City of Ontario v. Quon0 CommentsFlailFail+5
2010 Jun 19 In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg Broke Into A Facebook User's Private Email Account0 Commentssilpol+4
2010 Jun 19 Police use iPhone app that can identify a suspect by taking a photo of their face1 CommentsVailhem+5
2010 Jun 22 AOL proactively scans email for child porn.4 CommentsSageRaven+7
2010 Jun 23 Sex Blogger Episode Prompts Twitter Search Engine Topsy to Introduce Stricter Privacy Controls0 CommentsinfodivaMLIS+4
2010 Jun 28 "I hope that [Facebook] realize[s] that the main reason for so much public outrage goes beyond privacy settings. The issue is fundamentally about trust and informed consent."0 CommentsAlanna+5
2010 Jul 01 Google and privacy - debate0 Commentsigeldard+3
2010 Jul 05 Grandkids to welcome 'uberveillance'0 Commentsigeldard+2
2010 Jul 07 No, Facebook doesn't give advertisers your data0 Commentscreontigone+0
2010 Jul 23 Australian government blocks out 90% of document on web-spying plans, citing a fear of "premature unnecessary debate"0 Commentsvrangnarr+8
2010 Jul 28 Legal confusion on internet privacy: The clash of data civilisations0 Commentssilpol+5
2010 Aug 08 Do you approve of this?2 Commentsharnoors+0
2010 Aug 09 Your Apps Could Be Leaking Private Info0 Commentssilpol+5
2010 Aug 10 Hi /r/privacy, what e-mail provider do you use?0 CommentsPeter_File+10
2010 Aug 12 Stats on the stats They gather on you: Ad tracking compiled into a pretty, interactive wheel of privacy fail (flash).2 CommentsAtomicDryad+5
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2010 Aug 20 Web Photo Geotags Can Reveal More Than You Wish1 Commentsgreenrd+6
2010 Aug 21 Give Eric Schmidt a Break0 Commentsgreenrd+4
2010 Aug 24 What can I do if my e-mail is here?0 Commentslukaszlew+7
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2010 Aug 25 The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS0 Commentssanitybit+15
2010 Aug 26 Don't want to be linked to gay porn? Be careful with court filings0 CommentsOmnicrola+8
2010 Aug 28 Privacy is Hard Because People Change Their Minds0 Commentssilpol+4
2010 Sep 06 誰該被人肉搜索?1 Commentssatans+0
2010 Sep 07 Some companies are using HTML5 databases instead of cookies to track users in modern browsers... and you cannot be sure you aren't being tracked when opting out2 Commentsphyzome+15
2010 Sep 07 Virginia court: Police can use GPS to track suspects without a warrant0 CommentsBrovvnout+4
2010 Sep 12 Privacy Issues All Over the Place This Week1 CommentsSwissDisk+4
2010 Sep 27 .Gov wants to read your encrypted emails and listen in on Skype. Anyone surprised?1 Commentsmidnightreign+16
2010 Sep 30 EU Take UK to Court Over Internet Privacy Failings0 Commentsispreview+2
2010 Oct 02 Some Android apps caught covertly sending GPS data to advertisers0 Commentssilpol+9
2010 Oct 06 Pre-crime reports, now at your HR!0 CommentsNancyReaganTesticles+4
2010 Oct 06 Amassing wealth without a bank account0 Commentsdidntcallsaul+3
2010 Oct 13 On the net information has a tendency to stick around.0 Commentsthreepio+2
2010 Oct 23 Fear And Loathing At The Wall Street Journal: Why the Facebook "Privacy Violation" Story Is Nonsense, by Michael Arrington0 Commentsgreenrd+3
2010 Oct 25 Janet Napolitano refuses to test naked body scanners at JFK Airport2 CommentsEthicalVegan+11
2010 Oct 28 Facebook's Privacy Trainwreck: Exposure, Invasion, and Social Convergence | danah boyd [PDF]1 Commentsphyzome+7
2010 Oct 30 UK Moots Internet Censorship Powers for ISPs0 Commentsispreview+6
2010 Nov 04 EU Proposes New Online Privacy Rules0 Commentssilpol+3
2010 Nov 06 slight paranoia: DOJ: Consumers read and understand privacy policies0 Commentsakwala+2
2010 Nov 06 Chief Justice Roberts Admits He Doesn’t Read the Computer Fine Print0 Commentsakwala+0
2010 Nov 09 Got Something to Say About Your Employer? Stay Off Facebook!0 Commentsjeffyablon+3
2010 Nov 15 Facecrimes and the Future of the Web as We Know It [6 months old post, but still relevant]0 Commentsgreenrd+3
2010 Nov 20 Facebook is 'killing privacy for commercial gain'0 Commentssilpol+10
2010 Nov 21 Yahoo published all of my answers posts to my email contacts, what can I do? (repost from AskReddit)0 Commentswhatprivacy+2
2010 Dec 01 Large Index of Web Tracking Companies0 Commentssanitybit+3
2010 Dec 03 Feds tracking credit cards, store purchases without warrant: report0 Commentsshallah+13
2010 Dec 06 Congress Tries To Censor Law Prof's Facebook Criticisms0 Commentsgarrison+12
2010 Dec 06 An Empirical Study of Privacy-Violating Information Flows in JavaScript Web Applications0 Commentsakwala+3
2010 Dec 06 FTC Report - Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change1 Commentssanitybit+3
2010 Dec 06 Deputy Walmart: New front in homeland defense - the department announced a new partnership with Walmart as part of its ongoing “see something, report something” programs.0 Commentsshallah+11
2010 Dec 08 How to opt out of ad tracking.1 Commentssanitybit+5
2010 Dec 09 Show your support for Wikileaks and sign the petition1 Commentsvrangnarr+6
2010 Dec 14 VA Eyes Handhelds To Track Homeless Vets 0 Commentsshallah+2
2010 Dec 14 US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rules that hosted email is protected by the 4th Amendment0 Commentsphyzome+9
2010 Dec 16 Good News for Cell Phone Users' Privacy! - the court of appeals will not reconsider its opinion earlier this year holding that judges may require the government to get a warrant and establish probable cause to obtain historical cell phone location information.2 Commentsshallah+5
2010 Dec 17 DeleteMe: A Delete Button for Your Sordid Internet Past0 Commentsakwala+2
2010 Dec 21 How your Apps are watching you0 CommentsMatthewHurst+11
2010 Dec 30 Android Mobile Malware Has Botnet-like Traits.......that harvests personal information and sends it to a remote server. 0 CommentsMJantti+4
2010 Dec 31 German Stasi: The original Dept of Homeland Security (60-minute video)0 Commentsrecordratus+3
2011 Jan 05 Spokeo, personal data aggregators, and your privacy rights0 Commentsakwala+10
2011 Jan 10 I received a number of Happy Birthday messages from different companies. Just reminds me that I don't have any control over my personal information. 2 Commentsjeaguilar+9
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2011 Jan 22 Who controls your data?0 Commentsgreenrd+6
2011 Jan 25 Mozilla & Google Announce Browser “Do Not Track” Features0 Commentsorwellguy+2
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2011 Feb 04 When Did We Become The Ones We Weren’t? | TorrentFreak0 Commentssoccer+9
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2011 Mar 07 Customers Accuse Vodafone of Stalking their Users Mobile Internet Surfing0 Commentsispreview+1
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2011 Mar 09 Where does the FTC fit in to DC's privacy battle?0 CommentsMatthewHurst+4
2011 Mar 11 Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You1 Commentssilpol+7
2011 Mar 12 Al Franken: Facebook's New Privacy Policy Puts Users at Great Risk2 Commentsshallah+0
2011 Mar 28 Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Farce Continues: 797 Days and no Board1 Commentsakwala+12
2011 Mar 29 "Last Night Never Happened" is Less Than Meets The Eye0 Commentsjeffyablon+2
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2011 Apr 02 Russia: New Government Initiative Questions the Nature of Online Monitoring0 Commentsfilips+3
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2011 Apr 05 don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story; a full length visual novel about the erosion of privacy, gay drama, young sexuality, and the perils of modern online life for a high school literature class.3 CommentsFiohnel+1
2011 Apr 05 In 2007 Google Switched to the 'DoubleClick Cookie Style' To Track a User “To Every Corner on the Web”1 Commentshigherpower+10
2011 Apr 05 Google, Facebook take French government to court over privacy law2 CommentsMatthewHurst+3
2011 Apr 06 Europe set for ‘smart tag’ privacy code0 Commentssilpol+5
2011 Apr 07 France Outlaws Hashed Passwords7 Commentsalikuru+14
2011 Apr 11 The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.7, is out. It is built on top of Debian Squeeze.0 CommentsDrWhax+2
2011 Apr 18 Facebook looks to cash in on user data -- Privacy watchdogs are aghast.0 CommentsBlankVerse+0
2011 Apr 19 EPIC - Fix Google Privacy0 Commentsakwala+7
2011 Apr 19 Cory Doctorow’s >> Privacy, Facebook, politics and kids0 Commentstobarstep+5
2011 Apr 21 Apple, Skype, Verizon, Other Firms Flunk Privacy Report Card0 Commentsakwala+6
2011 Apr 22 Sen. Franken calls for investigation of iPhone spying0 CommentsGaiusPublius+4
2011 Apr 23 iPhone and iPad can track a user's location history -- Security researchers find a hidden data file in the Apple devices that can contain detailed records of user whereabouts.5 CommentsBlankVerse+5
2011 Apr 23 your iPhone is tracking you (and has been for a while)0 Commentsnicomachus+5
2011 Apr 24 Was the iPhone location logging put in by quiet law-enforcement / intelligence agency request?1 Commentstwitredirection+10
2011 Apr 25 Bizarre pornography raid underscores Wi-Fi privacy risks0 Commentsgnikrowten+9
2011 Apr 25 Annoymous lawsuits to battle annoymous trolls.1 Commentsstreetlite+3
2011 Apr 27 Supreme Court Looks Skeptically At Prescription Privacy Law0 Commentsakwala+1
2011 Apr 27 Facebook Facial Recognition Could Get Creepy0 Commentsakwala+1
2011 Apr 27 Apple is not tracking your location3 Commentsvanquish46+9
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2011 May 04 Victorian (Australia) Privacy Commissioner: Don't let privacy get lost in the cloud0 Commentskamoylan+3
2011 May 05 How to control your privacy online0 CommentsTOTSE+7
2011 May 06 Corporate Rule of Cyberspace 0 Commentssilpol+3
2011 May 10 FEMA: “What this allows us to do is have the phone know where it is at that moment, and if a broadcast goes off in that area, it’ll go to all the phones in that area”0 Commentsjblpz+6
2011 May 11 DARPA's Automated Video Surveillance Will End Public Anonymity0 CommentsII-Neutron+4
2011 May 11 DOJ wants wireless providers to store user info0 Commentsantdude+8
2011 May 13 Revelations about the Growth of Government Surveillance in 20101 Commentsrecordratus+1
2011 May 19 A breakdown of where iPhone UDIDs (Unique Device IDentifiers) are sent and by which apps. (UDIDs are a serious deanonymization threat.)0 Commentsphyzome+7
2011 May 19 Joint CDT, FPF Statement on the Development of App Privacy Guidelines0 Commentsakwala+4
2011 May 19 Schmidt explains the Google way to self-erasure0 Commentsakwala+8
2011 May 20 How Would the Kerry-McCain "Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights" Affect State Security and Privacy Laws?0 Commentsakwala+6
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2011 Jun 01 EFF challenges users to join the Tor network and protect human rights2 Commentspigfish+19
2011 Jun 01 ACLU, union sue to stop Scott’s drug-testing policies0 Commentsshallah+9
2011 Jun 02 Anatomy of a privacy nightmare0 Commentsantdude+1
2011 Jun 05 Study: Web users worry about snooping businesses0 Commentsantdude+5
2011 Jun 07 Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default2 CommentsM2Ys4U+17
2011 Jun 08 Facebook's new facial-recognition photo tagging system is enabled by default. Here's how to turn it off.1 CommentsRangerSix+10
2011 Jun 10 Cops: Computer Tech Planted Spyware to Watch Women Undress0 Commentsantdude+3
2011 Jun 10 Facebook Facial Recognition Flub: Not Enterprise Grade0 Commentsexpertvoice+4
2011 Jun 13 F.B.I. Giving Agents New Powers in Revised Manual0 Commentsakwala+11
2011 Jun 14 FBI Gets OK To Search Databases And Household Trash Without Warrant0 Commentstheweedblog+2
2011 Jun 14 Snuggly the security bear and the Patriot Act0 Commentssoccer+0
2011 Jun 15 The FBI looks to expand its investigative power0 Commentschabanais+2
2011 Jun 16 Can Health Privacy and Electronic Medical Records Coexist?1 CommentsHarpsichord+1
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2011 Jun 23 Florida sold citizens’ driver’s license information for $62 million1 Commentscorvettelover+8
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2011 Jul 07 Former CIA Director: Build a new Internet to improve cybersecurity [and bypass 4th Amendment]0 Commentstechnoskald+6
2011 Jul 07 Microsoft's Patriot Act admission has the EU up in arms0 Commentsprivacysucks+9
2011 Jul 07 Zynga makes privacy a game with PrivacyVille0 Commentstechnoskald+0
2011 Jul 07 EFF and other privacy and consumer groups publicly counter industry allegations that effective privacy regulations would harm the economy and innovation0 Commentsakwala+3
2011 Jul 08 Has Dropbox set the stage for a privacy revolution?1 Commentsakwala+9
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2011 Jul 11 Harvard's Privacy Meltdown0 Commentsprivacysucks+5
2011 Jul 11 Privacy experts praise Google+ rollout so far0 Commentsantdude+1
2011 Jul 11 Managed Driving Data Collection0 Commentsbased2+0
2011 Jul 11 Judge rules use of GPS to track a cheating spouse is not an invasion of privacy0 Commentsbased2+0
2011 Jul 12 Google+ Is Everywhere--It's Creepy0 CommentsUnclemeow+5
2011 Jul 12 On Privacy: Facebook vs. Google+ (repost from technology)0 CommentsMJantti+2
2011 Jul 12 DOJ: We can force you to decrypt that laptop/notebook.1 Commentsantdude+14
2011 Jul 13 Police: Internet providers must keep user logs for 18 months0 Commentsprivacysucks+12
2011 Jul 14 Privacy law as a better way to protect virtual world users than property law0 Commentspacergh+8
2011 Jul 15 Does Google+ solve the privacy problem or make it worse?0 Commentsprivacysucks+6
2011 Jul 17 Google Employee No. 59 on Google+, Privacy and Why He Left1 Commentsakwala+7
2011 Jul 20 Court Allows Webcam Spying On Rental Laptops0 Commentsprivacysucks+0
2011 Jul 20 Police to begin iPhone iris scans amid privacy concerns0 CommentsBlankVerse+11
2011 Jul 21 TSA introduces software that uses less-revealing body scanner images0 Commentsgreenrd+3
2011 Jul 21 ShareMeNot is a Firefox add-on designed to prevent third-party buttons embedded by sites across the Internet from tracking you until you actually click on them0 Commentsfinite+16
2011 Jul 22 ECHELON: Global Eavesdropping Scheme Dwarfs Murdoch's 'News of the World'1 Commentsrecordratus+2
2011 Jul 25 Could you pass a Facebook background check? 0 Commentsantdude+6
2011 Jul 26 Other background reports have turned up examples of people making anti-Semitic comments and racist remarks, he said. Then there was the job applicant who belonged to a Facebook group, “This Is America. I Shouldn’t Have to Press 1 for English.”1 Commentsmayonesa+6
2011 Jul 26 Locational privacy on public transportation, and Berlin's new Touch&Travel program0 Commentsthisisparker+5
2011 Jul 28 Surveillance cameras in Soho (Manhattan) X-Post from r/AnarchistNews0 CommentsNihiloZero+6
2011 Jul 29 There is no such thing as anonymous online tracking1 Commentsakwala+14
2011 Jul 29 Using the Microsoft Geolocalization API to retrace where a Windows laptop has been1 Commentsakwala+5
2011 Jul 30 Face recognition technology could make privacy impossible1 Commentsakwala+12
2011 Jul 30 Controversial phone app offering background checks is back0 Commentsakwala+5
2011 Jul 31 A Case for Pseudonyms2 Commentssapiophile+13
2011 Aug 01 Top 50 US websites sorted by exposure index of user monitoring [Infographics]0 Commentsprivacysucks+6
2011 Aug 01 Censorship Fail Reveals Big Music ISP Spying Plan0 CommentsM2Ys4U+11
2011 Aug 02 Microsoft shutters Wi-Fi data over privacy1 Commentsakwala+5
2011 Aug 02 Anonymous comms for everybody - Introducing Cloaklet0 Commentscloakletadmins+1
2011 Aug 02 Randi Zuckerberg Runs in the Wrong Direction on Pseudonymity Online | Electronic Frontier Foundation1 Commentstobarstep+16
2011 Aug 03 Using Chrome and Sandboxie replaces Incognito, also allows you to log in to four Gmail accounts at once [xpost]7 Commentsstrontium+3
2011 Aug 03 Facebook facial recognition software violates privacy laws, says Germany 2 CommentsNihiloZero+12
2011 Aug 03 Looking for a good piece of VPN software7 CommentsDenyven+6
2011 Aug 04 Child Porn Ring Busted: Guess US Law Enforcement Doesn’t Need Data Retention Bill After All0 Commentskgosztola+14
2011 Aug 06 Profile pics on social media sites pose privacy risk, researcher warns 0 Commentsikevinjp+9
2011 Aug 06 ProxyMesh - Rotating IP Address Proxy Server0 Commentsjaperk+1
2011 Aug 09 A study into the face recognition instruments used by social networks has revealed the alarming ease with which private data can be exploited. 0 CommentsReddit-Politician+10
2011 Aug 09 Privacy smackdown: Facebook versus Google+1 CommentsMJantti+3
2011 Aug 09 Rep. Reid Ribble on the Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act0 CommentsJyffeh+7
2011 Aug 10 US plans to initiate systematic monitoring of publicly available online data including “information posted by individual account users” on social media. 6 Commentsakwala+17
2011 Aug 10 LinkedIn opts your name and photo into social advertising by default (against Canadian privacy legislation!)1 Commentscqwww+10
2011 Aug 11 Need help setting up OpenVPN on a VPS12 CommentsDenyven+3
2011 Aug 11 FAA Looks Into News Corp's Daily Drone, Raising Questions About Who Gets To Fly Drones in The U.S.0 Commentsakwala+6
2011 Aug 14 Are there any laws in Canada relating to the sale of covert surveillance devices?9 Commentsfrozenfire+3
2011 Aug 15 S Korea plans to scrap online real-name system1 Commentsantdude+10
2011 Aug 15 Facebook Users Raise Alarm Over Social Network's Posting of Confidential Phone Numbers1 Commentsantdude+5
2011 Aug 15 Federal judge tells prosecutors no on searching GPS of wanted suspect0 Commentsakwala+6
2011 Aug 15 What's really up with Facebook's phone number flap0 Commentsexpertvoice+5
2011 Aug 16 Mobile Devs Fined $50,000 for Violating Children’s Privacy0 Commentsprivacysucks+1
2011 Aug 17 Seriously? I feel like at this point facebook is just mocking us.0 CommentsKARMA_P0LICE+0
2011 Aug 17 Heather Brooke: Data Dealing Is A Bigger Scandal Than Phone Hacking0 Commentsgreenrd+0
2011 Aug 17 The Folly of Detecting Tracking from Cookies0 Commentssanitybit+2
2011 Aug 18 Internet privacy advocates abhor bill co-sponsored by Wasserman Schultz0 Commentsshallah+6
2011 Aug 19 Prime Aim of Obama's Surveillance State Is to Quash Dissent1 Commentsrecordratus+1
2011 Aug 22 My.Nameis.Me Want to Make Facebook and Google+ Support Your True (Anonymous) Online Identity0 Commentsblackshtef+2
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2011 Aug 25 45 million Americans admit faking IDs for online transactions0 Commentsexpertvoice+1
2011 Aug 26 Verizon FIOS prohibits TOR, proxies, and IRC. This is Verizon, this is not so big!3 Commentsrspix000+15
2011 Aug 26 Judge Calls Location-Tracking Orwellian, While Congress Moves to Legalize It0 Commentsantdude+11
2011 Aug 26 Burning Question: Should I Use My Browser's Do-Not-Track Setting?1 Commentsantdude+6
2011 Aug 28 Hide Your Real Email Address Using NotSharingMy.Info0 Commentsgeekzu+1
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2011 Aug 30 Yale Accidentally Made 43,000 Social Security Numbers Public0 Commentsprivacysucks+0
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2011 Aug 31 This is why NoScript is the king of privacy tools - Busted violating federal laws!3 Commentskhyberkitsune+0
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2011 Sep 07 German website Heise creates privacy-enhanced 2-click Facebook button, Facebook gets pissed off.2 Commentsfrimble+22
2011 Sep 08 Hackish solution to browse reddit over https: pay.reddit.com4 Commentsberkes+14
2011 Sep 09 privately-owned and operated spy drones cause concern.2 Comments--frymaster--+14
2011 Sep 11 PersonasWeb0 Commentsbased2+5
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2011 Sep 15 Wikileaks: Canada shares 10 million health records with US Homeland Security1 Commentsgeobear7+2
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2011 Sep 16 Secure Biometric Computation & Outsourcing [Video]0 Commentssanitybit+2
2011 Sep 16 "Around the country, in tall, windowless telecom company buildings known as switches, NSA technicians quietly began installing beam-splitters to redirect duplicate copies of all phone calls and email messages to secret rooms behind electronic cipher locks."5 Commentsbumperthumper+30
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2011 Oct 01 Facebook to be investigated over privacy concerns0 CommentsM2Ys4U+13
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2011 Oct 02 X-Post from worldnews: Tomorrow the Greek government will start tracking individual consumer transactions.0 Commentspolytropos+17
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2011 Oct 05 California Protects E-Book Records0 Commentsslfisher+9
2011 Oct 05 Ninth Circuit Extends Scope of Electronic Communications Privacy Act to Foreign Citizens0 Commentssanitybit+8
2011 Oct 06 No Facebook account, am I still trackable?5 Commentssoftball753+12
2011 Oct 10 CCC cracks government trojan - The H Security0 Commentsschaueho+16
2011 Oct 11 California Governor Jerry Brown veto means warrantless cellphone searches can continue; says issue is "too complicated for him"0 CommentsPixelMover+25
2011 Oct 11 GPS Inventor Joins EFF in Fight Against Warrantless GPS Tracking0 Commentsakwala+22
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2011 Oct 18 Google will soon default to HTTPS for signed-in users -- with the side benefit that sites will not receive your query when you click through to them. [xpost/google]2 Commentsfrimble+21
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2011 Oct 20 Thanks for Sharing: or Why scarysharing is morphing into super-scarysharing0 Commentsexpertvoice+5
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2011 Oct 26 Can anyone recommend an email service outside the US?9 Commentslurchpop+4
2011 Oct 26 "Google said it received 29 percent more requests for user data from government sources in the U.S. during the first half of this year than during the previous six months, and 70 percent more requests to remove content in that period."0 CommentsShamwowzer222+25
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2011 Dec 28 Federal Trade Commission solicits comments on "facial recognition technology" (and even on the whole framework for FTC action on such technologies)0 Commentsclaird+8
2011 Dec 30 USA Today reports that more people are taking online privacy into their own hands and blocking tracking (x-post from r/cyberlaws)0 CommentsLawyerCT+12
2011 Dec 31 No wonder people are flocking to SaaS and "cloud" based services - This is how much effort it takes to set up your own mail host with a "standard" feature set. Can average "joes" ever really transition away from a dependency on cloud services?2 Comments4phree+4
2011 Dec 31 torproject.org + ghostery.org + adblockplus.org = do it17 Comments4phree+15
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2012 Jan 24 "Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops for the police," judge ruled in Colorado, which is most likely to become a precedent-setting case. [x-post /r/Technology+netsec3 CommentsxSmurf+4
2012 Jan 24 The UK's data protection regime is more lenient than Spain, France and Germany, ranking joint 21st in Data Guidance's Data Privacy Index0 CommentsDataGuidance+4
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2012 Jan 24 Government, principals and teachers can see student's permanent records but parents usually denied access.0 Commentskeraneuology+2
2012 Jan 24 Europe Weighs a Tough Law on Online Privacy and User Data 0 CommentsTheloniusPhunk+2
2012 Jan 24 Google will monitor all your activity on its sites starting march 1 and you CANNOT opt out. This is harsh. 12 CommentsSpanishDynamite+33
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2012 Jan 25 believe google will not do evil0 Commentstoffeemonkey+0
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2012 Jan 25 A tale of two court cases: The same week that the Supreme Court found police officers need a warrant to use GPS in a potential criminal's car, a lower court ruled that people can be forced to give up the password to their encrypted hard drive without it being self-incrimination.0 Commentsexpertvoice+6
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2012 Jan 26 Order to Decrypt Laptop Does Not Violate Defendant’s Fifth Amendment, Judge Rules | PCWorld0 CommentsCTR1+1
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2012 Jan 30 The Mobile Device Privacy Act draft has been released3 Commentsdbin78+8
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2012 Jan 31 Umad, advertisers? seriously, though i like seeing irrelevant ads.0 CommentsLonMcGregor+1
2012 Jan 31 Twitter, WikiLeaks, and Your Right to Privacy: ACLU and EFF "again fighting to make public the govt’s efforts to obtain Internet users’ private information without a warrant."1 Commentsmaxwellhill+12
2012 Jan 31 Yahoo! Privacy Policy | Waiting 18 months before anonymization of all logged data instead of 3.0 Commentszeup2000+9
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2012 Feb 01 Today, while reviewing my Firefox's cache I saw numerous entries passing information of web pages I visited, disguised as Facebook "Like" button image requests. Since the information is passed, whether or not you click on the "Like" button, does this constitutes an illegal privacy violation?17 Commentsjohnniewalkerblack12+18
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2012 Feb 09 Google search requires cookies now?12 Commentscurious_cat_1451+19
2012 Feb 10 Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying0 Commentsmobileview+0
2012 Feb 10 Watchdog sues FTC over new Google privacy policy -- Rather than take on Google, the Electronic Privacy Information Center is asking the court to block new information sharing and force federal regulators to protect Google users. 1 CommentsBlankVerse+13
2012 Feb 10 FileVault, BitLocker encryption: cracked10 Comments99anon+0
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2012 Feb 12 I'm freaking out. Please help.7 Commentsano1114490+7
2012 Feb 12 Steam Warns Users Personal Info and Credit Card Data Swiped in Last Year's Intrusion5 CommentsSoCo_cpp+7
2012 Feb 13 "Encryption is not the realm of the paranoid. Proxies are not the realm of the criminal. They are the realm of the free."0 Commentscake-please+48
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2012 Feb 14 Congress Left in Dark on DOJ Wiretaps: "The Justice Department was not following the law and had not provided Congress with the material... On the flip side, Congress was not exercising its watchdog role..."2 Commentselectronics-engineer+13
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2012 Feb 16 Apple to address apps stealing contacts. Fix to be selective per app like Location Services.0 Commentsxcalibre+3
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2012 Feb 16 How Companies Learn Your Secrets -- “If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn’t want us to know, can you do that? ”0 Commentsjdw25+15
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2012 Feb 17 Canada wants warrantless Internet spying, says critics support child porn 0 Commentsttruth1+1
2012 Feb 18 Federal lawmakers question if Google violated FTC agreement -- there is evidence that Google Inc. intentionally circumvented privacy protections in Apple's Safari browser, the default Web-surfing software on the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers0 CommentsBlankVerse+10
2012 Feb 18 Drones With an Eye on the Public Cleared to Fly0 CommentsVailhem+6
2012 Feb 18 Could Target Sell Its 'Pregnancy Prediction Score'?0 Commentsantdude+8
2012 Feb 18 Google defensive after fresh privacy breach0 Commentselectronics-engineer+8
2012 Feb 18 Police spy on web, phone usage with no warrants 1 Commentselectronics-engineer+25
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2012 Feb 19 UK anti-terror plan to sweep up email, phone, online records0 Commentsttruth1+5
2012 Feb 19 Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 would require ISPs to log all IPs for a year, allow law enforcement warrantless access4 Commentszeropointmodule+43
2012 Feb 19 Gary Johnson decries domestic drones: ‘Big Brother is alive and well’ 1 Commentsttruth1+13
2012 Feb 19 Feds Want to Warrantlessly Track Phones Bought with Fake Names1 Commentsttruth1+17
2012 Feb 19 Data collection arms race feeds privacy fears1 Commentsttruth1+9
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2012 Feb 20 ACTA is part of a multi-decade, worldwide copyright campaign0 Commentsmeltphaced+29
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2012 Feb 22 ID theft on the rise again, card victims jump by 2 million annually0 Commentsttruth1+7
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2012 Feb 23 Facebook has been impersonating my friends to get me to list personal information16 CommentsRomeoZedman+37
2012 Feb 23 (draft of a paper for the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy) On the Feasibility of Internet-Scale Author Identification: "a right to anonymity is meaningless if an anonymous author’s identity can be unmasked by adversaries"2 Commentsjdw25+5
2012 Feb 23 Remember Bush's secret program to eavesdrop on Americans’ phone calls and e-mails without a warrant? Obama is now asking the US Supreme Court not to hear the case.3 Commentselectronics-engineer+41
2012 Feb 23 Remember to clear your YouTube History3 Commentsreaderseven+12
2012 Feb 23 Obama unveils Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights - CNET News0 CommentsSJSF+1
2012 Feb 23 Ontario to scale back 'secret law' used at G200 Commentsreaderseven+10
2012 Feb 23 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others sign up to Obama's new 'Privacy Bill of Rights,' will respect do-not-track instructions | The Verge4 Commentsjohnny1122+24
2012 Feb 23 I propose a privacy bureau. They exist to look after your data and sue people who abuse it.1 Commentsragmondo+0
2012 Feb 23 White House unveils plan to protect online privacy2 Commentsttruth1+8
2012 Feb 23 State AGs sound alarm over Google privacy changes 0 Commentsttruth1+0
2012 Feb 23 privacy rights bill1 CommentsCrazySmooth+5
2012 Feb 23 Web Companies Agree to Support 'Do Not Track' System 0 Commentsttruth1+9
2012 Feb 23 Online privacy policies come under scrutiny -- U.S., California reach voluntary pacts with tech companies on the collection of personal information, but face immediate criticism for not going far enough.1 CommentsBlankVerse+5
2012 Feb 23 Obama is pushing internet Privacy Rights, yet is for Warrantless wiretapping and more?5 Commentsdefconoi+14
2012 Feb 23 ThePiratebay: Create a Tor Service website to access magnet links for places that ban you0 Commentsdefconoi+0
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2012 Feb 26 PRIVILEGE AGAINST SELF INCRIMINATION IN THE PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS -- relating to providing keys for encrypted disks0 Commentszpinhead+8
2012 Feb 27 Facebook Accused Of Reading Users’ Text Messages0 Commentsrogerology+22
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2012 Feb 28 Appeals Court Upholds Constitutional Right Against Forced Decryption0 Commentsttruth1+3
2012 Feb 28 New rules allow drones to operate in US airspace, "for law enforcement, to monitor traffic, and to track suspects.”0 Commentsmouselink+32
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2012 Mar 23 U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of Data in Terror Analysis: “We’re all in the dark, and for all we know it could be a rerun of Total Information Awareness, which would have allowed the government to make a computerized database of everything on everybody”4 Commentselectronics-engineer+23
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2012 Apr 01 UK ‘to announce’ real-time phone, email, Web traffic monitoring 0 Commentsmobileview+7
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2012 Apr 04 Don’t Let Congress Use "Cybersecurity" Fears to Erode Digital Rights (on line petition by EFF to send to your politician)1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Apr 04 Draconian ‘Privacy Invasion Bill’ Continues to Gain Support: 'The bill is touted as being much worse than SOPA when it comes to privacy invasions.'0 Commentsmaxwellhill+24
2012 Apr 05 Consumer Reports Survey Confirms That We're Worried About Online Privacy1 Commentsantdude+11
2012 Apr 05 (via A Privacy Manifesto in Code: What If Your Emails Never Went to Gmail and Twitter Couldn’t See Your Tweets? - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic)4 Commentslkfcub+19
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2012 Apr 06 I'm in the early stages of creating a wiki to consolidate and host information and techniques about how to secure one's privacy. Is this useful in any way, or is my time better spent elsewhere?2 CommentsGenTiradentes+5
2012 Apr 06 TIL: There is a userspace component to fine tune and configure tor1 Commentstoss_away_999+3
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2012 Apr 17 "Screens emit radiation which can be picked up at a distance of up to 30 metres, revealing the information on the screen."23 Commentsspr34dluv+17
2012 Apr 17 CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' On Landing8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+37
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2012 Apr 29 Google’s harvesting of e-mails, passwords and other sensitive personal information from unsuspecting households in the United States and around the world was neither a mistake nor the work of a rogue engineer, as the company long maintained.1 Commentssecaa23+13
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2012 May 05 EFF: DOJ official says "that requiring a search warrant to obtain location tracking information from cell phones would "cripple" prosecutors and law enforcement officials. We couldn't disagree more3 Commentsmaxwellhill+127
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2012 May 06 ACLU: Maryland Passes Nation's First Social Media Privacy Protection Bill: Gov. O’Malley signed into law the bill that bans employers from requesting employees' or job applicants' usernames/passwords... as a condition of employment2 Commentsmaxwellhill+61
2012 May 06 Reddit, need your opinion. Writing a paper on personal information and businesses and how it should be changed. I know you have them bring em with you. I have 24 hours to get this done. Oh great narwhal please hear my please.12 Commentsprivacyawlr+0
2012 May 06 Falkvinge: The Facebook Fallacy - Politicians who mention "Facebook" to justify wiretapping don't understand the concept of "consent"0 Commentsmaxwellhill+41
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2012 May 08 Twitter looks to avoid revealing user's information to police1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
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2012 May 09 Password Protection Act: Ban bosses asking for Facebook passwords12 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+109
2012 May 09 Illinois Barred From Enforcing Police Eavesdropping Law0 Commentsnomdeweb+18
2012 May 10 Identity theft reporting system needs improvements, victims say -- FTC report outlines identity theft experiences, recommendations0 Commentsantdude+8
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2012 May 10 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Illinois' Eavesdropping Law As Likely Violating The First Amendment1 Commentsnomdeweb+23
2012 May 10 TIL Newt Gingrich loves spam6 Commentsrichij+10
2012 May 10 FTC To Monitor MySpace And/Or Empty Space For 20 Years0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 May 10 Limited-use URLs from BurningURL.com [x-post from /r/netsec]0 Commentsronocdh+25
2012 May 11 Israeli Company Leads Development Of Tethered Surveillance UAVs0 Commentsttruth1+4
2012 May 11 Few Companies Fight Patriot Act Gag Orders, FBI Admits1 Commentsbiffbagwell+49
2012 May 11 Senator Asks DOJ for Information on its Cellphone Tracking Practices1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 May 11 Sides dig in as FBI warns of 'going dark' in online era (Privacy and civil liberty advocates argue the FBI has not established the need to amend wiretap law to create online 'back doors' to track crime.)0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+14
2012 May 11 Loose wording in cyberwar bill raises question: Who's in charge?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 May 11 How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to) -- how a published author stayed undiscovered for years and what they would do differently. 0 Commentsocean_stars+6
2012 May 11 Court Rules NSA Doesn't Have To Reveal Its Semi-Secret Relationship With Google3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+29
2012 May 11 The winners of Germany's Big Brother Awards for worst privacy violators0 Commentsrbaix+5
2012 May 11 I finally got a response from my congressman after i emailed my objection to CISPA (xpost from r/libertarian)0 Commentsyahoo_bot+1
2012 May 11 Colorado Police Track Woman With GPS For 4 Months Without A Warrant 2 CommentsGogelaland+58
2012 May 11 Court Upholds Google-NSA Relationship Secrecy | Threat Level | Wired.com0 Commentsbiffbagwell+6
2012 May 12 Facebook proposed changes to its privacy policy on how it uses cookies and how long it retains your data, which is: "as long as necessary." And the option to use your data for advertising on 3rd-party Web sites12 Commentsmaxwellhill+65
2012 May 13 NY Twitter Decision Fails to Recognize Content and Location Data Require a Warrant0 Commentsantr+8
2012 May 14 FBI wants access to your Facebook1 CommentsTheUKLibertarian+7
2012 May 14 VKontakte? Do they sell data about you like Facebook does? Is it safe to use?5 Commentsvoxpupil+1
2012 May 15 Popular Surveillance Cameras Open to Hackers, Researcher Says0 Commentsnomdeweb+7
2012 May 15 DHS considers collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up; DEA and US Marshals already do13 Commentsmaxwellhill+95
2012 May 15 Privacy Is Important But What's Wrong With Letting People Share? - Forbes4 Commentslarrymagid+6
2012 May 15 Popular “Circle” social networking app steals your entire Address Book and exposes it on Wifi unencrypted!0 Commentstrustrdude+20
2012 May 15 Darrell Issa (R-CA) Releases the Trans Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Rights Chapter on KeepTheWebOPEN.com0 Commentsatlantaman+10
2012 May 15 Anonymity risk! DNS query leaks from plugins when using Firefox + privoxy+tor9 Commentsgnos1s+14
2012 May 16 Increasing safety or a blatant destruction of privacy? DHS to take DNA with no warrants0 Commentsyahoo_bot+7
2012 May 16 Google, Privacy, & DuckDuckGo ... still going strong after two months...3 Commentsgrecs+21
2012 May 16 Windows 8 Lets Parents Track Kids' Internet Use1 Commentsmslaybau+2
2012 May 16 "Friday Facebook tweaked its privacy policy, allowing it to use that information to place ads aimed at its users anywhere on the Web." Am I the only one who missed this news last week? (Cross-posted from technology) 2 CommentscomtedeRochambeau+35
2012 May 16 As Congress Mulls Mandate on Car Black Boxes, Data Ownership Remains Unclear0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 May 17 Self-Destruct Buttons On This SSD Will Physically Destroy Your Drive5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+39
2012 May 17 Private: some search engines make money by not tracking users | Ars Technica0 Commentsbincat+23
2012 May 17 London Police to use 'quick' mobile data extraction system against suspects; will have immediate access to data on handset.3 Commentsnomdeweb+16
2012 May 17 Equifax CIO: 'We know more about you than you would care for us to know' 2 Commentsstrangestuff+49
2012 May 17 Twitter Implements Do Not Track Privacy Option - NYTimes.com1 Commentsalwayspro+28
2012 May 17 Congress Advances Bill To Protect Cell Phone Users' Privacy - Forbes0 Commentshgreenfield+29
2012 May 17 To Warrant or Not to Warrant? ACLU, Police Clash Over Cellphone Location Data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+16
2012 May 18 Twitter is tracking you on the web0 Commentsdbin78+4
2012 May 18 Memphis councilman wants license plate scanners, red light cameras to designate cars for a "motor-vehicle inspection fee"0 Commentsrbaix+9
2012 May 18 UK Government Forced to Reveal over 1000 staff Snooping on Personal Data. 0 Commentspermanomad+45
2012 May 18 Caught snooping: the UK government was forced to reveal under Freedom of Information laws that more than 1,000 civil servants have "snooped" on British citizens' private data0 Commentsmaxwellhill+9
2012 May 18 Facebook Is Going To Be Even More Annoying Now That It’s Public0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 May 18 US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Delayed2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 May 18 Irony?6 Commentsinfoaddicted+38
2012 May 19 Facebook’s rules state if there are 7,000 comments on a new privacy policy, the company has to take it to a worldwide vote. Activists made sure that threshold was broken. Are you ready to vote?0 Commentsmaxwellhill+21
2012 May 19 The Privacy Manifesto0 Commentsnyhjtyj3+0
2012 May 19 Anti Wi-Fi Wallpaper To Go On Sale In 2013, Costs A Tad More Than Normal Ones 8 Commentsttruth1+27
2012 May 19 Facial detection cameras ready to creep out San Francisco bar patrons 1 Commentsttruth1+15
2012 May 20 'Big Brother' lampposts launched in America can see, hear and talk to you 13 Commentsrobert32907+76
2012 May 20 Twitter-WikiLeaks case a test of press and privacy rights online0 Commentsnameswillbetaken+3
2012 May 20 After Facebook and Youtube, Pakistan blocks Twitter0 Commentsreaderseven+9
2012 May 20 A mother accuses school of forcing 13 yr-old girl to give Facebook password9 Commentsmaxwellhill+44
2012 May 20 Rights to Online Privacy Differ by State. 0 CommentsBillTrack50+1
2012 May 20 Taking Care over Cookies, the EU Cookie Law0 Commentsstevemast+6
2012 May 21 When the school is the bully - A middle-school family gets a lesson in Facebook privacy0 Commentsttruth1+27
2012 May 21 Ex-student in webcam spy case to be sentenced1 Commentsreaderseven+7
2012 May 21 TEDxSanJoseCA 2012 -- Christopher Soghoian: Why Google Won't Protect You From Big Brother0 Commentsssladmin+7
2012 May 21 DEA Recording Americans’ Movements on Highways, Creating Central Repository of Plate Data0 Commentsshallah+12
2012 May 21 Supreme Court Will Hear ACLU Case Challenging Warrantless Wiretapping Law0 Commentsjdw25+25
2012 May 21 Smartphone hijacking vulnerability affects AT&T, 47 other carriers0 Commentscandypaint+8
2012 May 21 Supreme Court to decide if journalists can sue over warrantless wiretaps0 Commentsnomdeweb+29
2012 May 21 Google's darkening agenda 0 Commentsttruth1+1
2012 May 22 Business world gets a new way to monitor employee text messages 4 Commentsttruth1+15
2012 May 22 VC firm: We invested in DuckDuckGo for the Reddit, Hacker News anarchists3 Commentsmaxwellhill+36
2012 May 22 'Liberating' Your Data from Google, and What That Really Means1 CommentsTanglesome+21
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2012 May 22 HashPass For Android & Command Line Desktop Version. Generate Secure Passwords Which Are Easy To Remember3 Commentstechnologiquepark+3
2012 May 22 Are the police tracking your calls?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2012 May 23 FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit, tasked with developing new electronic surveillance technologies, including intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications.3 Commentsnomdeweb+69
2012 May 23 FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit | Security & Privacy - CNET News0 CommentsCubbyRed+35
2012 May 23 If Google offered a paid for search service that did not collect your data for anything other than optimising your searches, would you use it?35 Commentscrankdant+28
2012 May 23 Privacy is Awesome. 5 Steps to Kill CISPA and Save Privacy0 Commentsnomdeweb+74
2012 May 23 Senator Ron Wyden Slams Cybersecurity Legislation Proposals For Eroding Trust & Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+34
2012 May 23 Will Cars Get Black Boxes? If So, Who Owns Them? A bill in process in Congress would require car "black boxes." Although they'd help diagnose accidents, it raises privacy concerns.3 Commentswordsmithie+28
2012 May 23 CISPA Watch: Senator Ron Wyden Fears We're Creating A "Cyber Industrial Complex". He's wrong. That complex already exists.0 Commentsisghts+2
2012 May 24 Major Airline Reveals Passenger Information0 Commentsjosefonseca+13
2012 May 24 People who "don't care" about privacy54 Commentspirate_plant+57
2012 May 24 From Fingerprints to DNA: Biometric Data Collection in U.S. Immigrant Communities and Beyond: New White Paper from EFF and the IPC Outlines Privacy and Security Concerns0 Commentsmaxwellhill+14
2012 May 24 Aggressive web site assault by Panscient0 Commentswebserverlogfile+2
2012 May 24 FBI forming “Communications Assistance Center” to help spy on Americans5 Commentsjdw25+68
2012 May 24 Senate Panel Votes to Extend Gov’t Surveillance Powers 1 Commentsmaxwellhill+30
2012 May 24 Does web privacy have a price?0 Commentscandypaint+11
2012 May 24 ACLU Sues As DOJ Ignores Surveillance Transparency Law0 Commentsmaxwellhill+44
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2012 May 26 rHN: After Facebook fails0 Commentsbased2+7
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2012 May 28 TSA VIPR Team Spotted at… Detroit Music Festival??3 CommentsTurdFerguson+35
2012 May 28 Controversial App Scans Faces of Bar Customers. 2 Commentsreaderseven+13
2012 May 28 Stand up for Julian Assange before it's too late23 Commentsjosefonseca+143
2012 May 28 From now on, Britain’s “cookie law” prohibits tracking without consent 0 Commentsttruth1+17
2012 May 28 "The browser made the Web very easy to read. We did not make the Web easy to write. So a little thug in a hooded sweatshirt made the Web easy to write, and created a man-in-the-middle attack on human civilization." - Eben Moglen on "Innovation under Austerity"1 CommentsMatt01123+13
2012 May 28 Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites0 Commentssilpol+42
2012 May 28 How do I install yahoo IM on a USB stick and have everything written/read from the stick and not my hard drive?7 Commentsprv19+3
2012 May 29 Facebook photo of a pile of cash leads to home invasion4 CommentsFlexgrow+25
2012 May 29 Innocent Megaupload user asks court to order his data returned3 CommentsHouseSpeaker+52
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2012 May 30 Gov.: Drones over Va. 'great'; cites battlefield success0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 May 30 3 Steps Businesses Can Take Today To Respect Your Privacy0 Commentslaoshima+3
2012 May 30 Canadian Privacy Commissioner looks for stronger enforcement powers, ability to levy fines 1 Commentscostheta+9
2012 May 31 House Judiciary Subcmte. Debates FISA Amendments Reauthorization [Live Streaming Now]0 CommentsEquanimousMind+6
2012 May 31 The many uses (and privacy dangers) of US police drones3 Commentsr3b3lang3l+100
2012 May 31 Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying the Law Can't Touch Them1 Commentsnomdeweb+56
2012 May 31 Congress Looking Happy to Reauthorize Broad, Secret Spy Powers1 Commentsnomdeweb+38
2012 May 31 Congress, rights groups still know virtually nothing about U.S. wiretap court 0 Commentsttruth1+13
2012 May 31 Verizon Succesfully Defends Privacy of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2012 May 31 Mich. HIV contractor violated privacy policy, investigation finds0 Commentsshallah+7
2012 Jun 01 Beginner question about disk encryption leads to detailed and imaginative discussion in /r/netsec0 CommentsEquanimousMind+0
2012 Jun 01 Skype User IP-address Disclosure1 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Jun 01 Researchers To Release an Anonymous BitTorrent Client 1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+23
2012 Jun 01 UN regulation of Internet: 'The threat is real' 1 Commentsjosefonseca+3
2012 Jun 01 I'm doing a report on Internet Freedom/Privacy, covering bills such as CISPA, SOPA, and ACTA. I need some help from some more knowledgeable.3 Commentsshooples+4
2012 Jun 01 Semi Active GSM Monitoring - leaked confidential documents from Shoghi Communications0 Commentsq3k_org+5
2012 Jun 02 Words to Avoid Online If You Don't Want to Join the Government's Watch List5 CommentsVailhem+11
2012 Jun 02 Court Wary of Overturning Warrantless Spy Case Victory, But Might Have To0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
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2012 Jun 03 FBI Quietly Froms Cyber Surveilance Unit0 CommentsJigglyFleshApron+3
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2012 Jun 04 Rethinking Privacy in an Era of Big Data: "Privacy, Ms. Boyd notes, is not the same as security or anonymity. It is an ability to have control over one’s definition within an environment that is fully understood. Something, arguably, no one has anymore"13 Commentsjdw25+38
2012 Jun 04 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will automatically enable do-not-track for users in version 10, the preview version of which is already available. 9 Commentswordsmithie+14
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2012 Jun 05 30,000 secret surveillance orders approved each year, judge estimates0 CommentsWildVelociraptor+5
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2012 Jun 06 Judge estimates 30K secret spying orders approved yearly0 Commentsbiffbagwell+15
2012 Jun 06 How Scary is the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme?0 CommentscaptianD+6
2012 Jun 06 Your iPhone calendar isn't private—at least if you use the LinkedIn app0 Commentsprogrammerswife+24
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2012 Jun 09 Why privacy really matters8 Commentsnotadutchboy+19
2012 Jun 09 Users to 'flag' terrorist web pages under EU proposal - The EU is implementing a project to control all European websites. No parliament will be involved. Sponsored by Cecilia Malmström this is the worst attempt to censor the web ever.6 Comments1632+70
2012 Jun 09 Facebook to release ID of users who abused woman online2 Commentsantdude+9
2012 Jun 10 I am looking for an Internet Provider that will not rat me out to the Feds for file-sharing. 5 CommentsWHATISUSERNAME+10
2012 Jun 11 Article about how and why the Tor Browser Bundle lets you control how much information you share online. What does Reddit think?1 Commentsssladmin+14
2012 Jun 11 Senators Question Monitoring of Calls, Emails0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
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2012 Jun 12 The World Tomorrow with Julian Assange: Cypherpunks, Part 20 Commentssalvia_d+6
2012 Jun 12 The PC which is truly personal: 'Computer' on a memory stick offers COMPLETE privacy for browsing and documents1 Commentsvoxpupil+5
2012 Jun 12 U.S. Cities Embrace Software To Automatically Detect "Suspicious" Behavior0 Commentssalvia_d+15
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2012 Jun 13 FTC Bears Teeth, Levies $800k Fine Against Data Brokerage Firm0 Commentsken_speckle+9
2012 Jun 13 Needed.1 Commentsandyt94+7
2012 Jun 14 suspicious logins in my gmail account and cant figure out how they have access despite extreme measures3 Comments2b0n2b+3
2012 Jun 14 DHS demos cyber attack to help sway lawmakers to pass a cyber bill4 Commentsr3b3lang3l+11
2012 Jun 14 Internet Snooping Law Shows its Face in the United Kingdom0 Commentsispreview+3
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2012 Jun 15 '...the [UK] government also is seeking to keep logs of citizens’ Internet history'1 CommentsOmnamah+22
2012 Jun 15 Something I've noticed in the UK Draft Communications Bill June 2012 (released Thursday 14th; the one everyone has been up in arms about.)2 CommentsOmnamah+14
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2012 Jun 15 Does the Government Think It Can Read Our Mail Without a Warrant Just Because It’s Electronic? ACLU files lawsuit for info about the circumstances in which it accesses the contents of Americans’ private electronic comms without obtaining a warrant based upon probable cause7 Commentsmaxwellhill+166
2012 Jun 15 CEO of company that does data analysis for insurance companies no longer buys junk food using his shopper loyalty card.0 Commentsstrangestuff+8
2012 Jun 15 Lone Senator [Wyden (D-OR)] Blocks Renewal of NSA Wiretap Program2 Commentsjdw25+13
2012 Jun 15 Mass Surveillance -- Every call, every email, every text: UK unveils bill aimed at logging citizens’ Web activity1 Commentsjdw25+9
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2012 Jun 16 Phil Zimmermann, PGP author, planning on releasing for-pay service for smartphones featuring encrypted e-mail, encrypted phone calls, and encrypted instant messaging.9 CommentsTurdFerguson+71
2012 Jun 16 India (!), not the FBI or US State Department or ..., has the world's largest biometric database: 200 million individuals are already recorded, with comprehensive national coverage the goal3 Commentsclaird+49
2012 Jun 17 Google, Facebook, & Big Brother.4 Commentsaltd3v+69
2012 Jun 18 Ottawa airport wired with microphones as Border Services prepares to record travellers’ conversations2 Commentsaltd3v+16
2012 Jun 18 Has there ever been an organized public mass march for privacy against the corporations like Facebook, Google, etc.? Or in front of their main offices? 6 Commentsvoxpupil+13
2012 Jun 18 Arvind Narayanan Isn’t Anonymous, and Neither Are You: WIRED0 CommentsCamoBee+9
2012 Jun 18 Google report provides glimpse at govt demands to censor content, turn over user info: "U.S. authorities are leading the charge...Google says it increasingly fields requests from government agencies trying to use their power to suppress political opinions and other material they don’t like."4 Commentsjdw25+82
2012 Jun 18 American federal prosecutors claim that they will allow the MegaUpload customers to recover their content if they pay for it.0 Commentsmaxwellhill+14
2012 Jun 18 You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome: "Current laws may not be equipped to handle the rapid expansion of an industry whose players often collect and sell sensitive financial and health information...'This is a direct way of circumventing people’s concerns about privacy'"0 Commentsjdw25+3
2012 Jun 18 Microphones in Ottawa airport will record travellers’ conversations 0 Commentshelvisg0d+5
2012 Jun 18 Mobile body scans coming to a neighborhood near you0 Commentsyahoo_bot+5
2012 Jun 19 Border agency to listen in on travellers' conversations0 Commentsreaderseven+2
2012 Jun 19 Fight for your right to party: anonymously! These guys mention wearing a mask, wearing a clear mask, or tilting your head. Wonder if it works?0 Commentscake-please+0
2012 Jun 19 UK Mass Surveillance Bill: The Return of a Bad Idea. The Communications Data Bill would require all ISPs and mobile phone network providers in Britain to collect and store information on everyone's internet and phone activity.0 Commentsmepper+7
2012 Jun 19 FBI, DEA and RCMP want to be able to track you over IPv6 protocol. More police state destruction of liberties0 Commentsyahoo_bot+6
2012 Jun 19 Any way to copy old subreddit subscriptions to a newly registered user automatically?2 Commentsyeayoushookme+3
2012 Jun 19 You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome0 Commentsantdude+1
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2012 Jun 19 BBC News - WikiLeaks' Julian Assange seeks asylum in Ecuador embassy0 Commentswtfomglolz+28
2012 Jun 19 Chinese online censorship targets "collective action" posts0 CommentsCamoBee+5
2012 Jun 20 Face.com App Allowed Facebook, Twitter Account Hijacking0 CommentsCamoBee+2
2012 Jun 20 Ottawa airport wired with microphones as Border Services prepares to record travellers’ conversations3 Commentsmaxwellhill+7
2012 Jun 20 An open letter to Internet companies: Tell us how much we are being surveilled. "Tell us, the public -- your customers who often entrust our private thoughts in you -- how often the government demands our private data"1 Commentsmepper+142
2012 Jun 20 Yes, Big Brother is reading your email—and soon he'll be reading your body language, thanks to Microsoft0 Commentsreaderseven+0
2012 Jun 20 Canada Has Hidden Microphones In Airports Recording Conversations0 Commentsdarknyan+4
2012 Jun 20 Privacy of Skype Chat History (x-post from techsupport)5 Commentspatfish-bengal+1
2012 Jun 21 Has anyone ever successfully closed a Hotmail account? Every time...7 Commentspirate_plant+82
2012 Jun 21 NSA refuses Congress' plea for spy stats5 CommentsEquanimousMind+23
2012 Jun 21 Track the Trackers with Collusion—An Interview with Mozilla's Ryan Merkley0 CommentsBloatedWolf+10
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2012 Jun 22 Privacy Lawyers Sell Out Facebook Users for $10 Million5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+55
2012 Jun 22 Seeking the "least worst" smartphone8 Commentsbertramernie+3
2012 Jun 22 A new status code to reflect internet censorship could be named after Ray Bradbury's most famous novel, Fahrenheit 4510 Commentsalwayspro+49
2012 Jun 22 Facebook forced to allow users to opt out of adverts 1 Commentsshaq32+2
2012 Jun 24 Do You Lose Free Speech Rights If You Speak Using A Computer?2 CommentsCamoBee+5
2012 Jun 24 Software to automatically fill your online Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter with content to spoil the profile?9 Commentsriseupnet+49
2012 Jun 24 Army came by yesterday to take pictures of the surveillance cameras outside the building where I work.4 Commentsdesperatesponge+0
2012 Jun 24 Privacy's death toll: HIPAA and Vioxx0 CommentsCamoBee+2
2012 Jun 25 Help stop Richard O'Dwyer from being extradited to the US for running a site that was merely a search engine. [Petition set up by Jimmy Wales]2 CommentsOmnamah+88
2012 Jun 25 Apple has been assigned a patent that aims to protect Internet users' privacy by disseminating fake data about them - making it much harder for marketers and even governments to draw a bead on individuals.15 Commentszigzagz+29
2012 Jun 25 Pornhub & YouPorn Owner Funds Fight Against Cyberlockers 1 Comments1632+8
2012 Jun 25 CEO Of Internet Provider Sonic.net: We Delete User Logs After Two Weeks. Your Internet Provider Should, Too.4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+128
2012 Jun 25 What does everyone think of Reddit Enhancement Suite?3 CommentsGirfex+1
2012 Jun 25 Facebook decides you are using its email service, no questions asked: A lame attempt to force @facebook.com failure on users2 Commentsrogerology+34
2012 Jun 25 Watchdog Says Government Failing To Enforce HIPAA Privacy Protections0 Commentsken_speckle+6
2012 Jun 26 Question about the iPad 3's location services (Big Brother is watching)5 Commentsladder_filter+3
2012 Jun 26 Apple Vs. Big Brother: New Clone-Making Patent Aims To Sabotage Data Profilers0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
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2012 Jun 26 State AGs affix target to online privacy issues0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jun 26 Do Not Track debate reveals cracks in online privacy consensus0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jun 26 Cellphone Companies Will Share Your Location Data - Just Not With You2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+49
2012 Jun 27 State Department Looking to Monitor Facebook & Twitter ... Be careful out there.1 Commentsgrecs+1
2012 Jun 27 Police monitor Facebook, YouTube to halt underage drinking2 CommentsFlexgrow+18
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2012 Jun 27 If you live in LA, your car movements are being tracked17 Commentsjohnnyb3141+70
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2012 Jun 27 Newest Creepy Way to Frame Your Boss on Facebook?, "Who's taking drugs," or posting their new phone number as a public Facebook status? There's a brand new site out there that is collecting these tidbits and letting the world know and that's not all..."0 CommentsAnomaly100+11
2012 Jun 27 Berkeley Law's first Web Privacy Census is out and it's troubling0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jun 27 Encrypt & self-destruct messages with free anti-forensic friendly iPhone app. Protects privacy, promotes anonymity and helps you leave No Trace2 Commentsr3b3lang3l+34
2012 Jun 28 Campaigns to Track Voters with "Political Cookies": Candidates match voter records with sophisticated online tracking to target their ads. Are they going too far?0 Commentsmaxwellhill+6
2012 Jun 28 Berkeley Law School: Web Privacy Census0 Commentsmaxwellhill+6
2012 Jun 28 Cisco to record all web traffic & browsing history passed through Cisco routers with new firmware. Backdoor access built in to router. Downgrading firmware impossible.29 Commentsglados_v2+180
2012 Jun 28 AT&T plans on cashing in on your usage information. Be sure to opt out of this here.3 CommentsGreenDaemon+54
2012 Jun 28 In the future we have no privacy1 CommentsNormalIsBoring+7
2012 Jun 28 7 signs we're living in the post-privacy era. (Worth the read, in my opinion)2 CommentsJoyousCacophony+13
2012 Jun 28 My friend created a Chrome extension that lets you view Facebook Open Graph shares in your news feed (Yahoo, The Washington Post, MS NBC, etc) without installing their corresponding apps! (x-posted to r/chrome)0 Commentspetrichor4+8
2012 Jun 28 London Police Want To Crowdsource Guilt-Free Surveillance1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+15
2012 Jun 28 How Long Does Your ISP Store IP-Address Logs?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Jun 29 Is Diaspora about to get client side encryption? Help test it out!2 Commentscqwww+10
2012 Jun 29 FOIA request forces DoJ to reveal National Security Letter templates1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+14
2012 Jun 29 Why Privacy Is Big Business for Trial Lawyers0 Commentswordsmithie+1
2012 Jun 29 How Long Does Your ISP Store IP-Address Logs?0 Commentsdarknyan+8
2012 Jun 29 How College Students Scoop the Feds on Online Privacy Violations 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+1
2012 Jun 29 "Black Boxes" to monitor all internet and phone data...anyone care to tell me more about wtf this means?14 Commentseire1228+48
2012 Jun 30 UK Government pornography-blocking consultation exposes respondents’ answers and contact details0 Commentsisosafrole+5
2012 Jun 30 How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the FTC On Privacy Issue2 Commentsreaderseven+25
2012 Jun 30 Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost0 Commentsmikankun+33
2012 Jul 01 WHY YOUR VPN ISNT ANONYMOUS6 Commentsvoxpupil+0
2012 Jul 01 How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the Government and What it Means for Your Online Privacy1 CommentsHouseSpeaker+15
2012 Jul 01 Microsoft Skype Takes Over Machines Without Users’ Knowledge | Techrights15 Commentsr_schestowitz+68
2012 Jul 01 At a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on issue of online tracking, the Ad industry claims it must disregard user privacy choices to safeguard "cybersecurity": Sen. Rockefeller dismisses "cybersecurity" claims as "red herring" 1 Commentsmaxwellhill+6
2012 Jul 02 The UK wants ISPs to store all of their traffic data - Neowin7 Commentsantdude+29
2012 Jul 02 [Video] Glenn Greenwald: Challenging the Surveillance State0 Commentsmysticpolitics+13
2012 Jul 02 Pennsylvania starts practice of destroying online court records for minor crimes. "State officials say they are treating the electronic copies like paper ones, which are destroyed after a certain period of time."2 CommentsLawyerCT+66
2012 Jul 02 Twitter Must Turn Over Information About Protester Posts3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2012 Jul 02 NY Judge Orders Twitter to Hand Over OWS Protester's Information0 CommentsCarriedBy6+2
2012 Jul 02 Ridiculous claims of respecting your privacy after violating it 0 CommentsAnomaly100+10
2012 Jul 02 Social Networking with Frientegrity: Privacy and Integrity with an Untrusted Provider0 Commentssanitybit+1
2012 Jul 02 Every Time Warner Cable (TWC) rep I have spoken to is oblivious to the American ISP anti-piracy, monitoring agreement starting July 1st.0 Commentsexpetprofessional+7
2012 Jul 02 Three NSA Whistleblowers Back EFF's Lawsuit Over Government's Massive Spying Program5 CommentspreventDefault+80
2012 Jul 03 Fifth US District Court find that mugshots are exempt from the FOIA for a number of reasons.1 CommentsNormanHaga+2
2012 Jul 03 Raytheon paid University of Arizona $5,000 for drone technical services1 Commentsmorisy+3
2012 Jul 03 Reddit, help the EFF and MuckRock crowdinvestigate drones across the United States0 Commentsmorisy+17
2012 Jul 03 Terry Tao quantifies exactly how much lying contributes to your net anonymity0 CommentsKallikanzarid+5
2012 Jul 03 Cisco backs down over right to see your internet history0 Commentskash_hill+13
2012 Jul 03 Kim Dotcom: Joe Biden Ordered the Megaupload Shutdown10 Commentsrwdalpe+101
2012 Jul 03 Privacy and Security Fanatic: You're Really Doing it Wrong! 25% of people will text during sex ... 0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+2
2012 Jul 03 This site knows exactly what you’re doing, thanks to public Facebook and Foursquare data0 Commentsakwala+4
2012 Jul 03 Cisco locks customers out of their own routers, only lets them back in if they agree to being spied upon and monetized8 Commentsjdw25+46
2012 Jul 04 Jury: forgetting to log off gives “tacit authorization” for snooping | Ars Technica0 CommentsCamoBee+10
2012 Jul 04 Privacy News Roundup: Tracking, Telcos, and Twitter Transparency0 CommentsEquanimousMind+9
2012 Jul 04 Online Infringement: Canadian "Notice and Notice" vs US "Notice and Takedown"0 Commentscostheta+15
2012 Jul 05 UAV industry promises 'safety, professionalism, respect' with new privacy guidelines0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Jul 05 US government asked for 679 Twitter users' information in six months0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Jul 06 ACLU files lawsuit against the federal government to find out to what extent the government is reading our emails and texts.0 Commentsprogrammerswife+77
2012 Jul 06 Court in OWS Twitter Case Gets it Wrong Again0 CommentsCamoBee+12
2012 Jul 06 A Moment to Celebrate: No Data Retention Mandate in Smith’s New Child Protection Bill 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Jul 06 Social Leaks: now everybody can see who's got fake ID, taking drugs or got drunk last night...0 Commentssocialsearcher+5
2012 Jul 06 Will your Internet provider be spying on you?1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Jul 07 Governments Global Spying of Cloud Services (pdf)1 CommentsEquanimousMind+19
2012 Jul 07 Digital Due Process : Modernizing Surveillance Laws for the Internet Age0 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2012 Jul 08 4 Steps to immunity from UK snooping laws3 CommentsNightshadeForests+19
2012 Jul 08 Glenn Greenwald: How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear 3 Commentssalvia_d+64
2012 Jul 09 Cell carriers see dramatic increase in surveillance requests1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+44
2012 Jul 09 Download your personal information and data from Facebook!1 Commentsterrorb1t+2
2012 Jul 09 Cash that Remembers: Trackable money. 0 CommentsTanglesome+2
2012 Jul 09 Mobile Operators Responded To An Astounding 1.3 Million Requests For Subscriber Info0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 09 More Demands on Cell Carriers in Surveillance0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 09 Five Things You Should Know to Keep the Man from Snooping on Your Digital Stuff1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 09 RIAA chief: ISPs to start policing copyright by July 18 Commentstomato_paste+46
2012 Jul 09 Mobile-Phone Surveillance by Police Targets Millions Annually0 Commentsjdw25+23
2012 Jul 09 Disney, Sony and Fox team with Internet Providers to Spy on You0 Commentsmysticpolitics+3
2012 Jul 09 Fingerprint program ensnares U.S. citizen -- "The FBI and DHS are consistently and systematically violating the Privacy Act"1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+18
2012 Jul 09 Kudos to Rep. Ed Markey for getting cell phone companies to reveal information critical to debate over phone tracking. What politicians should use power for.0 Commentskash_hill+20
2012 Jul 09 Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age0 Comments_rc+6
2012 Jul 09 I work for a major research organization that took a government contract to carry out unethical research into Americans' attitudes on having their data collected.14 CommentsFutilelyFlailing+54
2012 Jul 09 Government Surveillance of Cell Users: 1.3 Million Annual Requests and Rising0 Commentsyahoo_bot+12
2012 Jul 10 Your Smartphone Is Spying on You0 CommentsBhima+6
2012 Jul 10 This is real. This is what you sign up for if you make an account on abc.com12 Commentsajpos+202
2012 Jul 10 New Secret Government Scanners Instantly Know Everything About You From 50 Meters Away 1 Commentsshaq32+16
2012 Jul 10 Gov't Says They Requested 24,270 Wiretaps In Total; Sprint Alone Says They Received Over 50k Requests3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+20
2012 Jul 10 How Many People Phone Companies Hire to Give Away Your Information0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 10 Google may pay $22.5 million penalty for ignoring Safari Do Not Track2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+20
2012 Jul 10 Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 50 Meters Away2 CommentsCubbyRed+24
2012 Jul 10 DuckDuckGo is a search provider that doesn't track you like Google does. They hold none of your web searches and don't base ads off what you search.3 CommentsAwesomer_Than_Me+4
2012 Jul 10 The NSA's warrantless wiretapping is a crime, not a state secret8 Commentsjdw25+134
2012 Jul 10 FTC's $22M Privacy Settlement With Google Is Just Puppet Waving0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+2
2012 Jul 11 Protest grows over German registration law0 CommentsEquanimousMind+5
2012 Jul 11 Within the next year or two, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will instantly know everything about your body, clothes, and luggage with a new laser-based molecular scanner fired from 164 feet (50 meters) away. And without you knowing it.2 Commentsmaster_baits_daly+8
2012 Jul 11 Russian Wikipedia shuts down in protest of restrictive internet legislation0 Commentsreaderseven+3
2012 Jul 11 rz2000 completes the story of how the government used FISA to retroactively legalize the invasion of our privacy.0 CommentsEquanimousMind+21
2012 Jul 11 White House order on emergency communications riles privacy group: President aims to bolster government communications in emergencies, but EPIC warns of private network takeovers0 Commentsjdw25+7
2012 Jul 11 Cops can read suspect's texts, spring text trap -- 'The Washington Court of Appeals said that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy with text messages just as there isn't with voice messages left on an answering machine that could be overheard by anyone'11 Commentsr3b3lang3l+55
2012 Jul 11 Google and F.T.C. Set to Settle Safari Privacy Charge0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 11 Privacy trumps cybersecurity, poll shows0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 11 Top spook: ISP black boxes NOT key to UK's web-snoop plan - We fully expect Google, Facebook and Twitter to hand over your data1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 Jul 11 Judges don't buy the "I'm an idiot about Facebook privacy settings" defense0 Commentsmaxwellhill+10
2012 Jul 11 NSA Chief Says NSA Doesn't Need Access To Your Info... As Whistleblowers Say They're Already Getting It0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+18
2012 Jul 11 Privacy trumps cybersecurity, poll shows -- Almost 2/3 of Americans—63% polled—said government and businesses should not be allowed to share information because it would hurt privacy and civil liberties.0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+32
2012 Jul 11 Judge orders newspaper website to surrender info on anonymous commenter for defamation suit1 Commentsmtigas+5
2012 Jul 11 Orwell's Thought Police made real: Mind-reading helmet invades privacy of the mind. Brain spying device maker said, “The last realm of privacy is your mind. This will invade that.”0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+8
2012 Jul 11 Privacy News Roundup: Tracking Customers, UK Snoopers’ Charter, and Drones in Latin America0 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Jul 11 How terahertz laser scanners will spy on you in airports0 CommentsVailhem+3
2012 Jul 11 Google Will Pay Millions to Pretend it Did No Evil0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 12 Five Ways Wireless Carriers Could Rein In The Government's Surveillance Of Your Phone0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Jul 12 Every click you make, they'll be watching - Australia0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+17
2012 Jul 12 Defending the Internet with Project Meshnet0 Commentssecuritygeek123+10
2012 Jul 12 This Week in Transparency at the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Demands for Cell Data, Drones, and Declassification0 CommentsBhima+7
2012 Jul 12 Government Will Soon Be Able to Know Your Adrenaline Level, What You Ate Breakfast and What You’re Thinking … from 164 Feet 6 CommentsArbiK+43
2012 Jul 12 [Australia] Why Data Retention is a Bad Thing0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Jul 12 What Secrets Is Your Cell Phone Company Telling the Government About You? Over 1.3 million Americans have been electronically "searched and frisked." 1 Commentsmaxwellhill+24
2012 Jul 12 Yahoo investigating leak of 450,000 passwords, user IDs4 Commentsreaderseven+19
2012 Jul 12 Administration privacy approach to get first test0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Jul 12 Yahoo confirms server breach and 400k accounts compromised, Apologizes1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Jul 12 What's your personal email policy? 3 Comments13_0_0_0_0+7
2012 Jul 13 Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity [REPORT]2 Commentstiff_seattle+34
2012 Jul 13 Facebook scans chats and posts for criminal activity28 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+120
2012 Jul 13 Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity0 Commentsyahoo_bot+7
2012 Jul 13 Australia Follows U.S., U.K. in Proposing Radical Expansion of Government Surveillance Powers0 CommentsEquanimousMind+15
2012 Jul 13 Is anyone else scared of the National Online ID program that's pushing it's way through Congress?6 Commentsjrconlin+21
2012 Jul 13 So the facebook chat monitoring stuff is motivating me to seek some advice from you guys4 CommentsTheUKLibertarian+4
2012 Jul 13 14 Incredibly Creepy Surveillance Technologies That Big Brother Will Be Using To Spy On You 0 Commentssalvia_d+5
2012 Jul 13 Homeland Security warns of hackers targeting popular Niagara software - "Niagara Framework enables corporate, military, health-care and other users to remotely control or monitor medical devices, elevators, video cameras, security systems and a wide array of other sensitive operations."0 Commentsjihadaze+6
2012 Jul 13 FYI: How Can I Protect My Cell Phone Data Records From Law Enforcement Subpoenas?1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+5
2012 Jul 13 Lesson on Facebook Privacy Settings0 CommentsPanich52+6
2012 Jul 14 The device in your purse or jeans that you think is a cellphone — guess again. It is a tracking device that happens to make calls (x/technology)2 CommentsBut_Wait_Theres_More+47
2012 Jul 14 Is there a physical way to shield my connections from ISP/others?3 CommentsLetoTheTyrant+4
2012 Jul 14 DEA installs license-plate recognition devices near Southwest border1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+18
2012 Jul 14 That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker.0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Jul 14 EU Commission had plans to accept alternatives to blanket data retention0 Commentsvamediah+3
2012 Jul 15 I found the secret page on Facebook that lets you delete all the contacts it stole from your phone. Can someone add this to the FAQ?10 CommentsTurdFerguson+83
2012 Jul 15 Future of Privacy Forum Study Results Show App Developers Heed Call for Privacy Policies0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Jul 15 The FDA Spied On Its Own Scientists0 Commentsreaderseven+7
2012 Jul 15 HOPE 9: Whistleblower Binney says the NSA is pulling together all the data about virtually every U.S. citizen in the country, assembling that information, building communities that you have relationships with, and knowledge about you; what your activities are; what you're doing.14 Commentsr3b3lang3l+122
2012 Jul 15 You're REALLY doing it wrong! - 25% of people will text during sex and 15% will answer a call during sex. What if your cell was listening via the microphone and watching via the camera because it's handy and can be made into a covert listening device?1 CommentsTurdFerguson+1
2012 Jul 15 The more you encrypt, the more the government breaks into your cloud5 CommentsTurdFerguson+28
2012 Jul 16 Privacy concerns: e-readers transmit data about both WHAT and HOW you read7 Commentssandity+57
2012 Jul 16 Facebook users can now see if/when you have read their group posts. Privacy anyone?1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+0
2012 Jul 16 Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2012 Jul 16 Poland and digital freedoms: Big brother is listening0 Commentsalmodozo+10
2012 Jul 17 LinkedIn Users Lose Invasion-of-Privacy Case2 Commentskash_hill+18
2012 Jul 17 Your Boss Shouldn’t Read Your Email22 Commentsr3b3lang3l+49
2012 Jul 17 Drone Records Gush from FAA Spigot, But Privacy Issues Not a Priority0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+22
2012 Jul 17 ACLU: "reasonable suspicion" not good enough for GPS tracking0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 17 Facebook Privacy Tips4 Commentsdrguildo+7
2012 Jul 17 'You're automatically suspicious until we prove that you're not.' NSA databases allow Google-like searches, but whistleblower Drake calls it the rise of soft tyranny and a universal wiretap1 Commentszetadog+140
2012 Jul 18 Bank Security Lax As Leaky Websites Aid Hackers0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 18 Canadian Spy Agency Applauds Surveillance Legislation, Offers Tweaks1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Jul 18 On the downsides of privacy law: Death by HIPAA0 Commentskash_hill+6
2012 Jul 18 In Florida Public Records Lead To Extortion (X-Post Technology)1 Commentsnoahrsg+10
2012 Jul 18 Lori Andrews Says Internet Privacy Is Dead: Video0 Commentssm9801+2
2012 Jul 19 Faceless Freedom: YouTube adds face-bluring tool3 Commentsskeptoid+25
2012 Jul 19 JUDGE: MAN WHO STRIPPED NUDE AT AIRPORT NOT GUILTY. Portland judge says it was protected speech:1 Commentsreaderseven+31
2012 Jul 19 TestPAC seeking new volunteers for leadership positions0 CommentsMcmanzi+2
2012 Jul 19 ASIO gets virtually unlimited spying power. Encryption effectively outlawed. They can view your web history, all forms of communication. They're immune to civil and criminal charges. Literally a police state.2 Commentsglados_v2+95
2012 Jul 19 Senator Al Franken grills FBI, Facebook, and others on facial recognition technology0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+22
2012 Jul 19 Interview: World's most famous hacker Kevin Mitnick on mobile security & Zimperium0 CommentsAnomaly100+2
2012 Jul 19 Court Orders Twitter to Cough Up User Information0 Commentswordsmithie+2
2012 Jul 19 Meet The Internet Defense League (And Join It, Too)1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 19 YouTube Face-Blurring Tool Looks to Protect Some Privacy0 Commentswordsmithie+2
2012 Jul 19 EFF: Americans may not realize it, but many are in a face recognition database now11 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+117
2012 Jul 19 SkyDrive account suspensions prove you can’t trust cloud storage 6 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 Jul 19 Twitter raises stakes in ‘who owns your tweets’ fight0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 19 Secret surveillance and gag orders highlight weak US data privacy laws1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 19 Privacy, Google, and Facebook: chill!1 CommentsXNet+0
2012 Jul 19 Super-Silent Owl Drone Will Spy on You Without You Ever Noticing1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2012 Jul 19 TSA Agents Allegedly Strip-Search Woman, Fiddle with Feeding Tube0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Jul 20 New Cybersecurity Bill May Actually Take Privacy Concerns Seriously1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 20 All the websites you visit, at our fingertips. (Google Web Activity History)14 Commentsglados_v2+92
2012 Jul 20 Facebook and Wal-Mart Join Forces - Slashdot0 CommentsKevZero+3
2012 Jul 20 House subcommittee chairman: "DHS seems either disinterested or unprepared to step up to the plate to address the proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Systems in U.S. airspace"1 Commentsrbaix+3
2012 Jul 20 Uh, YouTube is getting a little pushy about the Full Name thing.13 Commentsronocdh+41
2012 Jul 21 Privacy info for UK HTTPS certificate transparent proxy0 Commentsprivkayc3p3throwaway+9
2012 Jul 21 EFF Urges Congress to Protect Privacy in Face Recognition0 Commentssebf+53
2012 Jul 22 Australian Attorney-General: "The case has yet to be made'' for a controversial plan to force internet providers to store the web history of all Australians for up to two years. 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2012 Jul 22 What do iOS games track about you without asking?3 CommentsDebugDucky+1
2012 Jul 22 Debunking The Dangerous "If You Have Nothing To Hide, You Have Nothing To Fear"6 Commentsmaxwellhill+115
2012 Jul 22 3D printed keys open "high security" handcuffs - Boing Boing0 CommentsRedditambassador+6
2012 Jul 22 In The UK, You Will Go To Jail Not Just For Encryption, But For Astronomical Noise, Too - Falkvinge on Infopolicy1 CommentsRedditambassador+0
2012 Jul 22 "If you're concerned about it, maybe there's a reason we should be flying over you, right?" said Douglas McDonald, the company's director of special operations and president of a local chapter of the unmanned vehicle trade group.1 CommentsTurdFerguson+21
2012 Jul 22 Apple Won't Let You See What iPhone Apps Do With Your Data0 Commentsskeptoid+4
2012 Jul 23 Anonymous Browsing: Surf the Web Anonymously0 Commentsskeptoid+7
2012 Jul 23 California Starts Up a Privacy Enforcement Unit: ".. to police the privacy practices of individuals and organizations to hold accountable those who misuse technology to invade the privacy of others” 3 Commentsmaxwellhill+51
2012 Jul 23 Aussie spy chief laments digital footprints: ASIS Nick Warner says that while the internet is making intelligence gathering much easier, the digital trail left behind by ASIS agents is a potential threat to the secrecy of the organisation0 Commentsmaxwellhill+9
2012 Jul 23 "Google fined $22.5m, customers still screwed" - This dude makes such an important point!0 CommentsTheUKLibertarian+0
2012 Jul 23 Everything you ever wanted to know about building a secure password reset feature0 Commentsprogrammerswife+2
2012 Jul 23 The Spy Hunt for Whistle-Blowers (editorial in the NYTimes)0 Commentskash_hill+6
2012 Jul 23 A Response to Obama on the Cybersecurity Act of 20120 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 23 Fear of drone GPS hacking raised by Congress as FAA deadline looms - After pushing FAA to allow UAVs, Congress now has second thoughts on safety. 0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 23 Consumer Data, but Not for Consumers1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Jul 23 TSA: Search your iPhone? Yes we can! « TSA Out of Our Pants!2 Commentseleitl+28
2012 Jul 23 UK Government Faces Lawsuit Over Surveillance Technology Exports0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Jul 23 California creates dedicated department to enforce privacy laws1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Jul 23 YouTube Pushing Users Switch To Real Names 0 Commentssalvia_d+8
2012 Jul 23 Privacy plot in Dark Knight & Dark Knight Rises0 CommentsLawyerCT+1
2012 Jul 23 Sigh. HuffPost blogger suggests credit card data miners be given authority to call police when someone buys something suspicious, like a lot of ammo.5 Commentskash_hill+3
2012 Jul 24 Facebook has now a patent granted on having a user privacy settings page0 CommentsPeter_File+10
2012 Jul 24 YouTube Fights Comment Trolls By Discouraging Pseudonyms7 Comments7oby+17
2012 Jul 24 Spooky: How NSA's Surveillance Algorithms See Into Your Life4 Commentssebf+61
2012 Jul 24 A minor miracle occurred early last year when the FBI tried to shake down a phone company for customer records during an investigation: the company said no2 Commentsmaxwellhill+18
2012 Jul 24 Millions of Americans now fall within government's digital dragnet0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2012 Jul 24 Does the NSA have a file on you? Probably1 CommentsPockyBum522+7
2012 Jul 24 Big brother Microsoft listens in to your Skype IMs 0 CommentsTanglesome+33
2012 Jul 24 Novo Ordo - secure email service2 CommentsDivinorum72+2
2012 Jul 24 Domestic drones: security and privacy game changer0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 24 DC police chief announces shockingly reasonable cell camera policy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 25 Privacy by Design: Nicholas Merrill 'describes his plan to rework the Internet landscape to protect the privacy and speech rights of individuals and organizations'2 Commentsmaxwellhill+19
2012 Jul 25 Malte Spitz: Your phone company is watching 0 Commentssalvia_d+1
2012 Jul 25 Detecting Network Monitoring20 CommentsISeekPrivacy+17
2012 Jul 25 Our government is watching all of us closely. This should be even bigger than the Aurora story.13 Commentselmaschingon+144
2012 Jul 25 Posted as til a while ago, request your FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. files4 Commentsricotomo+36
2012 Jul 25 Thoughts on the Opera web browser?1 CommentsTidderGnillort+0
2012 Jul 25 Reverse-Engineered Irises Look So Real, They Fool Eye-Scanners1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Jul 25 Cyber Attacks on Activists Traced to FinFisher Spyware of Gamma0 Commentsskeptoid+3
2012 Jul 26 Information collection, processing, dissemination -- what does privacy look like? Solove gives a taxonomy of privacy. (.png)1 Commentscake-please+11
2012 Jul 26 Southampton UK Information Commissioner's Office orders council to stop spying on taxi passengers; the council wanted to record video and audio in every city cab0 Commentsmepper+10
2012 Jul 26 US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is proposing an amendment that would remove the worst part of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 -- the provisions that permit monitoring the private communications and countermeasures of Internet users6 Commentsmepper+109
2012 Jul 26 From a privacy standpoint are virtual keyboards less susceptible to keyloggers or MITM drop ins?2 Commentsdomainsquatter+5
2012 Jul 26 The commercial support for the invasion of privacy is legal but is it ethically correct? The advocates will say: Software does not torture!0 Comments2beemedia+1
2012 Jul 26 Skype, the online phone service long favored by political dissidents, criminals and others eager to communicate beyond the reach of governments, has expanded its cooperation with law enforcement authorities to make online chats and other user information available to police0 Commentsjdw25+13
2012 Jul 26 What 6 months of cell phone data logs say about you0 Commentsukdm+6
2012 Jul 26 Homeland Security to experiment with rescue drones inside the United States1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2012 Jul 26 Skype handing over more chat data to law enforcement18 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+106
2012 Jul 26 Want To Find Jay-Z's Or Bill Gates' Private Jets? OpenBarr Tracks 'Untrackable' Flights 0 Commentskash_hill+14
2012 Jul 27 Try this: log in to your google account, then go to "web history"25 Commentspuffybaba+20
2012 Jul 27 Reverse Australia Goes Mobile - I hate and love it all at once0 Commentsaktomkins+2
2012 Jul 27 Rep. Hank Johnson's AppRights Seeks Feedback on Mobile Privacy0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Jul 27 Privacy Implications of Google Fiber56 Commentssigma22+50
2012 Jul 27 White House Backs Cybersecurity Bill, With Tweaks0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 27 Senator Al Franken backs Cybersecurity Act, proposes stricter guidelines for surveillance0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+15
2012 Jul 27 This Cute Chat Site Could Save Your Life And Help Overthrow Your Government | Threat Level | Wired.com17 Commentsbiffbagwell+68
2012 Jul 27 Emailed a Reddit link to friend, now Yahoo blocked my mail1 Commentsgeorgeo+1
2012 Jul 27 Next Week: The Senate Fights Over Whether It Can Take Away Your Online Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 27 Google admits it has not deleted all of the Street View data it secretly collected from internet users0 CommentsKevZero+12
2012 Jul 27 Clearing The Air On Skype: Most Of What You Read Was Not Accurate, But There Are Still Reasons To Worry0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Jul 27 Australian cops tout arrest of man for Bitcoin drug deal0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Jul 27 Your FTC Privacy Watchdogs: Low-Tech, Defensive, Toothless0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Jul 28 Sophos auto update trying to connect to www.secretservice.gov ?? WTF42 CommentsRedditambassador+96
2012 Jul 28 Skype is Spy Campaign - Techrights0 Commentsr_schestowitz+0
2012 Jul 28 Facebook's 'Like' buttons on websites track you - even if you don't click them | Care about your privacy & use this Firefox AddOn: '2 click like'7 CommentspsYberspRe4Dd+6
2012 Jul 28 Is Microsoft storing full text passwords?13 CommentsTritonio+37
2012 Jul 29 NYPD to launch all-seeing system to track crime3 Commentssirbruce+41
2012 Jul 29 Security services to get more access to monitor emails and social media Britain has quietly agreed to new European standards on electronic communications0 Commentsreaderseven+21
2012 Jul 29 Anonymous begins dump of stolen ISP data0 Commentsmaxwellhill+38
2012 Jul 29 Google Admits It Did Not Delete Data Taken From Wi-Fi Devices12 Commentsmaxwellhill+80
2012 Jul 30 Facebook Browser?0 CommentsRacoonie+1
2012 Jul 30 Let Your Senator Know Right Now That You Are Watching If They'll Vote To Protect Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+24
2012 Jul 30 Tools Released at Def Con Cracks PPTP Encryption in under a day1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Jul 30 NSA head calls for more visibility over computer networks0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+22
2012 Jul 30 Pentagon wants software to monitor Facebook, Twitter to predict terrorism10 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+63
2012 Jul 30 Cybersecurity Act of 2012 Moves Ahead in Senate0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Jul 30 Check out Foxygram: Free Secure Messaging and Vault App - No central Servers - AES 2560 CommentsFoxyFone+2
2012 Jul 30 Stupid question: Is there any way to protect yourself against your ISP logging and retaining your data? 20 CommentsNotSoHotPink+9
2012 Jul 30 Namibia: HIV-positive women were sterilized without consent, court rules0 Commentsreaderseven+2
2012 Jul 30 Former NSA Official Disputes Claims by NSA Chief1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+21
2012 Jul 30 Law School Study Alleges NYPD Overstepped its Power During Occupy Protests5 Commentsreaderseven+74
2012 Jul 30 Get Up! Australia's new campaign against the government's infiltration of internet privacy. (xpost r/australia)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Jul 30 Amendment to Cybersecurity Act Would Deter Federal Government Privacy Abuses0 CommentsEquanimousMind+1
2012 Jul 30 Why The NSA Can’t Be Trusted to Run U.S. Cybersecurity Programs0 CommentsEquanimousMind+25
2012 Jul 31 Cryptocat Increases Security In Move Away From JavaScript Web Delivery (x/post from /r/HackBloc)3 Commentsbadsuperblock+12
2012 Jul 31 OpenSSH offers your public keys to all servers you connect to, causing you to be potentially uniquely identified. [xpost /r/crypto]1 Commentsdb3dd9adf4d59c9b76fc+11
2012 Jul 31 Your Privacy At Risk - Proposed Aus law requires ISPs to store web browsing history for 2 years, allow ASIO access to your computer without warrant, legally required backdoors & handling over your own password.2 Commentsglados_v2+73
2012 Jul 31 What recommendations do you have for an anonymous VPN?5 CommentsOuro130Ros+3
2012 Jul 31 The opt in or don't have access attitude needs to stop. Even Alexa are doing it!0 Commentscrankdant+4
2012 Jul 31 AppRights: EFF's 'Mobile User Privacy Bill of Rights' - A Starting Point for Legislation?0 CommentsAppRights+2
2012 Jul 31 HIPAA Privacy Complaints Leading to More Corrective Actions by Healthcare, According to Melamedia0 Commentsdmelamed+3
2012 Jul 31 If You See Something, Film Something (Recording Police Brutality)0 Commentsreaderseven+3
2012 Jul 31 Reddit, please remember to call your Senators to stop the Cybersecurity Act of 2012!0 CommentsKiroTheYoyo+7
2012 Jul 31 There Are Many Reasons Not To Give The NSA The Power To Spy On Your Info5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+67
2012 Jul 31 ACLU - The Biggest New Spying Program You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: 'What if a government spy agency had power to copy and data mine information about ordinary Americans from any government database?'0 Commentsmaxwellhill+11
2012 Jul 31 Your E-Reader is the Furthest Thing From Private... and Microsoft Knows It0 Commentspseudohalsey+6
2012 Jul 31 Social media plays a growing role in open source intelligence, experts say0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Jul 31 Interesting comment by Hushmail's former CEO with some backstory on the US gov's forced backdoor of the service.1 Commentssanitybit+8
2012 Jul 31 Attack against Microsoft scheme puts hundreds of crypto apps at risk0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Jul 31 This is scary ! oO (Being able to request directly that kind of information, not my face)2 CommentsK000TH0R+0
2012 Aug 01 Dropbox confirms it got hacked, will offer two-factor authentication17 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+82
2012 Aug 01 Class action lawsuit settlement forces Netflix privacy changes.1 CommentsJoyousCacophony+2
2012 Aug 01 Andrew Keen: Web 3.0 is Digital Narcissism0 Commentsskeptoid+3
2012 Aug 01 Skype Denies System Upgrade Will Help Spy on Users0 Commentsreaderseven+15
2012 Aug 01 EFF Asks Supreme Court to Reverse "Forced Consent" to Facebook Disclosure0 Commentsmaxwellhill+3
2012 Aug 01 Facebook Users Automatically Checked In To Events They RSVPed Yes To - AllFacebook0 CommentsCubbyRed+1
2012 Aug 01 Privacy watchdog tasked in cyber bill to protect consumer privacy has been defunct for year0 Commentskash_hill+3
2012 Aug 01 Would You Like To Keep The Government From Spying On You? Speak Up Now3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+97
2012 Aug 01 Copyright Trolls Ignore Court, Undermine Alleged BitTorrent Sharers’ Rights4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+30
2012 Aug 01 In face of breaches, malware, unscrupulous users, US needs to update online privacy protection0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Aug 01 Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Aug 01 Netflix alters privacy policy as part of class action suit settlement2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2012 Aug 01 None of Your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Photos are Really Private or Limited (Report)7 CommentsGMacf33+33
2012 Aug 01 Court Demands TSA Explain Why It Is Defying ‘Nude’ Body Scanner Order1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+17
2012 Aug 01 Congress to Examine Data Sellers0 Commentsskeptoid+2
2012 Aug 01 Congressman presses for limits on domestic drone data collection0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Aug 01 Illinois employers can no longer force Facebook password disclosure0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+35
2012 Aug 02 Your Web browsing history is totally unique, like fingerprints: Researchers find the majority of Internet users have unique browsing histories that make them identifiable5 Commentsmaxwellhill+57
2012 Aug 02 Britain Sued for Selling Surveillance Techniques0 CommentsKatrineSegane+3
2012 Aug 02 AppRights takes the legislative process to Twitter via #PrivChat0 CommentsAppRights+4
2012 Aug 02 “Cyber-security” legislation killed by Senate filibuster0 Commentspseudocubic+14
2012 Aug 02 Drone Privacy Bill Would Put In Safeguards On Surveillance 0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+36
2012 Aug 02 UAE: US, UK Should Criticize Dissident Arrests. 50 Detainees Include Prominent Defense Lawyers0 Commentsreaderseven+6
2012 Aug 02 Cybersecurity Act of 2012 Dies in the Senate – Activists Claim Victory2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+78
2012 Aug 03 Police can imitate your drug dealer to text you from his phone: In a Washington state appeals court decision, Judge Joel Penoyar wrote that cell phones are, basically, just fancy address books, or, quoting from a similar case, "nothing more than a contemporary receptacle for telephone numbers".1 Commentsmaxwellhill+14
2012 Aug 03 Silent Circle | Worldwide Private Encrypted Communications - Global Launch 17th September 20123 CommentsRedditambassador+2
2012 Aug 03 Thanks to Quora, now you can’t read anonymously8 Commentskskxt+4
2012 Aug 03 BBC News - US resists control of internet passing to UN agency11 CommentsRedditambassador+4
2012 Aug 03 France: Update on website blocking without a judicial decision (filtering still possible)0 Commentssebf+2
2012 Aug 03 FBI's facial recognition is expanding: They will "permit photo submissions independent of arrests," which suggests they want to be able to search and ID people in photos of crowds and in pictures posted online -- even if the people in those photos haven't been arrested or suspected of a crime50 Commentsmepper+189
2012 Aug 03 Google demands that I give them my phone number. WTF?32 Commentskartoqraf+36
2012 Aug 03 Europe Already Has Draft Standard For Real-Time Government Snooping On Services Like Facebook And Gmail0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Aug 03 Craigslist Survey Results: Users Want Privacy, Anonymity0 Commentsjetsetter+4
2012 Aug 03 RIM denies reports that it gave India access to its secure enterprise email servers2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Aug 03 Researchers turn Home Wi-Fi Router into Spy Device 0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Aug 03 Illinois Second State to Enact Law Barring Employers from Obtaining Employees' Social Media Account Credentials 0 CommentsInfoLawGroup+24
2012 Aug 04 Hey, We Finally Have A Privacy And Civil Liberties Oversight Board... After Being Left Dormant For Almost Five Years1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+12
2012 Aug 05 Unhosting: How To Control Your Data Online0 Commentscephoe+2
2012 Aug 05 Anti-SOPA Candidates Running for Congress1 CommentsOsterstriker+106
2012 Aug 05 Prototype Surveillance: Stealthy WiFi Spy Sees You Through 1ft-Thick Walls Thanks to Your Wireless Router0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+27
2012 Aug 06 Erasing David: A Documentary About Privacy, Surveillance And The Database State1 Commentsstric9+23
2012 Aug 06 “Privacy”: Why it matters much more than you think 0 CommentsArbiK+34
2012 Aug 06 Looking for articles about privacy/ethics-issues in IT in the past half year0 CommentsStrike_A_Chord+1
2012 Aug 06 3 days left to get 5500 signatures - Make Obama explain the TSA violating court orders for public process.10 Commentsaviewanew+136
2012 Aug 06 Proposed Privacy Law Demands Court Warrants for Cloud Data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Aug 07 Protecting Our Civil Rights in the Era of Digital Health0 Commentsshallah+7
2012 Aug 07 Not a huge surprise, but nice to know about if you still have a facebook...0 CommentsZodiathan+6
2012 Aug 07 IEEE call for papers on Internet Censorship and Control0 Commentssanitybit+3
2012 Aug 07 Facebook - even if you have never joined, they gather intel on you34 Commentssiberia77+160
2012 Aug 07 Imgur removes Exif data4 Commentsi_meant_lulz+4
2012 Aug 07 TSA Abuses Rape Survivor, Sent to ER « TSA Out of Our Pants!0 Commentstsaoutofourpants+1
2012 Aug 07 Beware, Tech Abandoners. People Without Facebook Accounts Are 'Suspicious.' (x-post Technology)1 CommentsJoyousCacophony+6
2012 Aug 07 Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Aug 07 Ohio State University Law Professor Peter Swire testifies before Congress on the inadequacy of industry self-regulation to protect privacy0 Commentsmepper+2
2012 Aug 08 Cory Doctorow: The Coming Century of War Against Your Computer - The Long Now2 CommentsAnzahl+6
2012 Aug 08 Today I had to choose between my job and getting fingerprinted.....1 Commentslabatts_blue+3
2012 Aug 08 Microsoft sticks to default Do Not Track settings in IE 10: Online advertisers and analytics companies were furious with Microsoft's decision to enable Do Not Track as a default in IE 10. Microsoft today announced it's sticking to its guns28 Commentsmepper+188
2012 Aug 08 Microsoft sticks to its guns, keeps Do Not Track on by default in IE100 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Aug 08 Imagining a Secure Backdoor Cipher.0 Commentsxor_rotate+3
2012 Aug 08 How Not To Get Hacked: The four things you need to do right now to avoid the fate of tech writer Mat Honan1 Commentsjdw25+3
2012 Aug 08 FileVault 2’s Apple ID Backdoor0 CommentsTwirrim+1
2012 Aug 08 Supreme Court likely to take Maryland DNA case: Chief Justice John Roberts says the Supreme Court will probably consider and may reverse a Maryland case that blocked police from collecting DNA samples from people arrested for certain crimes0 Commentsmepper+2
2012 Aug 08 Goodbye IMDB3 Commentsgatzbysgreenlight+9
2012 Aug 08 Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath?2 CommentsPeter_File+7
2012 Aug 08 One city under hundreds of drones, One nation under surveillance0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+6
2012 Aug 08 FinFisher Spyware Reach Found on 5 Continents secretly monitoring computers, intercepting Skype calls, turning on Web cameras and recording every keystroke1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+26
2012 Aug 08 The Dark Art Of "Fusking" -- a 5 yr old hole in Photobucket's privacy has made it so that private albums can be accessed with little work0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+4
2012 Aug 08 RadioWest: The Agony and Ecstasy of Online Comments (livestream now, rebroadcast at 7:00p MDT)3 Comments4blockhead+1
2012 Aug 08 Damn Newser.Is all of this really necessary? 2 Commentsbiffbagwell+7
2012 Aug 08 Terms of Service; Didn't Read - The best source on what those 'Terms and Conditions' that you never read actually mean.2 Commentsjszubert87+55
2012 Aug 08 Website that advocates for internet privacy allows public distribution of user demographics1 Commentst3l3tubie+1
2012 Aug 08 Court Grants Feds Warrantless Access to Utility Records4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+66
2012 Aug 08 Twitter In A Dispute Pitting Terrorism And Security Against Privacy And Free Speech 0 Comments64578761231123+7
2012 Aug 08 NYC and Microsoft announce citywide monitoring system4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+48
2012 Aug 08 Twitter hands over user data to NYPD after shooting threat tweet0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Aug 08 FAA chief: Don't fear the Reapers (or Predators, Global Hawks, other drones)0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Aug 08 Are Demonoid Users at Risk? 1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Aug 08 This is something this subreddit will no doubt want to get behind - IAMA with a man running for US congress on a platform of internet freedom.1 CommentsOmnamah+16
2012 Aug 09 Detailed Parking Tickets Breach Personal Privacy, Appeals Court Says0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Aug 09 Burner wants to help you temporarily obfuscate your phone number0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Aug 09 Twitter Withholds Information from Police After Troll Threatens Murder? Not Quite | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+2
2012 Aug 09 Freelists.org - emails sent show up in Google search.2 CommentsDaniFoxit+8
2012 Aug 09 GAO: USG Privacy Laws Needs Updating to Fit Tech (pdf)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Aug 09 Should we step up online censorship? UK politician wants websites to have their content "rated" before being accessible online. Give her a piece of your mind19 Commentssouvarine+96
2012 Aug 09 EU developing high tech surveillance police state, bigger than 1984 and brave new world combined0 Commentsyahoo_bot+5
2012 Aug 09 Google to pay record $22.5M fine on privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Aug 09 Top FDA officials were privy to surveillance of employee emails0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Aug 09 NAPOLITANO: Sen. Rand Paul’s government reckoning0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Aug 09 Google Settles With FTC, Agrees To Pay $22.5M Penalty For Bypassing Safari Privacy Settings0 CommentsJmactheAttack+10
2012 Aug 09 Re NYPD's New "Domain Awareness System," there's definitely a legal battle to be fought over whether it's okay to track people's location with license plate readers when they're not suspected of crimes.11 Commentskash_hill+52
2012 Aug 10 Judge sides with porn P2P plaintiff, setting up legal showdown2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2012 Aug 10 Cory Doctorow on the upcoming privacy wars - The Sequel (the upcoming Civil War)2 CommentsNightshadeForests+14
2012 Aug 10 US fines Google $22.5 million for privacy violations.US regulators on Thursday fined Google $22.5 million for violations of privacy for using cookies to track the users of Apple's Safari web browser, a rival of Google's own Chrome browser.16 Commentsreaderseven+36
2012 Aug 10 The SSD Project | EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project2 CommentsRedditambassador+20
2012 Aug 10 Virginia farmer threatened with $5K fine for hosting child’s birthday party (initiated from photos found on Facebook page)6 CommentsFlexgrow+11
2012 Aug 10 It's time to reformat data privacy for the 21st century, but does Congress want the upgrade?0 CommentsServerGeek+14
2012 Aug 10 Not on Facebook? Employers could wonder what you’re hiding5 Commentsdidaskaleinophobic+5
2012 Aug 10 Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system4 CommentsJeffreyRodriguez+181
2012 Aug 10 Photobucket exploit exposes users' nude photos2 CommentsLawyerCT+4
2012 Aug 11 Future changes to Facebook privacy settings to be opt-in0 CommentsEquanimousMind+1
2012 Aug 11 Domestic Spying: Mini-Drone Can Watch Neighbors From Above 0 Commentsrobert32907+14
2012 Aug 11 Police cameras quietly capture license plates, collect data0 Commentsmaxwellhill+23
2012 Aug 11 Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like ‘Swarm Of Insects’ 1 Commentsrobert32907+3
2012 Aug 11 In Brazil, All Vehicles Must Have Radio IDs By 20140 Commentsratazana+12
2012 Aug 11 WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network26 CommentsMaxcactus+215
2012 Aug 11 Australian Gov't Drops Plan To Snoop On Internet Use — For Now0 Commentsreaderseven+11
2012 Aug 11 Spotted at the Southbank Book Market in London0 Commentsssladmin+4
2012 Aug 11 Speaking of irony: Reddit gets a "concern" score from privacyscore4 Commentsarahman81+16
2012 Aug 11 Op-Ed About The Advantages of Sacrificing Privacy5 Commentsdak0tah+4
2012 Aug 12 [FISA] Congress Resists Efforts to Reduce Secrecy0 CommentsEquanimousMind+26
2012 Aug 13 Can my employer or College see my facebook even if my facebook settings are in the privacy mode? 0 Commentsjoshgosh91+0
2012 Aug 13 TrapWire: International Surveillance Coordination Network4 Commentssalvia_d+108
2012 Aug 13 Improving Private Browsing Modes: "Do-Not-Track" vs Real Privacy by Design3 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Aug 13 Consumer Watchdog Urges Regulators To Block Google’s Purchase of Frommer’s Travel Guides1 Commentschasmodai+16
2012 Aug 14 ScanEye Knows What You've Been Torrenting, Is a Good Reminder to Beef Up Your Privacy11 Commentsr3b3lang3l+15
2012 Aug 14 The Facebook camera that can recognise you every time you walk into a shop 1 CommentsEuroRaver1+6
2012 Aug 14 The twenty privacy principles they never taught you at school » The Privacy Surgeon2 CommentsTwistTurtle+9
2012 Aug 14 'Black box' standards coming for cars17 CommentsFlexgrow+15
2012 Aug 14 GNUzilla privacy extention (works for Firefox/Iceweasel) {wasn't listed on Mozilla.org}2 CommentsNightshadeForests+2
2012 Aug 14 Confiscated cellphone at Times Square shooting reignites debate over photographing police10 Commentsmoooooky+82
2012 Aug 14 Hide Your Real Email Address While Using Craigslist with Gliph Cloaked Email1 Commentsjetsetter+6
2012 Aug 14 Guide to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) destruction.1 Commentsantibubbles+3
2012 Aug 14 How Governments and Telecom Companies Work Together on Surveillance Laws0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Aug 15 Government faces new warrantless surveillance battle after losing landmark GPS tracking case: They are now trying to fight for warrantless cell phone tracking; the EFF is against this, saying the gov't should get a warrant based on probable cause that's approved by a judge0 Commentsmepper+166
2012 Aug 15 What can Freenet do well already?0 CommentsArneBab+4
2012 Aug 15 Richard_Judo gives insight about privacy in Reddit [x-post /r/DepthHub]1 CommentsSuperConductiveRabbi+7
2012 Aug 15 Facebook camera app in Nashville, TN stores able to recognize customer13 Commentsateohone+32
2012 Aug 15 A post about securing a bit more internet privacy... 2 CommentsNihiloZero+2
2012 Aug 15 Surveillance 24/7: Police and private companies use your license plate to monitor when and where you travel without needing a warrant or probable cause.8 Commentsamerican_mentlegen+70
2012 Aug 15 New Bill Would Require Warrant to Obtain Cellphone records0 CommentsCrankyBear+65
2012 Aug 15 Germany: Facebook must destroy facial recognition database3 Commentssebf+31
2012 Aug 15 FYI: reddit is still vulnerable to firesheep.16 Commentspuffybaba+28
2012 Aug 16 How to undermine a legitimate privacy concern: a Reddit case study. 1 CommentsDrumlin+6
2012 Aug 16 Casual iPhone Anonymity with Burner | Is trading convenience for privacy worth it?0 Commentsgrecs+2
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2012 Aug 16 RNCCTV - Mapping the dozens of new HD surveillance cameras installed in Tampa for the Republican National Convention0 Commentsrbaix+5
2012 Aug 16 TrapWire tied to White House, Scotland Yard, MI5 and others, claims hacked Stratfor email — RT1 Commentsyahoo_bot+100
2012 Aug 16 Ixquick. The only search engine that does not record your IP address.15 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Aug 16 Storage No Longer a Barrier to Ubiquitous Government Surveillance0 CommentsCrankyBear+7
2012 Aug 16 New subreddit about government oppression, corruption, tyranny. 1 Commentsyahoo_bot+12
2012 Aug 16 Privacy is a partner, not a foe, in medical research0 Commentscostheta+6
2012 Aug 17 "There is no cookie. We don't track, we don't profile, what you do is not discoverable by a search engine. We are not going to suggest who your friends are, we are not going to use facial recognition. You own your content, you can delete your account."21 CommentsImNickJames+122
2012 Aug 17 Relatives and friends upload photos of mine to facebook without my permission7 Commentsgtklocker+10
2012 Aug 17 These Drones Are Made For Watchin' | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+7
2012 Aug 17 'Mind-Control' Gaming Devices Leak Brain Data That Help Researchers Guess Users' Secrets1 Commentsdropallpackets+9
2012 Aug 17 To Make Sure Criminals Get No Location Privacy, the 6th Circuit Kills It for Everyone Else Too | Electronic Frontier Foundation2 CommentsPurblind+48
2012 Aug 17 Federal Judge: Your location is no more private than the color of your car -- A court of appeals has ruled that the cops can legally trace the location of your cell phone on public roads: No warrant required.26 Commentsmepper+56
2012 Aug 17 My school just put this out. Sounds a bullshit way to track Internet usage. Am I wrong?77 Commentsmariokart+193
2012 Aug 17 Palm Beach County school district looking into using fingerprint tech to keep better track of kids on buses1 CommentsFlexgrow+6
2012 Aug 17 A Tor of the Dark Web, with Tor dev & Knight-Mozilla Fellow Dan Schultz0 Commentsuhwuggawuh+4
2012 Aug 18 Scary article, scary glossed-over point: "police were alerted because he used the name of Breivik in email correspondence." How did they know?28 Commentsnjtrafficsignshopper+111
2012 Aug 18 A California District Court Holds that the Video Privacy Protection Act Applies to Online Video | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+3
2012 Aug 19 Auto Insurance Driver Tracking Hits Privacy Wall in California1 CommentsFlexgrow+12
2012 Aug 19 German officials reopen inquiry into Facebook facial recognition0 CommentsMaxcactus+60
2012 Aug 19 Is Your Car Being Tracked by a License-Plate Scanner?4 CommentsBlankVerse+19
2012 Aug 19 Finally.....an alternative to Facebook and Google+ that respects your privacy. Sgrouples | Join the Online Privacy Revolution6 Commentslabatts_blue+6
2012 Aug 20 This made me smile. Time to stock up on silly string.48 Commentse_d_sea+251
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2012 Aug 20 SearchDiggity 3.0 ... Nice for searching for your info that might be floating out there...0 Commentsgrecs+12
2012 Aug 21 Sixth Circuit Approves Warrantless Tracking of Cell Phone Location. JOLT Digest » Harvard Journal of Law & Technology1 CommentsAnzahl+29
2012 Aug 21 UK Redditors ONLY 48 hours left. 38 Degrees | Snooping: email the committee on the Consultation on Draft Communications Data Bill11 CommentsRedditambassador+76
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2012 Aug 22 Why passwords have never been weaker €”and crackers have never been stronger1 CommentsMaxcactus+34
2012 Aug 22 New Documents Show That Feds Share License Plate Scanning Data With Insurance Firms11 Commentsmaxwellhill+140
2012 Aug 22 Google Building Privacy Red Team0 CommentsTheloniusPhunk+2
2012 Aug 22 Introducing Tent - the decentralized social web0 Commentstitanous+9
2012 Aug 22 Flying while brown not OK with TSA.0 Commentslythander+7
2012 Aug 23 KS: Public information enables prediction of Social Security numbers0 Commentsgrecs+3
2012 Aug 23 Is Google stepping out of bounds to promote Google+?7 Commentssocialsplat+11
2012 Aug 23 EFF: CA Location Privacy Bill Passes Assembly1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+10
2012 Aug 23 Google Building Privacy Red Team0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+1
2012 Aug 23 California Senate Passes Social Privacy Bill0 CommentsFlexgrow+18
2012 Aug 23 Constitutional Court rules real-name policy online unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court ruled Thursday the online real-name verification legislation is unconstitutional, paving the way for the controversial system to be repealed 5 years after its introduction.6 Commentsreaderseven+82
2012 Aug 23 British Airways Googles Passengers: Friendlier Flights or Invasion of Privacy?0 CommentsFlexgrow+2
2012 Aug 23 Want security, privacy? Turn off that smartphone, tablet GPS0 CommentsFlexgrow+0
2012 Aug 23 BBC Under Fire For Secret Use Of RIPA Surveillance Powers: Broadcaster just one of many publicly-funded firms keeping schtum about use of RIPA 0 Commentsmaxwellhill+22
2012 Aug 23 Who’s Watching the N.S.A. Watchers?1 Commentsjdw25+15
2012 Aug 23 The Program: NSA's Stellar Wind0 Commentsambiveillance+10
2012 Aug 23 Every plate is photographed, time-stamped, labeled on a GPS map and automatically logged into an Arizona Department of Public Safety database. Old, but still a good read. [X-Post]0 Commentssybersonic+20
2012 Aug 23 'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy; Daniel J. Solove.1 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Aug 23 The NSA Domestic Spying Program: "Binney explains how the program he created for foreign intelligence gathering was turned inward on this country...He is among a group of N.S.A. whistle-blowers...who have each risked everything...to warn Americans about the dangers of N.S.A. domestic spying."15 Commentsjdw25+206
2012 Aug 24 Wadate's Huge Online Privacy Guide0 CommentsWadate+0
2012 Aug 24 NSA Put A Premium On Collecting Info, But Not Making Sense Of It1 Commentsmaxwellhill+6
2012 Aug 24 TSA Being Nosy0 Commentsgheidorn+1
2012 Aug 24 FTC: Dish Violated 'Do Not Call' List0 Commentsantdude+6
2012 Aug 24 Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely8 Commentsgitarr+49
2012 Aug 24 'We Know Your House' Posts (Google Street View) Photos Of Your Home To Expose Twitter Privacy Risks0 CommentsFlexgrow+6
2012 Aug 24 Why Bitcoin lives in a “legal gray area” (and shouldn't cash live in that same gray area)1 Commentsrmxz+48
2012 Aug 25 ITU: One world internet governance to be discussed and you are not allowed to know about it.0 Commentsyahoo_bot+40
2012 Aug 25 How Privacy in America Went Virtually Extinct in Just a Decade: Unless we challenge the idea that we should concede our rights to protect our safety, it'll get even worse3 Commentsmaxwellhill+188
2012 Aug 25 License Plate Readers and Your Privacy - On The Media0 Commentsisafakir+1
2012 Aug 25 10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Privacy1 Commentsted0987+0
2012 Aug 25 William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency, helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans’ personal data10 Commentscaroline_says+78
2012 Aug 25 Operation Unfuck The Hivemind : evolutionReddit2 CommentspsYberspRe4Dd+7
2012 Aug 26 Classic ACLU "pizza order" swf movie - what was once theoretical is probably closer than we think2 Commentsxcalibre+20
2012 Aug 26 EFF: TPP Creates Legal Incentives For ISPs To Police The Internet. What Is At Risk? Your Rights0 Commentsmaxwellhill+40
2012 Aug 26 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions4 Commentsmaxwellhill+91
2012 Aug 26 LEAKED! TPP: the Son of ACTA will oblige America and other countries to throw out privacy, free speech and due process for easier copyright enforcement - Boing Boing7 Commentsyahoo_bot+168
2012 Aug 26 Public opposes Federal data retention proposal0 Commentsrabidrover+5
2012 Aug 27 A German artist has created a pixellated balaclava, perfect for confusing street cameras in a nation where mistrust of public surveillance is widespread even as the appetite for Facebook is unabated.1 Commentstonyflow+9
2012 Aug 27 How Facebook Design Is Tricking You Into Sharing Info0 CommentsLaserBees+4
2012 Aug 27 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions | TechCrunch0 Commentsbenmaxime+2
2012 Aug 27 The Google Yourself Challenge0 Commentsbac2u+1
2012 Aug 27 TPP: the Son of ACTA will oblige America and other countries to throw out privacy, free speech and due process for easier copyright enforcement0 CommentsEuroRaver1+125
2012 Aug 27 Beware: How Facebook’s new design mocks your privacy0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+7
2012 Aug 27 The Pirate Bay have nothing to do with Free VPN service | The Hacker News0 Commentsunixroot+2
2012 Aug 27 The New York Times Reminds Us the NSA Still Warrantlessly Wiretaps Americans, and Congress Has the Power to Stop It2 CommentsEquanimousMind+127
2012 Aug 28 3 Strategies Google is Using to Grow its Google+ Circle1 Commentssocialsplat+6
2012 Aug 28 Legality Of DNA Collection1 Commentstomato_paste+27
2012 Aug 28 Trackable Banknotes coming in Saudi Arabia2 CommentsCrankyBear+1
2012 Aug 28 Schools In Session, Is Your Principal Watching You at Home?1 Commentspseudohalsey+15
2012 Aug 29 NSA Whistleblower Explains How The NSA Is Collecting Data On All Of You (And He's Sorry About It): William Binney is the mathematical genius behind one of the key algorithms the NSA is using to track everyone2 Commentsmaxwellhill+110
2012 Aug 29 Low flying Military Helicoptors in Minneapolis0 Commentsdegoba+4
2012 Aug 29 RetroShare web interface in development (Python)1 Commentsbuovjaga+2
2012 Aug 29 [Australia] “Police state”: Privacy czar slams security reforms0 CommentsEquanimousMind+6
2012 Aug 29 So everyone knows what the US government is doing. Anybody know why?49 CommentsAlienm00se+95
2012 Aug 30 Jordanians Protest Internet Censorship Law With SOPA-Style Blackout | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+6
2012 Aug 30 Compliance with wiretap law is transparent, NSA says 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+30
2012 Aug 30 Stay away from Gander Mountain Academy if you value your privacy11 Commentswiredprairie+53
2012 Aug 30 [FISA] EFF Sues for Answers About Illegal Government Email and Phone Call Surveillance4 CommentsEquanimousMind+63
2012 Aug 30 Online Tracking and Consumer “Choice”0 CommentsEquanimousMind+8
2012 Aug 30 The Crux of the Current Privacy Issues0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+10
2012 Aug 30 [TrapWire] Dear Republicans, Beware: Big Brother is Watching You3 CommentsEquanimousMind+23
2012 Aug 31 Students in San Antonio Fight Implementation of ID Tracking Badge 0 CommentsFlexgrow+12
2012 Aug 31 How do I walk the line of applying to real jobs while keeping my peronal information secure? [x-post from r/jobs]0 Commentssupruser+2
2012 Aug 31 If you're looking for an alternative to Google search that doesn't track your activity, try DuckDuckGo20 Commentstrans1st+108
2012 Aug 31 Massive Leak: Project HellFire Hackers Dump 1 Million Accounts from 100 Sites0 CommentsFlexgrow+3
2012 Aug 31 Are biometric surveillance systems privacy-friendly? My response to yesterday's Business Week article.0 Commentscqwww+1
2012 Aug 31 Dude installing surveillance camera in Tampa to dude walking past who snaps a pic: "You can’t take photos!”2 Commentskash_hill+53
2012 Aug 31 OPT-OUT by default4 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+1
2012 Aug 31 Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents0 Commentsshbadr+16
2012 Aug 31 Crazy Overload: Despite Privacy Concerns, Mexico Continues Scanning Youth Irises for ID Cards | [EFF.org]0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+6
2012 Aug 31 My Paranoia Takes Another Hit: Research On Scary New Surveillance Apps for Smartphones | [eff.org]0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+10
2012 Aug 31 Google ups the ante in wallet wars - ID verification and driver's licences0 CommentsEuroRaver1+1
2012 Aug 31 TSA detains, interrogates Ron Paul's family and aides | Washington Times Communities0 CommentsCatsAreGods+4
2012 Sep 01 EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour" - Telegraph2 Commentsyahoo_bot+17
2012 Sep 01 Email and Phone Number Targeting Keeps Facebook a Step Ahead of Twitter in Race To Capitalize on Your Data0 Commentsnabla9+8
2012 Sep 02 For What It's Worth: Ask Slashdot: Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Network For Emergency Vehicles? - Slashdot1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+13
2012 Sep 02 Public-Private Partnerships for Cybersecurity Information Sharing0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Sep 03 Free Cryptography Course on Coursera Taught By Dan Boneh of Stanford University (just started)0 Commentsjdw25+11
2012 Sep 03 Information Sharing Environment Annual Report to the Congress 20120 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Sep 03 Smartphone apps track users even when shut down13 Commentsantdude+38
2012 Sep 03 » TSA To Conduct Grope Downs at DNC Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!0 CommentsPurblind+1
2012 Sep 04 Cryptoparty goes viral - Pen testers, privacy geeks spread security to the masses.0 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2012 Sep 04 If You Use Torrents, You're Most Likely Being Monitored | Motherboard8 CommentsCrankyBear+27
2012 Sep 04 FileSonic is no more, looks like somebody is cleaning the entire web (?)0 Commentsekendraonline+1
2012 Sep 05 Why Tor hasn't caught on with the masses...2 Commentsninja_robot_jpg+0
2012 Sep 05 Online Copyright Enforcement Is out of Control & Unfair0 CommentsCrankyBear+2
2012 Sep 05 Anonymous And FBI Fight On Twitter Over Allegedly Hacked Apple UDIDs 1 CommentsAmericanDerp+9
2012 Sep 06 This is a good start, too. The World Need More of These People, Too.0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+7
2012 Sep 06 An interesting movement gaining momentum is cryptoparties, which is about learning and sharing fundamental survival skills.3 CommentsEquanimousMind+11
2012 Sep 06 Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government's 'snooper's charter' - says his website would encrypt all connections with Britain5 CommentsEuroRaver1+172
2012 Sep 06 Groups seek to overturn ruling allowing warrantless phone tracking 0 CommentsServerGeek+5
2012 Sep 06 Mobile users wary of app privacy | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | News.com.au0 CommentsBlankVerse+4
2012 Sep 06 Alleged Apple UDID Hack Raises Potential Privacy Questions for FBI0 Commentstomato_paste+12
2012 Sep 06 Reasonable expectation of privacy in a world where Big Brother is WWWatching?6 CommentsAnomaly100+14
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2012 Sep 07 Privacy News Roundup: Face Recognition, Data Retention, and Patchy CCTV0 CommentsEquanimousMind+13
2012 Sep 07 16-year-old's Impolitic Tweet (okay, it was a call for presidential assassination) Results in Angry Calls to Her School Principal. Overreaction?16 Commentslost_profit+4
2012 Sep 07 Tracking School Children With RFID Tags? It’s All About the Benjamins14 Commentsmaxwellhill+32
2012 Sep 07 FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project 6 CommentsEquanimousMind+126
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2012 Sep 07 CryptoParty Resource Wiki0 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
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2012 Sep 07 New subreddit about government oppression; post about internet censorship, internet control, no search warrants, loss of privacy and just about everything bad government does0 Commentsyahoo_bot+3
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2012 Sep 08 Have Yourself a Merry Little CryptoParty 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+15
2012 Sep 09 NYT: NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All - Op-Docs: The Program 6 CommentsRedKosmos+90
2012 Sep 09 TPP Is a Major Threat to Free Speech, Privacy, and Due Process: Sandra Fulton described the TPP as the "biggest threat to free speech and intellectual property that you’ve never heard of."0 Commentsmaxwellhill+16
2012 Sep 09 FBI moves forward with plans to build $1billion photographic database 0 CommentsBlankVerse+27
2012 Sep 09 FML: FBI to roll out $1 billion public facial recognition system in 2014, will be on to your evildoing everywhere -- Engadget24 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+140
2012 Sep 10 Once cars can talk, what will they say about us?0 Commentsantdude+3
2012 Sep 10 Rise of the CryptoParty0 CommentsEquanimousMind+18
2012 Sep 10 New Results From Our Nationwide Cell Phone Tracking Records Requests2 CommentsEquanimousMind+35
2012 Sep 11 Is Privacy Dead? 4 Government and Private Entities Conspiring to Track Everything You Do Online and Off 7 CommentsNihiloZero+97
2012 Sep 11 Sovereign Computing0 CommentsInventorOfMayonnaise+8
2012 Sep 11 Internet enemy number one, Lamar Smith, is sponsoring the FISA FAA renewal and pushing it to a vote in the House on Wednesday. This is the bill that retroactively legalized NSA warrantless wiretapping. (thread was mod censored, but the community built an interesting conversation)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+9
2012 Sep 11 The FBI's new facial recognition program: 'Big Brother' in action? 0 CommentsArbiK+34
2012 Sep 11 Nothing Is Preventing The Government From Placing You Into A Facial Recognition Database - Business Insider0 CommentsBlankVerse+9
2012 Sep 11 This Is How Facebook Is Tracking Your Internet Activity - Business Insider0 CommentsBlankVerse+7
2012 Sep 12 BitTorrent movies and TV carefully out there folks: They're watching you. 1 CommentsCrankyBear+5
2012 Sep 12 Tor or I2P?9 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+4
2012 Sep 12 Wikipedia wins, Craigslist loses in Clickwrapped’s assessment of who respects your rights online 3 CommentsCrankyBear+58
2012 Sep 12 Big Brother or peeping tom? UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms — RT1 Commentsyahoo_bot+6
2012 Sep 12 Crazy that the law doesn't know how to handle this level of privacy invasion by a spouse0 Commentskash_hill+3
2012 Sep 12 Freedom Not Fear: CCTV Surveillance Cameras In Focus0 Commentsmaxwellhill+2
2012 Sep 12 Apple Event Today: More Privacy Nightmares Forthcoming? Face Recognition, 3 microphones, Combined Voice and Data Chip, low light sensor... and a laundry list of other things that will potentially further destroy the idea of privacy - or at least remove aspects of user control. Thoughts?3 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+24
2012 Sep 12 Google Retains Password History?7 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+4
2012 Sep 13 House voted to renew controversial surveillance law: 'Renewal of the FISA Amendments Act.. faces hurdles in the Senate, where more than a dozen lawmakers are concerned that the law does not adequately protect Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.'1 Commentsmaxwellhill+12
2012 Sep 13 Are you being spied on? Even little guys like you and me can be targeted.0 Commentswordsmithie+3
2012 Sep 13 If you could ask a question to President Obama and Mitt Romney about internet freedom / privacy / digital rights / net neutrality, how would you phrase that question? | TestPAC1 CommentsMcmanzi+1
2012 Sep 14 Confusion in the House: Misunderstanding FISA FAA Spying Law, and Inverting the Lessons of 9/110 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2012 Sep 14 Rep. Ed Markey introduces mobile privacy bill, states that companies must get consent from consumers before the monitoring software starts collecting information and transmitting it to third parties. 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Sep 14 DAE think VPNs like AirVPN could be a honeypot?7 Commentsdefendyourselfnow+38
2012 Sep 14 Online Cryptoparty - Online demonstation of cryptographic techniques and how to make sure your private conversations stay private. Wednesday 26th September 8pm BST0 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Sep 14 Lawful interception capability subverted to tap members of the Greek government and top-ranking civil servants [2004]0 Commentssmashthehivemind+2
2012 Sep 14 5 Ways the Modern World Makes You Extremely Easy to Stalk (Cracked.com)0 CommentsMalinorne+11
2012 Sep 14 Games/activities to get youth interested and informed on privacy and crypto techniques.1 Commentsbob_howard+3
2012 Sep 14 Privacy Economics0 CommentsaggFTW+3
2012 Sep 14 Preventing Another Carrier IQ: Introducing the Mobile Device Privacy Act - Slashdot0 CommentsTurdFerguson+11
2012 Sep 14 Thomas Drake (NSA whistleblower) interview July 2012: on privacy, post 9/11 thinking and more0 Commentsmagadget+9
2012 Sep 14 New York Judge Tries to Silence Twitter in Its Ongoing Battle to Protect User Privacy1 Commentsakwala+85
2012 Sep 15 Google Chrome Adds Support for 'Do Not Track'0 Commentsgrecs+8
2012 Sep 15 Cameras that presume you're a terrorist and criminal are becoming commonplace0 Comments5squared+6
2012 Sep 15 Machinic Bypasses of Personal Anonymity (xpost r/evolutionReddit)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Sep 15 Privacy, Anonymity, the web's next battleground? conversation w/ Cole Stryker, danah boyd, Clay Shirky, Whitney Phillips, Megan Carpentier1 Commentsshadowyfigure02+3
2012 Sep 15 Google Chrome To Get 'Do Not Track' 0 CommentsBlankVerse+4
2012 Sep 15 LAPD Spy Device StingRays Taps Your Cell Phone 10 CommentsEquanimousMind+63
2012 Sep 15 is there a way to disable google's redirect of search results?9 Commentsjcy+10
2012 Sep 15 Sir Tim Berners-Lee accuses UK government of 'draconian' internet snooping - Telegraph0 Commentsakwala+17
2012 Sep 16 New Tor Browser Bundle (security release, 2.2.39-1, 2.3.22-alpha-1)16 CommentsEquanimousMind+24
2012 Sep 17 Although license plates are technically public domain, how do you fight against something like this? 9 Commentsdarksim905+1
2012 Sep 17 US data whistleblower: 'It's a violation of everybody's constitutional rights'. Former National Security Agency official Bill Binney says US is illegally collecting huge amounts of data on his fellow citizens 6 CommentsEquanimousMind+182
2012 Sep 17 Lessons kids learn from their personal data being constantly monitored in school: from fingerprinting to check library books out, cameras in toilets, and RFID tracking chips originally intended for livestock registering attendance 0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+9
2012 Sep 17 Police checks routinely violate privacy, report says0 Commentsreaderseven+2
2012 Sep 17 PDF of current Interpol security research projects/grants0 Commentsthrowawayagin+2
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2012 Sep 18 Crowd-funding campaign for “Terms of Service; Didn't Read” making privacy policy easier to understand and rating websites0 Commentshugoroy+35
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2012 Sep 18 Twitter to UK.gov: Web super-snoop law will trample twits' rights1 CommentsEquanimousMind+23
2012 Sep 18 Undercover cops secretly use smartphones, face recognition to spy on crowds -- $7 billion National Public Safety Broadband Network will be deployed across the USA. The ACLU asked if it will become a 'tool for a domestic secret police?'20 Commentsr3b3lang3l+197
2012 Sep 18 Big Brother is in your car: If you're on the road, the government likely knows where. License plate readers (LPRs) are proliferating at a rapid clip, and they’re being used by law enforcement at virtually every level of government3 Commentsmaxwellhill+28
2012 Sep 18 PeekYou's opt out form is nonresponsive. Suggestions?0 Commentsverytres+2
2012 Sep 18 Wierd/Creepy: Nestle's just kicked off a campaign where it's embedding GPS trackers in candy bars. [Gizmodo]3 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+5
2012 Sep 19 Iris scanners made by AOptix has "the best 'at-a-distance' acquisition interface" on the market1 Commentsakwala+6
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2012 Sep 19 Wal-Mart, Humana reward healthy food purchases | Reuters1 CommentsFuzzyRocket+5
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2012 Sep 19 Big news in national detention, targeted killing and spying cases. I think about leaving this country more every day.1 Commentsnilss0n+17
2012 Sep 19 When Privacy Gets Personal For Policymakers: "[It's] amazing how, when public officials discover that they can be at the receiving end of bad privacy policies, it tends to produce an immediate, electric effect on policy."1 Commentsmepper+111
2012 Sep 20 Apple's secret plan to join iPhones with airport security: Under Apple's patent, a traveler's phone would automatically send electronic identification to a TSA agent as soon as the traveler gets in line.8 Commentsmepper+66
2012 Sep 20 Schneier (November 13, 2008): Passwords Are Not Broken, but How We Choose them Sure Is 0 Commentsmaxwellhill+10
2012 Sep 20 October 20th: Global Day of Protest Against Surveillance3 Commentsanonstar+6
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2012 Sep 20 Time For Another Church Committee: potential for NSA's domestic spying requires full review of privacy laws0 Commentsstussy66+7
2012 Sep 20 "Is your credit card PIN number 1234? Sadly that unimaginative choice accounted for 11% of the 3.4 million four-digit passwords recently analyzed. Does your banking PIN, or mobile phone password, start with 19? If so, then a crook stands a decent chance at cracking your security code. "9 CommentsAnomaly100+41
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2012 Sep 21 Law Enforcement Officials Freak Out About Possibility Of Having To Get Warrants To Read Your Email14 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+187
2012 Sep 21 EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!)8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+37
2012 Sep 21 uTorrent Increases Privacy and Counters Mass-Monitoring of Downloads0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+24
2012 Sep 22 EFF: Do Not Track Update - From Congressional Hearings to Uproar Over Microsoft’s "Default" Settings, the Fight for User Privacy Continues0 Commentsmaxwellhill+5
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2012 Sep 25 Drones Subject to GPS Spoofing, Privacy 'Abuses,' GAO Report Warns0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+1
2012 Sep 25 FTC short-circuits privacy-invading computer spy ring0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Sep 25 Why Hasn't Congress Stopped Your Boss From Asking for Your Passwords?2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Sep 25 What's being shared between Facebook and advertising company Datalogix, and how you can opt out -- Datalogix assesses whether users go to stores in the physical world and buy the products they saw in Facebook advertisements1 Commentsmepper+7
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2012 Sep 26 Eben Moglen: How I discovered Free Software and met RMS - YouTube5 Commentscake-please+5
2012 Sep 26 Rent-to-own PCs surreptitiously captured users' most intimate moments0 Commentsreaderseven+10
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2012 Sep 26 BluePyth - Leaving Google2 Commentsbincat+8
2012 Sep 26 I was about to update my Facebook Messenger when I stopped to read the terms and conditions. How is this breach of privacy legal?43 Commentsetre-est-savoir+168
2012 Sep 26 "The patent application mentions putting microphones in bars to detect what customers are saying, and using facial recognition to identify customers to find out their relationship status, intelligence, education, and income."0 Commentskash_hill+15
2012 Sep 26 "Terrorists (and other criminals) profit from the anonymity that large parts of the Internet offer. Even though anonymity to other users is logical and desirable for some Internet services, for many it is not a necessity." - CleanIT's latest draft (.doc)0 CommentsSabbath90+4
2012 Sep 26 FTC settles PC spying charges with rent-to-own computers1 CommentsMichaelApproved+3
2012 Sep 26 Zeitgeist is "not evil" [for GNU/Linux users, not only ubuntu]0 Commentssmashthehivemind+0
2012 Sep 27 FTC Proposes Changes to Privacy Law That Collide With Free Speech: the agency responsible for enforcing The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).. recently proposed expanding the scope of COPPA in a troubling direction0 Commentsmaxwellhill+10
2012 Sep 27 EFF: Cleansing the Internet of Terrorism: Leaked EU Proposal Would Erode Civil Liberties1 Commentsmaxwellhill+89
2012 Sep 27 PC Rental Companies Agree To Not Watch You Have Sex0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Sep 27 Feds snoop on social network accounts without warrants9 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+84
2012 Sep 27 Where does Privacy Intrusion end up? In Australia Power Companies Are Selling User Data to mail houses, debt collectors, data processing analysts and government agencies. 1 CommentsHughMannity+8
2012 Sep 27 Internet Privacy Advocates To FTC: Maybe Check Into This Whole Facebook & Datalogix Thing0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 Sep 27 ACLU documents show increasing phone and internet surveillance by Department of Justice0 Commentsgorske+11
2012 Sep 28 ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing surveillance stats1 Commentsantdude+48
2012 Sep 28 iOS 6 can pull someone’s full name and Facebook photo based on a phone number alone3 Commentspixelbits+17
2012 Sep 28 Federal electronic privacy is stuck in the digital dark ages -- the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) hasn't been updated since 1986. Online privacy law shouldn't be older than the Web. It's time to update ECPA. (xpost r/evolutionReddit)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+5
2012 Sep 28 Your car, tracked: the rapid rise of license plate readers 9 CommentsKAPT_Kipper+43
2012 Sep 28 We identified phrases in encrypted VOIP calls with 90% accuracy without decrypting8 Commentsc0cky+85
2012 Sep 28 FTC urged to probe whether Facebook is violating privacy settlement0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Sep 28 EPIC - Information Fusion Centers and Privacy0 Commentstomato_paste+5
2012 Sep 28 California Gov. Jerry Brown signed privacy bills making it illegal for employers and colleges to demand access to social media accounts0 Commentsmaxwellhill+9
2012 Sep 28 New book details the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program, as government moves to avoid all accountability in court: The book confirms that even top Bush Administration lawyers felt there was a "strong argument" that the program violated the law1 Commentsmepper+84
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2012 Oct 02 Gmail Now Searches for Text Inside Attachments2 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+9
2012 Oct 02 California governor Brown vetoes electronic privacy protection...again -- The bill would have required law enforcement to apply for a search warrant in order to obtain location tracking information. It had passed through the state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support.2 Commentsmepper+87
2012 Oct 02 Under the Obama administration, there has been a 60 percent increase in warrantless electronic surveillance by the Department of Justice, according to a report Thursday by the ACLU.42 Commentsmark_bz+168
2012 Oct 02 Under current policy, Boston police can keep auto-scanned license plate data *indefinitely*5 Commentsmorisy+11
2012 Oct 02 Facebook wants 'Like' button to be exempt from child privacy laws2 Commentsrmxz+13
2012 Oct 02 TL:DR for "I've got nothing to hide" paper?13 Commentsdonkeynostril+4
2012 Oct 02 Justice Dept. to defend warrantless cell phone tracking8 Commentsr3b3lang3l+54
2012 Oct 02 California Governor Vetoes Landmark Location-Privacy Law0 Commentsneondemon+9
2012 Oct 02 Is this shit even legal? Who needs security with EULAs like this: "YOU ASSUME THE SOLE RISK OF ANY UNAUTHORIZED OR INTENTIONAL INTRUSION,"4 CommentsAnonazon2+17
2012 Oct 03 Whatever Happened to Civil Liberties? Under Obama, Democrats have embraced the national security state. 37 Commentswza+109
2012 Oct 03 Government Asks Court to Toss Wiretap Claims0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+17
2012 Oct 03 Facebook 'privacy notice' hoax demonstrates how little we know about online privacy.1 Commentskimme+31
2012 Oct 03 Congressional Investigation Slams DHS Anti-Terror Centers: Wasted Taxpayer Funds, Created No Useful Intelligence & Violated Civil Liberties8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+96
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2012 Oct 05 French watchdog group: Facebook didn’t breach users’ privacy0 Commentsantdude+3
2012 Oct 05 CISPA Author Ramps Up The FUD: Claims He Can't Sleep At Night Due To 'Unusual Source' Threatening Us1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+66
2012 Oct 05 Lawmakers ready report on Huawei, ZTE spying claims2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
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2012 Oct 10 German Gov't Inadvertently Reveals Police Monitor Gmail, Skype, Facebook & Use Snooping Malware5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+179
2012 Oct 10 Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips — RT33 Commentsgone_without_thewind+64
2012 Oct 10 US Supreme Court refuses to hear NSA, AT&T wiretapping case: AKA they can keep listening. 2 CommentsCrankyBear+13
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2012 Oct 11 Confidential information of nearly 300,000 students stolen from a Florida college’s computer system0 CommentsFlexgrow+8
2012 Oct 11 Senator Opens Investigation of Data Brokers - NYTimes.com1 CommentsBlankVerse+14
2012 Oct 11 Facebook confirms researcher exploited privacy settings to quickly collect user phone numbers1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+44
2012 Oct 11 European "digital chief" Neelie Kroes tells US companies: "If you want to track European customers, you'll play by OUR rules"5 Commentswhiteboardmag+25
2012 Oct 11 Looking for examples of data gathering without consent or legitimate purpose1 Commentsdielis+9
2012 Oct 11 John Ibbitson: The quiet death of the Internet surveillance bill - Canada1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Oct 11 Do Not Track standard needs action says commissioner - E.U.0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Oct 11 US Congress’ Privacy Caucus says DAA’s anti-’Do Not Track’ stance puts “profits over privacy”1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Oct 11 Rape victim fights off demand for Facebook, computer records3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+15
2012 Oct 11 Phil Zimmerman (of PGP fame) and former Navy SEALs join up to release a dead simple and secure smartphone communications app4 Commentsprivacylawyer+29
2012 Oct 11 Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And It's Tricky To Opt Out21 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+151
2012 Oct 11 EFF Drone Census Docs: Seattle police seek more drones while two sit unused0 Commentsmorisy+6
2012 Oct 11 Bioethics panel urges more gene privacy protection 0 CommentsBlankVerse+2
2012 Oct 11 Personal info for 300K exposed in FLA college hack; already 50 identity theft cases0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
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2012 Oct 12 "Phil Zimmermann's Silent Circle Builds A Secure, Seductive Fortress Around Your Smartphone"1 Commentsclaird+21
2012 Oct 12 Facebook Confirms Data Breach and Massive Vulnerability: A security enthusiast has exposed a major flaw in Facebook, one in which nearly every user's phone number can be used to view their personal information19 Commentsmepper+102
2012 Oct 12 Is Canada flexing its muscles in the spying world? Canada is in the process of building a mega complex for the Communication Security Establishment (CSE)..It is estimated that the facility will cost up to $880-million. We are told up to 1800 employees will be working there.2 Commentsreaderseven+26
2012 Oct 12 The Best Reporting on Facebook and Your Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Oct 12 Google accused of spying on Gmail users5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+31
2012 Oct 12 So how much are you worth to Google and Facebook? New browser add-on gives users estimate of how much 'free' web services are making from their personal data0 Commentstonybanks+7
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2012 Oct 12 "The quickest way to share a moment" -- what do you think of Snapchat?1 Commentscake-please+0
2012 Oct 12 the conceit of Internet control -- Jordan is the latest of many governments facing a parado: trying to control the Internet when its strength is in not being controlled. It's not a paradox. It won't work over time0 Commentscmschroed+2
2012 Oct 13 The danger to privacy isn't corporate data mining or governmental surveillance - it's both, combined0 Commentsmaxwellhill+7
2012 Oct 13 If you use HTTPS Everywhere, you may want to downgrade to 2.2.34 Comments7oby+11
2012 Oct 13 Need a VPN with no subscription, like Skype, is there any?6 Commentsyduuz+5
2012 Oct 13 The advertising industry's assault on "Do Not Track" continues at the W3C Amsterdam meeting: Some ad industry members seem to be signaling that they're not serious about brokering a standard to honor users who prefer not being tracked, and they will only accept an extremely watered down DNT standard2 Commentsmepper+13
2012 Oct 14 Top 5 online privacy misconceptions3 CommentsAmon_Rudh+20
2012 Oct 14 Uncle Sam Prepares To Unleash Up To 30,000 Drones Over America For "Public Safety"23 Commentsaccarrino+144
2012 Oct 14 Presidential campaigns mine personal data "to get out the vote"0 Commentscontents+16
2012 Oct 14 Privacy Regulation and Legislation1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+5
2012 Oct 14 How can you make an Android tablet as secure as possible?14 CommentsNotSoHotPink+14
2012 Oct 15 Facebook moves to keep phone numbers for two-factor protection private0 Commentsantdude+5
2012 Oct 15 Thanks SRS!4 CommentsBrudus+4
2012 Oct 15 Texas school uses RFID badges to track student locations -- Two San Antonio, Texas schools are requiring students to wear badges with an embedded RFID chip in order to track their locations.5 Commentsantdude+13
2012 Oct 15 British car parks start reading number plates - automatic issuing of fines via state database for non-payment1 Commentsfact_hunt+7
2012 Oct 15 Vote Stalkers: Obama, Romney Campaigns Mine Trove of Voters’ Online Data to Win 2012 Election0 Commentssalvia_d+22
2012 Oct 15 Does Surveillance Affect Us Even When We Can’t Confirm We’re Being Watched? Lessons From Behind the Iron Curtain0 Commentsaltsignal+45
2012 Oct 15 Court says reading other people's online email is OK, privacy be damned0 Commentsdroctopus+1
2012 Oct 15 Meet the NSA officer charged with balancing surveillance and civil liberties3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+25
2012 Oct 16 Ad industry launching a $1 million propaganda/lobbying campaign to convince consumers that tracking doesn't violate privacy. 12 Commentsaltsignal+93
2012 Oct 16 Political Campaigns: On the Dark Side of Privacy0 CommentsGhostOf2010+4
2012 Oct 16 EU warning Google to backtrack from its invasive privacy policy 1 Commentsmagadget+6
2012 Oct 16 Verizon draws fire for monitoring app usage, browsing habits8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+98
2012 Oct 16 Email Inbox Not Private, Says South Carolina Court5 Commentslarryj53+38
2012 Oct 16 9 free days of Mullvad2 Commentsgtklocker+4
2012 Oct 16 Busted! Forensic expert who recovered lurid SMS warns: Phone texts don’t die, they hide4 Commentsr3b3lang3l+17
2012 Oct 17 Tracking down location from a single picture: How a man won an ultrabook2 CommentsFeebleOldMan+13
2012 Oct 17 Reddit user shows how easy it is to locate and stalk online posters in real life.7 CommentsDaGreatPenguini+53
2012 Oct 17 Silent Circle, a new "surveillance-proof" app to secure communications has governments nervous54 CommentsOsterstriker+120
2012 Oct 17 Canada: Toews announces $155M for cyber security0 Commentsreaderseven+3
2012 Oct 17 MasterCard Is Selling Your Data Just in Time for the Holidays0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+43
2012 Oct 17 The Supreme Court Must Draw a Firm Line on Police Searches (NYT op-ed)0 Commentswegwerfzwei+33
2012 Oct 17 EPIC - National Do Not Call Registry Tops 217 Million Phone Numbers1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+3
2012 Oct 17 The Anonymous, Amanda Todd, and Kody Maxson triangle2 Commentssoccergoalsnet+31
2012 Oct 18 Boy kicked out of school because he has gene for cystic fibrosis37 Commentstheanswermancan+113
2012 Oct 18 Europeans To Ask Google To Change Unified Privacy Policy, Gain User Consent For Data Collection0 Commentswordsmithie+7
2012 Oct 18 FCC says Big Cable can now encrypt TV signals to halt “service theft” | Ars Technica3 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+5
2012 Oct 18 iPhone Privacy: How To Stop Apple And Advertisers From Tracking You On iOS 60 Commentsantdude+4
2012 Oct 18 A lesser-known new feature in iOS 6: It's tracking you everywhere0 Commentsantdude+1
2012 Oct 18 Deanonymizing You: I know who you are after 1 click online or a mobile call3 CommentsGhostOf2010+5
2012 Oct 18 Amazon's Next Big Business Is Selling You2 Commentsmepper+40
2012 Oct 18 EPIC - EPIC FOIA Cases Move Forward in Federal Court1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+11
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2012 Oct 19 CMU launches new privacy masters program for engineers1 Commentskash_hill+8
2012 Oct 19 Big Brother meets Big Data: Governments start scrutinizing credit card records - Red Tape5 Commentsmoooooky+32
2012 Oct 19 Caltech laser accelerometer research may bring fine-tuned position tracking, grocery ads -- Engadget1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+2
2012 Oct 19 EPIC - TSA Unplugs, Boxes Up Airport Body Scanner X-ray Devices9 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+36
2012 Oct 20 The Canadian Supreme Court holds that employees still have a reasonable expectation of privacy in employer-issued computers1 Commentsprivacylawyer+8
2012 Oct 20 Austrian student challenges Facebook's use of personal data: Max Schrems contends that Facebook collects too much information on its users, keeps it too long and uses it for purposes that violate European privacy laws8 Commentsmaxwellhill+105
2012 Oct 20 eR Guide to Fighting the MAFIAA Six Strikes5 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Oct 20 Facebook privacy targeted by Austrian law student0 Commentsakwala+1
2012 Oct 20 Dutch Propose Powers For Police To Break Into Computers, Install Spyware And Destroy Data -- Anywhere In The World2 Commentsantdude+18
2012 Oct 21 As Microsoft Shifts Its Privacy Rules, an Uproar Is Absent2 Commentsantdude+39
2012 Oct 21 One year on, SSL servers STILL cower before the BEAST2 Commentsantdude+0
2012 Oct 21 How your own hair can be used to track where you've been11 Commentsmepper+51
2012 Oct 22 LiveLeak.com - If you own a cell phone, you need to see this.5 Commentsmundusvultdecipi+19
2012 Oct 22 Android apps used by millions vulnerable to password, e-mail theft. Researchers uncover faulty encryption in apps available in Google's Play Market.2 Comments123ewqasdcxz+29
2012 Oct 22 Got my password in the clear, did i word it correctly?49 Commentsmakesureimjewish+125
2012 Oct 22 Digital license plate photo blocker takes privacy angle as main selling point5 Commentsheljara+5
2012 Oct 22 EPIC - Verizon Begins Invasive Marketing Program0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+1
2012 Oct 23 ampernand on how I2P provides anonymity0 CommentsEquanimousMind+1
2012 Oct 23 OP Pinkie and The Brain | Hivemind action proposals for 22nd - 28th October. Voting Finishes Friday. We move as one on Saturday & Sunday. : evolutionReddit0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Oct 23 Fuck U.N., too.14 Commentseleitl+129
2012 Oct 23 Big Brother comes to BitTorrent0 CommentsCrankyBear+1
2012 Oct 23 A blogger claims he bought 1 million European, Canadian, US Facebook usernames and e-mail addresses online. 0 CommentsFINNPR+13
2012 Oct 23 As Microsoft Shifts Its Privacy Rules, An Uproar Is Absent0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Oct 23 Government using, also fretting, encrypted communications app: Will Silent Circle initiate the US government's first outlawing of an otherwise legal application?1 Commentsmeyamashi+14
2012 Oct 23 President Obama Makes Key Compromise on Cybersecurity executive order by exempting social networks (among others)0 CommentsLiberationdemonology+20
2012 Oct 23 Canadian patriot act type bill re-introduced as Bill C-12 and on the order papers for today1 Commentscqwww+10
2012 Oct 23 “Drones may soon buzz through local skies” | Privacy SOS5 Commentsr3b3lang3l+39
2012 Oct 24 On facing two years for protesting Stop-and-Frisk (xpost from /r/worldnews)0 Commentsgsruff+21
2012 Oct 24 Capital One is now selling customers information to spammers. unless you opt-out. 17 CommentsSnappingmyfingers+112
2012 Oct 24 The loyalty card misconception4 CommentsFreshOutOfGeekistan+11
2012 Oct 24 Boeing tests microwave missile that knocks out electronics, represents our worst nightmare (video) -- Engadget16 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+44
2012 Oct 24 EPIC - Congressional Field Forum on Drones House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Houston, TX October 25, 20120 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+5
2012 Oct 24 EFF and ERI Fight to Quash Speech-Chilling Subpoenas from Chevron | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+14
2012 Oct 24 ESRB now supports Windows 8, introduces cost-free questionnaire for rating digital games -- Engadget0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+0
2012 Oct 24 How good is NetShade for privacy?0 Comments-Josh+2
2012 Oct 24 Indian Politician Plans To Install Surveillance Cameras In His Ministers' Homes And Offices1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+17
2012 Oct 24 Are Police Dogs Invading Our Privacy?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Oct 24 Law Enforcement Looking To Create A Searchable Database Of Everywhere Your Vehicle Has Been0 Commentskbondelli+2
2012 Oct 25 NSA claims 'privilege' 62 times in 1 court document to EFF!1 CommentsHouseSpeaker+24
2012 Oct 25 This is scary. Couldn't find EXACT situation through a search. (Google account/Gmail/Web history/home/work etc.)10 Commentsmarliemarlie+4
2012 Oct 25 Why Google+ Profile Sitemaps is Privacy Issue2 Commentsistinspring+10
2012 Oct 25 EU Surveillance Team: We Need More Surveillance To Justify More Surveillance6 Commentskbondelli+72
2012 Oct 25 The 2012 Big Brother Awards1 Commentswegwerfzwei+5
2012 Oct 26 Congress likes drones, but now looks at flip side of use3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+40
2012 Oct 26 4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking [EFF]2 CommentspsYberspRe4Dd+17
2012 Oct 26 Who Really Sees Your Private Information Online? Should You Care? Here's how various sites collect/use data.1 Commentswordsmithie+12
2012 Oct 26 Being wary of handing over personal details to websites isn't 'outrageous'1 Commentssetaceus+5
2012 Oct 26 NSA’s secretive surveillance program goes to the Supreme Court3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+36
2012 Oct 26 SC Department of Revenue: Hacked2 Commentsthrxon+5
2012 Oct 26 Public vs. Private Social Media Networks - can true "privacy" even exist for social media??1 CommentsSocialPI+0
2012 Oct 27 Yahoo decides it will ignore the "Do Not Track" functionality of browsers (xpost /r/technology)21 Commentsclientsoup+80
2012 Oct 27 Canada:Police need new internet surveillance tools, say chiefs. Bill C-30 would give police access to internet communications without a warrant1 Commentsreaderseven+10
2012 Oct 27 Hack of South Carolina network exposes Social Security Numbers for 3.6 million taxpayers1 Commentsexoendo+27
2012 Oct 27 Zillow now lists homes in foreclosure1 CommentsFreshOutOfGeekistan+4
2012 Oct 27 rLink: I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries for 5$. Oh, this is not the end of the story. I ve’got a phone call from Facebook “Policy department.0 Commentsbased2+0
2012 Oct 27 A group of Dutch rappers made a music video about privacy (the lyrics are also Dutch)1 CommentsWill-Do+4
2012 Oct 27 Dear Google and Microsoft - YES, password and secret question is plenty, you dont need my phone number and location, so please kindly bugger off.62 CommentsShuuny+176
2012 Oct 27 Privacy concerns grow over FBI data gathering0 Commentskbondelli+23
2012 Oct 27 EFF Wins Renewal of Smartphone Jailbreaking Rights Plus New Legal Protections for Video Remixing | Electronic Frontier Foundation1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+12
2012 Oct 27 Pakistan to start monitoring all emails, phone calls, and "other communications" with foreigners plus encryption banned7 Commentsmeyamashi+20
2012 Oct 27 Judge protects cellphone data on 4th Amendment grounds, cites government's technological ignorance0 Commentsmeyamashi+43
2012 Oct 27 Web Profiles Haunt Students0 Commentsantdude+8
2012 Oct 27 Yahoo! will! ignore! 'Do! Not! Track!' from! IE10!5 Commentsantdude+0
2012 Oct 28 Is Big Brother the New Normal? The Supreme Court Will Decide5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+101
2012 Oct 29 Stay classy Target.com 5 Commentsnotrox+2
2012 Oct 29 Canadian police urge Parliament to pass domestic spying bill0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2012 Oct 29 Yahoo Will Ignore IE 10's "Do Not Track." Their justification? "The DNT signal from IE10 doesn't express user intent" and "DNT can be easily abused."29 Commentsmepper+123
2012 Oct 29 Senior UK web security government official: Give social networks fake details8 Commentsmepper+55
2012 Oct 29 Young people are warned they may lose control over their images and videos once they are uploaded online0 Commentsvvim+2
2012 Oct 29 Nearly 7 years after the disclosure of Bush’s secret program of spying on Americans w/o a warrant, the Supreme Court is about to hear arguments on whether judges can even consider the constitutionality of doing this kind of dragnet surveillance without adequate rules to protect people’s rights.2 Commentsjdw25+48
2012 Oct 29 Another NYPD Terrorist 'Investigation' Turns Up Nothing But Privacy Invasions And Rights Erosion0 Commentskbondelli+38
2012 Oct 29 Truth, Lies, and ‘Doxxing’: The Real Moral of the Gawker/Reddit Story3 CommentsRavenRavinoff+24
2012 Oct 29 Washington Post: Yes, We Need To Give Up Liberty For Security1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+38
2012 Oct 29 Surveillance Act criticized but can it be fought?0 Commentsmeyamashi+10
2012 Oct 29 President Obama did an interview with Sway from MTV-stating that he's worried about his daughter joining Facebook for privacy reasons.4 CommentsSocialPI+30
2012 Oct 29 Demand Progress: "the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether you have the right to sell your stuff on eBay." I believe you know what to do?2 Commentscake-please+24
2012 Oct 30 Privacy in Ubuntu 12.10: Amazon Ads and Data Leaks | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+12
2012 Oct 30 U.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block Web1 Commentsalwayspro+19
2012 Oct 30 The Supreme Court exposes Obama's circular logic on wiretapping2 Commentsmeyamashi+107
2012 Oct 30 Apparently letting my neighbors know when I vote; where I live; and my full name, is a function Political Consulting Group.18 CommentsSandite5+113
2012 Oct 30 Are dogs scientific devices?0 Commentsmeyamashi+6
2012 Oct 31 Federal court approves use of hidden surveillance cameras on private property without warrants14 Commentsmeyamashi+73
2012 Oct 31 B.C. woman sues Apple over iPhone data0 Commentsreaderseven+0
2012 Oct 31 The more the presidential campaigns know about you through online tracking & data collection, the more they'll spend to influence your vote through targeted ads. This calculator estimates your dollar value. (x-post from r/politics)0 CommentsLawyerCT+6
2012 Oct 31 Do you guys/girls trust pwnedlist?2 Commentsr_u_sure+13
2012 Nov 01 "Life in full view": a piece about how the social internet is changing our conception of public and private spaces.0 CommentsSiksay+4
2012 Nov 01 Justices hear arguments over police dog use1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+11
2012 Nov 01 One online retailer's plan to use Facebook's valuable user data, in order to increase sales.2 Commentsdamian2000+20
2012 Nov 01 Dutch privacy backers; support Internet freedom! Become a contributor of Bits of Freedom.1 Commentsdielis+29
2012 Nov 01 Can I get a little help making a profile on Tasker combining Orbot and Tinfoil?3 CommentsAVhastIdBot+6
2012 Nov 01 Court Says Police Can Install Cameras On Your Property Without Warrant If Your Property Is A 'Field'22 Commentskbondelli+102
2012 Nov 01 Drones, Dogs and the Future of Privacy0 Commentskash_hill+8
2012 Nov 01 Is this legal? Received this in mail today showing voting history of people in neighborhood. More in comments.35 Commentsthirteenhill+77
2012 Nov 02 Facebook slowly rolling out "browse friends" function.2 CommentsSocialPI+0
2012 Nov 02 Minneapolis police pushing for more license plate data privacy4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+19
2012 Nov 02 PayPal security holes expose customer card data, personal details1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Nov 02 State can keep DNA of the acquitted (Ohio)1 Commentspopepeterjames+26
2012 Nov 02 A Topeka Kansas newspaper has been ordered to identify the person who posted a comment on its website about a story on a murder trial0 Commentsmepper+6
2012 Nov 02 Facebook turns off automatic facial recognition feature for all European users in victory for privacy campaigners 10 Commentssalvia_d+169
2012 Nov 02 Politics vs privacy: Heads they win, tails you lose2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Nov 02 Electronic Frontier Foundation Demands Answers About Predator Drone Flights across the U.S., filed a FOIA request against the DHS0 CommentspsYberspRe4Dd+14
2012 Nov 02 Judge orders the FBI to explain their Internet spy plans2 CommentsAmon_Rudh+13
2012 Nov 03 Wyden pledges to put a hold on Big Brother spying act (xpost r/evolutionReddit)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Nov 03 Why do we accept CCTV's but not a creepy guy with a camcorder?31 Commentsandyinindy+119
2012 Nov 04 so how do i get targeted spam in my email?4 Commentsplin2+1
2012 Nov 04 US Government: You Don't Own Your Cloud Data So We Can Access It At Any Time - Slashdot32 Commentsllyando+158
2012 Nov 04 Germany discloses its spy tools, and other countries should, too3 Commentsr3b3lang3l+22
2012 Nov 04 Skype hands 16-year-old's personal information to IT company11 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+85
2012 Nov 04 ‘Creepy Cameraman’ pushes limits of public surveillance — a glimpse of the future?17 CommentsGuidoZ+42
2012 Nov 05 Why Offline Privacy Values Must Live On In The Digital Age 0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Nov 05 Social media is a physical extension of your brain | Biznology0 Commentsalexlamman+1
2012 Nov 05 Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: “Reasonable” Searches and Seizures | Privacy PC0 Commentsalexlamman+24
2012 Nov 05 Privacy Law Expert: Many Companies Waiting for a Hack0 CommentsALP918+3
2012 Nov 05 How powerful is Google knowing what we're searching for? 12 CommentsSnappingmyfingers+6
2012 Nov 05 Everything you say is likely compromised. (Any other free, open source tools I've missed?)2 Commentscqwww+13
2012 Nov 05 Why Offline Privacy Values Must Live On In The Digital Age0 Commentsakwala+6
2012 Nov 05 Smart meters not so clever about privacy, researchers find0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2012 Nov 05 Quad-copter UAVs available to public for surveillance12 Commentsmitch0778+46
2012 Nov 05 Female Cop Gets $1 Million After Colleagues Trolled Database to Peek at Her Pic0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Nov 06 How is Twitter able to suggest 'People I May Know' when I was fairly certain Twitter knows nothing about me? I know the people they are suggesting.18 Commentsuhhnon+40
2012 Nov 06 Is the GOP stealing Ohio? - Salon.com “Uncertified, ‘experimental’ software patches have been installed on machines in 39 counties of the key swing state.”28 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+62
2012 Nov 06 Cox Cable, mapping your NIC to your router?4 Commentsjongleur+3
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2012 Nov 06 Converting USD on VanillaOne prepaid card to BTC? (inside USA)8 Commentscd89f27+5
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2012 Nov 06 1.7M Mobile Apps Analyzed: Users Tracked and It's Unjustified0 CommentsLa00con+6
2012 Nov 07 Got a new phone, has all sorts of things3 Commentspwnyoface+1
2012 Nov 07 Bruce Schneier on Privacy in the Age of Big Data | "You are not Google’s customers. You are Google’s product they sell to their customers."12 Commentsalexlamman+76
2012 Nov 07 Privacy addons vs usability2 Commentsdotorion+7
2012 Nov 07 Obama advisers say closely guarded data-mining operation was key to victory13 Commentsalwayspro+92
2012 Nov 07 Scott Adams Blog: Guardians of Privacy 11/05/20120 Commentscitizenry+1
2012 Nov 07 Microsoft files patent for device that enforces licenses through visual surveillance | Joystiq1 Commentsheyarnold+8
2012 Nov 07 Do Not Track Plus stops companies from tracking you on the web! 14 Commentscarloxd+16
2012 Nov 07 Facebook is CIA's Wet Dream0 Commentspenurystreet+22
2012 Nov 07 Obama administration argues that domestic spying not subject to judicial review0 Commentsmark_bz+41
2012 Nov 07 Megaupload Case Has Far-Reaching Implications for Cloud-Data Ownership Rights | Threat Level | Wired.com1 Commentsllyando+10
2012 Nov 07 Do Not Track finally arrives with version 23 of Chrome0 Commentsakwala+11
2012 Nov 07 Razer computer mouse products now come with spyware, uses Internet all the time, stop working when the connection drops1 Commentsrmxz+131
2012 Nov 07 You + Big Data = Not Anonymous; Microsoft develops Differential Privacy for everyone0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+4
2012 Nov 07 How "Do Not Track" is more fig leaf than privacy tool0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+19
2012 Nov 08 Social Sites Resist Child Privacy Protection1 CommentsSocialPI+0
2012 Nov 08 How (and why) to surf the web in secret1 Commentsantdude+17
2012 Nov 08 New Version of Chrome Adds Do Not Track Privacy and Boosts Batteries2 CommentsThinkCloud123+6
2012 Nov 08 Changing threats to privacy ::by well-known whitehat hacker and internet security researcher Moxie Marlinspike:: 0 Commentsalexlamman+9
2012 Nov 08 Total surveillance state: TSA plans to track all of your daily travels, whether to social events, grocery store or work3 Commentstheanswermancan+9
2012 Nov 08 Microsoft Is Turning Kinect Into a Narc or Content Distribution Regulation by Viewing User6 Commentsspeaktodragons+20
2012 Nov 08 Voters boot three SOPA-sponsoring Hollywood allies from Congress | Ars Technica2 Commentslythander+158
2012 Nov 08 EPIC - Lawmakers Gain "Partial Glimpse" into Data Brokers' Business Practices1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+3
2012 Nov 08 Gen Y-ers: do you honestly care about who can view your facebook? (xpost from r/technology)5 Commentsbillnyetheprivateguy+3
2012 Nov 09 Senator Coburn says we need to act on fusion center report, and a modest proposal towards that end1 CommentsEquanimousMind+15
2012 Nov 09 What just took place on flashback.se (swedish forum focused on freedom of speech)1 Commentskpt_centauri+0
2012 Nov 09 US State privacy breach notification law infographic0 Commentsalexlamman+21
2012 Nov 10 HootSuite privacy fail sees hundreds of emails sent to users in an hour, complete with other people’s details0 Commentsmikepetroff+11
2012 Nov 10 Checking Big Brother 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+8
2012 Nov 10 Skype gave data on a teen WikiLeaks supporter to a private company without a warrant: report.4 CommentsSchemaByte+93
2012 Nov 10 A reddit dedicated to Live Operating Systems, /r/LiveOS0 Commentsbittorrent_over_i2p+0
2012 Nov 11 If privacy is important to you, consider changing your default search engine. 10 Commentscqwww+25
2012 Nov 11 What communication systems can you trust, if any?0 Commentscqwww+3
2012 Nov 11 Biometric Data-Gathering Sets Off a Privacy Debate1 CommentsinfodivaMLIS+34
2012 Nov 11 Nike+ FuelBand: One Big Security Hole For Your Life2 Commentsantdude+11
2012 Nov 12 (OC) Comparing password "strength" between Google/Twitter/OSX/Facebook0 Commentsjradavenport+1
2012 Nov 12 Pivotal DNA Privacy Case Gets Supreme Court Hearing3 Commentsneondemon+24
2012 Nov 12 Big Brother UK: 8 million children recorded on massive secret database10 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+108
2012 Nov 12 United Nations wants control of web kill switch | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | News.com.au1 Commentsllyando+24
2012 Nov 12 Petraeus Case: How FBI Gets Private Emails0 Commentsreaderseven+1
2012 Nov 12 Ousted Rep. Berman may replace Secretary of State Clinton - latimes.com1 Commentslythander+1
2012 Nov 12 Pinterest’s Secret Boards Let You Pin in Private0 CommentsSocialPI+0
2012 Nov 13 Email Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy's Affair | Threat Level | Wired.com1 Commentsbiffbagwell+8
2012 Nov 13 Petraeus case shows FBI's authority to read email16 Commentsreaderseven+59
2012 Nov 13 Without an agreement, Reid eyes last 2012 effort on Cybersecurity Act0 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2012 Nov 13 Google Transparency Report: Government requests on the rise4 Commentsr3b3lang3l+72
2012 Nov 13 How to connect to internet via tails wireless?!?!2 Commentsthrowaway50959+2
2012 Nov 13 Why Facebook’s relationship pages creep me out.0 CommentsMajorBlink+18
2012 Nov 13 FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation: That the stars of America's national security establishment are being devoured by out-of-control surveillance is a form of sweet justice0 Commentstomato_paste+34
2012 Nov 13 Who knew the key to stopping the Surveillance State was to just wait until it got so big that it ate itself.0 Commentstomato_paste+0
2012 Nov 13 Glenn Greenwald: How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear0 Commentstomato_paste+27
2012 Nov 13 "The unique feature of Google+ is Circles which gives brands the ability to target groups of individuals"0 Commentslevel1+4
2012 Nov 13 Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email.13 CommentsMajorBlink+92
2012 Nov 13 The US government requested data from Google 7,969 times in the first 6 months of 2012.1 Commentsmark_bz+9
2012 Nov 14 Security company RSA study proves that software hosted in one part of the cloud can spy on software hosted nearby0 CommentsLiberationdemonology+8
2012 Nov 14 Petraeus Case Raises Concerns About Americans’ Privacy - NYTimes.com3 Commentsalexlamman+85
2012 Nov 14 Five Things the Petraeus Affair Teaches Us About Online Surveillance and How the FBI Uses the Cloud to Investigate People6 Commentskbondelli+67
2012 Nov 14 Spying on Petraeus, or how emails quickly become incriminating evidence0 Commentsprivacyjoe+11
2012 Nov 14 This is what happens when the FBI is almost totally unrestrained2 Commentsgreenrd+74
2012 Nov 15 When Will our Email Betray Us? An Email Privacy Primer in Light of the Petraeus Saga0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+4
2012 Nov 15 EPIC - President Issues Secret Cybersecurity Directive, EPIC Seeks Public Release0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+6
2012 Nov 15 EPIC - Congress to Scrutinize TSA's "Scanner Shuffle"0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+15
2012 Nov 15 Senate Defeats Dangerously Vague Cybersecurity Act—Again | Electronic Frontier Foundation1 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+27
2012 Nov 15 EPIC - Supreme Court Limits Remedies for Credit Card Privacy Violations0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+4
2012 Nov 15 EPIC - Supreme Court to Review DNA Collection Law0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+6
2012 Nov 15 Open everything? Some background to current debates on open data | Privacy International0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+2
2012 Nov 15 EPIC - Google Transparency Report Reveals Risks of Cloud-based Computing0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+3
2012 Nov 15 Chromebook privacy0 Commentspoopbears+3
2012 Nov 15 US gets more Google user data than all other countries combined0 CommentsCheapCharlie+5
2012 Nov 15 Privacy regulation a failure0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+4
2012 Nov 15 NASA rushes to encrypt laptops after major security breach0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+11
2012 Nov 15 Petraeus: I did not pass classified info 0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+4
2012 Nov 15 How one law student is making Facebook get serious about privacy14 Commentsr3b3lang3l+105
2012 Nov 15 Senator Wyden Puts Hold On Intelligence Authorization Act Over Free Speech Concerns | Techdirt0 Commentsyahoo_bot+3
2012 Nov 15 Debate Over License Plate Readers Grows (X-Post from Baltimore)0 Commentsbiffbagwell+1
2012 Nov 15 5 tips for email more private than Petraeus's2 CommentsLawyerCT+5
2012 Nov 15 If There Needs To Be An Investigation, It Should Be About Why The FBI Was Reading Certain Emails0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Nov 15 U.S. Copyright Surveillance Machine About To Be Switched On, Promises of Transparency Already Broken0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2012 Nov 15 Huge Privacy Violation on Chase Mobile for iOS! Be Careful with your phone!1 CommentsDemonArchives+0
2012 Nov 16 TSA full body scan vendor may have falsified tests of software intended to stop the machines from recording graphic images of travelers5 Commentsstardrummer+83
2012 Nov 16 Just installed Little Snitch. These keep popping up. Any idea what they mean? I haven't got Google open while using them. I've even got my Firefox search bar set to DuckDuckGo (though I think if I search from the address bar it goes to Google. Still, I wasn't doing that).5 CommentsOmnamah+6
2012 Nov 16 As CIA Chief Scandal Looms, Lawmakers Consider Tightening E-Mail Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Nov 16 Facebook and you. (Spread it around.)44 CommentsVamperous+320
2012 Nov 16 Senate working during the current lame-duck session to extend 2008 FISA amendments (enabling secret dragnet NSA spying held above the law)1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+14
2012 Nov 16 "Paula Broadwell’s big mistake": comments on how low-friction digitization changes all sorts of privacy considerations0 Commentsclaird+9
2012 Nov 16 How the ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors.0 Commentsaducknamedjoe+9
2012 Nov 16 Judge accepts $22.5 million Google fine in Safari privacy case0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Nov 16 Majority of popular EU websites don't ask permission to install cookies, report says0 Commentsantdude+7
2012 Nov 16 Block your license plate from cameras -- Is this legal?2 CommentsDavid_Crockett+12
2012 Nov 16 I'm writing a paper for school on anti-privacy laws, please answer this quick survey about SOPA and PIPA.3 Commentsiproginger+10
2012 Nov 17 Electronic Versions Of Textbooks Spy On Students As They Read Them1 Commentskbondelli+22
2012 Nov 17 Hacker Claims to Have Breached Adobe 2 CommentsThe_Herrenvolk+20
2012 Nov 17 Please take a SHORT survey on privacy!!0 Commentsneverhappens+0
2012 Nov 17 How one law student is making Facebook get serious about privacy | Ars Technica1 Commentspixelbits+20
2012 Nov 17 Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t 6 Commentsvioletplanet+27
2012 Nov 17 Populating Retroshare - Encypted P2P IM Filesharing Forums (xpost /r/evolutionReddit)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+6
2012 Nov 17 Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests2 Commentstheanswermancan+91
2012 Nov 18 Russia demands broad UN role in Net governance, leak reveals | Politics and Law - CNET News1 Commentsyahoo_bot+52
2012 Nov 19 This would be many people's response to privacy and the Internet -- if they were aware of and educated on the topic.2 CommentsVamperous+49
2012 Nov 19 Why Privacy Matters - A good video to pass on when asked this question.3 Commentsaselbst+34
2012 Nov 19 Sexual privacy under threat in a surveillance society0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Nov 19 Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore34 Commentsakwala+41
2012 Nov 19 Trading Away our Digital Rights: More Nations Join TPP as the Next Round of Negotiations Approach | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+5
2012 Nov 19 Microsoft provides fusion center technology and funding for surveillance0 Commentsreaderseven+14
2012 Nov 19 Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn questions effectiveness of Homeland Security 'fusion centers'1 Commentsreaderseven+8
2012 Nov 19 RedditTor Reloaded (End to end encryption)1 CommentsHenrietta_R_Hippo+19
2012 Nov 19 Tails 0.14 is out! | The Tor Blog0 CommentsHenrietta_R_Hippo+17
2012 Nov 19 Neda Soltani: 'The media mix-up that ruined my life'0 Commentssilpol+6
2012 Nov 19 The "Copyright Alert System" Hollywood’s peer-to-peer surveillance arm should concern every American; Promises of Transparency Already Broken1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+79
2012 Nov 20 Bamboozled: Retailers are monitoring your return habits.7 Commentsantdude+13
2012 Nov 20 Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge17 Commentstheanswermancan+72
2012 Nov 20 Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants | Politics and Law - CNET News1 CommentsFyreEyedTiger+11
2012 Nov 20 Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants (Are you happy you voted for this?)21 Commentsubergeek404+203
2012 Nov 20 Introduction to Anonymizing Networks – Tor vs I2P1 Commentssecuritygeek123+6
2012 Nov 20 2 women in India arrested over Facebook - 1 for posting a status update and the other for simply liking that status. 0 CommentsSgrouples+8
2012 Nov 20 Report: Rewritten Senate Privacy Bill Would Allow Warrantless E-Mail Surveillance | ThinkProgress0 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+3
2012 Nov 20 Police in Slat Lake City are now recording video from head-mounted cameras [x-post from r/technology].0 Commentsspevak+0
2012 Nov 21 Plaintiffs in EEOC Suit Must Turn Over Cellphones and Facebook Account Passwords, Judge Rules0 Commentsblogger4DC+5
2012 Nov 21 G-Men: If you want to read my email, come back with a warrant. | Demand Progress1 Commentsjdb12+8
2012 Nov 21 EyeSee mannequins used to spy on shoppers, confirm paranoid fears 2 Commentsubergeek404+58
2012 Nov 21 Dear Homeland Security... A friend of mine posted his story of border control archiving and deleting his mail after returning from the US29 Commentssquirrelrampage+185
2012 Nov 21 Police hold records on 15 million people in the UK | libcom.org0 Commentsfact_hunt+18
2012 Nov 21 Privacy through quantum computing? Here's one way civil society might yet outflank the NSA, even if it remains above the law...2 CommentsShahid-Buttar+10
2012 Nov 21 Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US, Despite Safety and Privacy Concerns0 CommentsJoyousCacophony+14
2012 Nov 21 Should the feds have the right to read personal emails without a warrant?3 Commentssiul128+10
2012 Nov 22 It’s time to kill ‘online’. And buy clean milk.0 CommentsDanielLarsson75+8
2012 Nov 22 Errata Security: You are committing a crime right now0 Commentsarmersuender+17
2012 Nov 22 Proposed Updates to Facebook's Governing Documents (you have until Nov 28 to comment)0 CommentsENOTTY+7
2012 Nov 22 Reform to Require Warrant for Private Online Messages Up for Vote, but Down on Privacy0 CommentsEquanimousMind+10
2012 Nov 22 Facebook just sent out a notice on policy changes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Don't know what is says, but it must be pretty bad to send out the Wednesday before T-day.14 CommentsPrestoVivace+78
2012 Nov 22 Paypal Bans Usenet Providers Over Piracy Concerns4 Commentssilpol+10
2012 Nov 23 Building an Iconography for Digital Privacy: Website privacy policies are usually long, vague and ignored. In a new project, lawyers and coders are wrestling through the endless legalese and distilling its meaning into a set of graphic icons.0 Commentsalmodozo+26
2012 Nov 23 Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system for women0 Commentsmepper+11
2012 Nov 23 Does the ssl subdomain mean anything in relation to HTTPS? ssl.reddit.com, ssl.quantserve.com, etc5 Commentsbittorrent_over_i2p+5
2012 Nov 24 Is TOR browser ridiculously slow, or am I doing something wrong?33 CommentsTimothyGonzalez+39
2012 Nov 24 I see the ProxTube extension advertised quite a lot lately. Be aware that they started injecting ads!1 CommentsAdys+26
2012 Nov 24 Parts of Facebook’s proposed new privacy policy conflict with European law, a key regulator said1 Commentsr721+25
2012 Nov 24 You, ITU, & Internet Censorship.0 CommentsMajorBlink+3
2012 Nov 25 Google tracks GPS coordinates of your wireless devices13 Commentsnanobak+10
2012 Nov 25 How to Stop Companies From Collecting and Selling Your Facebook Info0 CommentsAmon_Rudh+11
2012 Nov 25 On Police Searches of Cellphones, Legal Consensus Is Elusive2 Comments_electricmonk+17
2012 Nov 25 Germany and Ireland data protection czars force Facebook to stop automatic photo tagging in Europe.0 Comments881239+69
2012 Nov 25 Everything you need to know about Do Not Track: Microsoft vs Google & Mozilla 9 CommentsItchyPickle+45
2012 Nov 26 Senate Set to Introduce Bill for Broad Email Spying1 Commentstarkay+20
2012 Nov 26 Supreme Court blocks Illinois law prohibiting taping of police14 CommentsOsterstriker+185
2012 Nov 26 SSN Registry: Is this tool legit?3 CommentsDavid_Crockett+5
2012 Nov 26 It's Time To Update Our Privacy Laws: Tell Your Elected Officials To Reform ECPA Now0 Comments_electricmonk+7
2012 Nov 26 Internet Privacy? Not if the Government Has Its Way: The Senate to consider a new bill that threatens Internet privacy rights on Thursday. If the bill passes, gov't agencies will no longer need a warrant to have total access to citizens’ email accounts and other forms of electronic communication.3 Commentsmaxwellhill+11
2012 Nov 26 Yes, the government can still spy on your digital life (for now)0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Nov 27 Schneier: When It Comes to Security, We're Back to Feudalism (most applicable to privacy)0 Commentsbincat+14
2012 Nov 27 WTF horrible infoleak at jobscore - "Duplicate email" - Shows other account info10 Commentsosirisx11+98
2012 Nov 27 Flash-based solid-state drives nearly impossible to erase23 Commentsantdude+37
2012 Nov 27 How to view what websites are tracking about you and block specific ones in Google Chrome (Tested)0 CommentsChillzz+9
2012 Nov 27 Is anyone interested in starting a campaign to get major companies like Amazon, Walmart and Apple to use PGP when sending you (automated) e-mail?10 Comments6Jc8amrTy0R96gU5+37
2012 Nov 27 Have any well known people said AMD/Intel/XYZ chips have backdoors?0 Commentsredditpsyops3+2
2012 Nov 27 US judge orders 20 women in sexual harassment case to hand over passwords for Facebook, email and other social media accounts 8 Commentsmaxwellhill+132
2012 Nov 27 Storing Auto Data on 'the Cloud.' 1 CommentsFlexgrow+4
2012 Nov 27 City Is Amassing Trove of Cellphone Logs0 Commentsantdude+4
2012 Nov 27 made an order on moosejaw.com..getting junk mail ever since..today i learned why..moosejaw fail..4 Comments-cahil-+25
2012 Nov 27 Does Using Certain Privacy Tools Expose You to Warrantless NSA Surveillance? ACLU Files FOIA to Find Out2 CommentsEquanimousMind+58
2012 Nov 27 Canada is now the target of torrent/p2p packet sniffing. A good reminder to check out "retroshare" which encrypts p2p traffic. 3 Commentscqwww+14
2012 Nov 28 EPIC and CDT ask Facebook to let people vote on FB privacy policy! 0 CommentsNadia_K+0
2012 Nov 28 Do Not Track Update: Professor Peter Swire to Co-Chair W3C Tracking Protection Working Group0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2012 Nov 28 I Do Not Consent to the Search of this Device15 Commentsblogger4DC+120
2012 Nov 28 All is fair in love and e-mail: the Petraeus scandal’s case for electronic privacy reform0 Commentsal0k86+16
2012 Nov 28 Big Data: Use and Abuse Managing data In this digital era Yields ethical thought0 Commentsfood4thoughtz+4
2012 Nov 28 EFF to U.S. Supreme Court: Limit Release of Driver Info0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+10
2012 Nov 28 ECPA and the Mire of DC Politics: We Shouldn’t Have to Trade Video Privacy to Get Common-Sense Protections of our Email0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Nov 29 Crowdsoursing app reads phone book entries to add to its database [xpost from r/android]1 Commentsmaverick340+4
2012 Nov 29 Raided for running a Tor exit - Accepting donations for legal expenses - LowEndTalk9 Commentslythander+148
2012 Nov 29 **Breaking news** -- Senate committee votes to restore Fourth Amendment to digital communications6 CommentsShahid-Buttar+194
2012 Nov 29 Ninth Circuit Court gives the A-OK for warrantless home video surveillance -- Law enforcement can enter your house and use a secret video camera to record the intimate details inside3 Commentsmepper+37
2012 Nov 29 Commenters push Facebook policy changes to public vote | Internet & Media - CNET News0 Commentsalexlamman+7
2012 Nov 29 Justice Department Uses Red Tape To Delay Release Of Required Information On Domestic Spying Until Well After It Matters0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Nov 29 Senate panel to cops: You need search warrants for e-mail0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Nov 30 A question regarding the FBI's use of 'roving bugs' and 'hardware/bios malware' on Android devices.3 CommentsThrowawayStowawy+8
2012 Nov 30 Microsoft STALKS YOU even more than supermarkets do, says dev1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+20
2012 Nov 30 Who's Tracking Your Reading Habits? An E-Book Buyer's Guide to Privacy, 2012 Edition0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+20
2012 Nov 30 New data on privacy policies shows 20 percent of sites may sell data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2012 Nov 30 Tor exit node operator charged for child porn transmitted over his servers. The crimes carry penalties of as many as 10 years in prison.2 Commentsmepper+12
2012 Nov 30 Privacy and the unobserved web | Alex Feinman0 Commentsphyzome+5
2012 Nov 30 FBI uses Facebook "likes", infiltrates Skype to build terrorism case11 Commentsgaryrbtsn+160
2012 Nov 30 Do Not Track is dying1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+30
2012 Dec 01 Minnesota developing GPS-based vehicle tracking system intended to introduce a Mileage Based User Fee (MBUF)36 CommentsFlexgrow+51
2012 Dec 01 The growing art of data dodging4 Commentsantdude+21
2012 Dec 02 Know who's tracking your e-reading habits3 Commentsantdude+17
2012 Dec 02 Recommendations to the Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board from EPIC, the ACLU, BORDC, the Constitution Project, and others0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+3
2012 Dec 02 Hushbox.org - feedback please.14 Commentsdavezap+0
2012 Dec 02 Senate Committee Approves Stricter Email Privacy: The bill would strengthen privacy protection for e-mails by requiring law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant before gaining access to messages in individual accounts stored electronically3 Commentsmepper+121
2012 Dec 02 Indiana Federal Judge Rules Deputy had Right to Seize Camera from Home without Warrant | PINAC0 CommentsPurblind+15
2012 Dec 02 This is a marketing spot for NICE, a company that provides security systems for "the top 15 banks". If you like Orwellian predictions, a multinational like NICE is sure to freak you out.1 Commentsbillibobbrewster+6
2012 Dec 03 Male Meter Maid Confronts Photographer in Florida | PINAC0 CommentsPurblind+5
2012 Dec 03 UK Home secretary on web surveillance of entire UK population: "Anybody who is against this bill is putting politics before people's lives."22 Commentsfact_hunt+139
2012 Dec 03 Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages | Politics and Law - CNET News2 CommentsPurblind+102
2012 Dec 03 Judges and prosecutors supporting online privacy?!0 Commentsnyccivilrights+6
2012 Dec 03 Private By Default2 Commentsuhwuggawuh+0
2012 Dec 03 NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance, all info stored, no matter the post4 Commentsrcutmore+51
2012 Dec 04 Who’s Watching the Kids? Just About Everyone, Apparently - Reason.com0 CommentsPurblind+0
2012 Dec 04 Unauthorized Remix Improves On Landmark Unauthorized Mashup, The Grey Album | Techdirt0 Commentsmoooooky+0
2012 Dec 04 Europe v Facebook Privacy Campaign Group Is Preparing To “Fight” Facebook In Ireland, Sets Up Crowdfunding Platform To Fund Legal Fight Against Irish DPA 0 Commentsmobileview+0
2012 Dec 04 Techdirt: ITU Approves Deep Packet Inspection Standard Behind Closed Doors, Ignores Huge Privacy Implications3 Commentsmoooooky+77
2012 Dec 04 whitehouse.gov petition to amend ECPA0 Commentsalkabetz+0
2012 Dec 04 No Warrant, No Problem: How The Government Can Still Get Your Digital Data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+34
2012 Dec 05 Facebook faces European legal showdown over privacy violation claims — RT0 CommentsRacoonie+5
2012 Dec 05 When in China, don't leave your laptop alone (Infoworld's title - perhaps better advice would have been to use full disk encryption)0 Commentsrmxz+1
2012 Dec 05 Hacker locates John McAfee through smartphone tracks5 Commentsr3b3lang3l+50
2012 Dec 05 Drones for Hire: The newest eyes in the sky are drawing the attention of power companies, conservation groups, and the ACLU1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+10
2012 Dec 05 Secret international law enforcement protocol for tracking people online revealed for the first time. "Exploiting security vulnerabilities in communications technologies for 'intelligence-gathering purposes,' and even infecting a target computer with Trojan-horse spyware to mine data."1 Commentsgaryrbtsn+28
2012 Dec 05 Verizon Patents Eavesdropping Using Your TV For Ad Targeting -- Verizon could program its set-top boxes to survey a room to determine relevant ads to display either on your television or mobile phone. Sound a bit scary? It kind of is.5 Commentsmepper+97
2012 Dec 05 'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance;' Are you sure you have nothing to hide?0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+39
2012 Dec 05 New net rules would hit digital economy: U.S. diplomat | Reuters0 Commentsmoooooky+6
2012 Dec 05 Big ad network that secretly sniffed users’ online habits settles with FTC0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Dec 05 The FBI Is Collecting Everybody’s Emails, Former NSA Official Warns7 Commentsblogger4DC+97
2012 Dec 06 Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US -- The USAF and Marines regularly fly drones in unrestricted national airspace all around the country. This is problematic because drone operators sometimes practice surveillance missions by tracking civilian cars.1 Commentsmepper+45
2012 Dec 06 Privacy and the Panopticon, what are your thoughts on today's privacy on the internet0 Commentsthankubasegod+1
2012 Dec 06 Question regarding US Federal fingerprint background checks...2 CommentsSinisterMuppet+4
2012 Dec 06 The US government isn’t allowed to wiretap American citizens without a warrant. But there are plenty of legal ways for law enforcement, from the local sheriff to the FBI, to snoop on the digital trails you create every day0 Commentsmaxwellhill+22
2012 Dec 06 NYC Artist Imprisoned For Criticizing Police Drone Surveillance Program18 Commentsr3b3lang3l+68
2012 Dec 06 Senator Al Franken reintroduces privacy act requiring user consent for location sharing8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+138
2012 Dec 06 Warrantless Surveillance 101: Introducing EFF's New NSA Domestic Spying Guide0 CommentsEquanimousMind+41
2012 Dec 06 1.1 million US consumers affected as insurance companies breached1 Commentsantdude+11
2012 Dec 07 Looking for encrypted cross-platform mobile SMS/chat or other suggestions4 Commentsdresh+4
2012 Dec 07 Cryptoparty Online - Saturday, 15 December at 11am UK time (11:00 UTC)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+5
2012 Dec 07 decent throughput and anonymous and secure connections?1 Commentsmulct_norm_spud+3
2012 Dec 07 Technology Built into Mannequins Helping Stores Track Customers using facial recognition1 CommentsShuhalo+15
2012 Dec 07 ECPA reforms move, but only with the help of Petraeus scandal and corporate interests! 0 CommentsNadia_K+5
2012 Dec 07 Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns: In the next few days, the NTSB is expected to propose long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include "black boxes" in all new cars and light trucks20 Commentsmepper+57
2012 Dec 07 Big Brother Is In Your Pocket (But You Get A Discount)0 Commentsluster+1
2012 Dec 08 They Know What You're Shopping For - WSJ.com0 Comments9034725985+7
2012 Dec 08 OpenVPN - Private Tunnel0 Commentsarchkstanton+17
2012 Dec 08 What New Congressional Leaders Could Mean for Online Privacy0 CommentsBristena+13
2012 Dec 08 Privacy in Ubuntu 12.10: Full Disk Encryption13 Commentsakwala+35
2012 Dec 09 12-year-old Girl Led out of School in Handcuffs for Mistakenly Photographing other Girl in Locker Room | PINAC4 CommentsPurblind+25
2012 Dec 09 Can websites personally identify visitors?5 Commentsmoooooky+11
2012 Dec 09 Feds Confirm..24 CommentsPuffMasterJ+18
2012 Dec 09 Sharp debate expected on electronic-intercept law FISA FAA0 CommentsEquanimousMind+25
2012 Dec 09 "The new Congress must [...] pass comprehensive legislation to defend our nation against this gathering cyberthreat. If it doesn’t, the day on which those cyberweapons strike will be another “date which will live in infamy,”" -- Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins on Internet regulation.15 Commentsmandy009+26
2012 Dec 09 New "Who is tracking me" service1 Commentsmentatxx+5
2012 Dec 09 ACLU: It's Time to Modernize our Privacy Law - Current loopholes in our privacy laws allow police to access many types of electronic communications -- emails, text messages, private information held by Google and Facebook -- with just an administrative subpoena 4 Commentsshallah+110
2012 Dec 10 How paranoid is too paranoid?25 Commentsxeltius+38
2012 Dec 10 Obamacare will be privacy nightmare1 Commentsblogger4DC+0
2012 Dec 10 Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations | Threat Level | Wired.com20 CommentsInakamon+165
2012 Dec 10 Setting up a home email server. Is it worth it?23 Commentsunbuklethis+8
2012 Dec 10 The Grugq - OPSEC: Because Jail is for wuftpd4 Commentskarmakit+2
2012 Dec 11 Joint Committee Calls for UK Internet Snooping Law Rethink0 Commentsispreview+2
2012 Dec 11 Latest changes to Hushbox.org - I hope they please you, if not please let me know why.8 Commentsdavezap+8
2012 Dec 11 Feds investigating whether cellphone apps violate children's privacy0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+11
2012 Dec 11 Right now at a UN meeting in Dubai, authoritarian regimes are pushing for full governmental control of the Internet in a binding global treaty. (only 135.000 need to sign the petition)10 CommentsviaGalactica+87
2012 Dec 11 Privacy Survival Guide: Take Control of Your Personal Information 0 Commentsblogger4DC+4
2012 Dec 11 FTC’s Second Kids’ App Report Finds Little Progress in Addressing Privacy0 Commentsxg6250+1
2012 Dec 11 Verizon Files Patent For Cable Box That Watches You As You Watch Television3 Commentstarkay+5
2012 Dec 11 The five biggest changes to Facebook's privacy policies0 CommentsNickDouglas+0
2012 Dec 11 Plain Text Offenders names and shames websites who store their passwords in plain text2 CommentsJovet+38
2012 Dec 12 Jersey City Unveils 3-Story High ‘Eye In The Sky’ Surveillance Tower To Spy on People « CBS New York0 Commentsyahoo_bot+15
2012 Dec 12 Any of you use Facebook over TOR?35 Commentszxop1+2
2012 Dec 12 Stop Unwanted Internet Tracking of Children: Parents should have the right to say NO to the tracking and targeting of children under 131 Commentsshallah+20
2012 Dec 12 Privacy and the Apps You Download - Debate0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+2
2012 Dec 12 Why Do Companies Bother to Protect Customer Data?1 CommentsCurseyoukhan13+1
2012 Dec 12 Internet Explorer can track your mouse anywhere on the screen (and Microsoft won’t fix it)1 Commentsjohnkoetsier+23
2012 Dec 12 Has anyone had success removing their info from accutellus?0 CommentsSarahPlainandTall+2
2012 Dec 13 College Cop Fired after Barging into Dorm Room without Warrant | PINAC1 CommentsPurblind+19
2012 Dec 13 Expiring Warrantless Spy Bill to Be Reauthorized by Year's End | Threat Level | Wired.com0 Commentsbiffbagwell+6
2012 Dec 13 Psychological warfare in the name of security: Is DHS funding the decimation of privacy? 1 CommentsEquanimousMind+21
2012 Dec 13 A Plan to Stop the Feds From Reading Your Emails0 CommentsEquanimousMind+2
2012 Dec 13 USB ‘Dead Drops’ Offer Possibilities, Risks 0 CommentsCrankyBear+13
2012 Dec 13 Microsoft Rankles Advertisers With Web User-Privacy Plan1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+16
2012 Dec 13 Patriot Actors Go Corporate: We are not even alone in the bathroom stall?!3 CommentsSheMuses+6
2012 Dec 13 Irony Alert: Facebook Helps FBI Bust Hackers for Stealing Users' Personal Info7 CommentsCurseyoukhan13+66
2012 Dec 13 @RonWyden: Unfortunately there are 60+ votes to override my hold on #FISA- we need to keep working to change minds in the Senate. 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+5
2012 Dec 13 The hidden story behind Facebook's privacy changes - and why your data has suddenly become a lot more valuable0 CommentsPrivacySurgeon+11
2012 Dec 13 Delete your Gmail20 Commentsbbty+8
2012 Dec 13 The Federal Trade Commission's integrity is on the line over Google. It had better do something positive - and fast. 0 CommentsPrivacySurgeon+0
2012 Dec 13 U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens0 CommentsSkelletonhand+7
2012 Dec 13 What's /r/privacy's consensus on Ghostery? We seem to be split on this extension.13 Commentszxop1+11
2012 Dec 13 Stop Congress from Reauthorizing the FISA Amendments Act, a Warrantless Spying Bill | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+14
2012 Dec 14 Vast New Spying Program: The little-known National Counterterrorism Center is now allowed to examine the government files of US citizens for possible criminal behavior, even if there is no reason to suspect them. The agency has new authority to keep data about innocent US citizens for up to 5 years.7 Commentsmepper+157
2012 Dec 14 Browser Search Engine Replacements More Suitable for Searches in Multiple Languages + Facebook Isolation?0 Comments0000001000011011+1
2012 Dec 14 BlackHat USA 2011: Faces Of Facebook-Or, How The Largest Real ID Database In The World Came To Be 2 CommentsVX-R+13
2012 Dec 14 Demand the Senate Fix FISA0 Commentsal0k86+16
2012 Dec 14 Senate committee votes to ban “stalker apps”4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+45
2012 Dec 14 Sen. Franken Wants Apps To Get Explicit Permission Before Selling Your Whereabouts To Random Third Parties (xpost r/technology)2 CommentsJoyousCacophony+20
2012 Dec 15 Rozeff on Privacy: A Defense of Rothbard, Agree or Disagree?0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+2
2012 Dec 15 Government Spying Out of Control. The President and the leadership of both political parties have abandoned their oaths to uphold the Constitution.3 CommentsEquanimousMind+52
2012 Dec 15 Senator Jeff Merkley: "Citizens generally assume our government is not spying on them. If they had any inkling of how this system really works, the details of which I cannot discuss, they would be profoundly appalled."10 CommentsEquanimousMind+130
2012 Dec 15 Groups say FISA law needs more oversight -- now0 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2012 Dec 15 What is the best free vpn I can get in order to protect my privacy?0 Commentsvpnvipper+1
2012 Dec 15 Newcastle University students protest biometric scanner move1 Commentstheanswermancan+8
2012 Dec 15 Help EFF end Warrantless Surveillance. Wiretapping millions of Americans? It’s unconstitutional and illegal. And part of it is up for a vote in Congress. (xpost r/technology)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+16
2012 Dec 15 Haul the NSA before Congress 8 CommentsEquanimousMind+106
2012 Dec 16 FAS Resource - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA FAA)0 CommentsEquanimousMind+1
2012 Dec 16 Canadian Liberal Leadership Candidate Calls for Digital Bill of Rights0 Commentssashimii+12
2012 Dec 16 Q&A: Privacy engineers could hold the key0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+9
2012 Dec 17 Turkish authorities give green light to regulate targeted advertising » The Privacy Surgeon0 CommentsPrivacySurgeon+8
2012 Dec 17 End is near for surveillance law powers8 CommentsEquanimousMind+84
2012 Dec 17 Why Your Kindle Is an Open Book to the Government8 CommentsArsSkeptica+50
2012 Dec 17 Terms of Use • Instagram [read: Rights - 2]7 Commentswtfomglolz+41
2012 Dec 17 FTC called on to investigate SpongeBob game for collecting kids’ information without parental consent0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+11
2012 Dec 17 Top 10 privacy law violations in the Petraeus probe1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+28
2012 Dec 17 Special Report: How foreign firms tried to sell spy gear to Iran0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+4
2012 Dec 17 License Plates, Cameras, and Our Vanishing Privacy - IEEE Spectrum0 CommentsCrankyBear+12
2012 Dec 17 China tries to block encrypted traffic9 Commentsmeyamashi+51
2012 Dec 18 Privnotes SSL has expired0 Comments70000+0
2012 Dec 18 Colombia Adopts Mandatory Backdoor and Data Retention Mandates1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+22
2012 Dec 18 German privacy regulator orders Facebook to end its real name policy | ITworld12 Commentsdb3dd9adf4d59c9b76fc+106
2012 Dec 18 Germany backs away from using a Trojan on its citizens - for now.2 CommentsMajorBlink+12
2012 Dec 18 I wonder if this could cause any privacy issues, quad-copters are becoming more public after all. What do you think?1 Commentsuavinformation+8
2012 Dec 18 How Paper Bills Could Protect You From Cyber Theft0 Commentsantdude+11
2012 Dec 18 BATA surveillance allows officials "to watch and listen to what is happening out on the road"0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+0
2012 Dec 18 Does privacy make us productive?0 CommentsPrestoVivace+3
2012 Dec 18 The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) amendment gains support from wide political spectrum0 CommentsEquanimousMind+10
2012 Dec 18 Vermont Supreme Court on Electronic Search Limits: In both physical and digital searches, the court held, “the investigatory promise must justify the collateral exposure” of a person's private life.0 Commentsakwala+15
2012 Dec 18 TSA to Commission Independent Study of X-Ray Body Scanners3 Commentschocolatier_artist+15
2012 Dec 18 That was fast. Instagram backs down on putting users' photos in ads13 Commentssupersadtrueprivacy+97
2012 Dec 18 [Question] I keep forgetting to turn off my VPN before using gmail and other google services. Are there any programs or ways to remind myself so I don't contaminate my browsing session?6 Commentsdisciplinemode+3
2012 Dec 19 Mobile Apps and Consumer Privacy: California is Setting a New Standard for App Developers0 Commentscreativeindustry+1
2012 Dec 19 FTC is investigating "data brokers." How much do these companies know about you?0 Commentsmeyamashi+8
2012 Dec 19 What are your rights regarding video recording and photography on public or private property?0 Commentscqwww+2
2012 Dec 19 Senate Wants To Sneak Warrantless Spying Bill Extension Into Law Without Debate; Let’s Call Them and Tell Them No3 CommentsEquanimousMind+182
2012 Dec 19 Full Video: Watch EFF’s Court Hearing in Jewel v. NSA0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2012 Dec 19 Man who hacked Scarlett Johansson's email gets a whopping ten years in prison5 Commentsmaxwellhill+21
2012 Dec 19 Why Google Should Encrypt Our Email2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+14
2012 Dec 19 What is Do Not Track (DNT)? [An illustrated guide by DuckDuckGo]4 Commentssebf+18
2012 Dec 19 Anonymous names man they think drove Amanda Todd to Suicide0 Commentsdacaprice+4
2012 Dec 19 Instagram Proves We Care More About Pictures Than Personal Data2 CommentsCurseyoukhan13+10
2012 Dec 20 Government Attorneys Agree With EFF: New 'Counterterrorism' Database Rules Threaten Privacy of Every American1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+100
2012 Dec 20 Senate GOP objects to considering FISA bill, calls for vote on House version1 CommentsEquanimousMind+20
2012 Dec 20 Youtube wanted to use my full name yet again as my username.19 CommentsYoutubethisisAnon+47
2012 Dec 20 Senate Should Not Rubber Stamp Foreign Surveillance Extension 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+18
2012 Dec 21 Senate to Consider FISA Renewal; Rand Paul to Offer 4th Amendment Guard 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+26
2012 Dec 21 just so you know about exif and privacy concerns1 Commentssreenathsasikumar+0
2012 Dec 21 Netflix Facebook Sharing Bill Clears Senate, Waiting For Obama’s OK6 Commentsusefullinkguy+5
2012 Dec 21 xkcd: Instagram36 Commentsani625+121
2012 Dec 21 FISA Warrantless Wiretapping Bill Poised For Renewal Despite Unanswered Questions - Or, as Michelle Richardson, legislative counsel with the ACLU's Washington office, put it, "I bet [Bush] is laughing his ass off."0 CommentsEquanimousMind+9
2012 Dec 21 Facebook's $1 message test opens inboxes to strangers | PCWorld10 Commentsalexlamman+24
2012 Dec 22 Implications of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Internet Surveillance for Society2 CommentsEquanimousMind+9
2012 Dec 22 getting things deleted from quickmeme2 Commentswalrus_man+5
2012 Dec 22 Money,any options besides throwaway credit cards or friends?0 Commentsprivacyfirst+5
2012 Dec 22 Google Chrome 25 to kill silent extension installation.1 CommentsBrndyAlxndr+25
2012 Dec 22 I hope I'm at the right place for asking...how secure is a encrypted password database (KeePass v2.20.1)7 CommentsKabelbrand+1
2012 Dec 22 Google: Most powerful company on the internet now watches what you do offline 7 Commentsbull-doser+6
2012 Dec 23 Since Exfoliate ( for Facebook) doesn't work, is there another working tool that can scrub all your previous data ?14 CommentsGodel42+27
2012 Dec 23 FISA Is Up For Renewal: Will The NSA Be Forced To Reveal Its Warrantless Wiretapping Campaign And Why The Agency Spies On Americans?3 CommentsEquanimousMind+75
2012 Dec 23 RTAmerica: FISA spy bill could be renewed without discussion0 CommentsEquanimousMind+20
2012 Dec 23 Mark Zuckerberg is the John Wilkes Booth of Privacy0 Commentsjphilipre+25
2012 Dec 23 Open source websites - Should I trust that they're really using the source they're letting me download?3 Commentsx_x_+1
2012 Dec 24 Response to the "I've got nothing to hide" argument13 Commentsserredad+62
2012 Dec 24 How does one scrub Facebook photos? Or at least the tags.5 Commentsotakugrey+0
2012 Dec 24 Privacy International, working to protect your identity since 19900 Commentsbaronontherhine+21
2012 Dec 25 Netflix succesfully lobbies Congress to ammend Video Privacy Protection Act, your rental history can now be shared with a blanket consent.30 Commentsindefinitearticle+119
2012 Dec 26 New computer and security help.4 CommentsFuttBisting+1
2012 Dec 26 Man Buys Lube at Walmart With Debit Card, Walmart Sends Him E-Mails About Other Lubes He Might Enjoy7 Commentseltondegeneres+105
2012 Dec 26 Why does Samsung Apps "Photo Editor" need all these permissions? "Read and write your SMS, email *and* other messages"?!9 CommentsShortNeckGiraffe+15
2012 Dec 26 A New York newspaper has received a wave of criticism from its readers after doxxing the names and addresses of all of the individuals with handgun or pistol permits in its coverage area. Users can click any dot on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.11 Commentsexoendo+44
2012 Dec 26 Privacy concern in various Operating Systems13 Comments4thguy+4
2012 Dec 26 Facebook founder's sister tripped by privacy settings.0 CommentsMajorBlink+11
2012 Dec 26 Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Should Just Admit She Doesn't Understand Facebook's Privacy Rules Either4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+120
2012 Dec 27 China Wants Real Names When Registering for Internet Access: This will further prevent citizens from voicing opinions or discussing rumors/news2 Commentsmepper+25
2012 Dec 27 Who could be watching you watching your figure? Your boss0 Commentsmeyamashi+3
2012 Dec 27 Classic Function Creep As EU Police May Gain Access To Asylum Seekers Fingerprint Database0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Dec 27 Why We Should All Care About the Today's Senate Vote on the FISA Amendments Act, the Warrantless Domestic Spying Bill1 CommentsEquanimousMind+81
2012 Dec 27 29C3 has started! William Binney and Zimmermman talking at 20h30 German time.1 Commentsdb3dd9adf4d59c9b76fc+14
2012 Dec 27 Social network neighborhood watch -or- encouraging people to spy on your neighbors? Might be a good way to organize neighborhood security without sharing Facebook antics with people you only interact with by virtue of being neighbors.1 Commentsabsolut646+5
2012 Dec 28 Every child visiting emergency rooms and after hours consult with physician to be logged in national database (UK)2 CommentsFlexgrow+8
2012 Dec 28 Senate votes down three amendments to make FISA not so bad, prepares to vote down Wyden's bill and pass FISA unmolested tomorrow3 CommentsEquanimousMind+60
2012 Dec 28 The Netflix lobby in Washington spent $1 million in two years: They formed a PAC that aimed to pass the Video Privacy Protection Act. Congress passed it on Dec 20. Now Netflix can integrate with social media sites without the explicit written consent from customers that was formerly required by law2 Commentsmepper+64
2012 Dec 28 "TSA agent: 'We laugh at your nude images, dear passengers'"16 Commentsjspacecadet+158
2012 Dec 28 Doesn't moving your e-mail to a VPN also just move the problem?2 Commentsdpflug+0
2012 Dec 28 Facebook Poke and Snapchat bug saves “deleted” videos 0 Commentspr10n+2
2012 Dec 28 Tell President Obama to end the warrantless phone/email tapping program2 CommentsLostSoulNothing+33
2012 Dec 28 Why Are People More Scared of Facebook Violating Their Privacy than Washington?8 CommentsOsterstriker+48
2012 Dec 28 GOP and Feinstein join to fulfill Obama's demand for renewed warrantless eavesdropping. The California Democrat's disgusting rhetoric recalls the worst of Dick Cheney while advancing Obama's agenda2 CommentsEquanimousMind+49
2012 Dec 28 Congress Disgracefully Approves the FISA Warrantless Spying Bill for Five More Years, Rejects All Privacy Amendments12 Commentsmepper+153
2012 Dec 28 Get Naked in Person, Not on Facebook0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2012 Dec 28 ‘Black Box’ or ‘Spy Box’? US regulators want to make car data recorders mandatory1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+6
2012 Dec 28 Senate Votes to Extend Sweeping Bush Era Surveillance Powers0 CommentsJoyousCacophony+3
2012 Dec 28 comments Gov. Rick Snyder signs law that prohibits employers, schools to ask for social media account logins0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2012 Dec 29 Michigan makes it illegal to ask employees or students for their Facebook credentials: "Potential employees and students should be judged on their skills and abilities, not private online activity"1 Commentsmepper+21
2012 Dec 29 Mark Zuckerberg's sister learns life lesson after Facebook photo flap0 Commentskabads+0
2012 Dec 29 Instagram DAU drops by 25 percent in wake of terms & conditions fiasco | Digital Trends0 Commentsalexlamman+0
2012 Dec 30 29c3: Not my department (Jacob 'ioerror' Appelbaum) [Keynote] - YouTube0 Commentsbincat+27
2012 Dec 30 Privacy is Dead, Forget About It.13 Commentsgalacticgigolo+24
2012 Dec 30 Foursquare to show users' full names, share more data starting January 285 Commentsmepper+31
2012 Dec 31 Privacy by the Numbers: A New Approach to Safeguarding Data -- A mathematical technique called “differential privacy” gives researchers access to vast repositories of personal data while meeting a high standard for privacy protection0 CommentsHAVANA_OMELETTE+8
2012 Dec 31 Canada's federal police, the RCMP are using a loophole to continue an illegal surveillance system (ALPR). Also includes document lies and deceit, likely to end up a movie...1 Commentscqwww+61
2013 Jan 01 How anybody can secretly save your snapchat videos forever2 Commentsmeyamashi+5
2013 Jan 02 Employers in California, Illinois can no longer request Facebook passwords3 Commentsmepper+81
2013 Jan 02 Tor based XMPP server5 Commentsfelinefecalfelon+11
2013 Jan 02 Newspaper can’t have more gun permit data, county says, after publishing names, addresses outraged community18 CommentsFlexgrow+72
2013 Jan 02 People Freak Out About Privacy On Facebook, But Ignore Widespread Government Surveillance4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+49
2013 Jan 03 VPN logging/providers help!9 Commentsmaddevismad+6
2013 Jan 03 What measures do you take to protect your privacy when using your smartphone?38 CommentsNccys+51
2013 Jan 03 EFF and ACLU Successfully Oppose Speech-Chilling Twitter Subpoenas | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+2
2013 Jan 03 Why Congress's Digital Archive For Text Messages Is Such A Bad Idea1 Commentsadampopescu+2
2013 Jan 03 29C3 Panel: Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake, William Binney on whistleblowing and surveillance - YouTube3 Commentsbiffbagwell+5
2013 Jan 03 Jones Retrial Exposes Weaknesses of Locational Privacy Argument0 CommentsFireant322+1
2013 Jan 03 Digital Archive of Text Messages Proposed - In Senate for Approval!0 Commentsmikiedzl+2
2013 Jan 04 French ISP Free updates its DSL modems with an ad blocker that's enabled by default5 CommentsEndloesung1+40
2013 Jan 04 it's up to you10 Commentswhatconsent+51
2013 Jan 04 Whitehouse petition to stop personal data aggregation on the internet4 Commentssam9510+50
2013 Jan 05 Extension Gives You More Control Over Your Facebook Privacy4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+1
2013 Jan 05 IM for business?8 Commentsredditdada+6
2013 Jan 05 Since Hushmail is apparently not secure, can anyone suggest some truly discreet alternatives?12 Commentszombies4breakfast+9
2013 Jan 05 Awesome: Dedicated hour-long privacy show by NPR's On The Media1 Commentsdudethatsmeta+18
2013 Jan 06 Photo copiers keep copies what they duplicate.20 Commentsregistrant+59
2013 Jan 06 A few thoughts and questions about privacy, anonymity, morality, profit, and freedom.0 CommentsChoscura+6
2013 Jan 06 Unplug From Google: "If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold."40 Commentspavs+61
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2013 Jan 07 Plain Text Offenders reaches 1000 posts: Thank You!1 Commentshmemcpy+37
2013 Jan 07 Looking for Windows software to wipe a drive after some amount of inactivity on the PC56 CommentsWilliamFingShatner+26
2013 Jan 08 State of Fear0 Commentstheanswermancan+10
2013 Jan 08 Yahoo! Mail Makes HTTPS Available4 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+20
2013 Jan 08 You all may enjoy today's SMBC7 CommentsFailsTheTuringTest+153
2013 Jan 08 "Google Glass will record its wearer’s conversations and surroundings and store those recordings in the cloud...and automatically take pictures every 10 seconds."34 Commentserror9900+57
2013 Jan 08 U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens0 Commentsbiffbagwell+8
2013 Jan 09 Would anyone be interested in a thick solid metal iphone/smart phone case that you could put your phone it would send out no signal?18 Commentsm4Oofmj+16
2013 Jan 09 Linguistics identifies anonymous users6 Commentspeter_tonoli+27
2013 Jan 09 6 Network Security Predictions For 2013: Part I | Bart VPN0 CommentsBartTheGuard+1
2013 Jan 09 Cloud surfing: US surveilance act ‘grave threat’ to EU sovereignty8 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+12
2013 Jan 09 3 Troubling Ways The TSA Punishes Passengers Who Opt Out 29 Commentstheanswermancan+149
2013 Jan 09 Video: Senator Ron Wyden Opposes Warrantless Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+2
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2013 Jan 09 What are We Losing w/ Erosion of Privacy? 2 Min ACLU Sci-Fi Pizza Story Will Make You Wonder!0 Commentsbethboynton+0
2013 Jan 09 I'm going to be moving to a new city soon; how can I take advantage of this privacy-wise?2 Commentseaters+7
2013 Jan 09 Judge orders student to wear RFID badge in order to attend school6 Commentsmundusvultdecipi+11
2013 Jan 10 Documents Detail NSA's 'Perfect Citizen' Cybersecurity Work1 CommentsNotEltonJohn+10
2013 Jan 10 Secret/anonymous footsoldier targeting banks reveals Israel security company Incapsula1 Commentsin1984+1
2013 Jan 10 Any method in Chrome to make it so that if I am logged into one Google service, I am not also logged into others?9 Commentsalwayspro+14
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2013 Jan 10 112th Congress Finished Its Term By Taking Away More of Your Privacy, In The Worst Possible Way | Electronic Frontier Foundation0 CommentsPurblind+3
2013 Jan 10 Nokia Accused of Hijacking, Decrypting User Data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2013 Jan 10 Safest way to test password strength?8 CommentsWilliamFingShatner+5
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2013 Jan 10 Did you hear about FISA or the NDAA in the mainstream media? These voices can help you stay informed0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+0
2013 Jan 11 California Attorney General Releases Mobile Privacy Recommendations0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2013 Jan 11 Looks like Wajam has a little more explaining to do...2 Commentsbodondo+0
2013 Jan 11 Newly released FBI documents shine light on clandestine cellphone tracking tool1 Commentsmeyamashi+25
2013 Jan 11 In Minnesota, Democratic grandmas gather data about their neighbors0 Commentsmeyamashi+6
2013 Jan 11 Can I trust Skype not to spy on me?18 Commentsgnos1s+19
2013 Jan 11 California AG issues first-in-U.S. mobile app privacy guidelines1 Commentstony_phelps+1
2013 Jan 12 Theoretical: If I encrypted my HD using biometrics, could the government physically force me to unlock it?31 Commentshoppyfrog+25
2013 Jan 12 US Police Departments to Become More Reliant on License Plate Readers7 Commentsakwala+19
2013 Jan 12 Heavily redacted FBI files shine light on clandestine cellphone tracking tool that "covertly dupes phones within a specific area into hopping onto a fake network."16 Commentsgaryrbtsn+127
2013 Jan 12 California proposition to monitor sex offenders online gets put on ice 0 Commentsgaryrbtsn+4
2013 Jan 12 Stand alone OS that had a proxy server and TOR built in5 CommentsMyKungFu+12
2013 Jan 13 Spy agency ASIO wants powers to hack into personal computers - Australia1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2013 Jan 13 Wiretapping law's renewal dismays rights groups1 Commentsantdude+25
2013 Jan 14 Would you trust your daughter's beach pictures to Zuck??0 Commentsgschirr+0
2013 Jan 14 Banks seek NSA help amid attacks on their computer systems3 CommentsFoxTrotW+11
2013 Jan 14 Does VeriSign maintain "master" WHOIS records apart from the individual domain registrars?0 Commentscowton+1
2013 Jan 15 Rumours of Instagram's demise have NOT been exaggerated: Instagram has lost nearly half its daily users in a month after publishing updated terms and conditions13 Commentskardos+132
2013 Jan 15 Louis Brandeis–prescient on privacy.1 Commentsmacchina+3
2013 Jan 15 Kenya: New constitution sets new standards for privacy and data protection · Global Voices0 Commentsyrlesru+2
2013 Jan 15 Facebook makes it so easy for gullible people to mass-add their friends to random facebook groups0 Commentssyrionguy+1
2013 Jan 15 Court Blocks Controversial California Bill That Takes Away All Anonymity For Any Sex Offenders1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+8
2013 Jan 15 Facebook stalking just got a major upgrade with Graph Search...or downgrade, if you care about privacy21 CommentsLawyerCT+77
2013 Jan 16 This got no attention in r/ask. Last week I stood up for my privacy rights in Shanghai airport. Did I come close to getting arrested by Chinese airport officials, or was I played by Eastern China Airlines?11 Commentspushing_the_edge+0
2013 Jan 16 How The FBI's Desire To Wiretap Every New Technology Makes Us Less Safe2 CommentsAmon_Rudh+52
2013 Jan 16 Silent Circle Adds Android For Encrypted Voice And Video Calls - Forbes0 Commentsmatonis+12
2013 Jan 16 Are Tom Hank’s medical files worth 3 months in federal prison?4 Commentsagreenjay+5
2013 Jan 16 Florida legislators vote to ban spying with drones0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2013 Jan 17 Google disconnect for Android?4 Commentsstrayce+6
2013 Jan 17 Surveillance Camp: Mapping Strategies to Counteract Online Spying in Latin America0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+7
2013 Jan 17 Surveillance Strategy Is ‘Privileged and Confidential,’ FBI Says1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+40
2013 Jan 17 Why Lance Armstrong’s Confession Should Make You Worry6 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+37
2013 Jan 17 Customer Beware: You Are Being Tracked1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+12
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2013 Jan 17 H&R Block - Wireless Keyboards17 CommentsSoCo_cpp+104
2013 Jan 17 Router security question11 Commentsdoogie88+6
2013 Jan 17 Scientific sleuths identified 12% of "anonymous" men in a genetics registry with publicly available genealogy records.0 Commentsstreetlite+9
2013 Jan 17 NY Times: DNA data neither anonymous nor private. Entire families can be identified from a single DNA string1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+6
2013 Jan 18 Secret Government Document Reveals: German Federal Police Plans To Use Gamma FinFisher Spyware2 Commentsusefullinkguy+16
2013 Jan 18 Loss of Personal Health Information4 Commentsfleurgold+6
2013 Jan 18 Draft bill would make mobile developers delete your stored data6 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+109
2013 Jan 18 After a year in the grave, can SOPA and Protect IP return? 0 CommentsCrankyBear+15
2013 Jan 18 FOIA request by EFF secures secret federal document about NSA dragnet surveillance revealing...not much. Of course Congress extended FISA anyway. Is this what democracy looks like?2 CommentsShahid-Buttar+6
2013 Jan 18 Facebook Graph Search1 Commentskidsoccupy+5
2013 Jan 18 I've documented the process for spoofing your MAC address on most popular operating systems. Everyone should be doing this, I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't. 18 Commentscqwww+51
2013 Jan 18 New Snapchat vulnerability allows users to save photos without notifying sender Xpost from /r/technology0 CommentsNotMalicious+0
2013 Jan 18 Naked-Image Scanners to Be Removed From U.S. Airports- Bloomberg1 Commentsakwala+8
2013 Jan 18 TSA finally backing down. Removing invasive Rap(e)iscan virtual strip search scanners1 Commentscasepie+0
2013 Jan 19 111 Blacked Out Pages Is How Much the DOJ Wants You to Know About Your Right to Privacy5 Commentsiridesce+116
2013 Jan 19 On Facebook, users can no longer hide from search results3 Commentsantdude+42
2013 Jan 19 Irish EU Council Presidency proposes destruction of right to privacy | EDRI0 Commentssunurb01+18
2013 Jan 19 After refusing any ID (even without RFID), Texas student kicked out of school.12 Commentsgaryrbtsn+25
2013 Jan 19 Hide from facial recognition with the world's first "privacy visor."0 Commentsgaryrbtsn+24
2013 Jan 19 MEGA, Megauploads successor, launches itself as "The Privacy Company" with "User-Controlled Encryption"15 Comments_electricmonk+90
2013 Jan 20 Data Protection: All You Need to Know about the EU Privacy Debate- SPIEGEL ONLINE0 Comments1632+8
2013 Jan 20 Search Option From Facebook Is a Privacy Test0 Commentsantdude+16
2013 Jan 20 If you've ever been mentioned in an obituary, you may show up on sites like this along with all of your family. There is no way to opt-out, and the listings are all visible to Google.0 CommentsICanCatch20Too+20
2013 Jan 20 Dataset of 13 Billion Clicks available for research1 Commentsbased2+18
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2013 Jan 21 10 security tools for smartphones2 Commentsunbuklethis+4
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2013 Jan 21 US Data Privacy Campaigners Support Brussels Against US Interference0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+17
2013 Jan 21 US lobbying against the data protection reform intensifies: The US authorities produced another lobbying document to influence the EU's decision making on European citizens' fundamental right to privacy and data protection0 Commentsmaxwellhill+82
2013 Jan 22 Somehow the music I listen to on Spotify is showing up as recommendations on Youtube4 Commentssvenskt+22
2013 Jan 22 Facebook and "People you may know"3 CommentsIlerea_Kleinokitz+3
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2013 Jan 23 Big Data: Amazon Set To Sell Advertisers On Its Trove Of Consumer Buying Data3 CommentsTyrien+11
2013 Jan 23 EFF Fights for Passenger Rights in GPS Vehicle Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation1 CommentsPurblind+30
2013 Jan 23 New HIPAA Rules for CIOs0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+14
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2013 Jan 23 Analysis and Recommendations for the Crypto in Kim Dotcom's Mega from the team behind Spideroak.com, Part One0 CommentsDanielLarsson75+10
2013 Jan 24 Government Demanding More And More Info On Google Users Without Any Oversight0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2013 Jan 24 Google Tells Cops to Get Warrants for User E-Mail, Cloud Data0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+29
2013 Jan 24 Government Demanding More And More Info On Google Users Without Any Oversight0 Commentsagoristjane+8
2013 Jan 24 Police want to use red light cameras to detect other crimes5 Commentsromabit+41
2013 Jan 24 Google Transparency Report Shows Government Spying More Than Ever0 CommentsMellowTime+8
2013 Jan 24 Journalists and activists report having their Skype calls tapped2 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+68
2013 Jan 24 Okay, /r/privacy, I'm tired of seeing reactive "invasion of privacy" posts...4 Commentsmrjderp+15
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2013 Jan 24 Stanford Hospital Again - Info for 57,000 patients at risk after laptop stolen3 CommentsFoxTrotW+11
2013 Jan 24 Actual Facebook Graph Searches Are Creepily Specific0 CommentsMellowTime+20
2013 Jan 25 Privacy advocates and Internet activists call on Skype and Microsoft to open up already about who can access users' sensitive communications0 CommentsCorporate_Ho+5
2013 Jan 25 Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the Internet to end government surveillance4 CommentsWords_of_Truth+34
2013 Jan 25 Question for the /r/privacy community on using G-Mail and an android phone1 Commentsanontor381674132q309+3
2013 Jan 25 Surveillance state ahoy ARGUS - longrange high def surveillance sensor - YouTube0 Commentsllyando+11
2013 Jan 25 Homeland Security's Napolitano invokes 9/11 to push for CISPA 2.018 Commentswhitefangs+98
2013 Jan 25 Activists in Berlin are teaming up to trash surveillance cameras. (x-post from world news)1 Commentssvenskt+41
2013 Jan 25 Docracy’s Terms of Service Tracker: see summaries of recent changes of TOS and PP of hundreds of popular sites.0 Commentsubevero+4
2013 Jan 26 Google Has Indexed Thousands of Publicly Accessible Printers (x-post r/technology)0 CommentsJoyousCacophony+12
2013 Jan 26 The inventor of the World Wide Web warned Friday that government control is limiting the possibilities of the Internet, as dozens of countries and businesses signed a cybersecurity deal at the Davos forum0 Commentswhitefangs+131
2013 Jan 26 Instagram Asking For Your Government Issued Photo IDs Now, Too0 Commentswhitefangs+6
2013 Jan 26 EU study analysing the factors underpinning the development and use of surveillance technologies by public and private actors, and their implications in fighting crime&terrorism, social&economic costs, protection or infringement of civil liberties, fundamental rights and ethical aspects.0 Comments1632+7
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2013 Jan 27 Who REALLY Owns Your Photos in Social Media? (Updated 2013 Edition)0 Commentstellman1257+1
2013 Jan 27 US Corporations Win Against Privacy in EU Parliament Consumer Committee0 Commentswhitefangs+14
2013 Jan 27 ACLU Sues to Protect Privacy of Drug Prescriptions1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+39
2013 Jan 27 Massachusetts law: Pay a fine or go to jail for wearing saggy pants?3 Commentsr3b3lang3l+13
2013 Jan 27 In USA Unlocking Cellphones is now illegal16 Commentsr3b3lang3l+30
2013 Jan 27 When it comes to cloud data, Google tells the Feds to come back with a warrant 0 Commentsnothingtolookat+0
2013 Jan 27 CAMOVER 2013 - Vandalism or valid protest?3 Commentsreddubtor+7
2013 Jan 28 Security and anonymity vulnerabilities in Tor [25c3]1 CommentsAschebescher+12
2013 Jan 28 How to opt-out your Wifi from Google's location database ( + '_nomap')19 Commentsgnos1s+53
2013 Jan 28 US free to grab EU data on American clouds2 Commentswhitefangs+17
2013 Jan 28 Court Again Says It's Okay For The Feds To Snoop Through Your Digital Info Without Telling You6 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+149
2013 Jan 28 Happy Data Privacy Day! I only have two requests (for those new to privacy)0 Commentscqwww+1
2013 Jan 28 Google’s approach to government requests for user data — Official Google Blog1 CommentsAdys+7
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2013 Jan 28 Opt-Out (without extension) of trackers & view Privacy practices of any website.2 CommentsSimply_Amazing+1
2013 Jan 29 Guilty As Charged: Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Starbucks Caught for Privacy Violations - Forbes0 CommentsBOOTZENKATS+3
2013 Jan 29 Google Explains How It Handles Government Requests For Data; Why Don't More Companies Do This?0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2013 Jan 29 FBI, Department of Homeland Security to team up to collect iris biometrics1 Commentsblogger4DC+16
2013 Jan 29 CryptoParty is coming to Dallas for the first time. If you are in the DFW area come on by.1 CommentsEthoMunk+4
2013 Jan 29 Twitter reveals US government makes 80% of info requests5 CommentsVedlen+117
2013 Jan 29 If you are a Cox Communications customer and links for all users: an opt-out guide.1 Commentsmasterwit+5
2013 Jan 29 Mozilla Recognized as Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy | The Mozilla Blog0 Commentsantdude+8
2013 Jan 29 Canada, Holland: WhatsApp violates privacy norms by stockpiling phone numbers belonging to people who don't even use the service1 Commentsmaxwellhill+9
2013 Jan 29 International Privacy Day: Anti-Surveillance Success Stories0 CommentsInfectiousFelonius+2
2013 Jan 29 Twitter said Monday that just 19% of government requests for user data were accompanied by probable-cause search warrants during June-Dec 20120 Commentsmikepetroff+27
2013 Jan 29 What is Do Not Track (DNT)?3 Commentsjofazepa+3
2013 Jan 29 Kbb.com revamps Privacy Policy, adding more ways to make money with your data0 Commentsubevero+0
2013 Jan 29 Why Graph Search Could Be Facebook's Largest Privacy Invasion Ever 0 Commentscollectivecognition+3
2013 Jan 30 Global survey of experts predicts the biggest privacy issues for 2013 » The Privacy Surgeon0 CommentsPrivacySurgeon+1
2013 Jan 30 Who does Skype let spy?0 Commentscajuntechie+11
2013 Jan 30 It's Time for Transparency Reports to Become the New Normal0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+25
2013 Jan 30 Facebook Graph Search: Privacy Control You Still Don't Have -- "Some unwanted search results are...solely controlled by your friends and family."0 Commentsmepper+18
2013 Jan 31 Last call for the 2012 drone census0 Commentsmeyamashi+1
2013 Jan 31 Meet the American company helping governments spy on "billions" of communications5 Commentsgaryrbtsn+74
2013 Jan 31 Leading privacy expert Caspar Bowden has warned Europeans using US cloud services that their data could be snooped on.4 Commentswhitefangs+66
2013 Feb 01 Digest summary of privacy news stories from the past month0 Commentschilts+2
2013 Feb 01 Salary details of ONE THIRD of Americans shared with credit agency Equifax in 'biggest privacy breach in our time'3 Commentsantdude+109
2013 Feb 01 Keep it secret, keep it safe: A beginner's guide to Web safety. Understanding encryption is key to protecting yourself on the Web.4 CommentsEquanimousMind+42
2013 Feb 01 Yes, U.S. authorities can spy on EU cloud data. Here's how1 Commentswhitefangs+94
2013 Feb 01 HIPAA's New Rules Have Broad Impact on IT1 Commentsagreenjay+3
2013 Feb 01 Full Disk Encryption Using Ubuntu In Most Secure Mode With AES-XTS-PLAIN647 CommentsEquanimousMind+8
2013 Feb 02 FTC Still Seems More Interested In Making Headlines Than Really Protecting Privacy0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2013 Feb 02 TrueCrypt, just got it. Testing it out, need some help though4 CommentsTrueShotHaze+0
2013 Feb 02 DARPA's 1.8 gigapixel drone camera is a high-res Fourth Amendment lawsuit waiting to happen6 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+92
2013 Feb 02 The increasingly blurry line between Big Data and Big Brother1 Commentswhitefangs+14
2013 Feb 02 Path promises fix for grabbing geolocation data from photos: Security researcher says Apple can also do better at preventing privacy leaks0 Commentsmaxwellhill+2
2013 Feb 02 Docracy Terms of Service Tracker1 Commentsbased2+0
2013 Feb 02 US wants Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry, Google and Microsoft to get a grip on mobile security, privacy concerns3 Commentsantdude+15
2013 Feb 02 How much private information are you giving away with technology? Rep. Diane Russell (D - Portland) has sponsored a bill to require commercial websites to have clear privacy policies, telling consumers what information is collected and where it goes.0 Commentsshallah+19
2013 Feb 02 Letter from a Protester: “TSA, Stop Warrantless Searches on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.”0 Commentswhitefangs+9
2013 Feb 02 We'll be talking about Privacy tonight on The People Connection.0 CommentsThePeopleConnection+0
2013 Feb 03 Why is privacy important?7 Commentsnumandina+0
2013 Feb 03 Panel on the scope of facial recognition: Identification from half a mile away, analyze emotional states and health via blood flow in the face, associate info with other databases like employment1 Commentsnoxbl+43
2013 Feb 04 Antivirus software is not enough to prevent a cyberattack3 Commentsniceone12+7
2013 Feb 04 I have Nothing to Hide - Simple rebuttals to an annoying, but common argument46 Commentsthegeekprofessor+92
2013 Feb 04 The EFF, ACLU, EPIC, and more than a dozen other privacy and rights groups, are calling on the U.S. government to stop the "unprecedented lobbying campaign" over the proposed changes to EU data protection and privacy laws.0 Commentswhitefangs+90
2013 Feb 04 Where Kim Dotcom and Mega have the edge on Dropbox and Box.net0 Commentswhitefangs+6
2013 Feb 04 DEA Circumventing Oregon State Law To Grab Medical Records Without A Warrant0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+75
2013 Feb 04 California Court: Online Merchants Can Demand Personal Info To Verify Credit Card Purchases0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2013 Feb 04 Apple wins Internet privacy ruling0 Commentswittyscreenname+4
2013 Feb 04 WebRTC is almost here, and it could finally kill Skype, while bringing encrypted P2P video-calls3 Commentswhitefangs+38
2013 Feb 04 Don't endorse Obama's #biometric govt.0 Commentsbeatthechip+9
2013 Feb 05 California court finds for Apple in credit card suit0 Commentsantdude+1
2013 Feb 05 "Meet the groundbreaking new encryption app set to revolutionize privacy and freak out the feds"24 Commentsgaryrbtsn+43
2013 Feb 05 We are being tracked in brick and mortar stores now too2 Commentsexpi_ala_doshus+4
2013 Feb 05 Youtube Asking For Real Name Instead Of Username0 Commentshomeinthewhiteoaks+6
2013 Feb 05 I just launched Canada's first consulting privacy officer role through PrivaSecTech. If your small or medium size ($30k-3M) organization hosts personally identifiable information of Canadians, I will help you comply with Canadian privacy law and technical security.0 Commentscqwww+0
2013 Feb 05 The most tasteless app on Facebook might also be one of the most dangerous0 CommentsPrivacySurgeon+11
2013 Feb 05 little survey about privacy and security6 Commentscake-please+0
2013 Feb 05 U.K. spy agencies plan to install Web snooping 'black boxes'19 Commentssouvarine+72
2013 Feb 05 Court: Gov’t Can Secretly Obtain Email, Twitter Info From Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer Jacob Appelbaum0 Commentssalvia_d+68
2013 Feb 05 Pitt Co. Schools hired former deputy to stake out students, improper surveillance allegations unanswered in Board of Education meeting 2 Commentsr3b3lang3l+18
2013 Feb 05 Four Ways the FTC s New Privacy Rules Affect Mobile Banking Apps0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+3
2013 Feb 05 Medical Records Privacy Taken Out With The Trash0 Commentsphilbarnhart+1
2013 Feb 06 Why more service providers should provide transparency report0 Commentsdontopendeadinside+2
2013 Feb 06 The government needs to do a better job than private companies at protecting our data.0 CommentsMadPooter+2
2013 Feb 06 And it continues... New Facebook app to track offline users18 CommentsVedlen+101
2013 Feb 06 90% of Users Do Not Trust Websites With Their Data3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+50
2013 Feb 06 States scramble with legislation to fend off drones0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2013 Feb 06 Maryland bill would allow cell phone tracking without warrant0 CommentsOsterstriker+12
2013 Feb 06 Push-button Privacy? Silent Circle's latest app democratizes encryption. Governments won't be happy.0 CommentsBlueJadeLei+6
2013 Feb 06 The "Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act, " a bill in Florida is slowly snaking its way through the Florida Senate prohibiting the use of drones for LE agencies2 Commentsconservativecowboy+39
2013 Feb 06 Home Video Surveillance Without a Warrant? EFF Asks Appeals Court to Reconsider0 CommentsPurblind+3
2013 Feb 06 Black Boxes in Cars: Open Call for Comments0 CommentsPurblind+1
2013 Feb 06 Safest image viewer?7 Comments6GdjQRpr+1
2013 Feb 07 What It’s Like To Be Hacked By China | Zócalo Public Square2 Commentsphyzome+5
2013 Feb 07 Court of Human Rights: Convictions for File-Sharing Violate Human Rights1 Commentswhitefangs+84
2013 Feb 07 The U.K. plans to install an unspecified number of spy devices along the country’s telecommunications network to monitor Britons’ use of overseas services such as Facebook and Twitter, according to a report published Tuesday by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee.0 Commentswhitefangs+4
2013 Feb 07 Who doesn’t sell your digital footprint? Your librarian0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+19
2013 Feb 07 A guide to good business practices to protect customer privacy0 CommentsMadPooter+3
2013 Feb 07 Teachers’ pension plan invests in Internet surveillance firm0 Commentswhitefangs+3
2013 Feb 07 Smart Meters - facts, myths, fiction. Can they be disrupted?3 CommentsBhYnV97DJT+10
2013 Feb 07 Sony Rootkit Redux: Canadian Business Groups Lobby For Right To Install Spyware on Your Computer0 Commentswhitefangs+5
2013 Feb 08 Encrypting Tweets for Your Fun and Not Their Profit – Part II0 Commentswhitefangs+14
2013 Feb 08 private numbers are not private :(15 Comments-cahil-+67
2013 Feb 08 Dog owners face £500 fine for failing to microchip pets - UK4 Commentshasslethehoff+14
2013 Feb 08 Google Now: Trading Your Privacy For The Future2 Commentsr3b3lang3l+16
2013 Feb 08 Anonymous leak indicates Seattle Police Dept can control surveillance cameras from squad cars3 Commentsr3b3lang3l+127
2013 Feb 08 Even if you have nothing to hide this is why you shouldn't talk to the police3 Commentsllyando+7
2013 Feb 08 In a Major Privacy Victory, Seattle Mayor Orders Police to Dismantle Its Drone Program3 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+65
2013 Feb 08 DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border0 Commentswhitefangs+9
2013 Feb 08 Bush family emails hacked; 'can happen to anyone,' experts say0 Commentsantdude+2
2013 Feb 09 DHS Watchdog OKs 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border | Threat Level15 Commentsantdude+41
2013 Feb 09 Homeland Security Assuming Broad Powers, Turning Vast Swaths of U.S. into "Constitution-Free Zone".3 Commentsantdude+48
2013 Feb 09 Free, open, secure and convenient communications. Can we finally replace Skype, Viber, Twitter and Facebook?0 Commentswhitefangs+20
2013 Feb 09 TIL that duckdudkgo.com doesnt encrypts search querys https://duck.co/topic/a-huge-security-bug9 Commentsumlal+0
2013 Feb 09 The leaders of the House Intelligence Committee plan to re-introduce controversial cybersecurity bill CISPA next week.6 Commentsagoldmanotm+96
2013 Feb 09 I want amnesty from Amnesty International's USPS SPAM and their shitty privacy policy.1 Commentsllamatador+6
2013 Feb 09 US warrantless wiretapping and "unlawful interference with privacy” attacked by Belarus dictatorship2 Commentsgaryrbtsn+9
2013 Feb 09 Knitting together a privacy solution0 Commentstony_phelps+4
2013 Feb 10 What information do I not have to disclose on an job application? 10 Commentsshadewraith+6
2013 Feb 10 Government watchdog: Warrantless laptop searches at border are A-OK8 Commentsusefullinkguy+24
2013 Feb 10 I want to identify my psychotic/violent cyber-stalker and have him/her convicted, but I am an advocate of internet privacy. Reddit, give me some insight here--tell me your stories/circumstances of when police/feds got a subpoena to invade your internet privacy (facebook, email, etc.)? 2 Commentscyberstalked+18
2013 Feb 10 A question regarding VPN services.479 Commentsstatistchildren+324
2013 Feb 10 I am under surveillance, my computer has been backdoored19 Commentsm0l+95
2013 Feb 10 "Dorner has become the first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on US soil. "2 Commentswhitefangs+25
2013 Feb 10 Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm | World news2 Commentsbiffbagwell+13
2013 Feb 10 Minority Report almost here? Rights groups slam Ratheyon secret software that tracks social media and ‘predicts’ people’s future behavior1 Commentswhitefangs+32
2013 Feb 11 At Facebook, zero-day exploits, backdoor code bring war games drill to life0 Commentsantdude+11
2013 Feb 11 Barely a month after FISA warrantless wiretapping extension is signed into law by Obama, CISPA rears its ugly head again0 Commentsitsalwayslulzy+96
2013 Feb 11 'Google for spies' draws ire from rights groups0 Commentswhitefangs+2
2013 Feb 11 EU Data Protection: Proposed Amendments Written by US Lobbyists0 Commentswhitefangs+15
2013 Feb 11 Can you erase yourself from the internet?1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2013 Feb 11 Homeland Security: Not Searching Your Laptop Doesn't Benefit Your Civil Liberties, So We Can Do It22 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+173
2013 Feb 11 Public humiliation over private photos0 Commentstomato_paste+13
2013 Feb 11 How can i properly spoof my IP Address?10 Commentsnevereveronl1+2
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