2012 Jul 13 14 Incredibly Creepy Surveillance Technologies That Big Brother Will Be Using To Spy On You 0 Commentssalvia_d+5
2012 Feb 03 Forget personal privacy - UK to microchip prescription medicines with new smart pill0 Commentsjkc054+12
2012 Sep 18 Big Brother is in your car: If you're on the road, the government likely knows where. License plate readers (LPRs) are proliferating at a rapid clip, and they’re being used by law enforcement at virtually every level of government3 Commentsmaxwellhill+28
2012 Aug 03 Craigslist Survey Results: Users Want Privacy, Anonymity0 Commentsjetsetter+4
2012 Mar 28 Egypt: big brother watching/monitoring FACEBOOK. A picture from inside big brother's room.17 Commentsreaderseven+25
2012 Aug 19 Finally.....an alternative to Facebook and Google+ that respects your privacy. Sgrouples | Join the Online Privacy Revolution6 Commentslabatts_blue+6
2012 Jul 08 Glenn Greenwald: How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear 3 Commentssalvia_d+64
2012 Jul 27 Google admits it has not deleted all of the Street View data it secretly collected from internet users0 CommentsKevZero+12
2012 Sep 24 Government Spies Illegally Bugged Kim Dotcom, Prime Minister Admits 2 CommentsKAPT_Kipper+179
2013 Feb 07 Sony Rootkit Redux: Canadian Business Groups Lobby For Right To Install Spyware on Your Computer0 Commentswhitefangs+5
2012 Jun 06 Your iPhone calendar isn't private—at least if you use the LinkedIn app0 Commentsprogrammerswife+24
2012 Mar 28 Is your TV watching you? Samsung’s latest sets with built-in cameras spark concerns. 1 Commentsrcksfm+14
2012 Apr 28 'SNOPA' would ban employers, schools from demanding Facebook passwords1 Commentsttruth1+12
2013 Mar 12 CISPA refuses to die the quiet death it deserves 3 CommentsNadia_K+91
2011 Oct 05 California Protects E-Book Records0 Commentsslfisher+9
2012 Feb 22 ID theft on the rise again, card victims jump by 2 million annually0 Commentsttruth1+7
2012 Sep 07 Identity Profiling: Covert Biometrics1 Commentsmaxwellhill+5
2012 Jul 25 Malte Spitz: Your phone company is watching 0 Commentssalvia_d+1
2012 Mar 09 Probe links corporate spying to Chinese government0 Commentsttruth1+2
2011 Nov 17 Supreme Court to Hear GPS Privacy Case1 Commentsslfisher+13
2012 Mar 08 The 'lost' cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us2 Commentsttruth1+17
2012 Jul 23 YouTube Pushing Users Switch To Real Names 0 Commentssalvia_d+8
2013 Mar 09Activism " “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that. "11 Commentsdevilwu+148
2015 Feb 23 "'NSA, GCHQ-ransacked' SIM maker Gemalto takes a $500m stock hit" Is there any legit way to get a non-Gemalto SIM card for my iPhone 6+? (X-Posted to r/Technology and r/Verizon)2 CommentsOutforbrunch+31
2015 Nov 30 ".. you grant Snapchat a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to host, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, edit, publish, create derivative works from...3 Commentsdrews0n+4
2015 Nov 02 "... Windows 10 is constantly tracking how it operates & how you are using it and sending that information back to Microsoft by default ... he also confirmed that, despite offering some options to turn elements of tracking off, *core data collection simply cannot be stopped*"237 CommentsDara17+645
2013 Jul 19 "...there was a case where it was suspected that the people who monitor security screens were taking unnecessary toilet breaks and gossiping when they should be watching us. So it was decided that the only sensible thing to do was to put a security camera in the monitor room."1 Commentsblankblank+10
2014 Nov 18 "1984" video game - u want?4 CommentsComradGoldstein+2
2013 Sep 09 "5 Techniques for Maintaining Web Confidentiality" via Scientific American0 Commentsorionshmorion+14
2015 Mar 23 "A Confederacy Of 'privacy' Dunces": What We Found Under The Hood Of An 'anonymous' Chat App Used By Millions0 Commentss7ephen+18
2016 Jul 08 "A DNA evidence bill that would let police in the field, not just technicians in an accredited lab, quickly test the genetic material of suspects has advanced to the House [United States House of Representatives] floor."0 Commentstrot-trot+6
2013 Jun 07 "A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald Exposes Massive NSA Program Collecting Calls, Emails0 CommentsJawnSchirring+15
2016 Mar 27 "A battle over background checks for Uber drivers at the world's busiest airport comes as cities like Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, consider more thorough screenings to prevent criminals from getting behind the wheel."0 Commentstrot-trot+24
2016 Apr 09 "A bill has been introduced in New York [USA] which aims to increase distracted driver accountability. If passed it would let police use technology at the scene of a crash to determine if the collision was related to distracted driving."0 Commentstrot-trot+2
2016 Sep 30 "A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting legislation to block a new Obama administration rule that would allow the government to hack into the devices of any American on the permission of a single judge – without the need for any evidence of wrongdoing."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+22
2016 Jan 01 "A majority of Americans say they support warrantless government surveillance of the Internet communications of U.S. citizens, according to a new poll by The Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research."13 Commentstrot-trot+49
2016 Jan 14 "A proposed bill in New York [New York, USA] seeks to require that all smartphones sold in the state can be decrypted or unlocked and proposes hefty fines for vendors failing to comply."42 Commentstrot-trot+211
2014 Jul 04 "A response by Redditor 161719 to the 7 June 2013 post by Redditor legalbeagle05 titled 'I believe the government should be allowed to view my e-mails, tap my phone calls, and view my web history for national security concerns. CMV'"8 Commentstrot-trot+45
2014 Sep 24 "A secret program to monitor students' online activities began quietly in Huntsville [Alabama, USA] schools, following a phone call from the NSA [National Security Agency], school officials say."7 Commentstrot-trot+39
2016 Feb 07 "Aegis" for Windows 7/8.x - Blocks all known Microsoft spying and Windows 10 upgrade elements21 Commentsknzo+44
2013 Mar 05 "After Aaron": Late Activist’s Campaign for Open Internet Continues at Freedom to Connect Conference0 Commentsspiral-of-silence+0
2017 Jan 17 "After Snowden showed everyone how much the US tracks people's browsing, there was a 20% decrease in visits to Wikipedia pages about topics relating to terrorism."138 Commentsmsew59+2773
2014 Sep 04 "After alleged iCloud breach, here's how to secure your personal cloud": advice for individuals emphasizes two-factor authentication, better passwords0 Commentsclaird+3
2013 Sep 22 "Alien-Level Tech" required to break new PIA VPN setup6 Commentsyayfall+9
2012 Jan 24 "Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops for the police," judge ruled in Colorado, which is most likely to become a precedent-setting case. [x-post /r/Technology+netsec3 CommentsxSmurf+4
2014 Sep 12 "Americans should be more concerned about their privacy being invaded by the spread of drones, [United States Supreme Court] Justice Sonia Sotomayor told an Oklahoma City audience on Thursday [11 September 2014]."2 Commentstrot-trot+65
2015 Apr 20 "Angels", a recent drawing about surveillance. : Heavymind3 Commentseleitl+7
2016 Sep 20 "Anonymity on Twitter, FB etc is a misconception. Don't live in a fools paradise. If we want, we can track you down" - Bangalore City Police3 CommentslWeejoe+22
2015 Nov 10 "Applying the Free Software Criteria" by Richard Stallman0 CommentsmWo12+13
2013 Mar 25 "Are we witnessing the end of privacy?"0 CommentsThrowaways_Are_Fab+1
2011 Sep 16 "Around the country, in tall, windowless telecom company buildings known as switches, NSA technicians quietly began installing beam-splitters to redirect duplicate copies of all phone calls and email messages to secret rooms behind electronic cipher locks."5 Commentsbumperthumper+30
2016 Feb 10 "Art imitates life." - Edward Snowden tweets about new mass surveillance game2 CommentsChocoman1+70
2014 Oct 12 "Avoid Facebook and Google... get rid of Dropbox" Edward Snowden on privacy0 Commentsryno2019+70
2014 Jan 29 "Be nice and have some fun. Please don't jump on people for making a mistake or holding a different view. Reclaiming the privacy high ground requires changing minds and you can't do that if you scare people away."3 Commentsjibcage+24
2015 Sep 01 "Belgium on Monday [31 August 2015] unveiled plans for a controversial system to collect data on all airline passengers, as well as international train and ferry travellers, in the wake of a foiled attack on a train running between Belgium and Paris."1 Commentstrot-trot+9
2011 Dec 04 "Best practices" for password management are shifting with new technology and laws: "hotspots" IT needs to examine now0 Commentsclaird+8
2013 Jun 07 "Big Data Surveillance Is Real Purpose of Huge NSA Phone Record Sweep": technically-informed reporting0 Commentsclaird+25
2012 Jun 29 "Black Boxes" to monitor all internet and phone data...anyone care to tell me more about wtf this means?14 Commentseire1228+48
2013 Oct 17 "Black Market Reloaded: Silk Road’s biggest competitor shuts down after site code is compromised"--remarks on the Dark Web1 Commentsclaird+11
2016 Feb 27 "But they already know everything about me anyway, a little more makes no difference"8 Commentsjherazob+28
2012 Jan 07 "CV Dazzle: Open-Source Camouflage From Computer Vision" by Adam Harvey: high fashion and opposition to widespread adoption of machine facial recognition1 Commentsclaird+11
2016 Sep 16 "Cell Phones are intrinsically private" rules Arizona Judge0 Commentsgeekynerdynerd+23
2015 Dec 23 "China studied US legislation to draft its controversial counterterrorism law, it said Wednesday [23 December 2015], amid concerns in Washington that the bill's provisions may tighten media controls and threaten the intellectual property of foreign tech firms."0 Commentstrot-trot+17
2015 Dec 27 "China's parliament passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law on Sunday that requires technology firms to hand over sensitive information such as encryption keys to the government and allows the military to venture overseas on counter-terror operations."1 Commentstrot-trot+42
2015 Jan 15 "CitizenFour" nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary4 Commentsmepper+53
2015 Feb 27 "Citizenfour" | Oscar-winner Laura Poitras Interview on Edward Snowden0 Commentswewewawa+8
2013 Feb 28 "Clapper is a constitutional travesty of the highest order, reflecting the erosion of privacy, judicial independence, and constitutional government all at once."0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+39
2014 Jul 14 "Clinton Terrorism Legislation Threatens Constitutional Rights" by Center For National Security Studies (CNSS), published on 26 April 19951 Commentstrot-trot+20
2014 May 13 "Collect It All": Glenn Greenwald on NSA Bugging Tech Hardware, Economic Espionage & Spying on U.N.1 Commentssalvia_d+36
2014 Dec 12 "Comcast is committed to a free and open internet"0 CommentsLeoPanthera+4
2016 Jun 30 "Companies that perform surveillance [...] assert that we freely share our data in return for valuable services. But opting out of surveillance capitalism is like opting out of electricity, or cooked foods—you are free to do it in theory. In practice, it will upend your life."18 Commentsourari+306
2013 Feb 27 "Copyright Alert System" propaganda video gets so many downvotes on YouTube that they disabled the ratings13 Commentspdschatz+113
2014 Jan 09 "Courts have abdicated their role...Congress has been abysmally dysfunctional...California is taking matters into its own hands by cutting the NSA off from water, electricty, prosecutors, and universities."2 CommentsShahid-Buttar+29
2014 May 18 "Dairy Queen catches flack over data privacy fail, says let them eat cake": DQ marketing teams up to produce big mistake1 Commentsclaird+15
2013 Oct 30 "Dark Mail Alliance" of LavaBit & SilentCircle To Develop Encrypted Email Platform To Counter NSA Surveillance1 CommentsWillWorkForCrypto+11
2016 Dec 10 "De-Googling" Chromium browser, and protecting against tracking by Google, Facebook, etc. - How can I do this?11 Comments8Milesofshade+6
2013 Aug 15 "Death of the Super Hero" (why prism shocked us so deeply)0 Commentsteetante+8
2014 Jun 17 "Diane Roark served as a top staff member on the House Intelligence Committee from 1985 to 2002. She fought to end the NSA's post-9/11 warrantless wiretapping initiative, telling FRONTLINE she considered the program 'unethical, immoral, politically stupid, illegal and unconstitutional.'"2 Commentstrot-trot+62
2013 Oct 17 "Direct Marketing Association aims to shape privacy debate in Washington": hazards of mis-regulated BigData0 Commentsclaird+1
2015 May 14 "Do Not Track" episode 4: The spy in my pocket!3 Commentslapall+3
2015 Jul 27unverified "Do not use SureSpot. It has been backdoored/broken to facilitate monitoring."4 Commentsjohnmountain+46
2016 Mar 15 "Do you trust this application?"2 Commentsantdude+6
2012 Apr 27Do Some Evil "Don't be Evil" - An interesting conversation about the role of technology companies in supporting and suppressing human rights activists0 Commentsjosbos+3
2013 Feb 10 "Dorner has become the first human target for remotely-controlled airborne drones on US soil. "2 Commentswhitefangs+25
2014 Mar 22 "Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance"0 CommentsTwylaSohen+6
2014 Feb 28 "Dropbox seems to be trying to head off privacy lawsuits as it prepares for an IPO"1 CommentsDom_T4+3
2013 Aug 28 "Email" Style, Human-Readable Bitcoin Addresses to bring Secure Communications to the Masses2 Commentsgamerandy+5
2015 Dec 16 "Encryption is a major problem." -Gov. John Kasich4 Commentsunnecessarily+14
2012 Feb 13 "Encryption is not the realm of the paranoid. Proxies are not the realm of the criminal. They are the realm of the free."0 Commentscake-please+48
2013 Mar 04 "Even if there is no credit, it is way more important that we do this because the world is better in the end"0 Commentsmomscooking+3
2013 Jul 18 "Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." Thoughts?0 Comments-Sparkwoodand21-+2
2013 Jan 21 "FBI could have just photocopied 50 or so pages of someone’s middle finger"8 Commentsin1984+73
2013 Aug 11 "FISC could dismantle a stubborn e-mail service provider, or Facebook, piece by piece. An angry FISA court could demand increasingly severe fines, identify more and more officers for jail time, and make it impossible for Facebook to operate within the US by issuing more (and more invasive) warrants"1 CommentsLibertatea+115
2012 Mar 28 "FTC Releases Updated 'Do Not Track' Report to Address Data Privacy"0 Commentsclaird+17
2016 Apr 07 "Facebook Inc. is working to combat a decline in people sharing original, personal content, the fuel that helps power the money machine at the heart of its social network, according to people familiar with the matter."19 Commentstrot-trot+50
2015 Jul 19 "Find my phone" for Android2 Commentsolemir+0
2015 May 17 "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone," [David] Cameron will say [to a meeting of his National Security Council]. "This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach."24 Commentsthrowaway+145
2015 Oct 09 "Forensics and Bitcoin". Specially interesting sections is "De-anonymising Bitcoin users".0 CommentsmWo12+6
2015 Feb 10 "Former Canadian diplomat and scholar Peter Dale Scott outlines the hidden parts of the U.S. government that operate under what he calls the Deep State, which purportedly involves the CIA and Wall Street money to affect domestic and foreign policy."0 Commentstrot-trot+12
2013 Jun 12 "Former NSA Whistleblower Sheds Light on the Science of Surveillance [Q&A]" via Scientific American0 Commentsorionshmorion+25
2013 Dec 03 "Free" email providers and your privacy5 Commentsaccumailbox+1
2012 May 16 "Friday Facebook tweaked its privacy policy, allowing it to use that information to place ads aimed at its users anywhere on the Web." Am I the only one who missed this news last week? (Cross-posted from technology) 2 CommentscomtedeRochambeau+35
2014 Jan 14 "Friday's speech is going to be a piece of kabuki theater: The president is going to have to look like he's taking meaningful action to curb the NSA's reach when he really isn't. Obama is expected to tweak the bulk data program rather than overhaul it or junk it outright."0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+12
2015 Apr 29 "From a dramatic overreach in commercial and personal privacy will potentially emerge the greatest weapon for oppression in the history of mankind"0 CommentsUrsium+11
2013 Nov 08 "Fuck you"--The most articulate expression of Google's disgust at the NSA so far9 Commentsmeyamashi+27
2013 Dec 18 "GCHQ ... de-encrypt a hidden drive"3 Commentsthrowaway37284+6
2014 Dec 09 "Gallup poll finds that Americans fear being hacked (having POS credit card info stolen by cybercrimincals) than any other crime" — Do you know of any similar surveys that examine other countries/regions?0 Commentspopularmekanics+3
2014 Mar 12 "Giving Hypocrisy a Bad Name": NSA-Backing Senate Intel Chair Blasts CIA for Spying on Torture Probe0 Commentssalvia_d+46
2015 Nov 21 "Goodbye privacy, hello 'Alexa': Amazon Echo, the home robot who hears it all"1 CommentsVostradamus+11
2013 Jan 08 "Google Glass will record its wearer’s conversations and surroundings and store those recordings in the cloud...and automatically take pictures every 10 seconds."34 Commentserror9900+57
2013 Mar 21 "Google Keep", Google's Note-taking app:Note based ads?1 Commentsumlal+0
2014 Feb 09 "Google Posts French Privacy Warning, Follows Very Specific Instructions" - WSJ5 Commentsjuxtachamp+15
2013 Apr 12 "Google Takes On FBI's Warrantless Info Requests": editorialist praises Google for standing up to US 'National Security Letters'0 Commentsclaird+1
2015 Nov 22 "Google can reset the passcodes when served with a search warrant and an order instructing them to assist law enforcement to extract data from the device. This process can be done by Google remotely and allows forensic examiners to view the contents of a device." MANHATTAN DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE14 Commentseleitl+42
2012 Jul 23 "Google fined $22.5m, customers still screwed" - This dude makes such an important point!0 CommentsTheUKLibertarian+0
2011 Oct 26 "Google said it received 29 percent more requests for user data from government sources in the U.S. during the first half of this year than during the previous six months, and 70 percent more requests to remove content in that period."0 CommentsShamwowzer222+25
2013 Aug 15 "Grass-roots outrage over domestic surveillance has reached Congress, which is considering a dozen legislative measures to curtail various NSA programs that spy on Americans. Most address pieces of the problem, but one would address the facets hidden even after the Snowden leaks."1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+43
2017 Jan 13 "Hardening" WhatsApp on iOS -TheGrugq4 CommentsDataPhreak+5
2016 May 24 "Hawaii could become the first state in the United States to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country."1 Commentstrot-trot+31
2016 Aug 21 "How do I permanently erase hard disk?" (with Linux)2 Commentsantdude+4
2012 Nov 17Advice "How else can they catch terrorists?"3 Commentspirate_plant+3
2013 Jan 23 "How much time would it take to track you down?" (Britain) -- scary "webgame" from the new TV show Utopia7 Commentscryptolect+54
2013 Oct 08 "How the NSA might use Hotmail, Yahoo or other cookies to identify Tor users" via Ars Technica0 Commentsorionshmorion+4
2015 Nov 21 "How to baffle web trackers by obfuscating your movements online"1 CommentsVostradamus+23
2013 Jun 11 "I Am Worried, You Should Be Too" | We shouldn’t have to wait for an abuse of power to know that the NSA’s snooping has gone too far0 CommentsJawnSchirring+27
2013 Jul 03 "I Have Nothing to Hide" and Comments on Totalitarianism0 Commentsdubdank+2
2013 Jul 26 "I carved my private key onto my femur."0 Commentssuperjoe30+0
2016 Mar 02 "I have no idea": The FBI director going after Apple gets schooled on security by a congressman17 CommentsDataPhreak+62
2010 Jun 28 "I hope that [Facebook] realize[s] that the main reason for so much public outrage goes beyond privacy settings. The issue is fundamentally about trust and informed consent."0 CommentsAlanna+5
2013 Oct 27 "I shared my plans with no one, not my girlfriend, not my parents, not my closest friends. Nobody knew the route I was taking out of town, where I was going, or my new name. If I got caught, it would be by my own mistakes"2 CommentsAdelleChattre+26
2014 Feb 06 "I want them to be worried we’re watching ... to never know when we’re overhead." -- Dayton, Ohio Police Chief regarding city's new aerial surveillance program6 Commentstayjes16+17
2015 Nov 01 "I'm a CEO, and This Is What CISA Will Do to My Business"2 Commentsedsnowismyhero+21
2015 May 06 "I'm going to move on"--White House refuses to comment on Baltimore FBI surveillance flights1 Commentssamueledwardsknight+7
2015 Oct 13 "I'm not doing anything wrong so why should I care about privacy?"95 CommentsLexicarnus+63
2015 Apr 14 "IBM on Monday [13 April 2015] announced alliances with Apple and others to put artificial intelligence to work drawing potentially life-saving insights from the booming amount of health data generated on personal devices."0 Commentstrot-trot+1
2016 Aug 20 "If NSA knew several years ago that its hacking tools were stolen, not notifying Cisco and other vulnerable US firms would be outrageous."1 Commentsmajorchamp+46
2015 Jul 12 "If You've Got Nothing to Hide…"39 Commentsdavey_b+120
2013 Jun 17 "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear" - has always made my skin crawl. Here are some questions to self-administer to the proponents of this position.(possibly /r/Privacy/*oldnews*). Its not about hiding things - it is about the potential for discrimination on many scales.14 Commentsbuckle_felt+73
2012 Jul 22 "If you're concerned about it, maybe there's a reason we should be flying over you, right?" said Douglas McDonald, the company's director of special operations and president of a local chapter of the unmanned vehicle trade group.1 CommentsTurdFerguson+21
2014 Jul 11 "If you’re going to depurpose a laptop, or a hard drive, or a printer, that you really need to blow that sucker up, using at least two methods, to ensure that the data is really, truly, gone. Turns out the same is true of your smartphone."1 Commentswheeler1432+5
2015 Nov 06 "In an annex to a chapter on Technical Barriers to Trade, the trade deal specifies that no government may require any company to provide cryptographic keys to its products."2 CommentsThat_Lawyer_Guy+5
2015 Apr 09 "In the '20s and '30s it was the role of government. '50s and '60s it was civil rights. The next two decades are going to be privacy." - West Wing (1999)1 Commentsalsomahler+34
2014 Apr 19 "Insane" UK goverment plans to sell off taxpayers' financial data16 Commentsjabr0+173
2013 Aug 13 "Intelligence committee withheld key file before critical NSA vote, Amash claims"1 CommentsGaiusPublius+63
2016 Mar 27 "Investigators are broadening their DNA searches beyond government databases and demanding genetic information from companies that do ancestry research for their customers."10 Commentstrot-trot+237
2012 Feb 28 "Is Google Now (Officially) Evil?"0 Commentscameronj+0
2014 Aug 06 "Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here's one way to find out!" (And how does one detect such a device?)2 CommentsLIFELESS_ANIMATION+1
2012 Sep 20 "Is your credit card PIN number 1234? Sadly that unimaginative choice accounted for 11% of the 3.4 million four-digit passwords recently analyzed. Does your banking PIN, or mobile phone password, start with 19? If so, then a crook stands a decent chance at cracking your security code. "9 CommentsAnomaly100+41
2014 Jul 03 "It's also paramount that Google not tarnish its relationship with users, who trust the company to not only abide by the law but to also put privacy first."0 Commentskeraneuology+4
2015 Nov 24 "It's time to give up on the ideal of perfect privacy online"0 CommentsVostradamus+3
2013 Jan 25Software "Jitsi" is an open-source Skype alternative that encrypts your calls34 Commentsishantbeashamed+153
2013 Apr 30 "Julian Assange’s latest wake-up call": long, careful review of *Cypherpunks*1 Commentsclaird+5
2015 Jan 19 "Just as doctors can’t solve healthcare, hackers can’t solve surveillance": Great piece from Dmytri Kleiner0 CommentsEconHacker+1
2012 Oct 01 "Knowledge is power" Propaganda picture for cryptology inspired by soviet propaganda design2 CommentsArmnius+44
2011 Mar 29 "Last Night Never Happened" is Less Than Meets The Eye0 Commentsjeffyablon+2
2016 Mar 14 "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" (HBO): Encryption (18m01s)21 Commentslurking_quietly+126
2014 Nov 09 "Law enforcement officials nationwide now have the ability to search multiple sensitive databases, including spy agency intranets and homeland security suspicious activity reporting -- with a single login."1 Commentstrot-trot+5
2014 Jun 23 "Lawyers have been given the green light to scan the social media sites of jurors. The American Bar Association [ABA] says it's ethical for lawyers to scour online for publicly available musings of citizens called for jury service -- and even jurors in deliberations."2 Commentstrot-trot+22
2012 Nov 01 "Life in full view": a piece about how the social internet is changing our conception of public and private spaces.0 CommentsSiksay+4
2014 Jul 12 "Live Mike Interviews William Binney on Philosophy Think Tank Radio / PSN Radio - June 14, 2014"1 Commentstrot-trot+2
2015 Aug 24 "Load Core JS Libraries From Reddit Servers" option gone?0 Commentsmadmax12013+6
2013 Dec 26 "Lost in the debate about NSA spying, however — and even most public resistance to it — have been the various other agencies also complicit in Fourth Amendment abuses."0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+39
2014 Aug 29 "Lots of people want to own your identity," said this VMWorld speaker. "[But]... if you post your mother's maiden name on Facebook, and maybe the name of your first dog, people already have your password anyway."0 Commentsyourbasicgeek+6
2010 Apr 05 "Love those gigantic tits" remark lands airport scanner operator in hot water0 Commentssilpol+1
2015 Nov 18 "Mass surveillance isn't the answer to fighting terrorism"29 CommentsVostradamus+501
2013 Feb 05 "Meet the groundbreaking new encryption app set to revolutionize privacy and freak out the feds"24 Commentsgaryrbtsn+43
2014 Sep 10 "Metadata" to "Hallelujah" - NSA surveillance anthem (parody)0 Commentsunflapped+5
2013 Dec 05 "Microsoft likens NSA snooping to hacking by the Chinese government": what is Microsoft *truly* telling us with this?6 Commentsclaird+87
2014 May 24 "Microsoft to the FBI: Drop dead"--important news about, among other things, Microsoft Corporation's successful challenge of a National Security Letter21 Commentsclaird+116
2014 Mar 04 "Mobile IT Roach Motel: Data checks in, but it won't check out"--once a company has a datum on you, it's infeasible to delete it, whether it wants to or not0 Commentsclaird+2
2014 Nov 22 "Most exciting innovations are SSDs. Upcoming technology will allow us to recover SSDs that have been completely overwritten with zeros, or wiped." -- From the IamA Data Recovery Engineer AMA17 Commentswhiteandchristian+40
2013 Apr 01 "My divorce from Google - One year later": practical, detailed retrospective34 Commentsclaird+86
2017 Jan 03 "My friend" has a bunch of unencrypted .txt files in his SpiderOak account. Relatively secure?4 Commentssweetholymosiah+2
2014 Apr 14 "NLCrypt is an attempt to create a cryptography system that doesn't look like a cryptography. It disguises a secret message as a grammatical (but nonsensical) text by changing its meanings."2 Commentsnaranhah+11
2014 Feb 15 "NSA Surveillance and What to Do About It" - Bruce Schneier's talk at MIT1 Commentspenguinland+160
2015 Mar 15 "NSA targets users of Backtrack Linux and Tails." Do headlines which sound like this make you hesitant to download a copy?115 CommentsSwipeYoEBT+154
2013 Jul 15 "NSA-proof" your e-mail in 2 hours (x-post from /r/programming)10 Commentseyereddit+46
2016 Jan 14 "NY1 is suing the NYPD over access to 190 hours of footage from the body-camera pilot program -- because the department wants the news channel to pay $36,000 for just a sampling of what the cameras have recorded. "2 Commentstrot-trot+34
2013 May 23 "Naked Citizens" a 2013 documentary about the worldwide security theater6 CommentsEvenfa11+32
2013 Jun 04 "Neutralizing" my online profile6 Commentslangbobb+21
2016 Jan 26 "No Cost" License Plate Readers Are Turning Texas Police into Mobile Debt Collectors and Data Miners (x-post)2 Commentsgc1+56
2016 Jul 29 "No Such App" message showing up on Android firefox when I'm browsing a website1 CommentsColtMagnum+2
2015 Aug 09 "Not giving out your login credentials" -- I saw RayP's interesting thread in alt.os.linux newsgroup to share and discuss in here...3 Commentsantdude+2
2014 Aug 05 "Nothing to Hide" - Simple rebuttals to an annoying, but common argument8 Commentssuddenly_ponies+62
2013 Jul 05 "Now you know why we wear a mask"1 Commentssalvia_d+12
2013 Sep 03 "Nowhere to Hide, Nothing to Lose: Understanding the NSA Leaks" a series of presentations on the history of the NSA, what led up to our current surveillance state, and whistleblowing.1 Commentsshadowyfigure02+13
2009 Feb 04 "Off switch" could curb privacy concerns for new Ontario driver's licence0 Commentspumpupthevolume+1
2016 Jul 07 "Oh By" URL Shortener has no ads, tracking or third party analytics ... it respects privacy.5 CommentsOhByInc+3
2015 Nov 20 "OnHub" router from Google... would love to know of any site that plans on evaluating this device. Anyone heard anything on this yet?7 Commentserktheerk+9
2014 Oct 23 "Online security promises are hokum. This is admitted on sec discussion fora. Pushers of HTTPS, Tor, crypto, secure drops are David Blaines." -John Young (CRYPTOME)0 Commentscollectivecognition+0
2016 Aug 05 "Online tracking: A 1-million-site measurement and analysis" by Steven Englehardt and Arvind Narayanan0 Commentstrot-trot+1
2016 Nov 02 "Our brains often forget where we saw something among the countless tabs and documents on our computers each day. To make it easier to find things, Seattle-based Atlas Informatics launched Atlas Recall, which lets you search for anything you've ever looked at on your computer."6 Commentstrot-trot+7
2014 Oct 13 "Over the telephone, in jail and online, a new digital bounty is being harvested: the human voice. Businesses and governments around the world increasingly are turning to voice biometrics, or voiceprints, to pay pensions, collect taxes, track criminals and replace passwords."1 Commentstrot-trot+11
2016 Jan 17 "PC" no longer stands for Personal Computer, it now means.....2 Commentspantsoff+0
2012 Nov 16 "Paula Broadwell’s big mistake": comments on how low-friction digitization changes all sorts of privacy considerations0 Commentsclaird+9
2015 Sep 30 "Peeple": the first social media network where your profile is written by other people12 CommentsAlmafeta+24
2014 Dec 18 "People have begun to accept the concept that they can exchange personal information for services. In the last six or seven years, we've begun to accept that giving up your personal information is a form of currency."4 CommentsMattRyd7+29
2013 Mar 12 "Personal data usage: what your car really says about you"--this is a big, big issue, and it's only starting0 Commentsclaird+13
2012 Oct 12 "Phil Zimmermann's Silent Circle Builds A Secure, Seductive Fortress Around Your Smartphone"1 Commentsclaird+21
2014 Jan 29 "Please log in to Facebook to post a comment"14 CommentsSumthinsPhishy+23
2014 Feb 16 "Poland's Surveillance Programs Could Be Worse than the NSA" (Unlikely, but a concern nonetheless)1 Commentsquantumcipher+31
2012 Jun 27software "PrivaZer, Deep System Cleaner that removes traces" - Anyone use this?0 Commentsslanket+1
2016 Dec 09 "Privacy Patriots" podcast on social media surveillance1 Commentsrebelcinder+1
2015 Jul 29 "Privacy Please!" - Series of short animations which focus on the encryption/decryption tool GPG (by TacticalTech)1 Commentsmiralow+5
2015 Nov 24 "Privacy Policies" should work like Android app permissions.2 CommentsAgletsHowDoTheyWork+4
2013 Sep 29 "Privacy is dead. Long live Trust!" ­– Controversial but interesting opinion0 CommentsMeta-tron+5
2015 Mar 24 "Privacy is necessary for commerce." At large scale, bitcoin, with its transparency, won't be fungible across borders -- Zooko from Zerocash0 Commentsjohnmountain+6
2013 Jul 10 "Problem Is They've Done This Really Crude Way Of Sweeping Everything Up & It Doesn't Deliver Sec0 CommentsGold_Finger_+9
2015 Nov 02 "RATS, the Radio Transceiver System, an open source communication tool for the security-obsessed and/or the internet-bereft...it's a small antenna that connects to computers by USB and lets them send encrypted messages and file transfers directly, via radio transmission."4 CommentsSybles+18
2013 Apr 12 "Reasonable expectation of privacy" vs. femto(sp.) cells (C-SPAN Video Library, 2 min clip)0 Commentskabuki7+4
2015 Jan 25 "Rent servers in Germany, Denmark and Malaysia and take advantage of distributed OpenDNS system."0 Commentsbadbiosvictim2+1
2013 Jul 06 "Required" viewing for the privacy conscious1 Commentsbiffbagwell+5
2015 Nov 17 "Restricting encryption would not have prevented the Paris attacks: Despite what intelligence officials say, limiting information security would do little to thwart terrorism."0 CommentsVostradamus+47
2016 Aug 30 "Riseup", - Sets off all sorts of alarm-bells for me. Patronizing "fellow revolutionary kids" graphics, ridiculous birds identity theme, 'about us' section that opens with slimy sales fear-mongering instead of information. Is this a honey-pot?23 Commentsxilanthro+14
2016 Apr 23 "Schools in Florida [USA] are renewing a program that monitors their students' social media activity for criminal or threatening behavior, although it has caused some controversy since its adoption last year [2015]."12 Commentstrot-trot+63
2012 Apr 17 "Screens emit radiation which can be picked up at a distance of up to 30 metres, revealing the information on the screen."23 Commentsspr34dluv+17
2015 Sep 03 "Security is a mechanism, and its end, Privacy is an end-state" - Bruce Schneier, on the relationship between privacy and security0 Commentsdoctorcroc+11
2015 Dec 03 "Since when was your privacy a commodity?"0 CommentsVostradamus+1
2017 Jan 19 "Smart Bed" Spies on Children, Alerts Parents When Kids Wake Up or Get Out of Bed7 CommentsWTCMolybdenum4753+16
2016 Apr 14 "Smart" TVs2 CommentsFourFingeredMartian+1
2014 Jul 26 "Spying and data wars: one day, we might feel as safe as North Koreans"0 CommentsLibertatea+6
2015 Apr 21 "Stop Cyber Spying" Campaign Tells Obama and Congress to Drop Failed Cybersecurity Bills0 CommentsKerberos53+16
2015 Apr 22 "Stop Cyber Spying" Campaign Tells Obama and Congress to Drop Failed Cybersecurity Bills0 CommentsKerberos53+10
2014 Oct 18 "Sub-zero moment of truth" -- Relating privacy to the fast evolving commercialization of virtual reality. A TEDx talk. Thoughts?2 Commentsprivacynut69+2
2015 Jan 17 "Sustained Skype collection began in Feb 2011," reads a National Security Agency (NSA) training document from the archive of whistleblower Edward Snowden.13 Commentsbadbiosvictim2+101
2012 Dec 28 "TSA agent: 'We laugh at your nude images, dear passengers'"16 Commentsjspacecadet+158
2016 Oct 18 "Tails is used by around 18 000 people every day. If each of them gave 12€, the price of a USB stick, our budget for the whole year would be raised within one day."8 CommentsPiz-dur+36
2012 Sep 26 "Terrorists (and other criminals) profit from the anonymity that large parts of the Internet offer. Even though anonymity to other users is logical and desirable for some Internet services, for many it is not a necessity." - CleanIT's latest draft (.doc)0 CommentsSabbath90+4
2013 Jul 25 "The 217-205 vote represented the first real test of political sentiment since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents that revealed the secret program. The compressed, often emotional debate badly split Republicans, many of whom had championed the PATRIOT Act...."4 CommentsShahid-Buttar+60
2016 Mar 17 "The Apple-FBI fight may just be the opening salvo in a broader war over encryption, as technology companies continue to lock up their users' messages, photos and other data to shield them from thieves and spies -- and, incidentally, criminal investigators."0 Commentstrot-trot+7
2016 Dec 06 "The Cayla doll prompts children to provide their names, their parents' names, the name of their school, and the name of the place where they live, the complaint says. The information is shared with Nuance, which also offers law enforcement and intelligence products"28 CommentsDataPhreak+470
2015 Apr 02 "The Department of Homeland Security [DHS] is seeking bids from companies able to provide law enforcement officials with access to a national license-plate tracking system -- a year after canceling a similar solicitation over privacy issues."1 Commentstrot-trot+12
2015 Dec 02 "The Elf on the Shelf" and the normalization of surveillance0 Commentstrendless+3
2015 Nov 03 "The European Court of Justice has found that the U.S. is no longer in compliance with privacy principles, and invalidated the Safe Harbor data transfer program. Needless to say, the legal and technology industry had kittens."0 Commentswheeler1432+44
2016 Jan 29 "The European Union and the United States are hurtling toward a deadline on reaching a new agreement over data sharing that would extinguish the risk of costly litigation by consumers worried about their privacy."0 Commentstrot-trot+19
2016 Apr 29 "The Haystack": an independent documentary on surveillance in the UK0 Commentsfantastic_comment+7
2015 Sep 20 "The Holder of Secrets Laura Poitras’s closeup view of Edward Snowden"4 Commentsjohnblue005+16
2016 Jun 16 "The House will vote on the Massie-Lofgren Amendment on backdoor searches in a few hours, so Campaign for Liberty members should call their Representatives to support the amendment."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+0
2016 Oct 14 "The Imperial President's Toolbox of Terror: A Dictatorship Waiting to Happen" by John W. Whitehead, published on 12 October 2016 -- "Presidents don't give up power. Executive orders don't expire at the end of each presidential term."0 Commentstrot-trot+7
2016 Feb 16 "The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the body that hears complaints about the UK's intelligence services, has ruled that it is legal for GCHQ to hack into systems, both in the UK [United Kingdom] and abroad, and to install spyware on them."0 Commentstrot-trot+18
2016 Oct 17 "The Investigatory Powers Tribunal has found that the UK’s intelligence agencies were secretly and illegally collecting bulk data on people in the UK without adequate safeguards or supervision for over a decade." [x-post /r/europrivacy]1 Commentsourari+14
2015 Nov 10 "The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) sent an email to students Tuesday [10 November 2015] morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on the campus."2 Commentstrot-trot+7
2014 Jan 07 "The NSA breaks the law every day...corrupt Congress and courts paving the way...daily executive crimes with impunity. They're the authorities, here to keep us safe -- until inevitably the boot ends up on your face." (lyrics from a new electro-house dance track to educate listeners about NSA spying)1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+53
2013 Aug 21 "The NSA's spying tools extend deep into the domestic US telecommunications infrastructure, giving the agency a surveillance structure with the ability to cover the majority of Internet traffic in the country, according to current and former US officials and other people familiar with the system"0 Commentsmepper+17
2015 Mar 28 "The National Science Foundation (NSF) is financing the creation of a system for the 'automatic detection' of cyberbullying."2 Commentstrot-trot+0
2015 May 28 "The National Science Foundation (NSF) is helping fund the creation of an implantable antenna for health care, which could be used for 'long-term patient monitoring.' . . . The project is being financed in collaboration with the National Research Foundation of Korea . . ."0 Commentstrot-trot+1
2015 Nov 30 "The National Security Letter spy tool has been uncloaked, and it's bad: No warrants needed to get browsing history, online purchase records, and other data."1 CommentsVostradamus+85
2015 Jun 09 "The Obama administration has asked a secret surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency [NSA] the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months."5 Commentstrot-trot+131
2014 Jun 12 "The Obama administration has been quietly advising local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods, The Associated Press has learned."45 Commentstrot-trot+443
2016 Apr 13 "The Office of Personnel Management [OPM] is preparing for a pilot program to automatically track public social media postings of people applying for security clearances."5 Commentstrot-trot+26
2016 Feb 27 "The Pentagon is attempting what was, until recently, an impossible technological feat--developing a high-bandwidth neural interface that would allow people to beam data from their minds to external devices and back. That's right--a brain modem."3 Commentstrot-trot+38
2014 Jan 10 "The Psychology of Power" This is the reason i feel privacy is imperative.6 CommentsQuantumcreep+56
2012 May 13advice "The Queen has formally announced plans to greatly increase surveillance of the internet" - What steps exactly should a privacy conscious person be taking to avoid the state monitoring us now and in the future?42 CommentsTheUKLibertarian+78
2013 Jun 13 "The Secret War" via Wired - "Emperor" Keith Alexander0 Commentsorionshmorion+6
2014 Jul 12 "The Senate is giving more power to the NSA, in secret. Everyone should fight it : Politicians are still trying to hand over your data behind closed doors, under the guise of 'cybersecurity' reform. Have we learned nothing?"23 CommentsLibertatea+425
2014 Dec 05 "The U.S. National Security Agency [NSA] should have an unlimited ability to collect digital information in the name of protecting the country against terrorism and other threats, an influential [U.S. Court of Appeals] federal judge said during a debate on privacy."1 Commentstrot-trot+21
2016 Sep 30 "The US government is set to cut the final thread of its oversight of the internet, yielding a largely symbolic but nevertheless significant role over the online address system."0 Commentsmajorchamp+10
2016 Jan 08 "The White House is set to meet Friday with the country’s largest tech companies to discuss how they can help “disrupt” Isis’s online activities. On the agenda: censorship and invasive anti-privacy and security measures that could affect not just Isis supporters, but everyone who uses the internet."34 CommentsProGamerGov+314
2015 Feb 22 "The [United States of America] federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of 'plant-based' diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity 'interventionists' at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television."19 Commentstrot-trot+111
2012 May 28 "The browser made the Web very easy to read. We did not make the Web easy to write. So a little thug in a hooded sweatshirt made the Web easy to write, and created a man-in-the-middle attack on human civilization." - Eben Moglen on "Innovation under Austerity"1 CommentsMatt01123+13
2013 Sep 12 "The companies are concerned that it impacts their bottom line. My concern is they're looking to preserve the function of the NSA," Meinrath said. Asked if that was the perspective of the government or the companies, Meinrath replied: "I'm not sure you can separate the two."0 Commentstrilbey+12
2016 Jul 04 "The current threat to liberty has no precedent. [..] Big Brother is expanding his reach directly, spying on our digital communications in almost every form." | Dan Gillmor on Liberty and How to Defend It Together0 Commentsourari+6
2013 Sep 14 "The district in Glendale, California, is paying $40,500 to a firm to monitor and report on 14,000 middle and high school students' posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media for one year."8 Commentssalvia_d+15
2014 Aug 22 "The folly of public meetings": examples from all-too-real life1 Commentsclaird+10
2016 Jul 25 "The inability to disable Cortana in this release will be troubling to some"18 Commentscgknight1+48
2013 Aug 28 "The interest of the consumer and the interest of the business are not the same..."2 Commentsstreetlite+20
2012 Dec 09 "The new Congress must [...] pass comprehensive legislation to defend our nation against this gathering cyberthreat. If it doesn’t, the day on which those cyberweapons strike will be another “date which will live in infamy,”" -- Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins on Internet regulation.15 Commentsmandy009+26
2016 Jul 05 "The number of federal and state wiretaps reported in 2015 increased 17 percent from 2014. A total of 4,148 wiretaps were reported as authorized in 2015, with 1,403 authorized by federal judges and 2,745 authorized by state judges...No wiretap applications were reported as denied in 2015."1 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+15
2013 Aug 05 "The numbers suggest that the US will emerge out of the Snowden debacle with a set of processes that prohibit the kind of domestic surveillance that Snowden exposed. But the forces are fairly close, and the victory will be a highly qualified one."2 Commentszrsio+30
2014 Aug 28 "The only officers who would have a problem with body cameras are bad officers." Denver police chief Robert White.9 Commentscensoredandagain+29
2012 Sep 26 "The patent application mentions putting microphones in bars to detect what customers are saying, and using facial recognition to identify customers to find out their relationship status, intelligence, education, and income."0 Commentskash_hill+15
2012 Oct 12 "The quickest way to share a moment" -- what do you think of Snapchat?1 Commentscake-please+0
2013 Mar 11 "The rapid growth of threats to our digital freedom, in democracies as well as authoritarian regimes, means that the next few years could prove to be a watershed period determining whether the net remains a free space or not."1 Commentssomanycheeses+55
2013 Apr 12 "The stillborn political career of 17-year-old Paris Brown is a parable for our time"0 Commentscojoco+2
2015 Jul 16 "The theft of background investigation data on millions of federal employees and contractors has created a massive threat to U.S. national security that will last for decades and cost billions of dollars to monitor"39 Commentsxanderdad+214
2014 Oct 20 "The things you write today shouldn't come back to bite you in the ass tomorrow"1 CommentsSelkin7125+3
2013 Aug 13 "The truth about why Silent Circle silenced their secure email service": interview with the CEO0 Commentsclaird+14
2012 Nov 13 "The unique feature of Google+ is Circles which gives brands the ability to target groups of individuals"0 Commentslevel1+4
2016 Feb 02 "The vulnerability is believed to have stemmed from the National Security Agency’s own encryption algorithm that created a “back door” for hackers"7 CommentsmWo12+227
2017 Jan 01 "The who cares" argument19 CommentsAstzor+19
2012 Aug 17 "There is no cookie. We don't track, we don't profile, what you do is not discoverable by a search engine. We are not going to suggest who your friends are, we are not going to use facial recognition. You own your content, you can delete your account."21 CommentsImNickJames+122
2014 Jul 10 "They lie about the numbers of Americans watched...a self-serving lie by the government's eye...." (video)1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+20
2014 Mar 23 "They who would give up essential Liberty..."0 CommentsRocksta94+2
2013 Jun 25 "They’re not spying on us to prevent crimes, they’re spying on us to retroactively convict us of crimes once we’ve pissed them off." Twitter / claytoncubitt30 CommentsBlueJadeLei+431
2015 Apr 30 "Think of it in this way – audiences are a lot like vegetables."0 Commentsdudethatsmeta+1
2014 Oct 12 "This is what happens when you give officers of the law carte blanche." -Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine, First Prime Minister of the United Province of Canada0 Commentscoinvesting+8
2014 Feb 12 "To make sense of the surveillance states that we live in, we need to do better than [1984] and [the Panopticon]; We need to update our nightmares."7 Commentsourari+70
2014 Feb 04 "To understand why politicians continue to support the NSA’s bulk data collection and other similar programs, we need to look at the larger story of how the US builds–and maintains–such a complicated and far-reaching surveillance machine."0 CommentsShahid-Buttar+7
2015 Nov 04 "Too Big to be Brave" Does this describe a lot of companies?0 Commentsiseethoughtcops+7
2016 Jun 26Misleading title "Tor is compromised" -22:31 < ioerror>3 Commentskringpo+0
2014 Aug 14 "Transparency for the strong and privacy for the weak" says Cory Doctorow in debate on future of privacy5 Commentsvaschr+19
2013 Jul 24 "Twitter founders Evan Williams and Jason Goldman knew Macgillivray at Google, and they hired him because he shared their ideals"1 Commentsyuhong+1
2014 Feb 06 "US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that it flew about 700 surveillance flights using drone aircraft for other government agencies between 2010 and 2012."1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+98
2015 Nov 23 "US military research center in complication with the tech media are cooking news": Kuwaiti security firm writes a guide to encryption for Gaza residents. Wired writes it up as 'ISIS OPSEC manual'1 Commentsprivacy_punk+18
2016 Jul 01 "Voice assistant" software dangers?10 CommentsLailah77+2
2015 Sep 02 "Warning that the constitutional rights of tens of millions of Americans are being violated, a federal judge said Wednesday that he's eager to expedite a lawsuit seeking to shut down the National Security Agency's controversial program to collect data on large volumes of U.S. telephone calls."3 Commentstrot-trot+429
2016 Mar 04 "Warrantproof" has been around a long, long time...3 Commentsgameld+4
2016 Oct 18 "We need collectively to make surveillance expensive again," Snowden said.1 CommentsmWo12+138
2015 Dec 12 "We need more, not less democracy" Jacob Appelbaum1 CommentsRightOnTopOfThatRose+13
2016 Jul 14 "We're not slack on privacy, and neither are our customers."7 Commentsexplodingsoul+17
2013 Sep 26 "What follows is the most comprehensive picture to date of the mobile phone surveillance technology that has been deployed in the US over the past decade."5 Commentscliffsulliview+69
2015 Mar 02 "White House Drops ‘Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights Act’ Draft" - Is this draft Bill any good?0 Commentsbenznl+7
2014 Nov 27 "Who is the hottest girl in your school?" or "How private is your facebook profile really?"2 Commentskevin-isopelto+4
2016 Aug 07 "Why I won't be using Let's Encrypt". Aren't his concerns valid?34 Commentsphyskets+11
2016 Jun 11 "Why is everyone covering up their laptop cameras?"64 Commentsantdude+169
2015 Feb 13 "With a cybersecurity summit about to get under way here Friday morning, President Obama announced he will sign an executive order designed to encourage private companies to share more information about network threats among themselves and with the federal government."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+22
2016 Dec 07 "With so much of our personal, financial and professional information online, we should use the best technology to protect it. We don’t deliberately manufacture flawed house locks or give a master key for the front door to the local police. Does it mean it’s harder to open? Yes, and it should be."5 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+33
2015 Dec 09 "Yeah, we ditched Google.". Even if you don’t have a Google account, or don’t stay logged into Gmail, your browsing history every single day is tracked across sites that include the JavaScript library.16 CommentsSoCo_cpp+64
2011 May 25 "You Might Also Like:" Privacy Risks of Amazon and Other Collaborative Filtering0 Commentsgnikrowten+3
2013 Sep 03 "You have no right to expect privacy when driving on a public road"9 CommentsAerando+23
2014 Dec 26 "You should get a yearly overview of all information the gov holds on you," proposed in Belgium - are there any similar transparency initiatives in other countries?12 Commentsiphimeda+264
2015 Mar 13 "You're like a spoiled child in a grown man's body who is ready to set off a boiling tantrum the very moment you don't get all the things you want. I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up of raising a little boy for a husband"1 Commentswewewawa+2
2013 Jun 17 "[C]onversations which take place over iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption so no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them. Apple cannot decrypt that data."0 CommentsBananaLlama+3
2013 Aug 14 "[NSA domestic spying] is great... Who's ever heard of this information being misused by the government?" — Larry Ellison0 Commentswrexilla+20
2013 Dec 30 "[T]he Supreme Court could not have contemplated how revealing phone records would be, or what a phone might become, when it issued its decision in 1979. That case needs to be re-examined."8 CommentsShahid-Buttar+158
2015 Dec 31 "fourteen eyes"4 CommentsUasdfik+7
2015 Oct 11 "it is always possible to see where digital currency [Bitcoin] came from and where it went."3 CommentsmWo12+21
2016 Jun 21 "it’s unlikely many users are aware that different versions of their draft emails are stored on Yahoo’s servers and are available for recovery by law enforcement, even if the user deletes their final draft"2 CommentsRamonaLittle+28
2014 Feb 18 "no matter who you are, no matter where your country of origin, you'll always be someone else's "foreigner," and afforded none of the minimal protections that your own country grants you."0 Commentsniterrant+18
2013 Feb 20 "using Tor doesn't make you unusual in Iran" Are we winning?16 Commentsgnos1s+67
2016 Dec 17 "we believe an unauthorized third party, in August 2013, stole data associated with more than one billion user accounts."1 CommentsmWo12+4
2013 Jan 21 "we have collected entropy from your mouse movements and keystroke timings" Is this a new thing?8 Commentsbennysc+8
2014 Aug 21 # of mylar bags to block phones' and tablets' RFID, NFC, GPS, WWAN, Wifi, bluetooth and FM radio beacon?69 CommentsBadBiosvictim+19
2015 Jan 16 #1 Editor’s Choice Award: Rule by Algorithm? Big Data and the Threat of Algocracy1 Commentsjohngmess+8
2015 Dec 21 #1518 (Software packaged in Fedora should not be allowed to implement DRM schemes that cannot be disabled)0 Commentsbleahbloh+6
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2016 Feb 23 #DontBreakOurPhones rallies in nearly 50 cities today to oppose FBI attack on our safety. (x-post from /r/privacypatriots)2 Commentsprivacypatriot+25
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2014 Jun 12 #resetthenet for stupid? Fight for the future hates NSA government mass surveillance but loves Google private mass surveillance #privacy #googlemonster11 CommentsFredlamb+1
2013 Dec 18 $1,000 bounty offered for fingerprints of a global spy chief1 Commentstrilbey+26
2016 Mar 03 $17 smartwatch sends something to random Chinese IP address1 Commentsflaggwiz+2
2014 Nov 23 $60K in taxpayer money; 250,000 privacy violations in 4 months; 1 criminal arrest. Menlo Park police began using capturing images of more than 250,000 plates between July 1 and Oct. 1, only one could be tracked to a crime. (/r/Libertarian)2 Commentsbeofotch+247
2015 Apr 30 ''A World of Strong Privacy: Promises and Perils of Encryption'' Good essay written by David Friedman in 19950 Commentsdanielzopola+15
2012 Jun 15 '...the [UK] government also is seeking to keep logs of citizens’ Internet history'1 CommentsOmnamah+22
2013 Dec 16 '60 Minutes' Lies In Aid Of NSA Whitewash12 CommentsAllYouCanEatRedPills+206
2015 Jun 18 'A technical action plan in the face of surveillance' - A discussion of Jacob Appelbaum's talk @ Ei/PSI0 Commentsacrediblesauce+9
2014 Feb 20 'Addressable TV': Big Data's Next Trick For Targeting You2 Commentsquantumcipher+23
2015 Jan 20 'After Snowden' - LSE debate featuring former GCHQ director David Omand0 Commentsbluebluebluered+2
2016 Jun 17 'An absurd place': Returned bookseller says he underwent 20-30 forced interrogations without lawyer2 CommentsWuQianNian+2
2015 Jan 29 'Anonymized' Credit Card Data Not So Anonymous, MIT Study Shows | "Scientists showed they can identify you with more than 90 percent accuracy by looking at just four purchases, three if the price is included"3 CommentsTheLantean+17
2014 Oct 23 'Anti-Facebook' investors dig deep for Ello: A social network promising never to sell user data or incorporate advertising has secured multi-million dollar backing5 CommentsLibertatea+25
2015 Sep 19 'Awesome Screenshot' for Chrome Is Tracking Your Every Move11 Commentscrazykoala+39
2016 Aug 30 'Benskin [..] takes pictures of a city in which surveillance is so pervasive the people under its eye no longer notice it.' "I'm astounded by the fact that people are still going about as if no one is watching"0 Commentsourari+3
2014 Jul 31 'Big Brother' airport installs world’s first real-time passenger tracking system0 CommentsMulcero+3
2012 May 20 'Big Brother' lampposts launched in America can see, hear and talk to you 13 Commentsrobert32907+76
2012 Aug 14 'Black box' standards coming for cars17 CommentsFlexgrow+15
2015 Jun 05 'Brain prints' could be future security ID0 Commentsburtzev+1
2013 Oct 18 'Breakthrough' on European data protection bill0 Commentseberkut+3
2016 Mar 27 'Burner' phones could be made illegal under US law that would require personal details of anyone buying a new handset | News | Lifestyle7 Commentszipq+40
2015 May 28 'By Any Other Name': Introducing the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill, the "turbo-charged" Snoopers' Charter.0 CommentsTheMentalist10+2
2012 Apr 19 'CISPA pushed by spy & tech companies for profit' (Facebook, Google, etc.)4 Commentslolpatch+24
2015 Oct 27 'Codifying' Government Surveillance, Senate Passes CISA: "If President Obama does not veto this bill, he'll be showing that his administration never truly cared about the open Internet," rights group says4 Commentsmaxwellhill+190
2015 Sep 16 'Dissent,' a New Type of Security Tool, Could Markedly Improve Online Anonymity0 Commentsmikebiox+21
2013 Apr 05 'Do Not Track' feature in chrome any report/whitepapers on its effectiveness?1 Commentssacbee+3
2014 Mar 07 'Domains by Proxy' Hands Over Personal Details of "Pirate" Site Owner. Their slogan is “your identity is nobody’s business but ours”2 Commentsspectraledifice+26
2016 Jul 07 'Double speak' squawk users as Silent Circle kills warrant canary0 CommentsblackVPN+1
2014 Oct 08 'Ello, social media newcomer! Goodbye, data security fears?4 CommentsTheAgoristReport+4
2016 Aug 18 'Enormous' Threats to Human Rights Over UK Bulk Surveillance (x-post /r/openmedia)3 Comments-code-+18
2012 Dec 05 'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance;' Are you sure you have nothing to hide?0 Commentsr3b3lang3l+39
2016 Nov 19 'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper13 Commentsbinarysneaker+193
2016 Oct 13 'Facial-profiling' could be dangerously inaccurate and biased, experts warn0 Commentsplato_thyself+6
2014 Oct 30 'Fear of a cloud planet, Ars UNITE experts agree—cloud privacy starts with you' - My question is: Is it blaming the user or raising awareness?0 Commentsmbobe+2
2015 May 30 'Fingerprinting' AFK - let's list ways it can be done.6 CommentsAnonymousUser01385+9
2014 Sep 10 'Five Eyes' surveillance pact should be published, Strasbourg court told1 Commentseberkut+22
2013 Sep 15 'Follow the Money': NSA Spies on International Payments2 Commentsillorum+61
2016 Apr 30 'Free' Windows 10 Reveals Its Expensive Secret6 Commentswewewawa+14
2014 May 12 'Frontline' Doc Explores How Sept. 11 Created Today's NSA : NPR0 Commentsjumpchat+7
2015 Apr 17 'Geo-inference' can reveal your location in all mainstream browsers8 Commentsindorock+6
2015 Mar 15 'Get your privacy policy down to one page': AVG CEO throws glove down0 Commentsalinvlad+7
2012 Apr 03 'Girls Around Me' shows a dark side of social networks The app generated controversy by compiling data from Facebook and FourSquare to help users locate single women0 Commentsorangepotion+33
2016 Apr 18 'Global netizens are more concerned about their privacy than they were a year ago, few believing governments can be trusted to keep their personal information safe, according to a new independent study.'2 Commentsourari+26
2013 Feb 11 'Google for spies' draws ire from rights groups0 Commentswhitefangs+2
2014 Jan 22 'Google outed me'8 Commentstrilbey+66
2015 Jun 25 'How the Feds Asked Me to Rat Out Commenters' - Nick Gillespie breaks silence on Reason.com's recent subpoena to reveal identity of users.3 Commentsqp0n+92
2013 Jun 13 'I Cannot Figure Out Why This Was Classified to Begin With'0 CommentsTruthbot+10
2014 Aug 23 'I Could Have Stopped Them': Ex-CIA Lawyer Defends Waterboarding Decision3 Commentstrot-trot+11
2016 Dec 29 'I Know What You Download' is a nifty spy tool to track and uncover torrenting habits of others.1 Commentsh31md6ll+2
2013 Jun 18 'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy0 Commentsjvnk+8
2012 Aug 23 'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy; Daniel J. Solove.1 CommentsEquanimousMind+7
2014 Apr 07CodeRed 'If you need strong anonymity or privacy on the Internet, you might want to stay away from the Internet entirely for the next few days while things settle.'2 Commentsourari+77
2016 Mar 01 'Incredibly Creepy' Billboards to Track Behavior of Passers-By1 Commentsginger_bredman+25
2016 Jul 03 'Italian Mafia Brussels' Taken Down, but Darknet Still Growing0 Commentse-ok+4
2016 Aug 04clickbait 'It’s Time': Whistleblower Edward Snowden Tweets Mysterious Warning1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
2011 Feb 17 'Kill Switch' Internet bill alarms privacy experts0 CommentsMJantti+9
2013 Jul 19 'Kill switch' on smartphones takes a step forward0 Commentsantdude+4
2016 Jun 08 'Leaked report' reveals mass data collections makes us less safe0 Commentsthe_bloated_scot+42
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2014 Oct 28 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Acts Will Be Used to Justify the Surveillance State33 Commentssalvia_d+263
2015 Nov 29 'Mind-Blowing Abuse of Power': Walmart Spied on Workers With FBI, Lockheed Martin's Help34 Commentspizzaiolo_+562
2012 Aug 17 'Mind-Control' Gaming Devices Leak Brain Data That Help Researchers Guess Users' Secrets1 Commentsdropallpackets+9
2016 Dec 06 'My Friend Cayla' doll records children's conversations for "a wide variety of purposes"8 Commentsjackmusclescarier+124
2015 Oct 06 'Nameless Coalition' Petitions Facebook to Rethink Its Real Name Policy0 CommentsCapnTrip+7
2015 Jun 23 'Oblivion' Is the Software That Could Automate the 'Right to Be Forgotten'0 Commentsanutensil+2
2016 Dec 14 'One billion' affected by Yahoo hack - BBC News3 CommentsZlatty+25
2015 Jan 28 'Parks And Recreation,' Facebook and The New Privacy0 Commentsgamoid+2
2013 Aug 27 'Perfect privacy'? In Internet communication, that doesn't exist0 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+4
2016 Jul 12 'Pokémon Go' Is Grabbing ‘Full Access’ to Some Players’ Google Accounts0 CommentsmWo12+5
2015 Feb 08 'Privacy is DAMAGING to PROGRESS' says Irish big data whitepaper19 CommentsrazaSG+221
2015 Apr 26 'Privacy isn't dead' Snowden’s South American legacy grows as Brazil’s crypto movement marches on1 Commentsjohnmountain+234
2015 Mar 13 'Privacy killer': Senate panel quitely passes CISA 'cybersecurity' bill amid fresh surveillance fears8 CommentsTheOneAndOnlyTainted+180
2016 Aug 09 'Project Sauron' malware hidden for five years0 Commentsplato_thyself+10
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2015 Oct 21 'Your Genome Isn't Really Secret,' Says Google Ventures's Bill Maris: "The venture capitalist wants to extend human life expectancy, and he says fears over privacy and the security of DNA data shouldn't stand in the way."0 Commentstrot-trot+0
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2014 Nov 08 (Illinois) A potential employer wants to do a credit check on me through InfoMart. The online InfoMart form requires my SSN, DOB, gender, name, address, tele number and email address. Since the employer has my name, address, tele number and email address, accuracy on this form is important, right?2 Commentsgrayblueyes+6
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2013 Aug 15 (x-post from /r/technology) Just as Tox, the secure alternative to Skype, is starting to get traction in development, a website that claims to provide 'unlimited access' to Tox 'metadata' springs up.3 Commentssprinklycheese+4
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2016 Oct 06 1 of my personal use accounts has been compromised, 3 have been requested for password changes, my email has been compromised, and all of my other accounts will probably be gone. Please help me further protect my stuff14 Commentsdeeseball+18
2016 Feb 09 1 out of 4 internet users in the EU experienced security related problems in 20150 Commentsj4v+1
2013 Jul 23 1 out of every 1,000 phones in The Netherlands is wiretapped by police. The method rarely produces direct evidence of a crime because criminals are usually aware that their phones are being tapped.2 Commentsmepper+13
2013 Aug 26 1,000 Sys Admins Can Copy Any NSA Document Without Anyone Knowing About It; Think Only Snowden Did?8 Commentsdavidreiss666+67
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2013 Nov 24 1968 in 2013: Democrats vs. Themselves. "Democrats from the Bay Area and Chicago, representing safe blue seats, who were outspoken about surveillance abuses at one point....[are] carrying the Bush administration’s water because it’s now President Obama holding the glass."9 CommentsShahid-Buttar+127
2015 May 09 1975 article on Internet spying: "Could the next Nixon order ARPANET to be turned into a police instrument, instantly telling every government agency everything there is to be known about every American citizen whose name has been recorded somewhere?"9 Commentsjohnmountain+295
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2015 Mar 30 2 Federal Agents in Silk Road Case Face Fraud Charges. Secret Service & FBI agents stole $800,000 in BitCoin diverted to personal acc'ts.21 Commentstrai_dep+286
2013 Dec 04 2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack6 Commentsno1_vern+12
2013 Feb 20 2 out of every 3 Americans lost Fourth Amendment protections to DHS33 Commentswhitefangs+147
2012 Nov 20 2 women in India arrested over Facebook - 1 for posting a status update and the other for simply liking that status. 0 CommentsSgrouples+8
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2015 Jan 27 25,000 angry users: Facebook privacy class action lawsuit to be heard by European court2 CommentsBr00ce+36
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2015 Mar 11 A Dutch court Wednesday handed a victory to privacy advocates by striking down a data-retention law that gives the government easy access to telecommunication data.9 CommentsLibertatea+240
2013 May 02 A Dutch politician proposed to give the government the permission to hack computers and mobile phones, tap their communication and collect and destroy data. The law also contains an obligation to decrypt your personal data. If the computers are located in another country, the law would still apply.13 CommentsWill-Do+151
2016 Mar 28 A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe - "I am sure a frightened population will find government promises of perfect security attractive and may be willing to allow more surveillance of their personal lives. They should pause a little beforehand...2 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+46
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2016 Dec 16 A Film student let a thief steal his smartphone and followed him for several weeks with a hidden app - This is his film (2016)42 Commentsplato_thyself+356
2012 Dec 13Software A Firefox plugin to impede fingerprinting-based tracking while maintaining browsing experience.2 Commentsmrz+36
2015 Aug 18 A Flaw in Twitter's Sign Up Process Can Reveal Your Friends to Impersonators - The social network's suggestions for who to follow are to blame.0 Commentsanutensil+21
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2012 Aug 27 A German artist has created a pixellated balaclava, perfect for confusing street cameras in a nation where mistrust of public surveillance is widespread even as the appetite for Facebook is unabated.1 Commentstonyflow+9
2012 Sep 05BigBrother A German artist has created a pixellated balaclava, perfect for confusing street cameras in a nation where mistrust of public surveillance is widespread even as the appetite for Facebook is unabated.13 CommentsPeter_File+89
2014 Jan 25 A Giant Military Surveillance Blimp Is Going to Constantly Monitor the East Coast8 Commentsturophobia+82
2016 Jul 27 A Glimpse at the Future of Computing - a 2600 article from 2003 that predicted cloud computing and surveillance1 Comments2600reader+2
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2016 Feb 17 A Hospital Paralyzed by Hackers - A cyberattack in Los Angeles has left doctors locked out of patient records for more than a week. Unless the medical facility pays a ransom, it’s unclear that they'll get that information back.0 Commentsanutensil+2
2016 Nov 02 A Huge Victory for Privacy Advocates: As AT&T and Time Warner plan to merge, new FCC rules on broadband privacy show how today “Big Media” also means “Big Data.”0 CommentsmWo12+4
2016 Mar 10 A Judge Just Admitted The Existence Of The NSA's PRISM Program8 Commentsmikebiox+150
2016 May 25 A Judge Just Made It Harder for the FBI to Use Hacking1 CommentsBarmagluk+17
2013 Dec 12 A KickStarter project aimed at giving everyone the option of real electronic privacy.8 Commentsfaradaybox+2
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2017 Jan 21 A MESSAGE TO 2600 READERS AND WRITERS3 Commentsagentf90+37
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2012 Jul 06 A Moment to Celebrate: No Data Retention Mandate in Smith’s New Child Protection Bill 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+3
2015 Nov 04 A More Private Browsing Experience: Mozilla Ships Tracking Protection for Firefox - EFF0 CommentsblackVPN+20
2016 Mar 10 A More Pseudonymous Internet • /r/techculture0 Commentswayspurrchen+2
2015 Jun 23 A Motel-Sized Victory for Privacy at the U.S. Supreme Court - Innkeepers may now challenge cops who want to spy on guests, but can still be jailed for failing to collect and store detailed information at check-in.1 Commentsanutensil+8
2016 Nov 19 A Muslim "registry" doesn't require a single registration -- it can happen overnight and invisibly4 Commentsjthess32+6
2016 Aug 17 A Must Watch - "Privacy, Anonymity, and Individuality The Final Battle Begins". Private investigator Steve Rambam details the latest trends in privacy invasion and surveillance technologies.1 Commentsunderthehall+11
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2016 Feb 20 A New Infographic on TPP and Your Digital Rights2 Commentshugvo+111
2012 Apr 23 A New Microchip Knows Just Where You Are, Indoors and Out 0 CommentsVailhem+5
2012 Dec 26 A New York newspaper has received a wave of criticism from its readers after doxxing the names and addresses of all of the individuals with handgun or pistol permits in its coverage area. Users can click any dot on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.11 Commentsexoendo+44
2016 Oct 12 A New,Small Hacker community! - /r/hackersec2 Commentshashelse+0
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2017 Jan 20 A Plea for Responsible and Contextualized Reporting on User Security0 Commentssarciszewski+9
2013 Jun 17Software A Popular Ad Blocker Also Helps the Ad Industry: Millions of people use the tool Ghostery to block online tracking technology—few realize that it feeds data to the ad industry.53 CommentsPiscator629+153
2015 Sep 29 A Popular Server for Encrypted Chat Has Been 'Intentionally' Shut Down2 CommentsP-e-t-a-r+17
2016 Jan 21 A Priv A"BIDE"S BB Security Chief On Raising The Bar In Cybersecurity1 Commentssmaxz+4
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2013 Jul 16 A Problem with the US Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board0 Commentsliefj+12
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2014 Dec 16 A Push to Explain the Importance of HTTPS and HTTPS Everywhere3 CommentsConcealClunkMinds+6
2016 Feb 22 A Q&A about Security First's Umbrella App0 Commentssecfirstmd+2
2015 Nov 03 A Quick Guide to the Cybersecurity Bill Passed by the U.S. Senate0 Commentsburtzev+12
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2012 Jul 23 A Response to Obama on the Cybersecurity Act of 20120 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2015 Jan 15 A Response to Wertheimer’s ‘Encryption and the NSA Role in International Standards’.0 Commentsxor_rotate+0
2013 Aug 18 A Russian senator has challenged Internet giant Google to explain its use of clients’ personal Gmail data, and claimed that the e-mail service violates individuals’ right to the secrecy of correspondence under the country’s constitution.4 Commentsrandomhumanuser+24
2015 Mar 11 A Slow March Towards Thought Crime: How the Department of Homeland Security’s FAST Program Violates the Fourth Amendment0 Commentspopepeterjames+57
2015 Sep 14 A Smartwatch Could Reveal What You're Typing by How Your Hand Moves4 Commentspizzaiolo_+24
2015 Jul 24 A Sordid State of Affairs: Explaining the AshleyMadison.com Hack in plain English / for the lay user1 Commentscocusmajorus+0
2012 May 08 A Speculative Example Of CISPA's Potential For Abuse0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2015 Jan 21 A Spy in the Machine: How a brutal government used cutting-edge spyware to hijack one activist's life1 Commentsjohnmountain+23
2015 Apr 02 A Starter Guide to Encryption and Fingerprinting0 Commentsstze+1
2016 Feb 19 A Startup Wants to Use Eye Tracking to Detect If Syrian Refugees Are Terrorists1 CommentsRyydA+1
2013 Sep 05 A Survey Asks: How Much Does Your Privacy Online Matter?0 CommentsNotEltonJohn+6
2012 Mar 19 A Terrifying Look Into The NSA's Ability To Capture And Analyze Pretty Much Every Communication5 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+56
2013 Aug 01 A Terrifying Sentence From the Latest Edward Snowden Leak Story: How might an NSA analyst abuse the power to see the IP address of every visitor to any website?0 Commentsmaxwellhill+10
2012 Apr 19 A Texas University's Mind-Boggling Database Of Teens' Daily Text Messages, Emails, and IMs Over Four Years0 Commentsnonprofiteer+21
2012 Nov 02 A Topeka Kansas newspaper has been ordered to identify the person who posted a comment on its website about a story on a murder trial0 Commentsmepper+6
2012 Aug 17 A Tor of the Dark Web, with Tor dev & Knight-Mozilla Fellow Dan Schultz0 Commentsuhwuggawuh+4
2014 Jan 01 A Tor-like service run by former NSA/TAO Director & CIA National Clandestine Service Senior Officer1 CommentsHeliobb+9
2017 Jan 15 A Trade-Off in WhatsApp is Called a Backdoor - Electronic Frontier Foundation11 CommentsX0dgO7JnXe1NnMjpnh9i+100
2016 Sep 21 A U.S. judge just disclosed how often law enforcement asked to secretly track electronic records0 CommentsAfroIndian+4
2015 May 27 A U.S. judge ordered Yahoo Inc to face a nationwide class-action lawsuit accusing it of illegally intercepting the content of emails sent to Yahoo Mail subscribers from non-Yahoo Mail accounts, and using the information to boost advertising revenue2 Commentsjohnmountain+29
2014 Feb 16 A U.S. law firm advising Indonesia's government on trade issues was spied on by a foreign government, Australia, which shared the information with the NSA.2 Commentsquantumcipher+36
2013 Nov 22 A UK school ran a three-year trial in which a new ultra-wideband RFID chip continuously tracked its pupils with centimeter precision4 Commentscojoco+27
2015 Nov 10 A US judge’s ruling against the NSA is a big win for Edward Snowden0 CommentsKegit+11
2016 Feb 27 A USA Today reporter who claimed to have been hacked on board an American Airlines flight was probably not telling the truth1 CommentsPepperoniBaron+5
2015 Jan 16 A Verizon Zombie Cookie That You may have is taking a Turn for the worst0 Commentsswtt+1
2013 Nov 18 A Very Personal Experiment3 Commentssherre02+5
2015 Dec 14 A Victory for Privacy and Transparency: HRW v. DEA0 Commentspizzaiolo_+6
2016 May 25 A Visual Guide to Practical Data De-Identification (PDF link in webpage)0 Comments0moi+6
2016 Sep 24 A Walking Tour of New York’s Massive Surveillance Network0 Commentsspeckz+12
2016 Jul 24 A Wall Street Journal reporter was detained by federal agents at the Los Angeles airport who demanded to confiscate her two cell phones -- and was surprised to find that border agents have the authority to do that4 Commentsmepper+27
2015 Mar 06 A Way Forward: Bruce Schneier’s Data and Goliath Explains Where Our Privacy is Now, and How We Fix It0 CommentsKerberos53+16
2017 Jan 17 A Wi-Fi hairbrush that provides "valuable insights that can help revolutionize the home beauty routine"0 Commentsmsew59+3
2013 Jun 13 A Wonderful Firefox-specific Privacy Guide0 CommentsWadate+4
2015 Jan 31 A Year After Reform Push, NSA Still Collects Bulk Domestic Data, Still Lacks Way To Assess Value0 CommentsParanoiaNervosa+20
2016 Aug 10 A Year Out And Super-Encrypted Email ProtonMail Is Just Getting Started0 CommentsmWo12+6
2015 Nov 17 A algorithm, called Algebraic Eraser, has been suggestes for an IoT standard, has already been cracked and has serious flaws.0 Commentsrndnum123+6
2016 Dec 01 A beginner’s guide to beefing up your privacy and security online0 Commentsspeckz+11
2013 Oct 09 A billboard advertising campaign claiming that the Internet should be regulated and that everyone’s data should belong to the NSA turns out to be the brainchild of BitTorrent Inc0 Commentsmaxwellhill+53
2015 Oct 01 A billion Android phones are vulnerable to new Stagefright bugs0 CommentsSybles+6
2015 Apr 02 A bipartisan group of lawmakers is set to push for legislation that would bar federal agents from forcing tech companies to give them access to customers' emails, texts and photos.0 CommentsLibertatea+2
2014 Jan 07 A bipartisan pair of CA State Senators introduce the 4th Amendment Protection Act0 Commentszmanian+12
2014 Oct 31 A bit about Facebooks vanity TOR key and how it was generated3 Commentsgraffen+7
2015 Aug 07 A bit of privacy please!8 Commentspizzaiolo_+1108
2017 Jan 11 A bit older but still a good watch: DEF CON 22 - Christopher Soghoian - Blinding The Surveillance State1 Commentsescalat0r+9
2013 Oct 27 A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue20 CommentsRPrevolution+45
2012 Oct 23 A blogger claims he bought 1 million European, Canadian, US Facebook usernames and e-mail addresses online. 0 CommentsFINNPR+13
2013 Nov 28 A blogging service that respects privacy?3 CommentsGnashblade+2
2016 Aug 24 A bombshell in the broadband privacy debate - "That puts the FCC in a very difficult position – it is one thing to adopt bad policy, but another to knowingly enact unconstitutional rules."0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+2
2011 May 19 A breakdown of where iPhone UDIDs (Unique Device IDentifiers) are sent and by which apps. (UDIDs are a serious deanonymization threat.)0 Commentsphyzome+7
2015 Aug 20 A brief history of phone wiretapping - and how to avoid it0 CommentsJodler+4
2014 Oct 24 A call for papers on Civic life in the digital age. Mapping the impact of big data and social media on society0 CommentsEconHacker+3
2014 Sep 04 A case for public access to redacted social science data1 CommentsCrankyBear+11
2015 Nov 28 A children's toy company exposed data on 4.8 million parents and 200,000 kids0 CommentsmWo12+3
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2016 Jan 07 A closer look at Intel's X-Ray glasses0 Commentssyncoholic+1
2014 Jul 23 A closer look at Tor's hidden service publishing tool, Stormy0 Commentsb00kal00k+15
2013 Nov 18 A cloud safe from the NSA's prying eyes: Europe begins work on its EU-wide system3 CommentsPrivacyDude+12
2015 Aug 04 A coalition lead by the US privacy pressure group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced a stronger Do Not Track standard (DNT), which it says is needed as current schemes allow advertisers to still track users who have opted out.2 CommentsLibertatea+4
2016 Oct 12 A collection of (mostly) scholarly articles about how data aggregation damages privacy0 CommentsSyntaxPolice+2
2013 Jul 21 A collection of arguments about the "nothing to hide" fallacy4 Commentsvisarga+55
2013 Jul 11 A college student's guide to anonymization during the "Dark Ages of Spying"; for people who have no idea where to start!16 Commentsstylekimchee+44
2012 Mar 01 A company called Desync Networks is trying to access my IP 15 times a second. Should I be concerned?16 Commentssspaceboy1+8
2016 Jun 24 A company called Score Assured is planning to analyze people's social media activity and sell their data to employers, landlords, and credit card companies.9 CommentsCelestis+26
2016 Dec 27 A complete guide to securing yourself & your Mac. (• /r/apple)1 Commentstrai_dep+12
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2013 Jun 07 A couple of things about PRISM don't add up, starting with the budget. Looks more like data interception than data mining0 Commentsandrewbirmingham2010+2
2015 Feb 09 A court managed what the complicit UK press couldn't: force GCHQ to tell the truth0 CommentsblackVPN+60
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2016 Aug 05 A day in the life of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal0 Commentsbinarysneaker+1
2013 Jun 09 A decentralized alternative, hello meshnet.0 Commentsmeshnet_derp+3
2016 Oct 09 A decentralized web would give power back to the people online13 Commentsdilirst+42
2013 Sep 27 A designer has created a typeface that cannot be automatically mined for keywords by computers.1 Commentsmoon_is_cheese+4
2013 Dec 16 A discussion of current events.1 Comments_brutus_+3
2015 Jan 06 A feature of HTTPS can be used to track you.3 Commentsquietvision+11
2014 Dec 03 A female undercover agent from Hamburg police investigated house-squatters intimately for six years because of suspected criminal activities like house-squatting, street clashes and living illegally in construction trailers [German]1 CommentsDrunkRaven+6
2015 Feb 18 A few basic internet privacy tips in podcast format2 CommentsUOLCybertechinfo+0
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2013 Jan 06 A few thoughts and questions about privacy, anonymity, morality, profit, and freedom.0 CommentsChoscura+6
2016 Jun 15 A few thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: What is differential Privacy?1 CommentstheKovah+3
2015 Sep 23 A first look at the Chinese operating system the government wants to replace Windows3 Commentsreaderseven+4
2015 Jul 17 A font that automatically censors NSA “spook” words as they are written2 CommentsLibertatea+13
2013 May 04 A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims that all US telephone calls are recorded and accessible to the government12 Commentscojoco+140
2017 Jan 12 A free website that offers open source information6 Commentsawindinthedoor+0
2015 Jun 29 A friend got a new phone and when he came over, my network information was saved. How?5 Comments1337haXXor+7
2014 Jun 07 A fully P2P, decentralized social network powered by Retroshare and FOSS0 Commentstrish1975+3
2014 Jan 27 A genetic “Minority Report”: How corporate DNA testing could put us at risk2 Commentstrilbey+45
2015 May 18 A good anonymous email service12 Commentscelebban+3
2016 Sep 06 A good blog post about Traffic Correlation attacks on the Tor network and it's success rates at scale.0 Comments96584752+6
2014 May 29 A good blog post about the recent happenings with TrueCrypt0 CommentsDuncanKeyes+10
2016 Jun 21 A good list of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)0 CommentsNathanHouse+3
2013 Apr 21 A good place to host a simple webpage?4 Commentssoldeace+1
2016 Feb 20 A good way of visualising the FBI vs Apple debacle (x-post from /r/privacypatriots)2 Commentsprivacypatriot+8
2013 Jun 11 A grassroots movement on Reddit just sprang up to take a full page out in the New York Times in protest of the NSA's surveillance of millions of Americans, but their funding campaign needs your help!0 CommentsSuperConductiveRabbi+73
2015 Nov 01 A great introduction to tor and what it does - watch the first half an hour for an overview3 Commentshoorayboo+38
2013 Nov 04 A group of 70 human rights organisations have written an open letter to David Cameron arguing that the UK government's response to the revelations of mass surveillance of digital communications is "eroding fundamental human rights in the country".8 CommentsLibertatea+223
2012 Oct 27 A group of Dutch rappers made a music video about privacy (the lyrics are also Dutch)1 CommentsWill-Do+4
2016 Mar 21 A group of anti-privacy California state legislators is attempting to sneak through a bit of legislation that would authorize the creation of privacy-defeating backdoors in all mobile devices sold in California.4 Commentsmoe-hong+66
2016 Mar 23 A guide for journalists that need to defend their work from governments2 CommentsNINNY_looloo+7
2014 Oct 03 A guide to disappearing from the internet - is it possible?3 CommentsWalker889+14
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2012 Feb 21 A guide to the Deepweb (aka Tor)16 Commentstorthor+23
2013 Sep 06 A guide to the latest NSA/GCHQ news for the less technical1 Commentsstephenmcleod+0
2016 Sep 27 A handy site that makes searching through voter registration information easy. Includes full addresses, full dob, even email addresses.1 CommentsStratty88+0
2014 Aug 04 A hemp, bamboo/silver fabric phone case to block NSA surveillance of your cell phone6 Commentsprivacyondemand+3
2013 Apr 25 A hidden world, growing beyond control0 Commentsmeyamashi+10
2013 Jun 15 A hideous Google pleads, "Don't look at me!"0 CommentsNotebookM+3
2015 Sep 29 A high resolution photo taken at a Football game clearly shows every single fan in the stands. 68,756 people.3 Commentseigh7+17
2015 Jul 20 A history of backdoors: "How real-world government access proposals have fared in practice -- and how the actual record is worse than any technologist could have imagined at the time"1 Commentsshogabus+13
2014 Apr 28 A judge in the US has ordered Microsoft to hand over a customer's emails, even though the data is held on a server in Ireland.22 Commentscameronj+272
2011 Nov 28 A law student takes on Facebook's privacy policy [The Stream-Al Jazeera English]0 CommentsAJStream+7
2016 May 06 A lawsuit alleging that Facebook photo tagging violates user privacy has cleared a crucial early hurdle2 Commentsfrenzy3+101
2017 Jan 08 A lawyer rewrote Instagram's terms of service for kids. Now you can understand all of the private data you and your teen are giving up to social media — Quartz34 Commentslebcas+472
2017 Jan 13 A lawyer rewrote Instagram’s terms of use ‘in plain English’ so kids would know their privacy rights0 Commentskerne1_pan1c+9
2015 Nov 18 A layman's guide to encrypting your hard drive11 Commentsdanielharker+2
2013 Oct 02 A legal defense team takes on mass NSA telephone surveillance1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+2
2012 Oct 18 A lesser-known new feature in iOS 6: It's tracking you everywhere0 Commentsantdude+1
2014 Dec 08 A list of easy privacy solutions for the not-so-tech-savvy1 CommentsCryptoComPw+5
2013 Nov 15 A little doubt about GPG5 Commentsnaughtysnake+7
2014 Mar 03 A little gem/game released to the public domain1 Commentstheresacrack+3
2016 Jul 10 A little help and guidance needed2 Commentsphish_taco+1
2015 Aug 03 A little-known feature of the HTML5 specification means that websites can find out how much battery power a visitor has left on their laptop or smartphone – and now, security researchers have warned that that information can be used to track browsers online.106 CommentsLibertatea+369
2015 Feb 21 A lobbying blitz by influential technology firms could make or break the government’s spying powers this year, and the Snowden leak probably made things for the White House much, much worse.0 Commentsjohnmountain+8
2017 Jan 15 A look at how private messengers handle key changes4 Commentslolnololnonono+23
2015 Feb 15 A look at the new Canadian federal copyright legislation0 Commentsmagicfab+12
2016 May 06 A look inside the Department of Homeland Security's cyberhub5 CommentsgiIEk+7
2015 Sep 15 A look into LastPass0 Commentshanger_s+2
2015 Dec 02 A lot of people seem to be interested in how to buy bitcoins without using ID . We made this video to show you the top 5 ways to do so. Enjoy!4 CommentsThe_Daily_Decrypt+8
2015 Jul 13 A man created a font that tells you if the NSA might think you're a terrorist3 CommentsVailhem+0
2013 Jun 25 A man named Sang Mun invents a NSA Proof front.0 CommentsELite_Predator28+0
2015 Mar 07 A man was detained at the Canadian border for refusing to give up his phone password31 Commentsucccft+288
2014 May 02 A marketing stunt for the Ubisoft game "Watch Dogs" is inadvertently allowing users to check how well they've set up their Facebook privacy settings.5 CommentsMJantti+26
2015 Dec 26 A message from George Orwell: your digital rights4 Commentszxxx+81
2014 Sep 18 A message from Tim Cook about Apple’s commitment to your privacy.4 CommentsLeoPanthera+7
2015 Mar 23 A method for improving the visual appeal of the Wireshark IO Graph0 Commentsresetpass+14
2016 May 19 A million machines enslaved by Man-in-the-middle Google ad fraud botnet2 Commentsflaggwiz+30
2012 Jul 24 A minor miracle occurred early last year when the FBI tried to shake down a phone company for customer records during an investigation: the company said no2 Commentsmaxwellhill+18
2016 Mar 05 A month ago, I posted my VPN Comparison Chart with tons of data on over 100 different services. After observing the poor state of the industry, I present to you a major update - ACCOUNTABILITY13 CommentsThatOnePrivacyGuy+146
2012 May 20 A mother accuses school of forcing 13 yr-old girl to give Facebook password9 Commentsmaxwellhill+44
2016 Feb 13 A must if you want to stay private3 Commentsthrowmongo+0
2015 May 27 A nasty new iPhone bug is doing the rounds, and it involves a string of characters that, when sent in a message, crashes the recipient's phone.0 CommentsSybles+0
2016 Feb 01PDF A new Harvard report says the idea of FBI "going dark" because of crypto is false0 Commentsjohnalden1221+13
2012 Apr 11 A new ISP pledges to put your privacy first - always7 Commentsmaxwellhill+116
2014 Jan 21 A new day at the NSA1 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+1
2014 Jan 14 A new facial recognition app called NameTag, that allows anyone to instantly look up social media and dating profiles of someone whose photo they snap, has been developed for Android and Google Glass0 Commentsstrobexp+15
2015 May 01 A new fork of textsecure that supports encrypted SMS/MMS2 Commentstheanonymous_1+1
2014 Feb 20 A new free web browser app to fight back against social medi spying3 Commentsromainw1+3
2016 Jun 23 A new government report makes it clear that the FBI facial recognition database is not only much bigger than we thought, but it's also much more broken than we thought.1 Commentswheeler1432+1
2015 Jun 15 A new government supported project in Antwerp (Belgium): Track all the people!0 Commentsmartianmaid+6
2014 Oct 30 A new method of thwarting phone call meta data collection/making anonymous phone calls [CONCEPT/THEORY]17 Commentsscottscurvy+5
2015 Mar 17 A new organisation has sprung up, to promote regulation of big data as an economic justice issue rather than merely a privacy problem0 Commentspdehaye+10
2013 May 03 A new post from an anti-CISPA Facebook page inspired me to get more involved. So I'm sharing the post here.1 Commentsi0dine+9
2015 Sep 17 A new report ties the Russian government to a seven-year malware campaign0 Commentseltrevor+5
2012 Jun 22 A new status code to reflect internet censorship could be named after Ray Bradbury's most famous novel, Fahrenheit 4510 Commentsalwayspro+49
2013 Oct 10 A new study by KU Leuven-iMinds researchers has uncovered that 145 of the Internet’s 10,000 top websites track users without their knowledge or consent. The websites use hidden scripts to extract a device fingerprint from users’ browsers.0 CommentsAceyJuan+2
2016 May 24 A new study shows how government-collected “anonymous” data can be used to profile you0 CommentsLibertatea+0
2016 Apr 26 A new study shows that knowledge of government surveillance causes people to self-censor their dissenting opinions online6 Commentspolymute+89
2016 Mar 28 A new study shows that knowledge of government surveillance causes people to self-censor their dissenting opinions online. The research offers a sobering look at the oft-touted "democratizing" effect of social media and Internet access that bolsters minority opinion.2 CommentsLibertatea+89
2013 Sep 09 A new subreddit specifically for news stories about world governments infringing upon rights: Bad Government, No Freedom.0 CommentsAmericanDerp+0
2015 May 23 A nice guide to staying safe and anonymous on the Internet. Something to really consider. Especially these days.4 Comments4nis+17
2016 Aug 10 A nice list of all the ways that we are tracked, by one industry insider0 Commentsluispotro+2
2015 Jul 01 A note on privacy1 Commentsanon1253+2
2016 Sep 27 A number of YouTubers of note are shilling for this crap. BeCandid, BeBanned.3 Commentssizzletron+16
2012 Mar 15 A older friend of mine is being targeted on the internet. After she does a search she receives phone calls and emails about the topic.13 CommentsSecret_Identity_+12
2014 Nov 10 A one year collaboration around open source - an offline password keeper2 Commentsjfalcon206+7
2014 Mar 18 A perspective on whether in the new crowded digital economy humans will voluntarily allow all their digital activities to be fully tracked (optionally) to score credits and improve their prospects0 Commentsabhijaydatta+1
2014 Jun 03 A petition from french newspaper to let Snowden live in France - (pour que la France accorde l'asile à l'ancien consultant de la NSA, Edward Snowden )1 CommentsFredlamb+7
2013 Jul 01 A picture of what is likely to go on within the walls of the NSA's new Utah Data Center has come into focus with recently leaked documents on NSA surveillance, combined with prior revelations, building specifics, information from defense contractors and hints dropped by top NSA brass.5 Commentsjms1225+55
2012 Sep 19 A police officer's take on informational privacy and the police in the digital age 0 Commentscostheta+1
2014 Aug 14 A portable router that conceals your Internet traffic | Ars Technica2 Commentsspeckz+50
2012 Aug 15 A post about securing a bit more internet privacy... 2 CommentsNihiloZero+2
2012 Apr 02 A pretty interesting post on how to create a password!2 CommentsMarkR1234+3
2014 Dec 10 A privacy policy for cars: What automakers know about you (and what they’re doing with it)0 Commentsspeckz+15
2016 Jan 23 A privacy reminder from YouTube, a Google company, as seen on the top of your screen whenever you access YouTube.0 CommentsDHumphrey+5
2015 Dec 02 A privacy standard for Internet of Things suppliers0 CommentsDEAF-LAMONT+3
2017 Jan 17 A privacy-friendly Android keyboard?25 Commentsmenu-brush+11
2015 Mar 24 A program to help me hide my IP address?4 Commentsfuckthrowawayboy+3
2015 Jul 13 A project to build a $200 DIY Wi-Fi router to help whistleblowers hide online just disappeared under bizarre circumstances14 CommentsVailhem+74
2013 Aug 05 A public service announcement regarding the recent tor exploit from Operation NSA2 CommentsAnonymousOpNSA+24
2016 Mar 16 A question about NoRoot firewall.5 CommentsJoker4479+3
2012 Jul 04advice A question about VPNs1 CommentsFuZzY_BuBbLeS+23
2014 Nov 06 A question about browser extensions3 Commentskillthehighcourts+3
2013 Apr 16 A question about connecting to my VPN while at work5 CommentsArbor_Lucidity+3
2013 Aug 12 A question about email metadata1 CommentsAshtonKelso+3
2013 Jun 05 A question regarding CP Case7 CommentsRLQuestion+3
2013 Feb 10 A question regarding VPN services.479 Commentsstatistchildren+324
2012 Nov 30 A question regarding the FBI's use of 'roving bugs' and 'hardware/bios malware' on Android devices.3 CommentsThrowawayStowawy+8
2015 Feb 24 A quick Online test to see if you're vulnerable to the recent Superfish, Komodia, PrivDog vulnerabilities.0 CommentsIm_Special+4
2012 Apr 24Privacy Guides A quick guide to our current online privacy threats (SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/DEA/CCDA/CISPA)2 CommentsYamahiko+87
2015 Mar 29 A quick guide to staying secure online25 Commentsthunder9861+70
2013 Jan 22 A quick way to adjust your social media privacy settings.2 CommentsICanCatch20Too+3
2013 Jul 18 A rapidly growing network of police cameras is capturing, storing and sharing data on license plates, making it possible to stitch together people's movements whether they are stuck in a commute, making tracks to the beach or up to no good0 Commentsmepper+25
2016 Jan 05 A really informative interview with a former FBI agent on insider threats and the future of cybersecurity0 Commentssecretguy21+2
2014 Oct 22 A realty group just tried to get me to submit my all my bank card information on a site without HTTPS. Are there any laws in the US that can punish them for doing this?4 CommentsSimius+0
2014 Apr 14 A recap of 404 Day, where we call attention to Internet censorship in public schools and libraries in the United States0 Commentsoldbie+2
2012 Nov 10 A reddit dedicated to Live Operating Systems, /r/LiveOS0 Commentsbittorrent_over_i2p+0
2016 May 16 A reminder about metadata, since the supposed privacy advocates promoting WhatsApp seem to have forgotten...13 CommentsImVeryOffended+24
2013 Jun 25 A reminder for people signing up to Coursera's Signature Track0 Commentsmuyuu+5
2015 May 27 A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,0004 Commentssalvia_d+23
2015 Nov 04 A reporter asks the NSA to release all information they have gathered on her. You could even do the same thing. ‪#‎goFOIAyourself‬8 Commentsmoizsyed+39
2014 Dec 30 A researcher recreated iPhone thumbprints using photographs and commercial software0 Commentsmeyamashi+1
2015 Jun 11 A review of UK phone and internet surveillance says current "undemocratic and unnecessary" laws need a complete overhaul. The UK government needed to do more to prove why security services should be able to monitor our web browsing histories for two years - as has been mooted.0 CommentsLibertatea+53
2014 Jun 30 A review of the Blackphone, the Android for the paranoid23 CommentsAceyJuan+41
2014 Aug 01 A salient reminder as to why you should never assume privacy on an open WiFi network: "I scan every wifi net i can connect to and upload that data for later."11 Commentsdustofnations+3
2016 Jan 29 A search engine for unsecured cameras0 Commentsjonfla+11
2016 Nov 03 A second Privacy Shield legal challenge increases threat to EU-US data flows1 CommentsmWo12+1
2011 Oct 21 A second life in a virtual environment: from simple socialization to revealing sensitive information0 Commentsantdude+0
2016 Apr 28 A secret 2015 court ruling unsealed this week shows that warrantless spying has already been formally approved by the FISA court.0 CommentsDeSlaye+16
2016 Jan 26 A secretive surveillance device confounds criminals, but raises privacy concerns0 CommentsNighthawkFencer+7
2016 Mar 19 A secure Skype replacement for Video calling, conferencing and chat: Jitsi16 Commentsdeirdre280+36
2014 Sep 30 A secure and private browser sandbox0 Commentsmortoray+2
2016 Oct 05 A secure messaging apps comparison site.2 Commentssecuremessagingapps+4
2016 Jan 12 A secure, anonymous, post-quantum secure communication protocol?1 Commentsterrorofsarnath+0
2013 Oct 16 A security vulnerability found on News Corp's websites in Australia potentially leaked highly personal information, including household income.0 Commentscojoco+8
2016 Apr 08 A short and easy exercise to teach friends and relatives who are way to eager to sign away their privacy.0 Commentssouthofnorth+3
2015 Jul 22 A short history of the NSA and surveillance in the US, 1971 - present day [Infographic]0 CommentsRussianClogs+24
2015 Oct 06 A short thought on the irrelevance of NSA reform5 CommentsNemesis6+17
2016 Jun 05 A side-benefit of spying by the NSA4 Commentstennessea+2
2015 Feb 17 A simple guide introducing people to SSH and OpenPGP?1 Commentsmagicfab+3
2013 Jun 13 A simple way to make it harder to read your emails.3 Commentsnotandxor+9
2015 Feb 02 A small privacy win for Reddit users14 Commentslightswitch05+302
2015 Mar 23 A small-scale alternative to proprietary cloud services?3 Commentskmand+4
2013 Nov 23 A spurned techie’s revenge: Locking down his ex’s digital life0 Commentsantdude+9
2013 Aug 12 A state where only a horde of unelected bureaucrats are allowed to have secrets is not a democratic state.1 Commentselverloho+14
2014 Sep 23 A state within a state at an alarming rate: Assange says NSA just keeps on growing3 Commentsyellowcakewalk+50
2013 Oct 22 A stranger's Apple ID appears on your Mac in conjunction with an update notice: Apple Support Communities0 Commentsantdude+1
2012 Mar 09 A study from Stanford University found supposedly anonymous data collected on personal web browsers were gathered and then sold. [Infographic]7 CommentsEquanimousMind+17
2011 Aug 09 A study into the face recognition instruments used by social networks has revealed the alarming ease with which private data can be exploited. 0 CommentsReddit-Politician+10
2012 Jan 25 A tale of two court cases: The same week that the Supreme Court found police officers need a warrant to use GPS in a potential criminal's car, a lower court ruled that people can be forced to give up the password to their encrypted hard drive without it being self-incrimination.0 Commentsexpertvoice+6
2016 Oct 21 A tamper-proof seal for posting packages..?8 Commentsfoooood4thought+3
2016 Apr 12Software A technological response to the BuzzFeed article, Spies in the Skies0 Commentsgngrbrdmnn+4
2013 May 22 A terrible amendment to the Texas CISPA bill was accepted into the House version. It removes 180 day limit for searches- now no express limit in the number of months/years a digital search warrant can go back.4 CommentsPhonebank+29
2012 Apr 12 A thorough debunking of the "I've got nothing to hide" argument.9 Commentsbreen+61
2014 Mar 23 A thought awakener. What reliable email-providers are out there? Anyone?19 CommentsSomban+1
2014 Jun 16 A tiny technical change in iOS 8 could stop marketers spying on you18 Commentsthegooddata+39
2014 Aug 22 A tracking free, no-login Facebook search engine3 Commentslolazord+0
2013 Sep 04 A trustworthy VPN service?29 CommentsGnashblade+16
2014 Mar 05 A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry21 Commentspeter_tonoli+166
2016 Dec 26 A vintage year for snoopers and big state-ists0 CommentsSkuld+3
2014 May 01 A warning to users looking to recycle their old PCs : techsupport0 CommentsDrunkRaven+3
2016 Jan 15 A way around services that require cellphones?9 Commentsmak1405+3
2009 Sep 14 A web site that asks "anonymous" users for seemingly trivial information about themselves may be able to use that information to make a unique profile for an individual, or even look up that individual in other databases0 CommentsTheGrammarAnarchist+5
2016 Nov 25 A website that shows you what your browser could be tracking7 CommentstheKovah+13
2016 Jun 12 A website to tell you privacy concerns of programs?2 CommentsTripps117+18
2016 Nov 26 A wiki doc with list of all known privacy settings in Windows 109 Commentsnidnks+38
2016 Apr 24 A woman fights a lonely and frustrating battle to win back her privacy3 CommentsCyberSoldier+10
2016 Jul 29 A writeup about common fears of password managers8 Commentsseeqo+0
2013 Jun 11 A.C.L.U. Sues to Bar ‘Dragnet’ Collection of Phone Records0 Commentsinmersion+8
2016 Mar 23 AB-1681: Any smartphone manufactured and sold in CA is to have a backdoor7 Commentsbased2+17
2016 Oct 20 AB-Solution on Padavan?0 Commentsbumbacloth+1
2016 Aug 01 ABS using depreciated SHA-1 encryption for census website1 Commentsscuttle_trap+2
2014 Jan 30 ACLU & terrorism suspect challenges warrantless snooping law2 CommentsBlueJadeLei+28
2012 Jul 31 ACLU - The Biggest New Spying Program You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: 'What if a government spy agency had power to copy and data mine information about ordinary Americans from any government database?'0 Commentsmaxwellhill+11
2013 Apr 18 ACLU Asks Government to Investigate Phone Carriers Over Android Security Threat (r/cyberlaws x-post)0 CommentsTuneRaider+3
2014 Mar 14 ACLU Battles Connecticut Law Enforcement Agencies Over Retention Of Licence Plate Reader Data0 Commentsquantumcipher+18
2017 Jan 18 ACLU Blog - The Privacy Threat From Always-On Microphones Like the Amazon Echo3 CommentsTastyBrainMeats+90
2014 Oct 28 ACLU Calls Schools’ Policy to Search Devices and ‘Approve’ Kids’ Web Posts Unconstitutional1 Commentselectronics-engineer+80
2016 Oct 21 ACLU Demands Secret Court Hand Over Crucial Rulings on Surveillance Law....1 CommentsRIP_Meth_9000+11
2016 Oct 12 ACLU Exposes "1984-Style" Police Surveillance On Twitter, Facebook0 Commentsrepnoo+4
2016 Jul 18 ACLU FOIA Seeks Information About How Government Launders Evidence0 Commentsaclu+15
2013 Jun 11 ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging NSA's Patriot Act Phone Surveillance0 CommentsKuduIO+21
2014 Jun 30 ACLU Interactive Map: States’ Privacy in the US on Four Key Issues0 Commentstrai_dep+9
2013 Jun 06 ACLU Petition: Stop The Massive Government Spying Program2 CommentsMLNYC+101
2015 Apr 16 ACLU Study: Federal Agencies Fail to Protect Whistleblower Communications, Terrorist Tip Line0 Commentsjohnmountain+5
2012 May 24 ACLU Sues As DOJ Ignores Surveillance Transparency Law0 Commentsmaxwellhill+44
2013 Dec 31 ACLU Sues Government Over International Calls0 Commentskulkke+12
2016 Nov 20 ACLU Sues for Answers on Warrantless Surveillance of Americans33 Commentsfrenzy3+719
2009 Aug 27 ACLU Sues for Records on Border Laptop Searches « TechPolitik0 CommentsTrapperKeeper+4
2013 Jan 27 ACLU Sues to Protect Privacy of Drug Prescriptions1 Commentsr3b3lang3l+39
2016 Oct 20 ACLU Wants 23 Secret Surveillance Laws Made Public0 Commentseleitl+1
2012 Sep 27 ACLU documents show increasing phone and internet surveillance by Department of Justice0 Commentsgorske+11
2016 Oct 11 ACLU exposes Facebook, Twitter for selling surveillance company user data0 CommentsSRW90+18
2012 Jul 06 ACLU files lawsuit against the federal government to find out to what extent the government is reading our emails and texts.0 Commentsprogrammerswife+77
2016 Oct 12 ACLU finds Chicago-based startup, Geofeedia, had leveraged social media APIs to gather data on protesters and gave information to police in several U.S. cities24 CommentsBeTripleG+451
2012 Sep 28 ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing surveillance stats1 Commentsantdude+48
2016 Mar 31 ACLU map shows locations of 63 ongoing phone-unlocking cases0 Commentsprivacypatriot+2
2016 Mar 13 ACLU petition to pardon Snowden has 55,654 out of the 60,000 signatures needed21 Commentsdroazen+450
2014 Apr 06 ACLU publishes hundreds of leaked documents about NSA surveillance3 Commentsakeryw+337
2016 Jan 01 ACLU slams Fresno police for testing social media surveillance software0 Commentsnikoma+29
2015 May 06 ACLU sues Fairfax County police to stop collecting license plate data0 CommentsOsterstriker+19
2013 Jun 11 ACLU sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance - latimes.com0 Commentsspeckz+39
2013 Jun 13 ACLU sues US government over metadata surveillance program3 Commentsantdude+241
2015 Mar 12 ACLU technologist: ‘Amazon has escaped the transparency spotlight’0 Commentsjohnmountain+9
2015 Feb 11 ACLU to UN: Encryption is Not A Problem to be Solved, But a Crucial Tool For Freedom and Security5 Commentsjohnmountain+147
2013 Nov 13 ACLU to law enforcement: Tell us how you get users’ search history, data0 Commentsantdude+7
2016 Jan 21 ACLU unveils privacy fight in 16 states1 CommentsBossman1086+13
2014 Mar 27 ACLU wins settlement for sixth-grader's Facebook posting -- ACLU sued Minnewaska school after sixth-grader was forced to give up password10 Commentsmepper+190
2015 Jun 01 ACLU's Chris Soghoian on What’s Wrong With the Debate on Section 2150 Commentsjohnmountain+2
2016 Jun 07 ACLU's guide to a few easy steps everyone should take to protect their privacy0 Commentsaclu+10
2013 May 07 ACLU, EFF sue for license plate record disclosure in Los Angeles0 CommentsTuneRaider+37
2011 Jun 01 ACLU, union sue to stop Scott’s drug-testing policies0 Commentsshallah+9
2015 Feb 23 ACLU-Obtained Documents Reveal Breadth of Secretive Stingray Use in Florida: The documents paint a detailed picture of police using an invasive technology — one that can follow you inside your house — in many hundreds of cases and almost entirely in secret0 Commentsmaxwellhill+72
2014 Oct 17 ACLU: "Director Comey is wrong in asserting that law enforcement cannot do its job while respecting Americans’ privacy rights. In fact, federal law explicitly protects the right of companies to add encryption with no backdoors"0 Commentswonkadonk+143
2012 Jul 17 ACLU: "reasonable suspicion" not good enough for GPS tracking0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2013 Mar 28CodeRed ACLU: DOJ Emails Show Feds Were Less Than "Explicit" With Judges On Cell Phone Tracking Tool0 Commentswhitefangs+29
2013 Jul 17 ACLU: Digital dragnet ensnares millions of innocent drivers0 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+10
2013 Sep 10 ACLU: Documents Shed Light on Border Laptop Searches0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+3
2012 Dec 09 ACLU: It's Time to Modernize our Privacy Law - Current loopholes in our privacy laws allow police to access many types of electronic communications -- emails, text messages, private information held by Google and Facebook -- with just an administrative subpoena 4 Commentsshallah+110
2012 May 06 ACLU: Maryland Passes Nation's First Social Media Privacy Protection Bill: Gov. O’Malley signed into law the bill that bans employers from requesting employees' or job applicants' usernames/passwords... as a condition of employment2 Commentsmaxwellhill+61
2016 Oct 27 ACLU: Social Media Helps Police Spy On Activists0 Commentspizzaiolo_+5
2015 Dec 15 ACLU:This Surveillance Software is Probably Spying on #BlackLivesMatter0 Commentstcentro+9
2012 Feb 20 ACTA is part of a multi-decade, worldwide copyright campaign0 Commentsmeltphaced+29
2012 Dec 14Advice ADVICE - Cell Phone Battery Cut Off Switch11 Commentsconsorts+9
2015 Feb 23 AFP backs privacy and metadata over anonymity0 Commentssallycomstock+1
2016 Feb 28 AFWall and Orbot - strange problem3 Commentsjoiajwef+4
2016 Sep 12 AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If It's Pixelated1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Oct 27 AI-powered body scanners could soon be inspecting you in public. Soon to be demoed at train stations too.0 Commentscelticwhisper+11
2016 Jan 28 AIMSICD icon always yellow1 Commentsrick234+3
2016 Oct 23Software AIMSICD, an Android app to detect IMSI-Catchers2 Commentsnatema1+9
2014 Apr 25 AISight - The World's Only Behavioural Recognition System for Video Surveillance0 Commentspaperzplz+2
2015 Jan 30 ALERT: Facebook password NOT case sensitive13 Commentscrafted_co+33
2015 Aug 05 ALL Windows 10 privacy settings2 Commentsolemir+1
2015 Apr 01 ALPR and Why Privacy Matters (simplified version)0 Commentsdcthinker+1
2015 Mar 23 AMA Highlights: Jameel Jaffer of ACLU, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, and Lila Tretikov, exec director of Wikimedia, are suing the NSA over its mass surveillance. They did a Reddit Ask Me Anything on Mar 20, 2015.0 Commentsamahighlights+10
2013 Jul 11 AMA about digital privacy rights with Cullen Hoback, director of "Terms and Conditions May Apply," and ACLU's Christopher Soghoian.0 Commentsnorthbynortheast+6
2014 Jun 05 AMA now on "What we know now: 1 year after Snowden" with Access, Silent Circle, EDRi, and Eleanor Saitta0 Commentsastepanovich+5
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2014 May 12 AMD Trustzone: I've got a bad feeling about this.2 CommentsXSSpants+7
2015 Jun 11 ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Freedom Act fails to curtail NSA snooping - "..NSA will continue to take both metadata and content."10 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+224
2010 Jun 22 AOL proactively scans email for child porn.4 CommentsSageRaven+7
2014 Aug 15 AOL, Adobe, Salesforce Among 30 US Companies Said To Be Violating EU Data Transfer Deal1 Commentsbased2+26
2013 May 20 AP Phone Records Scandal Highlights a Broader Problem: Lack of Checks and Balances on Government Access to Records0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2016 Sep 28 AP: Across US, police officers abuse confidential databases4 Commentsreaderseven+154
2016 Aug 27 APShook64.dll ?6 Commentspulpheroe+0
2015 Jan 16 AQAP spokesman uses mobile messenger to communicate with press, wonder which one?1 Commentsbrett88+4
2016 Feb 04 ARGUS - long-range high def surveillance sensor that watches what you do1 Commentsruskeeblue+2
2014 Jun 20 ARIN's insistence on publishing the name and address of anyone with a /29 or greater is a violation of privacy and can even be dangerous.0 Commentsbobcat+8
2014 Mar 19 ASIO Pushes for Telcos to Retain More Data on Australians; AG Wants Forced Decryption or Face Charges0 Commentsquantumcipher+7
2012 Jul 19 ASIO gets virtually unlimited spying power. Encryption effectively outlawed. They can view your web history, all forms of communication. They're immune to civil and criminal charges. Literally a police state.2 Commentsglados_v2+95
2014 Sep 29 ASIO is getting new powers to wiretap Australia and immunity from criminal and civil prosecution. I decided to redesign their logo.6 Commentsreactive_ennui+116
2014 Feb 28 ASK: Would you use a messenger that generates a key that can expire?2 Commentsprivacy12345+1
2016 Jan 18 ASUS Routers ship with built-in (non opt-out) Trend Micro Web Scanning at the hardware level.10 CommentsQuiteTheMagician+46
2016 Jun 04 AT&T CEO Says He Can’t Deploy Robocall Blockers Without FCC Approval. He’s Wrong2 Commentssadatay+10
2016 Jan 22 AT&T CEO won’t join Tim Cook in fight against encryption backdoors.24 CommentsTacoma_Trees+234
2016 Feb 10 AT&T Does Not Care about Your Privacy1 Commentsspeckz+11
2015 Aug 15 AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic3 Commentssysrq_c+41
2015 Aug 17 AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale0 CommentsVirtualbasis+6
2016 Oct 25 AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit. New documents reveal the telecom giant is doing NSA-style work for law enforcement—without a warrant—and earning millions of dollars a year from taxpayers.2 Commentstrai_dep+128
2013 Dec 21 AT&T Joins Verizon, Will Publish Data On Phone Call Records0 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+12
2014 Feb 12 AT&T Offers Austin ISP Customers $30/mo to Submit to Data Collection3 Commentseddievb+41
2015 Feb 17 AT&T Says It Will Match Google Fiber's Speed & Pricing, But Only If You Allow AT&T To Spy On You43 Commentsjohnmountain+454
2012 Oct 12 AT&T Starts Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Next Month, Will Block Websites16 CommentsArmed_Liberal+46
2014 Nov 15 AT&T Stops Using Undeletable Phone Tracking IDs - ProPublica3 Commentsspeckz+55
2013 Dec 11 AT&T accused of violating privacy law with sale of phone records to CIA5 Commentstrilbey+145
2015 Feb 19 AT&T charges $29 for privacy. Time for others to do the same6 CommentsEvalynVandewalle+5
2015 Feb 16 AT&T charges $29 more for gigabit fiber that doesn’t watch your Web browsing14 Commentslapall+129
2015 Apr 08 AT&T fined $25 million after call center employees stole customers’ data | Ars Technica6 Commentsspeckz+85
2014 Oct 08 AT&T fires insider for slurping customers' social security numbers, driver licenses and more3 CommentsMusikPolice+48
2015 Aug 17 AT&T helped the NSA spy on the UN's internet traffic (updated)0 CommentsCapnTrip+2
2016 Oct 26 AT&T is making millions by selling your phone records to law enforcement0 Commentsreaderseven+185
2016 Nov 30 AT&T is selling your privacy to cops. Tell them what you think!0 Commentsmercyful_fade+6
2014 Nov 16 AT&T kills the 'permacookie,' stops tracking customers' Internet usage (for now)4 Commentscrazypelican+203
2016 Jul 05 AT&T offers Atlanta discount on gigabit service in exchange for customers allowing it to track their searches.13 Commentsh00rayforstuff+51
2013 Dec 11 AT&T offers gigabit internet discount in exchange for your web history, using deep packet inspection0 Comments-Gavin-+13
2012 Jun 28 AT&T plans on cashing in on your usage information. Be sure to opt out of this here.3 CommentsGreenDaemon+54
2016 Oct 28 AT&T requires police to hide Hemisphere phone spying1 CommentsillDecree+19
2014 Jun 14 AT&T says customer data accessed to unlock smartphones | ITworld0 Commentsspeckz+10
2013 Jul 04 AT&T says it’s considering selling its customers’ wireless and Wi-Fi locations, U-verse usage, website browsing habits, mobile app usage and “other information.”21 CommentsGonzoVeritas+227
2013 Jun 16 AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off0 Commentsmmofan+4
2015 Mar 31 AT&T wants $139 a month, or your privacy, for superfast Internet6 CommentsMalcomGuss+14
2015 Mar 11 AT&T's Cozy NSA Ties Brought Up In Attempt To Scuttle DirecTV Merger0 Commentsjohnmountain+22
2014 Feb 19 AT&T's First Transparency Report Reveals Warrantless Demands for Customer Data0 CommentsBlankVerse+13
2014 Feb 19 AT&T's first transparency report reveals 300,000 total law enforcement requests2 Commentsquantumcipher+82
2014 Nov 30 AT&T's insightful response to a letter I sent them concerning their HTTP supercookie test.75 Commentsunnecessarily+158
2016 Oct 26 AT&T's spying program is ‘worse than the Snowden revelations’16 CommentsevanFFTF+567
2014 May 15 AT&T, Comcast, and Snapchat are laggards on privacy policies | Ars Technica0 Commentsspeckz+60
2011 Dec 04 AT&T, Sprint confirm use of Carrier IQ software on handsets1 Commentsantdude+9
2014 May 14 AT&T’s GigaPower plans turn privacy into a luxury that few would choose4 CommentsTwylaSohen+86
2015 Mar 27 AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing—and what you can do about it | Ars Technica47 Commentsspeckz+237
2013 Aug 03 ATF grabs camera from man taking pictures of cars in front of federal building to delete the pictures for privacy1 Commentsrandomhumanuser+28
2013 Jul 30 ATM Skimmers (credit card theft) at gas stations have matured0 Commentstony121+8
2016 Nov 22 AUA on the geopolitics of cybersecurity on /r/Geopolitics with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace0 Commentsdieyoufool3+1
2014 May 04 AV Comparatives analysis of Data Transmission of security products0 Commentssimplesammm+4
2015 Apr 29 AVG Crumble Blocks Tracking on Sites You Visit, No Lists Required (similar to Ghostery)2 Commentspufan+1
2015 Mar 02 AVG Reveals Invisibility Glasses at Pepcom Barcelona. It is supposed to misslead face-detection like the facebook one.3 Commentscm-t+2
2015 Sep 16 AVG anti virus just updated there privacy policy. it says that they can and will sell your browsing history to 3rd parties.772 Commentspingike99+1667
2015 Sep 28 AVG anti-virus is selling your web browsing history18 Commentstarkay+83
2015 Sep 22 AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers (Wired UK)11 Commentsavadhutsawant+190
2015 Mar 03 AVG is developing invisibility glasses2 CommentsVailhem+2
2016 Apr 14 AWAKE NET - What is the most important thing you could be working on in the world right now? ... And if you're not working on that, why aren't you? (Aaron Swartz)0 Commentsfede9niko+1
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2013 Dec 11 Aaron Swartz: The Documentary - Teaser0 Commentssalvia_d+14
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2016 Dec 21 Abandoning mobile phone; In search of new portable communication device.7 Commentszcjvg+15
2016 May 11 About FireFox which JondoFox and privacytools.io which I customized by oneself recommend.0 Commentsfdshdjhr+0
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2016 Mar 13 About Wire's new privacy policy16 Commentsnachoig+10
2015 Mar 11 About the "crazy conspiracy theory" regarding FB/Instagram using your phone's microphone0 Commentsorbat+6
2015 Sep 18 About the AVG Privacy stuff - I contacted them, they had a special meeting and e-mailed me a link to their new "privacy page".17 Commentsmodelturd+45
2013 Jul 11 About the NSA snooping around0 CommentsawesomeOriginalName+0
2015 May 20 About the transmission of the email using CounterMail.com2 CommentsRED-CN+6
2014 Feb 26 About your TSA fingerprints.. TSA expands Pre-Check, but what happens to fingerprints submitted to be in the program?0 Commentsquantumcipher+13
2014 May 14 Abuses of power to erode privacy are everywhere.1 CommentsDom_T4+24
2015 Feb 01 Academic study about Facebook Likes2 Commentsuzerhoser55+10
2016 Oct 02 Academics Reveal Online Anonymity Is Impossible To Achieve When Using Social Media1 CommentsmWo12+4
2016 Apr 11 Academics claim Google Android two-factor authentication is breakable1 Commentsflaggwiz+10
2017 Jan 01 Access to internet, phone and email history tracked by Australia's mandatory data retention scheme to be expanded20 Comments_______kim+167
2014 Jun 24 Accessing Google Play without having to register your smartphone/tablet5 Commentspocketbandit+10
2016 May 04 Accessing non https sites on Tor with Startpage proxy sensible?1 Commentsruegge214+2
2013 Sep 20 Accidently stayed connected on company VPN while browsing porn4 Commentspoy348+2
2014 May 07 According to Firefox users, the top issue surrounding the Web right now, in every region surveyed, is privacy.53 Commentsotakugrey+458
2013 Jun 11 According to Google Hot Searches more people searched for "national donut day" (200,000+) than for "prism" (100,000+) and "nsa" (50,000+). This search on Trends suggests otherwise. Is Hot Searches censored?11 Commentstmalsburg2+81
2016 Aug 25 According to Privacy Guard on my phone, Facebook has requested to know my location over 40,000 times in the past 90 days.45 CommentsRandomguy81724+145
2016 Aug 26 According to Privacy Guard on my phone, Facebook has requested to know my location zero times in the past 90 days.4 CommentsOkeydokeyCyborg95+2
2015 Nov 25 According to Tor, its major backers in this year alone have included the US Department of State, Reddit, the National Science Foundation, Radio Free Asia, and what the group only calls "an anonymous North American ISP."16 CommentsProGamerGov+42
2017 Jan 15 According to this, DuckDuckGo can't be trusted. Thoughts?12 Commentscircularlens+3
2015 Feb 26 Account password security & privacy when logging on websites that doesn't use ssl(https) at all?4 CommentsP-e-t-a-r+2
2016 Mar 28 Accounts tied to Primary Email being attacked, What do I do?9 CommentsError_Lord+3
2015 Sep 14 Acer tech support chat new my moms name but i bought the damnn thing on craigslist20 Commentsgetcrunk55+6
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2012 May 01 Action Kit: Stop CISPA In 5 Minutes (and 4 steps) | Business Insider0 Commentsronocdh+3
2016 Jul 12 Action against nuisance calls in June0 CommentsICOnews+3
2015 Jun 16 Activating phone anon over tor1 Commentsmrpotatoes711+2
2015 Dec 28 Activating prepaid SIM without burner phone.4 Commentsfiveohseven+1
2015 Nov 16 Active Vulnerability: Millions of Medical Records Are Exposed Right Now and Nobody Seems to Care1 Commentsbrianhama+6
2014 Jul 31 Active attack on Tor network tried to decloak users for five months0 Commentsantdude+44
2016 Dec 22 Activist can sue Trump golf resort for breach of privacy, court rules3 Commentsema645+33
2014 Jul 02 Activist communications providers sue UK spies over surveillance — Tech News and Analysis0 Commentsthegooddata+3
2014 Apr 24 Activist group2 Comments_walshie_+2
2016 Aug 08 Activist who beat Facebook isn't satisfied by new privacy rules0 Commentsshoresgaven+24
2014 Aug 28 Activists Sound Alarm as More Police Departments Consider Using Drones0 Commentsquantumcipher+4
2014 Apr 10 Activists Train International Civil Rights Defenders in Sweden about Internet Surveillance and Privacy0 CommentsQueerAvenger+2
2013 Dec 12 Activists drape anti-NSA banner on employees' drive to work1 CommentsShahid-Buttar+5
2012 Apr 07 Activists fight "cyber-security" bill that would give NSA more data0 Commentsttruth1+19
2013 Jan 25 Activists in Berlin are teaming up to trash surveillance cameras. (x-post from world news)1 Commentssvenskt+41
2013 Aug 04 Activists stage second national day of protest against NSA's domestic spying1 Commentsdouglasmacarthur+26
2016 Sep 06 Activists to FBI: Show Us Your Warrant for Mass Hack of TorMail Users16 CommentsAnonymousAurele+363
2013 Aug 04 Activists to protest on 1984 Day in 20 U.S. cities today0 Commentsdouglasmacarthur+4
2013 Jan 24 Actual Facebook Graph Searches Are Creepily Specific0 CommentsMellowTime+20
2016 Nov 13 Actual Good BTC Mixer?2 CommentsObiSi+2
2014 Aug 27 Actual HIPAA Audit Letter Following a Data Breach0 CommentsdmiNetworking+1
2016 May 23 Actually Free Background Check/Public Record Search Sites in 20164 Commentsnickgilbert1994+3
2016 Mar 03 Ad Blockers Are Making Money Off Ads (And Tracking, Too)9 Commentsantdude+14
2014 May 20 Ad Exchange-Publisher leaks cookies, evades blocking.0 Commentsschauw+14
2016 Oct 28 Ad Industry to FCC on Privacy Rules: You Got It Wrong0 Commentstheyseemeroland+1
2015 Jan 17 Ad Network Turn Will Suspend Zombie Cookie Program. When Will Verizon?2 CommentsKerberos53+27
2014 Jan 18 Ad blockers: A solution or a problem?9 Commentsbased2+10
2013 Apr 29 Ad guy says the tracking cookie will be dead in five years7 Commentsantdude+7
2012 Oct 16 Ad industry launching a $1 million propaganda/lobbying campaign to convince consumers that tracking doesn't violate privacy. 12 Commentsaltsignal+93
2016 May 31 Ad injection company 50onred has a culture that makes it hard for devs to leave3 CommentsBradyDale+3
2013 Jul 17 Ad man: Mozilla 'radicals' and 'extremists' want to wreck internet economy ('Anti-business values' behind Firefox cookie-blocking scheme)2 Commentsharry_nash+23
2016 Apr 23 Ad-blocker blocking websites face legal peril at hands of privacy bods0 CommentsCyberSoldier+21
2013 Sep 26 Ad-tracking Controls Need Serious New Direction0 CommentsAnnieCBai+1
2013 Oct 01 Ad-tracking controls need serious new direction0 CommentsDataNeutrality+4
2014 Apr 25 AdBlock Plus & Edge leaking subscription lists22 Commentspill_+24
2016 May 09 AdBlock Plus passes 500 million downloads2 Commentsjonfla+34
2014 Jul 08 AdBlock Plus sued by German marketing companies - Neowin1 Commentssimplesammm+6
2013 Oct 24 AdBlock subscription lists: which ones and how are they different?20 Commentsoroboros74+12
2012 Mar 08 AdBlock, NoScript & Ghostery – The Trifecta Of Evil [Opinion]32 Commentsmistakebythecake+18
2013 Jun 25 AdLeaks, anonymous whistleblowing even if your network is monitored0 Commentswhitefangs+10
2017 Jan 05 AdNauseam banned from the Google Web Store12 Commentsxuqz+53
2013 Aug 11 Adam Curtis: Maybe the real state secret is that spies aren't very good at their jobs and don't know very much about the world.3 Commentsfutrawo+11
2016 Dec 06 Adam Ruins Everything - Why Facebook Isn’t Free0 Commentsantdude+3
2013 Sep 14 Adblock Edge vs Adblock Plus; is Adblock Edge is faster or is it has any advantages over Adblock Plus?10 Commentsmahmutsu+20
2014 Jan 05 Adblock Plus's EasyPrivacy list does NOT block google analytics, here's how to fix it14 CommentsAnti-anty-antie0+16
2016 Feb 08 Adblock Plus, scourge of websites, seeks industry deal2 CommentsAtlasDM+0
2015 Oct 03 Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner24 Commentstrai_dep+97
2015 Oct 05 Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner1 CommentsDat_B1rd+7
2016 Feb 13 Adblock via /etc/hosts2 Commentsbased2+9
2013 Jul 11 Adblock vs Adblock Plus on Chrome2 Commentslunarjar+7
2015 Jan 04 Adblock-Pro's EasyList-Privacy is whitelisting analytics companies126 CommentsLucyGloom+308
2016 Mar 16 Adblocking: advertising ‘accounts for half of data used to read articles’. Publisher pages are ‘bloated’, says Enders Analysis: 18% to 79% of data downloaded on mobiles is from ads.5 Commentstrai_dep+63
2015 Jul 16 Add law enforcement as additional communication partner.9 CommentsApfelbaumFlo+0
2013 Nov 14 Add some and please correct this list of tips0 CommentsUnkn0wnn+3
2015 Oct 30 Add-ons to Tor browser?2 Commentsparryparrythrustthru+6
2014 Apr 15 Adding "_nomap" to the end of a SSID opts out of Google's WiFi Geo-Location services8 Commentspirates-running-amok+6
2016 Apr 07 Adding End-To-End Encryption To WhatsApp Is Great...But Not Quite As Secure As People May Think2 CommentsRyydA+7
2013 Aug 25 Adding more Tor to your day, leading up to a total network Tor with pfSense0 CommentsSoCo_cpp+7
2016 Oct 05 Additional security and privacy risks of light sensors0 Commentsbased2+2
2016 Jun 27 Addon to spoof typing patterns (like KeyboardPrivacy for Chrome)?3 Commentsrieje+13
2014 Jul 24 Addthis "canvas fingerprint" explanation. We wanted to try a new way to secretly spy on you but we drop it because it didn't work.... Thank You Addthis!2 CommentsAMC-com+8
2016 May 03 Adecuación a la LOPD con workflow y gestión documental. Taller práctico0 CommentsCapMontoro+0
2013 Dec 03 Adelphic gets patent for ad tech that goes 'beyond cookies'. The patent covers technology that can identify an individual user who has one or more network connected devices, a group of users, a device with multiple applications including web browsers and apps, or a group of devices.0 Comments_trendspotter+1
2016 Nov 11 Adios, Hola! - Why you should immediately uninstall Hola0 Commentscupboard1+7
2013 Jul 18 Admen's suggested tweaks to Do Not Track filed straight into the bin. Thanks, but no thanks, say W3C's anti-web-stalking bods0 Commentsharry_nash+9
2016 Mar 15 Administration Grants FBI More Raw Access To NSA Data Just As FBI Claims To Be Implementing New Minimization Procedures6 Commentsmizfy+267
2013 Aug 20 Administration Keeps Chipping Away At The Fourth Amendment; Asks Supreme Court To Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches2 Commentsfruitygerbils+172
2016 Feb 12 Administration denies playing ‘shell game’ with spy programs0 CommentsNighthawkFencer+7
2012 Jul 12 Administration privacy approach to get first test0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+5
2013 Dec 04 Administration to review facial recognition technology0 Commentstrilbey+3
2015 Apr 10 Admitting Tracking ‘Bug,’ Facebook Defends European Privacy Practices1 Commentsjimmyradola+15
2015 Nov 22 Adnauseum (SP?)0 CommentsI_Am_The_Spider+3
2013 Oct 29 Adobe Breach Impacted At Least 38 Million Users1 CommentsAdelleChattre+48
2013 Feb 20 Adobe Flashplayer, Website Privacy Settings panel: Be amazed and horrified at which websites have permission to use your web-cam.4 CommentsPiscator629+12
2014 Oct 07 Adobe Responds to Reports of Their Spying, Offers Half Truths and Misleading Statements2 CommentsJDGumby+48
2014 Oct 08 Adobe Spyware Reveals Again the Price of DRM: Your Privacy and Security3 Commentswonkadonk+50
2015 Oct 15 Adobe confirms major Flash vulnerability, and the only way to protect yourself is to uninstall Flash51 CommentsSybles+350
2016 Mar 24 Adobe figures out how to track people as they switch between devices8 Commentsjonfla+66
2013 Dec 09 Adobe giving out advice on security while ignoring privacy.0 Commentsprairiewest+7
2013 Oct 03 Adobe hacked, 3 million accounts compromised | Security & Privacy26 Commentstrailer_park_jesus+212
2014 Oct 07 Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries7 CommentsJDGumby+101
2013 Dec 15 Adobe says breach notification taking longer than anticipated0 Commentsantdude+0
2016 Mar 22 Adobe will track you across all your devices with new co-op project2 Commentsfantastic_comment+21
2017 Jan 19 Adobe's naughty Chrome telemetry code had XSS problem0 Commentsramen-hero+1
2014 Oct 08 Adobe’s e-book reader sends your reading logs back to Adobe—in plain text [Updated]2 CommentsdatJedi+16
2016 Mar 10 Adoption and Privacy3 Commentsthrowmongo+1
2016 Sep 16 Ads and ISPs join together against FCC privacy push0 Commentsgeekynerdynerd+3
2015 Sep 15 Ads based on your browsing history quietly hit Firefox's New Tab page91 Commentsgoonye+282
2012 Mar 20 Ads in Android apps put users' privacy at risk9 Commentsttruth1+9
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2015 Mar 25 Adviser to Google calls on tech giant to create a separate organisation for data: Sandy Pentland, MIT professor, talks to the Guardian about the ‘crowd-madness’ of social media and why tech giants such as Google must separate and protect users’ data0 CommentsLibertatea+7
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2014 Aug 02 After *months* of denials (and blackballing a local TV station), the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department finally admits using a Stingray device1 CommentsPepperoniBaron+197
2015 Dec 12 After Airtel, this time it is BSNL doing DNS Spoofing!0 Commentsskbly7+3
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2013 Aug 18 Americans are sick of CCTV - Guerrilla surveillance camera destruction hits the U.S.33 Commentsandreasw+259
2015 May 21 Americans care about their digital privacy, but not enough to protect it "few Americans -- less than one in 10 -- said they have a lot of control over that actual process. And they have very little confidence that data collected about them by third parties will be kept private"0 CommentsLibertatea+9
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2014 Dec 31 Americans of reddit, what can honestly be done to improve the nation's approach to information security and privacy? [xpost /r/askreddit]0 CommentsScience_Killed_God+2
2016 Jan 15 Americans often willing to sacrifice online privacy for utility, study finds | The Pew research shows most citizens are willing to trade some amount of privacy for useful tech services – but not without some suspicion5 Commentskulkke+30
2015 Jun 07 Americans resigned to giving up their privacy, says study8 Commentsjimmyradola+22
2017 Jan 10 Americans seeking medical care expect a certain level of privacy. Indeed, the need for patient privacy is a principle dating back to antiquity, and is codified in U.S. law, most notably the Privacy Rule of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)0 CommentsSmartGeek_+3
2016 Jan 14 Americans wary about data tracking in cars and homes. A new study focused on privacy concerns reveals that most American consumers aren't willing to let companies track driving habits even if it means a discount on insurance.4 CommentsMrDent+80
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2014 Nov 20 Amnesty launches Detekt tool to scan for state spyware on phones and PCs9 CommentsblackVPN+114
2014 Aug 12 Amtrak employee sold customer data to DEA for two decades, but not under it's sanctioned privacy policy. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to circumvent official channels.8 CommentsI_chase_fat_ninjas+259
2015 Mar 23 Amtrak lies about police use of passenger data7 Commentsjohnmountain+311
2016 Sep 13 Amtrak makes their records widely available to law enforcement (sorry if this is common knowledge, not a regular here)1 Commentsren0vate+70
2014 Aug 12 Amtrak won't name DEA spy paid $854K for passenger info, citing 'active and open' probe1 Commentshuffhuffpo+72
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2016 Dec 27 An Amazon Echo May Help Solve a Murder. That Should Worry Privacy Advocates.24 Commentsoneultralamewhiteboy+192
2014 Feb 24 An American citizen living in Maryland sued the Ethiopian government today for infecting his computer with secret spyware, wiretapping his private Skype calls, and monitoring his entire family's every use of the computer for a period of months.10 CommentsMichael-Ryan+167
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2016 Jun 04 An artist publicly shared all the insecure data cell phones were transmitting.1 CommentsJava_King_+5
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2016 Jan 06 An employee who worked in the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service at a job assisting identity theft victims has instead been charged with running a $1 million identity theft tax fraud scheme0 Commentscoupdetaco+3
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2015 Jun 23 An experimental algorithm out of Facebook's artificial intelligence lab can recognise people in photographs even when it can't see their faces. Instead it looks for other unique characteristics like your hairdo, clothing, body shape and pose.0 CommentsShakoWasAngry+13
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2016 Jul 13 An unusual coalition of 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats on Wednesday announced the creation of the House Fourth Amendment Caucus to protect Americans' privacy rights against calls for increased government surveillance in the wake of terrorist attacks.28 Commentsqp0n+574
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2015 May 05 Ancestry.com Caught Sharing Customer DNA Data With Police With No Warrant11 Commentscensoredandagain+315
2015 Oct 20 Ancestry.com, 23andMe getting law enforcement requests for their DNA records0 CommentsVailhem+1
2016 Jan 06 And if you don't like the Internet's system, you can always flip off the modem.2 CommentsJasper1984+4
2013 Feb 06 And it continues... New Facebook app to track offline users18 CommentsVedlen+101
2014 Dec 11 And so it begins... GCHQ and National Crime Agency join forces in "hunt for child abuse"5 CommentsTriumphantGeorge+28
2012 Mar 13 And the answer is... more warrantless wiretaps. The answer is ALWAYS more warrantless wiretaps. Welcome to the latest expansion of the PATRIOT act.1 Commentselectronics-engineer+50
2013 Jun 02 And the censoring of Jordanian internet begins. RIP cyber freedom.9 Commentstkoudsi+107
2012 Mar 14 And you thought Facebook was bad....1 Commentsdorisfrench+0
2014 Oct 11 Andreas Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about technology and financial privacy0 Commentshietheiy+10
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2016 Feb 16 Andrew "weev" Auernheimer will be doing an AMA at /r/IAMA today at 7 pm EST4 CommentsH_Momentum+0
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2015 Apr 28 Android apps still suffer game-over HTTPS defects 7 months later. Apps with >350 million downloads fail to detect simple man-in-the-middle attack.0 CommentsblackVPN+3
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2015 Aug 16 Android-M preview: Intrusive face detection with the facial characteristics analysis that works no matter how much you turn your head around, nearby connections API with message transfer over unhearable ultrasonic sound and many other privacy-invading featuers!1 Commentslapall+8
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2015 Sep 05 Angry reactions on Compuserve (an early Reddit) over Microsoft's collection of Application installation data. [20 years ago - Windows 95].20 CommentsJaseoldboss+124
2014 Aug 14 Animal hackers: War Kitteh sniffs out insecure Wi-fi networks Def Con hacking convention showcases new security role for cats and dogs, but projects are no joke0 CommentsI_chase_fat_ninjas+5
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2016 Feb 01 Anonymous email account (Send and Recieve)11 Commentscashtobitcoinbro+5
2015 Jun 15 Anonymous is supporting a new privacy-focused social network that takes aim at Facebook's shady practices4 Commentsjohnmountain+9
2015 Jun 21 Anonymous is supporting a new privacy-focused social network that takes aim at Facebook's shady practices4 Commentsswtt+68
2015 Oct 07 Anonymous launches: Black October ! (pay cash or in crypto)0 Commentstungfa+2
2013 Feb 08 Anonymous leak indicates Seattle Police Dept can control surveillance cameras from squad cars3 Commentsr3b3lang3l+127
2016 Jun 03 Anonymous leaked personal information of 5400 Spanish police officers0 Commentsflaggwiz+5
2016 Oct 21 Anonymous mobile browsing?7 CommentsKerelm+13
2012 Dec 19 Anonymous names man they think drove Amanda Todd to Suicide0 Commentsdacaprice+4
2015 Jan 22 Anonymous programmers can be identified by analyzing coding style • /r/programming0 Commentseleitl+14
2014 Dec 06 Anonymous releases what seem to be police audio tapes describing live wiretapping of organizers phones last night – “Looks like Chicago PD had a stingray out at the Eric Garner protest last night”17 Commentstrai_dep+290
2012 Feb 25 Anonymous reveals Vic Toews mistress. Who do you like them privacy apples Vic?0 Commentsricharddotca+17
2012 May 05 Anonymous to Launch TYLER, WikiLeaks on Steroids0 Commentsmaxwellhill+22
2012 Apr 24 Anonymous unveils data-sharing websites amid privacy concerns2 Commentsthechevalier+10
2014 Jun 13 Anonymous video sharing?4 Comments837183+6
2013 Aug 31 Anonymous ►Protest PRISM ►August 31 #opPRISM0 CommentsSirMax1+0
2015 Aug 19 Anonymous-ish YouTube posting0 Commentsyoutubeparanoia+2
2016 Feb 16 Anonymous: Hacker unleashes 17.8GB trove of data from a Turkish national police server3 Commentspolymute+26
2012 Jan 23software Anonymouth: text anonymizer, prevents linking your texts to you0 CommentsNatanael_L+11
2014 May 26 Another Bogus Hit From A License Plate Reader Results In Another Citizen Surrounded By Cops With Guns Out2 Commentsquantumcipher+87
2014 Dec 03 Another California Cop 'Shares' A Suspect's Intimate Photos With His Fellow Officers5 Commentsmaxwellhill+188
2015 Jul 29 Another Data Analytics Company Claiming Anonymity0 CommentsBirdandBlack+2
2016 Jun 05 Another Day, Another Hack: 100 Million Accounts for VK, Russia's Facebook1 Commentsreybit+22
2016 Jun 12 Another Day, Another Hack: Is Your Fisting Site Updating Its Forum Software?1 CommentsEasyCrypt+22
2012 Oct 29 Another NYPD Terrorist 'Investigation' Turns Up Nothing But Privacy Invasions And Rights Erosion0 Commentskbondelli+38
2014 Oct 03 Another Police Chief Says Phone Encryption Is A Pedophile's Best Friend2 Commentsdavidreiss666+16
2014 Sep 27 Another Problem with the “Right to be Forgotten”0 Commentsflovringreen+10
2016 Mar 04 Another Ruling Against Kazakhstan in its Attempt to Use U.S. Courts as Censorship and Harassment Tool0 Commentssabrinadestiny00+9
2015 Aug 12 Another Salvo in the Second Crypto War (of Words).0 Commentstrai_dep+11
2014 May 03 Another Security Flaw Gets the Heartbleed Treatment, But Don't Believe the Hype0 Commentsrollerjockey+2
2013 Oct 21 Another US 'Secure' Service Shuts Down: CryptoSeal VPN Goes Dark To Protect Against US Surveillance21 Commentskismor+110
2015 Nov 15 Another Windows 10 anti-spy script... but maybe the best one5 Commentscemeth+9
2011 Aug 22 Another advertising agency settles Flash cookie lawsuit (Specific Media looks to be the new owner of Myspace)0 Commentsqadm+5
2014 Jul 09 Another alleged US-Spy has been caught in germany (german article)2 CommentsErhan24+42
2016 Jun 10 Another assault on the right to privacy - Granting access to internet browser histories would null the Fourth Amendment0 CommentsDEYoungRepublicans+25
2012 Jan 21 Another bill by Lamar Smith threatening the internet, this time it is online privacy that is targeted2 CommentsJoey_Bellows+36
2016 Mar 21 Another case of a laptop leaking microphone audio? : RTLSDR0 Commentseleitl+10
2015 Jul 26 Another health care data breach "affecting 4.5 million people. The hacking appears to have gone on undetected since September of 2014 until its recent discovery"1 Commentscoupdetaco+54
2013 Jun 15 Another internet company (webimax.com) CEO against privacy.0 Commentsalphaslum+2
2013 Mar 08 Another new move by Yahoo: YahooMail is requesting its users to submit their mobile phone number19 Commentstellman1257+26
2016 Apr 16 Another perspective on big data: The third eye... (or what happens when n=millions) -- Rory Sutherland1 Comments82364+2
2016 Dec 17 Another post about Telegram and Signal.11 CommentsD3sl0nG3r+3
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2013 Aug 09 Another way to explain to people why privacy is important / combat the "nothing-to-hide" argument4 CommentsbigGcastle+9
2015 Feb 06 Anthem failed to encrypt customer data prior to cyberattack4 Commentsjohnmountain+33
2015 Feb 05 Anthem hacked. Be on the lookout for fraudulent activity if you use them as your health care provider.2 CommentsKuucheki+14
2013 Jul 04 Anti NSA Device for Your Webcams - Help Us Spread the Word!2 Commentsdlipsjr+8
2012 May 19 Anti Wi-Fi Wallpaper To Go On Sale In 2013, Costs A Tad More Than Normal Ones 8 Commentsttruth1+27
2013 Apr 04 Anti drone clothing4 CommentsWill-Do+36
2013 Jun 09Activism Anti-'domestic surveillance' talking points7 Commentsdalovindj+16
2015 Mar 20 Anti-Censorship Service Greatfire Is Under Attack0 Commentsalinvlad+2
2016 May 27 Anti-Choice Groups Use Smartphone Surveillance to Target 'Abortion-Minded Women' During Clinic Visits1 Commentscampuscodi+11
2013 Oct 03 Anti-DRM activist Cory Doctorow: The Internet is Not a Waffle Iron Connected to a Fax Machine0 Commentsmwickham+0
2016 Apr 14 Anti-Encryption Bill Draft Released0 Comments-code-+18
2016 Apr 19 Anti-Encryption Social Media Campaign Backfires Spectacularly1 CommentsProGamerGov+80
2015 May 20 Anti-NSA Pranksters Planted Tape Recorders Across New York and Published Your Conversations0 CommentsYouAintGotToLieCraig+9
2015 May 20 Anti-NSA Pranksters Planted Tape Recorders Across New York and Published Your Conversations0 CommentsVailhem+2
2013 May 27 Anti-Piracy Commission Asks Congress for Ransomware and Spy Tools: "one of the suggestion[s]...is to allow for elaborate forms of ransomware...includes the peculiar suggestion to make it possible for copyright holders to access computers of alleged offenders to 'retrieve' the stolen files."0 Commentsliefj+64
2015 Jan 13 Anti-Privacy CISPA is Back Thanks to the Sony Hack0 CommentsCastrox+3
2015 Aug 18 Anti-Privacy Unkillable Super-Cookies Spreading Around the World22 CommentsJDGumby+79
2012 Aug 05 Anti-SOPA Candidates Running for Congress1 CommentsOsterstriker+106
2014 Jul 24 Anti-Surveillance Camouflage for Your Face8 Commentsadamelteto+53
2016 Mar 31 Anti-Surveillance: Danish Activist Destroys Cameras10 CommentsElectomatic+32
2015 May 07 Anti-Terrorism Act (Bill C-51) passes in Canadian House of Commons2 Commentsnuotnik+3
2015 Mar 09 Anti-Terrorism Act threatens privacy rights: Editorial1 CommentsBriceWatland+3
2016 Mar 29 Anti-War Editors Test FBI's 'Threat Assessments'0 Commentstrot-trot+6
2015 Sep 23 Anti-cheating app that tracks eye movements and browsing history takes Big Brother to the college campus.0 Commentsjaxtrelly+6
2015 Mar 16 Anti-doxing strategy—or, how to avoid 50 Qurans and $287 of Chick-Fil-A1 CommentsCapnTrip+9
2016 Nov 29 Anti-drone gun jams robotic flier targets from 1.2 miles away0 Commentspolymute+3
2013 Jun 17 Anti-social media app helps you avoid Foursquare friends0 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+0
2013 Jul 03 Anti-spying activists plan rallies across US on July 4th holiday0 Commentsantdude+1
2017 Jan 04 Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition9 Commentsopahfish+22
2017 Jan 19 Anti-surveillance glasses reflect visible/infrared light obscuring face features from facial recognition tech.2 Commentskaris02+12
2014 Sep 28 Anti-surveillance mask enables you to pass as someone else28 CommentsAgentDoggett+103
2014 May 09 Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else15 Commentsourari+49
2015 Jan 05 Anti-terror plan to spy on toddlers 'is heavy-handed'9 CommentsTheAgoristReport+73
2015 May 13 AntiPolygraph.org: Learn the Truth About Lie Detectors5 Commentsthe_fella+9
2015 Dec 28 Antiterrorism law expands China’s surveillance power0 CommentsmWo12+32
2015 Apr 06 Antivirus companies transmit malicious AND non malicious URL's we visit to their servers.3 Commentsnancybrew+9
2013 Feb 04 Antivirus software is not enough to prevent a cyberattack3 Commentsniceone12+7
2014 Apr 08 Antox: Tox client now available for android (Beta, chat only so far).0 Commentsnaught101+9
2016 Dec 28 Any Completely Offline Calendar/Agenda Apps for Android?2 CommentsJDGumby+3
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2015 Oct 12 Any experiences/reccs for a web-based (non-App) polling solution that's FLOSS and respects privacy?0 Commentstrai_dep+6
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2013 Oct 08 Any linux distro where networking is disabled by default?6 Comments78xv+1
2013 Jul 08 Any linux distro where networking is impossible?3 Commentsrandomexperiments+4
2014 Oct 23 Any love for FF OS? I don't trust Apple or google, maybe this is a viable alternative?5 Commentsicarusrex+3
2013 Jan 10 Any method in Chrome to make it so that if I am logged into one Google service, I am not also logged into others?9 Commentsalwayspro+14
2016 May 17 Any new and reliable "overwrite all comments on Reddit" scripts out there?4 CommentsLegatusDivinae+5
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2016 Jan 02 Any prepaid credit card that does not need your real address, SSN, etc?7 Commentsnuac+5
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2015 Jan 18 Any temporary disposable credit card to buy something online from a large company5 Commentsprivacyposter+1
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2016 Feb 21 Any way to load Ubuntu on a Moto E phone so I can get rid of Android and have more privacy?5 Commentsthrowmongo+7
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2016 Jul 28 Any way to safely play my favorite video game on PC?0 CommentsBuzzLightqueer69+1
2016 Jan 30 Any way to stop laptop microphone from recording?7 Commentshongloumeng+3
2016 May 23 Any way to use Google Alerts as RSS without a google account?0 CommentsF118DC0263+6
2012 May 16advice Any way to use Reddit without whitelisting googleapis.com in NoScript?1 Commentsdisconnected1+14
2016 Nov 09 Any website can access a selection of Firefox resource files to find out more about the web browser2 Commentsmynameislongerthanyo+7
2014 Dec 05 Any website that host files and encrypts them?4 CommentsRootedname+3
2016 Apr 29 AnyCrypt | A Chrome Extention to Right-Click Encrypt & Decrypt8 Commentsaustingwalters+19
2015 Nov 10 Anybody else experiencing difficulty with online payments when using AdBlock or Privacy badger? I think this is worrying.6 CommentsAlexander_Selkirk+5
2016 Jun 15 Anybody else uneasy about the Cyanogenmod - Microsoft coziness?4 Commentstennessea+4
2016 Dec 12 Anybody know a good password strength checker?13 CommentsAdityaAnand+5
2013 Sep 04 Anybody tried this? Search data marketers have on you. Not sure if I trust the verification process5 Commentsinscrutablerudy+3
2014 Oct 27 Anybody used FrootVPN? It's Free.3 CommentsCandyflipforeveryone+7
2016 Jan 03 Anyone Use Maxthon Browser?7 Commentsmy_cs_accnt+2
2014 Nov 14 Anyone Use ProxyCrypt for FDE?0 Commentsbushwacker1+1
2014 Feb 12 Anyone allows you to sign up for a free e*mail using Tor?6 Commentsdinraakaa+5
2016 Aug 07 Anyone can help in getting rid of personal information from this website, I have emailed relentlessly, looked up their registrar, no response, anyone has any idea how to get someone overseas not responding to get rid of info. Thanks.2 CommentsDrunkDiplomat+2
2013 Sep 13 Anyone checked out Glimpse (aka myfoia.com)?1 CommentsBobbyTendinitis+5
2013 Jul 10 Anyone else burned out by these negative articles?2 Commentsuserino+5
2013 Jan 22 Anyone else considering a legal name change know how to best obscure you prior identity?1 CommentsPreWarCopJargon+5
2012 Oct 15Advice Anyone else hear about Amanda Todd?6 CommentsGene_P00le+5
2013 Dec 20 Anyone else really disappointed or pissed with Openmailbox?3 Commentsvbce5+0
2014 Dec 08 Anyone else see Facebook's "People You May Know" section suddenly, suspiciously full of personal contacts?5 Comments77ate+2
2014 Sep 12 Anyone ever use mSpy?0 Commentsbigasspizza+2
2014 Aug 25 Anyone familiar with TDD? The EFF needs your help with both Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere.0 CommentsAphix+36
2016 Nov 06 Anyone has experience with Veracrypt on a grub dualboot system?2 CommentsKlausar+9
2016 Nov 05 Anyone have LastPass for their mobile device?4 Commentsloldogex+7
2015 Oct 29 Anyone have a suggestion for a Android "stealth" messaging or SMS client?5 Commentspaganize+5
2013 Jul 16 Anyone have any experience with autistici/inventati for hosting, email or other services?4 Commentsskcwizard+5
2016 Apr 13 Anyone have any opinions on no-log and/or Boum webmails?2 CommentsJust_a_guy_on_the_w3+6
2015 Aug 27 Anyone have auto proxy config URL for firefox?0 Commentsconnexionwithal+2
2013 Oct 21 Anyone have computer related privacy stats I can cite for a law school paper?0 Commentsthinkreate+0
2014 Feb 17 Anyone heard of or used Unseen.is?0 CommentsLowValueTarget+0
2016 Jun 19 Anyone here not willing to use Signal because of its dependence on Google?25 Comments0moi+20
2016 Jan 04 Anyone here use otr.to?3 CommentsGamix84+2
2015 Feb 13 Anyone here use safe-mail.net?5 Commentshacked_and_fucked+3
2013 Jun 05 Anyone know a privacy expert that will sell/setup/train me on a new computer/VPN/etc.?6 CommentsRichardDeckard+11
2014 Feb 17 Anyone know any of the mods at mypostingcareer.com?0 Commentsdlightman82+5
2013 Nov 20 Anyone know any secure calendar program/service?9 Comments583JJDWD+3
2012 Apr 13 Anyone know anything about FileWall?7 CommentsGODZiGGA+1
2013 Jun 17 Anyone know how to get Gibberbot (on android) to work with FacebookMessenger?3 CommentsNomopomo+2
2016 Feb 10 Anyone know much about proton mail?9 Commentsdeadly_penguin+2
2013 Aug 04 Anyone know of a good mobile messaging device without a microphone?4 Commentsexistentialgolem+9
2013 May 27 Anyone know of any DNS Servers in the States that respect privacy and are fast? HTTPS-DNS + DNSSEC preferred.4 CommentsMTCONE+7
2016 Jun 22 Anyone know of any site that is similar to Canary Watch?7 CommentsNusr+2
2014 Jul 08Speculative Anyone know the link for exposing AirVPN as a honeypot?5 Commentschewygumbarsnack+8
2015 Dec 28 Anyone know what happened to darkmail?14 CommentsMonkeypulssse+10
2016 Nov 22 Anyone successfully hosted both Mozilla Sync and Account Servers?2 Commentsgregorie12+10
2015 Feb 25 Anyone that wants to know if they have been spied on, sign up here!!!0 CommentsLebronSingh+1
2015 Mar 31 Anyone tried Hemlis and unseen3 Comments0p3nm1nd+2
2012 Apr 03 Anyone try SRWare Iron browser? Thoughts?3 Commentsvoxpupil+0
2015 Aug 02 Anyone use Copy from barracuda?2 Commentsprivacythrowaway123+0
2016 Sep 03 Anyone use StealthChat for encrypted phone calls? Is it safe? 10 months ago they said they were being audited by the EFF but I haven't heard anything.7 CommentsbearCatBird+2
2015 Nov 26 Anyone use Tutanota as primary email?14 Commentsoptimus2007+6
2016 Jun 05 Anyone use multiple Firefox profiles to reduce tracking?8 Commentsexquisitesunshine+5
2015 Sep 10 Anyone used Sync.com?8 Commentsevangelionpunk+1
2016 Aug 30 Anyone using GNU Social, Diaspora, Friendica, RedMatrix, or Hubzilla?12 Commentsgellenburg+18
2013 Dec 27 Anyone using tcpcrypt? Does it work on a VPN or through a Proxy.0 Commentskr1ptojunky+9
2016 Feb 29 Anyone volunteer to start a new monthly series on this sub? "This month in Privacy news: What you need to know"0 Commentsthrowmongo+4
2016 Mar 03 Anyone want to chat?1 Commentsjonydose+0
2014 May 16 Anyone willing to sue Google to force a European-like right-to-be-forgotten ruling in the US?2 Commentsthrowmongo+4
2012 Sep 23 Anything I should do before i turn on my first smartphone?5 Commentsdonkeynostril+10
2016 Nov 27 Anything out there like rocket.chat or discord that isn't a damn tracking heaven?15 Commentsagentf90+14
2013 Jul 03 Apologies to Steiner -- the New Internet0 Commentsrarelyresponds+33
2014 Feb 01 App Proves Adage: Just Because I’m Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Watching Me1 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+16
2016 Apr 20 App Store Censorship and FBI Hacking Proposed at Congressional Crypto Hearing0 Comments-code-+3
2013 Jun 17 App Will Let Health Insurer Track Customer Behavior: Aetna sees cost savings in helping people track their health and fitness.1 CommentsPiscator629+0
2014 May 07 App changes its privacy policy ten days after Facebook acquisition0 Commentsrollerjockey+13
2016 Jan 26 App designed for children with autism now lets you track your kids with one click0 Commentssabrinadestiny00+4
2015 May 04 App that guesses age is fun - but watch out for the fine print4 CommentsMr_sludge+21
2017 Jan 06 App that is encrypting and self-destructing messages2 Commentstihuanafounder+2
2015 Apr 22 App that takes any of the installed apps and inject a wrapper into their code which allows you to disable certain permissions. Does anyone know if this is legit?4 Commentsronan125+10
2012 Aug 02 AppRights takes the legislative process to Twitter via #PrivChat0 CommentsAppRights+4
2012 Jul 31 AppRights: EFF's 'Mobile User Privacy Bill of Rights' - A Starting Point for Legislation?0 CommentsAppRights+2
2015 Aug 19 Apparently American school kids need to opt out of having their data shared. Need to me.4 CommentsJessicaGottlieb+31
2014 Jul 08 Apparently Facebook will match up deleted accounts with new ones, given minimal info.0 Commentswuop+7
2016 May 07 Apparently Samsung's SSD app Magician 4.9.6 wont update firmware if you don't allow them collect your data68 Comments4nis+507
2012 Oct 30 Apparently letting my neighbors know when I vote; where I live; and my full name, is a function Political Consulting Group.18 CommentsSandite5+113
2013 Jul 04 Apparently, Facebook does not like Tor.6 CommentsUndeadBelaLugosi+11
2016 May 23 Apparently, Microsoft will be scanning emails stored on Outlook.com after all. Because terror. In hindsight, their pledge was only to not scan email for advertising purposes. But still. Mention a forbidden topic, even to criticize it, and your email or account might be flagged for review, it seems.55 Commentslucasjkr+401
2016 Feb 18 Appeal filed in Wikimedia v. NSA0 Commentspizzaiolo_+6
2016 Oct 19 Appeals Court Affirms NSA Surveillance Can Be Used To Investigate Domestic Criminal Suspects3 CommentsTheLantean+7
2016 May 31 Appeals Court Delivers Devastating Blow to Cellphone Privacy Advocates1 CommentsCryptoBeer+14
2012 Aug 07 Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping1 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2015 Aug 30 Appeals Court Reverses Ruling that Found NSA Program Illegal7 Commentsunnecessarily+74
2015 May 07 Appeals Court Rules NSA Phone Program Not Authorized by Patriot Act2 CommentsBleak_Morn+77
2015 Aug 05 Appeals Court Says Mobile Phone Location Is Protected Under 4th Amendment16 CommentsTheLantean+290
2015 Nov 12 Appeals Court Says NSA Can Keep Trampling 4th Amendment With Phone Surveillance Program For Now1 Commentsmaxwellhill+61
2015 May 05 Appeals Court Says Warrantless Phone Tracking Doesn't Violate 4th Amendment Because 'Third Party Doctrine'0 Commentsjohnmountain+0
2012 Feb 28 Appeals Court Upholds Constitutional Right Against Forced Decryption0 Commentsttruth1+3
2014 Oct 09 Appeals Court Very Concerned About Gag Orders On National Security Letters0 Commentswonkadonk+40
2014 Sep 04 Appeals Court Will Reconsider Ruling on Cellphone Tracking0 Commentswonkadonk+7
2015 May 07 Appeals Court ruling: 1) 215 doesn't authorize bulk collection 2) Bulk collection implies everyone has standing 3) 4th Amendment protects against unreasonable seizures, not just searches 4) "Automatic" queries of databases equal to manual searches 5) Gov's reinterpretation of "relevant" invalid0 Commentsjohnmountain+19
2015 Nov 12 Appeals court allows NSA bulk phone spying to continue unabated3 CommentsCapnTrip+28
2015 Nov 17 Appeals court lets NSA phone program continue0 Commentseleitl+23
2016 Nov 27 Appeals court: It doesn'€™t matter how wanted man was found, even if via stingray2 Commentsoneultralamewhiteboy+76
2013 Sep 14 Appelbaum gives informative and moving answer to questions at NSA Hearing in the European Parliament. Chambers echo with applause.3 Commentstemporaryaccount1098+57
2014 Feb 11 Appelbaum: 'No belief that president has control' | Jacob Appelbaum is one of the leading US computer security activists and, along with Laura Poitras, a confidant of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. DW spoke to Appelbaum about the NSA and living in exile.0 Commentskulkke+9
2015 Sep 08 Apple & Other Tech Companies Tangle With US DOJ Over Data Access, Customer Info0 Commentstrai_dep+5
2015 Mar 12 Apple Admits Siri Voice Data is Being shared with Third Parties87 Commentsswtt+625
2014 Sep 20 Apple And Google Will Force A Legal Battle Over The Privacy Of Your Passcode - Forbes1 Commentsspeckz+14
2015 Feb 15 Apple CEO Tim Cook challenges Obama with impassioned stand on privacy0 CommentsblackVPN+15
2014 Oct 22 Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with China's vice premier after iCloud hacks1 Commentsjzorabedian+1
2016 Mar 17 Apple CEO Tim Cook on FBI, Security, Privacy: Transcript0 Commentsspeckz+6
2015 Oct 01 Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Privacy Is a Fundamental Human Right'17 Commentsdavey_b+75
2016 Feb 25 Apple CEO Tim Cook: FBI asked us to make software 'equivalent of cancer'; the debate needs to be conducted openly and fairly.0 Commentstrai_dep+11
2015 Jun 03 Apple CEO makes stinging attack on Silicon Valley’s attitude to data privacy0 Commentszab1e+7
2016 Jan 26 Apple Can Still Read Your End-to-End Encrypted iMessages7 Commentssexystick+25
2016 Jan 27 Apple Can Still Read Your End-to-End Encrypted iMessages1 Commentsflaggwiz+17
2016 Mar 23 Apple CareKit should spark heightened privacy debate2 CommentsDEAF-LAMONT+4
2016 Mar 07 Apple Case Exposes Government Rift Over Encryption Policy3 CommentsmWo12+113
2014 Jul 12 Apple China denies location tracking claims: we’re ‘deeply committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers’0 CommentsFredlamb+2
2013 May 01 Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniack talking about Web Crackdown Coming, Freedom Failing(Older Video but interesting)0 Commentsvtc4+2
2013 Jun 22 Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Slams Surveillance State, Hails NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden15 CommentsPinkSlimeIsPeople+341
2016 Apr 21 Apple Co-Founder: Cybercrime is World’s Greatest Threat1 Commentssecretguy21+1
2016 Apr 21 Apple Encryption Saga and Beyond: What U.S. Courts Can Learn from Canadian Caselaw0 Commentsspeckz+1
2016 Mar 18 Apple Engineers Contemplate Refusing To Write Code Demanded By Justice Department61 CommentsBossman1086+343
2012 Sep 12 Apple Event Today: More Privacy Nightmares Forthcoming? Face Recognition, 3 microphones, Combined Voice and Data Chip, low light sensor... and a laundry list of other things that will potentially further destroy the idea of privacy - or at least remove aspects of user control. Thoughts?3 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+24
2016 Mar 02 Apple Fight Could Lead To "Virtually Limitless" Surveillance Powers, Judge Warns4 Commentshugvo+57
2013 Apr 19 Apple Finally Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data0 Commentsantdude+11
2012 Oct 11 Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And It's Tricky To Opt Out21 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+151
2016 Feb 25 Apple Hires Lead Dev of Snowden’s Favorite Messaging App17 CommentsLibertatea+80
2015 Oct 21 Apple Inc. told a federal judge that it “would be impossible” to access user data on a locked iPhone running one of the newer operating systems, but that it could likely help the government unlock an older phone.0 CommentsSybles+24
2015 Jan 20 Apple Increasing Lobbying Presence in Washington, D.C. Under Tim Cook0 Commentsjimmyradola+6
2016 Feb 24 Apple Is Facing U.S. Demand to Unlock 9 More iPhones1 Commentsooax+23
2016 Mar 18 Apple Lambasts the FBI for Not Asking the NSA to Help Hack That iPhone4 CommentsDEAF-LAMONT+70
2016 Feb 18 Apple Leads the Charge on Security, But Who Will Follow?0 Commentssigbhu+4
2016 Sep 29 Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts and May Share Them With Police0 CommentsHinulog+10
2016 Sep 28 Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts — and May Share Them With Police16 Commentssamfbiddle+110
2015 May 15 Apple Objects to Customer Information Being Included in Sale of RadioShack Assets1 Commentslost_profit+10
2016 Jun 22 Apple Opens Up iPhone Code in What Could Be Savvy Strategy or Security Screwup7 CommentsAnonymousAurele+6
2016 Jun 23 Apple Opens Up iPhone Code in What Could Be Savvy Strategy or Security Screwup1 CommentsEasyCrypt+4
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2016 Feb 25 Apple Plans To Make iPhone And iCloud More Secure To Keep The Government Away29 Commentssabrinadestiny00+187
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2016 Jul 09 Apple Ransom Scam Could Mean 40 Million Leaked Passwords2 Commentsflaggwiz+3
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2016 Feb 17 Apple Slams Order To Hack a Killer’s iPhone, Inflaming Encryption Debate. Judicial Writ Would Compel Apple To Write Custom OS Bypassing Passcode Delays, 10x Attempt Then Wipe Protections1 Commentstrai_dep+4
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2016 Mar 07 Apple VP: The FBI wants to roll back safeguards that keep us a step ahead of criminals0 CommentsmWo12+36
2012 Jun 26 Apple Vs. Big Brother: New Clone-Making Patent Aims To Sabotage Data Profilers0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+2
2015 Jun 25 Apple Wants Your Friends to Track Your Location Even When You’re Indoors1 CommentsJackassWhisperer+10
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2016 Oct 10 Apple Watches banned from Cabinet after ministers warned devices could be vulnerable to hacking1 CommentsmWo12+25
2016 Mar 01 Apple Wins Major Court Victory in its Battle Against FBI in a Case Similar to Bernardino (x-post from /r/privacypatriots)1 Commentsprivacypatriot+74
2012 Jul 22 Apple Won't Let You See What iPhone Apps Do With Your Data0 Commentsskeptoid+4
2016 Oct 26 Apple admits that it shares customer data with govt2 Commentsm4nz+0
2016 Oct 14 Apple already has the tech to ID you using your veins | ZDNet0 CommentsVincentLaurent+5
2016 Apr 14 Apple and FBI head back to Congress to debate encryption0 CommentsBarmagluk+2
2016 Apr 07 Apple and Google among firms calling for changes to snooper's charter | theguardian0 Comments-code-+2
2015 May 22 Apple and Google just attended a confidential spy summit in a remote English mansion0 Commentsjohnmountain+27
2015 Sep 10 Apple and Google seek to protect consumers, leaving some app makers frustrated2 Commentsxxtruthxx+2
2014 Nov 08 Apple and Microsoft trust the Chinese government to protect your communications0 Commentswonkadonk+0
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2016 Aug 12 Apple at BlackHat: Reopening the "Going Dark" Debate1 Commentsspeckz+11
2014 Aug 19 Apple begins storing Chinese users' personal data on servers in China0 Commentsantdude+18
2015 Jun 03 Apple boss Tim Cook hits out at Facebook and Google regarding privacy and security4 Commentsrandomnamegendarme+15
2015 Feb 28 Apple boss Tim Cook: We have a human right to privacy; why the threat of terrorism should not scaremonger citizens into giving up their privacy.7 Commentstrai_dep+41
2015 Dec 23 Apple calls on UK government to scale back snooper's charter0 Commentsreaderseven+9
2014 Jan 04 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak brands Edward Snowden a hero who acted 'from his heart'9 Commentswewewawa+315
2016 Apr 18 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says cyber crime is world's greatest threat1 Commentsfrenzy3+37
2016 Aug 03 Apple could benefit from Windows 10 privacy nightmare [x-post /r/europrivacy]10 Commentsourari+26
2015 Dec 21 Apple criticises Investigatory Powers Bill: Theresa May’s spying law could endanger privacy & security, company says.0 Commentstrai_dep+3
2013 May 10 Apple deluged by so many police demands to decrypt iPhones, that they had to create a waiting list.15 Commentsredditmaid+92
2016 Dec 14 Apple designing its own iCloud servers to avoid surveillance9 CommentsAnonymousAurele+90
2014 Feb 24 Apple encryption mistake puts many desktop applications at risk..6 Commentsmicjustin33+24
2016 Mar 18 Apple engineers could walk away from FBI’s iPhone demands0 Commentsflaggwiz+64
2013 Jun 17 Apple explains how it handles government data requests — confirms FaceTime, iMessage chats are encrypted0 Commentsroostguy56+11
2014 Aug 04 Apple faces class action suit for tracking users without consent21 CommentsblackVPN+247
2014 Oct 03 Apple got it wrong -- Google is the safest place on the Web, the search giant's chairman says.0 Commentsspeckz+0
2012 Jun 25 Apple has been assigned a patent that aims to protect Internet users' privacy by disseminating fake data about them - making it much harder for marketers and even governments to draw a bead on individuals.15 Commentszigzagz+29
2016 Feb 29 Apple has hired one of the key developers of Signal2 CommentsDataPhreak+11
2012 Sep 05CodeRed Apple has patented a technology which allows government and police to block transmission of data, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”.31 Commentsrogerology+173
2012 Apr 04 Apple holds the master decryption key when it comes to iCloud security, privacy. 4 Commentswhoamiamwho+58
2014 Apr 16 Apple iBeacon Upgrade Tracks Customers Even When Marketing Apps Are Off : All Tech Considered : NPR2 CommentsJDGumby+22
2016 Sep 28 Apple iMessage Privacy issue0 Commentskjjones08+3
2016 Oct 04 Apple iMessage URLs ship OS, device, and IP data to sites, dev says2 CommentsHinulog+3
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2013 Sep 22 Apple iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA5 Commentsseitovpu+0
2014 Jul 26 Apple iPhones allow extraction of deep personal data, researcher finds0 Commentsmarx2k+3
2014 Oct 05 Apple is not designing systems to prevent law enforcement from executing legitimate warrants. It’s building systems that prevent everyone who might want your data—including hackers, malicious insiders, and even hostile foreign governments—from accessing your phone.85 Commentswonkadonk+235
2011 Apr 27 Apple is not tracking your location3 Commentsvanquish46+9
2015 Mar 10 Apple is rejecting Signal 2.0.1 because they are doing privacy-friendly bloom filter contact intersection10 Commentsjohnmountain+23
2015 Jan 23 Apple is reportedly giving the Chinese government access to its devices for “security checks”3 Commentsbiffbagwell+16
2016 Feb 19 Apple is right to keep our secrets safe32 Commentssovereignindividual+306
2016 Apr 09 Apple isn't going to sue the FBI to find out how it unlocked that iPhone 5c4 Commentspolymute+26
2016 Feb 18 Apple isn't protecting a shooter's iPhone data. They're defending digital privacy117 CommentsblackVPN+1366
2016 Aug 30 Apple issues iOS update to combat spyware0 CommentsBREXIT-NINE-ELEVEN+2
2013 Jun 17 Apple joins Facebook and Microsoft in revealing US surveillance requests. Tech firm promises users that iMessage, FaceTime, location details and Siri requests remain private0 Commentsinmersion+1
2016 Apr 20 Apple lawyer states the company has refused to provide source code to China0 Commentsindianpolitics13+4
2016 Mar 01 Apple lawyer, FBI director face off before Congress on iPhone encryption0 Commentsbleahbloh+19
2016 Jun 15 Apple mandates App Store apps support ATS security protocol by 20172 CommentsAnonymousAurele+13
2015 Jul 17 Apple may check your credit-card balance to show affordable products0 Commentscensoredandagain+51
2013 May 08 Apple ordered by German court to change its privacy rules0 Commentsactionsketch+14
2016 Feb 17 Apple ordered to break into San Bernardino shooter's iPhone6 Commentsmss5333+9
2016 Feb 19 Apple plays digital privacy hardball with FBI, 'but not China'1 CommentsLibertatea+7
2016 Jun 22 Apple pollutes data about you to protect your privacy. But it might not be enough0 CommentsDEAF-LAMONT+3
2014 Jun 11 Apple praised for plan to undermine extensive system that secretly tracks customers3 Commentsdavidreiss666+26
2016 Jun 13 Apple promises to deliver AI smarts without sacrificing your privacy45 CommentsAnonymousAurele+50
2016 May 25 Apple re-hires security expert of PGP, Blackphone and Silent Circle fame0 CommentsSecuritySquirrel+8
2015 Jan 07 Apple recently patented technology that will allow the authorities and police to disable data transmission on iPhones, including video and photos, whenever they like.93 CommentsdatJedi+174
2013 Apr 21 Apple records and keeps users' Siri queries for up to 2 years1 Commentsmepper+19
2016 May 24 Apple rehires prominent security pro as encryption fight boils5 CommentsAnonymousAurele+63
2015 Oct 21 Apple reiterates that it’s ‘impossible’ to unlock newer iPhones for authorities0 CommentsDoener23+8
2013 Jun 17 Apple releases new details on National Security Requests0 Comments-Gavin-+0
2014 Mar 06 Apple security rules leave inherited iPad useless, say sons0 Commentsantdude+3
2015 Mar 21 Apple seemingly attempts to determine your location even when Location Services are turned off13 Commentschrisgagne+108
2015 Nov 04 Apple should stop selling iPhones in the UK if 'stupid' new law goes ahead, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales says3 CommentsLibertatea+3
2016 Feb 17 Apple standing up against overreach by the U.S. government in letter to customers4 Commentsernhede+41
2016 Feb 22 Apple store protests over encryption battle planned worldwide1 CommentsmWo12+7
2016 May 24 Apple stores the audio for 18 months when you ask Siri a question.8 CommentsJava_King_+35
2014 Sep 24 Apple to License Algorithm Which Will Allow the Tracking of Random MAC Addresses Generated by iOS 80 Commentsjoshuasm32+10
2012 Feb 16 Apple to address apps stealing contacts. Fix to be selective per app like Location Services.0 Commentsxcalibre+3
2016 Feb 24 Apple to argue First Amendment in iPhone encryption fight0 CommentsmWo12+5
2015 Jun 09 Apple to require 6-digit passcodes on newer iPhones, iPads under iOS 91 Commentsinfosecbuggy+3
2016 Apr 19 Apple transparency report: over 1,000 government requests for user data0 CommentsBarmagluk+1
2016 Feb 18 Apple unlocked at least 70 iPhones before refusal3 Commentsginger_bredman+11
2014 Sep 18 Apple updates privacy policy, moves to reassure users0 Commentspartynine+14
2016 Mar 16 Apple v FBI: "Should the government have carte blanche rights to force anyone to work for them? Should the privacy of people’s entire past be subject to a warrant?...The questions that the [DOJ] is posing, at the very core of the matter, are questions of whether or not we should be a free people."2 CommentsMrEdgarFriendly+117
2016 Feb 20 Apple v the FBI: what's the beef, how did we get here and what's at stake? (x-post from /r/privacypatriots)1 Commentsprivacypatriot+5
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2015 Dec 22 Apple warns against the UK's proposed spying law1 Commentsdabshitty+40
2014 Sep 19 Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants1 Commentsjftrent1388+8
2013 Feb 04 Apple wins Internet privacy ruling0 Commentswittyscreenname+4
2016 Jun 27 Apple won’t collect your data for its AI services unless you let it14 Commentsspeckz+17
2016 Jun 14 Apple's 'Differential Privacy' Is About Collecting Your Data - But Not *Your* Data4 CommentsAnonymousAurele+2
2014 May 14 Apple's 'convoluted and unclear' iCloud agreements break Norwegian law, says watchdog1 Commentsspeckz+15
2016 Jun 16 Apple's Big Security Upgrades Will Save You From Yourself3 CommentsAnonymousAurele+4
2015 Nov 22 Apple's CEO On Encryption: "You Can't Have A Back Door That's Only For The Good Guys"41 CommentsmWo12+507
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2015 Feb 15 Apple's Cook: 'Everyone has a right to privacy and security'3 Commentswewewawa+8
2016 Jun 17 Apple's Differential Privacy1 CommentsEasyCrypt+4
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2016 Mar 28 Apple's San Bernardino fight is officially over as court confirms working attack4 CommentsAluminiumMk1+14
2014 Sep 18 Apple's Tim Cook attacks Google and Facebook over privacy flaws “We don’t build a profile based on your email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers.... And we don’t read your email or your messages to get information to market to you.”0 CommentsLibertatea+4
2015 Mar 25 Apple's encrypted iPhone backups leak key user metadata0 Commentsjmesfrnco+9
2016 Apr 08 Apple's first court-ordered iPhone unlock likely dates back to 2008 case, report says0 CommentsBobsBurgers3Bitcoin+7
2016 Jun 14 Apple's iCloud stores emails unencrypted6 CommentsEasyCrypt+6
2014 Jun 11 Apple's iOS 8 will stop retailers spying on customers via Wi-Fi; New software will randomise the unique device identifier of phones, protecting users against spying from shops and others.3 Commentstrai_dep+19
2015 Sep 23 Apple's iOS 9 breaks VPNs7 Commentsno1_vern+4
2013 Sep 17 Apple's iPhone fingerprint tech a security nightmare - German expert warns against handing over biometric data10 CommentsSoCo_cpp+27
2016 Jun 23 Apple's new privacy effort worth watching0 Commentsgrangercao+1
2012 Sep 20 Apple's secret plan to join iPhones with airport security: Under Apple's patent, a traveler's phone would automatically send electronic identification to a TSA agent as soon as the traveler gets in line.8 Commentsmepper+66
2016 Aug 09 Apple's security measures in iOS detailed at Black Hat conference1 CommentsAnonymousAurele+5
2016 Feb 28 Apple's tech allies rally in support of privacy, but that doesn't mean they don't want your data0 CommentsNighthawkFencer+22
2011 Sep 27 Apple, Dropbox Added to EFF Privacy Coalition1 Commentsexpertvoice+9
2016 Apr 19 Apple, FBI return to Congress to spar over encryption0 CommentsRyydA+5
2016 Apr 15 Apple, FBI set to resume encryption fight at House hearing3 CommentsmWo12+54
2016 Apr 14 Apple, FBI to clash again in Congress over encryption0 Commentsjetrin+4
2014 May 09 Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands4 Commentsquantumcipher+76
2015 Nov 29 Apple, Google and Microsoft: weakening encryption lets the bad guys in0 CommentsmWo12+11
2013 Jul 17 Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Others Call for More NSA Transparency0 Commentsinmersion+7
2016 Apr 20 Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others express ‘deep concerns’ over controversial encryption bill. Coalitions representing major tech companies warn of 'unintended consequences' in letter to US senators.3 Commentsspeckz+70
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2014 Jun 14 Apple: We’ll ‘soon’ begin encrypting iCloud email in transit between providers | 9to5Mac0 Commentsspeckz+6
2016 Feb 20 Apple: an iPhone Backdoor Would Be Reused by China, Russia, and the US4 Commentshugvo+104
2016 Aug 16 Apple’s CEO: "I do worry about people not really understanding deeply about what kinds of things are out there about them"66 CommentsmWo12+432
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2016 Feb 19 Apple’s FBI Battle Is Complicated. Here’s What’s Really Going On6 CommentsblackVPN+46
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2016 Feb 18 Apple’s Noble Stand Against the FBI Is Also Great Business1 Commentshugvo+9
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2015 Jun 04 Apple’s Tim Cook: Google privacy remarks miss the point1 Commentsjherazob+1
2016 Jul 25 Apple’s Touch ID blocks feds—armed with warrant—from unlocking iPhone; Supreme Court has not ruled about compelled unlocking of fingerprint-locked devices.2 Commentstrai_dep+7
2016 May 18 Apple’s banned an iPhone app that let you know if you were being spied on36 CommentsAnonymousAurele+424
2016 Mar 05 Apple’s best defense against the FBI is the one it can’t share publicly10 Commentssabrinadestiny00+32
2014 Oct 08 Apple’s iPhone Encryption Is a Godsend, Even if Cops Hate It3 Commentselectronics-engineer+46
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2015 Jul 26 Ashley Madison Hackers Release Info of Man Who Paid to Erase His Profile - An Ontario man who once registered on AshleyMadison.com dating site that promotes infidelity among married people, paid the co. to delete his profile a couple of yrs ago. $19 not well spent.41 Commentsanutensil+259
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2015 Oct 08 At last, the data giants have been humbled. Everyone who uses the internet should rejoice at the passing of this legal milestone, which will hurt the likes of Facebook and Google31 Commentstrai_dep+310
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2013 Jun 20 At prices this low, the NSA can’t afford to not spy on us; Data storage experts estimate the cost to the NSA of storing surveillance data on all Americans - and it’s surprisingly affordable1 Commentsinmersion+14
2016 Oct 14 At the Library of Congress Maciej Ceglowski recently spoke about “deep-fried data,” and the transcript really is worth a read if you’re interested in machine learning, data gardening, archiving data and the responsible use of it.0 Commentsspeckz+3
2015 Jan 25 At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Google's Chairman predicted an internet that will be omnipresent which we will not even notice; meanwhile, other experts addressed whether or not technological advancements would eliminate privacy altogether.0 Commentscollectivecognition+7
2016 Jan 25 At the end of 2015, tyranny was codified into law with the ratification of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA)20 CommentsSolonDraco+348
2016 Aug 16 Athens Orthopedic Clinic incident response leaves patients in the dark and out of pocket for protection0 Commentsiliketechnews+1
2016 Aug 03 Atlantic Records Subpoenas Reddit to Identify Music Leaker2 CommentsblackVPN+1
2012 Jul 31 Attack against Microsoft scheme puts hundreds of crypto apps at risk0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+0
2014 Jul 31 Attackers breach TOR Network to De-Anonymize Users of Hidden Services3 CommentsRenascienza+50
2015 Feb 26 Attackers protesting Superfish debacle hijack Lenovo e-mail, spoof website. Valuable Lenovo.com is hijacked, allowing attackers to intercept Lenovo email.1 Commentstrai_dep+0
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2014 Nov 23 Attacking Tor: how the NSA targets users' online anonymity. Secret servers and a privileged position on the internet's backbone used to identify users and attack target computers.15 Commentstrai_dep+77
2015 Nov 17 Attacks revive debate on encryption, surveillance1 Commentsreaderseven+6
2015 Apr 16 Attempting to opt out of data brokers will never work.0 Commentstripelix+0
2016 Jun 27 Attention US-bound tourists: Social media accounts subject to inspection -- US border authorities are proposing that millions of tourists entering the country each year reveal their social media identities12 Commentsmepper+78
2016 Nov 24 Attention all U.K citizens, please sign this petition to make sure this anti-privacy "law" does not become law.10 CommentsSummerMiracle+103
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2013 Jul 20 Attention, Shoppers: Store Is Tracking Your Cell0 CommentsCarriedBy6+17
2013 Nov 28 Attn Canadians: RCMP’s unmanned aerial vehicles spark civil liberties debate0 Commentsthismason+5
2015 May 08 Attorney: Spy chief had 'forgotten' about NSA program when he misled Congress2 Commentsreaderseven+56
2016 Jul 06 Attorneys debate use of warrantless surveillance in Portland bomb appeal. Case is first court review of a conviction based on Section 702 law underpinning spy programs revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden4 Commentstrai_dep+23
2015 Jun 10 Audi boss warns Google's self driving cars could monitor where you are to sell ads1 Commentswiseprogressivethink+3
2013 Nov 23 Audio of Eric Schmidt admitting in 2009 that the reason Google stores data is to give it to the government28 Commentsd7GGG1+284
2016 May 20 AudioContext Fingerprint Test Page1 Commentsfantastic_comment+8
2013 Feb 28 Audit finds common misuse of Minnesota driver data by law enforcement agencies 0 Commentswhitefangs+58
2016 Sep 10No details Audit of VeraCrypt Completed – Phase II Begins4 Commentsfocus_rising+72
2013 Apr 26 August 6th, 2013 - Protest for Privacy - Open Internet -1 Commentsmoodylou+0
2013 Dec 11 Ausi activists with handheld cameras storm offices of company (allegedly) providing spying software to ask if they can opt out0 CommentsEconHacker+1
2015 Oct 09 Aussie PM defends use of non-government email service1 CommentsFrictionSaw+30
2015 Mar 18 Aussie PM signals he is unlikely to let journalists fight metadata warrants0 CommentsblackVPN+13
2012 Jul 23 Aussie spy chief laments digital footprints: ASIS Nick Warner says that while the internet is making intelligence gathering much easier, the digital trail left behind by ASIS agents is a potential threat to the secrecy of the organisation0 Commentsmaxwellhill+9
2015 Mar 26 Australia Creates New Data Retention Laws3 CommentsblackVPN+2
2012 Jul 13 Australia Follows U.S., U.K. in Proposing Radical Expansion of Government Surveillance Powers0 CommentsEquanimousMind+15
2015 Nov 04 Australia To Trial World's First Cloud-Based Passports1 Commentsacrediblesauce+2
2015 Feb 01 Australia about to lose the fight against data retention0 Comments4ZA+4
2015 Oct 17 Australia accessed NSA spy data more than UK over 12 months: Edward Snowden document0 Commentsworldgonnabecraycray+26
2010 Jun 06 Australia launches privacy investigation of Google0 Commentssilpol+5
2015 Jun 22 Australia passes controversial anti-piracy web censorship law19 CommentsblackVPN+252
2014 Jul 15 Australia set to require internet and phone companies to hold customer data for two years1 Commentsploxxx+37
2013 Jun 19 Australia suspected to have PRISM data: Ludlam2 CommentsCyberSecure+28
2015 Oct 26 Australia to allow Facebook photos to be used in national surveillance database5 Commentsacrediblesauce+39
2013 Nov 18 Australia urged to back UN resolution to beef up international privacy - Australian Privacy Foundation says Indonesia spying revelations make concerns over surveillance more urgent0 CommentsMACR0HARD+4
2014 Aug 06 Australia's Attorney General Says Metadata Collection Won't Track Your Web Surfing, Just The Web Addresses You Visit (Huh?)0 CommentsblackVPN+4
2015 Mar 29 Australia's New Data Retention Law: Is this the first law to make warrant canaries illegal?8 CommentsblackVPN+47
2015 Jun 11 Australia's SOPA Gets The Green Light0 CommentsBossman1086+5
2016 Dec 22 Australia's attorney-general has allowed just 15 working days over summer for submissions on a proposed massive expansion of access to retained telco user data.0 Commentspeter_jones_15+50
2016 Aug 09 Australia's census facing boycott over privacy worries0 CommentsmWo12+6
2013 May 01 Australia's manadatory data breach notification revealed0 Commentsmaskofsanity666+4
2014 Aug 11 Australia's national security proposals will criminalise journalists & whistleblowers3 CommentsblackVPN+212
2015 Mar 19 Australia's new 'improved' data retention laws: how will they work?0 CommentsblackVPN+3
2015 Feb 18 Australia: 'Unsolved crime explosion' without metadata2 Commentsdelightful_dissident+17
2015 Sep 21 Australia: Now is the time to go dark4 Commentsacrediblesauce+33
2014 Jan 16 Australian Agency Calls Cops on Teenage Do-Gooder Who Reports Website Vulnerability0 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+10
2012 Jul 22 Australian Attorney-General: "The case has yet to be made'' for a controversial plan to force internet providers to store the web history of all Australians for up to two years. 0 CommentsEquanimousMind+4
2016 Mar 26 Australian Census 2016 will retain personal information and link it against census responses2 Commentswinthecensus+36
2015 Apr 29 Australian Copyright Censorship Bill Could Block VPNs and Circumvention Information1 CommentsKerberos53+6
2012 Aug 11 Australian Gov't Drops Plan To Snoop On Internet Use — For Now0 Commentsreaderseven+11
2016 Aug 08 Australian Gov't's Stupid Census Plans Puts Privacy At Risk, May Destroy Their Own Census3 CommentsblackVPN+51
2012 Jul 16 Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+13
2016 Sep 02 Australian Government Using Data Retention Law To Seek Out Journalists' Sources, Hunt Down Whistleblowers0 CommentsblackVPN+18
2016 Aug 08 Australian Government's Stupid Census Plans Puts Privacy At Risk, May Destroy Their Own Census3 CommentsVrgom20+47
2017 Jan 12 Australian ISPs are required to block certain websites from December. Here's how ozzies can reclaim their unfiltered Internet access1 Commentsgszathmari+12
2015 Apr 11 Australian Internet providers to handover data to combat video piracy1 Commentsjimmyradola+5
2016 Apr 05 Australian Lawyers And Scholars Are Encouraging Civil Disobedience In This Year's Census7 Commentsfuzzyparasite+10
2015 Mar 25 Australian Minister of Communications begins using end-to-end encrypted "Signal" app as his party passes a data retention law1 Commentsjohnmountain+13
2016 Aug 29 Australian Police Are Using Journalists' Metadata to Hunt Down Whistleblowers27 Commentsourari+561
2014 Aug 11 Australian Proposal Would Require Suspicionless Domestic Spying by ISPs0 Commentsquantumcipher+15
2015 Sep 07 Australian Tax Office wants access to your "metadata"0 CommentsmWo12+18
2013 Jun 12 Australian black vault secret data storage facility hints at Australia's involvement in data collection.0 CommentsCyberNuisance+5
2016 Jul 28 Australian census 20161 Commentspaganmanintruth+1
2014 Oct 08 Australian companies, councils and government agencies allowed access to metadata without warrants.0 Commentstrish1975+4
2012 Jul 27 Australian cops tout arrest of man for Bitcoin drug deal0 CommentsUlkeshNaranek+9
2014 Oct 16 Australian data retention taken to dangerous lengths, warn privacy advocates: New national security laws set a frightening global benchmark for government access to personal data, advocates say1 CommentsLibertatea+80
2015 Aug 10 Australian government biometrics bill met with opposition in parliament0 Commentsfuzzyparasite+3
2010 Jul 23 Australian government blocks out 90% of document on web-spying plans, citing a fear of "premature unnecessary debate"0 Commentsvrangnarr+8
2014 Oct 20 Australian government metadata requests far higher than disclosed0 CommentsblackVPN+5
2015 Dec 25 Australian government tells citizens to turn off two-factor authentication5 Commentsantdude+39
2013 Dec 10 Australian police to adopt technology capable of collecting emails - Controversial ‘deep packet inspection’ system used by NSA for surveillance to be rolled out by AFP next year5 Commentskulkke+145
2014 Sep 24 Australian politician says "I don't have anything to hide" while supporting unprecedented suveilance laws6 Commentseyulf+53
2013 Dec 02 Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens - Medical, legal or religious information 'not automatically limited'0 CommentsStopSpying+15
2015 May 05 Australian telco Telstra breached privacy law by refusing to give customer his metadata0 CommentsblackVPN+38
2015 Mar 02 Australians troll ministers with iMessage texts over data retention bill0 CommentsLibertatea+2
2015 May 01 Australians willing to sacrifice privacy for security0 Commentsjimmyradola+3
2015 Oct 19 Australians, your digital privacy ended Oct. 13th 20152 Commentstweoy+16
2015 Feb 28 Austria vs Mass-Surveillance7 Commentsstrangetv+25
2015 Oct 06 Austria's Max Schrems: US High-tech Giants' Worst Nightmare? | SecurityWeek.Com0 CommentsQU35710NM04R+5
2014 Jun 28 Austrian Constitutional Court rules all data retention laws as unconstitutional.0 CommentsIam_Thesame+9
2014 Aug 02 Austrian lawyer suing Facebook in Vienna because of privacy concerns. Anyone can participate free of charge and maybe earn 500 Eur8 Commentseewo+66
2014 Aug 01 Austrian privacy class action lawsuit against Facebook, 18+ non US/CAN residents can join0 Commentsguaka+16
2012 Oct 20 Austrian student challenges Facebook's use of personal data: Max Schrems contends that Facebook collects too much information on its users, keeps it too long and uses it for purposes that violate European privacy laws8 Commentsmaxwellhill+105
2016 Jun 10 Authentic8's Silo browser puts all the processing in the cloud.2 CommentsBradyDale+4
2013 Dec 07 Authenticating with your mourning vitamin!0 CommentsBadKarma92+0
2015 May 25 Authentication token for increased security?4 CommentsDrakdansaren+8
2016 Dec 30 Authorities to collect iris scans from Singapore citizens starting Jan 11 CommentsSoCo_cpp+55
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2014 Jun 18 Bill S-4 Passes Senate, Despite Supreme Court Ruling Against Warrantless Access (Canada)0 Commentssalvia_d+6
2016 Dec 11 Bill Would Allow Government To Locate People With Tracking Devices: "A bill meant to help those with developmental disabilities would allow government agencies to locate people with tracking devices, which has some concerned the measure gives the federal government too much authority and power."32 Commentstrot-trot+412
2016 Feb 10 Bill Would Ban State Efforts to Weaken Encryption13 CommentsDonManuel+395
2013 Jun 18 Bill aims to regulate email privacy in the cloud0 CommentsRamKKaushik+4
2015 Apr 21 Bill before congress would authorize secrecy and surveillance, not "cyber security"0 Commentsquantumcipher+14
2014 Jun 11 Bill preventing State from selling data from license plate reader dies1 CommentsBadBiosvictim+27
2016 Apr 11 Bill seeks to kill anonymous 'burner' phones by requiring registration4 Commentssqlburn+13
2016 Sep 13 Bill seeks to thwart FBI/DOJ mass hacking1 Commentsdebridezilla+6
2014 Jun 07 Bill to ban stalking apps0 CommentsBadBiosvictim+10
2016 Mar 17 Bill to explicitly legalize mass surveillance and data collection advances in British Parliament66 Commentscojoco+374
2015 Apr 02 Bill would stop feds from mandating 'backdoor' to data - "The problem," Massie said, "is that If we put in backdoors for the convenience of the government, those backdoors can be exploited by hackers as well."4 Commentsdelapatriot+166
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2013 Jun 07 Biometrics based e-surveillance project of India named Aadhaar has launched three Aadhaar enabled services despite all illegalities. This is the starting point for a draconian and police state in India where privacy rights would be openly violated.0 CommentsUIDAINews+2
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2013 Sep 25 Bipartisan Group Led By Wyden And Udall Introduce Legislation Aimed At Comprehensive Reform Of Surveillance Programs0 Commentskismor+8
2014 May 02 Bipartisan group slams U.S. SEC for resisting email privacy reform | A coalition of liberals and conservatives is lashing out at the U.S. SEC for pushing back against legislation that would force government agencies to get warrants before they access the email of people under investigation.0 Commentskulkke+6
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2014 Dec 10 BitTorrent wants to change the way the web is built3 Commentskyletorpey+10
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2013 Oct 29 Bitcoin ATM to launch in Canada (uses palm-scans to comply with money laundering laws?)1 Commentsuntowardlands+1
2013 Nov 29 Bitcoin Black Friday is one way to defend crypto-currency. Ashton Kutcher, Cory Doctorow, and Alexis Ohanian have joined this thunderclap to spread the word. You could too, ya know.2 CommentsevanFFTF+7
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2012 Dec 07 Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns: In the next few days, the NTSB is expected to propose long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include "black boxes" in all new cars and light trucks20 Commentsmepper+57
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2013 Apr 03 BlackBerry 10 Can BBM Anything You're Watching, Even Porn0 Commentstboneplayer+0
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2014 Nov 06 BlackBerry COO: Comments from former NSA lawyer ‘don’t make any sense’2 Commentswonkadonk+61
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2016 Jun 09 BlackBerry Taps on Users Help Police 'Kick Ass,' Insider Says [x-post from /r/canada]1 CommentsJDGumby+7
2016 Apr 19 BlackBerry Won't Confirm or Deny it Gave Encryption Keys to Law Enforcement - A non-answer of inspiring proportions.44 Commentsanutensil+456
2015 Dec 15 BlackBerry has "lawful interception" capabilities for communications but this isn't a backdoor for... reasons. BB COO attacks end-to-end crypto because it "helps terrorists."35 CommentsArchangelleBorgore+208
2015 Nov 30 BlackBerry is leaving Pakistan over demands for backdoor acces0 CommentsmWo12+3
2016 Jul 27 BlackBerry launching new smartphone with emphasis on beefed up security3 CommentsDiscipleofOden+2
2016 Jul 28 BlackBerry says its new Android smartphone is the 'world's most secure'4 Commentsflaggwiz+6
2016 Jan 23 BlackBerry: No, police did not break our encryption7 Commentsflaggwiz+63
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2014 May 20 BlackShades users targeted in 16-nation sweep; 97 arrested1 Commentsscrotalacne+1
2014 Feb 11 BlackVPN joins the protest against mass surveillance. From now on we will donate 10% of every VPN Privacy Package purchase to the EFF to help in the fight for digital rights.2 CommentsblackVPN+66
2015 Dec 21 Blackberry CEO Gives Public One More Reason To Not Buy Its Phones By Arguing For Greater Law Enforcement Cooperation27 CommentsTheLantean+442
2016 Apr 18 Blackberry CEO says tech firms should comply with lawful access requests6 Commentsgulabjamunyaar+28
2016 Jun 13 Blackberry gives away decryption keys9 CommentsEasyCrypt+54
2015 Dec 01 Blackberry says no to Pakistani govt back door0 CommentsSpidertech500+2
2014 Dec 06 Blackberry security1 Commentsmbbitter+3
2015 Nov 23 Blackberry taking 'balanced' approach to encryption, lawful intercept0 CommentsTheLantean+1
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2014 Aug 06 Blackphone and Replicant not enough to secure mobile phones2 CommentsBadBiosvictim+8
2014 Aug 11 Blackphone gets rooted5 Commentschaxen+19
2014 Dec 09 Blackphone launching world’s first privacy-focused app store3 Commentsstatelessnfaithless+12
2014 Jul 09 Blackphone or Jolla?7 CommentsSomban+10
2015 Nov 29 Blackphone vows to keep its ultra-private phone out of terrorists’ hands7 CommentsmWo12+10
2014 Oct 15 Blackphone.ch: not a secure swiss website. Says something about the rest of the company.1 CommentsInecrafter+1
2014 Feb 28 Blackphone: Privacy for Lazy People. Not an endorsement. Posted for critical review.1 Commentsgroupaccount+4
2013 Dec 31 Blame Silicon Valley for the NSA's data slurp0 Commentstrilbey+0
2014 Jun 08 BlameStross - DIY BlackPhone2 Commentsblamestross+21
2015 Jul 20 Blasphemy for the naive wienies on this forum5 Commentstechmogul+0
2013 Nov 17 Bleachbit file wiper for Linux/Windows reaches version 1.01 Commentstummy_badger+31
2015 May 12 Bleep (Bittorrent Chat) Now Publicly Available Across All Major Platforms9 Commentsjohnmountain+10
2014 Jul 31 Bleep: BitTorrent Unveils Serverless & Encrypted Chat Client11 CommentsblackVPN+80
2014 Jan 23 Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns0 CommentsAdelleChattre+4
2015 May 27 Blimps Over Capitol: Just Hot Air?0 Commentstrot-trot+2
2012 Mar 28 Block Me If You Can: A Privacy Flaw in Facebook!1 Commentsnetw0rm+3
2016 Jul 18 Block Taboola from hosts file3 Commentsviagravagina+4
2016 Aug 19 Block Taboola/RevContent through hosts file.0 Commentsviagravagina+2
2016 Sep 26 Block Windows telemetry once and for all!5 CommentsThatOneIPGuy+3
2015 Jan 31 Block obnoxious ShareThis CopyNShare tracking script which adds "See more at ..." whenever you're trying to copy/paste text from a site1 Commentsproselitigator+8
2012 Nov 16 Block your license plate from cameras -- Is this legal?2 CommentsDavid_Crockett+12
2013 Jul 16 Block-it Pocket Review0 Commentswearehidden+6
2013 Jul 25 BlockPRISM - (chrome)Browser plugin for facebook chat encryption - crowdfunding campaign3 Commentskoeppelmann+1
2016 Dec 23 Blockchain will rewire security, privacy—and business. The tech underlying Bitcoin promises to transform virtually any online organization. CISOs, CIOs—get ready.1 Commentsdoom_Battle3+1
2017 Jan 11 Blockchain will rewire security, privacy—and business. The tech underlying Bitcoin promises to transform virtually any online organization. CISOs, CIOs—get ready.0 CommentsBull_Frog0+3
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2016 Mar 29 Blocking Windows 10 telemetry4 Commentsgnaumov+5
2015 Aug 09 Blocking ads / trackers globally4 Commentsolemir+2
2015 Apr 09 Blocking ads and trackers system wide using HOSTS3 Commentsshinnok+2
2016 Sep 02 Blocking caller ID2 Commentsprivaseee+3
2014 Sep 02 Blocking consumer choice: Google's dangerous ban of privacy and security app4 Comments-Gavin-+25
2015 Nov 23 Blocking most Advertising servers via factory router firmware.41 CommentsThatTechNerd+40
2016 Feb 29 Blocking specific javascript functions?3 CommentsDeku-shrub+2
2016 Nov 17 Blocking tracking with Firefox Focus for iOS?2 Commentsbeame_io+7
2012 Mar 27 Blogger who blogs about privacy gets spotted by stranger - Real Life Meets Blog « The Private Man0 Commentspostgygaxian+0
2016 Nov 26 Bloomberg: "Lenders Now Peering at Phone Data"25 Commentsreinhardtmain+201
2013 Jun 28 Blowing the whistle on Obama's America - Do the threats facing whistleblowers under Obama's presidency mean Americans know less about what their government does?1 CommentsNewThoughtsForANewMe+14
2014 Jul 09 Blue Shield discloses 18,000 doctors' Social Security numbers0 Commentsantdude+2
2016 May 27 BlueCoat, a company that specializes in censorship, surveillance and internet infrastructure such as public/corporate wifi, has become a certificate authority, allowing it to initiate man-in-the-middle attacks without warning.63 CommentsKinost+281
2012 Sep 26 BluePyth - Leaving Google2 Commentsbincat+8
2016 Jan 11 Bluetooth connection to a Samsung/Apple device a data leakeage risk?0 CommentsAvengeTheEve+1
2016 Dec 27 Bluetooth two factor authentication with a backup password for windows?0 Commentsrumen_do+1
2013 Oct 22 Bluetooth-Sniffing Highway Traffic Monitors Vulnerable to MITM Attack0 Commentsantdude+12
2015 Nov 26 Bob Paulson, RCMP boss, wants warrantless access to online subscriber info3 Commentsreaderseven+5
2016 Apr 17 Body camera debate: Privacy vs. transparency2 CommentsCyberSoldier+10
2013 Sep 03 Body-worn "IMSI" catcher sniffs mobile phone details of nearby people in 90 seconds0 Commentscojoco+36
2012 Aug 11 Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like ‘Swarm Of Insects’ 1 Commentsrobert32907+3
2012 Oct 24 Boeing tests microwave missile that knocks out electronics, represents our worst nightmare (video) -- Engadget16 Commentsvictory-not-vengance+44
2015 Nov 12 BofA Shuts Down Mint, Staking Their Claim to Your Data0 CommentsDawooga+14
2012 May 25 Bogus Copyright Infringement Claims are Becoming a New Form of Online Harrassment0 Commentslewojeda+32
2013 May 22 BolehVPN Review: My new favorite VPN provider2 Commentsjlangvad+4
2016 Mar 26Off Topic Bombings in Brussels: here's why the police had to communicate via WhatsApp for relief operations2 CommentsNINNY_looloo+2
2014 Jul 21 Bon appetit: Restaurants can document who you're dining with0 CommentsCrankyBear+3
2016 Jun 25Software BooXtream/Verso ePub DRM Remover0 Commentsmiyakami+2
2015 Jan 07 Book recommendation for those who are more academically interested: "Privacy in Context" NYU professor Helen Nissenbaum's primer on technology privacy. Posting the Atlantic article for a good general overview.2 CommentsDuMbHour+6
2016 Aug 22 Book recommendations about "big data"?2 CommentsCrumist+5
2015 Feb 21 Book: Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable, and What We Can Do About It0 Commentslapall+1
2015 Feb 21 Book: The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information0 Commentslapall+0
2016 Nov 19 Book: The Circle by Dave Eggers. Read by someone? What is your opinion?0 Commentssretlow+1
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