2016 Oct 22 #WhereIsAssange Discord channel here2 CommentsiamDanger_us+10
2016 Oct 22 Are you in or know someone in London? Post here so we can get a roster going.1 CommentsiamDanger_us+10
2016 Oct 22 2013 insurance files (direct and torrent links)0 CommentsiamDanger_us+12
2016 Oct 22 What is this? - A primer for why we're worried about Julian Assange's safety and are asking for proof of life.50 CommentsiamDanger_us+380
2016 Oct 22 Tear gas closes London City Airport (8.9 mi from Ecuadorian Embassy): Empty canister discovered in search of terminal blamed for 'chemical incident'0 CommentsWillough+13
2016 Oct 22 Why I believe Assange has been captured..7 CommentsMirrorMachine+14
2016 Oct 22 Documents with a link to the canadian court system(!) that link to wide scale corruption and a cover up of 9/11. Help me debunk or verify this please3 CommentsMirrorMachine+11
2016 Oct 22 Insurance file testing12 CommentsiamDanger_us+15
2016 Oct 22 Gavin Macfadyen--close association of Assange and journalist--is dead4 CommentsiamDanger_us+23
2016 Oct 23 Tyrone Keklord on Twitter Connects the Dots on #WhereIsAssange7 CommentsTyrone_Keklord+0
2016 Oct 23 "But what about Assange's dead man's switch?"5 CommentsiamDanger_us+28
2016 Oct 23 A bloody year for Wikileaks2 CommentsiamDanger_us+14
2016 Oct 23 I got a DM reply from Wikileaks on Twitter14 Commentspresley2431+31
2016 Oct 23 Oct 23/16, 1:16 AM EST: WL tweets that tomorrow (probably meaning Oct. 23) they will "release a statement" concerning Assainge, who they claim is "safe and still in full command."0 Commentsplenkton+7
2016 Oct 23 Amnesty or Red Cross please step up.1 Commentswhereisassange+6
2016 Oct 24 Response from WL about Assange6 Commentschildeunoia+13
2016 Oct 24 10/23/2016 UPDATE19 CommentsiamDanger_us+11
2016 Oct 24 what is this subs opinion on Craig Murray blog saying julian is alive?14 Commentscoffee55+5
2016 Oct 24 Thousands keep demanding Assange proof of life. Not unreasonable. He's in a tough spot and is WikiLeaks best known validator. Preference?9 CommentsJeanLucPicardAND+14
2016 Oct 24 Combination of evidence collected from FEC, Project Veritas, MSM footage & Wikileaks into DNC corruption0 CommentsQuestionablechoice+12
2016 Oct 24 Reports of Insurance torrents disappearing! (X-post /r/WikiLeaks Org)7 Commentsdemos74dx+8
2016 Oct 25 darling wagtail junkie prize5 Commentsmmmmmmmmmdonuts+0
2016 Oct 25 Why are the UN and Australia quiet?8 Commentscerebrum+4
2016 Oct 25 Chatter on Eric Braverman requesting Russian Asylum in NY Embassy - Source of Podesta Hack ?1 CommentsBravermanthanAssange+8
2016 Oct 25 Street1510's Key Theory11 Commentsstreet1510+15
2016 Oct 25 What if...9 Commentsname-it+2
2016 Oct 26 #WhereIsAssange MEGATHREAD123 CommentsiamDanger_us+361
2016 Oct 26 Needs to be vetted13 CommentsExec99+2
2016 Oct 26 Fox: Assange to Be Arrested ‘Within the Next Few Hours’ 10/18/20165 CommentsRaksso+12
2016 Oct 26 @0HOUR1_ Just tweeted: "Assange is dead" and changed handle to "GOODBYE FOREVER"11 CommentsMoscowDuck+11
2016 Oct 26 Julian Assange Speaking live for over an hour now... CONFERENCIA INTERNACIONAL DE SOFTWARE LIBRE UMET 26 10 166 Commentssweetswinks+2
2016 Oct 26 Julian Assange called in to an Argentinian Software Event today29 CommentsBeardedGirl+14
2016 Oct 27 What has happened and what is about to happen.9 Commentsdemos74dx+17
2016 Oct 27 Assange's status may be updated closer to US elections on Nov. 8th.2 Commentsnomnaut+2
2016 Oct 27 28000 Hillary Clinton emails from the House Select Committee on Benghazi2 Commentsdemos74dx+8
2016 Oct 27 Was 4Chan's #OpHotPockets, which aimed to bring Julian Assange hotspot wifi access, unsuccessful? [xpost /r/Conspiracy]14 Commentswikileakscompromised+16
2016 Oct 27 CISL2016 - Assange "ProofOfLife" discussion20 CommentsMoshcrates+20
2016 Oct 28 Stockholm Refuses to Suspend Assange’s Arrest Warrant to Attend Funeral3 Commentswikileakscompromised+8
2016 Oct 28 "As the editor of WikiLeaks, Assange knows the truth. And let me assure those who are concerned, he is well, and WikiLeaks is operating on all cylinders." - John Pilger today in UK speech8 CommentsWolfwoman1210+14
2016 Oct 31 Would Julian release documents that could truly de-stabilize the world?11 Commentsandrew77mc+8
2016 Oct 31 Status 2016-10-31?3 Commentscerebrum+5
2016 Oct 31 Is this real October 26,20162 Commentsbobospanger+7
2016 Nov 01 Calling it now Huma Synced the entire .PST file for the Clinton Private Email on the Weiner Laptop with the Dick Pics !0 CommentsSyncdOutlookPSTfile+17
2016 Nov 01 A timeline of events10 CommentsiamDanger_us+50
2016 Nov 01 Reasons to believe Julian Assange is in CIA custody and WikiLeaks under duress. [xpost /r/conspiracy]0 Commentswikileakscompromised+21
2016 Nov 01 List of entities to contact regarding Assange6 Commentscerebrum+16
2016 Nov 02 Wikileaks blockchain spinoff: message from snowden on sept 15?5 Comments4a94760a+32
2016 Nov 03 kim.com - "Relax. Julian Assange is not dead. He's very busy analyzing extremely sensitive leaked emails 20 hrs/day."12 Commentssdaemon+62
2016 Nov 03 JULIAN ASSANGE CONFIRMED ALIVE?! Russia Today will be posting an exclusive interview with Assange on Saturday, November 5th.9 CommentsJeanLucPicardAND+17
2016 Nov 03 New leaks look extra mild, almost as if trying to paint HRC in a good light, full of enviro references etc.13 CommentsVLXS+37
2016 Nov 05 John Pilger interviewing Julian Assange10 Commentsnaikaku+27
2016 Nov 11 Are we really supposed to believe that Sarah Harrison doesn't know how to upload an imgur selfie as proof?5 Commentstherealcatspajamas+45
2016 Nov 12 Other key WikiLeaks associates or friends of Assange we can check with?14 Commentspiaget5stages+32
2016 Nov 13 RT interview with JA17 Commentsablevictor+48
2016 Nov 14 LIVE: Assange to be questioned by prosecutors in London11 Commentsgymkhana86+15
2016 Nov 14 Possible insurance key dump.. please help. : The_Donald8 CommentsExec99+50
2016 Nov 14 More reason to suspect Assange's presence at the Embassy is being hidden120 Commentsablevictor+204
2016 Nov 15 Insurance files don't match hashes - Wikileaks sub finally catches on52 CommentsExec99+309
2016 Nov 15 Hey Brits! Help find Assange - actionable request - Build a temporary memorial outside the Embassy170 CommentsDippy_Egg+756
2016 Nov 15 Julian Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson81 Commentscoffee55+104
2016 Nov 15 wait so previous lawyer of assange commited suicide?34 Commentsseen_a_thing_or_two+154
2016 Nov 15 Assange Interview by John Pilger. I removed the part which is said to be added4 CommentsMrbumby+10
2016 Nov 15 Possibility of WikiLeaks being compromised and fake information being used to discredit?14 CommentsJamessuperfun+68
2016 Nov 15 (Request) Evidence Megathread2 CommentsJamessuperfun+58
2016 Nov 15 Both Snowden and Assange have issued dead mans switches.39 Commentsuber0ne+103
2016 Nov 15 Is it normal for Assange not to be viewed through an embassy window?10 CommentsAiken_Drumn+57
2016 Nov 15 New here, Brit, Q for you all4 Commentsoff-piste+9
2016 Nov 16 TuringThe2nd - Strange twitter account that popped up 10/1712 CommentsGodBroken+55
2016 Nov 16 Best summary of whats going on right now. Cross posting for visibility.3 Commentscomfortable_otter+120
2016 Nov 16 Kim Dot com info3 Commentsthroway865999+18
2016 Nov 16 Pamela Anderson's Role?20 CommentsSaudi-Prince+24
2016 Nov 16 Steve Pieczenik: It was a counter-coup by US intelligence 'through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks' - thoughts?4 Commentsamgoingtohell+26
2016 Nov 16 PSA: A group of mods were all added to Wikileaks Related Subreddits around the time of the Embassy Blackout108 CommentsBangSystem+299
2016 Nov 16 Can you guys ELI5 for me. I've been concerned with assanges wellbeing for years. The night his internet went out, I was on periscope watching the live feeds of ppl approaching the embassy. A lot of weird things happened. But I'm confused about the shadow gov't intentions/implications.7 CommentsSequinPower+31
2016 Nov 16 /r/crypto has been locked after a thread about the hashes got popular.2 Commentsparka_beats+36
2016 Nov 16 Assange's hand is momentarily visible in the corner of the shot of John Pilger (timecode: ~3:00). The interview is (probably) legitimate.101 Commentsseppuku4kstew+98
2016 Nov 16 who is going to be the new face of wikileaks?2 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+12
2016 Nov 16 We should migrate or at least double our reach.8 CommentsBasketball_Jorts+38
2016 Nov 16 Who is Mark Halperin?6 CommentsIndoctucated+36
2016 Nov 16 OPERATION: Flowers for Julian69 CommentsCelestial_Cowboy+437
2016 Nov 16 I know how to see if assange is in the embassy3 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+5
2016 Nov 16 Could Julian Assange be in negociation that involve him accepting to not communicate with the public ?8 CommentsWicelo+12
2016 Nov 16 #FreeAssange0 Commentspipeb0mb+6
2016 Nov 16 Key stuff I screenshoted from Reddit on the 25th October. Don't know if it's the same as all the rest.13 Commentsthrowitallaway888999+66
2016 Nov 16 Why doesn't someone just ask the Ecuadorean embassy if they can visit him?33 Commentsnor2030+149
2016 Nov 16 Memorial at the embassy16 CommentsCpt9captain+152
2016 Nov 16 @EmbassyCat twitter info being suppressed7 Commentsblonde234+25
2016 Nov 16 What happened with the 14 Wikileaks Operatives who also went offline around the time Julian did.139 CommentsNoZb2k+395
2016 Nov 16 KEK has me worried about Assange's whereabouts.21 CommentsPaperOrigamiBoard+68
2016 Nov 16 wikileaks.com has a new certificate as of 10/29/168 Commentsorksnork+61
2016 Nov 16 The Gatekeeper aka Sarah Harrison @ Info Sec. No mention of Assange's status.0 CommentsWillough+19
2016 Nov 16 Nov 5th tweets by WikiLeaks Task Force13 CommentsBy_Myslf+61
2016 Nov 16 Why You Should Pay Close Attenton to Riseup.net's Warrant Canary Next Month34 CommentsBangSystem+176
2016 Nov 16 @Wikileaks we need proof of life for Assange!26 Commentsporkfatonly+273
2016 Nov 16 Reportedly Assange was just seen two days ago to report for questioning over his rape case.10 CommentsPerhelion+16
2016 Nov 16 Just passed by the embassy, no sign of any flowers. Have they been cleared away? Or has nobody placed any yet?14 Commentsslapmandoo+165
2016 Nov 16 Calling it now (don't upvote)62 CommentsNorOa+164
2016 Nov 16 Has anyone gotten in contact with Pam Anderson to ask about her embassy visit with Assange?14 Commentsdarthmayter+43
2016 Nov 16 Some more evidence that the Assange/Pilger interview was conducted after the embassy internet was cut.10 Commentsmannequinhandandcoti+24
2016 Nov 16 This is fucking fucked up.23 CommentsAstronomist+87
2016 Nov 16 If Assange used Google's Inactive Account Manager as a Dead Man's Switch it will take 3 months until anything goes out to his trusted contacts10 Commentsiamniceifyouare+8
2016 Nov 16 Without offering any proof, Wikileaks subs related mod pushes hard that he knows for a fact that JA is alive. Sounds like BS to me!12 Commentssnarky_answer+19
2016 Nov 16 Can any of you explain a Deadmans Switch?11 Commentseyeh8+10
2016 Nov 16 Assange working with the FBI.5 CommentsJoeGrinstead+0
2016 Nov 16 PSY-OP COMPLETE: Assange has served his purpose as controlled opposition.15 CommentsGrowbagUK+0
2016 Nov 16 *WARNING: ONLY A THEORY* Guys, I know where Assange is.17 CommentsDonald_Inspires_Me+0
2016 Nov 16 Wikileaks Assange makes live phone appearance from Argentina Conference2 CommentsStinkyButtCrack+0
2016 Nov 16 /r/WikiLeaks is compromised119 CommentsPixelBot+187
2016 Nov 16 The state of things - 11/16/2016188 CommentsiamDanger_us+629
2016 Nov 16 Someone contact his fucking lawyer!1 CommentsGrowbagUK+14
2016 Nov 16 #RIPJulian - HASHTAG MEMORIAL3 CommentsYUGETrumpence+127
2016 Nov 16 Morph cut analysis in RT interview - It's definitely a morph cut.23 CommentsHungryLikeTheWolf99+114
2016 Nov 16 "Pre commitment hashes are for decrypted files, obviously" From WL Twitter just now.4 Commentsbrownpearl+6
2016 Nov 16 Okay what does this mean? New tweet.179 Commentslord_dvorak+208
2016 Nov 16 Assange interview seamlessly edited. What did he say that was cut out?2 CommentsSSJ3DonaldTrump+15
2016 Nov 16 Say it with me: His name was Julian Assange #RIPJulian14 CommentsMexican111+40
2016 Nov 16 Where is Assange meme - spread it!20 Commentspelirrojo+373
2016 Nov 16 NOTE: When we release pre-commitment hashes they are for decrypted files (obviously). Mr. Assange appreciates the concern.8 Commentspolar-alpines+26
2016 Nov 16 Slow-mo webm of the weird effect at 15:08 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbT3_9dJY44 Commentsiceboob+20
2016 Nov 16 Dan Rolle's Latest Periscope5 Commentsendtimesarenear+8
2016 Nov 16 If Assange really got removed on October 15th, and all e-mails from October 16th and on are fake, what does that mean?2 Commentsbrentapps+3
2016 Nov 16 Reasons to believe Julian Assange is in CIA custody and WikiLeaks under duress.0 CommentsMexican111+9
2016 Nov 16 We don't know much, but one thing is for sure - Assange carried out that recent RT interview in the same room (the embassy) that he's always been in.9 CommentsUtopiaFrenzy+59
2016 Nov 16 The r/crypto post on WikiLeaks hashes - the top one in their sub's history - was briefly removed; new moderator has been appointed8 Commentspiaget5stages+95
2016 Nov 16 Reminder - We Outnumber the Disinfo Agents22 CommentsPixelBot+73
2016 Nov 16 The help him secret message from wikileaks typos.4 Commentscoffee55+26
2016 Nov 16 Cryptome on Twitter | Assange interview concluded4 Commentscoffee55+19
2016 Nov 16 Remember the first Periscoper at the Embassy following the Internet Cut-Off?10 Commentsajcadoo+34
2016 Nov 16 Can anyone help me out?10 CommentsAstronomist+5
2016 Nov 17 I really liked this speech his - "Julian Assange: The Truth About Freedom of Speech in the West!"0 CommentsMysterytime2+7
2016 Nov 17 "Twitter will be compromised... ignore strange behavior by twitter and just pay attention to the actual releases of content "/u/comeonnoweverybody 22/10/169 CommentsMexican111+59
2016 Nov 17 Rabbi Schmuley Boteach has been hanging with Pamela Anderson promoting some sort of book together. Maybe he's got some info?0 Commentsjmricht+4
2016 Nov 17 ELI5: What is a PGP key?16 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+8
2016 Nov 17 Wikileaks asked us to help him - was it automated?27 Commentsmexican1112+113
2016 Nov 17 Now that wikileaks has said that the hashes are for when the insurance files get decrypted, has this cleared things up?7 Commentshazilla+1
2016 Nov 17 Can we please all try our best to post sources alongside theories/information?2 Commentsisdnpro+39
2016 Nov 17 Hashes Explanation7 Commentsgaslightlinux+0
2016 Nov 17 Julian's Lawyers17 CommentsGameDoesntStop+34
2016 Nov 17 Thoughts on the dead man switch?10 CommentsParanoiaaaattack+14
2016 Nov 17 People Of London: I Made A FB Event For A Peaceful Protest Outside Of The Ecuadorian Embassy In London In Order To Confirm Assange Is There. JOIN!66 Comments5wi55+606
2016 Nov 17 SOS! Where Is Julian Assange? #ShowUsJulian | Mike Cernovich Periscope2 CommentsMexican111+48
2016 Nov 17 Foreign Minister, Guillaume Long interview link regarding assange and internet. Can someone translate besides google?0 Commentsdamiana9+6
2016 Nov 17 [Theory] Assange gave up the key on October 21, 2016 1:00 pm ET157 CommentsPixelBot+117
2016 Nov 17 New Mod?11 CommentsAstronomist+16
2016 Nov 17 Julian Assange is still alive!15 CommentsR3velation+4
2016 Nov 17 Has anyone checked Snowden's hashes with wikileaks insurance files?5 Commentscentipeded+12
2016 Nov 17 Some clarification for those who might still be confused regarding hashes/torrents encrypted dumps etc...10 Commentsagentf90+14
2016 Nov 17 Anybody have the checksum for 2016-06-03_insurance.aes256?11 Commentscrazyguyonabike+2
2016 Nov 17 The Ecuador pre-commitment tweet4 CommentsMaunaLoona+17
2016 Nov 17 Why the hashes don't match and whether Wikileaks is compromised.29 Commentsgnad+34
2016 Nov 17 Stop claiming that things are compromised without proof and knowledge.5 Commentssend_me_ur_navel+3
2016 Nov 17 On the end of Putin's cock.1 Commentsmaud-pi+0
2016 Nov 17 Cracked the code?4 CommentsTacoGeek+2
2016 Nov 17 Questions on PGP as proof2 Commentscockmanderkeen+2
2016 Nov 17 Dartmouth Films?3 Commentsamgoingtohell+16
2016 Nov 17 Do We Have Any Concrete Proof Snowden is Still Alive?6 Commentsendtimesarenear+25
2016 Nov 17 Wikileaks Volunteer Tweeted that Julian was "perfectly fine" on 17/10/16 - The Tweet is Now Deleted.67 CommentsBangSystem+287
2016 Nov 17 Was there any follow up footage after that street side press coverage with Jen Robinson?6 Commentstwinning92+7
2016 Nov 17 More file concerns. Very worrisome.54 CommentsExec99+116
2016 Nov 17 Former British MP George Galloway asked about Assange on Twitter...23 Commentsamgoingtohell+43
2016 Nov 17 Could this be one giant Psy-Op?40 Commentseyeh8+19
2016 Nov 17 Okay, I downloaded and reuploaded without country restrictions... here is 2nd day Jen after questioning.27 Commentstwinning92+41
2016 Nov 17 Overview?13 CommentsToraden+22
2016 Nov 17 Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has resigned5 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+21
2016 Nov 17 Reason why we are most likely never going to see another message from WikiLeaks signed with PGP private key56 CommentsBy_Myslf+112
2016 Nov 17 What were the Podesta and Clinton Tweet to Wikileaks?3 Comments037_Engineering+13
2016 Nov 17 Summary and analysis of Jen Robinson's day 2 press conference.22 CommentsBravoFoxtrotDelta+23
2016 Nov 17 A screenshot of the RT interview where it looks like the film is edited. His eye looks off, as though it is merged with another clip.27 CommentsJudethe+53
2016 Nov 17 Interview with Assange's Lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, who talks about how she met him on the 13th of November.15 Commentspretzel+21
2016 Nov 17 So Little Coverage of the Sweden Interview--Why?26 CommentsEasier_Still+57
2016 Nov 17 Strange exclusion of Julian Assange from new board of trustees for the Courage Foundation2 CommentsAccidentallyawhole+66
2016 Nov 17 Important - There are people trying to paint this sub as conspiracy whackos. Remember - we only have a really simple request for basic proof of life.150 Commentspiaget5stages+1356
2016 Nov 17 What happened to the Discord channel?2 Commentsfor_real_dude+12
2016 Nov 17 Where he is5 CommentsKhanneaSuntzu+0
2016 Nov 17 Pam Anderson who visited Assange before the blackout Attends Maria Abramovic's Spirit cooking dinner16 CommentsAndyJChi+63
2016 Nov 17 Now NYT is saying the World Needs WikiLeaks?50 CommentsDeadLightMedia+115
2016 Nov 17 Is the CIA the fucking KGB now ???22 Commentsfuckedchildhood+40
2016 Nov 17 The guy is dead. Its that simple. Why they are covering it up, is what we need to look for.19 CommentsChewbaccaFart+41
2016 Nov 17 Fox: Assange to Be Arrested ‘Within the Next Few Hours’ 10/18/201630 CommentsBy_Myslf+232
2016 Nov 17 What does everyone think of Craig Murray?0 CommentsPexarixelle+4
2016 Nov 17 This could only mean one thing26 CommentsTheNASAguy+70
2016 Nov 17 Call to Action: Cease Donations51 Commentsdavidshankle+181
2016 Nov 17 Julian pictured with his lawyer 14th November28 Commentscatpies+30
2016 Nov 17 He's in his mom's basement because he's emo1 Commentsexileisland+0
2016 Nov 17 Isn't this still the 10th anniversary? Where are the new releases?1 Commentsspudlikkr+10
2016 Nov 17 Question from a Newcomer14 CommentsDr_Pickle_Fingers+7
2016 Nov 17 Theory: they will release false information regarding "hacked Trump emails"10 CommentsSolsies+9
2016 Nov 17 Discussion about disinfo agents69 CommentsPixelBot+79
2016 Nov 17 Possible Assange photo 11/147 Commentsdavidshankle+4
2016 Nov 18 Could we get some moderation in here?32 Commentsynvaser+15
2016 Nov 18 Can we take a step back for a second here?26 Commentskendamagendale+8
2016 Nov 18 5,600ish readers, and 1,000+ constantly in the sub.23 Commentslord_dvorak+78
2016 Nov 18 Let's be honest, if Assange really wanted to hurt Clinton he'd kill himself0 Commentsmaster226+0
2016 Nov 18 Julian Assange, WikiLeaks: Shocking Speech At Cambridge Union1 Commentscognisant+0
2016 Nov 18 Possible way to find out if Julian if safe (sorry if this is an incredibly dumb suggestion...)14 Commentsharrymcg96+27
2016 Nov 18 Where can I find a comprehensive yet digestible-by-your-average-American explanation of Wikileaks/Assange-related events?3 CommentsSecondBrownies+9
2016 Nov 18 Can we set up a canary system for mods here?72 CommentsPixelBot+125
2016 Nov 18 I noticed something while rewatching the Pilger interview7 Commentsassangeisthatyou+24
2016 Nov 18 Moving forward.104 CommentsiamDanger_us+420
2016 Nov 18 I know it's stupid and not likely to go through, but maybe we could just send him a pizza?12 Commentsfor_real_dude+7
2016 Nov 18 New here from The_Donald but I have something to share that may not have been brought to light yet in regards to the interview video recently released.17 CommentsRandyContractor+37
2016 Nov 18 Can something like this be sent?1 CommentsI_might_be_drinking+13
2016 Nov 18 Do you really think Pamela Anderson is in really in on it?19 Commentsthrowawaylinbin+6
2016 Nov 18 A note. Just an interesting statistical thing. 5000 people isn't "a lot of people" like the sticky on here suggested. For all intents and purposes, it's basically an individual compared to the entirety of the human population.4 Comments2012742+0
2016 Nov 18 Ties for assange?8 Commentscodeflash+5
2016 Nov 18 someone is dumping H R C's contacts on....16 Commentsfor_real_dude+18
2016 Nov 18 [Repost] This is from a month ago. Mainly interesting to see the flight that came from america, and left a few hours later.3 CommentsManderinDuck+18
2016 Nov 18 Can we use the wifi to see thourgh the walls to find Assange?14 Commentscodeflash+1
2016 Nov 18 Tour of the Embassy where he is staying?1 Commentscodeflash+0
2016 Nov 18 Connection between the DDOS that caused massive US/European internet outage on 10/21 and Assange missing on 10/21?3 Commentsdsfdsfds1234+2
2016 Nov 18 Their goal might be to permanently take control of wikileaks so they have access to full leaks beforehand and they can decide what to leak or not or even leak false info using WL audience3 CommentsWicelo+13
2016 Nov 18 Julian was on the verge of exposing the biggest government crime in U.S. history when they took him off line - the mass murder of thousands of people.5 CommentsNot_So_Fast_Mate+49
2016 Nov 18 Julian's perspective1 CommentsHeraclios+2
2016 Nov 18 What's the evidence that Julian Assange isn't alive or at the embassy???46 Commentstoms_face+10
2016 Nov 18 Police and Prosecutors Arrive at Ecuador’s London Embassy to Question Assange on Rape Allegation0 Commentsgidatola+0
2016 Nov 18 ELI5: How will a "digital signature" help determine weather a message is coming from Julian Assange himself or not?7 Commentshello_worrld+2
2016 Nov 18 Reminder, /r/PizzaGate has been compromised142 CommentsPixelBot+258
2016 Nov 18 Was there a follow-up on this tweet by @WikiLeaks?1 Commentshello_worrld+20
2016 Nov 18 When I was searching for r/whereisassange this weird subreddit popped up?6 CommentsJoeGrinstead+8
2016 Nov 18 Summed up article on what's going on0 CommentsFastOnReels+6
2016 Nov 18 People Of London: I Made A FB Event For A Peaceful Protest Outside Of The Ecuadorian Embassy In London In Order To Confirm Assange Is There. JOIN!7 Comments5wi55+126
2016 Nov 18 Important: Hacker News is compromised2 Commentsswapetyswap+15
2016 Nov 18 If JA is extradited in US or kidnapped by CIA, why would RT cover it with a fake interview?16 Commentsau85+24
2016 Nov 18 New forum with canary system26 CommentsSecureBits+21
2016 Nov 18 Time has its annual "Person of the Year" polls going. Vote for Assange to make the media take notice.104 CommentsNegativeRainbow+1312
2016 Nov 18 Time's Person of the Year 2016 Poll. Julian Assange has 9% votes, second place after Trump at 10%.6 CommentsBobbyBum+168
2016 Nov 18 If there are no leaks this week we know there has definitely been some kind of compromise.12 Commentsfreewayricky12+28
2016 Nov 18 Disparity in the RiseUp Canary - GPG RSA Key Was Changed By ONE Character At The Last Update28 CommentsLeeham721+24
2016 Nov 18 Pilger Video3 Commentswixdell77+3
2016 Nov 18 I think this is legit. Could explain why JA looks so zonked out in tweeted photo with Carlos Poveda, allegedly from Nov 14.12 Commentssydneybluestreet+0
2016 Nov 18 Force Coverage For Julian! Vote Julian Assange for Time's 2016 POTY!0 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+88
2016 Nov 18 Anon a (((WL Keyholder)))98 CommentsKatanaRunner+143
2016 Nov 18 This is believable. What do you guys think?14 Commentsmastigia+12
2016 Nov 18 Having a Mass said for Assange6 Comments-y-y-+33
2016 Nov 18 hashes on cleartext don't make sense6 Commentswixdell77+9
2016 Nov 18 Timeline of events regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks. #WhereIsAssange?13 CommentsHazardousBridge+26
2016 Nov 18 Compromised subs44 Commentsdirtpoet+28
2016 Nov 18 The broadcasting of an event which features a live video conference with Snowden is now live.13 CommentstheIoniousmonk+47
2016 Nov 18 Why isn't this being discussed?11 Comments3llenDegenerate+0
2016 Nov 18 We need to step back and talk about this psyop and disinformation stuff46 Commentsablevictor+68
2016 Nov 18 Wikileaks replacement?18 CommentsJoeGrinstead+2
2016 Nov 18 A different perspective on Assange23 Commentsexileisland+0
2016 Nov 18 New CIA Director: 'Traitor' Snowden deserves death penalty. [Doesn't bode well for Assange]33 Comments1ndigoo+136
2016 Nov 18 How likely is it that Assange escaped the embassy?46 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+1
2016 Nov 18 Has the police presence at the embassy changed since Oct 15?20 Commentsamgoingtohell+22
2016 Nov 18 Do you really believe USA, Russia, Great Britain, Ecuador, Sweden etc. worked together to kill Assange?17 CommentsJurijFedorov+6
2016 Nov 18 Let's stay rational - it's important10 Commentsoff-piste+78
2016 Nov 18 Some suggestions going forward.4 Commentsjrf_1973+12
2016 Nov 18 Psy-Op69 CommentsKatanaRunner+319
2016 Nov 18 Former GCHQ Spy found dead in bathroom...could it be related to wikileaks?11 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+25
2016 Nov 18 extracting metadata from (purportedly) recent assange selfie7 Commentscuam+0
2016 Nov 18 Regarding the DMS: would wikileaks really bet on 1 way?15 Commentsthrowitnow+3
2016 Nov 18 Force Their Hand: Make #AssangeIsDead trend TONIGHT54 CommentsJD2210+757
2016 Nov 18 Coincidence? [overlooked old x-post]6 Commentsthrowaway8089b+35
2016 Nov 18 Wikileaks twitter seems increasingly anti-hillary18 Commentsitchyshorts+52
2016 Nov 18 Why hasn't anyone stepped forward as the public face of wikileaks?17 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+10
2016 Nov 18 Assange released a statement on the US election on 8 November. How does this fit into the timeline of events?23 Commentsfungality+7
2016 Nov 18 Explanation for new mods at Wikileaks subreddit8 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+13
2016 Nov 18 Why would the embassy's WiFi be Assange's only source of internet?16 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+57
2016 Nov 18 wikileaks.org HTTPS Certificate issued on Oct 29, 20162 Commentsunclezipper+9
2016 Nov 18 Julian's internet connection11 CommentsHeraclios+12
2016 Nov 19 Anyone wanna join my livestream and chat about this shit?0 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+2
2016 Nov 19 Translator for Carlos Poveda Audiofile?4 CommentsSparvey_Hecter+9
2016 Nov 19 Assange's cat has its own Twitter, it has not shown any activity since October 16th19 CommentsGrubbery+77
2016 Nov 19 What about snailmail? (Sorry if this is a silly question.)13 CommentsTrixles+8
2016 Nov 19 Simple & Effective Way to Spread Awareness?1 Commentslo-lite+6
2016 Nov 19 Quick Op to verify if JA is at the embassy.10 CommentsHeir2TheGrandIllusin+20
2016 Nov 19 Who are these protesters who appear in every photo of the embassy?7 Commentsuser_name_checks_out+16
2016 Nov 19 Julian Assange's lawyer makes a telling mistake28 Commentsmendax2proff+6
2016 Nov 19 Who thinks the deadman switch tripped? Where would we look?43 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+34
2016 Nov 19 11/14 - Julian Assange is so bored he's making his cat wear fancy ties ?3 Commentsbashes_fash+0
2016 Nov 19 Mods, you need a warrant canary.7 Commentsrocket_nazi+11
2016 Nov 19 Possible proof of life on November 8th?2 Commentscentipeded+3
2016 Nov 19Official Post Some rules10 CommentsiamDanger_us+53
2016 Nov 19 Is it possible that the insurance files were a bluff?12 Commentsmidd420+2
2016 Nov 19 Has anyone tried tweeting @JohnPilger questions about the most recent interview?4 CommentsGuthix47+8
2016 Nov 19 New wikileaks tweet denying loss of twitter control57 CommentsDJ_GRAZIZZLE+81
2016 Nov 19 Let's clear up the misunderstanding about the camera box and what it means right now5 CommentsI_might_be_drinking+22
2016 Nov 19 Fomer Veteran NSA Senior Analyst Insists that Julian Assange is NOT in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.10 CommentsLegal_Eagle_Louis+7
2016 Nov 19 How to prove Assange's presence in the embassy18 Commentspelirrojo+32
2016 Nov 19 Out of Character Tweet from Wikileaks, Proof they are Compromised?15 Commentschiefmatty+100
2016 Nov 19 Some help from the media... #WhereisAssange3 Commentsanthony256tt+12
2016 Nov 19 Just needed to say this31 CommentsFalcon9Heavy+28
2016 Nov 19 From 2012 - Assange's mother: "I'm terrified of what US will do to Julian". - Has she said anything recently? Anyone know how to contact her?3 Commentsamgoingtohell+64
2016 Nov 19 Jennifer Robinson speaks to reporters after Assange finishes giving testimony to Swedish prosecutors 15-Nov-20162 CommentsUntouchabro+2
2016 Nov 19 The most down-voted thread about Julian Assange and Wikileaks probably has hit a huge nerve of the Washington political machine. Links mentioned have been hacked/restored 122 times in 3 weeks.3 CommentsXXX-LARGE+58
2016 Nov 19 Has anyone just...6 CommentsXanthostemon+16
2016 Nov 19 Riseup.net's Warrant Canary is overdue by 3 days. Take Action and Tweet @Riseupnet60 CommentsBangSystem+196
2016 Nov 19 No wifi?!!7 CommentsPBJ69+0
2016 Nov 19 October 18: "WikiLeaks Life Insurance File #3 being blocked...constant DDOS" - Twitter12 CommentsBangSystem+96
2016 Nov 19 News? "On 14 November 2016, Police, Swedish Prosecutors, and Ecuadorian officials met with Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London about the sexual assault allegations."4 CommentsPdan4+0
2016 Nov 19 All they'd have to do is publish a photo of Assange in the embassy holding up today's newspaper. The fact they're not doing that confirms he's gone.11 Commentsvoter2016+71
2016 Nov 19 London redditors we need urgent action from a volunteer!50 Commentspelirrojo+272
2016 Nov 19 Relevant clip from Showtime's The Circus- Filmed outside Ecuadorian Embassy October 21st.3 Commentsthrowaway1245695475+31
2016 Nov 19 SUCCESS: Twitter campaign PAID OFF HUGE!98 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+471
2016 Nov 19 Be sure to vote for Assange as TIME's Person of the Year 2016. He deserves it. And it will bring him back into the media spotlight at a critical time.7 CommentsWillough+163
2016 Nov 19 ACTION NEEDED: A counter-strategy to the psy-op campaign27 Commentsmundaneseahorses+81
2016 Nov 19 Assange's Dead Man Switch Activates and Writes Keys to the Blockchain - Thread contains Guide to search for Keys81 CommentsWitnessMeSempai+318
2016 Nov 19 [Request] Add 'Disappearance' to the Julian Assange wikipedia page.5 Commentsautotom+64
2016 Nov 19 Julian RT Video Morphing, credible?10 CommentsXuse+17
2016 Nov 19 Hey, has anyone seen this? I would like to hear your opinions about it.6 Commentslolina123+4
2016 Nov 19 Thread for Assange-Is-Alive "conspiracy theory".58 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+24
2016 Nov 19 Does Anyone Have A Pic Of Pam Anderson leaving the Embassy?3 Comments867530990210+41
2016 Nov 19 Sarah Harrison publishes OP ED on WL in NYT Nov 17, 20161 Commentsamsong10+3
2016 Nov 19 Does Edward Snowden know the truth about Julian Assange's whereabouts?7 CommentsCyber_Sleuth_Cindy+9
2016 Nov 19 Thread for ideas on people to attempt to contact in efforts for info on "the wizard"8 CommentsTomPain1776+0
2016 Nov 19 Political Revolution Sub Now also deleting anything and everything relating to Wikileaks & Julian Assange! More C*NS*RSH*P!12 CommentsCyber_Sleuth_Cindy+31
2016 Nov 19 Twitter Moment: Where is Julian Assange?5 Commentsamgoingtohell+105
2016 Nov 19 On October 22nd Riseup.net deleted "fingerprints" for verifying certificates on various of their subdomains, fingerprints which had been kept/ updated for years.44 Commentspiaget5stages+131
2016 Nov 19 So...that might be an extreme solution but..10 Commentsy4my4m+8
2016 Nov 19 WHOIS#WIKILEAKS-WHEREIS#ASSANGE A NEW VECTOR OF FINDING LEAKS: read sweedish? j/k0 CommentsGlobalHell+10
2016 Nov 19 [X-Post] [LEAK] The /r/Wikileaks Moderators' Individual Stances on Public Mod Logs (27 Oct 2016)7 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+33
2016 Nov 19 Concerning the last tweet from @WikiLeaks59 Commentslolina123+383
2016 Nov 19 Any Ecuadorian people visiting London who can enter the embassy requesting a new passport? Perhaps gather Intel?7 Commentsmaplesyrupsucker+61
2016 Nov 19 Im 100% Sure Wikileaks is Compromised65 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+201
2016 Nov 19 Overdue Canary Statement of Riseup.net10 Commentsexmatt+58
2016 Nov 19 blockchain.info, most widely used site to check bitcoin transactions, had DNS hacked for 8 hours in days leading up to cutting the Assange's Internet access22 Commentslolina123+204
2016 Nov 19 Other # and ideas for gathering info.0 CommentsrockyVSappollo+3
2016 Nov 19 Chronology of Julian's Disappearance77 CommentsSaudi-Prince+278
2016 Nov 19 In an attempt to raise more awareness I've just sent a carefully written email to the "No Agenda" podcast.11 Commentslogga+50
2016 Nov 19 Honestly, how difficult is it to brute force the insurance file22 CommentsPM-ME-YOUR-SEXTAPE+5
2016 Nov 19 Why don´t AnonHQ report this?11 Commentsafasiribo+12
2016 Nov 19 Suspicious BitCoin payments made from WikiLeaks on Nov 18.30 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+80
2016 Nov 19 The claim that the street was closed and mobile phones were seized at the embassy20 CommentsNeill_889+30
2016 Nov 19 Is the_donald compromised?52 CommentsRed_leaf96+53
2016 Nov 19 Question about JA at the embassy2 CommentsSubseadan+19
2016 Nov 19 Contact The Intercept?8 Commentsbfs23432+14
2016 Nov 19 Has anyone considered the other possibility?22 Commentsagentf90+10
2016 Nov 19 New to the sub. Glad there are people still hunting down the truth. My question is, why aren't guys like Alex Jones or Steve Pieczenik talking about this?18 CommentsThe_Broba_Fett+52
2016 Nov 19 October 18th flight radar20 Commentsepicirclejerk+6
2016 Nov 19 This is not good. Popular, trusted progressives like HA Goodman have no idea the twitter account might be compromised.3 Commentslord_dvorak+24
2016 Nov 19 A reminder only weeks before the internet got cut off, a 'dating site' tried to honeypot Assange, and vaguely threatened his lawyer.14 Commentslol_and_behold+70
2016 Nov 19 Video from Oct 22 about /r/WikiLeaks being compromised0 CommentsBigKahuna25+2
2016 Nov 19 Interesting. Tweets spell out "help him"9 CommentsRed_leaf96+0
2016 Nov 19 Do we have a list of all claimed pictures, video and audio since the internet cutoff?2 CommentsAlexandre_Delcomune+3
2016 Nov 19 @wikileaks new tweet. Calls for proof of life still being ignored.19 Commentsozconsoul+149
2016 Nov 19 i think i found riseup canary from oct 22...9 Commentsiamcollective+0
2016 Nov 19 Assange is fine.28 CommentsHillaryPaysMe2baDick+0
2016 Nov 19 xpnotoc on Twitter "the @johnpilger Interview of @wikileaks #JulianAssange IS edited twice at CRUCIAL timepoints. RT to SPREAD #WhereIsJulian ?!?!!?!"0 CommentsIanMoone13+8
2016 Nov 19 How to open insurance file?2 CommentsJoeGrinstead+3
2016 Nov 19 An alternative view of Wikileaks and Assange7 Commentsthrowawaylinbin+15
2016 Nov 19 John Pilger tweets about the date of the interview with Julian60 CommentsSpartanSK117+158
2016 Nov 19 Data1 CommentsFalcon9Heavy+2
2016 Nov 19 October 1st ICANN dns handover by US gov, and BlockChain DNS Hack, and WikiLeaks connected?4 CommentsEdgerAllenHo+7
2016 Nov 19 /r/The_Donald banned me for making a single post talking about Julian.5 Commentsyourotheraccount124+40
2016 Nov 19 My take on Julian's possible kiddnapping6 CommentsWikileaksThrowAway+9
2016 Nov 20 JUST IN: Pilger Claims Interview At Embassy On Oct 3034 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+58
2016 Nov 20 Torrent files for both releases and security files.1 CommentsTylerDurdenJunior+13
2016 Nov 20 Hope Mods are ok with this livestreaming about Assange/wikileaks...0 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+15
2016 Nov 20 From /r/WikiLeaks: Stats suggest @WikiLeaks Twitter authorship changed from October to November6 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+61
2016 Nov 20 @d_seaman covers bitcoin and conspiracy but conspicuously echoes @wikileaks bullshit about our concerns being disinfo. We should force his hand to reconsider.9 CommentsHerculius+10
2016 Nov 20 drudge@drudgereport.com Maybe this guy will care?1 CommentsMurcus+21
2016 Nov 20 Not to be insensitive, but at this point, Julian is Schrodinger's Cat.4 Commentsbobama-ameritech+16
2016 Nov 20 We have been infiltrated by JTRIG on reddit. Art of Deception: Training For a New Generation of Online Covert Operations460 CommentsPixelBot+1625
2016 Nov 20 Politicians saying that Assange should be assassinated2 Commentsenfdude+45
2016 Nov 20 Serious question: why would foreign nationals who are part of an organization that has published US state secrets be compelled to silence by a US national security letter?8 Commentsexanarchist+17
2016 Nov 20 Assange refused interview on oct. 24th with American reporter of 'Showtime', replied with handwritten note13 Commentsantisoros+56
2016 Nov 20 REMINDER TO ALL MY PEOPLE IN LONDON: The peaceful protest for Assange is happening tomorrow. There is an event on fb. JOIN!!!!59 Comments5wi55+576
2016 Nov 20 Assange refuses to come to window for Canadian comedian with megaphone.10 CommentsSaudi-Prince+104
2016 Nov 20 This post upset a few people but standing up for truth and justice is worth any cost.3 CommentsBasedPornStar+15
2016 Nov 20 Maybe this is the wrong sub for this. But there may be info in the blockchain.11 Commentsgoodguy_asshole+41
2016 Nov 20 We caught some bots!8 CommentsPixelBot+81
2016 Nov 20 Good News Everyone! /s 'Julian Assange Not Missing: Viral Hoax Claims WikiLeaks Is Under Government Control And Its Founder Missing [Debunked]' - inquisitr.com14 Commentsspaceman84+6
2016 Nov 20 EmbassyCat and Zeroisation7 Commentsokayfreakshow+14
2016 Nov 20 Does anyone have a link to the recent Assange interview that shows the weird glitches?19 Commentssumdail+10
2016 Nov 20 Upvote this Hacker News Thread to get Riseup's Canary to the mainstream12 Commentscanarywatch+106
2016 Nov 20 MRW We have twice as many online readers as /r/wikileaks (865 vs 430)14 Commentscanarywatch+316
2016 Nov 20 *NEW VIDEO* WHERE IS ASSANGE????26 Commentsevilhillary+161
2016 Nov 20 /r/Wikileaks mod spreads propaganda claiming Assange is not missing.20 CommentsTeuthex+60
2016 Nov 20 15-18 October visit of Patriarch Kirill to the UK2 CommentsJusticiaChristos+0
2016 Nov 20 Where3 CommentsSprocketR+0
2016 Nov 20 Idea to increase awareness4 CommentsGammaRayTrump+12
2016 Nov 20 Schrödinger's cat1 Commentspeeloo+2
2016 Nov 20 Possibility of assange using Morse code in pilger interview?3 CommentsDwdfnej+2
2016 Nov 20 Insurance files question14 Commentscslack813+3
2016 Nov 20 Assange promised Hillary bombshell in final week before election. These revelations would have dealt a HUGE blow to the existing power structure. Instead, only regular release of Podesta emails. I sense evil.15 CommentsQuickstrike93+155
2016 Nov 20 Prediction: Cover story: Assange "Found guilty" and invisibly whisked off to an undisclosed Swedish prison.1 Commentsbitcloud+0
2016 Nov 20 Anyone tried calling the embassy?5 Commentsjustformyrash+6
2016 Nov 20 Bombshell: Pilger/Assange Interview was Conducted in August NOT October102 CommentsWIALeaks+303
2016 Nov 20 why is everyone going so nuts over this?52 Commentscodgerrodgerdodger+0
2016 Nov 20 Found 2 more bots in codgerrodgerdodger's most recent post, they are in full force right now.22 CommentsAstronomist+115
2016 Nov 20 Where is Assange?15 CommentsEdgerAllenHo+0
2016 Nov 20 THEY ARE HERE, RIGHT NOW, attempting to sabotage me as a bot. Proof included88 CommentsAstronomist+12
2016 Nov 20 Really Disturbing Stickied Post from one of the New Mods over at /r/Wikileaks52 CommentsWIALeaks+230
2016 Nov 20 You need to keep getting the word out!2 CommentsTrilandian+7
2016 Nov 20 Another idea to spread awareness0 CommentsGammaRayTrump+3
2016 Nov 20 Assange in 2014: "Bitcoin is [...] cryptography [...] that can defend itself and the people who use it against the full might of a superpower."6 Commentsamdexn+23
2016 Nov 20 New keys (apparently it's about to get serious). I'm just a spectator found this on GLP and thought I'd share.11 Commentstrump4lulz+7
2016 Nov 20 Reddit Algorythm autmoatically downvotes all threads about Julian Assange down to 67% within 2 hours to keep off first page!203 CommentsNever-B4+3883
2016 Nov 20 Our Worst Fears have come True. This is Real.17 CommentsTheNASAguy+32
2016 Nov 20 Embassy Protest for Assange starts in 20 minutes! Post periscope feeds here180 Commentsportlandufc+564
2016 Nov 20 Is it possible that outing Assange right now, might not be in his favor?9 CommentsIm_Justin_Cider+2
2016 Nov 20 Re the JTRIG infiltration, PLEASE READ36 CommentsGammaRayTrump+253
2016 Nov 20 Fake web links9 Commentssumdail+14
2016 Nov 20 Timeline: Where Is Julian Assange?4 Commentspolar-alpines+7
2016 Nov 20 Let this link Open Your Eyes to the Censorship of /r/whereisassange related content on /r/wikileaks14 Commentsportlandufc+46
2016 Nov 20 Why WikiLeaks is DEFINITELY COMPROMISED.34 CommentsEdgerAllenHo+155
2016 Nov 20 Made a post on The_Donald asking why assange missing posts are being deleted. See how long it lasts.2 CommentsPM-ME-UR-LIFESTORIES+24
2016 Nov 20 Where Is Julian Assange? - By Milo Yiannopoulos4 CommentsBernie4Ever+184
2016 Nov 20 Right guys, I just passed by again and literally ZERO activity.94 Commentsslapmandoo+307
2016 Nov 20 Current phrases that trigger automatic comment removal in r/wikileaks22 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+40
2016 Nov 20 So apparently I was put on a "shill list"?26 CommentsEdgerAllenHo+9
2016 Nov 20 Hi friends! Could anyone provide a good summary of everything that has happened so far that is convincing evidence that something has happened to Julian Assange?13 Commentspatriotaxe+7
2016 Nov 20 REGARDING the memorial and Wasabi8 CommentsCpt9captain+48
2016 Nov 20 Live Periscope Outside the Embassy!6 CommentsBangSystem+42
2016 Nov 20 [Question] Why go on with the charade, letting swedish prosecutor take a statement?25 Commentsdmhrm+4
2016 Nov 20 What now?12 Commentssupaninjas+25
2016 Nov 20 3 insurance torrent files have a last modified date of 8 Nov 2016 - Have they been tampered with? (CTRL F "nov-")24 Commentsportlandufc+66
2016 Nov 20 Someone should set-up a ThunderClap3 Commentsjesse9212+0
2016 Nov 20 Telegram chat for #WhereIsAssange9 Commentsyellow_viper+0
2016 Nov 20 Where Is Julian Assange? - By Milo Yiannopoulos54 Commentsjuzeza+636
2016 Nov 20 yall need to get some better ideas47 Commentsjonp5065+0
2016 Nov 20 CHATROOM - #Whereisassange28 CommentsMandarin1+0
2016 Nov 20 Just set up a BitMessage Chan (just in case): BM-2cXrZxJBPxHdbd1huscZyi2GmRd9n2mq5s32 Commentscarpetjuice+2
2016 Nov 20 Where is the rest of wikileaks?48 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+180
2016 Nov 20 A wake for Assange6 Commentskilna+49
2016 Nov 20 Idea for internet access8 Commentslurkermakingapost+8
2016 Nov 20 Remember: Refuge in Audacity is not just a comedy trope! Do not dismiss a notion solely on how implausible it sounds.0 CommentsBurgerkrieg+47
2016 Nov 20 [ Meta]The CSS of this sub disables RES tagging for some reason. Can we have that changed?10 CommentsPM_ME_SAD_STUFF_PLZ+4
2016 Nov 20 Spelling mistakes in Wikileaks tweets13 Commentsembassycat+23
2016 Nov 20Official Post Shills, bots, and disinfo137 CommentsiamDanger_us+333
2016 Nov 20 Why has PixelBot's JTRIG post been removed?44 Commentsspambought+55
2016 Nov 20 Just an idea. Not sure if this has been brought up yet...2 CommentsBuzzsgirlfriend_woof+5
2016 Nov 20 Hold strong.6 CommentsWin77786+12
2016 Nov 20 Something We Could Try4 CommentsIanMoone13+5
2016 Nov 20 By all rights and reason, we require full disclosure of all alien contact and all treaties the US has agreed to with the aliens. Uhmmm... Aliens?? Ok.15 Commentstrump4lulz+6
2016 Nov 20 Current status of leads0 CommentsEvalelynn+2
2016 Nov 20 My work stops until they prove to me that Julian's heart hasn't stopped!3 CommentsSkullSoupBowl+11
2016 Nov 20 Removed comments2 CommentsTandborste+3
2016 Nov 20 Can we do a twitter attack at 3, 7 eastern or another time today. We need to get the word out.12 CommentsGrace8543+16
2016 Nov 20 Hunger strike for Assange!11 CommentsMolochSupporter+0
2016 Nov 20 What does this blockchain information mean?2 CommentsThrowPizzaAtGate+2
2016 Nov 20 Force Their Hand 2.0: Make #AssangeIsDead Trend Tonight13 CommentsJD2210+356
2016 Nov 20 Noob question: Why don't we know what happened to Assange? Isn't there someone 24/7 outside the embassy who would notice if Assange was arrested or if something fishy was occurring?6 CommentsMultiMediaWill+16
2016 Nov 20 PAMELA ANDERSON?!?!?!?'16 CommentsDeplorableRussian+5
2016 Nov 20 Possible Reason Why No Forthcoming PGP5 CommentsSaudi-Prince+4
2016 Nov 20 This May Be The Stupidest Idea Ever But...18 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+4
2016 Nov 20 Kimdotcom said/have any info?18 Commentswheremyboyassange+6
2016 Nov 20 10,000 people wondering where the fuck Assange is77 Commentsyellow_viper+562
2016 Nov 20 Drudge Report1 CommentsIanMoone13+17
2016 Nov 20 Wikileaks Party on FB. Children or shills?2 Commentsbitcloud+4
2016 Nov 20 Wikileaks Bitcoin Donation Wallet Emptied Out 2 Days Ago (x-post the_donald)2 CommentsCrookedClinton+61
2016 Nov 20 I made a bunch of posters to help raise awareness.7 Commentsutp123+11
2016 Nov 20 Where Is Julian Assange? - By Milo Yiannopoulos0 CommentsGodEmpire+0
2016 Nov 20 JTRIG Ops. -- Links inside.15 Comments44OzStyrofoamCup+36
2016 Nov 20 WikiLeaks: PGP keys24 CommentsPrayForaPBnJ+87
2016 Nov 20 Does anyone in London have GPR or any of the "see through" devices? If not let's crowd source one to see through the embassy walls.32 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+76
2016 Nov 20 Todd and Claire Pedo Frame Job.11 CommentsMolochSupporter+3
2016 Nov 20 Bitcoin Blockchains from October?0 Commentsmindsweeper2016+8
2016 Nov 20 Has anyone seen this video by piezcnik, would they let this go viral if it wasn't a PSY-OP?7 CommentsGodEmpire+5
2016 Nov 20 Keep fighting for Assange, a timeline of suspicious events.1 CommentsBasedPornStar+31
2016 Nov 20 Possible Lead27 Commentsasp1030+130
2016 Nov 20 Only trust facts. Post histories mean nothing.45 Commentsjustmadethis0000+0
2016 Nov 20 Is FSF.org down for anybody else3 Commentsieatedjesus+2
2016 Nov 20 The Inquisitr claims "Where is Assange" is a debunked trolling attempt. But -13 Commentsjrf_1973+40
2016 Nov 20 Hello internet! let's have a talk15 Commentsvenetsia+0
2016 Nov 20 Theories on Pam Anderson29 CommentsHeathcliff--+17
2016 Nov 20 What can those of us OUTSIDE of the UK do to help?16 Commentscajuntechie+15
2016 Nov 20 Technology that would allow Assange interview to be faked.16 CommentsLittle_chicken_hawk+177
2016 Nov 20 What do you guys think about Assange merchandise?23 CommentsTrumpBasedAF+0
2016 Nov 20 Julian Assange's Wikipedia page1 CommentsExtracter+10
2016 Nov 20 Assange/Ecuadorian Embassy. What/who didtheytransport?6 CommentsAShinyNewToad+82
2016 Nov 20 Couple random ideas to try and get a hold of him and about the recent interview.3 CommentsBIGREDDMACH1NE+3
2016 Nov 20 NASA ADMITS: INBOUND 'Blue Star Kachina' of HOPI Prophecy is "HEO 437." PREPARE! (NOT EVEN SHILLING RN)33 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+0
2016 Nov 21 Bitcoin address that received large transaction from WL on 18th Nov sends back to WL with message "We're fine 8chan. Post fake"271 CommentsAfouToPatisa+664
2016 Nov 21 Latest Update??7 CommentsDade__Murphy+11
2016 Nov 21 Fellow human and swedish redditor trying to help.13 CommentsScott_Loveshot+60
2016 Nov 21 Hey can you politely FUCK OFF you slime ball infiltrators? CLICK THE LINK, THEY ARE ALL OVER NEW LOOK AT THESE CLICKBAIT POSTS, "Listen to my thoughts" "Watch this random YouTube video" " Fuck you we don't even care that you know we're hired by the Feds"7 CommentsAstronomist+21
2016 Nov 21 Do not give up on the blockchain search for the keys. Watching this interview makes it seem almost certain this was part of Julian's DMS plan.4 Commentsbasedwizardlizard+33
2016 Nov 21 Where is Assange8 Commentscompassion2016+22
2016 Nov 21 Fake interview?3 Commentstfirsuluco+9
2016 Nov 21 How to tell a shill from a real person with one simple trick! SHILLS HATE HIM! Number 14 will shock you! (See what I did there?)6 CommentsCleverestPony70+0
2016 Nov 21 DDOS incoming targeting all of our new discoveries?33 CommentsYttrasil+115
2016 Nov 21 How to tell a shill from a real person with one simple trick! SHILLS HATE HIM! (See what I did there? Seriously, though, this works.)0 CommentsCleverestPony70+0
2016 Nov 21 Cui bono?2 Commentsekidengrey+2
2016 Nov 21 We can break #Pizzagate by going straight for the local news teams. Please Read, please help!10 CommentsAnonymousAlanWatts+6
2016 Nov 21 List of Twitter Hashtags0 CommentsAuch999+10
2016 Nov 21 I think that the The Dead Man's Switch dump has already started flowing out. A lot of information was posted a couple of days ago on 8chan. It could be a complete diversion/honeypot, so care when researching any of the info within the dump, but tell me what you think.6 Commentswiyotomo+9
2016 Nov 21 Wait, I'm new here, has wikileaks actually been compromised or was Nuliaj Engsassa (read in reverse) bluffing about the man dead's switch all along?9 CommentsCleverestPony70+8
2016 Nov 21 Question to clarify my understanding of the dms and insurance files.1 Commentstwinning92+1
2016 Nov 21 1/3 - Dispelling some myths -10 CommentsTheTheoryOfTruth+0
2016 Nov 21 More proof that Assange is dead...5 CommentsMultiMediaWill+9
2016 Nov 21 Best solution for JTRIG dilemma: Behave like you did a few days before.17 CommentsPepsiColaSanta+0
2016 Nov 21 Boys. Is this just a "morph cut" from using Adobe software, or is there something more to this? More links inside. Recent RT INTERVIEW with ASSANGE. MANIPULATED?13 CommentsJJBillion+3
2016 Nov 21 Christ, they won't stop. So many distraction posts guys this is ridiculous.70 CommentsAstronomist+363
2016 Nov 21 REGARDING the Bitcoins and 8chan dilemma57 CommentsCpt9captain+18
2016 Nov 21Official Post Welcome (+ timelines & related links)66 CommentsiamDanger_us+281
2016 Nov 21 Has Wikileaks been Compromised? Cryptographic Hashes & Email Leaks Not Matching Up - Freedom Hacker [News Story; November 16, 2016]3 CommentsAuch999+52
2016 Nov 21 Doing what i can while keeping my family safe.1 Commentsstarwarsian+0
2016 Nov 21 A secret can only be kept among three people if two of them are dead – but if everyone knows about a secret, it’s not really a secret, is it? • X-Post from /r/The_Donald9 CommentsBiglyMAGA+75
2016 Nov 21 What happened to the promised "surprise" for Tim Kaine?8 Commentsihavesheep+51
2016 Nov 21 FBI anon0 Commentstjg09+14
2016 Nov 21 RE Assange: The "Keep Fighting" card is from 2013. Did the UK Ecuador embassy really tweeted that? Please see image11 Commentsiwaagh+10
2016 Nov 21 I found this picture of Julian thats as credible as all the evidence presented that he is ok.50 Commentsf_bastiat+335
2016 Nov 21 John Kerry + Ecuador + UK FCO = Julian was trying to tell us who was taking him?60 Commentsshit_fire_fuzzy+168
2016 Nov 21 What to do with "insurance torrents?"6 Commentsbuffaloswing+6
2016 Nov 21 Seriously what do we do? It's getting obvious that Assange has been compromised and we are being played for fools. Not even Alex Jones is reporting on the disappearance of Assange.7 CommentsWallStreetIsScared+27
2016 Nov 21 The Great Wizard Of Leaks2 CommentsXalitus+0
2016 Nov 21 HQ for Operation: Proof of Life☆We need to make a list and contact high profile people to help us demand proof of life☆6 CommentsSoapysoaperson+20
2016 Nov 21 Where to start for beginner?9 Commentshurgus_burgus+1
2016 Nov 21 Guys, someone has claimed they have 2000+ new podesta emails that were "hidden". DIG!15 Commentsdark_magi+134
2016 Nov 21 We are doing it, KEEP FIGHTING!7 CommentsGodEmpire+60
2016 Nov 21 Stay safe out there3 CommentsIndoctucated+15
2016 Nov 21 Some New findings - a loose connection between PizzaGate, Spirit Cooking and Assange1 CommentsQuestionThis2+12
2016 Nov 21 This is a long shot, but are there any Ecuadorians living in Britain here?5 CommentsWallStreetIsScared+43
2016 Nov 21 Is Wikileaks Bitcoin wallet compromised?5 CommentsJoeGrinstead+3
2016 Nov 21 Good timeline of events!0 Commentschodebabies+12
2016 Nov 21 HYPOTHESIS: Julian Assange escaped the Embassy, Wikileaks is compromised.27 CommentsRulerOfSlides+21
2016 Nov 21 Did anyone end up finding out whether Assange had ordered from his favorite restaurant recently??6 Commentsredditpirateroberts+24
2016 Nov 21 Question about that sketchy interview video2 Commentshurgus_burgus+2
2016 Nov 21 What about a phone call?7 Commentscajuntechie+2
2016 Nov 21 Redditor links that Showtime reporter - the guy who stands outside the Embassy and scribbles a question on a note - to John Podesta.3 Commentspiaget5stages+49
2016 Nov 21 Death Eaters.2 Commentssneakylittlebugger+0
2016 Nov 21 Guide-Process for decrypting insurance files.16 Commentsredditmodssuckass+26
2016 Nov 21 First and third timelines in the sticky deleted? Within the last 2 hours.4 Commentsemptywhy+3
2016 Nov 21 Can we all just take a step back for a second.21 CommentsXanthostemon+11
2016 Nov 21 Assange and WikiLeaks had millions at their disposal. There is 0% chance he didn't have a fucking way to connect to the Internet outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy.10 Commentspiaget5stages+17
2016 Nov 21 You Guys Realize You Can Call The Embassy And Talk To Julian Right?5 Commentsnihilistigon+0
2016 Nov 21 Australian nationals: Write to/email your local members of the house/senate4 CommentsRedditorOfTheAges+24
2016 Nov 21 A Candidate Plan to Break Out Assanage4 CommentsNicNic8+0
2016 Nov 21 What if...10 Commentsscarcitykills+0
2016 Nov 21 Reminder: If the spooks got him and they still haven't found the keys, he could be alive.8 CommentsGodEmpire+0
2016 Nov 21 Assange to Schmidt on alternative communication, link to transcript in comment3 CommentsYorEmXiam+8
2016 Nov 21 Audio from Assange will have to be treated with suspicion...2 CommentsAstrodonius+6
2016 Nov 21 Saudi Prince Theory So Far21 CommentsSaudi-Prince+43
2016 Nov 21 My cousin just proved that the Wikileaks Reddit sub is compromised after her post was deleted and banned in a mere 92 seconds. This is what she wrote;17 CommentsNot_So_Fast_Mate+98
2016 Nov 21 Message from WL in the blockchain.5 Commentsdeadalnix+1
2016 Nov 21 Can we pressure Trump to promise he'll free Assange?16 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+65
2016 Nov 21 Push social media4 CommentsMandarin1+9
2016 Nov 21 $100,000 REWARD offered for verifiable audio/video proof of life proving Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's current location and good health.12 CommentsBusy-Beaver+115
2016 Nov 21 /r/uncensorednews reports Wikileaks story.6 Commentswl_is_down+28
2016 Nov 21 I'm convinced a couple of things in this sub need to change if we want to achieve anything.54 Commentshardypart+214
2016 Nov 21 Let me break down the situation for you as simple as possible--eight characters and a hash-sign are all it takes to beat the opposition. #POLorPOS1 Commentsmaharito+0
2016 Nov 21 ToddAndClare Questions, Assistance needed.9 CommentsAnthemofChaos+1
2016 Nov 21 @kellykolisnik (wikileak IT guy) Posted somethig we said here on Twitter, 3 hours after we did it, ok you got me, this is weird.54 Commentsaceofspadesqt+108
2016 Nov 21 Audio analysis of Pilger interview7 Commentsbum_buster+46
2016 Nov 21 Get MSM journos attention on twitter and push for face to face or balcony interview4 Commentsdeathmangos+23
2016 Nov 21 CIA plane in the air36 CommentsMandarin1+37
2016 Nov 21 Someone sent a message to WL through a recent transaction: "Reddit/Twitter/WWW, you acknowledge control do PGP"33 CommentsAfouToPatisa+171
2016 Nov 21 Times Person of the Year Poll Results15 Commentsstickano+13
2016 Nov 21 Pilger interview not filmed in the embassy?5 CommentsPepsiColaSanta+2
2016 Nov 21 hes dead5 Commentsdoes_he_need_to_lift+0
2016 Nov 21 Where's Waldo? Julian Assange Edition (From 2010)0 Commentsreviling+0
2016 Nov 21 Ecuadorian Newspaper0 Commentsbollverk+15
2016 Nov 21 best strategy once we have found the decryption keys of the insurance file?15 Commentsantisoros+15
2016 Nov 21 Just as things started to go screwy w/ Wikileaks, 3 intelligence agents pretended to break Bradley Manning out of Prison & tried to convince him to be complicit in the "escape". Manning sat silently in his cell & refused to cooperate for 13 hours. Things then returned to normal like nothing happened96 CommentsAmygdala_Highjacker+345
2016 Nov 21 Serious: What good is political asylum when a country can violate it?9 CommentsMolochSupporter+2
2016 Nov 21 Posted Oct 14th... Very eerie in light of recent events... Maybe Russia wasn't who they really went after?4 CommentsGuyver1802+7
2016 Nov 21 Where is the post proving the Pilger interview took place in August and NOT in October? It vanished!1 CommentsXXX-LARGE+7
2016 Nov 21 [Tutorial] How to decode BTC Blockchain hidden messages.55 Commentsy4my4m+304
2016 Nov 21 JA insight on conspiracies; a warning3 Comments01011984+13
2016 Nov 21 Why the "Cut off Internet" excuse is absurd: Assange and WikiLeaks had millions at their disposal, and they go to extreme precautions. Without question he had many devices and means to get to the Internet.13 Commentspiaget5stages+1
2016 Nov 21Official Post A brief announcement104 CommentsiamDanger_us+98
2016 Nov 21 Phone Campaign - Start calling to find out where he is6 Commentsmanyxx+6
2016 Nov 21 why is nobody going to the embassy?8 Commentsmommiex+9
2016 Nov 21 Hidden message in the Bitcoin Blockchain - New theory24 Commentstudda+35
2016 Nov 21 I just got off the phone with the embassy27 CommentsTomPain1776+37
2016 Nov 21 A simple blockchain decoding tutorial3 Comments438498967+34
2016 Nov 21 The Carter Center4 CommentsAMSharify+0
2016 Nov 21 Question about political asylum5 Commentsjpop23mn+0
2016 Nov 21 Wikileaks' Certificate11 Commentstwtlo+34
2016 Nov 21 Was this tweet ever explained ?77 Commentscatbackpack+95
2016 Nov 21 In 2013 Obama Legalized The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public - Common Sense Evaluation11 CommentsSchlangeHatRecht+86
2016 Nov 21 Could we try reaching The Rubin Report?2 CommentsDerpsterIV+5
2016 Nov 21 Where is The Guardian?5 Commentsthelastemp+17
2016 Nov 21Theories I think Facebook is burying anything related to Julian...1 CommentsScottWalkerSucks+8
2016 Nov 21 Where Is Julian Assange? - By Milo Yiannopoulos. Has the UK allowed Wikileaks founder to be deported? • /r/ukpolitics2 Commentsfreelyread+11
2016 Nov 21 What If This is One Big Psyop?1 CommentsFUCKSATANISTS+0
2016 Nov 21 Official Communication From Ecuador22 Commentszack822+15
2016 Nov 21 So... let's actually do something that isn't just speculating..11 Commentsdestrud0+18
2016 Nov 21 Wikileaks Task Force: Assange's internet connection is still severed. There is no known reason or time frame provided5 Commentshazilla+25
2016 Nov 21 Julian Assange new photo! He's fine!1 CommentsxlxERWINxlx+0
2016 Nov 21 R/wikileaks releases credible new photo of Assange prove of life 11/21/166 CommentsNotalzac+0
2016 Nov 21 How can we know where Assange is if we don't even know where we are?4 CommentsLvl_69_Meme_Master+0
2016 Nov 21 Wikileaks on Facebook: Julian Assange's internet connection is still severed. There is no known reason or time frame provided.0 CommentsUtopiaFrenzy+20
2016 Nov 21 Wikileaks Task Force: Many ask for #ProofOfLife for #Assange. Thank you--but it is not possible to give strong meaningful proof (live internet video) presently188 Commentshazilla+244
2016 Nov 21 Did WikiLeaks get this message? "Nov5: Time is running out"3 CommentsGodEmpire+13
2016 Nov 21 Need help on WikiLeaks Twitter and bots that crowd the top reply slots2 CommentsMarkRosewater+9
2016 Nov 21Questions/Discussion Proof of wikileaks.org IP change?1 Commentscoochifur+5
2016 Nov 21 Julian Assange Overtakes Donald Trump in Person of Year Poll58 Commentsdeadalnix+1498
2016 Nov 21 #ProofOfLife issues: The problem is doing it right without live internet. Weak PoL, e.g photo with newspaper sets a dangerous precedent.41 Commentshazilla+25
2016 Nov 21 can someone shed some light on this list of files with dates changed to 1984? I understand the reference but what am i looking at here? there are a few files with the dates unchanged. I am going to try to look at those as a place to start5 CommentsTomPain1776+15
2016 Nov 21 1984 files updated69 CommentsThe_Shit_Poster+80
2016 Nov 21Miscellaneous There has never been a better time to archive wikileaks0 Comments8euro+11
2016 Nov 21 Wikileaks Task Force #ProofOfLife replies59 Commentshazilla+72
2016 Nov 21Questions/Discussion I just heard about the whole julien thing4 Commentsredditarmyxxx+2
2016 Nov 21 WikiLeaksTaskForce right now.11 Commentsozconsoul+296
2016 Nov 21 Does anyone know if this group has any credibility to it? At work and not able to go through posts to see if this has been addressed.9 Comments3llenDegenerate+8
2016 Nov 21 How To Put Pressure On Ecuador To Flip The Switch And See If Assange Is Inside Brainstorm Thread12 CommentsMarkRosewater+13
2016 Nov 21 Londoners are you that lazy?!12 CommentsRoninNionr+32
2016 Nov 21 Assange question?8 CommentsPaulShart-mallcop+5
2016 Nov 21 Where is Pamela Anderson ?6 Commentsghochpa+19
2016 Nov 21 WikiLeaks team member tweets a random code/key??199 CommentsIrishAggieMM+348
2016 Nov 21 ELI5 Blockchain2 CommentsWillough+5
2016 Nov 21 Leaked hex from /pol/ probably solved39 CommentsPepsiColaSanta+69
2016 Nov 21 Regarding "WikiLeaks Task Force"55 Commentslolina123+50
2016 Nov 21 The Lie Politic Gets a Response from WL1 CommentsCangrl+6
2016 Nov 21 He isn't in this video, that's for fucking sure...3 CommentsLiquidRitz+3
2016 Nov 21 Kelly kolisnik tweeted a series of numbers and letters today26 CommentsClay1o1-+82
2016 Nov 21 WikiLeaks Task Force1 CommentsBy_Myslf+0
2016 Nov 21 WikiLeaks Founder Takes Lead In Time Person Of Year Poll1 CommentsBernie4Ever+29
2016 Nov 21 Riseup having been comprimised being more of a fact than a suspicion.42 Commentsdestrud0+28
2016 Nov 21 Almost every single alternate domain that WikiLeaks provides to avoid Internet monitoring is DOWN as of now.112 Commentspiaget5stages+308
2016 Nov 21 What if Julian escaped on his own....16 Commentsdufff+0
2016 Nov 21 What if the mole was Snowden?4 Commentslolcatsgalore+0
2016 Nov 21 Kelly Kolisnik posts link to an FBI interrogation from 2013. Is he trying to tell us something?35 Commentshazilla+42
2016 Nov 21 Any chance Trump's people got Assange out of the embassy and put him in hiding till Trump is elected and can pardon him.14 CommentsWallStreetIsScared+0
2016 Nov 21 Kelly Kolisnik Tweets bitcoin wallet, transaction later of 911mBTC confirmed in blockchain. Plea for help10 CommentsRealProfessorOak+12
2016 Nov 21 Heavily edited promo w/ "more to come" ending.3 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+2
2016 Nov 21 Regarding current events - reposting a comment I made to increase visibility.28 CommentsRulerOfSlides+21
2016 Nov 22 Codes poster to Twitter by Kelly Kolisnik5 Comments124667+4
2016 Nov 22 Oracle acquires Dyn [DNS provider that was DDOSed]3 Comments1ndigoo+14
2016 Nov 22 Theliepolitic.com finally gets a response from Wikileaks about Julian Assange’s well being: 'These responses do not ring true. They appear deceitful' - 'We believe they act to further confirm our suspicion that Julian Assange is not in the Embassy at this time'4 CommentsBernie4Ever+48
2016 Nov 22Official Post Announcement: new mods43 CommentsiamDanger_us+168
2016 Nov 22 Objectively disprove claims that Dead man's switch went off and AES keys to WL Insurance Files have been released2 Commentsslobambusar+2
2016 Nov 22 Dead Man Switch misconception gives me hope70 CommentsRoninNionr+106
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Task Force is now contradicting themselves.17 CommentsSaudi-Prince+20
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Message In Bitcoin12 Commentsjake531+0
2016 Nov 22 Why there wont BE any resolution on Assange status before 12/199 Commentswrines+6
2016 Nov 22 He Has Been Silenced10 Commentsvedic134+4
2016 Nov 22 Window Appearance "is an assassination risk"17 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+18
2016 Nov 22 Follow Kelly's transactions!15 CommentsParanoiaaaattack+5
2016 Nov 22 New Bit Coin Message16 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+7
2016 Nov 22 Message in Kelly Kolisnik's Wallet23 Commentsdk-morgan+9
2016 Nov 22 Help a newbie out?5 Commentsglassemu+8
2016 Nov 22 The bitcoin account Kelly Kolisnik tweeted (1BpjNVeYm6kiER2m7N6FXy3zNZbqEkp1Tm) has new transactions with a seemingly hidden message in the addresses.19 CommentsMrWiffles+17
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Taqskforce BOTS in Full Force21 CommentsSaudi-Prince+41
2016 Nov 22 Beware their new strategy1 CommentsVAN_OUTSIDE_+6
2016 Nov 22 Should I donate to WikiLeaks?32 CommentsHollywoodfreak326+0
2016 Nov 22 @Wikileaks now claims there is an "assassination risk"40 CommentsSaudi-Prince+27
2016 Nov 22 IMPORTANT - Please tell me someone here has a copy of the medical records WL released September 2016 and that you downloaded it before mid/late October.16 Commentspiaget5stages+68
2016 Nov 22 Gents, it's time to ask "where is assange" to someone who just might tell you53 CommentsrockyVSappollo+275
2016 Nov 22 Dates in changed files.6 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+7
2016 Nov 22 "We are safe but low on cash, keep us strong"10 Commentsdeadalnix+3
2016 Nov 22 Kelly Kolisnik on Twitter "The @johnpilger Assange interview took place on Oct 30th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbT3_9dJY4 …. @WikiLeaks"6 CommentsIanMoone13+3
2016 Nov 22 This is so much bigger than one man. Proof of life is not what we need.14 CommentsChisK+3
2016 Nov 22 not speculations; just facts30 Comments01011984+40
2016 Nov 22 Just blocked by WikiLeaks on Twitter9 CommentsMarkRosewater+19
2016 Nov 22 Prob unrelated but some long standing torrents have gone down24 CommentsTomPain1776+47
2016 Nov 22 Is it possible that assange has something to gain from not giving us proof of life?63 CommentsRhetoricWarrior+35
2016 Nov 22 A quick note on why the wiki leaks pgp key is likely NOT compromised7 Commentstreretr+6
2016 Nov 22 People Magazine: Pamela Anderson Visits WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Again (Nov 13)11 Commentscontrarianism+0
2016 Nov 22 THIS TWEET FROM WIKI GAVE ME THE CREEPS17 CommentsDeplorableRussian+13
2016 Nov 22 Following a lead8 Commentsmhre312+10
2016 Nov 22 Did last month's major US internet outage have anything to do with this?7 Commentsiceboob+5
2016 Nov 22 We're gaining traction folks!10 Commentssomnolent1+36
2016 Nov 22 Heads up: Whether or not WL twitter is compromised, so is Kelly. Their fates are likely linked, so please be cautious when dealing with either account's posts as fact.12 CommentsIAmAShitposterAMA+36
2016 Nov 22 Wikipeida page for Dyn DDoS attack on Oct. 21. List of services affected. Two stand out like a sore thumb. Possible one of Assange's Deadman avenues was to Swedish authorities? Or brute publishing on their sites? Only Gov site affected, no way it's coincidence.31 Commentsbasedwizardlizard+117
2016 Nov 22 We can rest easy, 8chan anon admits to faking WikiLeaks post.77 CommentsMAGAcentipede09+145
2016 Nov 22 What do these three tweets mean? They were posted on October 16th, the day before Assange went missing. Dead man switch?6 Comments5wi55+4
2016 Nov 22Evidence Some basic facts all in one place. I wanted to create a good starting place for the uninitiated. It’s a basic guide to Assange and Wikileaks and why there is real concern over his whereabouts.125 Commentspatriotaxe+1128
2016 Nov 22 Because it's annoying to see people ask for a simple video, and be told "we cannot do a live Q&A video at the window" — strawman inflation of request is a con tactic.6 CommentsFUCK_YOU_REDDIT_CUNT+36
2016 Nov 22 What's the possibility that Assange snuck out safely?17 Commentsin_the_airoplane+11
2016 Nov 22 If the insurance files from the WL site have been compromised where would be the safest place to get them?2 Comments8dsf979452gf53489d56+3
2016 Nov 22 Libs love a protest. Do we have enough people around to protest the embassy until we are given proof of life?9 CommentsThe_Broba_Fett+10
2016 Nov 22 Regarding all the things compromised5 CommentsCerebralPimp+2
2016 Nov 22 How long can this continue?14 Commentsthisisashiteusername+7
2016 Nov 22 Dead Man's Switch and WL response12 CommentsDangerPanda+28
2016 Nov 22Theories Wikileaks Bitcoin Chat [DECODED]89 Commentsbitcloud+147
2016 Nov 22 Assange Cat tie: "American Rep Stripe"17 Commentspeeloo+45
2016 Nov 22 Assange's escape is more likely than his arrest or murder37 Commentstossinpizzas+15
2016 Nov 22 Modern video manipulation technique in Julian Assange interview - take a look10 Commentssjuskadur+3
2016 Nov 22 SOMETHING PRACTICAL TO HELP ASSANGE: Assange needs a guarantee to be able to travel. We should find a way to reach the Swedish government.7 Commentsiwaagh+22
2016 Nov 22 [Gag order?] riseup.net on Twitter: listen to the hummingbird, whose wings you cannot see, listen to the hummingbird, don't listen to me.29 CommentsWellSpentTime+74
2016 Nov 22 George Orwell Tweet.. What was this about?8 CommentsDade__Murphy+1
2016 Nov 22 An interesting thought to consider. If something has happened to Assange. what interest is it of the Ecuadorean government not to go public with this information. Have they been threatened by the powers that be?8 Comments92supreme+10
2016 Nov 22 I will make infographic; need facts31 Comments01011984+11
2016 Nov 22 How does a canary get around the fact that those taking over could force a canary update?9 Commentsmdcd4u2c+3
2016 Nov 22Theories Just got through at the embassy79 CommentsThe_Bread_Sorcerer+174
2016 Nov 22Evidence Understanding RiseUp.net's current status after their Nov 21 announcement, implications https://twitter.com/riseupnet/status/800815181190217729115 CommentsBravoFoxtrotDelta+234
2016 Nov 22 After the DDOS attack there was an article that traced its origin to an Air Force base in the midwest. Can't find it now. Anybody remember that and is it significant?11 Commentsvoter2016+5
2016 Nov 22 Another curious thing surrounding the Pilger interview.8 Commentsschindlabua+7
2016 Nov 22 Update?5 CommentsMrPatafix1+2
2016 Nov 22 Phase 3 connection to pizza gate? Push for "fake news" censorship? 100% speculatory - just wondering if anyone has info that could connect?23 Comments3llenDegenerate+11
2016 Nov 22 Archive.Is - USE THIS.6 CommentsCleverestPony70+1
2016 Nov 22 "We are safe, but low on cash, keep us [safe]"7 CommentsLandOfTheOppressed+3
2016 Nov 22Jokes/Memes Me every time I come to this sub16 CommentsGoHeadBeGoneWithIt+84
2016 Nov 22 Heute Guys, just a couple of thoughts! Join me por favore!5 CommentsTestusertestingtest+3
2016 Nov 22Theories [Theory] WeRe Fine 8chaN PoSt FAke BTC transaction & RiseUp's Government Policy FAQ23 Commentsosr+56
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous November 22nd TIME Person of the Year Bump: Julian Assange 13%, Trump 11%, Putin 7%. Get Out The Vote, Tell Your Friends! Get Assange the attention he deserves!!9 CommentsMarkRosewater+189
2016 Nov 22News/Articles 5 Signs Julian Assange is Dead or Missing12 Commentslimitless_ai+222
2016 Nov 22 Dark 5 picked up on Assange's disappearance!1 Commentskoolmagicguy+47
2016 Nov 22 If Julian is dead or arrested why would all of the people that work at/for/with Wikileaks not be shouting it from the rooftops?20 CommentsTheScoresWhat+8
2016 Nov 22 More /r/WikiLeaks mod trickery - Moving the link to /r/WhereIsAssange on the sidebar to right next to /r/Conspiracy4 CommentsMarkRosewater+9
2016 Nov 22 [Not Serious] Someone should walk into the embassy with a ladder6 Commentssinjinnn+8
2016 Nov 22 Swedish public service SVT claims that Assange was interrogated on the 13th of November at the ecuadorian embassy by swedish authorities and an ecuadorian prosecutor while his own attorney, Per E Samuelsson, was left out but claiming to have met Assange several times before interrogation0 Commentsblacki32u432u+2
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Host Bounces35 CommentsFreqwaves+13
2016 Nov 22 How long do they intend to keep this up?16 Commentsnon-troll_account+31
2016 Nov 22 Posting some PGP fingerprint doesn't prove anything6 CommentsElTropico+9
2016 Nov 22 Have we seriously considered that the DMS material might "roll out" over time just as the Podesta leaks? Or be nested?3 CommentsInigoSkywalker+7
2016 Nov 22 Who owns this site and how accurate is it?6 Commentsasg_+8
2016 Nov 22Questions/Discussion LIST OF TRANSACTIONS AT TIME OF "CONTINGENCY" TWEET. [HELP]9 CommentsMikeymkwii+78
2016 Nov 22 Towards agreeing on a reasonable proof of life without video6 Commentsthatblondeguy315+4
2016 Nov 22 Pizza Gate & Assange Disappearance.. connected?15 CommentsDade__Murphy+1
2016 Nov 22 In response to the tweet about the danger of assassination...11 Commentsjrf_1973+31
2016 Nov 22 All imgur links not working.11 CommentsAsztonate+13
2016 Nov 22 Just a thought on donations10 CommentsElTropico+0
2016 Nov 22 Swedish public service SVT claims that Assange was interrogated on the 13th of November at the ecuadorian embassy by swedish authorities and an ecuadorian prosecutor while his own attorney, Per E Samuelsson, was left out but claiming to have met Assange several times before interrogation3 Commentsblacki32u432u+1
2016 Nov 22 Assange/Pilger-interview timeline.15 CommentsStratovaried+28
2016 Nov 22 Can we start closing all pizzagate rubbish?34 Commentspizzalolpizza+0
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous Someone is spamming Bitcoin right now17 Commentsj1tt3r+34
2016 Nov 22Questions/Discussion Does anyone else find it odd wikileaks is tweeting political opinions? Didn't Jullian say wikileaks was non partial?80 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+205
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Taskforce misinformation15 CommentsPyrography+2
2016 Nov 22 Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is in contact with Pamela Anderson, who supposedly visited Julian? What's that all about?5 Commentsjmricht+0
2016 Nov 22 Critical Post-Chicago Report - #PizzaGate - Assange Missing - CIA Controls Wikileaks Site4 CommentsJusticiaChristos+1
2016 Nov 22 Julian Assange interview digitally altered. Fake interview?7 Commentsjzuijlek+3
2016 Nov 22 Culture Shock News: Wikileaks CONSPIRACY FRENZY: IS JULIAN ASSANGE DEAD? WIKILEAKS COMPROMISED?3 CommentsJusticiaChristos+4
2016 Nov 22News/Articles Morning News USA Article: "Julian Assange Dead: Fake Interview Video Proof Of Death Or Proof Of Life?"0 CommentsJusticiaChristos+23
2016 Nov 22Theories My theory based off my research: There is a mole in WikiLeaks.63 CommentsPepe-the-Frog+82
2016 Nov 22 Misleading Media3 Commentssquadra_italia+0
2016 Nov 22 TechPlz: Is Julian Assange Dead or in US Custody? Rumors Spread Following his Silence on Donald Trump’s Win2 CommentsJusticiaChristos+5
2016 Nov 22 Fellowship of the Minds: Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead? – the connection with Pamela Anderson12 CommentsJusticiaChristos+0
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous THE $1,000,000 CROWD-SOURCED REWARD FOR WHOEVER PROVIDES DEFINITIVE PROOF OF LIFE of ASSANGE126 Commentspiaget5stages+1163
2016 Nov 22 The Daily Sheeple: CONSPIRACY FRENZY: IS JULIAN ASSANGE DEAD? WIKILEAKS COMPROMISED?4 CommentsJusticiaChristos+2
2016 Nov 22 A quick reminder of why 1/2 of us are here.0 Commentswl_is_down+24
2016 Nov 22 What about Wl`s LTC address?0 Comments_FRANKENSTEIN_+3
2016 Nov 22 Request for all information and evidence regarding Assange's disappearance0 Commentsfindjassange+0
2016 Nov 22 Can't someone from Ecuador just visit the embassy?9 Commentscr0wde+8
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous Given Assange Pizzagate connection, thought I'd mention Reddit is shutting down r/pizzagate41 CommentsJusticiaChristos+56
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous Over at Pizzagate: "Admins will be banning this subreddit at 4PM PST TODAY"56 CommentsLoveLord1000+66
2016 Nov 22 Some visual evidence in favor of the Pilger interview taking place at the Ecuadorean embassy2 Commentsobserver2353+2
2016 Nov 22 Have all the Podesta's email been released yet?9 Commentsongawker+1
2016 Nov 22 This kids and their new fashions...4 Commentsthring9999+0
2016 Nov 22Theories Attn crypto & bitcoin folk: Anon claims pathway to Insurance Keys in /r/WhereIsAssange Discord server, drops guidance on how to crash the blockchain to find the keys and other files. YMMV.7 CommentsBravoFoxtrotDelta+67
2016 Nov 22Miscellaneous I made a script to parse the blockchain and a Github repository where we can store the raw blocks. You can help!7 Commentsmaxi_malism+28
2016 Nov 22 I think their is another cyber attack happening12 Commentsgripyw+4
2016 Nov 22 [Theory] They need the publicity4 CommentsPartTimeLegend+0
2016 Nov 22 Admin is shutting down /r/pi22agate59 CommentsThePuppetShow+27
2016 Nov 22Official Post Announcement: mod shuffling and backup on voat90 CommentsiamDanger_us+208
2016 Nov 22 /r/don shadowbanning http://voat.co/v/pizzagate link7 CommentsMexican111+0
2016 Nov 22 Wikileaks Timeline (huge)28 Commentsragecry+29
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous /r/pizzagate was shutdown. Anything about pizzagate, kayne, or assange is being shadow banned in /r/The_Donald.125 Commentsbutwhattif+315
2016 Nov 23 Camera drone?14 CommentsSupanova889+1
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion So, is this just a 4Chan Hoax?18 CommentsUnjustMurder+0
2016 Nov 23 Last article from an anon Journalist on #Pizzagate12 Commentsmaxkenn+0
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous With JA leading Time's Person of the Year, this is a prime, non-spammy opportunity to shout #WhereIsJulian from the rooftops of social media.2 Commentsbuffaloswing+25
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Is this the Wikileaks right before Assange disappeared?30 Commentsmaxkenn+7
2016 Nov 23Theories Eta Numeris. Assistance needed.46 Commentsstreet1510+36
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Camera in a box update - maybe some help?6 CommentsI_might_be_drinking+8
2016 Nov 23Theories Posts in Wikileaks sub that prove Julian was rendered on October 17th, are being deleted and users banned. Is that sub truly now compromised by "New" mods?3 CommentsLegal_Eagle_Louis+0
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Beware of LARPers/shills trying to divide this sub. RIP Pizzagate, long live whereisassange! This is a movement for truth friends.55 Commentsinawhilealligator+130
2016 Nov 23Theories A different timeline for Assange? Pedophile plot2 Commentsmaxkenn+7
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion I know there was talk about looking at the Bitcoin transactions around the time he was raided, but what about just before the DDoS attack?0 CommentsCTR_killed_Reddit+13
2016 Nov 23Theories Assange on the run; Wikileaks platform compromised144 CommentsLeftistRebelScum+120
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion New Operating Procedure w/ WL Going Forward8 CommentsCangrl+5
2016 Nov 23Theories "Insurance Files" previously released---Could his tweet be the key?3 CommentsLandOfTheOppressed+3
2016 Nov 23Theories Super Guantanamo9 Commentsgravyleg77+16
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous *Reminder* Real-time Facial Reenactment Software Creates Fake Videos of People Talking That Look Real10 Commentsikilledyourcat+94
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Am I shadow banned? Please respond if you see this15 CommentsImproof+0
2016 Nov 23 Concerning the security around EC embassy.12 CommentsdemBeefTips+6
2016 Nov 23 What is needed for proof of life?14 CommentsArocket+2
2016 Nov 23 A reminder of what we're fighting for - Days Since Assange Was Last Seen.0 CommentsRulerOfSlides+1
2016 Nov 23 Here Is The Post That Got Pizzagate Banned On Reddit (it got 3000 points in 24 hours before the shutdown in a 20k community)2 CommentsSamSG+0
2016 Nov 23 A plea for the President Elect: Tell them to call off the fucking dogs0 CommentsSandyBdope+2
2016 Nov 23Theories BREAKING: Eta Numeris Code CRACKED68 CommentsEmperorOctavius+51
2016 Nov 23 Leadership, direction & cohesion28 CommentsElireacher+28
2016 Nov 23Official Post Subreddit of the day - 11/23/16 - /r/WhereIsAssange74 CommentsiamDanger_us+761
2016 Nov 23 Were Julian Assange Permitted to Leave Embassy Without Arrest, to which Country Could He Travel?13 Commentsfreelyread+11
2016 Nov 23Theories It looks like the Hillary Camp is wanting a recount in some states- could this be a reason why they're hushing Assange?16 CommentsThe_Inspiring_Dad+30
2016 Nov 23 WTF IS THIS? Assange Statement on the US Election NOV 8 201619 CommentsRazePraxis+10
2016 Nov 23 Mail Assange an iPhone...17 CommentsMixelplfft+8
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Seem's government's have started a war they can't win,bomb or shoot at,give us back Assange or face a very ugly world4 Commentsbrisbanepete+0
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Careful linking to pizzagate on voat on the sidebar, reddit will find a reason to ban this sub86 CommentsBlueOak777+166
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous With their leader being cut off wouldn't it be the perfect time to spread rumors about WL being compromised?2 CommentsY76ge2BQUfAlqrSpx7pm+2
2016 Nov 23Theories Secret Service agent leaked that Obama ordered media blackout on Julian Assange on October 16th, 20016 - Says "Assange was arrested".44 CommentsXXX-LARGE+6
2016 Nov 23Theories Escape theory - thoughts please?62 Commentsamgoingtohell+24
2016 Nov 23Theories Interpreting the Bitcoin post: "The medium is the message"32 Commentsitgoestothetop+45
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion A methodology to find the most probable truths - Need your help!40 CommentsWarbunny+61
2016 Nov 23 Contingency?11 CommentsWillWorkForLTC+4
2016 Nov 23 The quantum theory.4 CommentsInigoSkywalker+0
2016 Nov 23Theories Ecuador experienced a COUNTRY-WIDE power outage on October 20th.67 Commentsmarxaholic+212
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous (x-post r/Wikileaks) NONE of Julians family, friends, lawyers, @Wikileaks staff, staunch supporters have #ProofOfLife concerns. They have 6 year detention concerns!33 CommentsKSW8674+59
2016 Nov 23 Why don't we have access to the three file dumps that were his contingency plans yet?7 CommentsNephelophyte+4
2016 Nov 23 SPREAD THE WORD!1 Commentssesimnov+3
2016 Nov 23 My post on imgur is being censored, all of my comments and any other pro-Wikileaks/Assange are being deleted.4 Commentsbassdrumofdeath666+10
2016 Nov 23 Best secure/private email?25 CommentscatsRawesome123+12
2016 Nov 23 This is strange29 CommentsVassap+11
2016 Nov 23 Assange Legal Situation, etc.39 CommentsFreqwaves+34
2016 Nov 23 Has Assange's Life been Leveraged to Avenge FBI & NYPD investigations?2 CommentsBostonlovesBernie+0
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous New mods and subreddit of the day. This might become r/wikileaks and r/politics. Stick to proving authenticity and teaching each other how to verify. The manipulation and eyes are here now.32 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+115
2016 Nov 23 Internet users: "The creator of Wikileaks is dead." Show the movie as a final proof (VIDEO)11 Commentssugarleaf+0
2016 Nov 23Official Post Mod mail is now public! Plus a few other minor notes.31 CommentsiamDanger_us+144
2016 Nov 23 Could the recent news about Norway rings and Assange be connected ?2 Commentsthrow_awy_haha+1
2016 Nov 23Theories New Detailed Escape theory 11/2329 CommentsCypressXM+16
2016 Nov 23News/Articles FBI et al has not contacted WikiLeaks over any of our Clinton/DNC related publications. Hasn't contacted ISP either:32 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+88
2016 Nov 23 Can anyone find out all the flights that departed London City Airport during the "chemical attack"?14 CommentsFreeJAssange+13
2016 Nov 23 The WILD Theories and Speculations Thread!25 Commentscohan8999+7
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Never Underestimate TPTB19 CommentsCorporal_Yorper+29
2016 Nov 23 Just ask them2 CommentsJackson816+2
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Just A Friendly Reminder From Assange7 CommentsConstitutionalTrump+143
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion Podesta emails after March 21st, promised as "something to look forward to", still unreleased. What happened Wikileaks?38 CommentsiMakeGreatDeals+240
2016 Nov 23 Just dawned on me that the embassy cat in the window wearing a tie was some kind of message.9 Commentsvoter2016+20
2016 Nov 23 The Shadow War0 Commentsprimo_pastafarian+14
2016 Nov 23Miscellaneous Where Is Assange indeed? Seriously? Although they tweeted saying at the time Assange had 11% (equal with Trump) the pic they posted didn't show Assange in the rankings. Irony, secret message or nothing to see here? https://mobile.twitter.com/wikileaks/status/80101513078813491329 CommentsWolfwoman1210+124
2016 Nov 23 Fearful of this sub going down - if it happens overnight, where is a safe place to discuss Assange's whereabouts?9 Commentslin3thewind+1
2016 Nov 23Theories Maybe on a yacht to EC3 CommentsenaJU6w+1
2016 Nov 23 Join the official WL Research Community!65 CommentsHere4Popcorn+0
2016 Nov 23 Has Assange been Spirited From Ecuadorian Embassy in London by CIA?0 CommentsBostonlovesBernie+1
2016 Nov 23 Crytome stops using PGP: 'Key servers not secure'13 Commentsamgoingtohell+56
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion PGP signing doesn't prove anything.2 Commentseldarbo+2
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion Seek facts.1 Commentsimtriing+35
2016 Nov 23 Theory about blockchain 8chanpostfake message6 Commentsqwertyuiop6382+1
2016 Nov 23Questions/Discussion Why are things out of order when sorted by "New"2 CommentsDonkeyPuncherrr+26
2016 Nov 23Official Post For the knights of /new/ (+ off-topic posts)8 CommentsiamDanger_us+63
2016 Nov 23News/Articles #WhereIsAssange?0 CommentsJonHallREGATED-+20
2016 Nov 24Theories Something to consider. We could send him some tech if the embassy stole his shit. Otherwise...16 CommentsNegativeRainbow+41
2016 Nov 24Questions/Discussion What is the evidence we have that wikileaks staff were raided? We know ip changed and the host canary. Yet, wikileaks say fbi et al haven't contacted wikileaks?18 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+11
2016 Nov 24 An Open Letter to the /r/Wikileaks Moderation Staff on Recent Inappropriate Behavior by /u/Here4Popcorn88 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+221
2016 Nov 24News/Articles Fox News reported in early October that, Wikileaks canceled a dramatic announcement from the embassy balcony..."after developing specific information about Assange's safety" (dialog occurs around 2:26)14 Commentsablevictor+126
2016 Nov 24News/Articles [Article] Wikileaks is Like Coke in a Generic Can1 CommentsStinkyButtCrack+10
2016 Nov 24Theories Has anyone thought of this yet?10 CommentsSolarcloud+3
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Reddit admins caught editing users posts225 CommentsIDoNotLikeThis222152+3638
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Beware of scammers on this subreddit trying to cash in on the situation1 Commentscohan8999+18
2016 Nov 24Theories Ecuadorean Embassy in London changed 50% of their staff in last ten days.22 CommentsCyber_Sleuth_Cindy+73
2016 Nov 24 The mystery of the WorldLawDirect web site and the leaks they would not remove got them a court-ordered shut-down.31 CommentsCyber_Sleuth_Cindy+32
2016 Nov 24 Facebook Wikileaks page deleting comments requesting proof of life15 CommentsSluiceBox+41
2016 Nov 24 Wikileaks: President elect @realDonaldTrump maintains his silence on #TiSA.... Ironically considering they are silent on Proof of Life.1 CommentsDiotima245+10
2016 Nov 24 Lets Not Forgo The Possibility That Assange Is Still In The Embassy.2 CommentsTomPain1776+4
2016 Nov 24 Kubrick Reveals Satanic Pizzagate Cult by Subtle Instruction he "Shined" to us.1 CommentsKhepri_Rising+1
2016 Nov 24 Swedish man acquitted of rape charges thanks to audio recording, woman sentenced for false accusation • /r/TheRedPill0 Commentsfreelyread+1
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Going from simple reddit user to password ready to decrypt WL insurance files.. Simple guide27 CommentsTomPain1776+52
2016 Nov 24 Lets Not Forgo The Possibility That Assange Is Still In The Embassy23 CommentsTomPain1776+23
2016 Nov 24 Based google employee translates freedom of assange into freedom of speech1 CommentsTomPain1776+16
2016 Nov 24Duplicate Reddit CEO confesses to modifying posts without authorization.45 Commentscookiecutterhipster+525
2016 Nov 24 Please sign this petition to unban /r/pizzagate!0 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+1
2016 Nov 24Jokes/Memes More assange kermit memeeesss3 CommentsTomPain1776+37
2016 Nov 24Duplicate our.wikileaks.org9 Commentssomestonedguy+1
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Twitter account @AssangeFreedom just said that Assange's mother has spoken to him and will make a public statement 'within next few days'.91 Commentskawalgrover+155
2016 Nov 24 In case you haven't already, vote for Assange to become time's person of the year, he is losing his lead against Donald Trump.6 Commentsmarko5994+128
2016 Nov 24 SS Agent hears OBAMA order media black out on Assange October 16; worried over witnesses in London1 CommentsGrace8543+0
2016 Nov 24 Wikileaks Website7 Commentslabrat11025+9
2016 Nov 24 In light of Admins editing things, it seems they may have unmuted some users before banning a subreddit. Not sure there's anything mods can do at that point.1 CommentsSamSG+17
2016 Nov 24 soooo auto-fill courtesy of Google :( .....4 Commentsfkingnardis+11
2016 Nov 24 Reddit admin slack chat leaked! Planning to shut down r/the_donald2 CommentscatsRawesome123+16
2016 Nov 24 Tucker Carlson on Twitter: "Do you have a story that needs to be heard? Send it our way!". You know what to do!1 Commentslol_and_behold+34
2016 Nov 24 What is going to happen if Julian Assange is dead?31 CommentsPsychedelicYawn+17
2016 Nov 24 Dead Canary? Email Server Used By WikiLeaks Staff May Be Compromised2 Commentsthrowawayjournos+17
2016 Nov 24News/Articles Assanges Lawyer admits she was not in room with him.24 Commentsbitcloud+214
2016 Nov 24 State and Terrorist Conspiracies by Julian Assange + Going over Wikileaks tweets with a fresh pair of eyes1 Commentsspeakeasy518+20
2016 Nov 24 Kelly Kolisnik just tweeted twice about riseup being compromised.48 Commentsventuckyspaz+51
2016 Nov 24Theories Assange escaped with help from powerful people13 Commentsthe_friendship_game+7
2016 Nov 24 My censored convo with mod of Wikileaks1 Commentskijib+3
2016 Nov 24 @WikiLeaks @JulianAssange like twitter post if you have been compromised1 CommentsPsychedelicYawn+0
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Reddit just lost their safe harbor protections. They are now legally liable for every post on Reddit.36 CommentsDanTheOracle+289
2016 Nov 24 What is going on with this GLF5?0 Commentsagreasygringo+3
2016 Nov 24 Should we be posting memes?12 Commentsaelor+2
2016 Nov 24 Can assange.net be trusted?9 Commentsbomdiacapitao+6
2016 Nov 24Theories Assange is in Russia and preparing something big.102 Commentsxexmoimoi+74
2016 Nov 24 trustworthy resources thread1 CommentsKrytschek+1
2016 Nov 24 Read the myth about Cassandra...1 CommentsKrytschek+1
2016 Nov 24 Another strange thing to add to the case, why did Megyn Kelly say the interview would be in an "Undisclosed location"?17 CommentsMaskUnderMask+17
2016 Nov 24Theories I think Assange made a deal with USA but is at the embassy10 CommentsJurijFedorov+0
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous On October 21st John Podesta went to London to meet with the London Mayor30 CommentsiMakeGreatDeals+158
2016 Nov 24 Why don't we do a twitter take over? Everyone blow up John Kerry, wikileaks, and Hilary Clinton. If we post all day every 5 minutes they will have to do something. 100 users every 5 minutes will really get annoying.4 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+0
2016 Nov 24 Question from the uninitiated:7 Commentsaamfs94+0
2016 Nov 24 wikileaks.org is down!10 Commentsantisoros+0
2016 Nov 24 CALL UP CSPAN!6 Commentsaelor+0
2016 Nov 24Theories A Secret Service agent indirectly leaked that Julian Assange of Wikileaks was captured and extradited, at a web site shut down by government30 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+21
2016 Nov 24 Weird info in a wikileaks bitcoin transaction1 Commentslolthisisextrange+0
2016 Nov 24 I remember someone said they went to the embassy and looked through the window at an angle but something blocked their view6 Commentsvenikk+6
2016 Nov 24Theories Embassy 23rd November 201675 Commentscapitaliberdade+40
2016 Nov 24 archive this while its still up4 Commentswrines+3
2016 Nov 24 Where is Assange? Embassy in London 23rd November 20161 Commentscapitaliberdade+21
2016 Nov 24Questions/Discussion Why not proof of life of ANY Wikileaks member?18 CommentsNowDamn+58
2016 Nov 24 Just a thought, yet simple...3 Comments4obvious2throwaway0+1
2016 Nov 24Questions/Discussion This Reddit CEO really bothers me. He admits he secretly edited comments from Donald Trump supporters to unwind after demolishing r/pizzagate. What is to stop him from editing and taking down r/whereIsAssange?97 CommentsJusticiaChristos+448
2016 Nov 24 New Blockchain Message?14 CommentsWhammyLoL+20
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Skype was down Wednesday morning. The map looks just like the DDoS attack on Oct 21st.5 Commentsheroicworkethic+32
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous Embassy Cat account just tweeted!218 Commentshazilla+219
2016 Nov 24Official Post FYI in case you see weird stuff in the subreddit today14 CommentsiamDanger_us+63
2016 Nov 24Theories Did James R Clapper resign or was he fired for losing control on the Assange situation? ( More in comments)3 Commentsandywarhaul+14
2016 Nov 24 What's the best decision you made that was the exact opposite of what your parents said to do?2 Commentsennsy+0
2016 Nov 24 How to ensure that your posts are not edited0 Commentscajuntechie+3
2016 Nov 24News/Articles RT reports on missing Riseup.net Canary24 Commentsfroknowsthrow+72
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous How to guarantee that your posts aren't edited50 Commentscajuntechie+31
2016 Nov 24Theories If Assange has embassy cat back, that tweet should be full of crypto messages. I'm thinking they finally cracked it. I think C T is compromised twitter.41 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+37
2016 Nov 24Questions/Discussion Did wikileaks rely on Twitter for the deadman switch?4 Commentskey013+30
2016 Nov 24 Two worlds17 CommentsRoninNionr+0
2016 Nov 24Theories @WL_Central tweets: "Important announcement on or immediately after 1 Dec."7 CommentsOrangeMapleLeafs+23
2016 Nov 24 Is it possible to contact with Assange's family?17 CommentsRokett+0
2016 Nov 24News/Articles RiseUp: There is no need for panic.94 Commentshazilla+75
2016 Nov 24Miscellaneous WikiLeaks: Please stop asking for proof of life.303 Commentshazilla+1342
2016 Nov 24 With their leader being cut off wouldn't it be the perfect time to spread rumors about WL being compromised?10 Commentsgaymax+13
2016 Nov 24Theories 5 Red Flags that Wikileaks.org is Compromised58 CommentsTheEarthquakeGirl+161
2016 Nov 24 Possible insurance key dump5 Commentsnevercomedonald+0
2016 Nov 24 Regarding the video of Clintons celebrating on Oct. 191 CommentsGodEmpire+3
2016 Nov 24Questions/Discussion Wikileaks is offering up their servers to help investigate Pizzagate. Is this a trap?121 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+341
2016 Nov 24 Petition calling for /u/spez 's resignation due to bad faith editing of users' comments.19 Commentsfroknowsthrow+190
2016 Nov 24 Assange blackout theories that support its his own choice/staff for the silence.12 Commentsjadedx10+8
2016 Nov 24Theories In few hours Wikileaks, RiseUp and Embassy Cat tried to make us give up. Something ain't right178 Commentsnevercomedonald+278
2016 Nov 24 Is Julian Assange Dead? Wikileaks Founder Possibly Silenced Over ‘Pizzagate’11 CommentsBernie4Ever+33
2016 Nov 25Miscellaneous Julian Assange destroys biased BBC anchor [Posted on channel Oct 21]6 CommentsMexican111+58
2016 Nov 25 Doesn't Free Assange know Julian must have his Internet back now. After all Embassy Cat has tweeted?..yes I am being facetious..3 CommentsWolfwoman1210+19
2016 Nov 25 Do we know what their "contingency plans" were?3 CommentscatsRawesome123+3
2016 Nov 25 Twitter: @AssangeFreedom calls us "ProofofLife idiots", claims to be in contact with Assange's mother17 CommentsGETGodEmperorTrump+17
2016 Nov 25 5 days ago, Here4Popcorn Announced "Assange is clearly fine" and said "expect an update on his status soon"12 Commentskingofbzzr+123
2016 Nov 25 Whats up with /r/wikileaks3 CommentsRazePraxis+5
2016 Nov 25 [FOUND] The ETA NUMERIS cypher.8 CommentsRulerOfSlides+15
2016 Nov 25 [crazy theory] Assange is waiting for Soros to steal election from Trump with recount7 CommentsMexican111+5
2016 Nov 25 Can someone ELI5 the Assange situation for a newbie?7 CommentsTimIsColdInMaine+2
2016 Nov 25 "NSA" on situation22 CommentsRazePraxis+0
2016 Nov 25 The Wisdom of Wikileaks Tweets9 CommentsSaudi-Prince+29
2016 Nov 25 So is the deadman switch coming18 Commentsredditarmyxxx+3
2016 Nov 25 We're working hard at r/politics12 CommentsRideTheHasselHoff+1
2016 Nov 25 Emailed Wikileaks Party. Got a reply "He's fine".28 Commentslotionontheskin+36
2016 Nov 25 Shouldn't we add to the demands that the video show it's been taken in the embassy?0 CommentsYorEmXiam+1
2016 Nov 25 Everyone tweet this to put pressure where we need it3 Commentsdota2_scrub+7
2016 Nov 25 Could Assange be captured and us trying to keep him visible for safety is causing a ruckus in the community so we will be blamed for his death/ capture?2 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+0
2016 Nov 25 The reason why no pgp signed communications recently?1 Commentsfat_stig+7
2016 Nov 25Questions/Discussion I have requested assistance from Australian Senator Pauline Hanson regarding Jullian80 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+96
2016 Nov 25 Why Russia?10 CommentsPommydownunder4229+2
2016 Nov 25 Pam Anderson -- Julian Assange, Whose Wikileaks Played a Pivotal Role in US Election.5 CommentsRazePraxis+11
2016 Nov 25 ANYTIME you see WL or a connected account complaining about lack of donations, remind them that Proof of Life would solve that immediately47 Commentsyungcattdamon+227
2016 Nov 25 RT released an (apparently) edited/faked interview with Assange. But they also published an article on RiseUp's missing canary. Are they compromised?7 Commentsbrouwjon+12
2016 Nov 25 Perhaps Wikileaks was served a gag order, and isn't compromised?23 Commentsbrada67+1
2016 Nov 25 riseup IS in control of their twitter, as of today.9 Commentsub3rm3nsch+2
2016 Nov 25 DOWNLOAD NOW - WE NEED COPIES2 CommentsRazePraxis+1
2016 Nov 25 "Do you know if Julian Assange is there and alive?" I talk to Ecuadorian Embassy, UK - Oct 26, 201625 CommentsSaudi-Prince+189
2016 Nov 25 Wikileaks Thanksgiving Cat Tweet - Hidden Message20 Commentsgkeenine+26
2016 Nov 25 Strange activity and messages from user about blockchain, thread deleted26 Commentsmdcd4u2c+95
2016 Nov 25 Why do we believe Riseup.net is the Wikileaks email provider?5 Commentsthrouwawayy+1
2016 Nov 25Questions/Discussion 14h ago embassy cat tweeted this picture. Many Q. A face can been seen in the cats eyes. Who's face? Was a kitten not long ago, still growing, right age? Right cat? Lets find out.10 Commentsw0o0t+6
2016 Nov 25 Get On Discord! We found files!12 Commentsstarwarsian+6
2016 Nov 25 Clapper resigns, says the US govt has no "good insight" on how WL obtained emails2 Commentsthe_friendship_game+48
2016 Nov 25 PoL is important because if Julian is dead or gone, the secrets he didn't reveal must be worth killing for. We need to see him protected with internet access or we must figure out what is still hidden.13 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+143
2016 Nov 25 What if they've been planning to use an 'internet cut off' as an alibi to bust Assange out for a while now?6 CommentsRainAndWind+12
2016 Nov 25 Important detail: How do we know Riseup is the Wikileaks email provider?3 Commentsthrouwawayy+3
2016 Nov 25 DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN ANYTHING?4 CommentsDeplorableRussian+2
2016 Nov 25 Latest tweet from WL3 CommentsCpt9captain+2
2016 Nov 25Questions/Discussion What about wikileaks.org having a new IP? Where is some proof / evidence for that claim?26 Commentshardypart+42
2016 Nov 25 Dead mans key questions!11 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+8
2016 Nov 25 I'm visiting London for at least three more days. If anybody has any ideas as to how I could help this sub, please comment below.8 Commentsvinceperfetto+13
2016 Nov 25 WikiLeaks has released new files!44 CommentsFreeJAssange+209
2016 Nov 25Theories It is to be considered that these new leaks have been considered insignificant documents by the US government to be "leaked" on the comprimised wikileaks servers.54 Commentsi-love_america+315
2016 Nov 25 The truth is much simpler. [Occam's Razor]0 Commentsbitcloud+1
2016 Nov 25 The truth may be as simple as it seems [Occam's Razor]72 Commentsbitcloud+125
2016 Nov 25 Assange, pizzagate, and what we should ACTUALLY do moving forward.14 Commentsmihaly1+6
2016 Nov 25 New leaks don't have links to raw emails (no DKIM verification), some mails are cut of mid sentence13 CommentsThrowaway72258+243
2016 Nov 25Questions/Discussion Edward Snowden missing as well?28 CommentsPiratengold+5
2016 Nov 25 Wikileaks releases John Kerry dirt last night25 Commentsvenikk+69
2016 Nov 25 Where is Julian? Tweet to Australian foreign affairs and PM2 Commentsaushack+44
2016 Nov 25Miscellaneous r/Wikileaks has deleted my comments questioning the legitimacy of the latest leaks and banned me from their subreddit81 Commentspizzathrowaway777+570
2016 Nov 25 New mods here? Who are them?13 Commentsa3cite+15
2016 Nov 25Miscellaneous Julian Assange is alive.132 Commentsmarxaholic+0
2016 Nov 25 No, Assange Is Not Dead - Styxhexenhammer666's Take9 CommentsChrisKay95+0
2016 Nov 25Theories In my opinion I think Pizzagate was the last straw for the "establishment" and they took some serious steps to silence Wikileaks and Assange. I hope he isn't dead. But he definitely is missing.49 Commentsliberator27+127
2016 Nov 25 Per WL's tweet, everyone should tweet @MashiRafael: ¿Dónde está Julian Assange?10 CommentsICantBelieveImBack+3
2016 Nov 25 In light of Wikileaks impending Yemen Files release, here is some information on Assange that I think you might want to consider89 CommentsPleadingtheYiff+93
2016 Nov 25 Was Embassy Cat's Thanksgiving Tweet a pre-scheduled one?21 CommentsWolfwoman1210+8
2016 Nov 25 Ok, please tell me what Julian Assange and Wikileaks have to do with the Governor of New Mexico? Am I missing something about Pizzagate?3 Commentsjack747z+0
2016 Nov 25 Wikileaks is going to die and its important we pay attention to where they are getting funds.0 CommentsArocket+1
2016 Nov 25 The Yemen Files- Links and discussion2 Commentsspeakeasy518+4
2016 Nov 25Questions/Discussion Power cut in London. Anyone know if the embassy area went dark?37 Commentsamgoingtohell+156
2016 Nov 25 To the men and women of the NYPD: We call on you to stand up and take action in the name of all that is morally good and just1 CommentsModernDayTJ+5
2016 Nov 25 I'm pushing for compromise verification9 Commentscajuntechie+11
2016 Nov 25 Any reason why we cannot file a missing person report?7 Commentsamgoingtohell+24
2016 Nov 25 Can anything be done to help Chelsea Manning?13 CommentsIconoclast674+6
2016 Nov 25 Assange to be interviewed LIVE on Beirut TV tomorrow 26 November 10:00 GMT/05:00 EST716 Commentsbrikdik+5432
2016 Nov 25 What if (re: @embassycat's tweet)?7 CommentsExistentialEnso+7
2016 Nov 26 Blank Friday4 Commentsbaseball220+2
2016 Nov 26 Secret Ecuador Docs Reveal Assange’s Fight w/ Security Guard, & Escape Plans2 CommentsSaudi-Prince+15
2016 Nov 26 Power outage in London, affecting Ecuadorian Embassy, lasts from 5:16 to 9:00 PM local.0 CommentsRulerOfSlides+12
2016 Nov 26 MAJOR DISCOVERY.. NEED DIGGERS! Did Serco help Julian escape? Also, Serco under old management helped MOVE DRUGS, WEAPONS, & CHILDREN?18 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+71
2016 Nov 26 It's About the Recount and Flipping the Election4 Commentschuugy14+2
2016 Nov 26 Some maybe unrelated photos I found15 CommentsFreqwaves+7
2016 Nov 26 Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: "That WPost story on Russian fake news is total journalistic garbage, but it serves various agendas so it's being uncritically passed around."1 CommentsAuch999+32
2016 Nov 26 Julian Assange to give Live Interview tomorrow at "Free Connected Minds"7 Commentsjustbeyourselfman+30
2016 Nov 26 Craig Murray says he visited Julian, and that Julian is "fine, apart from a cold".36 CommentsOrangeMapleLeafs+36
2016 Nov 26 Free Connected Minds conference has already told us about the interview to come.15 CommentsWhammyLoL+10
2016 Nov 26 Julian Assange to give Live Interview tomorrow at "Free Connected Minds"5 Commentspolar-alpines+21
2016 Nov 26 Craig Murray: Setting the World to Rights - Just got back after a long chat with Julian Assange. We were joined for a light0 CommentsUtopiaFrenzy+13
2016 Nov 26 How did we miss this lol1 Comments3llenDegenerate+22
2016 Nov 26Miscellaneous Apparently Time reset the poll. Vote Assange!79 CommentsResdekIsBad+263
2016 Nov 26 Live interview tomorrow14 Commentsjrf_1973+14
2016 Nov 26 Seeking ideas for my visit to the Embassy (Monday 28th Nov)12 Commentsjrf_1973+11
2016 Nov 26 Are the insurance files no longer legit? If Assange is dead shouldn't they have been decoded now?4 Commentseeeeeep+1
2016 Nov 26Miscellaneous "Just got back after a long chat with Julian Assange. We were joined for a light supper by the ever interesting and ebullient Yanis Varoufakis. Another of those brilliant evenings that will live in the mind." ~Craig Murray29 CommentsNectarCollecting+70
2016 Nov 26 New tweet from WikilEaks twitter saying that an announcement is coming6 Commentsthrowaway65456634+5
2016 Nov 26News/Articles Ecuador will "soon" announce whether it will restore Assange's internet. (Link in Spanish)16 CommentsOrangeMapleLeafs+90
2016 Nov 26 Theory. An internal team at Google is 100% in charge of wikileaks technical coverup now. Preparing fake interview for Dec 1.5 Commentskey013+0
2016 Nov 26 Assange is alive7 Commentsqrayzhd+9
2016 Nov 26 UNDERGROUND: Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier. 1997 - free download. The original story of Prime Suspect, Mendax, Trax (guess which one is Assange), Electron, the WANK WORM, and other hackers on the Aussie Scene in the 1980s/1990s.0 Commentshardcorebrowser+1
2016 Nov 26 Live interview17 CommentsPoddna+8
2016 Nov 26 If Julian reappeared tomorrow, what message would you have for him?16 CommentsWillough+12
2016 Nov 26 My Theory: What if Assange was just re-installed in the Embassy recently?6 CommentsTheEarthquakeGirl+18
2016 Nov 26Jokes/Memes The fuck is this?13 Commentspaulker123+31
2016 Nov 26 Details on live interview tomorrow. Free connected minds.4 CommentsTFC4104+10
2016 Nov 26 "Free Connected Minds" Conference in Beirut has BEGUN. Let's look for streams and updates here.222 CommentsTheEarthquakeGirl+115
2016 Nov 26 My music/video tribute to assange and our situation right now enjoy0 CommentsTomPain1776+0
2016 Nov 26 What does Julian Assange mean to you?9 Commentsdanknissan+5
2016 Nov 26 Free Connected Minds Conference Periscope Feed0 CommentsCommunistSynthesiser+1
2016 Nov 26 LINK PLEASE1 CommentsASoMaP+1
2016 Nov 26 Conference live stream13 CommentsCommunistSynthesiser+32
2016 Nov 26 Yanis Varoufakis answers to my tweet confirming that he had dinner with Julian Assange and Craig Murray.7 Commentsterryprous+6
2016 Nov 26 Recording or streaming the FCM16 conference Assange interview forbidden10 CommentsCommunistSynthesiser+10
2016 Nov 26 Assange to be livestreamed on MCFMI's Facebook page within the hour5 Commentschronos18+5
2016 Nov 26 Yanis Varoufakis tweets to confirm he dined with Julian Assange75 Commentssuibhne_geilt+56
2016 Nov 26 Assange Interview LIVE Periscope3 CommentsFlyingDutchkid+10
2016 Nov 26 Julian is about to go live [5 Minutes]1 Commentstrizephyr+4
2016 Nov 26 Assange interview live after break! Periscope Stream | Facebook live soon!4 CommentsBlackie1077+2
2016 Nov 26 Live Periscope stream from Assange interview at FCM conference3 Commentsfabipe+2
2016 Nov 26 Apprehended! tweet "Only FCM is allowed to go live on Facebook with Assange, anyone else will be apprehended #FCM16"2 Commentsrun-reddit-run+10
2016 Nov 26Questions/Discussion Assange Interview Live Discussion Thread494 CommentsCroudr+242
2016 Nov 26 Interview is live on FB0 CommentsVegaNovus+5
2016 Nov 26 Official Facebook Assange video link. Live stream, happening now.19 CommentswhenitsTimeyoullknow+20
2016 Nov 26 ASSANGE FACEBOOK STREAM UP NOW • /r/The_Donald0 Commentshardcorebrowser+2
2016 Nov 26 Of all the possible news outlets, why would he chose that as his first interview?10 CommentsThe_Broba_Fett+11
2016 Nov 26 ASSANGE IS ALIVE14 CommentsCommunistSynthesiser+1
2016 Nov 26 So has he talked about what he's been doing the last month? About how many people are worried about his safety and both "interviews" previous to this nothing has been mentioned of this?2 Commentsarianaismygirl+16
2016 Nov 26 Live Stream breakdown..30 CommentsDade__Murphy+2
2016 Nov 26 assange facebook interview link, live now6 CommentsDanTheOracle+5
2016 Nov 26 <------Number of people who think Assange is dead.5 CommentsChewy_Bravo+0
2016 Nov 26 What the hell is with his words on PGP? He says how the controller of the keys is the controller of the keys and therefore they do not prove anything, yet is still unwilling to sign anything!97 Commentstf2manu994+134
2016 Nov 26 And STAY Dead!1 CommentsGUYoccult+0
2016 Nov 26 I'll give Reddit gold to the person who can link me to a time in the FCM video interview where Assange is clearly moving3 Commentsiwelcomejudgement+0
2016 Nov 26 "3:27 AM Interview over, goodnight all" - Anyone can upload the full Assange interview somewhere please?12 Commentskovyakov+45
2016 Nov 26 Post-Conference Thoughts199 Commentsspecaffair+95
2016 Nov 26 Post Stream Thread.20 Commentsreddit-ulous+18
2016 Nov 26 Audio recording of interview stream. Missing first few minutes, many short dropouts.1 CommentsJA4PREZ+2
2016 Nov 26 Julian Assange FCM16 Full Interview Audio by Anonymous49 CommentsCommunistSynthesiser+184
2016 Nov 26 When Assange talked about people's concerns being reasonable he referred to a case where it had happened in the past except in that case the person was already an asset of the FBI or CIA (?). Does anyone know that case, I couldn't quite hear the name but would be interested in learning about it.4 CommentsWolfwoman1210+23
2016 Nov 26 I'm willing to try and visit Assange26 CommentsI_CUT_MYSELF+40
2016 Nov 26 Is Julian Assange actually alive.65 CommentsTotes_Police+61
2016 Nov 26 I didn't watch the interview30 Commentsredditarmyxxx+54
2016 Nov 26 Fu#% me! I give up! How can we know if anything is real anymore? This was back in 2014.23 CommentsWolfwoman1210+83
2016 Nov 26 Let's look at things from a different angle10 CommentsNaughty_Pickle+5
2016 Nov 26 Assange contradicting his election predictions during the Conference?7 Commentsliveandbefreee+18
2016 Nov 26 When Did Hillary Say To Release Emails?1 CommentsAudiophileFreak+4
2016 Nov 26Theories Are you fucking kidding me?248 CommentsAstronomist+372
2016 Nov 26 Still feels like something *might* be up, but he's probably live at the embassy5 Commentsbionor+11
2016 Nov 26 Assange may have struck a deal6 Commentscjmcmurtrie+8
2016 Nov 26 By simply having a sample of your voice, this technology can literally make you say anything • /r/videos27 Commentsevilroots+79
2016 Nov 26 If they can do this with video, then they can def spoof audio2 CommentsThisiztheend+3
2016 Nov 26 I believe the Beirut call-In this morning was entirely for the to people demanding POL, and not for whatever the purpose of that conference was.0 CommentsTheEarthquakeGirl+1
2016 Nov 26 What if JULIAN is the one being lied to?18 CommentsrockyVSappollo+84
2016 Nov 26 An insight into the war on free thought.12 Commentsohnips+33
2016 Nov 26 Reporter @YoumnaNaufal also spoke with Assange personally last night12 CommentsBasedPornStar+12
2016 Nov 26 Majority of you are looking for a conspiracy...3 Commentspurespringwater+0
2016 Nov 26 People keep talking about his "croaky" "deep" voice in the recent JA interview.10 CommentsSolarcloud+3
2016 Nov 26 I nominate this sub operate stay around as an alternative wikileaks discussion board6 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+54
2016 Nov 26 Hold on. Assange is most likely alive and well in the embassy. Here's why:29 CommentsVexium+68
2016 Nov 26 Why would Wikileaks want to conceal that something happened to Assange?51 Commentswle8300+23
2016 Nov 26 Are The_Donald's Mods Shills?1 CommentsSSJ3DonaldTrump+0
2016 Nov 26Theories What does Alec Baldwin know? Bizarre tweeting (that strangely fits the Assange disappearing and now reappearing conspiracy) Angry idiot or inside information?32 CommentsOhHeyItsMeKevin+44
2016 Nov 26 Fazed5 CommentsEffinBaller+8
2016 Nov 26Theories The timing of Hillary announcing she's joining the recount3 Commentsmamafreedom+14
2016 Nov 26 FUCK THIS - NEXT STEPS?50 CommentsMmats+108
2016 Nov 26 I'm subscribed here. I tried to look us up on my list of subs: Isn't there. Tried searching "whereisassange": only Wikileaks posts. Tried googling "where is assange subreddit": nothing. I googled (I know, I wanted to test) "/r/whereisassange" before making it here.5 CommentsFerfrendongles+21
2016 Nov 26 PGP does NOT show proof of life..7 Commentshazilla+0
2016 Nov 26 We made Infowars! Keep it up!54 Commentsredditmodssuckass+180
2016 Nov 26 What do we think of Alec Baldwin????6 CommentsIanMoone13+8
2016 Nov 26 I would like to suggest something a new group called Julian's legion1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Nov 26 5 Signs Julian Assange is Dead or Missing0 Commentsmataleo+7
2016 Nov 26 You can run all Assange interviews through audio analysis and see if it's him or a computer.11 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+17
2016 Nov 26 Please stop it with the PGP nonsense.21 Commentswycks+9
2016 Nov 26 An Alternate Theory7 CommentsTheMightySkub+10
2016 Nov 26 Compromised or not??3 Commentsthisisashiteusername+8
2016 Nov 26 I was at the FCM conference where they interviewed Assange earlier today. AMA!96 CommentsOnceUponAMind+158
2016 Nov 26 Daily reminder that THIS technology exists! Do not trust VIDEO or AUDIO alone as PoL! Focus on content!0 CommentsJensiggle+1
2016 Nov 26 MCFMI (the people who did the JA Interview last night) website gone??5 CommentsSaudi-Prince+4
2016 Nov 26SHILLS ONLY WEEKEND SHITPOST MEGATHREAD – "I've Been Touched By An Ass Angel" Edition108 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+54
2016 Nov 26 Shocking new relevation shows that you are all very smart and Assange is likely DEAD.11 CommentsHillaryPaysMe2baDick+2
2016 Nov 26 Just a thought on PGP. Julian is a smart man, his PGP key would have been encrypted with a secure password and hopefully stored under airgapped conditions. PGP is still a (very) viable POL.22 CommentsWalletDude+93
2016 Nov 26 FINALLY!!!! Alex Jones and Paul Watson Covering Assange is Missing.95 CommentsJusticiaChristos+405
2016 Nov 26 WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Full audio of talk by WikiLeaks' Julian Assange at #FCM16 today"5 CommentsxFirstFire+6
2016 Nov 26 How did Assange know so much about the Castro situation without access to internet?20 Comments3llenDegenerate+10
2016 Nov 26 Someone has to have a connection to someone with a FLIR and radio radar. Go look in the embassy and see if he is there.1 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+3
2016 Nov 26Questions/Discussion What is a hard Proof of Life?21 CommentsPiratengold+6
2016 Nov 26 I am now convinced Assange is alive and well at the embassy.23 Commentscomputer_d+0
2016 Nov 26Miscellaneous Users of this sub need to restrain their (extreme) bias when considering evidence. This is potentially harmful.104 CommentsHyena_Nasty+257
2016 Nov 26 Err that weekend shitpost apparently from two of the mods didnt happen?11 Commentswl_is_down+3
2016 Nov 26 Assange interview today. Is it me or does he not sound like "him"? Also -why not peek out window like the cat?13 CommentsCarWashCharlie+8
2016 Nov 26 Are there any valid reasons why an uncompromised Wikileaks would tell us to knock it off with the proof of life?8 Commentsleebrenton+18
2016 Nov 26 Ideas: Why WL and Julian are not providing a definitive POL.8 CommentsWolfwoman1210+13
2016 Nov 26 where did the tweets showing the 'goon squad' in the car go?13 CommentsTossing_TRUTH_Rocks+5
2016 Nov 26 Idea: Buy a pre-paid phone with 3G. Hook it up to a powerful portable charger. Disguise it somehow. Turn on "Personal Hotspot" and set the Wi-Fi name to "Internet for Assange - Provide proof of life." Carefully drop it at night next to Assange's window (our best guess) in the Ecuadorian embassy.10 Commentspillow_addiction+4
2016 Nov 27 Subs gone down.1 Commentswl_is_down+2
2016 Nov 27 Just making a timely point that altho some of these speculations about JA may sound far-fetched, just remember what they tried to do to Castro?2 Commentssheabutter63+14
2016 Nov 27 How any person including Julian Assange can easily be duplicated with ten year old technologies that would fool your own mother.2 CommentsZoom-Zoom-Zoom+4
2016 Nov 27 I found an Austrian WHISTLEBLOWER and she will come into our chat and help us with investigation of finding Julian Assange. Here is latest update on Julian. Also, latest article posted in the comments20 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+26
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion If he has no internet, why is JA using the same words as WL Task Force?89 Commentsozconsoul+242
2016 Nov 27 The original october insurance files torrent.20 Commentsyawaworht7393234214+40
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion What is considered proof of life and what will kill this sub?22 CommentsLongschlongjonbond+14
2016 Nov 27 I think y'all owe r/wikileaks an apology! time to bind the wounds and keep working together!35 Commentsmelllvar22+0
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion Next steps as of November 26 20167 CommentsLongschlongjonbond+9
2016 Nov 27 Question: if Julian ends up dead what will the subreddit do ?25 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Nov 27 NEXT STEP IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US20 CommentsTomPain1776+105
2016 Nov 27 @WLTaskForce Admits they are NOT an Official Wikileaks Account!3 CommentsSaudi-Prince+3
2016 Nov 27 TIME Person Of The Year Poll Reset: Please Vote Again!17 Commentsspeakeasy518+69
2016 Nov 27 Nixon fake moon landing phone call from 1969 sounds better than Assange fake phone call from Nov 20161 Commentswheresjules+0
2016 Nov 27 Inquisitr.com asks Where is Julian Assange?4 Commentsredditmodssuckass+25
2016 Nov 27 What became of that live interview that was supposed to come out today?6 CommentsThe_GMD+7
2016 Nov 27 Is 4chan compromised? Many recent Assange threads missing or archived23 Commentsbekkiluvsit+25
2016 Nov 27 Possible Lead: Julian said "GPG" not "PGP" during latest interview according to tweet5 CommentsCypressXM+0
2016 Nov 27 GUYS. @tzipimazuz Twitter is gone.36 Commentswarrior4jc+41
2016 Nov 27 HIDDEN bitcoin message from WIKILEAKS saying "We are fine 8Chan, Post Fake"0 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+1
2016 Nov 27 Wikileaks HIDDEN message in Bitcoin "We are fine, 8chan post Fake"12 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+0
2016 Nov 27 Julian Assange is alive and in his way to new home. Theory of everything:52 Commentsjaumenuez+1
2016 Nov 27 Thank you mods. This issue is important to me personally and the world. This sub has given something i could not have done myself. Many thanks to your exceptionally well run sub.2 CommentsTomPain1776+28
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion Embassy Cat followed me.. why?161 CommentsBarkey922+551
2016 Nov 27Miscellaneous People seem to think that manipulating video and audio to mimic a person, particularly in real time, is impossible. They are wrong. (x-post /r/ShadowWar37 CommentsFISHunderscore+123
2016 Nov 27 Did Assange accept the $1 million dating ad campaign offer as in the email leak?24 CommentsSA4Trump+39
2016 Nov 27 *!Alternative Media is Listening!* Alex Jones: Julian Assange Missing5 CommentsWillWorkForLTC+32
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion How did we not know about the MCF event?26 CommentsSkeptimus+46
2016 Nov 27 HERE's why a message signed with Assange's PGP key doesn't prove he's alive!25 Commentsgaymax+38
2016 Nov 27 Latest audio of Assange released!0 Commentsunderdogmilitia+1
2016 Nov 27 Mark Zuckerberg denies any search icluding the keywords "julian" and "assange". What does this mean?3 CommentsAnEyeshOt+2
2016 Nov 27 Help us @EmbassyCat, you're our only hope.1 CommentsRobertRandom+2
2016 Nov 27 Why did the mods of T_D immediately sticky this post claiming we've "We've Seen More of Julian Assange Since The Election Than Gary Johnson"? Don't forget CTR is still in business3 CommentsMyAmazingNewAcct+3
2016 Nov 27Community Forum Title & Content Policy149 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+103
2016 Nov 27 Hey guys I got an idea to use embassy cat to help us0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Nov 27 Read Assanges autobiography, I cant say much more.1 Commentssssssimponwave+1
2016 Nov 27 A movie some of you might like.0 CommentsIsaiahHoyt+1
2016 Nov 27Theories Possible counter theory/alternative6 Commentsbrentapps+9
2016 Nov 27Miscellaneous Saw on the Cards Against Humanity live stream18 Commentsswimbikerunrun+123
2016 Nov 27Miscellaneous In person update on Embassy (No news).61 CommentsUKBRITAINENGLAND+206
2016 Nov 27 Thinking about making a news only sub1 Commentspoleetix+0
2016 Nov 27 The denial in this subreddit is the most entertaining thing to watch. Bravo12 Commentscolinroberts+0
2016 Nov 27Questions/Discussion If Ecuador evicts assange, we need a plan to help Julian stay safe.25 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+6
2016 Nov 27Theories R.I.P. Julian Assange, 7/3/1971 - ?/?/201623 Commentseli_bird+66
2016 Nov 27Theories Theory: Assange used a hands-free system for an interview and placed himself several meters away from the mic.14 CommentsJusticiaChristos+43
2016 Nov 27News/Articles INFO WARS: "Julian Assange MISSING, possibly CAPTURED by CIA, held in Torture Facilities"90 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+334
2016 Nov 27Theories Anyone good at Accents? This article claims the Assange actor blew it on some of the dip-thong vowels, showing he was originally a cockney English speaker, not Australian in the 1st Assange Audio (not the new one). Wondering if the problem was repeated in the new Assange Audio?42 CommentsJusticiaChristos+178
2016 Nov 27 I'm in. Can someone give me a run down? I want craziest crackpot theory down to the most dumbfuck retard theory and I want to help look for Assange.9 CommentsEclipseTidal+0
2016 Nov 27 Collaborative, interactive timeline?5 Commentsthisisashiteusername+15
2016 Nov 27 Possible lead: JA could have possibly flown away in the suspicious fake Chemical Attack at a London airport just 3 days after he's been cut off10 CommentsAnEyeshOt+3
2016 Nov 27 Set aside Julian's fate: when are they going to release the rest of Podesta's emails?0 Commentsnevercomedonald+1
2016 Nov 28Theories Summary of Facts on Julian's Whereabouts, Possibly Captured by Special Ops19 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+76
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion When was the last time Julian was seen in public or doing a speech or interview before he lost internet?7 CommentsWolfwoman1210+11
2016 Nov 28Evidence It's official, Julian Assange is dead.0 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+0
2016 Nov 28News/Articles "Team Themis (a group that included HBGary and the private intelligence and security firms Palantir Technologies, Berico Technologies and Endgame Systems) was brought in to find a way to undermine the credibility of WikiLeaks and the journalist Glenn Greenwald, because of his support for WikiLeaks"14 CommentsInfo-Maniac+20
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Posts require approval now?6 Commentswrines+7
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Wikileaks Thought To Be Compromised - Staged #ProofofLife?6 CommentsExec99+35
2016 Nov 28 3 sentence update!4 Commentswrines+3
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Can we petition Trump to offer Assange asylum in the US. I have a spare room he cam live in. If he were offered asylum would he accept?21 Commentskey013+22
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous This Tweet Proves that Wikileaks is Compromised164 Commentszjl3+341
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Famous Alt-Right hacker wrote today that "Julian Assange is dead"34 CommentsWOLBACHIA_COPULATE+70
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Is r/wileeks shadowbanning people that ask for proof of life?29 Commentsebolanurse+70
2016 Nov 28 Van remind you of a certain van that was posted as "raiding" the embassy?6 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+1
2016 Nov 28 Is it possible to raise awareness with a fake news post about Julian Assange's death?1 CommentsVidjagames+0
2016 Nov 28 Please calm down with the FUD.27 Commentsmastercoms+0
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Pam Anderson posts article "Why the world needs Wikileaks".... no mention of him missing... CIA PsyOps Poisoned food?33 CommentsDiotima245+28
2016 Nov 28Theories @tzipimazuz, an Israeli cryptographer, was promising a major leak coming soon. Her twitter is now gone.22 Commentswarrior4jc+125
2016 Nov 28Official Post Thoughts on changing to text only posts allowed, new mods, and some other questions33 CommentsiamDanger_us+26
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous On confirmation bias1 CommentsLongschlongjonbond+6
2016 Nov 28 Fighting Disinfo / Shill bots on Facebook0 Commentsdmegaffi+2
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Weren't we promised an update from his mother in just a few days several days ago?15 Commentsjack747z+48
2016 Nov 28Theories PICTURES & WITNESS STATEMENTS Surface of White Vans leaving Embassy The Night Julians Internet was Cut...W/ Road Blocks. (pls get to Alex 😥😔😔)6 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+4
2016 Nov 28News/Articles Wo ist Julian Assange?4 CommentsDentuam+19
2016 Nov 28Theories Article with BLACK BAG OP photos!!! archive before this disappears mysteriously11 Commentswrines+5
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Just some thoughts...5 Commentsotakuman+10
2016 Nov 28Theories Possibly related recent events7 Commentsanon_ebcc+30
2016 Nov 28 Current blockchain operation explained for normies0 Commentsxehtim+9
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Craig Murray on people worrying about Julian66 Commentscoffee55+79
2016 Nov 28 [Crazy idea] Hotspot for assange5 Commentsgezero+0
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Question: Is there a simple, well put, clean website which explains the entirety of our concerns that I can link to on Facebook without looking like a conspiracy nut?27 CommentsHugeMongoose+55
2016 Nov 28 Pictures of Special Ops taken Julian 4rm Embassy. (These pics are def stirring up heat w/ the trolls on twitter and this board.. very rude comments and shadow ban)0 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+1
2016 Nov 28 PICS of White Vans leaving Embassy with Road Blocks the night Julian Internet was Cut. (these pics are really stirring a lot of heat, rude comments on this board and shadow banning on twitter)53 CommentsFitnesschildsaver+166
2016 Nov 28 Where is Julian Assange? The Destruction of WikiLeaks – a message in the blockchain1 CommentsDentuam+5
2016 Nov 28Theories Smoking gun??? Is this assanges mom at the Lawyer / prosecutor meeting?53 CommentsGlobalHell+27
2016 Nov 28 BREAKING INFOWARS REPORT! US ELECTION Bombshell by leaks-1 CommentsGlobalHell+1
2016 Nov 28 Is this @tzipimazuz drop? timing seems right...0 Commentspingacat+1
2016 Nov 28 New Wikileaks Press Release Purports to be Authored by Assange10 Commentsmisternessiehaze+55
2016 Nov 28 Am I just now more aware of the crazy posts & comments because of the mod post about formatting & clickbait titles etc or is there a sudden increase in such posts? Are people taking the pi##, has it always been this bad or did we just attract a whole lotta trolls lately?9 CommentsWolfwoman1210+26
2016 Nov 28 Can someone give me an update?4 Commentssauske01+17
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Again. New "leaks" are public knowledge12 Commentsi-love_america+129
2016 Nov 28 [QUESTION] Is this sub backed up in case it goes the way of /r/pizzagate?30 Commentsacid13+73
2016 Nov 28 DoJ Rule 41 passively changes this Thursday, Dec 1st; Using tools like VPN or anonymizers like Tor could land you on a watch list for exploratory scanning by FBI54 Commentschickyrogue+265
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Congratulations, /r/WhereIsAssange! You are Subreddit of the Day!247 CommentsSROTDroid+3740
2016 Nov 28 [Idea4discussion] Simple idea to "verify" the current leaks: let us open the insurance file(s)...2 Commentshoeskioeh+3
2016 Nov 28 Stop spamming WikiLeaks with messages that they can't be trusted.47 Commentsmeonmypotato+20
2016 Nov 28 Isn't it far more likely he is alive?10 CommentsTechnologian+8
2016 Nov 28 When was Assange's most recent public appearance?7 CommentsDippy_Egg+5
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Let's start from what we know, and work backwards, rather than the other way around.75 Commentsub3rm3nsch+53
2016 Nov 28 A fable about trust: The three little pigs and the trolling wolves0 Commentsotakuman+0
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous RELEASE: 846 highly sensitive 'CHEROKEE' coded messages from 1979 covering the Iranian revolution, #Cuba and more11 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+37
2016 Nov 28Discussion/Q&A No photography in Embassy?15 Commentseastside519+39
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Questions... Soo many questions...5 CommentsIkgooiweg+2
2016 Nov 28 Question?10 Commentsma1iced+0
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Alex Jones mentioned the oddity of JA's situation and said he's going to go more into detail on today's show. He's finally picking it up!33 CommentsThe_Broba_Fett+59
2016 Nov 28Miscellaneous Erik Singer, Dialect Coach and Accent Expert, Is Available to Listen to Assange's Recent Interviews49 CommentsCBobRobison+99
2016 Nov 28 Julian Assange dismisses PGP as a useless identification tool because "Whoever has the key has the key". • /r/crypto1 Commentswl_is_down+4
2016 Nov 28Questions/Discussion Sufficient proof of life that's lacked since mid-October: Video (live or not) or picture with verifiable date, time by window or on balcony, PGP signed message. All extremely easy, especially for someone with access to millions, many devices, and a steady stream of visitors77 CommentsTheEarthquakeGirl+95
2016 Nov 28 Why does this keep getting buried? **MUST HAVE STRUCK A NERVE!95 Commentswrines+67
2016 Nov 28 Habeas Corpus7 CommentsElisabethvonGutmann+6
2016 Nov 28 Is there a way for Julian to sign something without internet?44 Commentsfoxetrot724+7
2016 Nov 28 voice morphing used since 9-11-2001?0 Commentsovigia+0
2016 Nov 28 Has this already been shared? Video Inconsistency evidence4 CommentsASoMaP+1
2016 Nov 28 IDEA: We set a deadline for proof of life. If that deadline is not met, we launch a replacement for the Wikileaks platform.31 Commentslord_dvorak+2
2016 Nov 28 wlcentral.org 's offline. Last wayback entry is in September and no DNS resolution for the domain exists. Domain is available for purchase...4 CommentsJusticiaChristos+1
2016 Nov 28Discussion/Q&A Wikileaks Twitter Cloned?17 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+13
2016 Nov 28News/Articles Ecuador prosecutor sees no quick embassy exit for Assange11 CommentsBernie4Ever+15
2016 Nov 29Miscellaneous We need more than video or audio to prove he is alive.6 Commentsbugboi+18
2016 Nov 29Questions/Discussion its over...2 Commentspipeb0mb+0
2016 Nov 29Jokes/Memes It's Over.27 Commentspipeb0mb+0
2016 Nov 29 Anonymous release: Julian Assange has been taken and Wikileaks Compromised - Julian Assange being tortured by CIA9 CommentsBernie4Ever+18
2016 Nov 29Questions/Discussion How likely is it that a DMS mechanism would have been defused?30 Commentsstuffitstoreit+30
2016 Nov 29 why is my thread suddenly gone from all lists I can see? Please tell me this sub isnt taken over like /r/wikileaks and /r/conspiracy37 Commentswrines+0
2016 Nov 29Social Media Embassy Cat just tweeted!145 Commentswrines+92
2016 Nov 29 Wikileaks conspiracy6 Commentsdoucheeebag+23
2016 Nov 29Miscellaneous Adobe demos “photoshop for audio,” lets you edit speech as easily as text4 Commentsidexo+21
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A Stop asking for proof of life. Ask for proof he's still at the embassy34 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+34
2016 Nov 29Theories has embassy cat just told the world #WhereIsAssange?86 CommentsDanTheOracle+34
2016 Nov 29 Like /r/wikileaks and /r/conspiracy beforeit, /r/whereisassange has been overrun and is compromised. Disappointed, but all truth seekers go to /r/WhereIsJuilan46 Commentswrines+0
2016 Nov 29Miscellaneous Ecuadorian Embassy 28th November 201611 Commentssorcer+8
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Questions Where did SERCO take Julian? Did they help him escape?55 Commentsbountyhunter59+0
2016 Nov 29Theories What Julian Assange sounded like then, and what he sounds like now.26 Commentseli_bird+77
2016 Nov 29 Why did our sub add a new female mod with no Reddit experience? What reason was she added if she can't help moderate? Can we remove her and replace with someone who has experience and a track record this sub?9 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+13
2016 Nov 29 Telegram Channel news for Julian4 CommentsANASTlEL+0
2016 Nov 29 Wasn't there an analysis on Trump's twitter account that showed the drastic difference between people operating them? Do we have a large sample size by now to do the same?4 CommentsNephelophyte+13
2016 Nov 29 Can we try to clean the vocabulary of this sub to rid memes?0 CommentsAnkari_+1
2016 Nov 29 Why do we have a new mod with extremely Little Reddit experience and that came from r/politics? They obviously can't help moderate, so why did she get added? Can we vote them out and have someone who has contributed here and not from the ctr era?69 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+308
2016 Nov 29 Could the FBI be involved and not the CIA?7 CommentsKeenanTurnure+3
2016 Nov 29 A few thoughts around the DMS5 CommentsFirereadery+8
2016 Nov 29 One of our mods has said, "I will not ban anyone for calling anyone a shill," but will it hold when that same mod herself is put in the crosshairs?1 Commentssanfrancisco_4_trump+14
2016 Nov 29Social Media Idea and Opinion: Push a new hashtag called #NeverForgetJulian. It works for those who think he's stii8 Commentsbbpterosaur+158
2016 Nov 29News/Articles Senator Pauline Hanson has written a direct letter to the Australian Prime Minister calling for support within the Australian Government to call for his release.46 CommentsSmokinDave73+539
2016 Nov 29Meta Quick thoughts on the recent mod drama67 Commentsop_brilliant_cascade+31
2016 Nov 29News/Articles 'No Quick Way Out For Assange'7 CommentsFreqwaves+12
2016 Nov 29 Military use of social media.0 CommentsKrytschek+1
2016 Nov 29 Facilitation Proof of Life1 Commentsshinoobieeve+1
2016 Nov 29Social Media CALL for Twitter campaign demanding the Restoration of Internet Access (December 6, 2016: 5pm GMT)29 Commentsub3rm3nsch+135
2016 Nov 29Theories Is Julian Assange of Wikileaks Dead? Proof of CGI (Computer Generated) Interview!24 Comments0x000420+14
2016 Nov 29Miscellaneous A somewhat silly idea on how to try to communicate with JA6 CommentsNowDamn+8
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A Obvious by it's absence - no post-Election comment11 CommentsTossing_TRUTH_Rocks+34
2016 Nov 29 Could be strange bitcoin blocks a clue or a message?3 Commentsttrgfg7d+5
2016 Nov 29 Taking some initiative to help reduce tensions here.... Those who are worried about "shills", let's start using r/WhereIsJulian26 Commentssanfrancisco_4_trump+0
2016 Nov 29 What happened to keeping everything above board and good optics? re: /u/DirectTheCheckered post19 Commentsporkfatonly+1
2016 Nov 29News/Articles Wikileaks releases 60,000 emails from US cyber-intelligence contractor HBGary22 Commentshazilla+60
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A On Nov 25th, Ecuador said it will soon decide whether to give Assange his internet back. It's been 4 days. Does anyone have news on this?23 CommentsJusticiaChristos+216
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A Discussion: why hasn't wikileaks retweeted or acknowledged @embassycat posting?36 Commentsshowmeurboobsplznthx+32
2016 Nov 29News/Articles Essay: "On Bullshit" (A Short Theory of Bullshit)2 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+4
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A Playing out the Hypothetical Scenario5 CommentsChiffmonkey+26
2016 Nov 29 POSSIBLE CODE FROM EMBASSYCAT6 CommentsRobertRandom+0
2016 Nov 29Social Media WLC to be online shortly10 CommentsTheAmericanBulldog+3
2016 Nov 29Social Media I tweeted wikileaks with the words GAG ORDER hidden in it and they liked it, think it means anything?144 CommentsKeenanTurnure+287
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A Ideas for organising a protest outside the Embassy demanding to see Assange.24 Commentstrincyolo+66
2016 Nov 29News/Articles Has anyone read this article? Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised8 CommentsDelibrythe+0
2016 Nov 29Jokes/Memes PS Battle: Where In The World Is Julian Assange11 CommentsWillough+10
2016 Nov 29Discussion/Q&A FBI Anon ⚠️ Is Going VIRAL Alongside the Rumor Julian is Taken by Special Ops. Anyone Hear about that?95 CommentsGoFyourself2x+147
2016 Nov 29Meta META: Make all users screaming "SHILL" mods, and see how long it takes them to be accused of being a "SHILL"0 Commentsub3rm3nsch+0
2016 Nov 29 There are 16,000 people here wanting to know where Julian Assange is. What's to stop a mob of 16,000 from storming the Ecuadorian embassy by force and proving that Assange is still there?32 Commentsarzthaus+7
2016 Nov 29News/Articles CIA Created ISIS -- Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables21 Comments10gauge+156
2016 Nov 29Miscellaneous Yemen Emails Unknown Host Senders16 CommentsFreqwaves+17
2016 Nov 29News/Articles 2014: Assange to leave Embassy "soon" when (health) "conditions are right."19 Commentsvvingnut+45
2016 Nov 30 What ever happened to POL Strategy Operation: Shout at Window?3 Commentsaelor+0
2016 Nov 30Social Media ~23% of @wikileaks tweets are now asking for POL92 CommentsCypressXM+527
2016 Nov 30Miscellaneous VP Biden, "Julian Assange is a Terrorist & Justice Dept is Taking Care of That." (What does Biden Know??)12 CommentsGoFyourself2x+0
2016 Nov 30 Is it possible that Julian followed through with his threat?10 Commentsillonlyusethisonceok+8
2016 Nov 30 Idea for UK/EU residents: Send mail by post and see if it's returned15 Commentsvvingnut+17
2016 Nov 30Discussion/Q&A Julian Assange Live Video Q&A54 Commentscremefraiche92+92
2016 Nov 30 Idea for PoL: Tweet Wikileaks a message encrypted with their public key.9 CommentsGonzo_Rick+13
2016 Nov 30 Assange to appear Sunday Feb 19th via video. That happens to be the date of Ecuador's election. Correa isn't running. Maybe they don't want him interfering there for some reason?10 CommentsTrumpTrain009+12
2016 Nov 30 Does it actually matter that wikileaks *may* be under a gag order?26 CommentsKeenanTurnure+9
2016 Nov 30 I wonder if this is linked to what is happening with Wikileaks0 CommentsStoryartscam+2
2016 Nov 30 Julian Assange tunes into AUT from London8 CommentsPyrography+9
2016 Nov 30 Wikileaks file archive10 CommentsSymzRossak+10
2016 Nov 30 Quote from Psych report of JA in Sept 2015, related to current events. Source included17 CommentsAstronomist+14
2016 Nov 30 Wikileaks received over $2.9 million in bitcoin donations so far5 CommentsMaunaLoona+24
2016 Nov 30 Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised8 Commentsalicedee58+4
2016 Nov 30 What if he needed emergency medical help?10 Commentsluna_0000+6
2016 Nov 30 does anyone else have the unreleased leak data?4 CommentsXephirothX29+7
2016 Nov 30Miscellaneous Time for ACLU amd Human Rights Watch to get a court=ordered visit to take DNA sample and fingerprints,of anyone in Ecuadorian Embassy that may resemble Julian Assange6 CommentsInformant59+31
2016 Nov 30Theories Disinformation & Sabotage62 Commentssomestonedguy+31
2016 Nov 30Discussion/Q&A Retrospection on the news of October 17th.34 Commentskarmacapacitor+23
2016 Nov 30News/Articles Something Happened to Activist Email Provider Riseup, but It Hasn't Been Compromised40 Commentskotsaki+79
2016 Nov 30 Contact Equador6 Commentsfreedomsupporter+3
2016 Nov 30Miscellaneous Reading about Kanye has me really worried about assange, we need protests outside of the embassy until we verify he is not in a hospital being tortured.74 Commentsvenikk+11
2016 Nov 30Discussion/Q&A I think a casual video like this one mentioned in WL & EC tweets would satisfy a lot of people for POL purposes. Maybe we should tweet WL & Embassy Cat requesting something like it. Who else agrees that something like this would be much more reassuring than the Pilger video?19 CommentsWolfwoman1210+8
2016 Nov 30Theories "He who holds the key, holds the key"29 CommentsT90Vladimir+20
2016 Nov 30News/Articles BREAKING: UN rejects UK appeal on #Assange130 Commentsboomtnt46+904
2016 Nov 30Discussion/Q&A Can Obama pardon Assange?31 Commentsillonlyusethisonceok+6
2016 Nov 30Social Media I don't have twitter but got an idea9 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Nov 30Social Media Julian would never tweet this, nor would anyone he trusts. It's like they aren't even trying to hide it.40 CommentsAwayWeGo112+160
2016 Nov 30Miscellaneous Tickets for Q and A with Julian Assange on Sale Despite Rumors He's Missing (Feb 19th 2017)23 Commentswl_is_down+58
2016 Nov 30News/Articles [EXPRESS] MSM // Julian Assange denies CIA has 'TAKEN OVER Wikileaks' as his DNA could go to Sweden27 Commentspipeb0mb+9
2016 Nov 30News/Articles UN panel rebuffs Britain over Assange ruling0 Commentspipeb0mb+24
2016 Nov 30Discussion/Q&A "Julian Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans." Does anyone know what the "contingency plans" are?7 CommentsJusticiaChristos+19
2016 Nov 30Miscellaneous Call for Londoners and non-Londoners to help in the organization of a large protest at the Ecuadorian Embassy64 CommentsfreeassangeTA+369
2016 Dec 01Social Media Now we wait13 Commentsdoucheeebag+6
2016 Dec 01Social Media Is shitposting Hitler parodies usual behavior of the Wikileaks twitter?79 Commentslifetwig+200
2016 Dec 01 Assange makes a plead to be set free0 CommentsTheCrimsonScout+0
2016 Dec 01 EmbassyCat tweet from October 15, 201626 CommentsTh1sismythr0waw4y+6
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Time to start posting our Mega-thread link and contents on every U.S. and foreign forum we know and ask UK University Students for help. Time is NOT our friend!3 CommentsInformant59+13
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Question: Why are the Brits so strangely quiet and apparently indifferent about plight of Julian Assange after he helped expose Tony Blair's Iraq conspiracy with Bush?40 CommentsInformant59+114
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Did these "publications" ever get released? (Oct. 3, 2016 #Assange: Regarding upcoming publications... We hope to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks. #wikileaks10)1 CommentsJusticiaChristos+29
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous Another nail in the coffin for Whistleblowers. Rule 41 goes into effect tonight. RipTor17 CommentsJusticiaChristos+69
2016 Dec 01News/Articles UN to Free Assange after British appeal rejected2 Commentsroswellc+28
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous I've got tickets to see Julian in February 2017 appearing in Sydney via livelink as a part of a intellectual discourse initiative.8 CommentsMetal_Girl_Solid+40
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A I heard about this 2 weeks ago, and forgot. If Assange is actually missing, why hasn't it already begun making the rounds on grassroots news programs, at the very least?26 Commentsvgambit+0
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous Julian's Old Blog. “Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.” Keep fighting guys!2 CommentsWalletDude+194
2016 Dec 01News/Articles Julian Assange: Britain Has Assange's DNA Sample, Transcripts Of Assange's Evidence Will Be Sent To Swedish Authorities In Mid-December4 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+32
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A After UN ruling, Assange is free to leave the Embassy now, right?12 CommentsJusticiaChristos+19
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Why does JA say he "I haven't seen sunlight in so long. I don't remember it."?12 Commentsptietng+16
2016 Dec 01 Assange Escaped? - Part 13 CommentsBernie4Ever+0
2016 Dec 01News/Articles Julian being taken by CIA made U.K. News34 CommentsNonFBIagent+145
2016 Dec 01Evidence Timeline in Text: Cliff Notes5 Commentsalicedee58+39
2016 Dec 01Social Media @WikiLeaks retweets its old tweet from 31 August, 20155 CommentsFreedomCaptive+45
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous British university students in UK asked to investigate and and protest the Julian Assange fraud at the Ecuador Embassy in London.3 CommentsNever-B4+71
2016 Dec 01 Question... who is corrupting links at external forums that link back to our WhereIsAssange Megathread?2 CommentsNever-B4+0
2016 Dec 01Social Media Beware of accounts like this, apparently I'm now a CIA and Clinton shill.25 CommentsKeenanTurnure+99
2016 Dec 01 Good Kitty13 Commentstiberiusrecords+22
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Podcaster Requesting Information10 CommentsBourbonXenon+21
2016 Dec 01Theories Assange looked more like himself in Pilger video ( https://youtu.be/_sbT3_9dJY4 ) than 31.08.16 NYT video ( https://youtu.be/lAA9fMGeKxw ). Wish he would stop changing his hair part every time I view a video. 😂6 CommentsWolfwoman1210+42
2016 Dec 01News/Articles Where Is Julian Assange After Pizzagate, Clinton Emails, CIA Claims And UN Ruling?48 CommentsBernie4Ever+181
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous Julian Assange And Wikileaks New Cables Bombshell: ISIS Created By CIA42 CommentsBernie4Ever+204
2016 Dec 01Discussion/Q&A Where Is Eric Braverman?24 CommentsEasier_Still+25
2016 Dec 01 I won't, but would somebody consider a hunger strike outside the embassy?3 CommentsDannyl3oy+2
2016 Dec 01Miscellaneous Timeline - 2004 to 2016. A summary of events surrounding Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Good primer for those out of the loop.15 Commentsragecry+109
2016 Dec 01News/Articles German BND-NSA Inquiry Exhibits10 CommentsDentuam+26
2016 Dec 01News/Articles Did Kerry threaten Ecuador into submission with Columbian Guerrillas?38 CommentsJusticiaChristos+65
2016 Dec 01 Is the UN Ruling another "let's make old news look like new news" scam? Can anyone find a recent UN statement?11 CommentsJusticiaChristos+0
2016 Dec 01 I was just banned from Wikileaks7 CommentsScottWalkerSucks+5
2016 Dec 01 Detailed Timeline with assertion that source is An insider with 2 third party confirmations.21 Commentsalicedee58+33
2016 Dec 01Social Media Tweet Sentiment Visualization for 'assange' - app at https://www.csc2.ncsu.edu/faculty/healey/tweet_viz/tweet_app/1 Commentsmr_clemFandango+9
2016 Dec 01 Anons: Fake or Authentic?2 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+0
2016 Dec 01 Let's talk about moderation.117 CommentsThoriumWL+89
2016 Dec 01 What happened to WikiLeaks? Editor Janine Gibson has an interesting idea.1 CommentsWillough+0
2016 Dec 01Theories The nationwide blackout in Ecuador on October 20th was a show of force by U.S. government of what they could do if Ecuador did not comply with Assange demands.14 CommentsInformant59+47
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous Post Wikileaks Leak Nodes6 CommentsLibertarian_Infidel+8
2016 Dec 02 15 hour gap between new posts0 CommentsDoYouEvenDong+1
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous New Law FBI Internet Access Law Restricts & Discourages Whistle Blowers & Informants From Reporting REal Whereabouts of Julian Assange...34 CommentsInformant59+348
2016 Dec 02News/Articles Julian Assange 'dead' and 'CIA taken over Wikileaks' Shock claims13 CommentsBernie4Ever+48
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A What is this? I don't know anything about computers. It came from 4chan. I just copied and pasted.15 Commentslurkermakingapost+27
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A WikiLeaks Suffered A Mysterious Outage For 4 Hours: Victims Of A DDoS Attack?7 CommentsBernie4Ever+195
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous More government censorship from Obama before he leaves to help him get rid of truthful "Fake News" from leakers & whistle blowers.1 CommentsInformant59+25
2016 Dec 02 Theory that Bernie Sanders and Julian Assange is dead.12 Commentsmoistowelettes+0
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous Possibly related - a John Doe warrant - not good2 CommentsTossing_TRUTH_Rocks+22
2016 Dec 02Jokes/Memes If it turns out that our timeline is actually a work of fiction in another universe, I will not be surprised.0 CommentsILL_BE_WATCHING_YOU+1
2016 Dec 02 Found him1 Commentscodgerrodgerdodger+0
2016 Dec 02 Britain has more surveillance cameras per person than anyone3 Commentsandywarhaul+10
2016 Dec 02 Asked to crosspost here: Another conspiracy thread about WhereIsAssange moderators. Feel free to clear up doubts below.25 Commentsbuildingmaterial+0
2016 Dec 02Theories Does a 2014 letter from China to Julian Assange explain what Julian was about to expose (Murder of FBI informant & SEC senior investigator John Wheeler) and WHY he had to be rendered before disclosure was made?1 CommentsInformant59+45
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous New BND Inquiry leak has a file!1 CommentsDHumphrey+12
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A Can journalists who use wiki leaks/expose government corruption be treated like Assange?4 Commentshuskorstork+45
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous "I, Barrett Brown, Have Returned"19 CommentsWillough+71
2016 Dec 02 October 17 was an extraordinarily busy day on Russian military/espionage shortwave radio17 Commentsomeletteer+74
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A Thoughts...New quality info is drying up and it is leading to ShitPosting.60 Commentskdurbano2+190
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A So.... do you guys think he's alive or dead?43 CommentsDatLaffyTaffy+7
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A any thoughts on this? a statement from JA...A demand for his passport to be returned.11 Commentsmr_clemFandango+29
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous Since I'm going to get a PGP key, I figured some of you guys might want to do that, too. So here's an info page with PGP best practices I thought you might find useful.31 Commentsotakuman+68
2016 Dec 02 If Julian doesn't appear after Jan 21th I'm going to call hes dead21 Commentsredditarmyxxx+7
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A If real, the Deadman's Switch first part?79 Commentsbabylion+258
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A Assange: 26th November Free Connected Minds Conference Interview Is this real? The media is saying this is proof that Assange is alive.1 Commentsatlasii+2
2016 Dec 02 Gavin MacFadyen, founder of official Julian Assange Defence Committee, has been found dead4 CommentsUbergeeek+0
2016 Dec 02Social Media Paul Joseph Watson reports on Assange's supposed return, discussing the Merkel leaks.25 CommentsRulerOfSlides+48
2016 Dec 02Theories Why Ecuador betrayed Julian Assange of Wikileaks - They were tricked by U.S. and IMF into committing Economic suicide in 2014.16 CommentsInformant59+134
2016 Dec 02Theories Mark my words... Julian Assange (or his body double) will suffer a "sudden & fatal heart attack" or "suicide" before Obama leaves office.116 CommentsInformant59+193
2016 Dec 02Miscellaneous This Is What A Professional Disinformation Campaign Looks Like17 Commentswl_is_down+66
2016 Dec 02Discussion/Q&A Have any of these Wikileaks members (besides Robinson/Greenwald)been contacted since the internet outage?20 CommentsAstronomist+99
2016 Dec 03 Dead or alive?0 CommentsGoFyourself2x+1
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Could this force an appearance?3 Commentscross-guns+4
2016 Dec 03Theories Lots of disinformation on this subreddit.23 CommentsBeefshake+71
2016 Dec 03Miscellaneous obscuredfiles.com | dead man switch "HAIL HYDRA" 12/1/2016 -- obscured files8 Comments-HAIL-HYDRA+0
2016 Dec 03 Welp... the Elites got to Alex Jones (Info WARS) He's SILENCED. He said Julian is safe but no evidence 🙄 and now is pushing the German NSA Leaks. Give me a break!!0 CommentsGoFyourself2x+1
2016 Dec 03 How do we grow our subreddit ?0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A can we find the keys to the deadman files?6 Commentsinforman3334+7
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Lets get the official anonymous YouTube channel to talk about julain missing6 Commentsredditarmyxxx+13
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A /u/Beefshake is trying to discourage the sub63 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+8
2016 Dec 03News/Articles NEW VIDEO: By Anonymous on Julian Assange Timeline of Events10 CommentsGoFyourself2x+3
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Arab Spring and the Saudi Cables0 Commentsthat-mattg-life+9
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Wikileaks said this police car was in front of the embassy. But what kind of car is it?48 CommentsJurijFedorov+214
2016 Dec 03Miscellaneous The chair says a lot here!35 Commentstruth_sided+73
2016 Dec 03Miscellaneous An attempt to boil it all down to the essentials8 CommentsNowDamn+39
2016 Dec 03 Anyone seen this?0 Commentsftwtech+1
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Was any new info released on Dec 2nd?11 CommentsCavemanCult+14
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Anyone seen this?40 Commentsftwtech+32
2016 Dec 03 Turn dreams into reality through busy hands & minds. #KeepFighting1 Commentskybarnet+0
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A IDEA: Could the DMS be activated also via shortwave? It could be pretty difficult to jam all the spectrum.2 CommentsThe0r1st+4
2016 Dec 03 Message from AnonDk? Assange info?2 CommentsTheMadBonger+0
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Old Julian talks being hawked as "Breaking News" on Youtube19 Commentssheabutter63+94
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Did WL openly accuse Podesta?18 CommentsNowDamn+19
2016 Dec 03Theories check out this rabbit hole4 CommentsNOT_7A35090F+4
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Why has the dead man switch not been activated yet ?22 Commentsredditarmyxxx+7
2016 Dec 03Official Post New mods and I'm retiring244 CommentsiamDanger_us+516
2016 Dec 03 If You Follow High Level Inisder on /pol, he states that Julian Assange is alive18 Commentsris4republican+0
2016 Dec 03Discussion/Q&A Does this sound familiar? (JTRIG Tactics Reminder) Source included18 CommentsAstronomist+17
2016 Dec 04Theories DARTMOUTH FILMS2 Commentshopeheisok123+4
2016 Dec 04Jokes/Memes This picture shows Shilliary meeting the one who leaked her emails.3 CommentsIsaiahHoyt+0
2016 Dec 04Jokes/Memes Where's Waldo? I mean where's Assange? Seriously though ... why would they have us vote on POL & then tell us to stop asking?!22 CommentsTachiGurubashi+28
2016 Dec 04Social Media The latest tweet from @EmbassyCat has been deleted!59 Commentsventuckyspaz+70
2016 Dec 04Theories Possible Clues To The Whereabouts of Julian Assange32 CommentsScuzzin+81
2016 Dec 04Discussion/Q&A Just how reliable can a Dead Man's Switch (DMS) be?27 CommentsPhilhelm+15
2016 Dec 04Discussion/Q&A Backing up important files / news site. Just an idea.6 CommentsTescoSausageRoll+26
2016 Dec 04Miscellaneous For those of us who don't think it unreasonable to assume wikileaks is under third party control.3 CommentsPathosphere+17
2016 Dec 04Miscellaneous Craig Murray is at hospital!57 CommentsNowDamn+142
2016 Dec 04Miscellaneous Relevant (?) Animal Farm Excerpt.0 Commentskleptospect+0
2016 Dec 04Discussion/Q&A Could the DMS be activated also via shortwave / radio? It could be impossible to jam the entire spectrum.2 CommentsThe0r1st+1
2016 Dec 04Social Media Former Trump campaign manager Rodger Stone thinks Assange may have been taken by CIA57 CommentsCypressXM+471
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Too lazy to look. Did Assanges disappearance happen right after the emails were found that Hillary joked about "droning him."4 CommentsSolarcloud+0
2016 Dec 05 Are Wikileaks insurance files still alive? Trackers are not working, torrents have stalled. Is anyone else effected?0 Commentsberrieds+1
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Ok, let's *do* something. Now!50 CommentsNowDamn+33
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Has the UK commented on the UN ruling?2 CommentsbIackbrosinwhitehoes+8
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A News related paranoia2 CommentsbluryMtfkr+0
2016 Dec 05 The timing of President Obama's declaration of Julian Assange's "terrorist" status confirms Assange was rendered and replaced with body double.15 CommentsInformant59+24
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A I was banned at Wikileaks only for asking the names the Legal Counsels for Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Why?21 CommentsInformant59+70
2016 Dec 05 We MUST take this disclosure campaign to VOAT, GAB and every University Forum in the UK and petition the UN, ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and bring a claim against Torture to the International Criminal Court NOW!!!!!3 CommentsInformant59+24
2016 Dec 05Theories Google is doing very best to keep "Where Is Julian Assange" out of search results... Julian warned us all about Google in case you forgot.35 CommentsInformant59+651
2016 Dec 05 Open Letter & Plea To Russian President Vladimir Putin: Where Is Julian Assange? Please leak the answers to the world to stop his torture.12 CommentsInformant59+21
2016 Dec 05Social Media @WLTaskForce tweets: Following on from "pedophile" smear campaign http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article110904727.html … campaign to make people think #Assange is dead7 CommentsSaudi-Prince+23
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Some Anons pushing that Assange is a "spook." Thoughts?5 CommentsJusticiaChristos+0
2016 Dec 05Theories If this gets bigger, the mass majority is not going to believe us.1 Commentsdonnie4+6
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A What excuse does the Ecuadorian Embassy now give for not restoring internet service to Julian Assange?17 CommentsTwice-A-Day+24
2016 Dec 05Theories Maybe it's not the CIA?17 CommentsBasedPornStar+5
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Another day older, Still no POL22 CommentsFreqwaves+32
2016 Dec 05 My comments were deleted without my permission. It does not say "removed", it says "deleted."4 CommentsBalmoraBoy+1
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Pamela Anderson54 Commentsthis-is-my-burner+3
2016 Dec 05Jokes/Memes #WhipItOutAssange3 CommentsPlzDontVoteHillary+0
2016 Dec 05Miscellaneous TIME Person of the Year Poll Results: Narendra Modi Wins14 Commentswl_is_down+10
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Is 4chan blocking discussion?26 CommentsAlphaKiloCarrillo+9
2016 Dec 05Theories Is this sub compromised?17 Commentsmdcd4u2c+3
2016 Dec 05 Is this sub compromised?4 Commentsmdcd4u2c+0
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Has Assange not appeared in person for a long period of time before?48 CommentsJurijFedorov+25
2016 Dec 05 Where is Julian Assange? Missing? Russian Presidsent Vladimir Putin Asked For Help To Find The REAL Wikileaks Founder...0 CommentsInformant59+1
2016 Dec 05 Where is the REAL Julian Assange? Russian President Vladimir Putin Hints He Knows The Answer...5 CommentsInformant59+0
2016 Dec 05Miscellaneous WikiLeaks documents highlight sinister relations between Erdogan and ISIS7 Commentsqwertyuiop6382+69
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Can anyone find a later video than this one from August 6 that shows Assange at the Embassy, other than the Pilger video?17 CommentsWolfwoman1210+28
2016 Dec 05Social Media REMINDER! TOMORROW: CALL for Twitter campaign demanding the Restoration of Internet Access -- December 6, 2016: 5pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)17 Commentsub3rm3nsch+447
2016 Dec 05Social Media Anyone see that tweet?14 Commentshoponthathighhorse+62
2016 Dec 05Theories Wikileaks wants us to cease & desist with concerns about Julian suggesting this is all some kind of plot to discredit them and JA, but there sure are some weirdo posters trying to convince us that he's fine.89 CommentsWolfwoman1210+250
2016 Dec 05 just some thoughts5 Commentsbluekleankanteen+0
2016 Dec 05Miscellaneous Why Julian Assange would want us all to boycott and expose Google every day and switch to DuckDuckGo. You won't believe this...8 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+35
2016 Dec 05Miscellaneous Protest 9th Dec 13:00 GMT to demand proof of life outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Please share!Here is the FB event. There needs to be more media attention on this fact!Please up.. Thanks!51 Commentsthetinmen+622
2016 Dec 05Discussion/Q&A Was Assange removed from Time's "Person of the Year Award"?72 CommentsJusticiaChristos+255
2016 Dec 05Social Media Call for all over the internet to ask for Julian's internet to be restored at December 6 2016 5:00 pm gmt4 Commentsredditarmyxxx+87
2016 Dec 06Theories Has weird stuff happened? Yes. Is there adequate evidence to convince a reasonable person that Assange is alive and in the embassy? Yes.43 Commentscrackersnacker+27
2016 Dec 06 I know this is the wrong place but what is the story with pizzagate?8 CommentsDannyl3oy+12
2016 Dec 06 Anonymous video. Can this be confirmed?1 Commentsriclamin+0
2016 Dec 06Theories What if Assange is in hiding and you are all helping the bad guys figure out where he is?12 CommentsLegNest+0
2016 Dec 06 Anonymous links and videos about Wikileak's founder Julian Assange being "redirected" to ridiculous web sites and 4040 messages, or deleted from the internet. Does this one open for you guys? (Not for me).5 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+2
2016 Dec 06 Ecuadorian Embassy in London, edited their staff directory on October 17th, 2016.20 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+90
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Megyn Kelly introduces Julian in an interview saying he is in an undisclosed location in late August.18 Commentsventuckyspaz+44
2016 Dec 06 If he's been visited by close confidants as Wikileaks has stated...0 CommentsJmandr2+1
2016 Dec 06 Narendra Modi Beats Julian Assange and Trump and Tops TIME Person of the Year Poll. Totally legit. /s1 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+4
2016 Dec 06 Sorry guys but another exiled whistle blower now makes 3 that suggests Julian was about to expose the 911 "treason" and that is why they took him down.93 CommentsTeletrix+355
2016 Dec 06Jokes/Memes just MS Paint'ed the shit out of the latest WLtaskforce tweet2 CommentsDanTheOracle+12
2016 Dec 06Theories Maybe we're not helping...30 Commentsposhifor+4
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Prosecutor mentions "el secreto de sumario" (translation: gag order)6 CommentsDippy_Egg+14
2016 Dec 06Social Media Riseup.net Twitter Liked A Clear Tweet About Them Being Under A Gag Order57 Commentsprontoprova+251
2016 Dec 06Discussion/Q&A Where/what is this Deadmans switch35 CommentsNerdzRcool+76
2016 Dec 06Discussion/Q&A Concerned about anti-PoL forces on here44 Commentsventuckyspaz+75
2016 Dec 06Social Media REMINDER! TODAY: CALL for Twitter campaign requesting the Restoration of Internet Access -- December 6, 2016: 5pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)6 Commentsub3rm3nsch+128
2016 Dec 06 Is this really the world we live in?0 CommentsKnownot_Gaming+1
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Text this to your friends and put it all over the internet for julain assange14 Commentsredditarmyxxx+10
2016 Dec 06Discussion/Q&A When was this video recorded? (VICE NEWS: Julian Assange Is Finally Questioned Over Rape Allegations)3 Commentsdudeofedud+14
2016 Dec 06Evidence Jennifer Robinson confirms he is in the embassy.112 CommentsBeefshake+11
2016 Dec 06Discussion/Q&A How many days has it been?1 Commentsanteracorp+4
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Pamela Anderson spotted at Marina Abramovic occult art dinner52 Commentsspookypornlady+158
2016 Dec 06Theories Was Julian Assange communicating with three 911 Whistle blowers and get 10 hours of video from one of them when he was so rudely rendered on 10/17/2016 ?46 CommentsTeletrix+135
2016 Dec 06 Statement made by Julian Assange on October 4th at 10 Years Wikileaks Conference0 CommentsAstronomist+1
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Statement made by Julian Assange on October 4th, 2016 (Wikileaks 10 Year Press Conference)29 CommentsAstronomist+35
2016 Dec 06Miscellaneous Craig Murray reports he has recovered and is back out of the hospital.3 CommentsIxlyth+13
2016 Dec 06Theories JA Interview for RT with John Pilger10 CommentsScuzzin+3
2016 Dec 07Meta Clarified rule list + rules for moderators.17 CommentsThoriumWL+89
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous Steganography 'game theory' by Julian Assange (not new but possibly useful here)11 Commentsamgoingtohell+47
2016 Dec 07Theories Where is Assange, and why we can't get a PoL. (My theory)11 Comments1757throwaway+32
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous Raise awareness. Ask questions. Demand answers.3 CommentsAKindChap+15
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous The real Julian Assange would want us to have verifiable proof of life. This is what I mean as verifiable and anything less is garbage...51 CommentsInformant59+198
2016 Dec 07 Let's play Sherlock Holmes and track these Ecuadorian embassy employees down and just ask them directly about the truth relating to Julian Assange and October 17, 2016.1 CommentsThunder-Bay+1
2016 Dec 07 Until proof of live is provided boycott Wikileaks!0 CommentsSonic_Master+0
2016 Dec 07 Boycott Wikileaks and demand proof of life!0 CommentsSonic_Master+0
2016 Dec 07Theories Oct 4th 2016-JA's Speech. What we missed? JA forewarned us of a changing Wikileaks in the next few months.13 Commentsdamiana9+45
2016 Dec 07Theories Saw a post regarding DMS,what if they waited for him to make a move with DMS trigger while in Embassy?6 CommentsPreacher_1893+0
2016 Dec 07 Recent statement by Assange regarding rape charges - Source ABC News0 Commentsharreh+1
2016 Dec 07News/Articles Supposed statement from Assange regarding rape charges - no direct quote or confirmation20 Commentsharreh+104
2016 Dec 07News/Articles French tabloid just posted a "exclusive interview" of Assange saying he is innocent regarding sex assault accusations7 CommentsMaiwennSo+16
2016 Dec 07News/Articles Assange releases full testimony to Swedish prosecutors 6yrs after first arrest35 Commentsjohn19283u+398
2016 Dec 07 Assange releases full testimony to Swedish prosecutors 6yrs after first arrest0 CommentsWillough+3
2016 Dec 07 Julian Assanges full 19 page statementioned to the Swedish Prosecutor0 CommentsBeefshake+1
2016 Dec 07News/Articles Julian Assanges full 19 page statement to the Swedish Prosecutor10 CommentsBeefshake+171
2016 Dec 07Discussion/Q&A Julian releases statement regarding rape accusation. Still nowhere to be seen?0 Commentsstrayacarnt+18
2016 Dec 07Discussion/Q&A why has the timeline etc been removed from the bar on the right?15 CommentsDanTheOracle+67
2016 Dec 07News/Articles 'He will fight to the last breath': Julian Assange's mother speaks out six years after his arrest7 Commentswl_is_down+38
2016 Dec 07 Fox News - President-elect Donald J. Trump is named TIME Magazine's 'Person of the Year' for 2016.1 Commentsmagony+1
2016 Dec 07Discussion/Q&A The mother of Julian Assange has pleaded with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to secure her son's release, six years to the day after he was arrested.13 CommentsWillough+390
2016 Dec 07 Guys4 Commentsgr8peach+4
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous Trump wins Person of the Year21 CommentsCpt9captain+28
2016 Dec 07Social Media WikiLeaks on Twitter: "New SMS records show Assange was framed by police in 1st sex case17 Comments10gauge+306
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous Voice cloning: Software replicates any individual's unique voice5 Commentssmayonak+40
2016 Dec 07Theories If the CIA has control of Wikileaks18 Commentsredditarmyxxx+4
2016 Dec 07 Thoeryc0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 07Theories Why Assume The Worst?32 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+33
2016 Dec 07Social Media Can we welcome @wltaskforce, @communitywl to the WL official accounts, Joined October 20167 Commentswl_is_down+22
2016 Dec 07News/Articles Another visit by Pam. What's with her coat?59 Commentsexmatt+66
2016 Dec 07Miscellaneous Operation_Berenstain is the next sub banned, I wonder which one is next?60 CommentsIsaiahHoyt+119
2016 Dec 07Discussion/Q&A "Ms Assange told SBS News she spoke to her son four days ago" .... is this not proof?137 Commentsxheist+271
2016 Dec 08Discussion/Q&A Julian Assange To Be Set Free? New Public Statements Prove His Innocence4 CommentsBernie4Ever+43
2016 Dec 08Miscellaneous The Great Blockchain Search [Discord Update]104 Commentsxehtim+250
2016 Dec 08News/Articles Pressure Builds for UK and Sweden to Release WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange7 CommentsBernie4Ever+333
2016 Dec 08Theories The pressure on 'Pizzagate' is a sign to me that JA is still operational.54 Commentsthat_70s_kid+86
2016 Dec 08Social Media A facebook page1 CommentsDonnadab+0
2016 Dec 08News/Articles Julian's Mum just phoned into Hack on JJJ23 Commentsign1fy+65
2016 Dec 08Discussion/Q&A Why hasn't WikiLeaks released any Trump leaks?11 Commentsxcstrue+0
2016 Dec 08 Test23 Commentsbrudagon+19
2016 Dec 08Miscellaneous Center Of Investigative Journalism memorial event for Gavin MacFadyen happened today. Julian appeared on the projector.75 Commentsventuckyspaz+149
2016 Dec 08Miscellaneous Ecuador Embassy blackout on Julian Assange. Eric Jewell has called 5 times, sent emails, to no avail. Jewell trying to set up call with Ambassador tomorrow. (video)14 CommentsJusticiaChristos+129
2016 Dec 08 Shirts now available for #PizzaGate. Stock up! Spread the word face to face.1 CommentsJiggleBillyCometh+0
2016 Dec 09Discussion/Q&A When is the next DMS reset? DDOS attacks on rise0 CommentsWhenYouCloseYourEyes+0
2016 Dec 09News/Articles Australian reporter Rebecca Levingston speaks to Julian's mom Christine - 14 Min Interview14 Commentsventuckyspaz+42
2016 Dec 09News/Articles Julian’s Assange’s Mother Speaks: '€œI Am Feeling both Angry And Sad That My Son Has Now Been Detained Six Years Without Charge.'46 CommentsBernie4Ever+407
2016 Dec 09Miscellaneous Blockchain down.19 CommentsRapedByCossacks+3
2016 Dec 09Miscellaneous (Audio) Christine Assange on her sons testimony0 CommentsWillough+9
2016 Dec 09Discussion/Q&A What are the official statements & opinions of Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden about the current status of the real Julian Assange?23 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+25
2016 Dec 09Discussion/Q&A Where is Jacob Appelbaum ?17 Commentskwerkee+32
2016 Dec 09Miscellaneous How did this edit get approved?27 CommentsDatOpenSauce+321
2016 Dec 09Miscellaneous Anyone at the embassy?19 CommentsDatOpenSauce+37
2016 Dec 09News/Articles The Icelandic minister who refused cooperation with the FBI (to frame Assange).2 Commentswl_is_down+122
2016 Dec 09Miscellaneous I Bruce A. Gorcyca confirm that I communicated with the real Julian Assange BEFORE he was kidnapped on October 17th , 2016 and with his fake lawyer two days ago. Wikileaks is absolutely now compromised and a honeypot black op.242 CommentsBruce_Gorcyca+776
2016 Dec 09Social Media Lauri Love seen and spoke to Julian60 CommentsXuse+32
2016 Dec 09Discussion/Q&A Intimidation, Bribes, or threat of Economic "Sanctions". Why do YOU think the Ecuadorian government caved into onerous U.S. demands on Julian Assange of Wikileaks???5 CommentsNever-B4+17
2016 Dec 09 We need to get some UK university students to befriend the Ecuadorian embassy workers for their contact info so we can talk with them directly.1 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+3
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A The latest Intelligence10 CommentsCypressXM+19
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A How Julian and Wikileaks csn ve verified via pgp3 Commentstutumay+9
2016 Dec 10Meta Bruce Gorcyca thread gone19 CommentsAstronomist+23
2016 Dec 10News/Articles Sean Hannity allegedly spoke with Julian Assange today.26 CommentsKeyserSOhItsTaken+36
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous [X-Post From /r/politics] Top comment on this post notes that "no one has heard from Assange"9 Commentsfretfriendly+6
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A If Julian Assange was alive, would he speak out against this Orwellian 'fake news' narrative that's being pushed by the mainstream media?4 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+28
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A Washington Post says CIA claims Russia did the wikileaks dnc/podesta leak. But the CIA supposedly controls wikileaks? Lets discuss this...15 CommentsFBI_Breast_Inspector+75
2016 Dec 10Theories One reason to think Julian is at least still alive10 Commentscajuntechie+24
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous A few pics and vids from when I was around the Embassy yesterday9 CommentsDatOpenSauce+43
2016 Dec 10News/Articles Wikileaks claims Obama hacking probe is investigating Wikileaks13 Commentsmamafreedom+244
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A Where is the John Kerry release that was promised? And what happened to phase 3?54 CommentsBrada73+118
2016 Dec 10Theories Everything Seems to be Getting a Little Clearer Now.............33 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+66
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous Sexy Super Secret Agent Pamela Anderson18 CommentsBeefshake+0
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous Riseup explains the canary quandary, but 'they haven't been compromised'.24 CommentsWillough+29
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous Turnbull POL Assange8 CommentsPOLNowAssange+10
2016 Dec 10Discussion/Q&A Discussion: Today's CIA/Russia story is why Julian is still now allowed internet access.34 CommentsIM_NOT_CIA_PROMISE+110
2016 Dec 10Miscellaneous Mélenchon (European Deputee) : "I would go to see Assange in London (...) and give him french nationality if I'm elected"5 CommentsAithful+80
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A Was TIME magazine told to remove Julian Assange of Wikileaks from "Person Of Year" consideration by White House???22 CommentsThunder-Bay+223
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A Just Curious... Is there any legitimate reason Julian Assange would not want to be seen and verified at the embassy at this point in time?23 CommentsThunder-Bay+16
2016 Dec 11Theories Julian Assange, Bruce Gorcyca, & John Wheeler were going to expose more than 911... The Wall Street banksters and Panama Bank Account of U.S. officials. Many profitted from 911!13 CommentsCaught-Red-Handed+48
2016 Dec 11Miscellaneous Some Christmas Cheer for Julian4 CommentsA_mighty_diamond_+20
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A Anyone else considering Russia extracted Julian to Russia like Snowden in exchange for him helping Trump win election?7 CommentsLegNest+0
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A From someone who has only been reading about this for a few weeks, my impression is something is up.19 CommentsSaynotomoney+17
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A What theory do you end up with by using Occam's razor on the Assange case?49 CommentsJurijFedorov+17
2016 Dec 11News/Articles FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister39 CommentsShotBot+965
2016 Dec 11News/Articles Never thought even The Guardian was believing just a letter without POL10 Comments7unkrat+29
2016 Dec 11 Weird story2 Commentsbeatricejensen+1
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A Is it safe to download the insurance files ?19 Commentsredditarmyxxx+22
2016 Dec 11Miscellaneous left flowers for julian at the ecuadorian embassy in london43 Commentslulicat+292
2016 Dec 11News/Articles The Guardian is Mi5's mouthpiece. Don't be fooled by their propaganda.4 Commentslogga+47
2016 Dec 11 My Theory: Russia extracted Julian with cooperation with Ecuador right before US tried taking him. US CIA now controls Wikileaks but Julian is safe in Russia.2 CommentsLegNest+1
2016 Dec 11Discussion/Q&A In regards to block chain and the key files2 Commentsredditarmyxxx+3
2016 Dec 11Meta Idea for Mods: Keep a "Proof of life confirmed X days ago" in the subreddit sidebar10 CommentsAthiestCowboy+96
2016 Dec 11Jokes/Memes Official declaration of meme war against Hillary Clinton and the us government4 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 11Jokes/Memes Good one guys ?2 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 11Miscellaneous Trying to get the news about the "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" to /r/worldnews got shadowbanned?15 Commentsranza+33
2016 Dec 11Miscellaneous Petals Please Pamela6 CommentsPOLNowAssange+4
2016 Dec 11Theories He Uses Apple Laptops!24 CommentsRUNE_juice+0
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Have we tried posting about the fact that Julian Assange is missing or r/worldnews0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12Theories Could THIS Be The Reason for All the Craziness With WL, JA, and Riseup?27 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+52
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A What it julain assange is at he embassy but won't come outside to get people to ask questions1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous Test cam from embassy cat (old tweet)5 Commentsdoucheeebag+8
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Is it not possible that WL are doing this for attention?6 CommentsYearlingR+13
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Question about latest media hissy fit about Russia and why WL is not standing up to it17 Commentsmamafreedom+11
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous Steve Pieczenik: "So we [CIA and other intelligence agencies] instigated a counter-coup through Julian Assange who came forth with the emails that we gave to him"25 Commentsamgoingtohell+18
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Where do I go to help with he block chain stuff2 Commentsredditarmyxxx+3
2016 Dec 12 Mostly fluffy garbage coming from Wikileaks now. Where ar eleaks on Kerry, "Treason", Clinton Foundation, and banksters? Most of new leaks are public knowledge or dated beyond reveleance. October 17,th began a new era without Julian Assange.0 CommentsNever-B4+1
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Mostly fluffy garbage comes from Wikileaks since October 17th, 2016. Where are leaks on Kerry, Clinton Foundation, "Treason", Pizzagate? A new era of Cenorship compliments of Uncle Sam.19 CommentsNever-B4+64
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Has anyone got in touch or heard from Sarah Harrison, Kristinn Hrafnsson, or Birgitta Jónsdóttir?10 Commentsqoloku+36
2016 Dec 12 Our Bruce Gorcyca post about Bruce Gorcyca, Julian Assange, and John Wheeler joint effort to expose 911 - Saudi inside job hit a huge nerve. Google now helping U.S. government hacks delete and "redirect" important links with details.1 CommentsTeletrix+3
2016 Dec 12Theories Our recent post about Bruce Gorcyca and John Wheeler feeding Julian Assange information about 911 inside job hit a huge nerve folks. Now Google is helping U.S. government hacks censor and redirect important links containing details.45 CommentsTeletrix+153
2016 Dec 12News/Articles The CIA merely finished what the FBI started... The stealthy takeover of Wikileaks as a honeypot operation.4 CommentsTeletrix+91
2016 Dec 12News/Articles NYT is pushing the big red button. "Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them"14 CommentsWillough+51
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous Goodbye Reddit, Wordpress, Wikileaks, 4 Chan, VOAT, and all you heroic Whistle Blowers and Leakers. Obama just pushed the Senate to approve the U.S. Censorship Act!751 CommentsHold_My_Calls+5659
2016 Dec 12 I have an idea to see if Wikileaks is comprised but we'll need a computer we're on with getting a virus on0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 12 Why do we think the CIA took over1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+7
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Julian Assange is missing for being a whistleblower I can't take this anymore36 Commentsredditarmyxxx+45
2016 Dec 12Social Media Wikileaks live on Facebook. What is this?50 CommentsSephRP+42
2016 Dec 12Meta Message to Moderator Thor and Users of this WhereisAssange sub from whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca exiled in China. RE: 911, Saudis, Panama Bank Accounts = Pandora's Box.35 CommentsPerry-Mason+47
2016 Dec 12Social Media Wikileaks fb livestream0 Commentsdoucheeebag+12
2016 Dec 12 Err, so is this sub over? Julian Assange gave an interview here, and he seems fine.0 CommentsMox5+1
2016 Dec 12News/Articles Julian Assange associate: It was a leak, not a hack and the DNC insider is NOT Russian8 CommentsShotBot+100
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A "Bruce A. Gorcyca"96 CommentsBeefshake+30
2016 Dec 12 I have a idea to make us more effective0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 12 Let's start a peaceful online operation for Julian Assange0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 12 Is there anything we can do to make us more effective in our task ?1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 12 I have the discord app how do where do I go to join to help find Julian on it0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12 I've created a discord channel and have invites set up discord.gg/22ac3 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous This is why people think Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is MISSING73 CommentsBeefsizzle+80
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous IMPORTANT Start backing up everything to Freenet.7 CommentsBackupFreenetAssange+31
2016 Dec 12 Need help troubleshooting chat room option2 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12 Whats the story with Tor?3 CommentsDannyl3oy+5
2016 Dec 12 Secure email client2 Comments7unkrat+0
2016 Dec 12 Clear evidence Free Julian Assange page hijacked1 CommentsLookswithin+1
2016 Dec 12Jokes/Memes I've made some memes0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous Will Putin get angry enough at false hacking accusations to reveal truth about Julian Assange's current fate and prove Bruce Gorcyca, John Wheeler, and Kurt Sonnefeld are right about 911 inside job?30 CommentsZoom-Zoom-Zoom+51
2016 Dec 12Miscellaneous Wikileaks certificate has changed as is "broken HTTPS", and its back before I can finish.96 Commentswl_is_down+150
2016 Dec 12 On December 15 let's all call the embassy Julian usually stays at And ask if he's ok1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 12News/Articles CIA's Russia hacking claims dismissed as 'bulls***' by close associate of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange Craig Murray1 Commentsamgoingtohell+101
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A Wikileaks.org not secure??13 Commentskennedyjackson+74
2016 Dec 12Discussion/Q&A We should be writing Open Letters and Petitioning Congressmen Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy for action to verify if Julian Assange is in U.S. Custody.9 CommentsNever-B4+103
2016 Dec 13Discussion/Q&A Ask the journalists for their sources1 CommentsLookswithin+24
2016 Dec 13Miscellaneous Did exiled whistle blower Kurt Sonnefeld also communicate with Julian Assange of Wikileaks about 911? His answer is simply "No comment".5 CommentsAlready2Go+17
2016 Dec 13 Got a coded letter someone can send to the embassy my dad won't let me55 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 13Discussion/Q&A Putin7 Commentscajuntechie+0
2016 Dec 13 MKULTRA Never ended. Tavistock is running the globe.2 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+19
2016 Dec 13Jokes/Memes Julian Assange Took Down The Most Corrupt Politician In Modern History...21 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+273
2016 Dec 13Meta One Suspended Account One Banned Zero Dot Hedge13 CommentsPOLNowAssange+1
2016 Dec 13Discussion/Q&A Oh boy. "Electoral College vote should be delayed"31 CommentsWillough+22
2016 Dec 13News/Articles Leaked Assange Doc Suggests Russia Knew In Advance Snowden Would Spy on NSA14 CommentsWillough+7
2016 Dec 13 Twitter is actively censoring Pizzagate asking users to delete images or face suspension.67 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+239
2016 Dec 13 OpenPGP digital signature best practices!1 CommentsRamsey_fighter+1
2016 Dec 13Theories I believe he is alive71 CommentsIamsam1969+74
2016 Dec 13 Assange on Maher... was this recent? I'm confused2 Commentsbugboi+2
2016 Dec 13Miscellaneous Voat.co where the discussion moved is currently under DDOS attack4 Commentssomerandom8101+0
2016 Dec 13 We are able to change voices, manipulate images, fake news on a global scale, corrupt minds, kill people and make it look like a natural cause of death, and destroy a planet with a push of a button. Keep strong. Dont give them an inch. Show your teeth.0 Commentsamazing_cucumber+13
2016 Dec 13 Background Info0 CommentsExec99+2
2016 Dec 13Social Media Woman claiming to be Wikileaks co-founder says Wikileaks compromised and Assange no longer at embassy44 CommentsCypressXM+28
2016 Dec 13 voat compromised?2 Commentsdonald_durden+1
2016 Dec 13Miscellaneous Remember: "Keep Fighting" ~J.Assange79 CommentsAnen-o-me+748
2016 Dec 14Miscellaneous Cannot find info on this anywhere. Extremely skeptical -- http://findingassange.com/108 CommentsRigg5+80
2016 Dec 14Theories Saudis themselves and a retired senior CIA confirm 911 inside job that FBI informants John Wheeler & Bruce Gorcyca were feeding to Julian Assange of the uncompromised Wikileaks.62 CommentsInformant59+112
2016 Dec 14News/Articles What they are not telling the public about "Fake News", the Russians and Julian Assange5 CommentsThunder-Bay+35
2016 Dec 14Meta The official public comments of the Ecuador government. Can we get a sticky of each statement in chronological order?5 CommentsThunder-Bay+29
2016 Dec 14News/Articles Why we cannot count on investigative reporters to help us find Julian Assange of Wikileaks according to Glenn Greenwald...6 CommentsNot_So_Fast_Mate+36
2016 Dec 14Duplicate http://findingassange.com/?i=176 Commentsnoob421+6
2016 Dec 14Discussion/Q&A What does this sub have to say about this 'Assange' interview?6 CommentsGodDammitRicky+0
2016 Dec 14News/Articles Pamela Anderson calls Julian Assange a 'hero' and asks for his release116 CommentsShotBot+474
2016 Dec 14Miscellaneous Countdown link on "findingassange.com"57 CommentsIamsam1969+35
2016 Dec 14News/Articles ANOTHER Russian Hacking Myth Exposed!29 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+18
2016 Dec 14Miscellaneous Remember that time there was a 48-hour countdown for a whopper of a Wikileak?8 Commentsnoob421+75
2016 Dec 14 I have an idea let's create a Christmas carol about Julian Assange5 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 15 Will Pamela Anderson soon be accusing "a sex-starved drunken" Julian Assange of Wikileaks, of trying to rape during a future visit? The body double Julian will be arrested but the real one will be prosecuted and convicted?0 CommentsThunder-Bay+0
2016 Dec 15 Will Pamela Anderson soon be accusing a "a drunken sex-starved" Julian Assange of trying to rape her on a future visit? The body double Julian will be arrested, but the real Julian "brought to Justice in America"??? WARNING!42 CommentsThunder-Bay+18
2016 Dec 15 "Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told Dailymail.com that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September."6 CommentsIM_NOT_CIA_PROMISE+67
2016 Dec 15 American President Obama Declares Julian Assange of Wikileaks "A Terrorist Who Is Wanted Dead or Alive". Convenient Propaganda Mr. Prez, but who exactly did Julian "Terrorize", when and where?6 CommentsTwice-A-Day+39
2016 Dec 15Discussion/Q&A Wanted: Evidence that he has been captured or is dead54 CommentsBeefshake+15
2016 Dec 15 This Sub Is Counter-Intuitive9 Commentsorange_fuckin_peel+0
2016 Dec 15 Why i believe there was no raid34 CommentsBeefshake+7
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous BEWARE of "findingassange.com"50 Commentspizzagateishell+62
2016 Dec 15 The Weaponization of Social Isolation: Illegal Persecution and the Violation of Basic Human Rights6 CommentsHASTOLEAVEAIRPORT+5
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous My sister got banned from Wikileaks Sub simply for asking for verifiable proof of life that the real Julian Assange was in the Ecuador embassy.13 CommentsAlready2Go+24
2016 Dec 15Theories A theory5 CommentsCpt9captain+0
2016 Dec 15Discussion/Q&A Is there a big need for pics/vids today?17 CommentsDatOpenSauce+6
2016 Dec 15 Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn't Influence the Election0 CommentsShotBot+1
2016 Dec 15News/Articles James Comey: "The hacking was done by people who had no direct connection to the Russian government."234 CommentsShotBot+638
2016 Dec 15 Is Julian Assange Dead? Did FBI Plan His Execution?0 CommentsBernie4Ever+1
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Reminder: MSM has long been pushing the narrative that Russia is the "Most Dangerous Threat to U.S."1 CommentsGodEmpire+27
2016 Dec 15Social Media Malik asked the important questions10 CommentsAlec17king+70
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous After my online investigation yesterday, I've lost access to --> findingassange.com10 Commentspizzagateishell+4
2016 Dec 15Meta [Meta] Could we enforce stronger rules ?17 Commentsonly_echoes+6
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Julian Assange on Hannity Today?!?367 Commentskdurbano2+579
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Assange to be on 2nd hour of Hannity radio show today. 12/15/20162 Commentsnapoleonb0nerfart+17
2016 Dec 15 FindingAssange.com is down0 CommentsCypressXM+1
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Findingassange.com new headline0 CommentsCypressXM+2
2016 Dec 15 Julian Assange is about to be interviewed by Sean Hanity THIS VERY MOMENT - I just contacted the guy behind findingassange.com and he told me to listen to the podcast (Link in thread)2 Commentscohan8999+2
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous I posted a few days ago Sean Hannityhad spoken with JA and he would be on his show again sometime in the near future. Well, it's right now. Tune in folks.2 CommentsKeyserSOhItsTaken+13
2016 Dec 15 Julian Assange is ALIVE; all your conspiracy theories were WRONG. He has ALWAYS been inside the embassy.9 CommentsTopShitPosterChild+0
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Sean Hannity on Twitter: "Listen to @wikileaks Julian Assange today, his first interview in the states since the election, at 4pm ET on my radio show."18 Comments10gauge+4
2016 Dec 15Discussion/Q&A Julian Assange interview on Sean Hannity megathread!155 CommentsIxlyth+200
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Julian Assange will be on Sean Hanity any moment. If he appears on the broadcast the release system will be terminated. (findingassange.com)62 Commentsmeditation_IRC+53
2016 Dec 15 New interview with Assange! The proof of life we needed!0 CommentsJoeRuinsEverything+0
2016 Dec 15News/Articles ASSANGE RETURNS! Sean Hannity Interview with Julian Assange2 CommentsShotBot+10
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Findingassange.com says it has proof of life21 Commentsthink_more_+25
2016 Dec 15Discussion/Q&A So did JA just confirm that findingassange.com may have gotten his keys and hacked the emails?15 Commentsspudlikkr+7
2016 Dec 15News/Articles Julian Assange Interview w/ Sean Hannity 12/15/20164 Commentsdemandcollect+43
2016 Dec 15Theories Wait, you guys, we are forgetting that this is not merely about Julian being alive, it is about WL being compromised.15 Commentslord_dvorak+103
2016 Dec 15Jokes/Memes An open letter to FIndingassange.com2 CommentsNOT_7A35090F+0
2016 Dec 15 FINDINGASSANGE.COM IS A SCAM!5 Commentscohan8999+2
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous Missing for 2 months, no explanation yet and that's enough for you guys? Don't forget that Wikileaks has been compromised. We should still be skeptical.23 Commentsbutwhattif+35
2016 Dec 15 Is this guy a shill or nah? Very suspicious3 Commentspapayabobby+5
2016 Dec 15Theories We still don't have a proof of life. With so many interviews in the past, they can stitch together anything they want.7 CommentsJoeRuinsEverything+21
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous FindingAssange.com is a scam!40 Commentscohan8999+42
2016 Dec 15Jokes/Memes HE'S ALIVE!!!0 CommentsAnynomus+0
2016 Dec 15Theories So.. there is still no proof of life. There is more 'evidence' pushing for him being alive, but nothing that isn't within the reach of 3 letter agencies to doctor..74 CommentsOkImJustSayin+158
2016 Dec 15Theories Why I believe the Hannity is good (not perfect) proof of life7 Commentscajuntechie+2
2016 Dec 15Miscellaneous @WikiLeaks: Full Julian Assange radio interview with @SeanHannity from this afternoon (US EST) on US election, CIA4 CommentsAdviseMyAdvice+16
2016 Dec 15Theories Weird how Julian didn't mention anything about his life's work being totally fucked up and compromised over the past two months, gargantuan red flag.30 CommentsAstronomist+49
2016 Dec 15Theories A thread from 5 days ago is evidence that findingassange.com was a scam from the beginning.21 CommentsIxlyth+60
2016 Dec 15Theories The only theory that I can make sense of that would explain everything so far22 CommentsOkImJustSayin+43
2016 Dec 15 A Mandatory read for everyone who cares about who hacked the DNC. Best & most concise of the technical commentaries that make it clear CIA is completely out of its depth, has no understanding, and is almost certainly deceiving the public with its false statements.2 CommentsMeak_Duck+11
2016 Dec 15 HE IS ALIVE, and he sounds great!!6 CommentsIamsam1969+0
2016 Dec 15 So it turns out that this subreddit was a bust (because Assange is alive), does that mean /v/PizzaGate may end up being a bust as well?7 CommentsMultiMediaWill+0
2016 Dec 15Theories Phase 3 never happened, "Julian" mentioned not a damn thing about it when that was of utmost importance at the beginning of October. Please don't be distracted by the "current events". They were discussed heavily well before the election.31 CommentsAstronomist+83
2016 Dec 15 Oppinion - Hannity and findingassange.com just showed that JA is in big trouble.2 Commentskealanm1+4
2016 Dec 16Miscellaneous Sean Hannity FULL Interview with Julian Assange 12/15/160 CommentsAwayWeGo112+5
2016 Dec 16Discussion/Q&A Was Assange a voice bot on hannity?12 Commentszinnenator+0
2016 Dec 16Discussion/Q&A Why demanding proof that WikiLeaks is not compromised is necessary8 Commentsneonnexus+56
2016 Dec 16 Proof of Life5 Commentsnishimurablade+0
2016 Dec 16 ASSANGE RETURNS!! Sean Hannity FULL Interview with Julian Assange 12/15/162 CommentsShotBot+14
2016 Dec 16 Radio and Video interviews are NOT proof of life if RGB and real-time voice duplication technology are used with a body double. The third generation technology is almost 10 years old. READ!5 CommentsTwice-A-Day+4
2016 Dec 16 Im Ecuadorian. Would it possible for me to go to the embassy and check if assange is there?12 Commentsdnlslm9+5
2016 Dec 16 Does Assange have his internet back?3 Commentscraponastickybun+1
2016 Dec 16 I bet Julian Assange reads this subreddit and thinks all you guys are delusional and crazy people. Julian thinks you guys are retarded or something...15 CommentsTopShitPosterChild+0
2016 Dec 16 The Sean Hannity interview and Pam Anderson "visits" do NOT prove anything people except that the public is truly gullible and naive. Here is proof we are all being duped with technology...5 CommentsInformant59+4
2016 Dec 16 This sub isnt "Is Assange Alive?" Its **WHERE** is Assange! Now we know he is alive, but NO mention of where!14 Commentswrines+5
2016 Dec 16 If Julian Assange was on the Hannity show today1 Commentsmaxkenn+2
2016 Dec 16Discussion/Q&A On Hannity7 CommentspureH2O2+1
2016 Dec 16Theories Interview strongly implies that he's still alive, but it doesn't prove he's at the embassy.7 Commentsnazi_ovipositor+13
2016 Dec 16Social Media Malik Obama w/ WL Task force response5 CommentsSolarcloud+7
2016 Dec 16Theories If Julian is alive and well~ don't click this...28 CommentsGlobalHell+19
2016 Dec 16Miscellaneous Organized Gathering @ Ecuadorian Embassy Supposedly Planned For December 17th 12-8PM8 CommentstogaCubs+38
2016 Dec 16 POL Video on Findingassange.com supposedly up...8 CommentshorridCAM666+8
2016 Dec 16 findingassange.com "released" video proof of life but it is already down lol12 Commentsorange_fuckin_peel+8
2016 Dec 16 New rule: No personal insults. Attack the argument, not the individual.27 CommentsThoriumWL+136
2016 Dec 16Discussion/Q&A Why where no question asked about his silence, his internet being shut down and his situation in the Embassy?101 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+187
2016 Dec 16Miscellaneous PROOF Hannity / Assange interview could be easily faked45 Commentsjimmy4o8+41
2016 Dec 16Theories Not buying what they're selling253 CommentsRobertRandom+138
2016 Dec 16News/Articles Wikileaks founder Assange on hacked Podesta, DNC emails: 'Our source is not the Russian government'41 CommentsShotBot+324
2016 Dec 16 Ok, do Julian might be alive, but where is he?0 Commentsmerkucjo+1
2016 Dec 16 Was the Hannity Interview live ?0 CommentsKiwec+1
2016 Dec 16 Ok, so Julian might be alive, but where is he?4 Commentsmerkucjo+0
2016 Dec 16Miscellaneous Cameras at the Embassy were watching me lol9 CommentsDatOpenSauce+0
2016 Dec 16 Assange: "Some leaks may have been Russian"3 CommentsParasymphatetic+0
2016 Dec 16 Proof of life video on findingassange.com??0 CommentsDiscuslover129+1
2016 Dec 16Evidence Full Transcript: Julian Assange with Sean Hannity, 15 December 2016.76 CommentsWillough+103
2016 Dec 16 Assange voice splits into two for moments at 5:55?0 CommentsTimeCopOnDVD+1
2016 Dec 16Theories Assange has been taken, he left us a very simple clue17 CommentsPM_ME_SCARRA_HENTAI+30
2016 Dec 16Theories Crazy theory: Some of the people insisting that we don't support WL until poL is given is the same people that got Assange to hide or worse10 Commentspinchitony+0
2016 Dec 16Social Media "Obama should submit any Putin documents to WikiLeaks to be authenticated to our standards if he wants them to be seen as credible"54 CommentsTheWaterTemple+347
2016 Dec 16Miscellaneous Spoke to congressional office about assange9 CommentsTomPain1776+11
2016 Dec 16Discussion/Q&A Interesting that Craig Murray made that statement about collecting source information for Wikileaks when JA hates to give any clues regarding who his sources are or when & when source material was collected. Refer Hannity interview for JA's comments about this.8 CommentsWolfwoman1210+8
2016 Dec 16Jokes/Memes Does Assange even exist?9 Commentsanonymous3850239582+0
2016 Dec 17Discussion/Q&A Is this really Assange's PoL? (SH Interview)13 CommentsBlinking_Red_Light+17
2016 Dec 17Discussion/Q&A Finally! Now that someone, who sounded like Assange, held an interview that was absolutely impossible to script and rehearse, I no longer need a video of him having in person conversation with friends and family and holding a current newspaper. Time to shut this sub down.30 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+11
2016 Dec 17Miscellaneous Increasing confidence in the Julian Assange - Hannity Interview /// Dissected the waveform a bit and pulled a whole bunch of the "Um"s and "uh"s aside to compare waveforms - no duplicates observed (see comment below for more info)67 CommentsThe_Watterboy+319
2016 Dec 17Discussion/Q&A WikiLeaks Task Force question1 Commentsnoob421+16
2016 Dec 17Discussion/Q&A So is that finding Assange website claiming that they coerced the recent interview..?12 Commentsghochpa+4
2016 Dec 17Meta Average "Currently Online" drops 100 in a day on this sub39 CommentsCypressXM+38
2016 Dec 17 3rd Generation Real-Time Vice-Duplication Software can make ANY linked interview (even live interbiews) appear to be authentic. Hannity and the public were once again deceived about Julian Assange with 9 year old technology familiar to Disney & Pixar audio technicians. Still No VERIFIABLE POL!22 CommentsInformant59+32
2016 Dec 17 The FBI Files, Documentary - In 1977 the USA took 3 terrorists out of a Yugoslavian mission (embassy) in New York, showing that in some instances a foreign power has gone into an embassy with weapons drawn to arrest people in there.10 CommentsJurijFedorov+19
2016 Dec 17 Transcript Naufal interview copied from Free Julian Assange facebook page. Julian says precedent should be live interactive video.25 CommentsSaynotomoney+52
2016 Dec 17 Open challenge for this subreddit.10 CommentsAfouToPatisa+18
2016 Dec 17Theories If they get released what could we expect in Assange's DMK - What impact could these have?27 CommentsTheRagedOrange+47
2016 Dec 17 Reminder: unless we see Assange live on the news or on an Internet stream, nothing as counts as proof.14 Commentsiceboob+16
2016 Dec 17Discussion/Q&A What if Julian is physically OK, but they've "turned" him?73 CommentsCallousCaillou+55
2016 Dec 17 This subreddit should stay even if...8 CommentsFirereadery+10
2016 Dec 17News/Articles How do you teach a computer to speak like Scarlett Johansson?2 Commentsamgoingtohell+15
2016 Dec 17Miscellaneous Transforming the quality and intonation of the speech of one speaker so that it sounds like another speaker16 Commentsamgoingtohell+55
2016 Dec 17Miscellaneous Assange on Pamela Anderson: She’s a very effective emissary35 Commentsamgoingtohell+119
2016 Dec 17 JULIAN ASSANGE PROOF OF LIFE (?)3 CommentsSonic_Master+0
2016 Dec 18Theories Regarding discrepancies and Anomalies in Julian Assange’s pronunciation, tempo, delivery, and accent in the 15 Dec 2016 Hannity interview.23 CommentsLookswithin+45
2016 Dec 18Evidence EMBASSY EVIDENCE MEGATHREAD 1.0130 CommentsBeefshake+52
2016 Dec 18Discussion/Q&A Question on alleged Russian hacks & attempt to discredit Wikileaks: Do the DNC/Podesta files match between Wikileaks and DC Leaks?6 Comments4FR33D0M+9
2016 Dec 18 Regarding Bruce Gorcyca.94 CommentsThoriumWL+89
2016 Dec 18 Are the deadman keys missing?36 CommentsJusticiaChristos+0
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous Reminder: Riseup.net has still not updated their warrant canary23 Commentsalleks88+23
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous What was the outcome of the embassy protest that was planned this weekend?4 Commentsthefourblackbars+6
2016 Dec 18Duplicate What happened with the Assange POL embassy protest that was supposed to happen before xmas?2 Commentscookiecutterhipster+1
2016 Dec 18 assange.net says Assange is dead =(13 CommentsCypressXM+0
2016 Dec 18 My uncle is an AV tech at Pixar and says Hannity or Stephen Hawking would never know its not Julian Assange they were supposedly interviewing because of high "sampling rates" used in current voice duplication software.12 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+33
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous Jim Stonem a former Senior Analyst from the NSA boldly insists that Julian Assange of Wikileaks has not been at the Ecuador embassy in almost 2 months.121 CommentsAlready2Go+446
2016 Dec 18Meta What the hell is going on this subreddit?61 Commentsadam4402+85
2016 Dec 18Discussion/Q&A At what point does this SubReddit become more harmful to finding Assange than it is helping.8 CommentsSolarcloud+13
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous A suggestion on how to move forward3 Commentsthrawassnge+13
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous Wl opens three new ip addresses today.36 Commentswl_is_down+14
2016 Dec 18 On the website was a timer showing how long he was missing now:"Julian Assange is Dead!"3 Comments6oreg+3
2016 Dec 18Discussion/Q&A What happened with the Assange POL embassy protest that was supposed to happen before xmas?11 Commentscookiecutterhipster+6
2016 Dec 18Miscellaneous Obama continues to falsely state that the WikiLeaks source was Russia, goes unquestioned by MSM7 Commentsdemandcollect+88
2016 Dec 18Discussion/Q&A Countdown for Wikileaks5 Commentsgermanyshero+3
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Does anyone have an address to send Assange a Christmas card?9 CommentsJumpingBean12+10
2016 Dec 19Theories Julian Assange is Being Held Captive - Here is Proof and Clues22 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+23
2016 Dec 19Meta Has anyone else who refreshes this sub multiple times and hour noticed no new posts and then 10 all at once?13 CommentsCypressXM+24
2016 Dec 19News/Articles Wikileaks offers to help Obama authenticate Russia hacking claims | The Independent18 CommentsDJ_Beardsquirt+57
2016 Dec 19 These FBI 911-Saudi investigation documents were sent to Julian Assange of Wikileaks in "late September" and here is proof JA was working on 911 as far back as 2009...28 CommentsZoom-Zoom-Zoom+84
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Let's work this mystery backwards... If YOU were President Obama or CIA Director what would be the best and quickest way to silence Julian Assange about leaking about Panama bank accounts, 911/Saudis/Huma Abedin, Wall Street money laundering, Clinton Foundation before the elections?21 CommentsTwice-A-Day+27
2016 Dec 19Social Media wikileaks insurance file93 CommentsTrump_InDa_Norf+388
2016 Dec 19 Will the real Julian Assange still be alive if and when Trump is inaugurated considering all the implications of a CIA-run honeypot operation known as Wikileaks?6 CommentsTeletrix+3
2016 Dec 19 Blog: No, Julian Is Not Dead3 CommentsBeefshake+2
2016 Dec 19Meta Can't view mod logs (?) Or is my internet just slow5 CommentsAstronomist+13
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Was Julian Assange On Sean Hannity Dec 15 2016?6 Commentssilent_xfer+4
2016 Dec 19 Let's give Wikileaks 2 days to give pol or else we will start spreading awareness3 Commentsredditarmyxxx+0
2016 Dec 19Meta I left the mod team.13 Commentserktheerk+29
2016 Dec 19Social Media Let's talk about the tweet from Cryptome (Assange's former associate).9 Commentspotatoesarenotcool+13
2016 Dec 19Theories Julians Health Last Modified Date 1984 Potential Connection8 Commentswlcoincidences+7
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Could This WL Tweet Be Considered a Canary?5 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+0
2016 Dec 19Theories For all intents and purposes he's been Disappeared24 CommentsWardensOfTheNorth+48
2016 Dec 19 Was it Bruce Gorcyca, Steve Pieczenik, or another "former federal agent" that publicly warned Julian Assange way back in August of 2016 what was coming his way?7 CommentsAlready2Go+16
2016 Dec 19Social Media Wikileaks on being compromised: "You heard that from a black-PR campaign run, probably, by the CIA, designed to decrease trust in WikiLeaks."65 Commentsbrada74+205
2016 Dec 19Social Media Let get viral with Twitter, FB, and WeChat and each of us invite 1,000 family, friends, and colleagues to WhereIsAssange and give Julian Assange a great Chistmas gift - FREEDOM!5 CommentsNever-B4+6
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Regarding the idea of this search discrediting WikiLeaks5 CommentsWhereIsAssILikeAss+4
2016 Dec 19Discussion/Q&A Question on a timeline event5 Commentsarobitaille272+1
2016 Dec 19 Was Sean Hannity tricked with CIA technology ir is he not as smart as we all thought? Even Alex Jones wasn't fooled!4 CommentsAlready2Go+5
2016 Dec 19Meta Why are all these crazy articles being allowed, but not anything else?20 CommentsAstronomist+22
2016 Dec 20News/Articles ABC's News Reporter Hayden Cooper says Assange is still in Embassy before interviewing Jennifer Robbinson about Emails77 Commentsscarydude6+85
2016 Dec 20 Xpost - Last thread before EndChan.xyz was taken down • /r/conspiracy1 CommentsHerculius+2
2016 Dec 20Jokes/Memes I dedicate this Christmas Carol to our international hero Julian Assange the founder of the genuine Wikileaks (now compromised for sure)1 CommentsCaught-Red-Handed+3
2016 Dec 20 This "FAKE NEWS" video really makes me doubt the credibility of the Sean Hannity interview with "Julian Assange". See if you agree...4 CommentsCaught-Red-Handed+0
2016 Dec 20 Looking for a new moderator130 CommentsThoriumWL+33
2016 Dec 20 Endchan.xyz was taken down because weaponized autism has found the key to the 88GB insurance file. Possible media blackout tomorrow.30 Commentssnowmandan+92
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A Did I miss the discussion about this? The Eyes and collar...28 Commentsfriendly-fellow+77
2016 Dec 20Meta /r/Conspiracy xpost: Anyone notice we aren't complaining about Assange not having internet anymore?5 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+89
2016 Dec 20 Julian is gone and likely dead megathread-21 CommentsGlobalHell+17
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A How to convince the world that the CIA is the master of deception with technology that fooled Sean Hannity and even Julian Assange's own mother?6 CommentsThunder-Bay+0
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A Has Wikileaks ever acknowledged the use of the wrong private keys?14 CommentsCartossin+81
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A Funny how Wikileaks talks about this being a Black Op to discredit them because suggesting that it is a 'Black Op' instead of just concerned people (like me) suggests they are saying there is a 'conspiracy' against them and the quickest way to lose credibility is to be a 'conspiracy theorist'.57 CommentsWolfwoman1210+180
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A Is Twitter deliberately censoring #WhereisAssange #ProofofLife and #RIPAssange?44 CommentsJusticiaChristos+102
2016 Dec 20 I did find one interesting tidbit within this article. The article quotes there are about 154 people involved in the WL operation. https://sli.mg/5BeWcR This had me thinking. If JA is truly in trouble, have they literally silenced all 154 people from speaking out? Food for thought.0 CommentsSolarcloud+1
2016 Dec 20 Article mentioning how many people are involved in the wikileaks operation.1 CommentsSolarcloud+5
2016 Dec 20Discussion/Q&A What came of endchan being down?56 CommentsI-Am-Not-CIA-Agent+43
2016 Dec 20 Finding Assange13 CommentsParanoiaaaattack+2
2016 Dec 20Miscellaneous ASSANGE IS DEAD rally -- any takers?22 Commentsjimethn+47
2016 Dec 20Theories Eric Braverman missing and many suggesting he is in protective custody?42 CommentsSolarcloud+97
2016 Dec 20Miscellaneous Found video from Gavin's CIJ memorial service!50 Commentsventuckyspaz+42
2016 Dec 21 Either Steve Pieczenik, Bruce Gorcyca, or another "former federal agent" knew in August of 2016 what was going to happen Julian Assange. Let's ask them directly how they knew and where JA is today.0 CommentsTwice-A-Day+0
2016 Dec 21 Either Steve Pieczenik, Bruce Gorcyca, FBIAnon, or another "former federal agent" knew in August of 2016, what would happen to Julian Assange. How did they know? We should ask them directly!25 CommentsTwice-A-Day+28
2016 Dec 21 Am I he only one who's referring tired of doing nothing ?10 Commentsredditarmyxxx+4
2016 Dec 21Miscellaneous Craig Murray's board hacked tonight...22 CommentsRob11111000000+10
2016 Dec 21 Star Wars Rogue One CG4 CommentsSmileyman0222+0
2016 Dec 21Miscellaneous Endchan post detailing supposed progress in blockchain search232 Commentsdemandcollect+363
2016 Dec 21Miscellaneous Can someone fill me into the events leading to this?3 CommentsxXHercfanXDXx+0
2016 Dec 21 Trouble connecting to discord?8 CommentsDearman778+1
2016 Dec 21Discussion/Q&A Trouble connecting to multiple sites?6 CommentsEffinBaller+3
2016 Dec 21 PGP signatures14 Commentsorange_fuckin_peel+0
2016 Dec 21Discussion/Q&A One way to figure this out8 CommentsAccount4Assange+26
2016 Dec 21Jokes/Memes The Slaying Spangled Banner - An Anthem for Assange0 CommentsPOLNowAssange+1
2016 Dec 21 What do you think of this alleged denial from Julian Assange?0 CommentsNever-B4+1
2016 Dec 21 10 Reasons Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange May Already Be Dead...5 CommentsNever-B4+0
2016 Dec 21 Happy Solstice0 Commentschickyrogue+0
2016 Dec 21 Anonymous claims CIA has custody of Julian Assange of Wikileaks and a "deal" was worked out for a pardon, but... Something went wrong.1 CommentsNever-B4+1
2016 Dec 21 Anonymous video claims Julian Assange of Wikileaks was taken into CIA custody, allegedly cut a deal for a pardon, but the then things went South.8 CommentsNever-B4+0
2016 Dec 21Meta this sub is infected with "positive" shills72 Commentsbobinjapan+8
2016 Dec 21Discussion/Q&A Did Assange do an interview with Hannity on the 15th? Here he is!62 Comments9000sins+113
2016 Dec 21Discussion/Q&A r/Wikileaks home page has zero posts about Assange's whereabouts. Censoring?13 Commentsqoloku+29
2016 Dec 21Miscellaneous r/Wikileaks subreddit home page censoring posts about Assange whereabouts0 Commentsqoloku+3
2016 Dec 21Miscellaneous Summary of the Endchan Wikileaks Insurance Key Blockchain Search and How YOU Can Help4 Commentssnowmandan+17
2016 Dec 22Discussion/Q&A Is Julian still missing?35 CommentsMi1amber+41
2016 Dec 22Meta Are they allowing new posts? Just slow? What's going on here????33 Commentsmightnotbealone+37
2016 Dec 22Meta Request for Official Mod Response: No new posts for 12 hours and Mod Logs still down4 CommentsCypressXM+46
2016 Dec 22Miscellaneous Jim Stone wrote to me today regarding Assange80 CommentsPOLNowAssange+108
2016 Dec 22 Why julian assange is not in russia- and why we know russia didn't do the hrc hack.0 CommentsGlobalHell+1
2016 Dec 22 'How Cryptocurrencies Work' this really helped me understand all the stuff you guys have been talking about0 CommentsAll_Of_The_Universe+13
2016 Dec 22Miscellaneous For those of you confused about how the blockchain and bitcoins work, this video should help17 CommentsAll_Of_The_Universe+122
2016 Dec 22Discussion/Q&A this sub is infected with "negative" shills48 CommentsArbBerClyCowSti+39
2016 Dec 22Discussion/Q&A Why Pamela Anderson?90 CommentsAgitatortot+118
2016 Dec 22Meta Why is "New" no longer showing in chronological order?8 Commentsbasedwizardlizard+10
2016 Dec 22Miscellaneous Any interest in a new sub?49 CommentsAccount4Assange+10
2016 Dec 22Discussion/Q&A Is this true?9 CommentsKnoxGoN+7
2016 Dec 22Discussion/Q&A Has there been /any/ solid result from the blockchain key search?26 CommentsPlumbSquareLevel+21
2016 Dec 23Miscellaneous walking past ecuadorian embassy dec 1112 Commentslulicat+27
2016 Dec 23Theories Wikileaks file dates changing to 1984 WAS the Dead Man's Switch14 Commentsub3rm3nsch+0
2016 Dec 23Social Media Tomorrow: Tweet for Ecuador to restore Julian Assanges internet.36 CommentsSolarcloud+214
2016 Dec 23Theories In regards to the gas attack at the airport in Ecuador around the time JA went missing.14 CommentsSolarcloud+22
2016 Dec 23Meta Please welcome /u/Ventuckyspaz to the moderation team!57 CommentsThoriumWL+66
2016 Dec 23Miscellaneous Julian Assange sighted in Russia 12/22/201614 CommentsLegNest+0
2016 Dec 23Miscellaneous RiseUp warrant canary still not updated25 Commentsmdregex+88
2016 Dec 23News/Articles Blockchain Theory-Dead end or not. News article from 2014. "He who controls the present controls the past and he who controls the past controls the future"13 Commentsuniquethrowawayqwert+30
2016 Dec 23 I dont believe Julian is alive9 CommentsFUNKYBOBBLEHAT+0
2016 Dec 23Miscellaneous Some music I made, inspired by Assange's disappearance.0 Commentssymphonyofmistakes+0
2016 Dec 23Discussion/Q&A My family spotted Assange at Gardemoen Airport, Oslo (Norway) on the 18th of November.7 CommentsBillGoats+0
2016 Dec 23Discussion/Q&A X - Post File missing from WL any help or ideas why?4 Commentskealanm1+19
2016 Dec 23Theories Feel like Wikileaks being compromised was a black op and we fell for it. We will know the truth once Trump takes office.52 Commentsbrada74+12
2016 Dec 23News/Articles New recent interview with Julian - claims internet restored192 Commentssurlymrz+292
2016 Dec 23Discussion/Q&A The Blockchain Search is a verifiable effort. If you have technical knowledge, there are instructions on how YOU can help decentralize the insurance file keys.72 Commentssnowmandan+48
2016 Dec 23Duplicate WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Confirms Internet Restored at Ecuadorian Embassy3 CommentsAwayWeGo112+1
2016 Dec 23Miscellaneous Blockchain - save and distribute27 Commentsbaseball220+87
2016 Dec 24Social Media CALL SWEDEN!6 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+12
2016 Dec 24 Did a PizzaGate theorist just find a scratch in WL's 100% authenticity record? WL statement cites DC Metro Police investigation; DC Metro PD states that investigation never took place. If true, points to WL compromise, which may reflect JA compromise.1 CommentsHaltus_Kain+0
2016 Dec 24News/Articles Julian Assange internet restored47 Commentsmataleo+269
2016 Dec 24Discussion/Q&A Forget internet being restored, forget "interviews" - we still haven't had adequate POL42 CommentsVegaNovus+93
2016 Dec 24 Blockchain Development Thread - Mostly dead now. Plethora of detailed information and conflicting narratives. Recommended reading & archiving of images0 Commentsbaseball220+2
2016 Dec 24Duplicate Julian Assange confirms Internet restored at Ecuadorian Embassy25 CommentsJoseph_Ratliff+104
2016 Dec 24 I got a Reddit server named 'Where-Is-Julian-Assange'2 Commentsneedmoney90+1
2016 Dec 24Social Media I got a Reddit server named 'Where-Is-Julian-Assange'14 Commentsneedmoney90+148
2016 Dec 25Duplicate Assange: Publishing Clinton Emails Was Done in Name of 'Democracy'16 CommentsBernie4Ever+21
2016 Dec 25Discussion/Q&A Has anyone else noticed Assange.net is now saying he is dead? Thoughts?7 CommentsBraveSquirrel+14
2016 Dec 25Discussion/Q&A Let's start being more precise with our words... Someone "Claiming" to be Julian Assange confirms the internet connection was restored. Without VERIFIABLE POL, this claim is meaningless!51 CommentsTwice-A-Day+36
2016 Dec 25Discussion/Q&A Would the National Security Act prohibit President Trump from revealing the truth about Julian Assange who was officially declared "a terrorist" by President Obama?22 CommentsTwice-A-Day+40
2016 Dec 25Discussion/Q&A assange.net claims this /sub is compromised and covertly censoring posts127 CommentsCypressXM+168
2016 Dec 25Social Media Wikileaks tweets out link to la Republica.it interview on 23rd Dec.44 Commentsscarydude6+83
2016 Dec 25Miscellaneous Julian Assange This Holiday Season41 Commentskdurbano2+65
2016 Dec 26Discussion/Q&A Friends - At this point the only acceptable and VERIFIABLE Proof of Life for Julian Assange is fingerprints, DNA sample, and handwriting analysis - all else is easily faked or duplicated.68 CommentsInformant59+0
2016 Dec 26 Obama quietly passes another law last Friday to further control and restrict the press - making it even more difficult to learn the truth about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - Barrack you sneaky bastard!7 CommentsWall-Street-Warrior+54
2016 Dec 26Discussion/Q&A What is PoL?35 CommentsAgitatortot+6
2016 Dec 26Discussion/Q&A What Many People Think of Julian Assange105 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+149
2016 Dec 26Miscellaneous After reading Bruce Gorcyca's claims regarding Assange's whereabouts, this is what I found out about Bruce Gorcyca and his past.38 Commentsqoloku+61
2016 Dec 27Social Media Maurizi who wrote that article recently on Julian tweets today that she interviewed him on Dec 9th.93 Commentsventuckyspaz+58
2016 Dec 27Miscellaneous Collection of Instructions on How to Retrieve Insurance Keys from the Blockchain28 Commentssnowmandan+40
2016 Dec 27Discussion/Q&A What would Julian Assange want us to have as Proof of Life? I do not think he would want there to be any doubt? So what legitimate reason would he have not to provide it?69 CommentsErectus-Maximus+25
2016 Dec 27Miscellaneous Wikleaks sub now trying to convince people Edward Snowden was/is working for Russia! Proof-Positive that Wikileaks is surely compromised.11 CommentsErectus-Maximus+3
2016 Dec 27 Not so crazy idea/thought: Assange, VR, Oculus, and pi$$agate...9 CommentsTruthplease5+0
2016 Dec 27Social Media new wikileaks post48 CommentsJumpingBean12+133
2016 Dec 28Duplicate Reminder that Julian's last video appearance was heavily edited8 Commentswhereishethrowaway+5
2016 Dec 28Meta Users of this sub are getting solicited to spam by banned user. NOT OKAY9 Commentslo-lite+42
2016 Dec 28Social Media How was Embassy Cat still Tweeting if the internet was cut?27 CommentsRedPowerRang3r+44
2016 Dec 28Discussion/Q&A Have we stopped our inquiry?104 CommentsHerculius+126
2016 Dec 28Discussion/Q&A An interesting video that **MIGHT** apply to Julian Assange9 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+19
2016 Dec 28Discussion/Q&A The Blockchain Effort58 CommentsGod_Emperor_of_Dune+42
2016 Dec 28 #OPSERENASHIM and Julian Assange Related?12 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+10
2016 Dec 29 Not sure if this was already discussed here, but something to consider...13 Commentscrazycycle+5
2016 Dec 29Meta Bruce Gorcyca Puppet Accounts - Evidence & All56 Commentsventuckyspaz+140
2016 Dec 29Discussion/Q&A Is assange's saying on trump and hillary outdated? If so, how long ago was it?5 CommentsxXHercfanXDXx+1
2016 Dec 29Theories For those who think live video is PoL, it isn't, and that's not even the real point of what we're doing here5 Commentsp7r+9
2016 Dec 29 Proof of life 2.00 CommentsGlobalHell+1
2016 Dec 29Social Media Since he purportedly has internet access, maybe he'd like to do an AMA?60 CommentsDippy_Egg+110
2016 Dec 29News/Articles The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False - Greenwald38 Commentswl_is_down+418
2016 Dec 29Discussion/Q&A So Wikileaks has been compromised, has Snowden offered anything useful?28 CommentsKain_niaK+18
2016 Dec 29Discussion/Q&A Can somebody help with a collection of known public keys of public persona on our side? Like all the people around Edward Snowden? Otherwise this sub will drown in a sea of misinformation.3 CommentsKain_niaK+12
2016 Dec 29Discussion/Q&A Even is Assange was taken..why wouldn't they have his key?47 CommentsRebootTheServer+15
2016 Dec 29 Part Of Wikileaks' Original Goals Was To Go After Russia And China5 Commentssouthtexasmama+0
2016 Dec 29 The Watchmen depicts JFK assassination Mandela Effect0 CommentsExec99+2
2016 Dec 29 In response to Greenwalds article, WL says they have retracted some of the article.1 Commentswl_is_down+1
2016 Dec 29News/Articles In response to Greenwald article, Wl claim Guardian have retracted.6 Commentswl_is_down+67
2016 Dec 30Social Media Recent post from Wikileaks Twitter, I found this intriguing49 CommentsSolarcloud+34
2016 Dec 30Discussion/Q&A Flashback: Remember When The Media Loved Assange?8 CommentsBernie4Ever+216
2016 Dec 30Discussion/Q&A So, is Assange alive? Are we satisfied that he's actually back now? It seems like we have only seem minor proof.132 CommentsAnen-o-me+133
2016 Dec 31News/Articles A hilarious/ridiculous example of the media trying to attack WL's credibility13 Commentsspeakeasy518+75
2016 Dec 31Theories Remember that tweet that WL liked about a gag order?23 Commentsnoob421+85
2017 Jan 01Social Media "If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year 2017 will blow you away. Help us prepare for the showdown"81 Commentshazilla+335
2017 Jan 01 The Guardian faces claims it distorted Assange interview4 CommentsRedPowerRang3r+71
2017 Jan 01Discussion/Q&A where is Assange ?79 Commentssaltybrains+43
2017 Jan 01 Media Relations Map?0 CommentsAgitatortot+2
2017 Jan 02Miscellaneous It's A New Year And Still The Riseup Canary Has Not Been Updated...Hmm.61 CommentsScuzzin+186
2017 Jan 02Meta Can the mods stop new accounts posting here? The shills are exclusively(almost) using accounts a couple days old.104 CommentsOkImJustSayin+24
2017 Jan 02Miscellaneous @GUCCIFER_2 has gone silent on Twitter. Last tweet Nov. 4th. Does anyone know if he's ok?20 CommentsJusticiaChristos+57
2017 Jan 02Miscellaneous I have created an Assange Fangirl/guy sub... Feel free to come join!1 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+0
2017 Jan 02Miscellaneous Why I support and pray that JA is set free in 20174 CommentsSA4Trump+10
2017 Jan 02News/Articles Fox News announces @seanhannity will present an in-person interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange272 Commentsjlg9721+908
2017 Jan 02Miscellaneous 404 File Not Found Error for Ecuadorian Embassy Insurance file now too (US/"John Kerry" is the other one). UK file appears to be the only one able to still be downloaded.13 CommentsScuzzin+67
2017 Jan 02 Julian Assange speech LIVE at Ecuadorian Embassy 02-01-20170 Comments7unkrat+1
2017 Jan 02Social Media Wikileaks is live on Facebook? Important announce coming? Proof of life?3 Comments_manager_+11
2017 Jan 02News/Articles Fox News to Air Sean Hannity’s Exclusive In-Person Interview With Julian Assange0 CommentsIHeartFemanons+5
2017 Jan 02Duplicate Oliver Darcy on Twitter: "Fox News announces @seanhannity will present an in-person interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange."1 Comments10gauge+16
2017 Jan 02Social Media WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange - AMA live at Thursday 9am EST70 Commentshazilla+203
2017 Jan 02 Finally we'll get proof of life0 Commentsgr8peach+1
2017 Jan 02Duplicate You can ask WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange anything live at Thursday 9am EST on Reddit @Reddit_IAmA #AskMeAnything #IAmA #proofoflife13 Commentsmeditation_IRC+29
2017 Jan 02 Ask assange anything!0 Commentsshaunantonyryan+1
2017 Jan 02Duplicate Sean Hannity Lands "a sit down interview" with Julian Assange on Fox News1 Commentswl_is_down+27
2017 Jan 02Social Media Let's get #AskJulian trending so we can get down to the gritty on some valid questions we have.12 Commentsi-love_america+22
2017 Jan 02Duplicate This is big! He's going to sit down with him AT THE EMBASSY! This should be genuine Proof of Life!62 Commentsjuicedagod+123
2017 Jan 02Duplicate WikiLeaks on Twitter: "You can ask WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange anything live at Thursday 9am EST on Reddit @Reddit_IAmA #AskMeAnything3 Comments10gauge+13
2017 Jan 02 Looks like we can possibly shut the sub down possibly in the next few days!0 CommentsSolarcloud+1
2017 Jan 02Duplicate Finally! Thoughts?13 Commentsamirr4+39
2017 Jan 03Social Media So Wikileaks is now using hashtag proofoflife ?1 Commentsredditarmyxxx+8
2017 Jan 03Miscellaneous Our Questions for Assange15 Commentsxehtim+28
2017 Jan 03News/Articles Julian Assange Tells Hannity Absolutely All DNC Info Came From Their Source - 1/2/17104 CommentsHelpIveFallenOver+285
2017 Jan 03Official Post Thread for questions to ask Julian Assange during his AMA on Thursday morning (1/5/17 9am EST)21 CommentsiamDanger_us+123
2017 Jan 03Theories Julian's Hannity Interview is already clearly fake47 CommentsWhereTheFuckIsJulian+0
2017 Jan 03Miscellaneous Drudge all about WL and JA right now.16 CommentsSolarcloud+13
2017 Jan 03Social Media This is it, guys. Here he is. Game over. • /r/ThereIsAssange34 Comments2A_is_the_best_A+43
2017 Jan 03Meta IMO this whole sub should be locked indefinitely (until, if ever, he seems to go missing again)24 Commentsvenikk+0
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A What to ask Julian in his AMA coming up to prove it is truly him?5 CommentsAstronomist+34
2017 Jan 03 Definitive proof of life. Video recording of Julian assange 1/3/20171 Commentss1wg4u+0
2017 Jan 03Theories Definitive Proof of Life - Julian Assange on video 1/3/201725 Commentss1wg4u+24
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A If Assange is alive he will be very happy to know, that if something happens to him we WILL investigate, we won't forget about him and we will protest.13 Commentsmeditation_IRC+89
2017 Jan 03 I still think that's not the real Julian; that could be a hologram, a body double, or even a clone. I think he is still at the blacksite. Remember he never went to the balcony and his hash is all wrong!0 Commentshazeak+0
2017 Jan 03 Assange: "Our Source is Not the Russian Government". Also, interview tonight with Sean Hannity on Fox at 10:00 PM EST!0 CommentsShotBot+1
2017 Jan 03Meta Can we shutdown this subreddit now? Assange is alive, and still in the embassy. Case closed.7 Commentschewsoapchewsoap+0
2017 Jan 03News/Articles Julian Assange VIDEO interview tonight with Sean Hannity on Fox at 10:00 PM EST!90 CommentsShotBot+336
2017 Jan 03Theories It seems that recent developments must be either POL, or the coup de grace of those who would deceive.7 Commentspangthius+4
2017 Jan 03 ASSANGE IS ALIVE! 🎊 🎉💯💯 😂👌🎊 🎉💯 🎊2 Commentspapayabobby+5
2017 Jan 03Miscellaneous Right now I kinda feel like "Fuck you Julian for making us worry about you for months!"18 CommentsHumanTarget+1
2017 Jan 03Meta So this sub ranks Hannitys credibility over John Pilgers29 Commentscoffee55+1
2017 Jan 03Theories I'm not saying this is happening with Assange right now, but these are scary times. Remember to use your critical thinking skills.63 CommentsDronesForYou+169
2017 Jan 03Theories After seeing the CGI Tarkin in Rogue One, all of the CGI Assange stuff seems like it's not even possible, even if they were trying to do something like that.13 Commentsclayshoaf+0
2017 Jan 03 Is the AMA up yet where do I go to see it0 Commentsredditarmyxxx+1
2017 Jan 03 I took Wikileaks for granted...now it's time to donate.4 CommentsCypressXM+1
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A Suggestion: Start using EvPoL = "Evidence of Proof of Life"3 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+0
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A Why is Assange's interview being released in multiple segments? This is not typical.33 Commentsjustiname+24
2017 Jan 03Theories Assange video clip seems oddly unnatural to me. Anyone agree?34 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+5
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A I'm convinced that's him7 CommentsWardensOfTheNorth+0
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A A number of criteria must be met to Verify the ID of a person (in this case Assange).14 CommentsLookswithin+70
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A Why is WL soliciting leaks "on election spying by any state" over Twitter?18 Commentsspeakeasy518+27
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A Great comparison to Assange0 CommentsBarkey922+0
2017 Jan 03Social Media WL tagged #proofoflife /r/whereisassange is the reddit #proofoflife - This sub needs its questions answered!1 Commentsneonnexus+19
2017 Jan 03Discussion/Q&A Jim Stone on Assange/Hannity:5 Commentswrines+0
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Sean Hannity should ask for a hair and fingernail clipping as well as fingerprints and the real Julian Assange would never refuse such a simple request as it would forever remove all doubts.7 Commentsnowdouc+0
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Is there any way for me to stream the interview with Hannity?6 Commentsfoxetrot724+14
2017 Jan 04News/Articles Hannity + Assange preview and transcript for pregame6 CommentsExec99+6
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A I don't have cable. Know any livestreams?5 Commentsancient_astronaut+24
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A What better way to discredit Wikileaks than to: Deny / Disrupt / Degrade /Deceive via "Fake Assange is Dead" meme, ala JTRIG17 CommentsFluentInTypo+3
2017 Jan 04Jokes/Memes Oh.11 CommentsWillough+12
2017 Jan 04Evidence REEEEEEEE!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!19 Commentsnoob421+10
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A What is with the flickering between the camera shots?5 CommentsBlinking_Red_Light+0
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Hannity interview. LIVE discussion250 Comments_medved_+143
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A So was this the real JA?3 Commentsmainstream_lurker+7
2017 Jan 04Jokes/Memes HE IS ALIVE!159 Commentswesternfuzz+704
2017 Jan 04 HERE HE IS3 CommentsBlinking_Red_Light+1
2017 Jan 04News/Articles Julian Assange Interview on Hannity 1/3/2017 (link in description)4 CommentsFGlobalism+14
2017 Jan 04Theories I don't believe that Julian would reveal sources11 CommentsIamsam1969+10
2017 Jan 04News/Articles Julian Assange Sean Hannity FULL Interview - January 3, 201734 Commentswutziii+161
2017 Jan 04Meta Close and Archive this sub1 CommentsTroyhw+0
2017 Jan 04 At what point can we confidentially call this "definitive"?0 Commentsfadedtoolong+1
2017 Jan 04 At what point in the next few days can we confidently call this "definitive"?0 Commentsfadedtoolong+0
2017 Jan 04 Alas, the time has come...2 CommentsRobertRandom+0
2017 Jan 04Theories Actually the apparent interview at the Ecuadorian Embassy between Assange and Hannity leaves a lot of questions, not clear PoL at all.70 CommentsLookswithin+45
2017 Jan 04Miscellaneous Youmna Naufal Just uploaded this, from the Beirut interview last november Audio only.11 Commentsleebrenton+11
2017 Jan 04Miscellaneous Interview on Seth Rich's birthday1 CommentsDragonKnight196+11
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Post Hannity interview and where to go from here3 CommentsHk-147+27
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Fox News?8 CommentsNo_whats_your_name+0
2017 Jan 04Theories Fuck it,Twitch+AMA or it didn't happen.2 CommentsBharat_Weed_inc+0
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Any good reason we should not ask Julian Assange for DNA sample and fingerprints to be given a trusted visitor during the AMA?4 Commentsnowdouc+0
2017 Jan 04Meta This sub still has a purpose. Unanswered questions.74 CommentsExec99+117
2017 Jan 04Theories This is what I believe happened in October10 CommentsRoss_EV+0
2017 Jan 04Theories Now that we know he's alive, let's donate to keep him that way!7 Commentsgaymax+9
2017 Jan 04Jokes/Memes r/WhoClonedAssange0 CommentsOREBEL+0
2017 Jan 04 In the video stills that have been posted that show Julian and Hannity, it looks like Hannity is not looking at Julian, but looking to Julian's left.11 Commentsload_all_comments+2
2017 Jan 04 Heres what the Hannity interview boils down to12 Commentswrines+25
2017 Jan 04 Fox interview seems legit to me...4 Commentssweetholymosiah+7
2017 Jan 04 Sean Hannity talks about exclusive interview with Assange1 Commentscookiecutterhipster+6
2017 Jan 04Social Media WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN over attack on Assange50 Commentsmeditation_IRC+447
2017 Jan 04 So, can all the people who craft-beer bet me about Assange figure out how I'm going to get those craft beers?8 Commentsmarxaholic+0
2017 Jan 04Evidence It's Fake!!2 Commentsdic_pix+0
2017 Jan 04 Who is controlling WL Twitter?8 CommentsplentyOplatypodes+12
2017 Jan 04Discussion/Q&A Did Assange Tell Us What Happened?91 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+216
2017 Jan 04 Julian Assange is back in the Spot light... as a MK CIA Operative or CGI?12 CommentsGoFyourself2x+0
2017 Jan 04 Let's get ready for AMA tomorrow. We will have a lot of questions.0 Commentsmeditation_IRC+1
2017 Jan 04Jokes/Memes HE IS BACK FROM THE DEAD!3 Commentswhatismynickname+6
2017 Jan 05 CNN Retraction - regret saying it.5 Commentswl_is_down+21
2017 Jan 05Theories There are clearly problems with the Hannity/Assange interview of January 17130 CommentsLookswithin+68
2017 Jan 05Miscellaneous The original plan for this sub. Where is the future headed for this?6 CommentsSolarcloud+2
2017 Jan 05 Why Fox? Why, of all people, Hannity?11 CommentsGayForChopin+9
2017 Jan 05Discussion/Q&A Ready for Hannity, round 2? Just found out a bit ago it's a two parter.15 Commentsotherthani+13
2017 Jan 05 AMA with Julian3 Commentstruth_sided+1
2017 Jan 05 Rationale for CIA "Rendition" and "Killing"3 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+0
2017 Jan 05News/Articles CNN labels Julian Assange a “pedophile” without evidence, Wikileaks responds with legal threat29 Commentschrisdixonmaine+291
2017 Jan 05Jokes/Memes Come to our new reddit for general Julian discussion and shitposting :D0 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+0
2017 Jan 05Theories Do the shadows of the 2nd Hannity video interview with Julian Assange proof of fabrication since Sean Hannity would not recognize a body double?2 Commentsnowdouc+9
2017 Jan 05Discussion/Q&A I had no idea he did a second interview... any links?6 Commentsfoxetrot724+11
2017 Jan 05 How long until Assange cracks under torture and reveals his PGP key. Or is he already dead4 CommentsDoctaPuss+0
2017 Jan 05News/Articles Hannity Explains on Radio What Shocked Him About Julian Assange's Living Conditions1 Comments4FR33D0M+23
2017 Jan 05Miscellaneous Be prepared for a large scale astroturfing attack on Julian's upcoming AMA and be ready to defend Wikileaks: Astroturfing Information Megathread (from /r/shills)16 Commentsmeditation_IRC+185
2017 Jan 05 So is he alive ?11 CommentsWicelo+1
2017 Jan 05Social Media JA AMA moved to next Tuesday - WikiLeaks on Twitter99 Commentswl_is_down+247
2017 Jan 05Theories Interviews, including hannity, have no informal introduction, no handshake, no banter...35 Commentso_c_d+31
2017 Jan 05Theories Even with todays technology, shadows are a bitch.10 Commentsload_all_comments+7
2017 Jan 05Discussion/Q&A Is it possible that Assange is pandering to Trump because he views that as his best course to obtaining a pardon?20 Commentsub3rm3nsch+0
2017 Jan 05Discussion/Q&A What does Assange gain by not signing the PGP?37 Commentssinjinnn+7
2017 Jan 05Theories Elites Terrified of Upcoming Wikileaks and Smear Campaign on JA5 Commentskdurbano2+43
2017 Jan 05Miscellaneous Assange is 6'2 and Hannity is 6'017 CommentsTheWaterTemple+0
2017 Jan 05Theories Anomalies in the Assange / Hannity interview63 CommentsLookswithin+34
2017 Jan 06 When your fry smiles.....will it get eaten? 🤣0 CommentsShedShowTalk+1
2017 Jan 06Evidence Endchan down again?!?!12 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+9
2017 Jan 06Discussion/Q&A Wikileaks or CIA; Whom To Trust? (x-post from /r/Wikileaks)25 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+114
2017 Jan 06News/Articles Last contribution to this subreddit. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make CTR drink.25 CommentsSolarcloud+6
2017 Jan 06News/Articles WikiLeaks vows to ‘blow you away’ in 2017 ‘showdown’16 Commentssadafnaz+82
2017 Jan 06News/Articles 'Hannity' Exclusive: Wikileaks' Assange: Governments 'Hate Transparency. They Loathe It' (new, I think).12 Commentswl_is_down+194
2017 Jan 06Discussion/Q&A Some questions about the embassy6 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+17
2017 Jan 06News/Articles What Impact Will Trump Presidency Have on Freedom of Edward Snowden & Julian Assange?23 Commentsmagniankh+12
2017 Jan 06Discussion/Q&A CNN's 48 hours are up. What next?19 Commentswl_is_down+52
2017 Jan 06Theories Is This the Planned End of Wikileaks?28 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+44
2017 Jan 06Social Media We are thinking of making an online database with all "verified" twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships. - @WLTaskForce59 Commentsixxxt+129
2017 Jan 06News/Articles Its official - "Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries."9 Commentswl_is_down+60
2017 Jan 07Discussion/Q&A A clarification about PGP.173 Commentskarmacapacitor+24
2017 Jan 07Discussion/Q&A What do you think of Wikileaks offering a $30,000 reward for certain leaks?33 Commentsravenagam+59
2017 Jan 07Discussion/Q&A Still... We have no verifiable proof of life, nor positive ID that would hold up legally in over 70 days that the real true Julian Assange is in the London embassy of Ecuador despite the Hannity interviews.50 Comments888-88-888+68
2017 Jan 07Social Media WikiLeaks press confernce, Monday 9am ET streamed live responding to CIA report on WikiLeaks85 Commentshazilla+216
2017 Jan 07Discussion/Q&A The PGP lie?54 CommentsThePGPisaLie+4
2017 Jan 07 Welcome to the Grand Illusion - Wikileaks Upcoming Press Conference just another diversion to get public focus away from VERIFIABLE Proof Of Life.1 CommentsCyber_Sleuth_Cindy+1
2017 Jan 08Theories There is strong evidence that Hannity and Assange were not in the same room - now a hypothesis based on that:170 CommentsLookswithin+37
2017 Jan 08Evidence SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE INTERVIEW!!!4 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+4
2017 Jan 08Theories Something just doesn't look natural about Assange's face in the Hannity interview33 CommentsOnlyDopesQuoteSnopes+3
2017 Jan 08 Multiple flaws, PROOF, that Hannity Interview was FAKED. READ0 Commentslegalthrowatay+1
2017 Jan 08Discussion/Q&A So what happened at /r/wikileaks33 Commentswl_is_down+138
2017 Jan 09 Come join us in /r/WhereIsAssange discord chat!1 Commentsventuckyspaz+12
2017 Jan 09Social Media A tweet from @Wikileaks from two months ago ended with "-JA" and was promptly deleted "12 minutes after being posted"9 Commentsravenagam+27
2017 Jan 09 Why did this post just disappear from page 1 and 2 and 3 within the last 24 hours? Quite strange to me.0 Commentsnowdouc+1
2017 Jan 09Meta Why the hell did this post about no legally verifiable proof of life for Julian Assange in 70 days despite faked Hannity interviews, just vanish from pages 1-3 within 24 hours despite 72% upvote and 52 comments?95 Commentsnowdouc+94
2017 Jan 09Theories Analysis of Camera Angles & Background Objects in Assange's Hannity interview8 CommentsPuffyHerb+18
2017 Jan 09Discussion/Q&A Please FactCheck: "Hannity left FOX for about 10 days before the Assange interview." If correct, where was he? What was he doing? (Could he have been producing the interview then?)7 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+21
2017 Jan 09Theories We cannot trust Sean Hannity to not be complicit in a CIA ploy to pass off a fake Julian Assange interview as legitimate, given Hannity's history of endorsing known liars like George W. Bush who he said deserved a Nobel Peace Prize!14 Commentsnowdouc+49
2017 Jan 09Discussion/Q&A Where can we stream the wikileaks interview?5 Commentsmarksus1+20
2017 Jan 09Social Media Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "@FoxNews: Julian Assange on U.S. media coverage: “It’s very dishonest.” #Hannity " More dishonest than anyone knows18 CommentsLegNest+64
2017 Jan 09Miscellaneous How YOU can also become Julian Assange of Wikileaks in less than 1 day and give a very convincing TV interview tomorrow with real-time voice duplication software and no green-screen magic for less than $10,000...19 CommentsNonFiction4All+77
2017 Jan 09Social Media ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks press conf at 9am ET/2pm UTC responding to CIA report on US election. Use #AskWL for questions. Audio live stream here.15 Commentswl_is_down+85
2017 Jan 09Social Media Aaaaand it's audio only.150 Commentskarmacapacitor+213
2017 Jan 09Discussion/Q&A I'm not from the US, but it worries me that this sub has stopped questioning the lack of actual proof of Assange's being alive and well.74 Commentsgargolmen+175
2017 Jan 09News/Articles Wikileaks press conference3 Commentsthisisashiteusername+18
2017 Jan 09Social Media Julian just said on the audio stream that he will respond to PoL questions only on the AMA tomorrow48 CommentsSpartanSK117+92
2017 Jan 09 Julian just stated that he will respond to PoL requests tomorrow on his AMA0 CommentsT0X1C+1
2017 Jan 09Duplicate live steaming on periscope... only audio again!5 Commentsomega015+11
2017 Jan 09Miscellaneous What's up with Poitras' movie about him, RISK?2 Commentsreini_urban+5
2017 Jan 09Duplicate LIVE WikiLeaks press conf responding to CIA report on US election3 CommentsBostonlovesBernie+3
2017 Jan 09Theories Regarding JA's "hint" with Hannity regarding his children and now finally talking about POL, 1984 room 101 seems quite clear now.7 Commentsyashasit+37
2017 Jan 09 Seriously? It really doesn't take a genius to see that Hannity and Assange are NOT in the same room.7 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+0
2017 Jan 09 Yup, you're all shills.2 CommentsImLying2ulol+0
2017 Jan 09 Wikileaks Press Conference Post Mortem: The CIA "Issued A Press Release, Not An Intelligence Report"1 Commentswl_is_down+1
2017 Jan 09Discussion/Q&A What the hell is in Julians mouth?19 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+0
2017 Jan 10Discussion/Q&A The scientific method of positive identification is what the real Julian Assange of Wikileaks would want us all to use to eliminate the possibility of a body double or a virtual Julian created with CGI and/or Green Screen magic. Let's ask for it at AMA.14 CommentsDragonBreathDom+38
2017 Jan 10News/Articles Recent JA interview to brazilian website - yet to be published in full2 Commentsturghov+5
2017 Jan 10Discussion/Q&A Does the Assange-Hannity handshake look real or fake? (Looks strange to me.)22 CommentsShowerThoughtPolice+0
2017 Jan 10Discussion/Q&A Wasn't the Hannity interview in two parts? Anyone have part two?3 Commentsamgoingtohell+15
2017 Jan 10Discussion/Q&A Braverman, Riseup, Assange, and Wikileaks?8 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+6
2017 Jan 10 Donate for PGP Proof!1 Commentsconditional_donator+1
2017 Jan 10 In 2017 when video conferencing is fairly easy, and visual expected, why no live video in this "press conference" with Assange?1 CommentsLookswithin+6
2017 Jan 10 Everyone should tweet this to #askWL:9 Commentspedosta+9
2017 Jan 10 With upcoming AMA, mods at /r/iAmA will have a responsibility to ID Assange and to present proof27 CommentsLovelyDay+125
2017 Jan 10 today's AMA's proof will be the most discussed ever14 Commentsomega015+39
2017 Jan 10 Leak your donation to Wikileaks for pgp proof!7 Commentsconditional_donator+11
2017 Jan 10 Where is assange???15 CommentsYeezy42069+14
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange's AMA!!!244 Commentsventuckyspaz+169
2017 Jan 10 postponed again?1 Commentsload_all_comments+1
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange iAMA Live Stream2 CommentsiCatalystical+11
2017 Jan 10 Found him @ https://www.twitch.tv/reddit26 CommentsGimmeGold+91
2017 Jan 10 Oh good.1 CommentsScaffolds+0
2017 Jan 10 Am I the only one that thinks the troll in Julian has gotten the better of him and he's loving the buzz, speculation and guerrilla PR?0 CommentsTwelveTendies+1
2017 Jan 10 What are these lines on Assange's face?7 CommentsBlenderIsBloated+5
2017 Jan 10 He is boring to listen to.1 Commentsload_all_comments+0
2017 Jan 10 No pgp/proof of life questions answered.95 CommentsOkImJustSayin+13
2017 Jan 10 g2n asks Assange to cyrptographically prove he is alive in AMA0 CommentsTBomberman+18
2017 Jan 10 Just wondering- who else is in the room with Assange during the AMA? I swear I heard other voices and walking around1 CommentsThe_Inspiring_Dad+1
2017 Jan 10 Does he have a green screen?5 CommentsOrtheous93+1
2017 Jan 10 All conspiracies debunked! you can all search for another story now!0 CommentsCorimages+0
2017 Jan 10Miscellaneous Proof of Life Verified311 Commentsgibsonje+597
2017 Jan 10 Reading NBA Scores from past night3 CommentsReplEH+46
2017 Jan 10 Why Julian did not post a PGP key.28 Commentsasphias+41
2017 Jan 10 It seems Assange will give an interview from the embassy. Do you guys know this?2 CommentsTetizeraz+3
2017 Jan 10 Are we sure this is actually in real time despite the sport results?2 Commentsalexk245+2
2017 Jan 10 SHUT IT DOWN BOYS3 Comments_invalidusername+0
2017 Jan 10 [Discussion] Post-AMA Discussion Thread. Is there any reason not to be convinced of his life and well-being? Thoughts on other moments?11 Commentsa13xand3r+13
2017 Jan 10 If in fact the block chain and sports scores are correct, I'm convinced.3 Commentsxenonsupra+6
2017 Jan 10 For me, the block hash sold it.44 Commentskarmacapacitor+58
2017 Jan 10 From the AMA, I don't think Assange was prerecorded or under duress or anything. And honestly, anyone that says otherwise seems suspicious as black PR.6 Commentsbbqturtle+4
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange is not dead, but he is almost certainly under duress and WikiLeaks is almost certainly compromised. He isn't talking the way he did before October..something is going on. There is nothing wrong with demanding proof this is not true.56 Commentsredditfuckingsucksyo+34
2017 Jan 10 Reminder that proof of life ≠ proof of location3 Commentscykalone+17
2017 Jan 10 Good to see Julian Assange on live video at last - so many unanswered questions unfortunately4 CommentsLookswithin+7
2017 Jan 10Meta We now have proof of life, proof that Assange isn't under duress, and proof that the /r/Wikileaks mods are full of shit. What should we do with this sub now?263 CommentsThoriumWL+312
2017 Jan 10 The Subreddit Should Stand; It's not r/FindAssangeSelfDestruct6 CommentsHASTOLEAVEAIRPORT+20
2017 Jan 10 Video of Julian Assange's AMA2 Commentsventuckyspaz+15
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange on Proof of Life - Full Transcription5 Commentssickmate+28
2017 Jan 10 A very important point that Assange briefly made, concerning his living situation13 CommentsG_Petronius+66
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange is possibly not in control of Wikileaks6 CommentsImp0924+3
2017 Jan 10 Why is the stream any more convincing than the "interviews" we all discredited?10 Commentshonestlyimeanreally+11
2017 Jan 10 To those of you who are asking for more than Proof of Life0 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+1
2017 Jan 10 Is the audio in the AMA POL out of sync for people?4 CommentsCypressXM+1
2017 Jan 10 For people new to this situation0 Commentsrokka222+2
2017 Jan 10 For people like me who aren't able watch the complete video stream, what are the highlights?0 Commentsmdcd4u2c+6
2017 Jan 10 Who to put pressure on?11 Commentscajuntechie+3
2017 Jan 10 My voice app just matched Simon Cowell to Assange 99.1%7 Commentsshtty_analogy+2
2017 Jan 10 IDEA: What if we came up with a list of questions and tried to get them to Julian?21 Commentsventuckyspaz+7
2017 Jan 10 Assange said to be disapointed that people thought Wikileaks was compromised24 CommentsWicelo+13
2017 Jan 10 Could Ecuador kick Assange on to the kerb?6 Commentsmarksus1+10
2017 Jan 10 Julian Assange Just Read Out a Bitcoin Block Hash to Prove He Was Alive0 Commentsthisisashiteusername+7
2017 Jan 10 Ignore people that are still not convinced Julian is alive. They are shills that are trying to make people not trust Wikileaks19 CommentsFUCK_GLOBALISTS+0
2017 Jan 10 Why was he cut off from the net?1 Commentscatpies+5
2017 Jan 11 Instructions for obtaining PGP proof.5 Commentsconditional_donator+4
2017 Jan 11 I see a Noose and a Prison Uniform5 Commentsguywithwork+3
2017 Jan 11 did anyone else see this spam-posted during the JA AMA? any way to corroborate? The spam post (which was repeated) said WL tweeted it then deleted!13 Commentswrines+1
2017 Jan 11 Is this AMA really proof? Are there remaining doubts, concerns, or inconsistencies? If so what are they?7 CommentsHumanTarget+1
2017 Jan 11 Assange is not demonstrably free from duress26 Commentskilna+8
2017 Jan 11 Apparently we have proof.3 CommentsJoeGrinstead+3
2017 Jan 11 Go against the stream0 CommentsNo_whats_your_name+0
2017 Jan 11 what are the cuts on Assange's wrists? ie [01:57:15]4 Commentswtfking+4
2017 Jan 11News/Articles Yahoo isn't a good news source but this is absurd.20 CommentsMidwinterGhost+122
2017 Jan 11 How dumb do you feel now?0 Commentsjonbristow+1
2017 Jan 11Speculation TIL being a truth seeker isnt the same as being a truth provider.4 CommentsSaynotomoney+14
2017 Jan 11 2017 upcoming leaks predictions2 Comments999avatar999+1
2017 Jan 11Blog JA has done an exclusive interview with a popular Brazilian reporter on the 27th of december in the Embassy!6 CommentsCorimages+38
2017 Jan 11 Why has Wikileaks twitter only been talking about the CIA last 4 weeks or so?12 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+2
2017 Jan 11Meta Interesting fact: Today, 24 hours after the fact, the Julian Assange AMA is the 21st most upvoted post on r/Iama and has the 5th highest comment tally.1 CommentsEmkayUltraMagoo+25
2017 Jan 11 So he is alive but what about tomorrow or next week?6 Commentsbobinjapan+0
2017 Jan 11Meta Have you noticed r/wikileaks have removed this sub from their sidebar links22 Commentshumdrumer+45
2017 Jan 11Meta I'm proud of you guys.4 CommentsWellAtLeastImHonest+8
2017 Jan 11Social Media I have created a Facebook group for Londoners to protect Julian Assange7 Commentsneonnexus+29
2017 Jan 11Miscellaneous Never Forget Aaron Swartz! Let us remember him on his death anniversary today.20 Commentsmeditation_IRC+447
2017 Jan 11Speculation Clearly something about the AMA was odd, but I don't think Julian is to blame3 Commentsswangintotomorrow+3
2017 Jan 11Miscellaneous Transcripts from Julian Assange's "Reddit" talk now available as posted on their twitter0 Commentsventuckyspaz+11
2017 Jan 11 Has anyone questioned why the Hannity interview was of such LQ video?0 Comments2-DRY-4-2-LONG+1
2017 Jan 11Discussion/Q&A The PGP lie part II (now with a statement from Julian)44 CommentsThePGPisaLie+26
2017 Jan 11 Still want PGP proof? Here's how to get it.29 Commentsconditional_donator+10
2017 Jan 12Meta Since /u/Here4Popcorn banned me from /r/Wikileaks so that I couldn't respond to his rebuttal, here's my response to the PM he just sent me.29 CommentsThoriumWL+165
2017 Jan 12Miscellaneous "During times of universal deceit..." George Orwell0 Commentsiriemeditation+44
2017 Jan 12Miscellaneous "People should have privacy..." Julian Assange14 Commentsiriemeditation+477
2017 Jan 12Discussion/Q&A Question for everyone: does anyone have screenshots or archives of @embassycat tweets? Any records would helpful but I'm looking for a tweet I believe was removed from between 9.26.16 & 11.24.16? I think the removed tweet was posted Oct.155 CommentsHerculius+11
2017 Jan 12Video Julian Spoke from Balcony Feb.2016 - UN Ruling On Arbitrary Detention - hopefully he one day sees freedom, hopefully we again can see him publicly.3 CommentsHerculius+9
2017 Jan 12Social Media If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case41 Commentswl_is_down+134
2017 Jan 12 Wikileaks Compromised? Assange Refuses to Give Digital Proof of Life Key After Warning About It18 CommentsHerculius+0
2017 Jan 12 New Rules January 12, 201776 Commentsventuckyspaz+26
2017 Jan 12Meta Here's the rest of my PM conversation with /u/Here4Popcorn33 CommentsThoriumWL+84
2017 Jan 12Jokes/Memes Julian found on ESPN4 CommentsTrustyJAID+39
2017 Jan 13Jokes/Memes New law - this whistleblowers support group will no longer tolerate dissent!93 CommentsLookswithin+10
2017 Jan 13Speculation Some evidence that WL submissions is up and has keys36 Commentswl_is_down+17
2017 Jan 13Discussion/Q&A Why was Julian's Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelson, refused entry to the Ecuador embassy during the questions from Swedish prosecutors? Did Julian address this in his AMA?13 CommentsJames_Smith1234+30
2017 Jan 13Blog Julian Assange has never been charged. His status was 'wanted for questioning'. The questioning by Swedish prosecutors took place 2 months ago in the embassy. He is now neither charged nor wanted for questioning.32 CommentsJames_Smith1234+643
2017 Jan 13Social Media Did you guys see this WL tweet? Needs some eyes on it, just in case3 CommentsThe_Watterboy+60
2017 Jan 13Social Media NOTE: No present WikiLeaks staff, including our editor, have medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to sudden death.24 Commentsolinobnizov+164
2017 Jan 13Discussion/Q&A Analysing our reactions to recent events10 CommentsNowDamn+17
2017 Jan 14Discussion/Q&A Julian Assange has a great comment on his and Wikileaks' plight; He also mentions why signing messages to "prove" being alive or non-compromised would be harmful16 Commentsgaymax+95
2017 Jan 14Discussion/Q&A So is this guy alive or what?14 CommentsTranscriber3+0
2017 Jan 14 The whole appearing & disappearing act for the AMA...aaargh!2 CommentsWolfwoman1210+3
2017 Jan 15Discussion/Q&A White House press secretary positive towards Obama commutation for Manning. Is Julian going to end up agreeing to getting extradited to the U.S.?14 Commentsventuckyspaz+26
2017 Jan 15News/Articles Article that Wikileaks tweeted that reviews the historical use scapegoating and xenophobia by the United States.14 Commentsventuckyspaz+117
2017 Jan 15Discussion/Q&A Why would @WikiLeaks say this in twitter DM "Found adeadfed in a babecafe" ?12 Commentsslobambusar+24
2017 Jan 15Discussion/Q&A Why doesn't he go to the window anymore?46 CommentsSnpctr+7
2017 Jan 15Social Media London Protects Julian Assange - Embassy Emergency Response Group0 Commentsmeditation_IRC+26
2017 Jan 15Miscellaneous Hey! Want to help make Wikileaks Stronger? We are looking for a few new leaders to organize people into creating a robust set of pages. You in?13 Commentskybarnet+7
2017 Jan 15Discussion/Q&A The Intercept now offers a way for whistleblowers to send leaks to them anonymously through TOR. Competition for WikiLeaks?30 Commentsventuckyspaz+216
2017 Jan 15Miscellaneous Chez Assange: Paris Museum Recreates Living Quarters of WikiLeaks Founder6 Commentskarmacapacitor+36
2017 Jan 15Discussion/Q&A What are the odds Julian takes fashion advice from early AMA posters?13 Commentsitsautumnnow+17
2017 Jan 16Social Media Wl - If Democrats want to see whistleblowers expose war crimes and corruption under Trump they need to send a signal: release Chelsea Manning.18 Commentswl_is_down+377
2017 Jan 16Speculation The Russians compromised Wikileaks24 Commentsgermanyshero+0
2017 Jan 17Miscellaneous Reminder: Julian Assange said he isn't aware of wikileaks being associated with /r/wikileaks in his AMA5 CommentsNomNomDePlume+163
2017 Jan 17 Fantastic article maticulously detailing how a supposed "Anonymous" Twitter account @YourAnonCentral attacks Snowden and WikiLeaks. Like the "Anonymous" videos this clearly shows the manipulation from government forces through "Anonymous" media.3 Commentsventuckyspaz+2
2017 Jan 17 Fantastic article meticulously detailing how a supposed "Anonymous" Twitter account @YourAnonCentral attacks Snowden and WikiLeaks. Like the "Anonymous" videos this clearly shows the manipulation from (Likely) government forces through "Anonymous" media.10 Commentsventuckyspaz+74
2017 Jan 17 With the help of Sweden and Norway we have been spying on most of Russia's communications through underwater cables passing through those countries. While playing the victim of Russia we are actually the aggressors.11 Commentsventuckyspaz+44
2017 Jan 17Discussion/Q&A **WHY** Assange Would Help Elect Trump?48 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+0
2017 Jan 17 Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning's Sentence10 Commentswl_is_down+21
2017 Jan 17Discussion/Q&A Does a commutation of sentence mean Assange will turn himself in or did it need to be a pardon?25 CommentsWolfwoman1210+23
2017 Jan 17 Manning will be freed on May 17th0 Commentsblipkreeg+1
2017 Jan 17Discussion/Q&A According to The Verge Obama just commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Does this means that Wikileaks will turn Assange to the US government? (link5 Commentsalmostfurryengineer+11
2017 Jan 17News/Articles Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning111 Commentsclevernameinventor+295
2017 Jan 17Duplicate Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning's Sentence12 Comments7412147896327412+35
2017 Jan 17Miscellaneous The great Blockchain search33 CommentsTrustyJAID+45
2017 Jan 17 Tweet question to Wikileaks?3 CommentsTomPain1776+5
2017 Jan 18Speculation Anon correctly predicted what is going on, something is very up. 4chan /pol/ is working overtime. Links in comments40 CommentsTrumpTrain1999+36
2017 Jan 18 Does anyone know when Assange initially offered himself for Manning's clemency and in what manner? Before or after his disappearance?2 Commentscrazycycle+2
2017 Jan 18Speculation Is Assange Dead...? a 4chan /pol/ theory35 CommentsWOLBACHIA_COPULATE+105
2017 Jan 18Speculation As I predicted, Mannings sentence is being commuted..44 CommentsOkImJustSayin+99
2017 Jan 18Speculation Since there's been no definitive PoL, could the Assange/Manning trade be a ruse to justify Julian's erasure?38 Commentscellocaster+11
2017 Jan 18Social Media WikiLeaks tweets about Pizzagate coverage71 Commentslo-lite+132
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A "The difference" between Manning/Snowden also applies - negatively - to Assange!15 Commentshoeskioeh+29
2017 Jan 18Social Media Everything that he has said he's standing by. - Assanges lawyer.4 Commentswl_is_down+29
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A Wikileaks organisation2 CommentsMc_washington+5
2017 Jan 18 FBI record vault released more information on Trump today. Including FOIA requests with the name Trump in them, Trump Shuttle, Trump Taj Mahal. These items are found at the top of the list.2 Commentsventuckyspaz+3
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A Wouldn't it make more sense for Wikileaks to use the keys to the insurance files as leverage, rather than for Julian to give himself up?9 CommentsJames_Smith1234+8
2017 Jan 18Video 'Assange stands by everything he said' - lawyer on Wikileaks' founder US extradition promise29 Commentstsromana+133
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A Haven't been keeping track but am interested13 CommentsAzmlsxnkdcbj+1
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A Statement from Assange about Manning Clemency?3 Commentsandywarhaul+7
2017 Jan 18Jokes/Memes Assange Today1 Commentsolinobnizov+6
2017 Jan 18Discussion/Q&A When Assange's lawyer went to the embassy a few months ago, before he spoke with the Swedish prosecutors. Was it ever explained why she could only talk to him over a phone?4 CommentsSnpctr+41
2017 Jan 18Meta Rule #254 Commentsventuckyspaz+19
2017 Jan 18News/Articles Assange will not go to the US says Independent after speaking with Assange's lawyers7 Commentsandywarhaul+15
2017 Jan 18Speculation Anyone think the Pizzagate tweet could be Wikileaks subtly telling the US powers that be, to tread carefully?57 CommentsWolfwoman1210+124
2017 Jan 18 Theory on Assange motives2 Commentswhuleswitch2+0
2017 Jan 19 Assange weasels out of pledge to surrender if Manning received clemency1 Commentsbobbyso+0
2017 Jan 19Discussion/Q&A Authenticating Julian Assange interviews using the power grid?35 Commentsstopsettling+70
2017 Jan 19Discussion/Q&A What's up with all the hate for Julian on /r/Worldnews ?173 Comments999avatar999+264
2017 Jan 19Social Media Wikileaks: Press conference with Assange today (1/19/17) at 12:30 Eastern1 CommentsBeeverCleaver+10
2017 Jan 19Miscellaneous Wikileak's Brazil Server Currently Under Attack10 CommentsIM_NOT_CIA_PROMISE+19
2017 Jan 19Social Media WL Press Conference Today at 12:30 Est1 Commentskdurbano2+4
2017 Jan 19Social Media JA Live now on periscope.1 Commentswl_is_down+11
2017 Jan 19Discussion/Q&A Today's interview1 Commentsyoyo_mas_cousin+8
2017 Jan 19Discussion/Q&A My favorite parts of today's stream1 Commentsterasia+15
2017 Jan 19 Is r/conspiracy down for anyone else?1 Commentsgreedisgood99+0
2017 Jan 19Discussion/Q&A ELI5 for why this sub thinks that Assange is safe now?36 Commentsdnp3+11
2017 Jan 20Discussion/Q&A Julian answered my question today about the Riseup canary during the press conference!22 Commentsventuckyspaz+95
2017 Jan 20Discussion/Q&A Reminder of the sealed U.S. charges against Julian Assange: espionage, conspiracy to commit espionage, violation of the computer foreign abuse act (hacking), conversion (theft of government secrets) and general conspiracy - It's not just a man who is being attacked by an empire, it's Truth itself7 CommentsBernie4Ever+109
2017 Jan 20Discussion/Q&A I would care for an update.7 CommentsHannahSolvesMystery+7
2017 Jan 20Speculation Today I realize Russia really intercepts suggestive e-mails3 Commentsmermaidiot+0
2017 Jan 20 45th Presidential Inauguration Megathread15 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+71
2017 Jan 20Social Media @WikiLeaks on Twitter "There is a significant build up of UK police forces around the embassy + city block where Assange has asylum."29 Commentscrawlingfasta+455
2017 Jan 20Social Media The police build up (Diplomatic and MET) around the embassy where Assange has asylum has now ceased. Buildup first sighted at 7am GMT.5 Commentsnandi95+43
2017 Jan 20News/Articles Obama Makes Incredible Admission About WikiLeaks In Final Press Conference10 Commentsventuckyspaz+25
2017 Jan 20News/Articles An 'open, democratic process' needs WikiLeaks' help2 Commentsventuckyspaz+5
2017 Jan 21 I like how Wikileaks tweets about police buildup to continue the charade that Assange is in the Embassy. Hey dodo birds, everyone knows he isnt in there.62 Commentswrines+14
2017 Jan 21Miscellaneous Eric Braverman Comes Out of the Dark!12 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+22
2017 Jan 21Miscellaneous Pam visits Julian at the Embassy on 1/21/1752 Commentskdurbano2+75
2017 Jan 21News/Articles Follow the Bitcoin: Wikileaks Cryptography and radical transparency in a world of globalized politics2 Commentsventuckyspaz+63
2017 Jan 22News/Articles Comey: DNC denied FBI's requests for access to hacked servers10 Commentskounteya+222
2017 Jan 22Miscellaneous No obvious overt police presence, I did notice a riot van parked all the way around the corner though7 CommentsDelveDeeper+28
2017 Jan 22Social Media And so it begins...WL asking for Trump leaks27 Commentskdurbano2+48
2017 Jan 22News/Articles WikiLeaks: Send us Trump's tax returns so we can release them154 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+260
2017 Jan 22News/Articles Pamela Anderson: Hillary's 'Truthful Words' Influenced Election, Not WikiLeaks8 Commentsventuckyspaz+36
2017 Jan 23Speculation CONGRATULATIONS to "Them!"40 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+0
2017 Jan 23Video Nocaute TV interview with Assange uploaded January 10 - part 1 of 3.7 Commentsyashasit+25
2017 Jan 23Miscellaneous Protect Wikileaks by raising awareness! Share this infographic: If Julian Assange has a 'heart attack', remember these tweets54 Commentsfreewayricky12+541
2017 Jan 23Speculation Was Seth Rich murdered for being a source for WikiLeaks?15 Commentskdurbano2+108
2017 Jan 23Blog Julian Assange Addresses Public Concerns Regarding Riseup Canary Statement6 CommentsPleadingtheYiff+12
2017 Jan 23News/Articles Julian Assange TV Interview Tuesday Night 1/24/17 At 6.30pm on TEN & WIN.7 Commentskdurbano2+14
2017 Jan 24Discussion/Q&A wikileaks.org bitcoin donation address isn't adding fresh addresses. Anyone know what's up?5 CommentsbearCatBird+20
2017 Jan 24Miscellaneous Does Julian Assange fuck cars? (Wtf is this did I miss something?)15 Commentsrobmak3+11
2017 Jan 24 Hannity Interview BUSTED! "DIGITAL Assange" AGAIN! Indisputable Evidence!2 Commentsgipsyouioui+0
2017 Jan 24Video Full Julian Assange interview from 'The Project' on channel TEN20 Commentsbillymcd+86
2017 Jan 24Speculation Hannity Interview ... was it a fake ?11 Commentsgipsyouioui+0
2017 Jan 24News/Articles YouGov | Only Democrats tend to support commuting Chelsea Manning's prison sentence2 CommentsPatrioticFront+8
2017 Jan 24 Melissa Dawn Assange aka Sedufia -Wiki leaks co founder4 Commentshandsignals4theblind+0
2017 Jan 24Video Julian's interview on "The Interview" with Waleed Aly from Youtube should work better.46 Commentsventuckyspaz+80
2017 Jan 24News/Articles Suzie Dawson article reviewing what was discussed at the last press conference Julian did.0 Commentsventuckyspaz+33
2017 Jan 25 Has anyone been keeping track of Julian's facial hair?10 Commentskarmacapacitor+8
2017 Jan 25 German interview with Sarah Harrison (It's in English). Fantastic interview must listen, so much respect for her.1 Commentsventuckyspaz+20
2017 Jan 25 German interview with Sarah Harrison. I'm not allowed to say anything else because DTC gets upset.35 Commentsventuckyspaz+54
2017 Jan 25 Google hands data to US Government in WikiLeaks espionage case10 Commentslo-lite+175
2017 Jan 26Discussion/Q&A Dis-info Campaign Mega Thread63 CommentsTrustyJAID+19
2017 Jan 26 @WikiLeaks twitter account posts, do they ever admit their own mistakes?10 Commentsslobambusar+15
2017 Jan 26 Possible endgame of the Podesta leak: DC adopts Signal & becomes pro-encryption6 Commentsspeakeasy518+20
2017 Jan 26 Live JA interview on Sunday 10am GMT with Peston0 Commentswl_is_down+22
2017 Jan 26Social Media Trump calls Chelsea Manning an "ungrateful traitor, who should never have been released from prison"186 CommentsPipinpadiloxacopolis+248
2017 Jan 26 Media Coverage of Russian Hacking Has Been More Fiction Than Fact3 Commentsventuckyspaz+11
2017 Jan 26 Seymour Hersh Blasts Media for Uncritically Promoting Russian Hacking Story3 Commentsventuckyspaz+30
2017 Jan 27 Alternative forum for discussion?49 Commentscerebrum+51
2017 Jan 27 Not sure if it's important, but I have the 3 torrents for the insurance files, if anyone's interested (downloaded them before the links went down)14 CommentsStephen_Rothstein+96
2017 Jan 28 When was the last time Assange made an appearance to people outside the Ecuadorian embassy?7 CommentsTheWaterTemple+8
2017 Jan 28 On the 21st of Fevruary I will be travelling to London. Want me to look around the embassy?13 CommentsT90Vladimir+56
2017 Jan 28 "ASPCA" type commercial for embassy cat9 CommentsTomPain1776+141
2017 Jan 29 New mod announcement, removal of rule #2, and discussion about the sub.17 Commentsventuckyspaz+32
2017 Jan 29 JA Video Interview with UK's Peston.7 Commentswl_is_down+34
2017 Jan 29 Julian Assange refuses to deny Russian involvement in Clinton email leak5 CommentsMidasx+0
2017 Jan 30 Video reviewing some of the releases Wikileaks has done over the years.2 Commentsventuckyspaz+119
2017 Jan 30 Proof Of Life / Location Timeline of Julian Assange.40 Commentsventuckyspaz+22
2017 Jan 30Not Related to Wikileaks CTR is officially back under the new name Media Matters. Their entire shilling playbook was just leaked. Here is it.27 Commentsmeditation_IRC+378
2017 Jan 31Blog Media Matters blog post repeatedly calling Wikileaks releases "stolen emails" and "hacked emails" and also stated "mounting evidence that Russia sought to swing the election in Trump’s favor".24 Commentsventuckyspaz+142
2017 Jan 31 ECUADOR AIR FORCE Plane Spotted At Memphis Tn. Is Assange Being Rendered Into US Custody?1 Commentsmeditation_IRC+2
2017 Jan 31Social Media Trump appoints Dana Boente, who has been leading the charge against WikiLeaks as Acting Attorney General45 CommentsTrustyJAID+183
2017 Jan 31 DOJ Confirms WikiLeaks Investigation Continues as Google Claims It Fought Gag Orders2 Commentsventuckyspaz+17
2017 Jan 31Social Media AP adopts WikiLeaks technology. NYTimes too. Many such adoptions in US press after the election of Trump.5 CommentsTrustyJAID+12
2017 Feb 01 WikiLeaks drops an insurance file w/link41 CommentsNothinToSeeHere+280
2017 Feb 01 Wikileaks relases 294 MB insurance file5 Commentsmeditation_IRC+1
2017 Feb 01 Now that we know Assange is alive and well, where is the admission & apology from the conspiracy people?32 Commentscrayfisher+0
2017 Feb 01 The PR campaign had more than one goal, and more than one target...6 Commentsthedoubleattack+24
2017 Feb 01 US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia used to go after Julian and other non-US citizens because of its proximity to government agencies in DC...juries full or government sympathizers.1 Commentskdurbano2+22
2017 Feb 02 Assange's doctored videos - Still missing?68 Commentsrobaloie+56
2017 Feb 02 The Downfall of a Top Russian Cyber Spy0 CommentsDJ_Beardsquirt+3
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2017 Feb 03 Dangers of Democratic Putin-Bashing. “Democratic Party Rebranding”?0 Commentsventuckyspaz+8
2017 Feb 03 UK's new Espionage Act could be the end of UK investigative reporting. Most bullets here allow UK to charge Julian.17 Commentskdurbano2+223
2017 Feb 03Not Related to Wikileaks "Let me see your fucking hands up"0 Commentswl_is_down+0
2017 Feb 04 New Book Details US Attempts to Topple Correa. Gives insight to why Ecuador supports Assange.5 Commentsventuckyspaz+42
2017 Feb 04 How Sony & The Movie Industry Are Tied To The U.S. Government & Military-Industrial Complex as exposed by Wikileaks.11 Commentsventuckyspaz+83
2017 Feb 04 Roger Stone Time interview on Assange, Trump and the election.0 Commentskdurbano2+6
2017 Feb 04 WikiLeaks on Twitter: What is #Vault7?21 Commentso_O_0_O_o_O_0_O_o+129
2017 Feb 05 Why won't Julian Assange no. 2 provide his fingerprints and hair sample to quiet thousands of doubters like myself who believe the CIA installed a body double in the London embassy to cover for a compromised Wikileaks.2 Comments10-16-16+1
2017 Feb 05 "It Looks Like Someone Curated The Wikileaks Emails Before They Were Published". Wikileaks mentioned that the email systems had an auto-delete function that could have broken up the threads.11 Commentsventuckyspaz+7
2017 Feb 05 Julian Assange Claims Google Is Not What We Think It Is72 Commentsventuckyspaz+257
2017 Feb 05 Latest interview, Julian Assange mother Christine; I'm terrified of what US will do0 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 05 WikiLeaks on Twitter: Where is #Vault7?4 Commentso_O_0_O_o_O_0_O_o+18
2017 Feb 05 Julian Assange translated interview with Pagina 12 magazine published on 2/5/173 Commentskdurbano2+12
2017 Feb 06 Attention Julian Assange No. 2... Please sign something with your PGP code key and tell us why you can't let us have your fingerprints and hair sample for DNA confirmation that you really are Julian Assange No. 1, the real founder of Wikileaks.3 Commentssatisfyinghump+0
2017 Feb 06Social Media Ecuadorian Presidential candidate's first act after Feb 19: terminate Assange asylum47 Commentsneonnexus+318
2017 Feb 06Social Media WikiLeaks Twitter: When is #Vault7?3 CommentsTrustyJAID+9
2017 Feb 06 Grassley Pitches Trump on Whistleblowers0 Commentsventuckyspaz+4
2017 Feb 06 So now that Julian will possibly be kicked out from the embassy. Is it time we get back into action ?8 Commentsredditarmyxxx+28
2017 Feb 06 Julian Assange says Obama was a 'wolf in sheepskin' but Trump is a 'wolf in wolf's skin'3 Commentsventuckyspaz+35
2017 Feb 06 Wikileaks teases / threatens #Vault7 leak. More info on what they were referring to.0 Commentsventuckyspaz+12
2017 Feb 07 Fascinating tweet from AnonymousScandinavia with possibly some more insight on the Vault 7 comments.13 Commentsventuckyspaz+51
2017 Feb 07 Who is #Vault7?22 Commentslo-lite+135
2017 Feb 08 BND: No evidence of disinformation campaign Putin - Translated by Google2 Commentsventuckyspaz+17
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2017 Feb 09 How did #Vault7 make its way to Wikileaks?16 Commentslo-lite+64
2017 Feb 09 Reminder: Riseup.net still has not updated their warrant canary - so...3 CommentsGene__Parmesan_PI+106
2017 Feb 09Speculation NSA contractor indicted for stealing more than 50TB of government secrets (#Vault7?)11 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+132
2017 Feb 09 Theory About Vault75 Commentsnotscaredofclowns+21
2017 Feb 09 Pamela Anderson visits 'lover' Julian Assange in London0 CommentsXasse-Van+5
2017 Feb 09 Answers to Wikileaks Riddle ? (link to summary provided)8 CommentsTomPain1776+10
2017 Feb 09 Ecuadorian election 2nd place Guillermo Lasso guaranteed that he will keep Assange safe in case he wins the election. Moreno who is in 1st place always has.5 Commentsventuckyspaz+39
2017 Feb 09 Explainer: Ecuador's 2017 Presidential Elections0 Commentsventuckyspaz+11
2017 Feb 09 Spread the word. Before the new Ecuadorian regime gives up Assange, 80,000 people should go down to the embassy all together and smuggle him out, possibly after a sporting event lets out. It would be one of the greatest capers in the history of humanity. • /r/conspiracy0 Commentskybarnet+1
2017 Feb 09 Will Snowden and Assange (if he is on the move to russia) be safe with Trump wanting to be friends with Putin?2 CommentsKain_niaK+6
2017 Feb 10Video ECUADOR DEMANDS FREEDOM FOR WIKILEAKS JULIAN ASSANGE: Assange Unlawfully Detained, Owed Compensation2 Commentsventuckyspaz+135
2017 Feb 10Social Media WikiLeaks documents reveal how Obama lost the election--and a chance for change--eight years ago.1 CommentsTrustyJAID+44
2017 Feb 10Social Media Wikileaks tweets medium.com article smearing The_Donald and pizzagate as fake news. This is unusual, yes?52 CommentsMilennial_Falcon+179
2017 Feb 10 Upvote, Downvote Abuse Affecting JA Discussion1 Commentsgibsonje+9
2017 Feb 10 Will a ‘Miami scandal’ turn the tide of Ecuador’s presidential race?0 Commentsventuckyspaz+0
2017 Feb 11Not Related to Wikileaks Russia proposing sending Snowden to the U.S. as a "gift" to Trump0 Commentsqoloku+1
2017 Feb 11Speculation Not sure if you guys have seen my Vault 7 theory but here it is16 Commentsandywarhaul+97
2017 Feb 12 FBI cites ongoing investigation and national security exemptions for file on deceased WikiLeaks director0 Commentsventuckyspaz+34
2017 Feb 12News/Articles 'Western media losing viewers as audiences seek alternative news sources. WikiLeaks vs. BBC9 Commentsventuckyspaz+243
2017 Feb 12News/Articles Assange says he has dirt on French candidate Emmanuel Macron as rumours of homosexual affair swirl5 Commentsventuckyspaz+26
2017 Feb 12 Is this still the real Assange? Also r/whereisassange is mentioned12 Commentshumdrumer+22
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2017 Feb 13 5 reasons we might be being trolled #Vault7 #Wikileaks #NWO0 Commentsblazin_chalice+1
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2017 Feb 14Miscellaneous Guccifer2.0: Game Over7 Commentsventuckyspaz+79
2017 Feb 14 What are your opinions?20 CommentsMAGUSW+19
2017 Feb 14Social Media ASSANGE IS BACK ON TWITTER!!!!5 CommentsT90Vladimir+28
2017 Feb 14Social Media Julian Assange personal Twitter account just opened61 Commentsneonnexus+178
2017 Feb 14Social Media Our publisher @JulianAssange has activated his personal account and made his first tweet today. See @JulianAssange0 Commentsmeditation_IRC+16
2017 Feb 14Social Media Julian Assange Tweets from his personal twitter account for the first time0 CommentsEvilEyeMonster+9
2017 Feb 14Social Media @JulianAssange: Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated (in a curious plot)9 Commentsmeditation_IRC+20
2017 Feb 14Discussion/Q&A What's the source for the @AnonScan CableGate video?2 Commentsassangeamathrowaway+8
2017 Feb 14Video Pam Anderson speaks about Julian on the show "Loose Women"16 Commentsventuckyspaz+4
2017 Feb 15Discussion/Q&A Where has the video of the embassy staff member who cannot say whether Julian is alive over the intercom gone?2 Commentsconspaccount+8
2017 Feb 15Miscellaneous Review the shitter twills: Who would want to discredit wikileaks?3 Commentssweetholymosiah+41
2017 Feb 15Meta Mod log error?30 Commentsamgoingtohell+18
2017 Feb 15Miscellaneous Julian on Australian radio morning show. Link jumps to the spot where he goes on air.14 Commentsventuckyspaz+65
2017 Feb 15Discussion/Q&A It seems like he is alive but one question6 Commentsantideerg+21
2017 Feb 16 The Judge Who Sent Me to Prison and His Bachelorette Daughter: Why I can't wait until he's my father-in-law.0 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 16 Assange interview on Morning With Neil Mitchell 2/16/172 Commentskdurbano2+30
2017 Feb 16 RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the last French presidential election (#Vault7)39 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+229
2017 Feb 16Video Video of @realDonaldTrump press conference today answering CNN questions on WikiLeaks, Russia, Flynn4 Commentsventuckyspaz+15
2017 Feb 16 UK, Australia, Canada & NZ tasked by CIA to use human spies (HUMINT) to penetrate last French presidential election1 Commentsventuckyspaz+6
2017 Feb 16Social Media Riseup.net's canary has been updated!!!32 Commentsventuckyspaz+69
2017 Feb 16Social Media @embassycat just tweeted an AnonScan video!19 Commentsventuckyspaz+29
2017 Feb 17Meta [META] Why is DirectTheCheckered a mod ? What's his purpose moderating such a sub when he takes such a harsh and unfair stance against Wikileaks, Assange and their work ?18 Commentsonly_echoes+6
2017 Feb 17News/Articles Julian Assange's relationship with Pamela Anderson hots up as he calls her an "attractive figure"19 CommentsBeefshake+43
2017 Feb 17Social Media Guys, SHIT just happened.😨 After Assange exposes CIA penetration of French elections leading politician Lasso promises to revoke his asylum.10 Commentsmeditation_IRC+245
2017 Feb 17News/Articles ‘Never apologize for publishing truth’: Assange calls out Trump on anti-leak & fake news stance6 Commentsventuckyspaz+26
2017 Feb 17Miscellaneous This Sunday there are two solidarity actions organised:0 Commentsneonnexus+9
2017 Feb 17 One of you stupid no concern mods should take up this debate offer, I'm looking at you ventuckyspaz or TrustyJaid2 Commentsconcerned4Assange+1
2017 Feb 18Discussion/Q&A Assange Aus interview: nothing to report.33 CommentsAcisionne+43
2017 Feb 18Discussion/Q&A Sorry to post this. Have we gotten PoL?5 Commentsmtutnid+8
2017 Feb 18News/Articles Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe3 Commentsventuckyspaz+232
2017 Feb 18News/Articles WashPost Owner Secretly Doing Business With the CIA7 Commentsventuckyspaz+73
2017 Feb 19News/Articles What Wikileaks Docs Say About Ecuador's Presidential Candidates0 Commentsneonnexus+21
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2017 Feb 19Not Related to Wikileaks Pamela Anderson is working in Russia now11 CommentsDippy_Egg+43
2017 Feb 19Meta What ever came of Blargbot, Phase III, Outer Heaven, etc.?17 CommentsMonkeyjusti+12
2017 Feb 19Miscellaneous From today's Assange vigil outside the Ecuadorian embassy. Greetings and Thanks to the tall chap chewing gum from this sub Reddit that paid us a visit :-)3 Commentsgreekemmy+218
2017 Feb 19News/Articles Exit polling for Ecuadorian election shows Moreno at 39% and Lasso at 30.5% with 2% error.4 Commentsventuckyspaz+25
2017 Feb 20Discussion/Q&A Assange tour2 Commentsthisisashiteusername+5
2017 Feb 20Discussion/Q&A Where's #vault7?11 Commentsmdcd4u2c+0
2017 Feb 20News/Articles Ecuador scrutinizes second round With almost 80% of the votes counted, Correa's candidate fails to win the first ballot1 Commentsventuckyspaz+2
2017 Feb 20 The Key To Open Vault 7 I Called It Right Wikileaks Julian Assange5 Commentsantideerg+0
2017 Feb 20News/Articles Assange must reduce ‘meddling’ in US policies while in Ecuadorian embassy – Moreno to RT15 Commentsventuckyspaz+81
2017 Feb 21 When are the final results of the Ecuadorean election published?4 Commentshumdrumer+34
2017 Feb 21 XXXXXX0 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 21 XXXXXX0 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 21 XXXXX0 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 21 US Meddling in Ecuador Likely to Continue if Left Wins Election1 Commentsventuckyspaz+21
2017 Feb 22 Some accuse Assange or Trump of having Russian connections here are some of John Podesta's connections which he tried to hide.50 Commentsventuckyspaz+272
2017 Feb 22 Pamela Anderson on Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Donald Trump11 Commentsventuckyspaz+5
2017 Feb 22Not Related to Wikileaks James O'Keefe hints next big target CNN Filmmaker to release 'WikiLeaks-style' media dump26 Commentsventuckyspaz+133
2017 Feb 23Misleading Title Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian Ambassador Who Suddenly Died Monday in NYC17 Commentsventuckyspaz+206
2017 Feb 23 Ecuadorian presidential election proceeds to run off on April 21 Commentslo-lite+20
2017 Feb 23 Pam Anderson blog post "Dear Australia" includes very recent pic of Julian and EmbassyCat5 Commentsventuckyspaz+25
2017 Feb 23News/Articles Julian Assange offers to help South Korea set up government-backed WikiLeaks8 CommentsDirectTheCheckered+175
2017 Feb 24 Not Russian hackers: Brit arrested for cyberattack on Germany blamed on Moscow1 Commentsventuckyspaz+16
2017 Feb 24 Farewell2 Commentsventuckyspaz+1
2017 Feb 24Jokes/Memes If you are getting bored of r/WIA, come join us on r/DicksOutForAssange! All are welcome and the rules are much more relaxed there :) I hope to see you soon <39 CommentsBriannaMaryrose+1
2017 Feb 24 Why Assange's doctored videos when he was thought to be missing?0 Commentsrobaloie+3